13 Report - AWE Connect



13 Report - AWE Connect
AWE Conference Kuala Lumpur, 2013
November 8-10, 2013
The 5 Elements Hotel
Participants: 70
Demographic: Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, Korea,
Singapore, Vietnam, China, Hong Kong, Australia, USA
Ticket price: $35-42US (ticket includes two meals, drinks, sessions,
keynote addresses)
I initiated AWE after leaving my job as an engineer to peruse traveling and
freelancing full time. Breaking social norms in South Korea in order to follow my
passion was not without barriers to overcome and challenges to face.
I wanted to form a community for people who felt like they didn’t belong
anywhere, were seeking to break social norms, and were afraid to take that first
step. I hosted the first AWE Conference in Kuala Lumpur in 2013 to bring
together like-minded women who shared a similar vision.
It was a successful first conference. We brought speakers from various countries,
participants from not only all over Asia, but also from the USA and Australia. We
included many expats living in Asia and their perspective and experience was
beneficial for us all.
We partnered with sponsors from various industries, such as a tour company,
travel agency, hotel, hostel, illustrator, fashion, and F & B.
Most importantly of all, the conference produced immense positive energy and
assurance that we were all here to support one another. A unique and strong
bond was formed between participants. During the “Speak up AWE” session on
the last day, it was clear that everyone was in sync. It was like nothing I’ve ever
That was the start of the AWE community. It’s still going strong today and
despite our focus on Asian women, we welcome both men and non-Asian
Keynote Speakers
• Sangduen “Lek” Chailert: the Founder of Save Elephant Foundation
• Ligwina Hananto: CEO & co founder of QM Financial (Indonesia)
Sessions & Speakers
• Female Solo Travel: Jeannie Mark (Travel Blogger of Nomadic Chick)
• Kick Off Freelancing Career: Melissa Leong (Freelance Writer and
Business Owner)
• Stylish Travel: Liyana Jamil (Strategy Manager, also a Travel Blogger of
• Writing Workshop: Anis Ibrahim (Freelance Writer) & Dina Zaman
• Initiate a Social Movement: Nila Tanzil is the Founder of Taman Bacaan
Pelangi (Rainbow Present Reading Gardens)
• Effective Social Media Campaigns:
o Panelists: Yafieda Jamil (Travel Blogger), Lois Yasay (Inspirational
Speaker, and a Travel Blogger at We Are Sole Sisters.com), Amalla
Vesta (Independent Travel Consultant, Freelance Travel Writer)
o Moderator: Stephen Bugno (travel writer)
• Travel Talk: Preparing Independent Travel
o Panelists: Stephen Bugno (travel writer), Noel Lau (travel
consultant), Jenny Singleton ( ESL teacher in Vietnam), Hannah
Pearson (Marketing & Community Manager at Sedunia Travel),
Jeannie Mark (Travel Blogger of Nomadic Chick), Anis Ibrahim
(Freelance Writer)
o Moderator: Juno Kim (AWE Founder, travel blogger)
The AWE conference features a “Speak Up AWE” session at the end of each day.
This gives participants not usually presenting the chance to share something
important to them, practice their public speaking skills, and further dialogue
about the subjects rose at the event.
Pre AWE Food Tour
Culinary highlights around Kuala Lumpur with AWE participants.
Venue: The 5 Elements Hotel
Accommodation partners: Back Home Hostel, The 5 Elements Hotel
Pre-AWE Program: Food Tour Malaysia
Door gifts: BOH
Lucky draw prizes: Tune Hotels, Sedunia Travel
Graphic design: Emilia Yusof
EXPO partners: Batik Loetjoe, Sedunia Travel, Food Tour Malaysia
“The most wonderful part was just the meeting of minds at the event. All participants
were open minded, supportive and interested. The speakers were also very interesting
and inspiring. Especially Lek.”
“I did learn a lot of new things and got new ideas to improve my life”
“I love the spirit of the event. Everyone was upbeat and positive. The useful tips we
learn from those talks, not forgetting Lek's keynote which left a deep impression in
my mind and the most important message which is the importance of following our
dreams. “

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