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O ctob er 09, 2015
Uni versi ty Health
The messenger
Our mission is to provide exceptional financial services to our members
so that we make a positive difference in their lives.
Helping people afford life
Welcome to Augusta Metro Federal Credit Union! We are pleased to have University Health
Federal Credit Union join with us. You are invited to take advantage of the many financial
services offered by the credit union for members, but first, there are several key elements of the
merger process with our credit union that need to be addressed. Please take a few minutes to
review the enclosed information.
Sherry Saxon
By the time you get this Welcome Kit and Disclosures you might already know about the
Welcome Page on our website. If not, take a few minutes to visit
You will find current information on the merger process, such as Dates to Remember, Branch
Locations, and links to the Products and Services of Augusta Metro FCU.
If you have a checking account, you
will receive complimentary checks at
no-charge no later than November
20th. Those checks will not be valid
for use until Tuesday, December 1,
2015. After December 1st, bring in
your old checks to any of the five
branches and we will be glad to shred
them for you.
If you have an University Health FCU (UHFCU) debit card, a new
Augusta Metro FCU (AMFCU) card will be issued to you in
November. You may continue to use your UHFCU card up to 11:59
p.m. on November 30th. At that point, you should activate your
AMFCU debit card and begin using it.
Be sure to properly destroy your UHFCU debit card after you have
activated your AMFCU debit card. As with your UHFCU checks, if
you bring your debit card to any branch of AMFCU, we will be happy
to ensure that it is destroyed.
Please review the enclosed disclosures. You should have a Membership Agreement, as well as the Truth in Savings Disclosure and Fee Schedule. Many of the account terms and fees are the same as those you had with University Health Federal Credit Union but differences are noted on the Change in Terms sheet for clarity and convenience. The changes are effective as of December 1, 2015. If you keep your account(s) open after December 1,
2015, it will be deemed that you agree to the changes.
Effective December 1st:
YOUR Routing and Transit
number is changing!
Check your
Automated Debits and Credits.
If you have automated payments or
deposits setup on your account from ANY
source (insurance company, phone payments, etc) please notify them
of the credit union’s Routing and Transit number (see below) found
at the bottom of your new checks.
If you have Direct Deposit and your
employer sends two (2) or more separate
amounts for deposit or payment to your
accounts, please ask your employer to
combine them into one transaction. The
credit union will set up the deposit to
distribute to the accounts of your choice.
The Routing & Transit of Augusta Metro FCU is 261171927.
AMFCU Mobile, Pocket2Pocket, & More
Be sure to visit (and bookmark or save to your favorites) our website at and browse our many products and services. Our credit
unions offer similar products and services, but you will find an expanding
selection of digital products and services. Our website is mobile-ready and
adjusts to fit smart phone and tablet screens.
In particular, it is important to note that once your
account has been merged into our system,
[email protected] will replace VirtualBranch. You will
receive more information about how to log in soon. This
online account access includes E-Statements, BillPay, and
Additionally, we have several apps now available.
AMFCU Mobile allows you to have quick, mobile access
to key features of [email protected], plus new products
such as Pocket2Pocket, and Mobile Deposit. There is also a
stand-alone app for mobile deposit that goes by the name
AMFCU Mobile Deposit. This gives any member access to
depositing a check via their mobile device.
And be sure to check out ART, a 24-hour automated system that can access
your account from a telephone. Our members
love this free service. Just another way we work
to keep our members connected to their finances
in this fast-paced modern world!
Due to the close proximity of branches,
University Health FCU’s Columbia Road
branch will be closing permanently as of
Friday, October 30th.
Walton Way Branch
Monday, Wednesday,
Thursday .......9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Don’t worry!
Tuesday ........9 a.m. to 1 p.m.
We have another branch right around the
corner! Stop by, check it out, and meet
your Member Service Representatives:
Friday ...........8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
205 Davis Road
Augusta, GA 30907
The hours are effective
Monday, December 1, 2015
Augusta Metro FCU is dedicated to
helping you realize your financial goals –
reducing your debt, saving for higher
education, buying your first home, or
planning for retirement. This is why we are
excited to tell you about a special benefit of
being an account holder: the BALANCE
Financial Fitness Program.
Through BALANCE, you have access to
free, unbiased money management
information and
assistance. All you
have to do is
make a toll-free
phone call.
counselors can
answer many of
your questions immediately – from how long
an item stays on your credit report to
whether it's better to lease or buy a car. For
more complex issues, such as debt
elimination or budget development, an
appointment will be scheduled – giving you
the personal attention you need to meet your
If bills have gotten out of hand, your
counselor may be able to arrange a Debt
Management Plan. BALANCE negotiates
with creditors to reduce interest and fees so
you can pay your debt quickly and efficiently.
To use the new program, simply call 888456-2227. Counselors are available Monday
through Thursday, 5am to 8pm, Friday, 5am
to 5pm, and Saturday, 11am to 8pm (EST)
or you may visit for
more information.
We recognize that money concerns have
a serious effect on our quality of life. Now,
you have access to the very best
professional guidance so you can achieve
financial security faster than you ever
thought possible.
Copyright © 2004 BALANCE

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