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December - The Monty
December Issue 2015
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Heat Treat News
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December 2015. This issue of “The Monty”, the worldwide publication of the
heat treating industry marks our last of 2015. Casting our eyes back over the
past year we would have to say that in general it was a good year for most heat
treaters although a little slower than 2014. In North America it was definitely a
good year largely because of the automotive and aerospace sectors although
Texas and Louisiana saw their worst year in many after the collapse of the oil and
gas industries. Mexico ranks as one of the fastest growing areas for heat treating
and Europe and Asia also posted a good score card for the year. Two areas that
were on the losing side were Brazil and Australia where both saw a very marked
decline. However in just a month everything gets reset to zero and we are hoping
that 2016 will be a reasonably good year for our industry.
"Southern Thermal Systems , a well established sales rep company for over 20
years based in Texas is ending their 25 year relationship with Ipsen effective
December 1st. Southern Thermal Systems will remain dedicated to the Thermal
processing industry and exciting changes will be coming soon."
Used Equipment Available. New or relatively new additions to our list of used
equipment include these items; an Abar Vacuum Furnace, a CI Hayes Vacuum
Temper, an AEG Elotherm Induction Billet Heater, Induction Furnaces, a
Dow Batch IQ Line. Remember if you don't see what you are looking for please let
us know and we will try to find it for you. [email protected] November 30,
A few examples include:
Ipsen Pusher Line
Abar Vacuum Furnace
CI Hayes Vacuum Temper
Induction Power Supply
AEG Elotherm Induction Billet Heater
Induction Furnaces
Dow Batch IQ Line
Southern Thermal Systems/Texas. Marty and Matt Benegalia of Southern
Thermal Systems, one of the best known heat treat rep firms in the Texas area are
going through some changes. November 30, 2015
Business Opportunities. "The Monty" has many top notch positions available in
the heat treating industry which indicates both the shortage of good people available
and also the fact that we get results for our advertisers. A small sampling of recent
offerings include these; a captive heat treater requires a Heat Treat
Supervisor/Manager, a company in the US Northwest needs an Experienced
Heat Treater and a really good Metallurgical Engineer in Brazil is looking for a
new job-we will actually vouch for him. November 30, 2015
Do you want results when it comes to filling a position within the heat treating
industry? "The Monty" is the most economical, fastest way to fill that position.
Looking for a job? Send us your ad and we will put it on the site free of charge for
as long as you would like. When it comes to filling positions within the heat treating
industry "The Monty" can't be beat. With a readership of over 20,000 heat
treaters/month we will help you fill your position or help you find a job. Just contact
[email protected]
Metallurgist Seeking
Heat Treat Supervisor/Manager Wanted
Manufacturer’s Sales Representatives
Industrial Electrician
Heat Treater Wanted
ThermProcess. The world’s largest heat treat show is without a doubt
ThermProcess which is held every four years in Düsseldorf, Germany. We have
spoken before about the shear size of this show and how it dwarfs all others
including China and the US. For good or for bad it has now become a three year
event. We like it but will Exhibitors? This is a pretty big expense for anybody that
wants to be seen at the show and of course the point generally is not being seen at
these shows but not being seen. We randomly selected this photo from the most
recent show which shows Petra and Otakar Prikner of Prikner Heat Treat in the
Czech Republic . November 30, 2015
“IHI buys 100% of the shares of Steinmüller Engineeringfrom
Siemens AG. After refreshing its product portfolio in 2013 Siemens
AG decided to look for a new owner for Steinmüller Engineering
GmbH. From July 2014, IHI Corporation, headquartered in Tokyo,
Japan has taken over Steinmüller Engineering GmbH in
Gummersbach from Siemens AG. IHI is a major Japanese machinery
& plant manufacturer with international activities. The product range
includes besides steam generator and flue gas cleaning systems,
among other products also storage installations for liquefied natural
gas, aircraft engines and turbo chargers. IHI will not only take over
all employees of Steinmüller Engineering GmbH, but also intends to
further expand the Company, which today employs almost 100 people. The new
owner, IHI Corporation, with an annual turnover of about 10 billion EUR is a good
strategic partner for further growth of Steinmüller Engineering GmbH. This is
supported by the existing long year business relationship between IHI Corporation
and Steinmüller Engineering GmbH. With the acquisition of the company, from July
2014 Dr. Hans-Ulrich Thierbach will have Mr. Tetsuya Iwasaki, an experienced
colleague from IHI Corporation, at his side in the managing board of the company."
Dry Coolers. Without a doubt the most successful company in the world when it
comes to providing water cooling systems for vacuum furnaces is Dry Coolers in
Michigan. This is not an exciting news item by any stretch of the imagination but
worth mentioning anyway.
“Dry Coolers of Oxford, Michigan recently was authorized to apply the American
Society of Mechanical Engineer (ASME) Certification Mark to its products. Dry
Coolers can now offer the ASME Section VIII, Division 1 “U” and “UM” Certification
Mark to its Solanus quench oil coolers, Thermoflow plate & frame heat
exchangers, CyClean centrifugal separators, and other products. This certification
the pressure
vessel offered has
been designed with
engineering formulas for its pressure rating, was made with certified material with
material traceability, the welding was done by certified welders, the pressure test
was witnessed by an authorized 3rd party witness, and the overall quality system is
IHI/ Steinmüller Engineering. We actually don’t really care about this news item
as it has a Japanese company, IHI buying a Siemens company in Germany which is
not involved in the heat treating industry. However what makes this interesting is
that IHI make makes heat treating furnaces and has recently shown a very large
interest in the European heat treating market and there are a lot of
rumors that they are very interested in the North American market
as well. For instance they recently purchased a five location
commercial heat treat operation in Germany and also set up offices
in Europe to sell their furnace systems. Let’s see where this goes.
November 30, 2015
reviewed and monitored by an Authorized Inspection Agency. This quality mark will
enhance Dry Cooler’s 30 years of experience in designing and building the highest
quality cooling systems for the heat treat industry." November 30, 2015
" Solar Manufacturing announced today the United States Patent
and Trademark Office (USPTO) has officially issued a patent for the
new 20 bar super quench vacuum furnace as Patent number
9,187,799. The official patent is available to the public at
One major advantage of the new design is the use of movable
radiation baffle doors that prevent heat loss during heat cycles and
open wide to avoid pressure drops during cooling cycles. The
application of the open doors in combination with the use of a
plenum fan arrangement, generous annular space for uniform gas
flow, and a low static pressure loss nozzle design provide inert gas
quenching capabilities typically achieved only with oil quenching by
concentrating the available system horsepower on the task of
producing a high nozzle exit velocity. The system also permits excellent cooling at
lower pressures. Low pressure cooling is typically sacrificed by undersized fans
normally selected for high pressure quench systems. The new system operates in a
constant horsepower mode over a large range of quenching pressures.
Commercially, Solar Manufacturing’s first 20 bar high pressure quench vacuum heat
treating furnace is located at Solar Atmospheres of Western PA. The furnace has a
36” x 36” x 48” work zone with a 5,000 lbs. load capacity, and the cooling rates are
reported to be significantly better than any other high pressure gas quench furnace
currently in production."
Click the link if you are interested in reading more about Solar Manufacturing's US
Patent 9187799B2 Claims.
Pictured is Solar Manufacturing’s 20 bar high pressure quench vacuum heat treating
furnace currently in production at Solar Atmospheres of Western PA.
Solar Manufacturing/20 Bar Quenching Furnace. More educated people than
we at "" can tell us why this is worthy of a new
patent. Don't get us wrong we are impressed and we hope this new
concept is well received in the industry. November 27, 2015
Mario Ciampini/Bodycote. There are few people in the heat treat industry as well
known as Mr. Mario Ciampini, former North American head of furnace builder Ipsen
and for the past number of years one of the top people at commercial heat treater
Bodycote. We have below the official press release from Bodycote but before we
get to that we have a few personal comments from Mario himself. November 25,
"After my North America General Industrial operational plants
responsibility completion last year, 2015 was fully expanded in Asia
where Bodycote focused on strategic developments for the Specialist
Technologies Division, and going forward on Group Corporate
Development. With my involvement, Bodycote will accelerate the
efforts in organic strategic acquisitions which was previously lead only
by Antony Woods. Our objective is to continue to acquire quality heat
treat businesses to develop and expand our network and served
markets. Our focus will not only be North America but also globally
(Europe and Asia). Any individuals or companies considering a
potential divestment either at present or as part of planning for the
future are welcome to contact Mario Ciampini".
"Bodycote, the world’s largest heat treatment services provider, is
pleased to announce the appointment of Mario Ciampini
as Vice President, Special Projects. In his ten years with
Bodycote, Mario has led the North American heat
treatment business serving General Industrial markets, developed and
launched business in Asia, and implemented several strategic
initiatives. Well known in the heat treatment industry, Mario joins
Antony Woods, Vice President, Corporate Development in searching for
acquisition targets core or complementary to the company’s markets
and services. About Bodycote. With more than 180 accredited facilities
US Thanksgiving. As Canadians (a fact which surprises many of our readers) we
wish our friends in the US a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday. Our personal ties to the
US are extremely close and the ties between the two countries is just as close which
is something we cherish. November 26, 2015
Rohde GmbH/Kern Liebers. Furnace builder Rohde GmbH of Germany is doing
well these days and we have this announcement about the company's latest
success-a nitriding system to be delivered to Kerns Liebers in Queretaro, Mexico.
Kerns Liebers is a manufacturer of precision springs made from steel strip and wire.
The second photo below shows the Kern Liebers plant in Queretaro, Mexico,
"Customer visit at Rohde GmbH for the mechanical acceptance of a chamber furnace
for nitriding including pre- and post oxidation, control of nitriding index KN, NH3
pre-splitter and fast gas cooling for the automotive industry. The furnace will be
delivered to the customer’s plant in Mexico in December of this year." November
25, 2015
Left to right: Andreas Wiesemann (Rohde), Emmanuel Garcia (Kern Liebers Mexico),
Jörn Rohde, Hans-Peter Haag, Fabian Mutschler (both Kern Liebers Germany) and
Luis Ruiz (Kern Liebers Mexiko).
Rolls Royce Auction. Captive heat treater Rolls Royce in Indianapolis is having a
Timed Online Auction which is currently active and ends of December 4th. The
auction features a reasonable amount of heat treating equipment including an
Ipsen 924 Vacuum Furnace, a Sunbeam Casemaster Batch IQ Furnace, a
in 24 countries, Bodycote is the world’s largest provider of thermal processing
services. Through heat treatment, metal joining, surface technology and Hot
Isostatic Pressing (HIP), Bodycote improves the properties of metals and alloys,
extending the life of vital components for a wide range of industries, including
aerospace, defence, automotive, power generation, oil & gas, construction, medical
and transportation. Customers in all of these industries have entrusted their
products to Bodycote’s care for more than 30 years. For more information, visit"
couple of Surface Endothermic Generators and a few other odds and ends
including at least one oven. Their ad can be found on this page. November 24,
A few examples include:
Solo Furnace System
Solo Furnace Line
CVE Vertical Vacuum Furnace
Somet Vertical Vacuum Furnace
Somet Vacuum Furnace
Solar Atmospheres/AS9100/ISO 9001:2008. "Solar Atmospheres Southeast is
proud to announce the successful completion of the AS9100 / ISO 9001:2008
certification – the premium quality system standard for companies operating in the
aerospace industry. The AS9100 quality standard was established in 1999 from the
desire of leading businesses and organizations in the aerospace and defense
industries to identify quality suppliers. AS9100 encompasses the entire current
version of ISO 9001, as well as specific requirements addressing well-known
problems related to the aerospace sector. Solar Atmospheres Southeast certification
is the culmination of a five-month effort that was fast-tracked at the request of
several current and prospective customers. With this assessment completed, all of
Solar Atmospheres’ commercial vacuum heat treating and brazing facilities are now
AS9100 registered. President Steve Prout notes, “The successful certification of our
South Carolina facility is a testament to our commitment to continual improvement,
and to growing our business within the aerospace industry. We are excited about
the opportunities this certification will allow and the added confidence it provides to
our customers.” November 24, 2015
United Process Controls Press Release. "United Process Controls (UPC) has been
confirmed compliant with ISO 9001:2008 in a reassessment audit completed by QAS
International. The scope of the recertification covers the design and manufacture of
oxygen sensors at the company's North American center in West Chester, OH. Amy
European Used Equipment Available. For 16 years “The Monty” has been very
successful at putting buyers and sellers of used heat treating equipment together
and we now bring this model to Europe. If you have surplus heat treating equipment
we would be very happy to help you find a buyer on a non-exclusive small
commission basis. Please let us know what questions you have and we will be happy
to answer them. If you are a buyer looking for a particular item please let us know
and we should be able to find it for you. [email protected] November 24,
process control, flow control, and automation solutions to furnace OEMs and
customers with thermal processing equipment and operations. The company is
comprised of 4 brands - Furnace Control Corp, Marathon Monitors, ProcessElectronic, and Waukee Engineering - with products ranging from probes, analyzers,
flow meters, programmable controllers, generator mixing control systems, SCADA to
complete turnkey systems." November 24, 2015
Monday Morning Briefing. Let’s start off in the Southeastern US for our “Monday
Morning Briefing”. First up we see that Apex Tool Group LLC is expanding its
Sumter County, SC facility. This is of interest to us because this includes more
austempering capacity at the plant. "Apex Tool Group, headquartered in Sparks,
Md., is one of the largest manufacturers of professional power and hand tools in the
world, serving the vehicle assembly and maintenance, industrial, aerospace,
electronics, construction and do-it-yourself market segments. The company's
Sumter facility produces hand tools under the Crescent®, Wiss®, HK Porter® and
Xcelite®brand names, and will be adding production of Armstrong® and Allen®
hand tools as well as private label brands. Apex will be consolidating several of its
manufacturing facilities into its Sumter plant, which currently employs
approximately 200 associates". GKN Sinter Metals. Powdered metal company GKN
is sinking $20 million USD into their Conover, NC location. We hear that part of this
expansion will include more sintering capacity. This plant makes makes camshaft
caps and transmission ends that are used in General Motors Corp., Ford Motor Co.
and Fiat Chrysler automobiles. We might as well stick with GKN (in this case GKN
Aerospace) where we see the company will be adding more heat treating capacity
Neugebauer, Quality Systems Manager, said "The effective application of this quality
management system ensures that ongoing improvements are part of our
manufacturing process, and that employees in their day-to-day production improve
and protect customer investments, and that customer satisfaction with our Furnace
Control and Marathon Monitor brand probes remains high. This certification is not
strictly a formality, it's an invaluable approach for delivering quality sensor products
and services to the heat treating and combustion marketplace." "The next phase of
our total quality management begins January 2016. A surveillance audit for ISO/IEC
17025:2005 accreditation is scheduled at our Milwaukee, WI calibration laboratory,
which tests and calibrates Waukee brand flow meters." commented Neugebauer.
We’re chasing down a real interesting rumor to the effect that there is
a new commercial heat treater in the DFW area of Texas a heat
treater who will be specializing in Gas Nitriding. We’re pretty darn
sure this is a definite but we’ll get some more details first before
providing names. While gas nitriding is a growing area the Texas
market is a tough one these days especially for a brand new
commercial heat treater. It was announced earlier this year that
Machine Tool & Gear in Corunna, Michigan was planning on making
a large investment in the plant. We have been told that the company
now has a total of 5 batch IQ furnaces. "Alhern-Martin Industrial
Furnace Co. received a contract for the supply of a continuous-belt
copper brazing and bright annealing furnace line from a multinational
atmosphere-agitation cooling chambers includes an exothermic gas
generator and exothermic gas dryer. Thermcraft Inc. of WinstonSalem, N.C., received an order for a large box furnace from an
Alabama-based company that remanufactures steel mill rolls. The
company will use the furnace to heat up steel mill rolls to operating
temperature so they can be welded and remanufactured to their original size".
Leybold Vacuum is a well known name in the vacuum heat treating business which
is why it is worth mentioning that their parent company Oerlikon will be selling this
division to Atlas Copco. "Pfäffikon SZ, Switzerland – November 20, 2015 – Oerlikon
today announced that it has signed an agreement to sell its Leybold Vacuum
business to Atlas Copco. The transaction is based on an enterprise value of CHF 525
million and is expected to close by middle of the year 2016". Moving on to really
important news we were able to help celebrate the 40th birthday of KC Wilbur
one of the best known heat treat reps in the Chicago area.
Ipsen Lights Out Installation. We ran across a very impressive “Lights Out” batch
IQ installation the other day. Lights out refers to a completely automated heat
to their plant in Orangeburg, SC-in this case in the form of a monster aluminum
drop bottom oven. “Plant modifications are underway at GKN Aerospace's second
Orangeburg County facility as the company prepares for the manufacture of inlet lip
skins for the Boeing 737 MAX and 777X. GKN is raising the roof of its second plant
in the Orangeburg County/City Industrial Park to about 56 feet and digging pits
about 20 feet deep”. Notice a trend here? Business investment is booming in the
Carolinas. Personally if I were to start up a brand new heat treat facility in North
America the Carolinas would be my first choice and Mexico my second choice.
treating operation and while there are a few out there it is not something you see
every day. In this case the installation (provided by Ipsen) is up for sale and
consists of 2 hardening furnaces, 4 tempers and a washer and cost over $3.5 million
USD when it was installed a few years ago. The photo below shows you what part of
the installation looks like.
Lindberg/MPH ships Aluminum Immersion Holding Furnace. Lindberg/MPH
announced the shipment of an electric immersion aluminum holding furnace for a
leader in the automotive parts industry to maintain aluminum at the required
temperature for die casting. The aluminum holding capacity of the furnace is 2400
lbs. This furnace utilizes Lindberg/MPH patented board lining and high efficiency
immersion tubes/heaters. Dual air-over-oil lifting tanks insure smooth opening and
closing of the fill well cover. A cast fill well was added to the furnace shell using a
castable virtually inert to aluminum.
About Lindberg/MPH; In addition to melting and holding furnaces for non-ferrous
alloys, Lindberg/MPH is a leading manufacturer of standard and custom industrial
heat treat furnaces, including pit, box, IQ, and belt type for the ferrous and nonferrous markets. Lindberg/MPH customers cover a wide range of industries
including aerospace/military, automotive, commercial heat treating, energy/oil,
San Yung Electric Heat. You see very few Asian built furnaces in North America
(with the exception of Japanese furnace builder Dowa) for the very simple reason
that it is a heck of a long way to ship a piece of equipment weighing many tons and
there are some pretty darn good local furnace builders in North America. So it
caught our eye when we ran across a San Yung 2,000 pound per hour mesh belt
hardening line. San Yung is located in Taiwan and is a very large provider of mesh
belt furnace lines but this is the first one we have seen outside of Asia. This photo
shows the installation. And that wraps up our Monday Morning Briefing for
November 23. November 23, 2015
Certified Heat Treat/Springfield, Ohio. Commercial heat treater Certified in
Springfield, Ohio recently issues a press release about their new Batch IQ line but
this is what the local press had to say. November 20, 2015
"A local manufacturer is wrapping up a more than $2 million project to consolidate
and upgrade, which includes buying one of the one of the largest machines of its
type in the country. As part of moving its West Carrollton operations to Springfield,
Certified Heat Treating Inc. installed a custom-built furnace that should attract more
business. Joe Biehn, president of the company, said the 48-inch height capacity
means the furnace, a $900,000 investment, can handle larger loads. It also can
administer a larger variety of heat treat processes. “We have the only one of these
in the Midwest,” Biehn said.
Biehn said Certified Heat Treating already is getting more jobs from existing
customers because of the new machine and he now plans to market it more
aggressively to go after new business. Heat treating involves high-temperature
processes on metal parts under strict conditions to make them stronger, which is in
high demand with the resurgence of manufacturing. Certified Heat Treating, which
has about 30 employees, had been operating from two locations since it acquired
Heat Treating Inc. in Springfield in 2013. It completed the move to Clark County this
electronics and the forging markets. Founded in 1917, the company has more than
75,000 industrial furnace installations worldwide and their equipment is backed by a
full range of customer support services and the most extensive replacement parts
inventory in the industry. Lindberg/MPH is a proven leader in the thermal
processing industry, with a long track record of proven policies and management
practices. Lindberg/MPH is owned by Thermal Product Solutions (“TPS”), a leading
American manufacturer of custom industrial ovens used for heat treating, finishing,
drying, curing, manufacturing automation and process control. TPS is a global leader
in thermal processing products and test solutions with brands including BlueM,
Gruenberg, Tenney, Lindberg, MPH, Wisconsin Oven, and Baker Furnace. November 23, 2015
About Ipsen. Ipsen designs and manufactures industrial vacuum furnaces,
atmosphere furnaces and supervisory control systems for a wide variety of
industries, including Aerospace, Automotive, Commercial Heat Treating, Energy and
Medical. With production locations in America, Europe and Asia, along with
representation in 34 countries, Ipsen is committed to providing 360° support for
customers worldwide. Choosing Ipsen means choosing a partner in success. Visit to learn more." November 20, 2015
Wirco. Earlier this week we posted a picture of the new global headquarters of alloy
supplier Wirco located in Avilla, Indiana. To go with that earlier photo we have this
photo of the entire Wirco team including sales reps in the assembly area of the new
location which is incidentally the third plant which Wirco has in Avilla. Front and
center we have Mr. Chad Wright the President of the company. November 19,
Ipsen/George T. Hall Company. "Ipsen USA is pleased to announce that,
effective December 1, 2015, they will be expanding their sales support on the West
Coast with the addition of a new Sales Representative: George T. Hall Company. The
George T. Hall Company will be responsible for Ipsen and VFS customers located in
California, Nevada and Arizona. This addition will allow Ipsen to continue providing
prompt, expert sales support to their customers located on the West Coast. With a
team of Sales Engineers, Project Engineers and Field Technicians that are
experienced and trained in the latest technology, the George T. Hall Company’s
extensive industry experience allows them to provide innovative and efficient
solutions to meet customer needs. As an Ipsen Sales Representative, they will be
instrumental in supporting Ipsen’s mission to be a partner in their customers’
success. About George T. Hall Company. The George T. Hall Company, established
in 1932, has evolved into a unique and skilled systems integrator and distributor of
industrial products. With expertise in a wide range of industrial and combustion
applications, their key industries include Aerospace, Commercial Heat Treating, Food
and Beverage, Minerals and Mining, Petrochemical, Power Generation and
Water/Wastewater. For more information, visit
"Bodycote Trading Statement. International commercial heat treater Bodycote
released November 17th/2015 their most recent trading update. What you see
below is a very condensed version of the update (the complete update can be found
“Group revenue was 7.5% lower at constant exchange rates (9.7% lower at actual
exchange rates). Group margins have remained similar to the first half. The
Aerospace, Defence and Energy business revenues were lower by 11.9% at constant
exchange rates (10.8% lower at actual exchange rates). The Automotive & General
Industrial business saw revenues decrease 4.1% at constant exchange rates (8.8%
lower at actual exchange rates)”.
Personally we find their list of new investments to be of even more interest than the
financials although we are very curious what “a classical heat treatment facility” is.
We believe the new Mexico location will concentrate on vacuum carburizing while the
McLaughlin Services/Avilla, Indiana. With all due respect to the good people of
Avilla it is not a large town which makes it rather surprising that there are two
companies in town involved in the heat treating industry. The first is alloy supplier
Wirco which we have mentioned this week, the second is furnace re-builder and new
furnace builder McLaughlin Services. by Jeff McLaughlin the company was started a
number of years back and has thrived and prospered over the years. A visit this
week showed us a number of furnaces either being built or rebuilt. The one photo
shows a brand new 1400F temper which will shortly be delivered to Seattle Heat
Treat out in Washington state, the second picture shows a batch IQ being rebuilt.
November 19, 2015
new facility in Poland will be dedicated to the country’s growing aerospace industry
and will compliment the other large investments they have recently made in Poland.
Bodycote shares rose by almost 40 pence yesterday. November 18, 2015
New investment: The Group is accelerating its greenfield investment program in
line with its strategy to increase capacity and capability in specialist technologies
and higher growth territories. Investments include:
A new classical heat treatment facility in Taicang, China, serving the greater
Shanghai region. A new facility in Mexico, focused on specialist technology for
the automotive industry. The facility will open mid 2016.
A greenfield site is under construction in South West France, serving the
aerospace sector. The facility will open in the second half of 2016.
A new specialist technology facility in South Eastern USA which will start
production towards the end of 2016.
A new specialist technology facility in Chicago, USA, which is planned to open
in Q3 2016.
A new facility in southern Poland serving the growing presence of aerospace
manufacturers in this region This facility should open in late 2016."
REMIX S.A./Galvanizing Line. November 18, 2015
September 2015 – REMIX S.A. has completed the first of two phases of an order for
a customer in the middle of Ukraine. The first phase was the delivery and
commissioning of a new, high temperature, hot dip galvanizing line used for the
manufacture of small parts. It is believed to be the first such technologically
advanced line in the country for small parts such as galvanized screws, small cast
iron or steel fasteners. Once complete, the line will provide the customer with
advanced solutions such as automatic drum line for surface chemical preparation,
ventilation with absorber, charge dryer, galvanizing furnace, water tank and load
transport system. A second phase of work involving equipment retrofitting is now
underway. As part of Phase 2, the customer’s existing galvanizing line will receive
several improvements, to be completed by the end of 2016. The line will be retrofit
to include extra tanks for surface preparation, as well as modifications to the
furnace, dryer and automatic galvanizing and centrifugation.
Wirco Global Headquarters. As a provider of cast and fabricated high temperature
alloy components for the heat treating industry Wirco is one of the best known
names in the North American market (although the company does deliver product
to areas such as Europe and Australia). Headquarters is in Avilla, Indiana with the
casting division in Champaign, Illinois. Big changes are happening at Wirco and one
of them is a brand new building in Avilla which you can see in the photo below.
November 17 2015
"Shanghai Advanced Metallurgical Technology Corporation (SAMT). “Every
two years, the largest heat treatment event in China takes place in Beijing and
SAMT was part of this event Nov. 2~4th, 2015.
SAMT highlighted their vacuum technology which they called “Vacuum Multi-purpose
Heat Treatment Line” which included a vacuum carburizing and oil (gas) quenching
furnace, a vacuum solvent cleaning machine, and a vacuum tempering furnace.
SAMT predicts that this new technology will replace the traditional atmosphere
sealed quenching line in the next decade in China.
About REMIX S.A. founded in 1990, REMIX is a Polish Company with 25 years’
experience in heat treatment equipment manufacturing. The production scope
covers manufacturing of high quality heat treatment: furnaces and technological
lines for thermal and thermo-chemical heat treatment (atmosphere and vacuum
heat treatment), units designed for joint operation with external loaders, quench
baths, washers, casting and non-ferrous metals heat treatment furnaces, hot-dip
galvanizing lines as well as repairs, modernizations and spare parts delivery. In
October 2012, Remix became the exclusive partner of AFC-HOLCROFT in the
European market. More information here:"
Monday Morning Briefing. Italian fastener manufacturer SBE has a furnace line
for sale and it comes with an interesting history. Going back to 2005 Vermont
Fasteners (which was part of the Infasco Group) went bankrupt which resulted in
all the equipment being put up for auction. Included in the equipment
was a 4,000 pound per hour Aichelin cast link belt line including
temper, wash, etc., etc. The complete system was bought by SBE
and shipped to Italy where it was never installed mainly because SBE
around this time bought two other Aichelin lines giving them enough
heat treating capacity (incidentally the company is now up to 13 lines
which is a pretty darn big heat treat department). So it would appear
that the whole line can be yours for just 1.9 Million €. Going back to
2001 a new similar line from Aichelin would have been
approximately 3.1 Million € so the asking price is almost 2/3 of new.
For a 14 year old furnace this certainly seems to be on the high side.
Good luck with that. Where are they now? Robert Nobauer. For
many years Robert worked for commercial heat treater and furnace
manufacturer Rubig in Austria-at one point working as Sales
Manager. Turns out Robert recently left the company (on very good
terms by the way) to act as an consultant and also as a
manufacturers rep selling heat treating products. The name of his
company is IBNP GmbH and we wish him the best of luck.
We thought the recent heat treat show in Germany, HK 15 was well organized but a
little light on attendance. Turns out several exhibitors are complaining about how
few visitors there were and the extremely high costs. Cologne is an expensive place
to begin with but to really rub salt in the wound all the hotels in the area double or
triple the room rates which means you can be paying several hundred euro per night
for a room which is normally a fraction of that. I know were pretty pissed at paying
$300.00 USD per night for a pretty average Marriott. In the US commercial heat
treater Bodycote has this to tell us about their plant in Berlin, Connecticut.
"Bodycote, the world’s leader in heat treatment, is pleased to announce the
installation of additional heat treating and stress relieving capability at its Berlin,
Connecticut facility in November. The new capability will allow processing of random
length 12 foot bars up to 13 ½ feet and up to 10,000 lbs per load. The Berlin
facility’s new super-sized raw material air furnace, which will accommodate larger
parts and products, will expand on existing services for materials including stainless
steel, nickel alloys and titanium. Berlin has all necessary approvals in place to run
the processes".
Meanwhile SAMT is the exclusive partner of Codere Swiss, EMO Germany and
Burgdorf Germany for the Chinese market. November 17 2015
Down in Houston, Texas, captive heat treater AFGlobal is bragging
about receiving their AS9100 certification from amongst other things
heat treating. "AFGlobal Corporation today announced that its Steel
Industries facilities in Michigan received AS9100 Rev C certification
from the PRI Registrar for demonstrating its ongoing commitment to quality by
satisfying customer requirements of the aerospace industry specifications. This
achievement positions AFGlobal for growth in the aerospace industry, and boosts the
Company's number of certified facilities to eight. The latest certification covers
forging, machining, assembling, heat treatment and testing processes. Along with its
NADCAP certification for heat treatment, AS9100 certification gives the Company a
solid foundation for meeting the stringent requirements of the aerospace sector".
Thermcraft Inc. of Winston-Salem, N.C., received an order for a large box furnace
from an Alabama-based company that remanufactures steel mill rolls. The company
will use the furnace to heat up steel mill rolls to operating temperature so they can
be welded and remanufactured to their original size. The furnace has a heating
chamber that measures 96 inches high x 96 inches wide x 240 inches deep with a
maximum operating temperature of 1200°F. It features Eurotherm controls,
metallic-sheathed heating elements and type-K thermocouples.
Metallurgical High Vacuum Corporation (MHV) is proud to announce another
milestone in their commitment to excellence: they were awarded certification
attesting to establishment of their quality management system in conformance with
the International Quality System Standard ISO-9000-2008, with a scope for Design
and Manufacture of High Vacuum Mechanical Pumps and Rebuild of Mechanical
Pumps. This was granted by American Systems Registrar, LLC. which are accredited
by ANSI-ASQ National Accreditation Board. November 16 2015
Johnson Electric has completed their acquisition of Stackpole a company which
truly was THE pioneer in vacuum carburizing and which remains a large captive
heat treater. "Johnson Electric Holdings Limited, headquartered
in Hong Kong, has announced it has completed the acquisition of
Stackpole International, headquartered in Ontario, Canada.
Stackpole is a supplier of highly-engineered components to the
automotive industry including engine and transmission pumps and
Powder Metallurgy components. The company has nine manufacturing
facilities located in North America, Europe and Asia". Oregon-based
Esco Corporation has closed their steel foundry in Nisku, Alberta,
citing weakening demand for mining equipment. What this means is
that the equipment will be auctioned off December 1 and there are a
few items which might be of interest to heat treaters such as a
Wheelabrator Table Blast & Tumblasts and three gas fired car bottom
IHI/VTN. This will probably rank as the largest commercial heat treat acquisition
for 2015. Japan based IHI Corp. has acquired commercial heat treater VTN which
with 5 locations and annual sales of over 30 millions Euro is one of the larger
commercial heat treaters in Germany. November 16 2015
About VTN; VTN is a leading, high-quality provider of advanced heat treatment job
service. The company offers wide range of heat treatment technologies, including
vacuum heat treatment, induction heating, protective atmosphere heat treatment.
VTN operates 5 heat treatment plants in Germany for customers in the market of
automotive, aviation, industrial, agricultural, etc. In 2014 the company generated
net sales of approx. EUR 30m.
About IHI; Established in 1853, IHI is a listed Japanese industrial conglomerate
with a capital of ¥107.1bn (EUR 793mn) and 2014 sales of ¥1,456bn (EUR 10.8bn).
The company operates through its four major business areas, “Resources, Energy
and Environmental”, “Social Infrastructure, Offshore facilities”, “Industrial Systems,
General-Purpose Machinery”, “Aero Engines, Space & Defense”.
IHI Corporation Acquires VTN. "IHI Corporation (“IHI”) of Japan is pleased to
announce that it has entered into an agreement to acquire 100% of
the shares in VTN Beteiligungsgesellschaft mbH (“VTN”), a leading
company in heat treatment job service business in Germany, from
the current majority shareholders funds managed by BPE
Unternehmensbeteiligungen G.m.b.H., Hamburg, and the other
minority shareholders (“Transaction”). IHI Machinery and furnace
Co., Ltd (“IMS”), IHI’s 100% subsidiary company, is a top share
supplier of the vacuum furnace with more than 2000 installations all
over the world and a leading company especially for vacuum
carburizing technology with its unique patent for carburizing with
acetylene gas. The acquisition of VTN is the step for further global
expansion of IHI/IMS vacuum heat treatment technology through the
European market, and the combination of VTN’s process engineering
coupled with the design engineering excellence at IHI/IMS for heat
treatment machinery, would contribute to our customers in the
coming years. Going forward, VTN, IHI and its other subsidiaries for
surface treatment, IHI Ionbond AG, IHI Hauzer technocoating BV,
will work together to provide a comprehensive portfolio of services in
both metal and non-metal applications, furthering IHI’s ambition of becoming a
global leader in heat treatment and surface treatment technology markets which are
expected to show significant future growth. The headquarters of VTN will remain in
Witten, Germany. The Transaction is subject to obtaining the necessary regulatory
Fred Specht. Now this is a very upsetting news item-the passing of long time
induction heat treater Fred Specht. He will be missed by us and many other people.
November 13 2015
California Brazing/Ipsen. "As Aerospace electronics become increasingly
powerful, the industry’s need for robust thermal processing equipment capable of
manufacturing such components also grows. To better support this increased
demand for aluminum brazing services, California Brazing recently purchased their
third vacuum aluminum brazing (VAB) furnace from Ipsen. This VAB
furnace is their eighth Ipsen furnace with five located at California
Brazing and three at Nevada Heat Treating. According to Jeff Ager,
General Manager at California Brazing, “There is a growing need for
aluminum-brazed assemblies across multiple industries. California
Brazing is committed to meeting our customers’ requirements by
continuing to invest in brazing and machining equipment to further
improve capabilities, lead times and quality.” As such, California
Brazing will use this VAB furnace to expand their capacity and
manufacture a variety of aluminum-brazed assemblies, such as cold
plates, heat exchangers, waveguides and antennas, for their
customers in the Aerospace, Defense and Semiconductor industries.
This VAB furnace features a 38” x 40” x 62” (964 mm x 1,016 mm x
1,575 mm) all-metal hot zone with a 1,500-pound (680 kg) load
capacity, and it operates at temperatures of 500 °F to 1,200 °F (260
°C to 650 °C) with ±5 °F (±3 °C) temperature uniformity. This
furnace is also equipped with a 35-inch diffusion pump and Ipsen’s
CompuVac® controls system. Featuring multiple individually
controlled heating zones, Ipsen’s VAB furnaces provide fast cycle times and precise,
uniform heating of the workload. In addition, the use of joint-free heating elements
eliminates resistance buildup and hot spots. To learn more about Ipsen’s VAB
furnaces, visit
About California Brazing; California Brazing is a turnkey manufacturer of critical
brazed components located at the heart of complex machines for the Aerospace,
Defense, Semiconductor and Photonics industries. Committed to providing only the
highest quality products and services, California Brazing maintains leading industry
accreditations and certifications, including Nadcap, AS9100 and ISO 9001:2008. In
addition, with extensive brazing, machining and manufacturing sequence expertise,
California Brazing has the capacity, experience and flexibility needed to give
"It is with great regret that we inform you on the passing of Fred
Specht. Fred was an induction “guru” with over 40 years of
experience with various induction and heat treating companies,
including Induction Heat Treat Corporation, IEH, Pillar, AjaxTocco,
and most recently with Interpower Induction as Vice President of
Sales. Fred enjoyed teaching industry classes for the Forging
Industry Association (FIA) and ASM International. Fred was most
recently at the Heat Treat show in Detroit and had the chance to see
many customers and colleagues. Fred enjoyed people and having a
good time and was never without a smile".
customers’ products a competitive edge. Visit to learn
Nitrex Metals. "Congratulations to team Baja ETS (Ecole de Technologie
Supérieure) of Montreal, Canada who placed 5th in overall standings out of a total of
90 teams for a second consecutive year. Baja is an intercollegiate competition
organized by SAE where engineering student teams from universities all over the
world design, build and race off-road recreational vehicles on closed courses of
rough terrain. For the past 3 years, Nitrex Metal has sponsored the Baja ETS team
by providing complimentary nitriding of transmission and suspension components.
Last week team members visited our offices to present their race car, and we used
this opportunity to take it for a spin. We look forward to working with the Baja ETS
team on improving their vehicle’s components for next year’s race. Additional
information about Baja SAE is available at" November 12 2015
Members of the Baja ÉTS team and the Nitrex heat treating services crew
The Baja ETS vehicle flying through the course in Maryland
About Ipsen; Ipsen designs and manufactures industrial vacuum furnaces,
atmosphere furnaces and supervisory control systems for a wide variety of
industries, including Aerospace, Automotive, Commercial Heat Treating, Energy and
Medical. With production locations in America, Europe and Asia, along with
representation in 34 countries, Ipsen is committed to providing support for
customers worldwide. Choosing Ipsen means choosing a partner in success."
November 12 2015
Remembrance Day. Today the world remembers those who fought for our rights
and freedoms. Please do not forget. November 11 2015
Lindberg/MPH Press Release. "Lindberg/MPH announced the shipment of an
electrically heated box furnace used for hardening industrial grade
saw blades for the woodworking industry. The box furnace is
designed with a maximum temperature rating of 2,000°F and
normal operating temperature of 1,600°F and work chamber
dimensions of 72”W x 48”D x 10”H. The design of the heat treat
furnace features a flow through configuration that allows green
product to be loaded on one side and treated materials to be
unloaded on the opposite side of the furnace. The flow through
design provides the customer with an efficient load/unload
operation. The heat treat furnace shell is fabricated with 3/16” mild
steel plate and the refractory lining utilizes vacuum formed ceramic
fiber modules with low heat storage for fast heat-up rates. The
furnace has two (2) chamber doors, one in the front and one in the
rear of the furnace, that open vertically away from the furnace using
two pneumatic cylinders on each door. Each door has a flame curtain
that provides an atmosphere and heat barrier when the doors are
opened and foot pedals for ease of operator loading/unloading.
Lindberg/MPH is a leading manufacturer of standard and custom
industrial heat treat furnaces, including pit, box, IQ, and belt type
for the ferrous and non-ferrous markets. Lindberg/MPH customers cover a wide
range of industries including aerospace/military, automotive, commercial heat
treating, energy/oil, electronics and the forging markets. Founded in 1917, the
company has more than 75,000 industrial furnace installations worldwide and their
equipment is backed by a full range of customer support services and the most
extensive replacement parts inventory in the industry. Lindberg/MPH is a proven
Meritor/Heath, Ohio. It was announced just a few months ago that auto parts
supplier Meritor would be closing their plant in Heath, Ohio. The plant which
suppliers parts for heavy trucks had an in house heat treating department with all
the equipment going to the auction block December 2 2015. This appears to have
been an “all Surface Combustion” operation which includes a couple of old style
endothermic generators and a 3 row pusher. The generators will probably go for a
few thousand each at best mainly because of their age and the fact that there is
very little demand for generators these days. The pusher is a bit of a wild card but it
is probably 50/50 whether it gets scrapped, the reason being that while there is
some demand for pushers there is almost no demand for 3 row pushers. We shall
see what happens. November 11 2015
World's Largest Production Vacuum Furnace/Solar Atmospheres. Regular
readers of "The Monty" know that we love our lists of the largest, biggest and
newest so here is one for you-how about probably the world's largest production
vacuum furnace? Read on and while you are at it have a look at a photo we took a
few years ago at this same plant. It shows an enormous vacuum furnace but
nothing compared to this one. November 10 2015
"Solar Atmospheres Press Release. "Solar Atmospheres of Western PA recently
had a groundbreaking ceremony for a facility to house their newest addition - a
brand new 6-1/2 foot diameter by 48 foot long vacuum furnace with a load capacity
up to 150,000 lbs. In the beginning of the new year, the behemoth furnace will be
assembled within the newly constructed 18,000 square foot building. The furnace
will be uniform to within +/- 10°F per AMS 2750 E between the production
temperature ranges of 300°F to 2250°F with a maximum operating temperature of
2400°F. Rapid vacuum pump down to the low 10-6 Torr range will be attained by
utilizing three Edwards booster pumps, three Stokes roughing pumps, and three 35”
Varian diffusion pumps. Fast and uniform cooling will be achieved by using three
300 HP variable speed drive blower motors. Finally, a unique insulation pack will be
installed into both load cars which will ultimately help reduce normal atmospheric
(dew point) contamination. This $10 million dollar plus project will complement the
other large US patented dual bottom load car vacuum furnaces (one 36 foot long
vacuum furnace, three 24 foot long vacuum furnaces, and one 12 foot long vacuum
furnace) that are currently in production along with ten mid-size vacuum furnaces.
Bob Hill, President of Solar Atmospheres of Western PA, states, “It is truly hard to
believe that only 15 years ago we bought an empty 16,000 square foot building with
a vision to expand Solar’s customer base into western PA and northeast Ohio. After
leader in the thermal processing industry, with a long track record of proven policies
and management practices. Lindberg/MPH is owned by Thermal Product Solutions
(“TPS”), a leading American manufacturer of custom industrial ovens used for heat
treating, finishing, drying, curing, manufacturing automation and process control.
TPS is a global leader in thermal processing products and test solutions with brands
including BlueM, Gruenberg, Tenney, Lindberg, MPH Wisconsin Oven, and Baker
Furnace. For more information on equipment solutions from TPS visit the website at" November 11 2015
three building expansions, extensive investment, and hiring 50 extremely talented
and dedicated employees, Solar will soon be operating within an 80,000 square foot
state-of-the-art facility. The markets served will continue to be primarily quality
aerospace and nuclear vacuum heat treating and brazing of large components."
International Heat Treatment Exhibition/Nitrex Metal. Besides ASM in the
USA and HK in Germany, another show of importance to heat treating is the
International Heat Treatment Exhibition in Beijing, China. The event wrapped up last
week, and during the 3-day event, Nitrex Metal registered a record number of
visitors to its stand, generated a dozen RFQs for nitriding systems and a significant
number of leads for heat treating services at its Wuxi plant. The joint presentation
by Nikola Dzepina and Jimmy Liu, "Controlled Nitriding and Nitrocarburizing
Technologies for Better Quality and Productivity", which focused on the benefits to
the mining/drilling and armament industries, and included low-temperature nitriding
and carburizing applications, was well-received by the 40 participants. And in other
goods news, Nitrex Metal finalized a number of system deals in China, including a
compact furnace for a piston ring manufacturer and a large furnace for a plastic
machinery manufacturer. November 10 2015
From left to right: Brian Rogers - Taylor Engineering, Steve O’Brian and Jess
Sowers – Rien Construction, Bob Hill – President, Solar Atmospheres of Western PA,
Marcia Hirschmann – City of Hermitage, Jeff Wallace, Rex Knisly, and John Kline –
FNB Bank, and Solar Atmospheres of Western PA employees.
Doreen Thompson. We mentioned yesterday the very unfortunate passing of a
woman we had a great deal of respect for, Doreen Thompson who for many years
was quitely in the background of Marathon Monitors and SSi. November 10 2015
"Doreen Thompson (nee Stokes), age 78. Beloved wife of William (Bill) passed
away at her home in Cincinnati on November 7, 2015 after a courageous battle with
cancer. Born June 21, 1937, in Manchester, England, Doreen lived in England until
she and Bill moved their family to the United States in 1974. She worked as a court
stenographer while raising her family in Hopewell Junction, NY. She, along with her
husband Bill, was instrumental in the creation of two successful businesses. The
family relocated to Cincinnati in 1986. She entered college at age 55 and graduated
Summa Cum Laude from Xavier University . Doreen was a lovely person, known for
her kind smile and generous spirit. Gracious in life and in death, she showed us how
to love and be kind to others. A voracious reader, she also loved playing golf and
mahjong with her friends in Cincinnati and Jupiter, FL. Doreen is survived by her
husband, Bill and sons Stephen (Lori) and Peter; sisters Elsie, Muriel and Joyce;
beloved grandchildren Paige and Will and many nieces and nephews. She will be
missed by her many friends and family in Cincinnati, Florida and England. A
celebration of her life will be held at on Friday, November 13, 2015 at 11:00 AM.
Services will be held at Blue Ash Presbyterian Church, 4309 Cooper Road,
Cincinnati, OH 45242. A celebration of her life will also be held in Jupiter, FL at a
later date. In lieu of flowers, donations may be made in her memory to: Doctors
Without Borders USA, PO Box 5030, Hagerstown, MD 21741-5030 or online at"
Featured above, from left to right, are Mr. Nikola Dzepina (Nitrex Metal Sales
Engineer), Mr. Tong (Chairman, China Heat Treatment Association) and Mr. Jimmy
Liu (Nitrex Thermal Technology Co. Ltd., heat treating center in Wuxi).
Beijing Heat Treatment Show. We don’t mean to overload our readers with heat
treat show news but in addition to the ASM show in Detroit a few weeks ago and the
German heat treat show in Cologne, Germany just a little over a week ago there
was also the Chinese heat treat show in Beijing just last week. We have two
separate sets of photos from this show with the first set coming from Mr. Andy Chen
of Powermax Corp., the AFC-Holcroft licensee in China. In the photos we see Mr.
and Mrs. Bill Disler (Bill is CEO of AFC-Holcroft), Andy Chen of Powermax, Damian
Bratcher of SSI and a couple of fellows from alloy company SAFE Cronite.
November 9 2015
Wes (Wiesław) Dzięcioł. One of the best known individuals in the European
vacuum heat treating community Mr. Wes (Wiesław) Dzięcioł, passed away this
past week in Warsaw. Services will take place this Friday, November 6th at the
Warsaw Powązki cemetery. Wes started his career in the early 1970's by selling
three Ipsen vacuum furnaces to a steel mil in Poland and starting them up in record
time. In the 1970's he worked for Ipsen Industries as a Project Manager and then
worked for Abar in the 1980's as the European Operations Manager. In the 1990's
he started his own company TWC INVAC and worked closely with Bodycote when
they were expanding their Eastern European operations including working with their
first plant in Warsaw. Wes also helped build and design furnaces for companies such
as ALD (BMW R&D), ECM (Airbus), Swindell Dressler, DMP CryoSystems and Sistem
Teknik. He will be missed. November 6 2015
Nutec Bickley/Weber Metals. Furnace builder Nutec Bickley is having a good
year. To the details below provided by the company we are adding a photo we took
of their plant just a few weeks ago. “Nutec Bickley has been awarded a contract for
a total of 3 new furnaces from Weber Metals Inc. based in Paramount, California,
part of the Otto Fuchs Aerospace group. The furnaces are of the Moving Hood type
design. The combustion equipment will include the latest Ultra Low Nox
Burner technology to comply with the tight local emission regulations. Delivery of
the units is planned for 2016 and 2017.” November 9 2015
NovaTherm. “Three years after the launch of the “Innovative Solutions in Heat
Treating” Seminar, Nitrex Metal conjunction with United Process Controls and
the Institute of Precision Mechanics, held a second successful edition at the Black
Forest Palace Hotel in Central Poland on October 8-9, 2015. The seminar relies
mainly on leading academic researchers and industry practitioners from around the
world to deliver high quality content on the latest innovations that improve
manufacturing quality and efficiency. Presentation titles ranged from very specific
themes such as “High nitrogen carbonitriding – Improving energy efficiency of power
train components” and “Simulation of nitriding and nitrocarburizing processes”, to
more general ones, such as “Importance of flow control in heat treatment
processes” and “Global heat treating trends of the 4th industrial revolution”. In
addition to improving their knowledge of available technologies, over 75 participants
had the opportunity to form closer relationships with industry/academic players from
diverse countries and continents. Due to popular demand, a third edition has been
Heat Treatment Australia. The largest commercial heat treater in Australia is a
family owned firm by the name of Heat Treatment Australia. It has three locations in
Australia including the head office in Brisbane which is shown in the attached photo
a couple of months back. Anyway that’s the background their name comes up today
because they seem to be receiving awards right left and center. The first was the
Lord Mayors award for Business Innovation and the second is from Metal Treating
Institute (MTI). The organization is the largest in the world for commercial heat
treaters and certainly the largest in North America however they have few members
outside of North America so this is quite an achievement by Heat Treatment
Australia and probably the first time a commercial shop outside of NA has received
this award. November 5 2015
planned for 2018. For more information visit” November 5
HK 15. With these final photos we bring to a close the recent heat treat exhibition in
Cologne, Germany and move on to other topics. November 4 2015
Certified Heat Treating, Inc./New AFC-Holcroft UBQ. Certified Heat Treating,
Inc., of Springfield, Ohio, is proud to announce the instillation of a new AFC-Holcroft
UBQ batch style atmosphere furnace. The new furnace is 36 inches wide, 72 inches
long, and customized to have a 48 inch vertical height capability. It is capable of
processing loads up to 8,000 lbs. The furnace is equipped with a top cool chamber,
and is set up to provide ferritic nitrocarburizing as well as all other atmosphere heat
treating processes. It features state of the art furnace controls which will be
integrated with Certified Heat Treating, Inc.’s existing production and quality control
systems. The furnace has been installed in a line of existing furnaces already in
operation and is now up and running. Certified Heat Treating, Inc., provides heat
treating services to a diversified customer base including automotive, agricultural,
appliances, heavy truck, and material handling equipment manufacturers. For more
information regarding the new furnace or any of Certified Heat Treating. Inc’s.
abilities contact Mark Grubb or Joe Biehn at 937-352-3121. You can also visit us
online at Certified Heat Treating, Inc. 1807 W. Pleasant
Street, Springfield, Ohio 45506, (937)325-3121. November 4 2015
SECO/WARWICK always has a very impressive booth. The fellow on the left in this
picture is Mr. Kent Zuo owner of Shanghai Heat Treatment probably the largest
commercial heat treater in China. On his left is Gord Montgomery, Liu Yedong, sales
manager vacuum SECO/WARWICK RETECH from Tianjin and the new
SECO/WARWICK Marketing Director, Katarzyna (Kasia) Sawka.
Atmosphere Engineering
Dirk Ott, Chief Sales Officer, Ipsen, Thorsten Kruger, CEO, Ipsen Group, Gord
Heat Treat Shows. As we mentioned yesterday we have a few more photos to
share with you of the two recent heat treat shows. November 3 2015
Engineered Heat Treat, Madison Heights, Michigan. Gord Montgomery, Greg
Pilibosian, Bob Fincken, Ron Pilibosian and Nick Pilibosian ( Greg's son)
Part of the of the Aichelin Team including Sladjana Jokesz, Wolfgang Brosche and
Harald Berger
The UPC team are always one of the happiest at any show.
Remix/AFC-Holcroft Group
Alberto Zanazzo, Streamline Italy, Francesco Pieropan, Cieffe
Gunther Plutke (head of heat treat for Rexroth Bosch, Germany), Volkan Kocaman,
Rexroth, Turkey. Gunther will be retiring shortly from Rexroth after many years as
the top Bosch heat treating guy. We will miss him.
Thermal Product Solutions/Baker Furnace. "Thermal Product Solutions (“TPS”)
has acquired Baker Furnace, a leading American manufacturer of custom-built
industrial ovens, furnaces and pollution control equipment serving the aerospace,
finishing, environmental, heat treating, oil and gas industries. The company strives
for superior equipment quality and a commitment to customer service. Baker
Furnace is located in Yorba Linda, CA which establishes TPS’ presence on the west
Part of the Bodycote Team including our friend Florian Elwart (in the center)
Cieffe Open House. Italian furnace builder Cieffe just last week held their yearly
open house 16th October, which was attended by Italian and European customers
together with their sales network, and a certain number of their institutional finance
and supplier partners. During this event Cieffe presented the new group
configuration with the presence of three Accu Ag board members. Amongst the
presentations was one about a large turnkey project completed for Korean steel
producer POSCO. A tour of the Cieffe workshop and a gala dinner closed this very
successful event. November 3 2015
Heat Treat Shows. We are suffering from an overload of heat treatment shows
with the recent ASM show in Detroit, Michigan and the HK 15 show in Cologne,
Germany this past week. Both were very well organized, reasonably well attended
and a lot of fun but two in two weeks? Rather tiring. We have a number of final
pictures from both shows (mainly from Germany) which we will be presenting over
the course of this week. November 2 2015
coast and will allow the group to better serve customers logistically in the
surrounding areas. With the Baker Furnace acquisition TPS continues to increase
their geographic footprint and provide the most expansive product offering in the
Thermal Processing marketplace. The TPS brands are recognized for manufacturing
quality equipment that exceeds customer expectations in both performance and
dependability. TPS is a global leader in thermal processing products and test
solutions with brands including Blue M, Gruenberg, Tenney, Lindberg, MPH,
Wisconsin Oven, and now Baker Furnace. TPS is headquartered in New Columbia,
Pennsylvania. Lindberg/MPH is located in Riverside, Michigan, and Wisconsin Oven is
located in East Troy, Wisconsin. "Baker Furnace is known for high quality heat
processing and pollution control equipment. Their pollution control line of thermal
oxidizers and industrial afterburners will strengthen the TPS product line for the
environmental market. The acquisition by TPS will provide Baker Furnace additional
resources along with the opportunity to expand their current operations. The
California location benefits the entire TPS group by allowing us to better serve our
west coast customers logistically.” David Strand, President/CEO, TPS, LLC.
November 3 2015
“Tim Smith Sr. has always been committed to providing a high level
of quality and service from day one, commented Murphy. He has
always believed that doing the job right and on time is the correct
way to operate. That core value remains our focus going forward” John has 26
years in the furnace industry with experience ranging from refractory design, sales
and marketing during employment with a leading refractory manufacturer. He has
additional experience in the construction segment of the industry for the past 13
years and is well equipped to lead the company in the future. Contact information:
[email protected] 888-532-8453 / 704-483-4025 November 2
MTI Award. Software company Throughput received an MTI award at the recent
MTI meeting in Quebec City.
"THROUGHPUT I Bluestreak™ is the recipient of the prestigious Metal Treating
Institute’s Associate Member of the Year Award given at the 2015 Fall Meeting in
Quebec City, Canada. The Metal Treating Institute (MTI) is an international nonprofit trade association for the heat treating industry. Each year MTI recognizes the
supplier within its membership that has shown high level commitment and service
for the betterment of the association, its mission and the commercial heat-treating
industry. THROUGHPUT I Bluestreak™ has been an active member, Diamond
Sponsor since 2006 and graduates of MTI’s 2014 Management Training Program, a
10-month intensive leadership program for executives and managers. "We get more
out of MTI then we give. It is a dynamic association that provides members with the
tools to succeed in this ever changing and challenging industry. We are honored to
receive this award and look forward to our continued partnership,” states Todd
Wenzel, President of THROUGHPUT I Bluestreak™. November 2 2015
Furnace Rebuilders/North Carolina. Looks like changes at wellwhat else can we say furnace rebuilding company Furnace
Rebuilders down in North Carolina. "John Murphy, president and
CEO of Furnace Rebuilders, Incorporated, has announced that he has
become the sole owner of the business as of September 30. Murphy
has been a partner of Tim Smith Sr., who established the Denver,
NC- based business in 1995. Smith retired on January 1, of this year,
but remains active in the business as a consultant. Furnace
Rebuilders, (,), has become a leading
industrial heat treating furnace service provider in the Southeast
specializing in refractory repair and relining, combustion and heating
systems, mechanical services and preventive maintenance programs.
The company’s customers include a number of Fortune 500 firms as
well as small independent companies.
About TITAN® 2.0; Ipsen’s TITAN 2.0 vacuum furnace allows users to achieve
powerful performance and experience cutting-edge technology in a single, compact
vacuum furnace. This furnace incorporates years of customer feedback to deliver
improved, user-friendly features, all while maintaining a global platform, small
footprint and short delivery times.
About PdMetrics™. Ipsen’s PdMetrics software platform for predictive maintenance
utilizes proprietary sensors and control algorithms to determine the appropriate
timing for replacing parts and servicing equipment. By monitoring critical data and
key parameters via PdMetrics, such as temperature, vibrations and pressure, users
are able to improve the health and integrity of several systems: the hot zone,
Visit to learn more. November 2 2015
Solar Atmospheres/Solar Manufacturing. "Solar Atmospheres and Solar
Manufacturing exhibited at this year’s ASM Heat Treating Society Confere nce and
Exhibition held in Detroit, Michigan. On display were Solar Atmospheres’ vacuum
heat treating services, as well as, Solar Manufacturing’s Mentor® furnace, and the
newly developed hot zone.
Along with the displays, three Solar personnel gave presentations during the
conference sessions. Bob Hill, President of Solar Atmospheres of Western PA, gave
a presentation on Vacuum Furnaces Were Made for Additive Manufacturing. Don
Ipsen Press Release. "Last week at ASM Heat Treat/Gear Expo 2015, Ipsen
unveiled their TITAN® 2.0 vacuum furnace and PdMetrics™ software platform for
predictive maintenance, which helps users optimize operations while avoiding
unnecessary costs and unplanned downtime. They also featured their ATLAS batch
atmosphere furnace line, which provides intelligent interfaces, advanced controls
and ease of integration. In addition, attendees were able to enter Ipsen’s drawing
for an iPad by becoming a Jedi Master, as well as have their photo taken with Star
Wars characters: Darth Vader, Chewbacca, Princess Leia and a Stormtrooper. The
winner of the iPad drawing is Nels Plough from Stack Metallurgical.
Jordan, Vice President/Corporate Metallurgist, presented a session on Minimizing
Alpha Case during Vacuum Furnace Heat Treating, and Roger Jones, Corporate
President of Solar Atmospheres, presented on Retiring Paper-Based Maintenance
Systems within Commercial Heat Treating Shops. These presentations can be found
on our website at
Jurgen Mautsch, Joern Rohde, Gord Montgomery
Notice: We have attempted to describe all equipment accurately from the
information we have available. Any mistakes are unintentional. We do not guarantee
the accuracy of the information, nor can we guarantee the performance of the
equipment or suitability to your application. The equipment is sold as-is, where-is.
We strongly encourage your personal inspection of the equipment before purchase.
Bill Jones, CEO of Solar Atmospheres, also took part in a panel discussion on New
Developments and Opportunities in Heat Treating, and his focus was on New
Developments in Vacuum Processing. A highlight for the Solar Atmospheres
organization, Roger Jones received the 2015 George H. Bodeen Heat Treating
Achievement Award, along with a plaque for serving as the HTS President from
visit, and visit for additional information about
Solar Manufacturing. November 2 2015
Used Equipment
Listing Used Equipment
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on a commission basis meaning no high overheads, no buy and resells, no high
expenses which means that you as a seller get what your equipment is worth-not
what a used equipment dealer will pay you for it. Not sure what your equipment is
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honest answer about market conditions-no BS. Before listing we will require a signed
copy of the "Terms and Conditions". Please use our Contact Form or email Dale
at [email protected] all pertinent information including asking price (which we
strongly recommend) age, condition and if possible photos. When selling please
keep in mind that we do NOT ask for an exclusive sales agreement - if we don't sell
it we don't get paid - PERIOD. You can’t lose by listing with we sell
your equipment or we don’t get paid-period.
Notice: We have attempted to describe all equipment accurately from the
information we have available. Any mistakes are unintentional. We do not guarantee
the accuracy of the information, nor can we guarantee the performance of the
equipment or suitability to your application. The equipment is sold as-is, where-is.
We strongly encourage your personal inspection of the equipment before purchase.
At "" you are guaranteed of finding the best priced used equipment
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Borel Fluidized Bed Furnace
CVE Vertical Vacuum
Ipsen Batch IQ Line
Ipsen/Elterma Vacuum
Ipsen TQ-5-EM Furnaces (2
Endothermic Generator
Mahler Mesh Belt Furnace
SOLO Continous Furnace
SOLO Furnace Line
SOLO Furnace System
SOLO Second Hand
Continous Furnace
SOLO Second Hand
Quenching Machine
Somet Vacuum Furnace
Somet Vertical Vacuum
Item # E022 Solo Furnace System. Model SOLO 202-30/30/30. System consists
of a Water quench tank – Austenitizing furnace – Salt quench tank – Tempering
furnace – Washing machine with salt recuperator – Forklift – Switch and control
panel and gas distribution cabinet – Computer management system for process
control. Line is capable of Austenitizing – Carburizing – Carbonitriding – Tempering
– Water/Salt quenching – Washing. Excellent condition. Asking 65 000 € HT
Year of manufacture : 1990
Max. temperature : 1100°C
Main voltage : 3 x 400 V - 50 Hz
Max. weight of a load (gross weight) : 50 kg
Effective loading dimensions : 300 x 300 mm
Max. loading height : 300 mm
Item # E021 Solo “Bell Type” Furnace Line. Built by Solo of Switzerland this is a
Model SOLO 202-30/30/60. Line consists of an oil quenching tank – Austenitizing
furnace – Nitriding furnace – Washing machine – Forklift – Switch and control panel
and gas distribution cabinet – Computer management system for process control :
Easytherm CarboBELL Pro. This can be used for Austenitizing – Carburizing –
Carbonitriding – Nitriding – Oil quenching – Washing. Very good condition. All
manuals included. Asking 75 000 € HT
Item # E020 CVE Vertical Vacuum Furnace. Weight capacity 150kgs, working
dimensions of 550mm diameter X 850mm high. Maximum temperature of 1300C,
maximum operating temperature of 1250C. Top loading unit, Power Input 415 V, 3
Phase 50 Hz with Eurotherm transformer and power in/out controller. With
EUROTHERM CHESSELL Programmable Controllerand all controls in standalone
cabinet, with pumps, manifoldand pipework for water cooling (to be connected to
coolingsystem - not included). Vacuum ultimate10-6 mb range, typical operating
vacuum 10-5 mb range.Complete plant with Leybold Hereaus NW400 Diffusionpump
and Leybold Hereaus DK100 vacuum pump. Hotzone: Molybdenum elements,
graphite insulation lined, with(subject to separate negotiation) crane for vertical
loading. Asking price £90,000 as is ( demonstrated working ) or £130,000 ( with
new controls, recorders etc ). - Disassembly, transport, assembly and start-up at
buyer’s site not included, but could be offered separately. Excellent condition. Can
be demonstrated working. To be sold as is – can upgrade the controls and
instruments according to customers wishes at extra cost
Item # E019 Somet Vertical Vacuum Furnace. Weight capacity 250 Kgs.
Working dimensions of 700 mm X 900mm high. Power Input 415 V, 3 Phase 50 Hz
with Brendford regulating auto transformer Serial No. 89.0331 type RDOAQ 240/415
KVA52 Brendford regulating transformer. Serial No.89.0331 Type RDOQIM 110/4
Year of manufacture : 1992
Max. temperature : 1000°C
Main voltage : 3 x 400 V - 50 Hz
Max. weight of a load (gross weight) : 80 kg
Effective loading dimensions : 300 x 300 mm
Max. loading height : 600 mm
Item # E018 SOMET VACUUM FURNACE. Weight capacity of 250Kgs, working
dimensions of 700 X 700mm. Maximum operating temperature of 1250C. Horizontal
loading. Power Input 415 V, 3 Phase 50 Hz with Brendford Transformer, onload
regulating transformer unit type RDOQM 90/04 oil cooled. With EUROTHERM
Programmable Controller, with pumps and some pipework for water cooling.
Maximum temperature 1300 deg C, Operating temperature 1250 deg C. Vacuum
ultimate 10-6 mb range, typical operating vacuum 10-5 mb range. Complete plant
with Varian Diffusion pump K4816-326 VHS-400, Stokes MICROVAC vacuum pump
model 412H-16. Hot zone: Graphite foil elements, graphite insulation lined 40mm
foil faced. Load weight approx. 250 Kgs. Asking price GBP 130,000 Disassembly,
transport, assembly and start-up at buyer’s site not included, but could be offered
separately. Excellent condition.
Item #E016 Borel Fluidized Bed Furnace. Model LF-1. An ascending gas
stream, which can be neutral or reactive, makes fluid a sand bed. The gas is
introduced regularly in the sand bed through a porous metal special plate. Can be
used for Heating before hardening - Annealing - Carburizing. Cover in 2 parts Control panel - Gas distribution panel. Very good condition, entirely revised,
delivered with the manufacturer's instruction manual. Manufactured in 1981.
KVA 104.5. With EUROTHERM 2404 Programmable Controller, with 6180XIO Data
controller and 2500 series input/ output module, Edwards 1150 vacuum control with
Pirani and Penning passive gauges, Eurotherm 2208e excess temperature control
with over temp. alarm. Individual digital display phase voltmeters and ammeters,
water flow alarm indicators. Maximum temperature 1250 deg C, Operating
temperature 1200 deg C. Vacuum ultimate 10-5 mb range, typical operating
vacuum 10-4 mb range. Complete plant with Edwards Diffusion pump model No.
ED400, Stokes MICROVAC vacuum pump model 412H-10. Hot zone Graphite
elements, graphite insulation lined 40mm fibreboard foil faced. Load weight approx.
250 Kgs - with pumps, water cooling manifolds and pipework for water cooling (to
be connected to cooling system - not included). Pillar jib crane available at separate
negotiation 500Kgs. Asking price £130,000 net - Disassembly, transport,
assembly and start-up at buyer’s site not included, but could be offered separately.
Excellent condition. Refurbished and can be shown working.
Maximum operating temperature 1900F. Power input 15Kw. Inside diameter
250mm, depth 400mm, weight capacity 700kg. Asking €6’500 Euros
Item # E013 GEBRUDER HAMMER Endothermic Generator. GEBRUDER
HAMMER Endogas Generation Plant. Model Endogen 120-1.05-G, with dew point
controller. Size;120 m3/hour (3600 CFH) or manually adjusted to 60 m3(1800 CFH)
Shipping weight 4.000 kg. Dimensions ; LxWxH. 3600x2400x2800 mm. Year Built;
2001 Condition; Operational, very good. Asking Price : 43.000 euro (58.500
Item # E012 SOLO Swiss Furnace. Model 321-7-90. Loading frame - Heating
part with frame - Cooling part with frame - Unloading frame - Driving system Conveyor belt - NH3 cracker 3m3/h - Distribution for treatment and cabinet gas Operator panel. Annealing under cracked ammonia - Brazing – Hardening.
Manufactured in 1990. Maximum operating temperature 1800F. Main voltage 3 X
380V-50Hz. Power input 10.5 Kw. Gas generated; 75% H2 and 25% N2 (NH3),
Heated length 900mm, cooled length 1500mm, channel section 80 X 40mm.
Item # E015 SOLO Swiss Continous Furnace. Model 322-10-80C. Entry frame
with loading area - Heating part with frame - Cooling part with frame and exit
chimney - Exit frame with unloading area - Belt drive and conveyor belt Distribution for treatment and cabinet gas - NH3 cracker 3m3/h - Electric control
cabinet. Used for Annealing under cracked ammonia - Brazing – Hardening.
Manufactured in 1990. Maximum operating temperature 1800F-2,000F. Main voltage
3 X 380V-50Hz. Maximum weight of a load (gross weight) 80 kg. Effective loading
dimensions 300 X 300 mm. Maximum loading height 600mm. Good condition,
entirely revised, delivered with the manufacturer's instruction manual. Mounting,
commissioning and training worldwide upon request. Asking €24’000 Euros.
Effective height with belt 30mm. Conveyor belt width 70mm. External dimensions
Length 5300mm X 1800mm X 1250mm height. Perfect condition, entirely revised,
delivered with manufacturer’s instruction manual. Mounting, commissioning and
training worldwide upon request. Asking €26’000 Euros
Item #E008 Ipsen Batch IQ Line. This line consists of a batch IQ furnace, 2
tempers, washer, charge car, endo generator and charge car. Batch IQ is a model
TQF-5-EM. Built in 1986 and designed for carburizing and carbonitriding. Electrically
heated with an operating temperature of 750-1050C. Working dimensions of
610x910x610 mm with a load capacity of 350kg. Tempering furnace model D-5-ER,
electrically heated, built in 1986 with an operating temperature of 150-750C and
working dimensions of 610x910x460 mm and a load capacity of 350kg. Also
included is a tempering furnace, Model DL-4-ER built in 1979. Electrically heated
with an operating temperature of 450C and working dimensions of 610x910x460
mm and a load capacity of 350 kg. Washer model WP-4-E built in 1979 with
dimensions of 610x910x460 mm. Endothermic gas generator ModelG-1000 E. Built
in 1979. Loader/unloader. Operational and in good condition. Asking Price: €
Item # E011 SOLO Swiss Quenching Machine. Model 209-30/30. Quenching
machine for self-hardening and oil quenching. System consists of a Quenching Bell
furnace - Nitrogen quenching unit - Tempering furnace - Oil quenching unit Controller / programmer - Operator panel - Temperature controller - Hydraulic
control. Can be used for Austenitizing - Annealing - Tempering - Oil quenching Quenching under nitrogen. Manufactured in 1991. Maximum operating temperature
of 2100F. Main voltage 3 X 400V-50Hz. Power input; 10kW. Working dimensions of
300mm diameter X 300mm high. Maximum loading weight 20kg. Protective gas; N2
or mixture N2 to max. 5 % H2. Overall dimensions of 2200mm high X 2070 wide X
2250mm deep. Good condition, entirely revised, delivered with the manufacturer's
instruction manual. Mounting, commissioning and training worldwide upon request.
Asking price: €35’000 Euros
Item #E004 Ipsen TQ-5-EM Furnaces (2 available). Located in the UK. Two
Ipsen TQ-5-EM straight through batch IQ furnaces, with loading system, tempering
furnace and washing machine. Load size 610mm (w) x 610mm (h) x 910mm (d),
rated at 350kg's each and operating temperature up to 1050C. Uniformity +-10C.
Electrically heated 172A. 380 volts, 3 phase, 50hz. Set up for Endo Atmosphere.
Ipsen "Carbo Prof" control system. Control panels missing and heating elements
missing. Brickwork in good condition. Asking £55,000. New in 1987. Total
refurbishment can be offered, new control panel, gas or electric heating etc.
Item #E003 Elterma/Ipsen Vacuum Furnace. Horizontal vacuum furnace type
VFC 424. Completely renovate and perfect for a brazing application.
Useful dimensions of heating chamber - 610 x 910 x 460 mm
Maximum load of charge 250 kg
Nominal temperature - 1 320 °C
Thermocoulpes- type N
Insulation– Rigid graphite board 40mm thickness + graphite soft felt + CFC
Material of heating elements – graphite
Cooling gas –Nitrogen
Item #E007 Mahler Mesh Belt Furnace. Model DLMEB 300/120/2750. Suitable
for annealing, tempering, brazing and MIM processes. N2/H2 atmosphere. Operating
temperature of 1050C, maximum temperature of 1120C. Throughput capacity of
67,5 kg/hour. Belt width of 300mm, height above belt 120mm, heated length of
2750mm. electrically heated. Furnace was built in 1995 and fully renovated in 2004.
Complete and in excellent condition. Includes spare parts such as heating elements
and gaskets. Please ask for more details. Asking € 79.500
New Cabinet
New water piping
New pneumatic piping
Fully new hot zone
Fully new electric cables
Price € 116.000 net. Disassembly, transport, assembly and start-up at buyer’s site
not included, but could be offered separately.
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Atmosphere Box Furnace
Atmosphere Box Furnace
Batch IQ Line
Beavermatic Batch IQ
Dow Batch IQ Furnace
Dow Batch IQ Furnace
Electric Box Furnace
Fluidized Bed Furnace
Gas Nitriders (two
High Temperature Tube
Atmosphere Furnace
Hydrogen Atmosphere Box
Hydrogen Atmosphere
Ipsen T-11 Batch IQ
Lindberg Batch IQ Furnace
Lindberg Electric Pit Type
Cyclone Furnace
McLaughlin Services Test
Pacific Scientific Box
Plasma Nitriding System
Sauder “Auto-Tilt” Car
Bottom Furnace
Selas Batch IQ Furnace
Sunbeam AF-10 Batch IQ
Furnaces (3 available)
Surface Combustion Batch
IQ Furnace
Super 30 Allcase Line
Item # B394 Dow Batch IQ Line. Internal Quench With Top Cool, Model DW243622-GRQ S/N HG-20-21. Working dimensions of 24”W x 36”L x 22”H. Gas Fired
Radiant Tube – 800,000 Btu/hr. 1750°F Max. Temp. Voltage 460/3/60. Footprint
9’W x 14’L x 12’H. Controls: SSI Model 9200 Programmable Dual-loop Controller,
SSI VR12 Digital Chart Recorder, Honeywell UDC-2500 over temperature controller.
A Nema12 double door panel houses all furnace control hardware. Carbon control is
provided by the SSI 9200. The furnace heating chamber is fiber lined, with four
vertical U-Tubes, two on each sidewall heated by Eclipse Therm-Thief recuperative
burners. A rear handling system is used to transfer the workload. The quench tank
has variable speed agitation and an oil cooled top cool chamber. Quench tank
capacity is 1200 gallons and utilizes an SBS air to oil cooling system. The
atmosphere system consists of Waukee Tronic flowmeters for endothermic, nitrogen,
air and natural gases. Carbon is controlled by an SSI Gold Probe.
Item # B393 McLaughlin Services Test Furnace. Working dimensions of 19”W x
20”H x 18”D. Can run electrically or with natural gas. Capable of 3000 F. Natural
Gas: 75 CFH @ 5 psi. Nitrogen: 60 CFH @ 5 psi. Electrical: 480/3/60, 60 Amp.
Purge Volume: 25 cubic feet. This is a state of the art furnace which can be run
remotely. Anything iron related needs this type of furnace for testing. This furnace
should be considered brand new as it was used only once for testing. New $150,000
USD, Asking $45,000 USD.
Item # B391 Ipsen T-11 Batch IQ Furnace. Model T-11 gas fired batch IQ
furnace with an operating temperature of 2000F. Working dimensions of 36"W x
24"H x 48". Voltage 460/3/60. External dimensions of 9’W x 14’7”H (Assembled) x
22’L – Approx. Standard T-11 Ipsen batch type atmosphere furnace with integral hot
oil quench. Furnace has "Waukee" flow meters for Ammonia, Endo, Air and Natural
Gas. There are a total of twelve (12) Eclipse (SER) single ended recuperative
burners with Kanthal APM (Advanced Powdered Metallurgical) vertical radiant tubes.
Controls mounted and wired in an enclosure attached to the right hand side of the
furnace includes the following a Yokogawa digital temperature control, Yokogawa
digital over temp control, Yokogawa digital oil temp control, Yokogawa digital over
temp (oil) control, three (3) A.C. Amp meters, one for each quench agitator and all
necessary pushbuttons, signal lights, etc. Quench tank is gas fired with an Eclipse
burner package. This furnace includes a stationary loader, gas fired Dunk & Spray
washer, manuals & drawings. Good condition, just moved to indoor heated storage.
Asking $75,000 USD.
A Lindberg 1000 CFH Gas Fired Endothermic Generator is included with the system
along with multiple spare parts including radiant tubes, roller rails, chain guide and
fan assembly. In addition to the spare parts all the alloy baskets and grids are
included. The equipment can be shown in operation by appointment until the end of
the year. The asking price of $45,000.00 includes the removal and loading of the
equipment on to the buyers transportation. The equipment is being offered “As
Item # B388 Hydrogen Atmosphere Furnace. Manufacturer:
Furnaces.Type: Hydrogen Atmosphere Box. Work Zone Size: 12" x 12" x 12". Max.
Temperature: 2000ºF. Uniformity: Full work zone, prob. +/- 50ºF. Lower 6": prob.
+/- 20ºF. Atmosphere: Wet or Dry Hydrogen or Nitrogen Purge. Controls: PLC Automatic with Proface touch screen. Price: $5,000 USD.
Item # B387 Hydrogen Atmosphere Box Furnace. Manufacturer: Pathways
Thermal Technology. Type: Inconel Retort Atmosphere Box Furnace. Work Zone
Size: 12"W x 16"D x 12"H. Atmosphere: Any, but set up now for Argon. Max.
Temperature: 2100ºF. Heating: Electric, Globar elements. Cooling: External
retort forced gas cooling system. Price: $10,000 USD.
Manufacturer: Blue-M.
Type: Atmosphere
Temperature: 2500ºF. Work Zone Size: 2" Diameter x 12"High. Heating: Electric,
Item # B390 Dow Batch IQ Furnace. Gas fired with working dimensions of 30” X
48” X 30”. Excellent condition with new Eclipse burners, side cool option, new
brickwork and new SSI atmosphere and temperature controls-touch screen. Also
comes with spare alloy including base trays, cast baskets and radiant tubes.
Available immediately.
Globar elements. Tube: Ceramic. Atmosphere: Air or Any Suitable Purge Gas. Last
Use: Thermocouple Calibration. Price: $2,500 USD.
Item # B384 Plasma Nitriding System. Made by Plateg of Germany this is a
pulse Plasma Nitriding unit with working dimensions of 39.37” diameter (1000mm)
and 47.24” high (1200mm). Maximum workload of 4409 pounds (2000kg).
Maximum operating temperature of 1112F (600 C). Photos below show the system
as installed, recently it was dismantled and is in heater storage. Complete and in
good condition although it does require a high frequency control module for the
pulse plasma supply. Asking $49,000 USD.
Item # B382 Fluidized Bed Furnace. Manufactured by Applied Heat Technologies
in Australia and designed by HARD Technologies. Working dimensions of 12”
diameter x 36” work. 1860F maximum temperature. Built in 2012. This system is
capable of multiple uses including;
1.)For thermal diffusion of Vanadium
2.)For DST process (license required)
carbides on to high carbon
of Chromium nitrides on to
Item # B385 Lindberg electric pit type cyclone furnace / nitriding furnace
type: 12-ec-1620-12, 480 volts, 27 kw, 3 phase, 1-1/2 h.p. fan motor,max
opperating temp: 1250 f, working dimention: 16” dia. X 20” deep, aprox. Weight:
1700 lbs., heating elements: helical coil type nichrome v, this furnace is equipt with
a sealed retort and fan assembly for gas nitriding. $9,800.00 USD.
System consists of high heat furnace sand quench, transfer hood, HCL safety
cabinet and controls and scrubber. Used Argon, Nitrogen and HCL gases. Comes
with Full touch screen controls with remote access via ethernet and wifi. The photos
below show the Scrubber and safety cabinet, Quench, Furnace hot zone and 3x
control/gas/electrical cabinet in the background and the transfer hood. Excellent
condition, currently installed and used for only 50 cycles. New over $300,000 USD,
asking $95,000 USD.
Item # B377 Gas Nitriders (two available). Manufactured by Ipsen in 2011.
These unit are electrically heated and capable of nitro carburizing and gas nitriding.
Working dimensions of 2100mm X 3000 mm (82.6” diameter X 118” deep).
Maximum load of 15,000 Kg. Operating temperature up to 1380F with internal retort
and vacuum pump system. Rated for 33,000 lb loads. 4 zones of heating. Heating
elements CrFeAl-wire on ceramic modules. Gas circulation fan on top of retort.
Operating voltage 480 volts-60Hz, 3 phase. Total connected load 520KVa. Cooling
gas Nitrogen. Internal retort 310 SS. Installed in 2011 they have seen very little use
Item # B378 Batch IQ Line. This is a complete line consisting of the batch IQ,
Model FC-364830, washer Model FCW-364830, temper Model FCT-384830, charge
car, load table and control cabinet. Manufactured by CEC in 2007. Working
dimensions of the batch IQ, temper and washer is 36” wide X 48” deep X 32” high.
Batch IQ is electrically heated and uses Moly-D (molybdenum disilicide) heating
elements. High heat is set up for endothermic atmosphere. All the equipment is in
excellent condition and virtually unused. Located in the US northwest. New this was
over $1 million USD. Asking $275,000 USD.
and can be considered almost new. Currently installed and under power although
not currently in use. More details and photos available. These units are absolutely
state of the art. Units are designed for: NitroCarburizing, Stress relieving, FNC,
Nitriding and pre-Ox. Includes Ammonia cracker. Asking price is $849,000USD
for the entire line, 2 pits with high speed cooling systems, full gas flow and
controls panels, software, afterburner exhaust system, including a 20 ton crane,
spares etc. One pit furnace on it's own is priced at $490,000 USD.
Item # B373 Lindberg Car Bottom Kiln. Lindberg Hevi-Duty Kiln/Division of Sola
Basic, Model 277236-ECB-26A, Serial No. 20049. This Kiln is electric with a max
temp of 2600° F. Car approximate dimensions 8′ long x 4′ wide x 4′ high. Asking
Price $35,000(US) or Best Offer
Item # B374 ATMOSPHERE BOX FURNACE. Manufacturer: R&G Services, Inc.
Inside Dimensions: 18" high x 32" wide x 36" deep. Heated: Electric, 230/3/60, 60
KW. Temperature: 2100 deg. F Model Number: EB-183236 Serial Number: 77021
Temperature Controls: Updated indicating controller and overtemp. Description &
Features: Air operated vertical rising door. Slanted face plate. Brick lined with silicon
carbide hearth. Heated by heavy Nichrome ribbon heating elements. Atmosphere
inlet and burn-off. Flame curtain with controls and safeties. Condition: Very good.
Furnace will be cleaned & painted, repaired as necessary, checked out & test fired
prior to shipment. SALE PRICE: $18,000.00 USD.
Item # B371 Sauder “Auto-Tilt” Car Bottom Furnace. Working dimensions;
ID: 8’ wide x 30’ long x 5’ high, electric, 480/3/60, 325kw; 1400F, complete with
ceramic fiber lining, 3 zones of control each with top mounted alloy recirculating fan,
powered car with cast deck and 60,000# load capacity, hydraulic pump set for lifting
cylinders, control panel with digital controls. Super clean and in operation. Asking
$179,000.00 USD including disconnecting and loading onto trucks.
Item #B358 Surface Combustion Batch IQ Furnace. (2 available). S/N 121561. Working dimensions of 62” wide X 62” long X 36” high. Quench tank 18’ wide X
10’ long X 7’ deep. Capacity 9500 US gallons. Power 480 Volt, 3 phase, 60 cycle.
Gas fired-4.6 million BTU/Hour. Maximum operating temperature 1850F. Two top
mounted alloy re-circulating fans. 2 Nitrogen flow meters, 2 for natural gas, 2 for
air, 2 for propane and 1 for endothermic atmosphere. All have Waukee-Tronic
process controls. Allen Bradley Panelview PLC-5. Yokogawa Controls. Four 30 hp
gold standard agitators (28” props), 4 U Style radiant tube burners (bottom), 2
Trident tube burners (top), 2 zones with temperature controls, 2 zones with carbon
control, 2 rear handlers, 1 common drive, Eclipse recuperated burners, atmosphere
sample system. Complete and in good condition. Asking $250,000 USD Each.
Item #B367 Atmosphere Box Furnace. Manufactured by McLaughlin Services.
S/N MS-11-604-01. Natural gas heated-2.8 MBTU’s/hour. Maximum operating
temperature of 2000F. Voltage 480/3/60/100 Amps. Work area 166"W x 20"H top of
piers to door arch, 32"H opening x 120"L. External dimensions; 16'W x 13'H x 14'L Approx. Controls; Mounted and wired in a free standing panel includes an "Super
Systems, Inc." (SSi) control system with HMI touchscreen interface. Front loading
box furnace with an air operated vertical lift door. Furnace lining consists of ceramic
fiber modules on the walls, roof and door. The floor is insulated with "IFB" Industrial
Fire Brick. The furnace hearth consists of HT alloy rails and is designed to handle
4000 pounds @ 2000°F. There are two (2) roof mounted fans in this furnace to
circulate heat and atmosphere. This furnace is equipped with two (2) Waukee FloTronic Nitrogen Flowmeters. There are a total of ten (10) Kromschröder pulse firing
recuperative burners that fire into "P" type radiant tubes. There are four (4) zones
of control in this furnace. Excellent condition-like new. Asking $165,000 USD.
Item #B352 Pacific Scientific Box Furnace. Working dimensions of 72" wide X
120" long X 48" high, Gas fired radiant tube, maximum operating temperature of
2050F. Air operated vertical lift door, fiber lines, new refractory piers (12), hi-temp
horizontal radiant tubes (6 above, 6 below), full safeties, side exhaust guard. Free
standing control panel-prewired panel with Honeywell Tru-Trend circular chart and
Honeywell digital controllers and overtemp. Atmosphere capable. Comes with spare
radiant tubes. Very good condition. Asking $70,000 USD.
Number: 12155-1. Working Dimensions: 87” WIDE X 87” LONG X 36” HIGH. Quench
Tank Dims.: 20’ WIDE X 12’ LONG X 7’ DEEP. Quench Tank Volume: 12,500
GALLONS. Power: 480 VOLT, 3 PHASE, 60 CYCLE Fuel: NATURAL GAS - 4,600,000
SYSTEM. ATMOSPHERE TEMPER: Load Dimensions: 87” WIDE X 87” LONG X 36”
HIGH. Power: 480 VOLT, 3 PHASE, 60 CYCLE. Fuel: 1,500 CFH (1,500,000/HOUR), 4
U TUBES, ECLIPSE BURNERS & RECUPERATORS. Maximum Temperature: 1,350°F.
(FORCED AIR) RINSE/DRY. Load Dimensions: 87” WIDE X 87” LONG X 36” HIGH.
Power: 480 VOLT, 3 PHASE, 60 CYCLE. Fuel: 1,500,000/HOUR. Maximum
Temperature: 180°F. Controls: INCLUDED. General: INCLUDES OIL SKIMMER &
Item #B342 Electric Box Furnace. Working dimensions of 36” wide X 30” high X
54” deep. Electrically heated; Electric coil heating elements on side walls and under
hearth – 90 KW. 12” Ceramic Fiber insulation. Honeywell Controls – High Limit –
Chart Recorder 2 pin. Max Temp. 1850F. Hearth is being rebuilt. Unit is in very
good condition and is currently under power. Asking $18,500.00 USD.
Item #B336 Lindberg Batch IQ Furnace. Hevi-Duty, Clean Line, Model H66GH,
S/N 102350. Working dimensions of 24” x 36” deep X 24” high. Maximum operating
temperature 1850F. Gas fired 745,000 BTU’s. PLC controlled with oxygen probe.
Air/Oil heat exchanger. Straight through design. Alloy and brickwork in great
condition. Asking $29,900.00.
Item #B349 Beavermatic Batch IQ Furnace. 1995 Beavermatic Atmosphere
Integral Quench Furnace with 45" Tall Parts Capability. Model: 64-45E1
695-89/1. Condition: Overall - Fair to Good (Brick good, Inner hearth recent
rebuild, Radiant Tubes good.) Work Zone: 36"W x 54"L x 45"H. Atmosphere:
Endothermic (generator not included). Carbon Control System (Honeywell UDC
Controller, Probe is SSI Gold Probe. Max. Temperature: 1850˚F Uniformity: +/25˚F from 1300˚F to 1750˚F. OEM Load Rating: 4,000 Pounds Gross Wt. (Discuss
with owner for history of loading). Heating: Electric Elements, 460V/3Ph/60Hz,
runs approx. 100 kW at 70% power setting. Breaker Size: 400 Amp for elements,
150 Amps for controls. Quench Heater and Quench Cooler Included. Air-cooled fan
bearings. Footprint: 13ft W x 19ft L x 15ft H. Pit Required: Currently in pit of 13ft
W x 13ft L x 22in D, but could be only 11-12ft L. Load Cart: Not included with
furnace. Currently in operation and can be demonstrated on your parts. Immediate
Availability. Asking Price: $50,000.00 USD ****New Price****
Item #B331 Selas Batch IQ Furnace. Model 50. Working dimensions of 24" X 36"
X 18" high. 500 pound capacity. Electrically heated. Endo atmosphere. Complete
and in good condition although some elements will need to be replaced. Installed
but not in use. Asking $19,500.00 USD. A dunk washer is also available.
Item #B309 Sunbeam AF-10 Batch IQ Furnaces (2 available). S/N F-06-70-K.
Working dimensions of 24" high X 30" wide X 48" deep. Gas fired, operating
temperature of 1850F. Standard Sunbeam straight through design with automatic
transfer mechanism (pusher type) in front. Heated by ten alloy vertical radiant tubes
with spark ignition. 1000 pound capacity, no pit required. Quench oil agitation and
cooling is achiever by recirculating the oil through a tube and shell type heat
exchanger then through manifolds in the quench tank. Electric immersion heaters.
ACM water detection system. Partlow controls for heating and cooling oil. GM
surplus. Free standing 3 section control panel with updated controls. Barber Colman
model 560 controller and strip chart recorder for temperature and carbon. L & N
overtemp, Barber Colman undertemp control. Barber Colman oxygen probe and
control. 10 sequence timers. Good condition. Asking $35,000.00 USD Each.
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CI Hayes High Temp Pusher
Ipsen Pusher Line
Mesh Belt Austemper Lines
(2 available)
Pacific Scientific Rotary
Retort Furnace
Rotary Hearth Furnace
Hearth Furnace
Sunbeam Pusher Carburizer
Sunbeam Rotary Hearth
Surface Combustion Rotary
Hearth Furnace Line
Wellman Mesh Belt
Brazing/Annealing Furnace
Item # C309 Ipsen Pusher Line. Model T-22 GM, S/N 54499, manufactured
1969. High heat furnace consists of a pre-heat, 2 separate zones and an internal oil
quench. Gas fired capable of 1750 F. Endo atmosphere. Straight through vertical
radiant tubes. Used for carburizing. High heat will hold three trays each 36 X 48 with
30" clearance. Each tray can handle at least 2,000 pounds. Also included is a
transfer car, 1250F gas fired temper and dunk/spray washer. Currently installed but
not in use. Alloy and brickwork are in good shape however all controls will need to
be replaced. Overall complete and in in reasonable condition. Asking $49,000
2150˚F Rotary Hearth
Furnace System
AFC-Holcroft Atmosphere
Pusher Furnace System
ABBOTT Model Furnace
Cast Link Belt Quench and
Temper Line
CI Hayes Continuous
Humpback Furnace
C.I. Hayes High
Temperature Tube Furnace
CI Hayes Mesh Belt
Brazing/Sintering Furnace
Item # C307 Pacific Scientific Rotary Retort Furnace. Electrically heated
Pacific Scientific rotary retort furnace line including loader, weigh scale, high heat
furnace, quench tank, post wash and mesh belt temper. Retort is 13 ½’ long with an
ID of 18”. Retort is 4 years old and has seen little use. Endo atmosphere and rated
for 1700F. Quench tank is currently being used for polymer. Post wash is not
complete. Mesh belt temper 36” wide also made by Pacific Scientific and is rated for
1,000F. 440 volt. Honeywell controls. Furnace is complete and in operation. Overall
in good condition. Please note that the spare retort in one of the pictures below is
NOT included. Asking $75,000.00.
Item # C304 Rotary Hearth Furnace (Atmosphere). Model #DT-53, Serial
number 840-932. Built by IVA in 1990 rebuilt in 2009. Working dimensions; 36”
Wide Rotating Table; Door Opening 20” Wide x 12” High. Electric 480/3/60 – 115
KW. Operating temperature of 1850 Degrees F. Recently Rebuilt Ceramic Fiber
Lined, Atmosphere Capable Rotary Hearth Furnace complete with Vertically Hung
Heating Elements Inside Single-Ended Alloy Radiant Tubes, Brick Hearth, (3) Zones
of Control, Motor Driven Rotating Hearth, (3) Step-Down Transformers, Atmosphere
Flow Panel (for Endo, Natural Gas, and Nitrogen), SSI Carbon Probe, (2) Vertical
Rising Pneumatic Access-Doors, and Atmosphere Burn-Off Flare. Free-Standing
Item # C308 AFC Mesh Belt Hardening Furnace. Manufactured by Atmosphere
Furnace Company this furnace has working dimensions of 6" high x 54" wide x 12'
long (heated section). Gas fired with radiant tubes. Operating temperature of 1800F.
S/N 6948. Temperature Controls: Free standing enclosed panel. Honeywell solid
state digital readout indicating controllers, L&N overtemps. L&N strip chart
temperature & carbon recorder. Marathon Monitors Carb-Pro carbon control.
Description & Features: Fiber lined. Heated by (9)North American 4724-2-E burners
firing into recuperated U-tubes. Two zones of control. Rear zone has a roof mounted
recirculating fan. Cold belt return. Furnace has a flame curtain and complete
combustion controls and safeties. Includes quench tank and conveyer. Asking
$75,000 USD.
Control Panel complete with Super Systems Series 7 Digital Temperature Controller
(1 Per Zone), Eurotherm High & Low Temperature Limits, Super Systems AC-20
Digital Carbon Controller, and Chessel 6” Strip Chart Recorder. Overall dimensions
of 11’ 10” diameter X 10’ high. Approximate weight 30,000 pounds. Excellent
condition. Asking $91,500.00 USD.
Item # C302 Mesh Belt Austemper Lines (2 available). Built by AFC-Holcroft
these are mesh belt, gas fired austemper lines. Parts to be processed are metered
on to the variable speed, 30” wide mesh belt, travel through an 8” long high heat
zone, drop into an electrically heated salt quench tank then are carried on a
conveyor out of the quench tank and into a washer. A circulating fan distributes heat
and atmosphere evenly though the heating area. Heat is supplied by two U shaped
radiant tubes that are recuperated. SSI controls monitor and control the atmosphere
gases. Furnaces were in operation until March 2015. One furnace is 1989 vintage
the other is a 2000 vintage. Both are complete, in very good condition and currently
in storage. Please contact us for pricing.
Item # C303 SECO/WARWICK Roller Hearth Furnace. This is a
SECO/WARWICK natural gas fired, roller hearth continuous atmosphere annealing
furnace with a controlled cooling section and exit purge vestibule manufactured in
2009. The furnace was designed for a net capacity of 367 pounds per hour of wound
transformer cores arranged on trays. The chamber length is based on processing
36” wide x 36” long trays with an average loading of 1100 pounds of cores/tray.
With an additional tray weight of 104 pounds for a gross load per tray of
approximately 1204 pounds. Nominal charge rate will be (1) one tray every 180
minutes. The heat/soak chamber is designed for a maximum operating temperature
of 870ºC (1600ºF), however normal operating temperature will be 825ºC (1520ºF).
The chamber will measure 5’-6” in length inside the insulation. The chamber will
have a nominal rating of 600,000 Btuh in a single zone of temperature control.
Following the heating and soak chamber there will be a controlled cool chamber with
a length sufficient to accommodate two loaded trays. The chamber will be kept at an
elevated temperature appropriate to achieve a cooling rate averaging 60ºC (114ºF)
per hour. Designed for a nitrogen-hydrogen protective gas atmosphere. The unit is
still fully operational but is currently mothballed. Asking $74,000 USD. Vendor will
dismantle and package for shipping.
Tempering/Anneal Furnace: 60"W mesh belt with support rollers. Furnace has a 35'L
heating section. Four (4) zones of control with four (4) roof mounted fans. Maximum
operating temperature is 1700°F. Total BTU's for the tempering/annealing furnace
3,790,000 BTU/HR. Please note that this furnace has two (2) different modes of
operation. Click on 'PDF" below for more information on the different modes of
The sequence of this furnace is as follows:
Load parts into pre-wash dump loader
Pre-Wash, 190°F, Gas Heat
Parts vibrate onto mesh (soft load) then onto cast link belt.
High heat cycle
Quench cycle, 200°F, Gas Heat, 8000 Gallon
Wash cycle, 190°F, Gas Heat
Temper cycle
Oil blackening cycle
- 5600 CFH Air Cooled Endothermic Gas Generator
- SBS Air to Oil Heat Exchanger which consists of three (3) 5 H.P. fans.- Manuals &
Very good condition, available immediately. Asking $650,000 USD.
Item # C301 Cast Link Belt Quench and Temper Line. Manufactured by Rogers
Engineering 4,000 pounds/hour cast link belt furnace line consisting of a 1750F high
heat furnace and 1700F temper furnace. Serial # CC-3977-0 (1997). High Heat
Furnace: 48"W Omega Cast Link Belt, 4" pitch, 3" sides. Furnace has a 30'L heating
section. Four (4) zones of control with three (3) roof mounted in the last three (3)
zones. Maximum operating temperature of the hardening furnace is 1750°F. Furnace
is radiant tube heated with recuperators. Furnace is currently set up for Endothermic
w/Enriching Natural Gas & Air. Total BTU's for hardeneing furnace is 3,180,000
BTU/HR. Controls; All mounted in a free standing panel includes Allen Bradley PLC
w/HMI Touchscreen, Honeywell UDC Digital Temperature Controls, SSi Carbon
Controls. Voltage 480/3/60/200kW.
Item # C296 C.I. Hayes High Temperature Tube Furnace. Model MY0002.528, 2-1/2" ID Tube x 28" Long Heating Chamber. Operating temperature of
1700ºC, 10.5 KW, Single Zone Control with overtemp protection. Overall dimensions
of 75" H x 32" W x 91"L. Hydrogen Atmosphere. Included is an automatic loader.
Asking Price $18,000.00 OBO
Item #C292 C.I. Hayes High Temperature Pusher Furnace. Model
MY040860-60PH. All steel shell construction with all brick insulation. Pre Heat:
60" heated section with NiChrome elements, 21 KW, Rated 1100°C, 3 zone
proportional control, Honeywell UDC-3000 instruments, Type K TC's. High Heat:
60" heated section with moly elements, 45KW, rated 1500°C, 3 zone proportional
control, Honeywell 3000 instruments, type S TC's. Overtemp Protection: One
Honeywell UDC-3000 instrument in Preheat, and one in high heat, including
contactors and tc's for each area. Cooling Sections: One 36" long insulated and two
36" water jacketed. Pusher Drive: Designed for 8" x 8" x 7/8" pusher plates, two
speed. Atmosphere: Piped for dissociated ammonia and nitrogen gas, with nitrogen
purge. Loading and unloading conveyor: Continuous belt conveyor system to load
trays in front of the pusher and remove trays from the exit end. All components
interconnected and mounted on a single steel skid. Overall Dimensions: 70" high x
86" wide x 395" long. Asking price $65,000.00 USD or OBO
Item # C299 Sunbeam Rotary Hearth Furnace. Working diameter of 6’, 8
station hearth, each station is 12” wide x 18” deep x 12 “ high. The door opening is
1’-6” wide X 10” high. Gas fired, 620,000 BTU’s, 3 radiant tubes and an operating
temperature of 1750F. Built in 1977 and used for neutral hardening. Also included
is a robotic arm for loading/unloading. The furnace is installed and in running
condition, brand new radiant tubes and a rebuilt fan. All manuals and drawings are
included. Good overall condition. Asking $40,000 USD.
Item #C285 AFC-Holcroft Atmosphere Pusher Furnace System. This system
was designed for hardening bearing races(up to 9” diameter). Built in 2000 is was
used for a little over 1 year before being shut down. This Furnace System is gas
fired, radiant tube, 4 zones, complete with alloy trays, atmosphere flowmeter panel,
oil quench press with air cooled oil and robotic handler, wash-off section, and belt
tempering furnace. The pusher is overall 15’ wide x 30’ long x 10’ high (ships in 3
sections). ID is 4’ wide x 50’ heated length (in “U” shape) x 10” high. Also included
is 3000cfh endothermic generator, a number of spare parts (including new radiant
tubes), robot handler, quench press and washer. Thi is a “single row” design but
the trays move inside the furnace in a “U” shape with an internal wall inside the
furnace (trays go up and back inside furnace and each length is 25’---- so there is
50’ total heated length). Each tray is 8.5” wide x 42.5” long x 2” thick---cast alloy.
Consider this in "mint"condition. Asking $395,000 USD which includes loading.
Item #C286 Wellman Mesh Belt Brazing/Annealing Furnace. Catalogue No:
40D411369AB61. Two zone heating (electric heating). High Heat 10' long, 1,120º
Celsius (2,050º F). 24'-0" open top water jacketed cooling. 12" clear height over the
belt. Overall dimensions: 69 ft x 5.7 ft x 7 ft. Silicon Carbide solid hearth with New
Stainless Steel mesh belt. Belt width 18", furnace hearth opening 20", furnace
hearth height 12". 3 phase 440 Volts; 150 KVA (for both zones). 6 GE transformers
(refurbished). 230 V – 10 A variable speed chain drive. The entrance vestibule has
been recently rebricked. Globars & silicon carbide hearth plates are excellent. Spare
globars are available. Good complete condition. Asking $29,000 USD.
Item # C283 Denton Thermal Systems (O'Brien & Gere) 2150˚F Rotary Hearth
Furnace System. Includes high temperature furnace, Nitrogen-Methanol Panel and
Quench Press. Working Zone: 6 ft Diameter Hearth, Door Opening is 14"W x 13"H
Overall Size: 9ft-8in Diameter x 10ft-10"Tall. Heating: Electric, 125 kW, 1 Zone,
Globar Heating Elements. Power Requirement: 200 Amps, 480V/3Ph/60Hz.
Temperature Rating: 2150˚F. Water Requirement: 3 GPM. Air Requirement: 100
PSI. Controls: GE90 PLC. Honeywell Temperature Controller and Overtemp (missing
but will be replaced). Marathon Monitors Carbon Control System. Includes Quench
Press that was handling up to 5" Diameter bearings. Prior user reference available
upon request. Asking price: $79,000.00 USD. Location: Northeastern USA
Item # C269 CI Hayes Mesh Belt Brazing/Sintering Furnace.Working
dimensions of 5" over belt, 12” wide X 120” of heated length. Electrically heated
230/3/60, operating temperature of 2100F. Model LAC. Temperature controls are
new state of the art, control panel with Honeywell sold state digital readout
controller and overtemp for each of three zones, includes volt and amp meters. Full
alloy muffle in hot zone. 20’ long sealed water jacketed cooling. Globar heating
elements over and under the belt. (3) zones of control. (4) argon flowmeters.
Dayton AC inverter provides adjustable belt speed. Updated SCR controls. Muffle
and belt are new. Very good condition. Asking $39,000 USD.
Item # C284 CI Hayes Continuous Humpback Furnace. Built by CI Hayes in
1970 this furnace was rebuilt and rewired in 1986. Belt is 12” wide, 6” height
clearance over belt and has a heated length of 72”. Electrically heated, operating
temperature of 2100F. Two water jacketed cooling chambers, Molecular Dryer, 2
Ammonia Dissociators, Muffle is Inconel 600 as is the spare mesh belt. Currently
installed and can be started for a demonstration. Good operating condition. Asking
$60,000 USD.
Item #C256 Surface Combustion Rotary Hearth Furnace Line. This system
was designed for heat treating and straightening crankshafts and consists of a
rotary hearth furnace, 2 Gleason straightening presses and a robot for
loading/unloading. The furnace is S/N CC11590-1 with an outside diameter of 17'
3", inside 15', inside height of 2' 11" with an overall height of 8" 6". Built August
1979. Gas fired with 8 trident tubes. Atmosphere is Endo/Natural gas. Nominal tray
size is 5" X 21", number of tray positions 60, tray loader/unloader length 10' 6".
Hearth has ceramic tray support and guide tiles and embedded in 12" thick
insulating firebrick. Sidewalls consist of 9" of insulating firebrick backed with 4 1/2"
of insulating block. Alloy and brickwork are both excellent. Gleason straightening
presses are Model 140 units, oil quench machines with 6' cabinet, indexing table,
S/N's 107902 and 118701 with chilling system consisting of C/C tank, 5' X 5' X 3', 3
7 hp pumps, controls and cooling tower. Also included is a ASEA Model S2 robotic
loading arm, with robot controls, joystick touch pad controls. S/N 4955-8127-001.
System is complete, installed but not in operation. Asking $150,000 USD for the
Item #C265 Sunbeam Pusher Carburizer. This is a very unusual style of furnace
and perfect for carburizing of large gears, bearings or races. Working dimensions of
50" X 50" X 34" high. Operating temperature of 1750F. 3,000 pound capacity. Gas
fired 12 Honeywell composite single ended recuperated tubes (recently replaced).
Surface Casemate controls. 1800 gallon quench tank. System does not need a pit.
Comes with a spray washer, temper and an oversized IHRE air cooled quench oil
cooler. System is installed but not currently in use. Very good condition. Asking
$40,000 USD
Item #C219 ABBOTT MODEL 6ZSCR-18-432HH6-VC-2150. 18" wide belt, 3"+
opening over the belt, 432" heating chamber (silicon carbide muffles), six zones, 36"
long vari-cool with 162" of additional cooling including two curtain boxes. 2150
deg.F. max temp., piped for dissociated ammonia atmosphere and nitrogen purge,
335 kw @ 480/3/60,Honeywell UMO 800 controller/programmer, OAD: 84" w x 90"
h x 720" l. Currently used for annealing knife blades but with a little effort a metallic
muffle in the front half of the heating chamber could be added for debinding and
sintering of PM parts. Asking price: $77,000 USD OBO.
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Aluminum Aging Oven
Aluminum Drop Bottom
Dual Oven System
AOV Small Aluminum Drop
Bottom Oven
Grieve Electric Oven
Grieve Electric Oven
Large Box Tempering
Ovens (4 available)
Lindberg Box Draw Furnace
Leads & Northrup Steam
Tempering Furnace
Lucifer Furnace
Pifco Temper Furnace
Recirculating Walk-In Oven
Rolock Box Temper Furnace
Tempering Ovens 36" X 48"
X 36" (2 available)
Item # T318 Large Box Tempering Ovens (4 available). Built by Eisenmann in
2002, Model # HN-FNC-002. Working dimensions of 108” Wide x 96” Deep x 64”
High. Natural gas fired, 3.2 million BTU’s per hour. Operating temperature of 1200F.
Description; Stainless Steel Lined Recirculating Box Tempering Oven complete with
Top-Mounted Alloy Recirculating Fan (20 HP – 13,000 CFM), Rear-Mounted Heater
Box with Eclipse Burner System, Alloy Skid Hearth, Forced Cool Down Fan System
(7,333 CFM), Vertical Rising Motor Driven Front Door, and Stationary Loading Table.
Instrumentation; Free Standing Control Panel with Eurotherm Digital Set Point
Programmable Temperature Controller, High Limit, Chessel Strip Chart Recorder,
and Honeywell Flame Safety System.
OVERALL DIMENSIONS: Oven: 13’ Wide x 20’ Long x 17’8” High (includes Door
Structure. (Shipping Dimensions: 12’6” Wide x 20’ Long x 10’8” High). Loader:
9’6” Wide x 12” Long x 4’ High. Approximate weight 20,000 pounds. Excellent
condition, operational. Asking $62,500 USD each.
Item # T316 Grieve Model# HX-1000 Electric Oven. Max. Temp: 1000ºF, +/10ºF Uniformity. Circulated Air: 1000 CFM, 3/4 H.P. Fan Motor. Insulation
Thickness: 8". Single door. Rated Work Zone: 38"W x 20"D x 26"H (Measures
36"W x 19"D x 25"H). Power Rating: 20 kW. New Upgraded Controls: Temperature
- SSI Series 7 7EK (Super Systems, Inc.) Hi-Limit - SSI 7SL. Outside Dimensions:
62"W x 40"D x 61-1/2"H (new dim.). Approx. Shipping Wt.: 2740 lb. Asking
price: $8,900
Item # T315 Grieve Model# HX-1250-E, Electric Oven, Max. Temp: 1250ºF,
+/- 10ºF Uniformity. Circulated Air: 1400 CFM, 1 H.P. Fan Motor. Insulation
Thickness: 10". Single door. Rated Work Zone: 38"W x 20"D x 26"H (Measures
36"W x 19"D x 25"H). Power Rating: 30 kW. New Upgraded Controls: Temperature
- SSI Series 7 7EK (Super Systems, Inc.) Hi-Limit - SSI 7SL. Outside Dimensions:
66"W x 44"D x 65-1/2"H (new dim.). Approx. Shipping Wt.: 3300 lb. Asking
price: $ 10,900
Item # T317 Aluminum Aging Oven, Manufactured by Oliver Machinery
Company, Model B-9650. Working dimensions of 50’ long X 9’ wide X 6’ high.
Natural gas heating, 2.5 BTUH with an operating temperature of 365F and a
maximum operating temperature of 500F. Temperature uniformity of +-15F.
Maximum oven load is 15,000 pounds. Doors at either end to allow for
loading/unloading. Currently installed and in very good condition. Asking $29,000
USD plus removal costs.
Item # T310 Leads & Northrup Steam Tempering Furnace, Cat # 9512-15,
Work Zone: 11.5” Dia. X 15” Deep, RA 330 S.S Retort, Nichrome Heating Elements,
Max Operating Temperature 1250 F, Complete With One Basket / RA 330 S.S. With
Three Trays, Chart Recorder Panel, 10 LBS./ HR Steam Required, 240 Volt, 1 H.P, 3
Phase Motor, 240 Volt, 15 KW, 1 Phase Heating Elements. $8,900 USD.
Item # T303 Pifco Temper Furnace. S/N 8177 built in 1988. Working
dimensions of 126" long x 60" wide x 40" high. Overall dimensions of 13’ x 11’ x 11’
high. Comes with load and unload discharge tables and combustion fan. Maximum
operating temperature 950 deg. F. Rated for 250 pound net weight x 37.4in long
tray loaded every 15 minutes. Furnace holds three (3) trays. Approximate nineteen
(19) minutes to operating temperature. Forty-five minutes in furnace @ 15 minute
load cycle. Heated by one gas burner approximate rating 600,000 BTU/hour. Utilities
required: 1000 BTU natural gas @ 5PSI, 480v 3Ph 60Hxz. Water 80 deg. F
Item # T312 Recirculating Walk-In Oven. Manufacturer: Despatch. Inside
Dimensions: 66”high x 54”wide x 68”deep. Heated: Gas fired. DG-300 Heater.
Temperature: 650 deg.F. Model Number: V-41. Serial Number: 96267. Temperature
Controls: Partlow indicating controller and overtemp. Description & Features: Double
swing open doors, horizontal air flow, insulated floor with tracks for a cart, powered
exhaust blower, top mounted combustion and fan chamber. Atmospheric type
burner system. Complete combustion controls and safeties. Oven will be cleaned
and painted, checked out and test fired prior to shipment. Asking Price:
maximum @ 20PSI. Compressed air 60PSIG minimum. Adequate drain for water.
Good condition. Asking $38,000 USD.
Item #T290 Tempering Ovens 36" X 48" X 36" (2 available). Working
dimensions of 36"W x 48"D x 36"H. Shells have just been completed and buyer has
the option of Gas-Fired or Electric, Hearth Height, Burner Locations (Left or Right)
and Panel Location. These can be completed, fully tested and ready to ship to your
facility in 8-9 weeks at a very attractive price. Please call for pricing.
Item #T288 AOV Small Aluminum Drop Bottom Oven: AOV Model: DBF-3X3E, Electric Heat, Work Zone undefined, but is probably 3ft Dia. x 3ft H based on
model number. Includes Quench tank. 1200˚F. Asking price: $ 18,000 USD.
Offers Considered. Location: Western U.S.
Item # T301 Lucifer Furnace, Model Number 46GT-R36, Serial Number 6418,
Working Dimensions of 24” w x 36” d x 24” h. Insulation and elements are in good
shape. Front lift door with a foot actuator. Controls: Honeywell round chart recorder,
Honeywell overtemp, No controller. Power: 460/3/60 28 Kw 35 Amps, Temperature:
Max 1650° F. Nitrogen Atmosphere. Price: $14,500.00 USD as is, where is.
Item #T287 Aluminum Drop Bottom Dual Oven System: Wisconsin Oven, Dual
Oven Aluminum Drop Bottom Solution Treating System, 2 Ovens, Quench Tank,
Rinse Tank, Platforms, Doors, Chiller, Power Supplies, Controls, Work Zone: 8ft W x
8ft D x 8ft H each oven, Temp. 800-1200˚F, 30 H.P. Recirculation Fan, Electric, 288
kW each, 346 Amps each.Price: $ 105,000 for all Offers Considered
Item # T282 Rolock Box Temper Furnace. Model 1515. S/N 8697.7.92. Working
dimensions of 36'W x 30"H x 60"L. Electrically heated 480/3/60/120 kW. Operating
temperature of 1400F. External Dimensions: 91"W x 96"L x 109"H without stand.
Controls: Controls are located in a separate NEMA 12 single door enclosure with
flange mounted disconnect handle. Honeywell UDC 3000 digital temperature
controller, a Honeywell UDC 2000 digital high limit and a Honeywell DR-4500 "Truline" round chart recorder are flush mounted in the door of the enclosure. Control
switches with indicating lights are also flush mounted in the door of the enclosure.
Non fused disconnect switch, Halmar SCR power controller, high limit contactor,
motor starter etc. are mounted inside the enclosure. Description: Air operated
vertical lift door with counterweight assist opens to allow full access to the interior.
Door is operated by push button controls in the control panel. Furnace is lined with
ceramic fiber and has a stainless steel air duct shroud to direct the air and protect
the heating elements which are located on both side walls. Belt driven circulating fan
is mounted through the top of the furnace. Heated air is circulated down both sides,
under the hearth rails and returns through the roof for good uniform heating. Three
hearth rails on the floor support the work load. Nitrogen atmosphere inlet tube is
mounted through the rear wall. Two finned heat exchanger pipes are mounted on
both sides with a blower to provide faster cooling. Good condition. Asking
$42.500.00 USD.
Item #T286 Lindberg Box Temper. Model 11-7212048-G14, S/N 24947. Working
dimensions of 72” wide X 120” long X 48” high. Gas fired with a maximum operating
temperature of 1200F. Vertical lift-air operated door, brick lined, 5 course refractory
hearth, alloy roof baffles, alloy side wall ducts, dual zone burners-roof mounted
combustion chambers with dual belt driven fans. Free standing prewired control
panel. Good condition. Asking $65,000 USD
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Surface Combustion 3600
CFH Endo Generator
Surface Combustion Endo
Surface Combustion
2400CFH Endo Generator
Surface Combustion 5600
CFH Generators (3
Surface "Multi-Bottle" Endo
Generator 6000 CFH
Surface "Multi-Bottle" Endo
Surface 2400 CFH Endo
Item # G193 Pacific Scientific Endothermic Gas Generator. Natural gas, Model
# PGF 3000-EN, Serial #416417, Max Temp 1950°F, Voltage 460/3/60, Work Area
3000 CFH, Dimensions: 42'W x 86"H x 106"L - Approx. Standard "Pacific Scientic"
design Endothermic Gas Generator with water cooled shell & tube heat exchanger,
Waukee vane pump, Waukee flow meters, atmospheric type ring burner. Generator
just removed from service on 4/2015. Controls:Mounted and wired in an enclosure
attached to the generator includes a Honeywell programmable logic controller (PLC)
which controls all functions of the generastor. The PLC also monitors/controls
temperature, dewpoint and flow. There is a Honeywell digital high limit mounted in
the same enclosure. This generator has a "Waukee" rotary vane pump and
"Waukee" ratio tronic digital flow controls. This generator is also equipped with a
"Nova" dewpoint system. Available immediadely and in very good condition FOB
East Chicago, IN. Please call for pricing.
3600 CFH Endothermic Gas
3600 CFH Endothermic Gas
Ammonia Dissociators (4
Can-Eng Endothermic
Exo Generators (2 available)
Gasbarre.Sinterite Endo
Lindberg Endo Generator
Lindberg Heavy-Duty Endo
Pacific Scientific
Endothermic Gas Generator
Item # G192 Lindberg Hevi-Duty Endo Generator. Lindberg endothermic
generator. 1500 CFH. Fair condition but complete. Asking $7,000 USD.
Item # G190 Surface Combustion “Multi-Bottle” Endo Generator. Built in
20015. 6,000 CFH, 2 retorts. Model # RX-2T-ABES, S/N CU-12592. Excellent
condition with new catalyst. Also included is a brand new spare mixing pump.
Asking $50,000 USD as is or $75,000 repainted with a new SSI atmosphere
control system and new retorts.
Item # G191 McLaughlin Services 3600 CFH Endothermic Generator. 3600 CFH
Endo generator manufactured by McLaughlin Services in 2014. Natural Gas: 4,000
CFH, 5 psi maximum, Electricity: 40 Amps, 480V/3Ph. Base unit includes framing for
central equipment for the following components, supporting up to (2) additional
expansion cells, 3,600 CFH each: control panel, mixer assembly, burn-out blower,
main NFPA gas train, fire check valve, Vent Burn-Off, and 3-way valve to direct gas
to the heat treat furnaces. Additionally, the shell is constructed to support a single
air cooler, sized for 3,600 CFH Endo gas. The shell design features a low headroom
requirement for retort removal and replacement. Inside shell plate is a 12” ceramic
fiber lining, providing an average outside skin temperature of 150°F. Generator is
equipped with (1) cast HU alloy retort. The retort incorporates a simple, easy to
remove end plates for fast catalyst replacement. Atmosphere Engineering
EndoInjector™ system. This mixer design features electronic flow measurement and
control. The EndoInjector has a large turn-down capacity for an economical ondemand production of gas and precision Dew Point control. The mixer is sized for
quick conversion for system expansion. A Maxon manual safety valve is used to
supply natural gas to the mixer. This arrangement helps ensure operator visual
check of equipment before starting the generator. SBS End-o-Cooler air cooled gas
cooler cools the gas exiting the generator. The air cooled design eliminates water
fouling of the tubes, leaks, and potential damage to the generator. The cooler
features a straight-thru design for easier carbon clean out. Asking $92,000 USD.
Item # G188 Surface Combustion 2400CFH Endo Generator. Size S-2N, S/N
413E. Maximum operating temperature of 1950F. Natural gas heated. 575 volts/3
phase. 1970’s vintage. SBS Endotherm cooler and SSI atmosphere controls. Catalyst
and retorts are in good condition. Overall in very good condition. Currently in
storage. Asking Price: $25,000 USD
Item # G187 Surface Combustion 3600 CFH Endo Generator. Size S-3.
Maximum operating temperature 1950F. Built October 1978. 575V/3phase/60 cycle.
Three tube unit with fairly new catalyst and retorts. SBS Endothern air cooler for gas
and SSI atmosphere controls. Currently in storage. Overall in good condition.
Asking $29,000.00 USD.
Item # G183 Can-Eng Endothermic Generator. Single retort 3600 CFH capacity.
Unit is complete and installed. SSI controls with AC-20 controller. Also includes air
cooling. Good condition. Asking $5,000 USD or best offer.
Item # G189 Surface Combustion 2400 CFH Endo Generator. Two retort
"multi-bottle" configuration allowing one retort to operate while the other is shut
down for maintenance. New in 1995. S/N AC-43349-1. 2400 CFH capacity.
Casemate controls, air cooling. Good condition. Currently installed and in operation
but will be available shortly. Asking $59,000 USD.
Item #G178 Ammonia Dissociators (4 available). Built by Sargeant & Wilbur,
4 electrically heated Ammonia Dissociators. Model GAD3000E. 3,000 CFH capacity.
Maximum temperature 1759F. Voltage 480/3/60/60 kW. External dimensions of 5'W
x 6'H x 8'L. Controls: Mounted and wired in a free standing panel includes the
- Yokogawa UT 350 digital control for dissociator undertemp.
- Yokogawa UT 350 digital control for dissociator overtemp.
- Yokogawa UT 350 digital control for dissociator temperature control.
- Two(2)Yokogawa UT 350 digital controls for vaporizer lower/upper zone.
- Yokogawa UT 350 digital control for vaporizer overtemp.
- All necessary signal lights, timers etc.
Mounted in the same control cabinet are three (3) SCR's. Two (2) "Halmar Robicon"
and one (1). "Ametek". One is for dissociator heating elements and the other two
are for vaporizer lower/upper zone heaters.
Description: Electrically heated Ammonia Dissociator suitable for supplying up to
3000 CFH of atmosphere with a composition of 75% Hydrogen and 25% Nitrogen.
This atmosphere is obtained by cracking anhydrous ammonia vapor in a catalyst
filled vessel maintained at a temperature of 1700°F to 1850°F. Incoming ammonia
pressure is reduced before retort entry. At the outlet of the retort the hot
dissociated ammonia passes through a dry cooler where the gas is cooled to near
room temperature. It then passes through a flowmeter and on to the consuming
device. This dissociator includes a Sargeant & Wilbur Ammonia vaporizer. This
dissociator is provided with two (2)catalyst filled heat resisting alloy retorts. The
retorts are mounted within the insulated dissociator heating chamber. The heating
chamber consists of heavy Mullite T-Slot tiles. Retorts are heated with Sinuouswound Nichrome Ribbon Heating elements which are mounted in the tile slots. The
element tails and studs extend through the rear wall of the dissociator. Elements
can be removed throught the rear wall without having to unpack furnace insulation
Item # G182 Manufactured by Surface Combustion this is a gas fired 3600 CFH
Endothermic Gas Generator. New catalyst recently and comes with 4 spare new
North American burners. Ser. No. C-3875-1. Max. Temp.: 2050˚F. 720 cu. ft/hr
fuel [email protected] 5 PSI Pressure. Super Systems Carbon Probe on carbon control system.
Operating condition. Asking $24,900.00 USD.
etc. A step-down transformer (480V to 240V 112.5 KVA) is included. Manuals and
drawings are also included. Very good condition. Asking $29,500.00 USD each.
Item # G176 Surface "Multi-Bottle" Endo Generators. Manufactured by
Surface Combustion. Natural gas heated 675 CFH/HR. Model # RX 35-75-3V.
Maximum temperature 1950F. 7500 CFH capacity. Controls are complete, water
cooled. SSi atmosphere controls and Atmosphere Engineering "EndoInjector". Very
good condition, ready to go. Asking $75,000 USD.
Item # G174 Exo Generators (2 available). Model 9328312-G2, manufactured
by General Electric. Gas fired, 1500 CFH capacity. Standard rich exo design. Units
have newer Waukee flow meters. Selas pump, burner and fire check valve. Updated
Honeywell digital controls for temperature, water and alarms. Good condition.
Asking $9,500 USD each.
Item #G173 Lindberg Endo Generator. 4500 CFH, gas fired. Retorts and
brickwork are in excellent condition however it requires temperature controls and an
Item # G177 Surface Combustion Endo Generator. Model TI-RX Gas Generator.
S/N J467E. 1200 CFH capacity. Manufactured in 1980. Reasonable condition.
Asking $4,900.00.
air cooler (vendor has partially completed changing from water cooling to
air).Asking $17,500.00 USD.
Item #G169 Gasbarre/Sinterite Furnace Division Endo Generator. 3000 CFH,
electrically heated 460/3/60/63 Amps/50kW. New in 2006. External dimensions of
106" wide x 75" deep x 116" high. Controls are enclosed in a panel attached to the
side of the generator. Honeywell UDC 3200 digital temperature controller and
Honeywell UDC 2500 digital high limit safety. Control switches with indicating lights
are flush mounted in the enclosure. Flange mounted fused disconnect switch for
control power. Separate non fused disconnect for the main power. Waukee flow
meters are manifold mounted for incoming and outgoing gases. Flow meters
include: Natural Gas 0-1000 CFH, Air 0- 2500 CFH, (3) Mixed Gas 0-1500 CFH and
Endo 0- 3500 CFH. Step down transformer for reduced voltage to the heating
elements. Electrically heated 3 retort generator. Refractory lined shell with vertically
mounted retorts. Total of twelve (12) silicon carbide heating elements, 6 on each
side are mounted through the chamber for good uniform heating of the alloy retorts.
The natural gas and air pass through a Waukee "mixor" valve then into the Waukee
gas pump. Mixed gas enters the 3 "mixed gas" flow meters, through the Selas fire
checks and enters the top of the retorts. The gas travels through the catalyst filled
heated retorts and exits at the bottom. The exiting Endothermic gas passes through
water cooled chambers then finned cooled air heat exchangers then through the
Item #G172 Surface Combustion 5600 CFH Generators (3 available). Model
T3N-RX. Gas fired, 5600 CFH capacity. Operating temperature of 1950F. Standard
Surface Endothermic Generator complete with 3 retorts, Spencer Blower, Waukee
flowmeters, Roots pumps and water cooling. Control panel with Barber Coleman 560
Digital Temperature Controller and L & N Strip Chart Recorder. Overall dimensions of
8' wide X 11' long X 11' 6" high. Approximate weight 12,000 pounds. Very good
condition. Asking $33,500.00 USD each.
Endothermic flow meter. A pressure regulator is supplied on the exiting gas piping.
Good condition. Asking $29,500.00 USD.
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AEG Elotherm Induction
Billet Heater
Ajax Tocco Power Supply
Ajax Tocco Power Supply
Induction Furnaces
Induction Power Supply
Induction Hardening/Press
Quench System
Induction Power Supply
Induction Press Quench
Lepel/Inductoheat Power
Raydyne Induction Heating
Item # I169 Induction Power Supply. Pillar Mark 11 100 kW, 10 kHz Induction
Power Supply. Manufacturer: Pillar. Input Voltage: 480/3/60/133 Amps/111
KVA/.95 P.F. Output:100 kW, 10 kHz. Output Voltage: 440V or 800V . Model:
AB7104-108/MK11. Serial Number: 6414 IAT. Includes a full set of spare boards.
Good condition and ready to go. Asking $19,500.00 USD.
Item # I168 AEG Elotherm Induction Billet Heater. Type BTH 2/6005 NC, S/N
4022226, Year of Construction 1999. 2400 KW Nominal Output. Complete and in
good condition. Used for inductive heating of ferromagnetic material to forging
temperatures of about 1250C. Able to handle billets 95-350mm long X 60-115mm.
Asking $59,000 USD.
Power Supply:
Ajax / Tocco Model # Pacer T ; 400 KW, 1000 HZ solid state power supply,
Manual control; Serial numbers: manufactured in 2012, 2 power lead taps
per power supply.
Water cooled power leads, 2 sets per power supply; 1 set at 25’ and 1 set at
35’per power supply.
Each power supply has its own cooler system for the power supply
Water flow requirements 456 GPM at 30 psi.
Coil Information:
Coils are 88 “ in height and 58 “ in ID, were used in a free standing
Silica Carbide Rings:
6 SiC Super Rings support each coil; each ring is 56 “ OD x 54 “ ID x 16 3/4 “
Rings were purchased from Allied Mineral Products , are defined as Micron
56”x52”x16” tall; rated to support 2700 0 C process temperature
Susceptor, Graphite Tile:
A multi-piece graphite tile susceptor supports each coil. Installed working
zone of furnace is 40 “ I.D. x 80 “ tall.
Water Recovery System:
Item # I167 FMI currently has 8 each complete Induction Furnaces with 4 power
supplies each supporting two furnace coils. Each power supply has two sets of
power leads to connect to the coils. Coils are free standing units that have never
been grouted, they are used with silica carbide rings, 6 rings support each coil. A
graphite tile susceptor is used within the silica carbide rings, insulated with carbon
black insulation. A technical description of the furnace systems follows.
Baltimore Air Cooling water recovery cooling system, model no. 3527C, serial
number U123074701-01, belt # BR-B128 (Larger System)
Baltimore Air Cooling water recovery cooling system, model no. 15219, serial
number U1147792901-01-01, belt # 3R-B120 (Smaller System)
Item # I164 Ajax Tocco Induction Power Supply. Model #OL-426-150-3/1000M. Manufactured 12/06. Serial Number: 46-1128-11. Wiring Diag.: WD-287513.
CKT.BKR.AMPS. : 400.
Input Ratings:
Volts Min./Max. : 432/528
Amps.Max. : 291
Freq.Hz. : 60Hz
Output Ratings:
Volts : 512
Amps. : 389
Freq.Hz. : 3/10 KHz
P.F. : 82
KVA : 220
Phase : 3
KW : 150
Phase : 1
This unit was sold new to Caterpillar in 2006 and never installed and never used.
Excellent condition. Asking $33,000 USD.
Item # I165 This is a Lepel/ Inductoheat SP5-40 kW, 10 kHz SCR type induction
heating power supply with a separate Heat Station (I believe this could be operated
at 3 kHz but the heat station is currently arranged for 10 kHz). The Heat Station
appears to be arranged for use with multi-turn induction coils. These are in very
good condition and are available for $13,500 or “Best Offer”. There is no
warranty but it is sold with the assurance it is in good working order. Start up and
training service is available at extra cost by an experienced induction heating service
engineer. We can also offer circuit board repairs and replacement for
Lepel/Inductoheat Power Supplies. A number of other Lepel/Inductoheat SP-11 units
are available in the range of 30 to 60 kW, 200 kHz. Note: We are neither affiliated
nor authorized by the equipment manufacturer.
Conversion available to make this unit a Heat and Quench station with variable high
frequency independant of the Die Quench.
* Output Supply
* Frequency
* Max Diameter
500 mm
* EFD Power Supply
* Power Requirements
3 x 480v - 60Hz - 570KVA
* Dimensions (L x W x H) 1790mm x 1200mm x 1730mm
* Weight
15500 kg
*Customer paid over $1,500,000.00 in 2003
Item #I160 Ajax Tocco Power Supply (unused). Ajax Tocco Inductron PT
power supply, capacity: 450kW. Frequency: 3-10 kHZ. Output Voltage: 400 *. Year
of manufacture: 2006. This unit was never installed and is unused. *Price quoted
from Ajax Tocco to convert output voltage from 400 to 800 including parts and labor
Item #I162 Induction Press Quench System. EDMS Industrial Induction
Heating and Die Quench, New in 2003, 400kW Output Supply, 3kHz Frequency. This
machine is currently being used to reheat and die quench spiral bevel ring gears up
to 500mm in diameter. Installed to replace the rotary furnace and isolated die
quench processes. This machine is designed with an automatic conveyor and loading
system to continuously heat, die quench, and temper 500mm rings. This unit has an
EFD 400kW output supply with a 1.7-3.0 kHz frequency designed for deep and fast
heat penetration which allows rings to be heated and die quenched in just minutes.
This system has an added setup to convey quenched parts to and through a
continuous Apar IPSEN tempering and preheat electric furnace with a 36" x 48"
opening with a 3,000 lb load capacity. This unit also comes complete with its own
outside cooling system and monitoring to ensure flow, min/max pressure, and
min/max temperature. This fully integrated system allows the flexibility to handle
parts from 125mm to 500mm diameter. The transfer time is presently 5-6 seconds
from induction to quench. The pick and place system can be upgraded by purchasing
and utilizing a robot to allow for faster transfer time, for thin wall parts. Thus
allowing the induction and quenching of bearings, cones, and cups, as well as, outer
rings and end rings.
df New this unit was $86,000 USD, asking $49,000.00 USD.
Item #I154 Induction Hardening/Press Quench System. Manufactured by
Robotron (now part of EFD Induction) this system was designed to heat treat
synchronizer sleeves. Parts are heated with Induction and with a pick and place
unit placed in a die, where they are quenched in a die and quenched. Parts maintain
perfect shape. 100 Kw 10KHz Robotron power supply. System is complete and in
good operating condition. Best offer.
Item #I153 Raydyne Induction Heating System. Input Voltage: 480V/3
Phase/60 Cycles/110 Amps, Output Voltage: 40 kW, 450 kHz, Year Built: 1985,
Model of Power Supply: EI-40, Serial Number of Power Supply: 41408901-B. Please
note the RF Tube is missing. Includes a dual heat station with quench. Model of
Heating/Quench Station: 10228201, Serial Number of Heating/Quench Station:
10228201B. This system is Government Surplus and appears to be fairly clean
Item #I158 Induction Power Supply. Manufacturer Inductoheat /Elphiac.
Model Number: DC18T+HF08. S/N 2177DC. 335 kW, 200 kHz, 750V Output.
Input Voltage: 460/3/60/448 KVA/562 Amps. Output Voltage: 335 kW/750V/200
kHz. Very good condition. Asking $39,500.00 USD.
inside power supply cabinet. The power supply has a "Control Concepts" SCR power
controller. Asking $7,500.00 USD.
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AFC Charge Car
Berg Water Chiller
Cryogenic Unit (3)
Cryogenic Unit
Dual Lane Conveyor
Electric 4 Stage Conveyor
Endothermic Generator
Holcroft Dunk/Spray
Hunterdon VRT
Ipsen Automatic
Dunk/Spray Washer
Lab Equipment
Liquid Nitrogen Tanks (two
NU-BIT Cryomersion 1500
Pit Furnace Fixturing
SBS Quench Air
SBS Quench Airs
SBS Unit
Shot Peen System
Spectra-Tech 0044-003
Infrared Microscope
Surface Combustion Parts
Wheelabrator Rubber Belt
Item # M367 Electric 4 Stage Conveyor Washer. This washer has four (4)
stages which consists of 4' wash, 3' rinse, 2' rinse, 5' dry off. All stages are
electrically heated. Each tank has a 300 gallon capacity. Washer is constructed of
stainless steel and has spray nozzles located on top, both sides and bottom.
Stainless steel mesh type conveyor belt is rod reinforced and has 1-1/2"H guard
edges to keep parts from falling off the belt. A 10'L discharge conveyor with variable
speed is included with this washer. Manuals and drawings are included. Model
#PDW-49, Serial #2419, Voltage 460/3/60/145 FLA, Work area 21 -1/2"w x 15"h,
Dimensions 65"w x 96"h x 21'l. Controls: Mounted and wired in an enclosure
attached to the washer includes automatic digital heat timer, master power light,
low level light, heaters on light, pump selector switch for agitate/auto spray, master
power on button, selector switch for skimmer on/off, selector switch for heat mode
"auto/manual", start push button for pump, master power off button, stop push
button for pumps, "E-Stop Button. Dial to control conveyor speed. Available
immediately and in very good condition FOB River Rouge, MI. Please call for
Item # M365 Manufacturer: Grapar. Type: Dual Lane Conveyor Washer.
Heated: Natural Gas. Dual Lane Washer Serial Number: 08-010 (2008). Max
Temperature: N/A. Voltage: 480/3/60. Work Area: 11"W x 7"H. Each Lane External
Dimensions: 8'W x 10'6H x 30'L - approx. Controls: Mounted and wired in an
enclosure attached to the washer. Includes an Allen Bradley MicroLogix 1200 PLC
and an Allen Bradley "Powerflex 4" VFD to control conveyor belt speed. Description:
This washer has three (3) stages, wash/rinse/blow-off. This washer is gas fired
using Eclipse burner and gas train with a Honeywell UDC digital temperature control.
Spray nozzles are located on top, both sides and bottom. Condition: Very Good.
Please call for pricing.
Item # M364 Hunterdon VRT - This Variable Reactance transformer consists of a
set of (3) individual transformers that were connected to power a Surface
Combustion Super Allcase furnace to produce a 120 KVA output to heat the
elements in the furnace. The units are water cooled with a primary input of 480
Volt, three phase,. The power is regulated with a Halmar DPA – 1 30 amp that is
SCR controlled and uses a 0-10 volt input that is provided a separate controller, for
example, a Honeywell 2000. Gross weight 3-4000 lb. Asking $2,500.00 USD.
Item # M366 Wheelabrator Rubber Belt Tumblast. Model # TBR-12, Serial #
A142403, Voltage 480/3/60, 12 cubic feet, Controls - complete. Available
Immderiately, very good condition. Please call for pricing.
Item # M363 SBS Unit. Specs: S/N: 4926. Year: 2007. Three (3) Fans with side
mounted disconnects. Overall Size: 6'w x 6'h x 21'l. W-RES, MAWP 75 psi @ 450°F,
MBMT -20°F, 75 psi. Price: $17,500.00.
Item # M360 SBS Quench Airs (2 available). Model 3085-4, Serial numbers
2450 and 2451, 575 volt. Both in very good condition. Best offer.
Item # M359 Spectra-Tech 0044-003 Infrared Microscope, Model WHK 10X
201, Reflected & Transmitted light, multiple objectives, Polaroid 4x5 attachment.
$6,500.00 USD.
Item # M357 Shot Peen System. USF Surface Preperation single station, 10 gun
(up to 10 nozzle) suction blast/ shot peen cabinet. This unit is in fantastic working
condition as we have used it on many applications to blast parts that required
special attention and to avoid the parts from "banging" together as they would in a
tumble blast or vibratory machine. The unit 480 VAC 3 phase with a control voltage
Item # M362 Liquid Nitrogen Tanks (two available). Excellent condition
asking $1,000.00 USD each.
Item # M351 Surface Combustion Parts Washer. Suitable for use with a "Super
36" batch IQ furnace. Spray only. Electrically heated. Installed, in use and in good
condition. Asking $15,000 USD.
Item # M349 Lab Equipment. We have a complete metallurgical lab available for
sale either as a package or as individual items. All items were purchased new in
2011 and have had little use since then-consider all these items in excellent
condition. Included are the following;
Olympus Stereoscope Model SZX7 .8-5.6. Asking $2,600.00 USD.
Leco GDS 500A Glow Discharge Spectrometer. The GDS500A CCD-based Glow
Discharge Atomic Emission Spectrometer offers you state-of-the-art technology
designed specifically for routine elemental determination in most ferrous materials.
By using the glow discharge method, sample material is uniformly sputtered from
the surface. The non-thermal nature of the sampling process makes this an
excellent technique for difficult applications. It features improved performance,
stability, accuracy, and precision, with rugged construction designed to handle the
rigors of a production environment. Asking $29,000 USD.
Leco BG-32 Belt Grinder. Available in both single- and dual-belt models, the BG
Series grinder/polisher has been designed for durability, safety, and convenience in
sample preparation for metallographic and spectrographic applications. Combining
the grinder with the dust collector or recirculating system makes it capable of either
wet or dry grinding. Asking $3,800.00 USD.
of 110 VAC. The rotary platform and vertical is a 24VDC variable speed drive motor.
The controller is an Allen Bradley for timed processes and vertical feed changes. A
dust collector unit is included. All guns (nozzles) are on individual arms that can be
articulated in many different positions for whatever application you may be doing.
Machine takes up a footprint of 8 foot by 6 foot and is 12 foot tall. Cabinets internal
blast are dimensions are 28'' wide by 42'' tall by 36'' deep. All door safety switches
and air solenoid equipment are in proper working order. Control cabinet is in safe
working order as well. It was once FAA approved to run jet turbines. Shipping
weight is approx. 1500-2500 lbs. Good condition. Asking $42,000 USD.
Supreme Air LV Fume Hood. Please ask for more details. Asking $4,700.00
MESA electronics MGAS analyzer system. This system is designed to monitor 6
different values, CO, CO2, CH4, Hydrogen, Temperature and Carbon Potential.
Standardized analogous outputs or optional a serial interface are possible. The
equipment is adjustable by a high-quality foil keyboard with self explainable text
menu in german and english language. Automatic calibration for zero-point and span
for all gas components together is possible. The advanced gasmitter represents the
latest technological achievement in non-dispersive infrared gas transducers with
high accuracy, good long-thermstability and excellent repeatability. Asking
$10,500 USD.
MESA Electronics Foil Tester. With the Foil tester FPG 1.0 it is possible to
determine and indicate directly the C-level in furnace atmospheres by foil tests.
Additional calculations from the difference in weight of the foil are not necessary ! In
the display of the terminal, each step is indicated in clear text, so that the
instrument can be operated without error. Up to 5 foils can be handled
simultaneously or 9 (option). Asking $3,100.00 USD.
Item # M348 Ipsen Automatic Dunk/Spray Washer. Model #WRD-11, Serial
Number 57690. Working dimensions of 36" wide X 48" deep X 24"+ high, 2200
pound capacity. Electrically heated, 72KW. Companion washer-In/Out or straight
through design. Door each end, Cal Rod element bundle. 12" wide belt oil skimmer,
air operated-full width elevator rack for submerged oscillation, overhead spray rinse.
Overall dimensions of 7' 5" wide X 5' 4" long X 11' 8" high. Rebuilt, excellent
condition asking $35,000 USD.
Item # M346 SBS “QuenchAir”. SBS Corporation air/oil quench oil cooler. Single
fan unit model 5084-Q4. Serial number: 2365, 230/460 voltage, overall size:
Herzog HS 200 Cup Grinder. HS 200 is a manually operated swing grinding
machine for grinding of pig iron and steel samples. The HS 200 offers compact
design, easy handling in combination with various mounting possibilities due to table
execution. The HS combines sensitive grinding by easy running swinging arm and
ample application by manually or power operated clamping devices. The HS enables
reproducible surface grinding by strong column and swinging arm mounted in taper
roller bearings. The design of the HS 200 is focused on low noise and dust
generation levels with a minimum of maintenance required. It is suitable for wet and
74"wide X 104"long X 55"high. Comes with disconnects. Very good condition.
Asking $5,500.00 USD.
Item # M341 AFC Charge Car. Drawing # MT-237014. Voltage 480/3/60. Suited
for a 36” wide X 48” tray. External dimensions of 100” wide X 84” deep X 84” high.
Side mounted control panel with Allen Bradley SLC 500 PLC Logic Control. Double
ended chain driven powered charge car with roller rail top. Excellent condition.
Asking $28,500.00 USD.
Item # M337 Endothermic Generator Retorts. RA-330 RX endothermic tubes,
four pieces, unused and in nearly new condition. Not sure what equipment these
came from, possibly an older Surface unit. Tubes measure 100" long, 11" OD, 10"
ID. Flanges on ends measure 14" x 15-1/2". Weight of each piece is approximately
480lb. Asking $2,350 USD each.
Item # M342 Pit Furnace Fixturing. Pit basket fixture. RA330 material. Fixture is
74” tall when put together. Baskets are 63” tall, each one is 20”deep. They have 2”
grid bottoms with mesh liners. These are of a hair pin design so that they can be
picked up when nested together. They can also be used individually. They are 54” in
diameter and have never been used. Asking $21,000.00 US dollars.
Item # M334 Berg Water Chiller. This is a BERG Air Cooled portable Chiller,
Model PA-1.5-1P capable of supplying 1.5 tons of cooling capacity at 15 degrees F
leaving and 95 degrees F ambient temperature. Used for only 3 days (low hours),
and is in nearly new condition. Electrics are 460/3/60 and it comes with a 575-460
transformer. Asking $7,500.00.
Item #M314 Holcroft Dunk/Spray Washer. Model GPWS 24-36-24. Electrically
heated, 480/3/60/50 amps. Working dimensions of 24" wide X 24" high X 36" deep.
External dimensions of 96"W X 143" high X 124" long (91" without skimmer
attached). This is a standard dunk/spray washer with 4 Warren Electric immersion
heaters. Spray nozzles are arranged over and all sides of the wash area. Load height
is 51" from floor to top of rollers. Wheel centres are 14-1/2". Controls are mounted
and wired on the right hand side of the washer and includes all necessary
pushbuttons and signal lights. There is a dunk cycle timer and spray cycle timer. A
Honeywell UDC 2000 digital temperature controller controls wash temperature.
Good condition. Asking $18,500.00 USD.
Item # M336 Cryogenic Unit. NU-BIT Cryomersion Model 1500, S/N 9911119.
This is a liquid nitrogen cryogenic unit used for treating material to -310 degrees
Fahrenheit. Working dimensions of 40” X 30” high X 30” wide. Maximum load 1500
pounds, normal load 800 pounds. 230 volts AC-20 amps., 3 phase, 60 HZ. Overall
dimensions 14’ long X 11’ wide X 13’ high. Manufactured in 1999. Good operating
condition with all manuals and drawings included. Asking $10,000 USD.
Item #M285 Cryogenic Units (3 Available). Manufactured by MEI, Model #98128. Capable of -310F to + 500F. 128 cubic foot capacity. Internal dimensions of
96" long X 48" deep X 48" high. Load capacity 10,000 pounds. Interior 10 gauge SS.
Exterior 16 gauge SS (painted. Front Loading. Watlow-F4 Series controller. 2
circulating fans and motors. Convection heating. Controls 120V, fan & heater 208 V.
Pneumatic 100PSI. Control Panel side mounted. Front loading with two doors, swing
from front. Temperature range -310F to +500F (+-3F). Exteriors dimensions of 119"
long X 90" high (plus 24" for motors), depth 79" (plus 6 1/2" for electrical boxes.
700,000 BTU gas heating has been added to each unit. Massive industrial heavy
grade units. Completely rewired and painted. Like new condition but approximately
half the price of new. Asking $97,000 USD Each.
Item #M286 Cryogenic Unit. 2 chamber, each chamber 43" wide X 48" high, X
48" deep. Manufactured by MEI, Model #98-128. Capable of -310F to + 500F. 128
cubic foot capacity. Load capacity 10,000 pounds. Interior 10 gauge SS. Exterior 16
gauge SS (painted. Front Loading. Watlow-F4 Series controller. 2 circulating fans
and motors. Convection heating. Controls 120V, fan & heater 208 V. Pneumatic
100PSI. Control Panel side mounted. Front loading with two doors, swing from front.
Temperature range -310F to +500F (+-3F). Exteriors dimensions of 119" long X 90"
high (plus 24" for motors), depth 79" (plus 6 1/2" for electrical boxes. 700,000 BTU
gas heating has been added to unit. Massive industrial heavy grade
units. Completely rewired and painted. Like new condition but approximately half
the price of new. Asking $97,000 USD.
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Ipsen Vacuum Temper
MD Blower
Kinney 75 CFM Vacuum
Roots Gas Blower
Semi-Continuous Titanium
Diffusion Bonding Hot Press
Stokes 149H-11 80 CFM
Vacuum Pump
Sintering/De-Wax Furnace
Small Top Load Vacuum
Surface Combustion
Vacuum Furnace
GCA-Vacuum Furnace
Vac Aero 2 Bar Vacuum
Varian HS-20 Diffusion
Pumps (4 available
Item # VF293 Abar Vacuum Furnace. Model HR50X48, S/N BM-817. Working
dimensions of 36” Wide x 48” Deep x 30” High Electric – 460/3/60 – 395 (Hot Load
Amps). Maximum operating temperature 2400° F. Horizontal Loading Moly Lined
Vacuum Furnace complete with Stokes 212 H Vacuum Pump (10 HP), United
Vacuum Booster Pump (7 1/2 HP), Varian Diffusion Pump (20” Diam), 315 KVA
Power Control Transformer, 50 HP Cooling Blower, “Big Joe” Type Loader, Single
Swing-Out Front Door and Spare Parts Include New 20” Diffusion Pump. NOTE: New
Hot Zone and New Super Systems Control System installed in 2008. Furnace last
run in October 2014. Free-Standing Control Panel complete with Super Systems
Digital Set Point Programmer, SSI High Limit, and Televac Vacuum Gauges. Very
good condition. Overall dimensions: 14’ Wide x 9’ Deep x 10’ High (Shipping
Dimensions). Approximate weight 20,000 pounds. Asking $155,000 USD.
20" Right Angle Poppet
Abar-Ipsen HR-20x24-1166
Abar Vacuum Furnace
AVS Vacuum
C.I. Hayes Vacuum Temper
C.I. Hayes 6-Bar SemiContinuous Vacuum
Diffusion Pump "35"
Diffusion Pump "35"
Edwards Stokes 1722 Skid
Edwards Stokes 1722 Skid
GH Vacuum Induction
Ipsen Vacuum Aluminum
Brazing Furnace
Item #
x 10"H.
VF291 Small Top Load Vacuum Furnace. Brew Top Load Vacuum
Condition: Rebuilt by Pathways Thermal Technology. Work Zone: 10" Dia.
Max. Temp.: 2000F. Hot Zone: All Molybdenum. Vacuum: Diffusion
Power: 480V/3Ph/60Hz, 75 Amps. Price: $10,000
Item # VF289 Ipsen Vacuum Temper Furnace. Built in 1981. Working
dimensions of 280 mm high X 420 mm wide X 590 mm deep (11" X 16.5" X 23.2").
Maximum load 100kg (220 pounds). Minimum operating temperature 150C,
maximum operating temperature 700C. Input power 94 KVA, heating 71Kw, 575
volts, 60Hz. Type K T/C's, Honeywell controls. Vacuum contact point 1.0 X 10-1
mbar, operating pressure 1000 mbar. Maximum vacuum level 5.0 X 10-2 mbar.
Item # VF292 CI Hayes Vacuum Temper. Type VMHT, S/N 17097. Operating
temperature of 1450F. Working dimensions of 24" X 36" X 24". Kinney High Vacuum
Pump Model KMBD 400C, S/N 69847. 10 hp fan motor. 75 KVA power supply. Chart
recorder missing. Brand new never used SS hot zone with new elements and fan.
Included is a Dry Coolers water cooling system Model# CDX-200-200-200-380E,
S/N J-2034, 460 V, 3 phase, 60Hz. Asking $39,000 USD.
Circulated nitrogen atmosphere gas. Elements Cr-Ni Steel. Stokes model 149H
vacuum pump. SS hot zone. Class 3 furnace with a temperature uniformity of +- 8C.
Used in an aerospace heat treat until it was shut down 2 months ago. Currently
being dismantled. Complete although missing the temperature recorder. Included
are a manual loader and 3 baskets. Excellent condition.
Item # VF286 Varian HS-20 Diffusion Pumps (4 available). Varian HS-20
Diffusion Pumps. Removed from service in good operational condition by a company
converting to cryo pumps. Offered in As-Is, Standard Rebuilt or Fully Rebuilt
conditions: As-Is Price: asking $ 4,750.00 (working, but no warranty, 30 Day
Return). Standard Rebuild Price: $ 7,500.00 (1 year warranty, re-use working
heating elements). Full Rebuild Price: $9,450.00 (1 year warranty, new heating
elements). Photos show another representative finished, rebuilt HS-20.
Item # VF285 20" Right Angle Poppet Valves (4 available). 20" Right Angle
Poppet Valves to mate to Varian HS-20 Diffusion Pumps. Removed from service in
good operational condition by a company converting to cryo pumps. Offered in As-
Item # VF287 Abar-Ipsen HR-20x24-1166 vacuum furnace. Mfg date 1986.
24"L x 18"W x 12"H work load size. Varian diffusion pump, Stokes Microvac 149-11
pump, Honeywell UMC800 controls, Moly hot zone, new elements. Captive cooling
system. Furnace is currently installed and is in good condition. Asking $49,000 or
best offer.
Is or Standard Rebuilt As-Is Price: $ 1,800.00 (working, but no warranty, 30 Day
Return). Std. Rebuilt Price:
$ 3,150.00 (1 year warranty). Valves are
awaiting rebuild now. (2-3 weeks required ARO). Photo shows another
representative RAV prior to rebuild.
Item # VF282 AVS Vacuum Debinding/Sintering Furnace. This is a horizontal
graphite vacuum debinding sintering furnace for steel MIM parts completely rebuilt
from top to bottom by AVS in 2010. Working volume – approximately 18 cubic feet,
28” wide x 26” high x 42” long graphite retort, 1500# capacity. Temperature rated for continuous operation at 1400°C ±10°C in vacuum, 1450°C burn-out. 50µ
ultimate vacuum; leak rate <10µ / hour, CEDORT (Clean, Empty, Dry, Outgassed,
Room Temperature). De-bind system - nitrogen or argon sweep gas, 0 - 100 torr
differential pressure controlled by PLC and automatic I-to-P modulating vacuum
valve, binder trap, condenser assembly; options available for hydrogen gas and
burn-off. De-bind lines heated to keep vapor from condensing in vacuum lines. Fast
cooling with circulation fan and automatic gas re-circulation ports. Control system AVS ACE™ control/data acquisition system. Estimated cold-to-cold cycle time of 16
to 20 hours with AVS “Fast Cool” option. Horizontal jacketed chamber - 60" dia. x
80" long, nominal dimensions, flanged, on legs. SA-516-70 mild steel construction
on water jackets and door + body flanges. Stainless Steel inner jacket & dished
head plus all power ports Front-loading chamber with 2 doors - both doors on
adjustable hinges, with buna o-rings, manual clamps, for operation from 50 millitorr
vacuum to 3 psig positive pressure; rear door opens for service. Ports - rough line
on side of chamber, delube line from bottom, fan housing flange on rear door
Additional PORTS added to the system to accommodate future system modifications
for processing ‘sinter-hard’ P/M materials – a total of up to 7 additional ports
ranging from 18” in diameter down to 1” in diameter will be added. Further details
available upon request. Currently installed and in excellent condition. Asking
$209,000 USD.
Item # VF 280 Vac Aero 2 Bar Vacuum Furnace. 1998 Vac Aero Model VAH
1220 HV-2, 2400ºF Max. Temp., 2-Bar Gas Quench, Work Zone: 8"W x 9"H x
20"D. Hydrogen or inert gas partial pressure capability. Has had only very light
use. Set up for hydrogen (partial Pressure only) , argon or nitrogen gases. Vacuum
System: Edwards E2M80 Roughing Mechanical Pump, Varian VHS6 6" Diffusion
Pump, and Varian DS102 Holding Pump. Gas Cooling: Vac Aero 10HP Turbine, 600
CFM, 2-Bar maximum quench pressure. Max. Burn-out Temperature is 2450ºF.
Uniformity per AMS 2750C. Max. Load: 60 lb. @ 2400ºF. Power Input for Heating:
35 KVA Hunterdon V.R.T. Hot Zone Insulation: Graphite Felt with Graphite Foil
Face. Heating Elements: Molybdenum. Controls: Honeywell DCP-551, UDC 3300
Overtemp (Type S/C). Edwards Model AGC Vacuum Gauges (T/C and Cold
Honeywell DPR-250 Chart Recorder. Footprints:
Furnace Control
Cabinet 30"W x 30"D x 84"H. Vacuum System: 75"W x 126"L x 95"HTransformers
(2 Ea.): 25"W x 25"D x 25"H. Controls and Vacuum Equipment skid mounted.
Transformers currently on wall above furnace. Excellent condition. Asking $89,500
Item #VF275 Ipsen Vacuum Aluminum Brazing Furnace, Model: VC36X48X36(14)RS, Ser. No.: 59213. New Approx. 1984. Work Zone: 36"W x 48"D x
36"H. Electric Heat, 225 kW, Power: 460V/3Ph/60Hz Zones of Control: 10. Hot
Zone: Alloy Lined Interior and Alloy Hearth and Elements. Vacuum System:
Mechanical Pumps: Stokes 412 Mechanical with Stokes 615 Blower, Diffusion
Pump: Varian "30 inch" (probably 32"). Holding Pump: Welch Power Supply:
Item # VF281 Surface Combustion Vacuum Furnace. Model: IHVP-364830-2,
S/N: VC-42202-1. Work Zone Size: 42"W x 60"L x 30"H. Hot Zone: All graphite,
including hearth and elements. Vacuum System: Requires Stokes 1722 Skid (412H
mechanical pump and Stokes 615-1 vacuum blower. Both are missing), 16" Port for
diffusion pump, but no pump. Power Supply: 250 kW
460V/3Ph/60Hz. Max.
Temp.: 2400F. Max. Load: 3000 lb at 1900F. Cooling Gases: Nitrogen, Argon,
Helium. Gas Quench Capability: +12 PSI positive pressure. Cooling Fan: Top
mounted. Controls: Honeywell DCP-7700 Temp. Controller. Eclipse EMC-560 HiLimit. Honeywell Strip Chart Recorder. Philips Model 316 Vacuum Controller. Control
Thermocouple: Ni/Ni-Mo. Fair condition. Location: Southern California. Asking
$29,000 USD.
Water-cooled VRT Transformers. Water Cooling System: Included - with cooling
tower and expansion/storage tank. Spare Parts: 2 crates of new, spare heating
elements. (probably Ni-Chrome). Controls: Panel with programmable Honeywell
and LFE digital controllers. Includes: Disconnecting and Loading are included in this
price. Condition: Excellent. This furnace was only used to run test samples over its
use "career" and is in excellent shape. Demonstration: In service and operational at
this time. Asking Price: $215,000 USD
Item #VF267 SEMI-CONTINUOUS Titanium Diffusion Bonding Hot Press.
System consists of; Load Chamber. Rated for 2720 kg load Moly Pin walking
system rated for 2720 kg load 44” w x 54” d x 6.5” high product size in semi
continuous mode Stokes 612/300 pump/blower Mounted on roll out frame for easy
Preheat Chamber. 35” diffusion pump / 100 CFM holding pump Moly Pin walking
system rated for 2720 kg load 44” w x 54” d x 6.5” high product size in semi
continuous mode Stokes 300 CFM mechanical pump 5 x 10-5 Torr in 20 minutes 300
kW heater power (Hunterdon) Moly Hot Zone Mounted on roll out frame
Item #VF271 SINTERING/DE-WAX FURNACE. Horizontal sintering furnace with
wax condenser 1470°C operating temperature. Water cooled 304 stainless steel
chamber with mild steel flanges. Graphite hot zone - 24” wide x 18” high x 36”
deep, with hearth rails. Graphite retort - 4 to 5 cubic foot work space, shelves,
graphite rollers, de-wax tube and -cooling. 5 HP recirculation cooling fan system cooling flaps in insulation and retort. Wax condenser assembly with hot water
circulation system and removable wax receiver pot. Power supply - transformertype, low voltage secondary, nominal 250 kW. Vacuum pumps - Stokes 212-H, 150
cfm rough pump, Roots 615, 1600 cfm booster. Dynamic partial pressure gas
system. Unit can be seen in operation and is available for immediate delivery.
Asking $299,000 USD.
Bonding Chamber. 20” diffusion pump / 100 CFM holding pump Moly Pin walking
system rated for 2720 kg load 44” w x 54” d x 20” high product size in batch mode
44” w x 54” d x 6.5” high product size in semi continuous mode Constant 1100°C
Heated Platens, Moly pressing surface 1000 tons of force, up pressing ram 300 kW
heater power (Hunterdon) Moly Hot Zone Mounted on roll out frame
This system is ideal for any company wanting to develop process for diffusion
bonding of any materials which are capable of being processed within the
specifications of the furnace. The system is available as a batch or semi-continuous,
as the system can be set up in Batch mode for development purposes and semi
continuous mode for production. The system is available for inspection as
warehoused in the Northeastern USA. New Price for this system is over USD
$16,000,000. This system is available in almost any configuration. As is
$890,000.00 cash and carry with support available from the original manufacturer
at a reduced rate, or reconfigured to match your specific requirement at a price
TBD. Immediate delivery.
Item #VF266 Kinney 75 CFM Vacuum Pump: Warranty Rebuilt Kinney Model
KTC-75, Part No. 804982-D, S/N 1105-Y 7710-5 mechanical vacuum pump. 12
Month warranty on rebuild. Will be repainted at rebuilder's shop. Running without
problems when removed from service. Price: $ 5,700
F.O.B. West Coast U.S.
Item #VF265 Stokes 149H-11 80 CFM Vacuum Pump: Rebuilt Stokes Model
149H-11, Lot# CD-81004 Mechanical Vacuum Pump, Rebuilt by Evey Vacuum in
2002 and stored in heated, dry area since then. Asking Price; $ 5,500.00 USD
with 30 Day Right of Return if not satisfied.
Cooling Chamber. 20” diffusion pump. Stokes 612/300 pump/blower Moly Pin
walking system rated for 2720 kg load 44” w x 54” d x 6.5” high product size in
semi continuous mode Fast Cool 60°F /min argon. 1750F to 1200F. 25°F variation
over part 5 x 10-5 Torr in 20 minutes Fast Backfill Port Mounted on roll out frame
Item #VF262 Edwards Stokes 1722 Skid: Warranty rebuilt Stokes 1722 Skid.
069034482, Date: 2006-11. Motor: 10 H.P. Stokes 615-1 Blower. S/N:
Lot: 78315-38. Motor: 7.5 H.P. Skid Mounted. Interconnecting
Pipe and Fittings. Stokes Demister. Allow 2-3 Weeks ARO for Rebuild of pumps.
Price: $ 22,500 USD in rebuilt condition with Rebuilder's 12 Month Warranty. May
be purchased As-Is if done prior to the rebuild. Location: U.S. West Coast. Photo
shown is before rebuild. Will be repainted after rebuild.
Item #VF260 C.I. Hayes 6-Bar Semi-Continuous Vacuum Furnace: 1998 C.I.
Hayes Model CVPQ-202436, 6-Bar Pressure Quench Semi-Continuous Vacuum
Furnace, (75 PSIG vessel rating). Work Zone: 24"W x 36"L x 20"H, with Graphite
Insulation and elements 460V/3Ph/60Hz, 125 kW, 2400˚F max. Temp. rating.
Designed for 250 lb/hr Throughput. 300 CFM Mechanical Vacuum Pump, Water
Cooling Requirement: 113 GPM (130 GPM max. at 95˚F-105˚F, 15 PSI). Overall
Space Requirement: 13 ft Wide x 51 ft Long. Allen-Bradley SLC-500 PLC, Honeywell
DCP-551 Temperature Controller, Upgraded with addition of Super System, Inc.
Model 9010 Programmable. Controller for recipes. Data communications capability.
Excellent Condition, Hot zone new 2 years ago and has had very light use since.
Item #VF263 Edwards Stokes 1722 Skid: Warranty rebuilt Stokes 1722 Skid.
Stokes Model 900-412-014 Mechanical Pump (Newer Style). S/N: 069035063
Date: 2006-12. Motor: 10 H.P. Stokes 615-1 Blower. S/N: 865850X0696
79894-15. Motor: 7.5 H.P. Skid Mounted. Interconnecting Pipe and Fittings. Stokes
Demister. Allow 2-3 Weeks ARO for Rebuild of pumps. Asking Price: $ 22,500.00
USD in rebuilt condition with Rebuilder's 12 Month Warranty. May be purchased AsIs if done prior to the rebuild. Location: U.S. West Coast. Photo shown is before
rebuild. Will be repainted after rebuild.
Operational, but only for another week or two. Owner is removing it soon to make
room for new furnace equipment. Asking price: $230,000 USD for quick sale.
Item # VF255 Roots Gas Blower: Rebuilt (per owner), Roots Model 2510J
Whispair Max gas blower, 372 CFM, Roots I.D. 847-485-20, S/N 76 54846 with 5
H.P. Motor mounted on skid. Location: Pacific North-western U.S. Asking
Price:$3,500.00 USD. 30 Day Right of Return, if unhappy.
Item # VF254 MD Blower, 350 CFM: Rebuilt (per owner) M.D. Pneumatics 350
CFM gas blower, Model 11-3210, S/N 1735R A23, on skid but needs motor.
Location: Pacific North-western U.S. Asking Price: $3,000.00 USD. 30 Day Right
of Return, if unhappy.
Item # VF256 GCA-Vacuum Industries Vacuum Furnace. Model Series 3700242436. S/N 41293 LV. Working dimensions of 24" wide X 36" deep X 24" high.
460/3/60-207KW. Maximum temperature 2400F. Horizontal loading vacuum furnace
complete with graphite lining, graphite heating elements, Stokes 212H vacuum
pump, Roots booster pump, rear mounted cooling fan, heat exchanger (6 months
old) and 200 KVA transformer. Also included is a new spare hot zone (still in crate).
Free standing control panel complete with BC 570 set point programmable
temperature controller, BC Series 10 High Limit controller and Teledyne vacuum
gauge. Overall dimensions 95" wide X 12' deep X 96" high (shipping dimensions).
Approximate weight 12,000 pounds. Very good condition. Asking $119,000 USD.
Item #VF243 35" Diffusion Pump: CVC Model PMC-32C, 35" Diffusion Pumps
(Today this is the Varian HS-35. Varian purchased CVC rights to this pump.)
Rebuilt condition with a 12 Month warranty. 35" Throat Diameter. Bolt Circle is
approx. 38-3/4" with 14 Holes on approx. 8-9/16" Centers. Flange O.D. is 413/4". O-Ring Center Diameter is 36-1/8". Approx. 72-3/4" Overall Height (79" on
48" x 48" shipping pallet). Note: Mating 35" Cryo-Baffle is also available for
improved low-range vacuum and elimination of backstreaming (See Item# 3161
Below). 6" Foreline with approx. 9-1/2" Bolt Circle with 8 Holes on approx. 3-5/8"
Centers. 1/4" dia. O-ring is approx. 8-7/8" diameter to center. Shipping Wt. with
pallet approx. 2050 lb. Price in Warranty Rebuilt Condition, Painted: $ 12,250.00
(with existing working elements. Add $6,000 if you want brand new elements.)
Location: Coeur d'Alene, Idaho 83814
Item # VF253 Vacuum Induction Furnaces (2 available). Built by GH
Induction Atmospheres in 2008. Model VF-40. Working dimensions of 12" diameter
X 17" high. Overall dimensions of 86" wide X 86" long X 96" high. S/N 018/VF40/173. 2100F. 400-480 Volts, 200 amps., 3 phase, 50/60 HZ. Honeywell UDC
Digital temperature control, hi-limit control and strip chart recorder along with GE
Fanuc Quick panel and Televac vacuum gauge. SS vessel mounted vertically above
load platform. Interior of vessel has induction coil, 15" diameter. Ceramic sleeve and
14" diameter graphite susceptor. Parts to be heated are loaded on the work platform
and raised (hydraulically) into hot zone which is heated by a 100KW, 50 Khz power
supply. Vacuum pump is a Pfeiffer Model DUO35 21 CFM (36 cubic metres/hour). At
completion of heat cycle furnace is back filled with Argon and cooled by external
blower and heat exchanger. Water chiller is available and will be quoted upon
request. Excellent condition. Asking $125,000 USD each.
Item #VF242 " 35" Diffusion Pump: CVC Model PMC-32C, 35" Diffusion Pumps
(Today this is the Varian HS-35. Varian purchased CVC rights to this pump.) Can
be purchased either in As-Is condition or in Rebuilt condition with a warranty. 35"
Throat Diameter. Bolt Circle is approx. 38-3/4" with 14 Holes on approx. 8-9/16"
Centers. Flange O.D. is 41-3/4". O-Ring Center Diameter is 36-1/8". Approx. 723/4" Overall Height (79" on 48" x 48" shipping pallet). Note: Mating 35" CryoBaffle is also available for improved low-range vacuum and elimination of
backstreaming (See Item# 3161 Below). 6" Foreline with approx. 9-1/2" Bolt Circle
with 8 Holes on approx. 3-5/8" Centers. 1/4" dia. O-ring is approx. 8-7/8" diameter
to center. Shipping Wt. with pallet approx. 2050 lb. Price in As-Is Condition: $
6,400.00 USD Price in Warranty Rebuilt Condition, Painted: $ 12,250.00 (with
existing working elements. Add $4,500 if you want brand new elements.)
Employment Opportunities
General Manager/Plant
Experienced Heat Treater /
Lead Operator
Consultant Auditors
Item # 0282 Heat Treat Supervisor/Manager Wanted. Heat Treat Supervisor /
Manager is responsible for hiring, training, planning, scheduling, organizing and
overall direction of day to day activities relating to production and equipment on all
shifts within the heat treating area of this small Phoenix, AZ captive heat treat
facility. Works with minimal supervision within guidelines established by company
Requirements (Qualifications & Skills): Education: High school diploma or
equivalent. Advanced related training is preferred.
Experience: Requires extensive knowledge of heat treat processing, operations
management, metallurgy, and customer needs through technical and advanced
training, seminars, college, B.S.M.E. (metallurgy) and/or equivalent work
experience. Background in batch type equipment and processing is very important.
Essential Job Functions (Duties & Responsibilities): Directs activities of
employees, sets priorities for day to day equipment maintenance, and maintains
appropriate production staffing as needed to meet company goals. Responsible for
shop production schedules and conducts production meetings working closely with
company management. Ensures customers’ needs are appropriately met by shipping
to schedule with minimum turnaround time and a high degree of quality.
Salary and Benefits: We offer a competitive wage and benefits package
commiserate with experience as well as opportunities for advancement in a fastpaced manufacturing environment. For those qualified individuals who are ready to
Heat Treat
Manufacturer’s Sales
Industrial Electrician
Heat Treater Wanted
take the next step in their career, please reply to this posting and attach a resume
in MS-Word format. No recruiters please! Please respond to
[email protected]
Other Skills/Abilities: Language Skills – Ability to read and comprehend
instructions, multiple correspondences and memos. Ability to write correspondence
and effectively present information in one-on-one and small group situations.
Second language is a plus. Reasoning Skills – Ability to apply common sense
(understanding) to carry out instructions furnished in written, oral and diagram
form. Ability to prioritize and solve multiple issues/tasks concurrently. Send line card
and resume to: Mark Heninger, Ipsen, 984 Ipsen Road, Cherry Valley, IL 61016. Or
email: [email protected]
Item # 0280 Industrial Electrician Wanted. Metals Technology Corporation a
Certified Heat Treater, located in Carol Stream, Illinois has been servicing the heat
treat needs of companies throughout the Tri-State area for over 50 years. During
that time, we have earned an excellent reputation as a provider of high quality heattreating and outstanding customer service. We are in search of an Industrial
Electrician –Industrial Maintenance Experience a Plus.
Have the ability to trouble shoot and understand all functions for PLC’s and
Logic Controls.
Must be able to test faulty equipment to diagnose malfunctions, using test
equipment or software, and applying knowledge of the functional operation of
electronic units and systems.
Ability to understand blueprints, schematics, manuals, or other specifications
to determine installation procedures.
Must be able to repair or adjust equipment, machines, or defective
components, replacing worn parts, such as gaskets or seals in watertight
electrical equipment.
Item # 0281 Manufacturer’s Sales Representatives Wanted. Ipsen, a leading
furnace manufacturer with locations worldwide, is currently looking for skilled,
motivated Manufacturer’s Sales Representatives or Agencies to serve areas
within Canada; Latin America (emphasis in Mexico); and the Northwest and
Southwest U.S. Ipsen services multiple industries, including Automotive, Aerospace,
Energy, Commercial Heat Treating and Tool & Die. Our Representatives are
responsible for building and maintaining relationships with our customers, as well as
positively representing our brand in all interactions and settings. Customer service is
a priority. Reps must reside within the sales region. Qualified candidates must be
familiar with thermal processing equipment, as well as possess a minimum of five
years of experience in capital equipment sales and be proficient in CRM. Extensive
travel is also a must for this position. An advanced technical degree or a
combination of education and experience will be considered.
If you’re interested in joining our team, please forward your resume and salary
requirements to: John Carroll, Plant Manager, Metals Technology Corporation,
Certified Heat Treater at: [email protected]
Item # 0279 Heat Treater Wanted. Heat Treating facility currently has an
immediate position available in our Heat Treating / Thermal dept. We provide a heat
treating process to customer parts; we are not a manufacturing company. All
applicants must have heat treating experience. Must be flexible on shifts and
Load and Unload Furnaces
Follow set industrial operation procedures
Maneuver heavy objects
Monitor temperature gauges and thermostats
Use basic mathematics and reading skills
Keep close supervision on Oven functions and times
Follow all safety procedures
Must be able to follow procedures and fill out all paperwork according to
procedures established without change
Ensure all Quality Standards are met
Must have good communication skills
Able to pay close attention to detail
Work with little supervision as well as being a team player
Ability to learn quickly
Able to follow instructions
Forklift experience a plus but not required
Friendly atmosphere, good wage and benefits
Wage: DOE
Please email resume to: [email protected]
Must be able to maintain equipment logs that record performance problems,
repairs, calibrations, or tests.
The ability to inspect components of industrial equipment for accurate
assembly and installation or for defects, such as loose connections or frayed
Must be able to perform scheduled preventive maintenance tasks, such as
checking, cleaning, or repairing equipment, to detect and prevent problems.
Experience required to calibrate testing instruments and installed or repaired
equipment to prescribed specifications.
Must have the ability to examine work orders and converse with equipment
operators to detect equipment problems and to ascertain whether mechanical
or human errors contributed to the problems.
Set up and test industrial equipment to ensure that it functions properly is
Must be able to operate equipment to demonstrate proper use or to analyze
Oregon Induction Corp
911 NW Eastwind Drive
Troutdale, OR 97060
Item # 0276 Experienced Heat Treater / Lead Operator wanted for a
commercial and aerospace heat treating company in Spokane, WA. Company
operates in a formal quality-system atmosphere with rigorous requirements at all
levels from shipping/receiving to production to equipment maintenance and
The Swing Shift Lead Operator will be responsible for overseeing and operating the
heat treat furnaces, supervises other operators to achieve production goals,
monitors process control instrumentation for compliance to processing
requirements, performs scheduled preventative maintenance, and maintains
departmental record.
• Be accountable for working safely by following all safety rules and safe work
• Follow customer and company procedures, as well as national standards, to
operate the endothermic, vacuum, tempering and aluminum furnaces properly.
• Read, follow and process parts according to job card instructions and quality
• Setup/Load orders into and out of the HT equipment in a safe and efficient
• Perform routine maintenance on various HT equipment.
• Maintain department records - completion of dew point logs, furnace dew point
and PM records.
• All employees must be adaptable due to an ever-changing competitive
environment. Employees may be required to cross-train into other functions to
provide flexibility to the organization. Employees shall at all times demonstrate
cooperative behavior with colleagues and managers.
• Participate in educational programs/instruction when available.
• Train and educate other employees as to proper heat treating practices conforming
to written policies, procedures and specifications.
• Other duties may be assigned within the scope of floor production and
• Must be able to offer proof of US Citizenship or of Permanent Resident Alien upon
Item # 0278 General Manager/Plant Manager Required. A NADCAP accredited
diversified commercial aerospace heat treater in Eastern Canada is looking for a
hands on General Manager/Plant Manager. This individual must have heat treating
[email protected]
Item #O177 “Nadcap and You…Achieving Excellence Together.”
Performance Review Institute is seeking experienced Aerospace auditors to work as
independent contractors for the Nadcap Heat Treating program.
As an independent contract auditor for the Nadcap program, you will perform heat
treating audits, complete audit reports, and have the opportunity to train associate
Typical auditor qualifications often include:
• Bachelor's Degree in a technical field or 10 years heat treating and/or brazing
• Understanding of General & Aerospace quality systems (ISO, AS/EN/JISQ9100)
• Familiarity with General Consensus specifications and Aerospace Standards
• Desire to travel
• Strong interpersonal skills
The following are specific criteria for Heat Treating:
• Bachelor Degree in a technical field OR High School Diploma and 10 years heat
treating and/or brazing experience, 5 years of which are "hands-on" experience
(preferably in the aerospace industry) with some of the following heat treating
processes: aluminum, titanium, heat resisting alloys, brazing, carburizing and
• Understanding of AMS2750 or Pyrometry specification
As an independent contract auditor, you will enjoy:
• A Flexible Schedule
• Competitive Daily Rate
• Skills Workshop
• Ability to work from the location of your choice
See why Nadcap has been attracting & retaining some of the best partners in the
industry! Apply on-line today, via our application website,
Determine your area of auditor expertise in one or more of these specific disciplines:
Chemical Processing, Coatings, Composites, Conventional Machining, Elastomer
• Demonstrate work experience in a lead position
• High School diploma or equivalent required.
• Data entry, retrieval, and compilation experience in computerized systems
• Demonstrate a good work ethic and professional attitude
• Ability to do meticulous work in a clean and organized manner required.
• Ability to read and understand technical manuals required.
• Basic math skills required, advanced math skills desirable.
• Ability to drive a forklift required.
• Some overtime and off shift work required.
• Some weekend work.
• Hot, noisy environment.
• This position is for Swing Shift work
Please send you resume to [email protected]
Seals, Electronics, Fluid Distribution Systems, Heat Treating, Materials Testing, NonMetallic Materials Testing and Manufacturing, Nondestructive Testing,
Nonconventional Machining, Sealants, Surface Enhancement and Welding. For more
information on PRI and the Nadcap program, visit our website, Nadcap is administered by the Performance Review Institute, an equal
opportunity organization.
Seeking Employment
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Metallurgical Engineer
Experienced Brazing
Consultant Auditors
Item #E130 Metallurgist with thirty plus years of heat treating of ferrous and
nonferrous alloys would like to join a strong company as a key contributor to
immediate and long-term success of the organization. Major qualifications include:
Heat treating. Steels. Stainless Steels. Nickel-base alloys. Cobalt-base alloys. Tool
Steels. Hard facing and Welding. Tungsten Carbide Metallurgy. Wear and Corrosion
Resistant Materials. Failure Analysis. Testing and Evaluation of Materials. Customer
Technical Support. Business Development. Heat Treat Facility Start-up. Six Sigma.
Metallurgical Laboratory Management. Computer skills: MS Office, MS Power point,
MS Project. Strengths include engineering, manufacturing, management, quality,
and extensive technical customer support and business development. Additionally, I
possess a Bachelor of Science degree in Metallurgy. I am willing to relocate. Please
contact me at 480-694-9386 [email protected] .
Item #E129 Metallurgical Engineer Looking for a Position. A Professional fine
tuned to strategic planning aiming at results and quality. Fluent in German, English
and Portuguese Hands-on solid experience in Manufacturing processes- Material
selection, Heat-treatment, Machining , steel fabrication with multinational
companies. Planned, Installed and set into operation heat treating equipment for
Gas- Carburizing and Hardening, Quenching and tempering , Vacuum furnaces ,
Induction hardening. Developed Polymer quenching for hardening to guarantee
mechanical properties of medium carbon alloy steels. Installed and worked with
Furnaces such as Pit type, Chamber, Bogie- Hearth, Bell type, Vacuum, Pusher and
Rotary hearth , Belt furnaces for brazing. Analysis and interpretation of
Microstructures of steel and cast-iron in as received and heat treated conditions.
Introduced fully automatic Micro hardness tester ( CLEMEX) Failure analysis.
Metallurgical lab. and mechanical testing. Environmental Protection: Defined
processes and equipment for Waste water treatment, Ultra filtration Management of
Heat treatment shops to guarantee costs and quality. Defined machining dimensions
to compensate for distortions. Seeking Contract or Consultation positions. e-mail:
[email protected]
Item #E112 “Nadcap and You…Achieving Excellence Together.”
Performance Review Institute is seeking experienced Aerospace auditors to work as
independent contractors for the Nadcap Heat Treating program. As an independent
contract auditor for the Nadcap program, you will perform heat treating audits,
complete audit reports, and have the opportunity to train associate auditors.
Typical auditor qualifications often include:
• Bachelor's Degree in a technical field or 10 years heat treating and/or brazing
• Understanding of General & Aerospace quality systems (ISO, AS/EN/JISQ9100)
• Familiarity with General Consensus specifications and Aerospace Standards
• Desire to travel
• Strong interpersonal skills
The following are specific criteria for Heat Treating:
• Bachelor Degree in a technical field OR High School Diploma and 10 years heat
treating and/or brazing experience, 5 years of which are "hands-on" experience
(preferably in the aerospace industry) with some of the following heat treating
processes: aluminum, titanium, heat resisting alloys, brazing, carburizing and
• Understanding of AMS2750 or Pyrometry specification
As an independent contract auditor, you will enjoy:
• A Flexible Schedule
• Competitive Daily Rate
• Skills Workshop
• Ability to work from the location of your choice
Item # E128 Experienced Brazing Individual is looking for a position as either
a General Manager/Production Manager/Operations Manager/Sales. Over 20 yrs
experience in all aspects of an exothermic and bulk gas (hydrogen/nitrogen)
continuous belt brazing facility. Responsible for day to day operations with hands on
involvement. Forecasting, budgeting, scheduling all included in previous duties.
Customer relations as well as supplier coordination included. Troubleshooting issues
with equipment and resolving braze issues included. P&L mgmt essential to
responsibilities. Direct reporting to regional operations manager. Supervised and led
over 100 employees on 3 shift operation that supplied directly to OEM. Brazed
product that included torque converters, fuel rails, brake hose ends, fluid transfer
tubes, pressure canisters, etc. Key characteristics entail being driven for success,
hard working, integrity, learn new processes, and able to adapt to any environment.
Currently reside in Coldwater Michigan. Upon right opportunity would be willing to
relocate. I can be reached at: [email protected] or by phone at 5176171705
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feedback and don’t hesitate to let us know your thoughts. Don’t forget to visit us
daily at
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W.G. Montgomery Limited
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Email: [email protected]
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See why Nadcap has been attracting & retaining some of the best partners in the
industry! Apply on-line today, via our application website,
Determine your area of auditor expertise in one or more of these specific disciplines:
Chemical Processing, Coatings, Composites, Conventional Machining, Elastomer
Seals, Electronics, Fluid Distribution Systems, Heat Treating, Materials Testing, NonMetallic
Nonconventional Machining, Sealants, Surface Enhancement and Welding.
For more information on PRI and the Nadcap program, visit our website, Nadcap is administered by the Performance Review Institute, an equal
opportunity organization.