Eberlestock Catalog V6 full for lo-res



Eberlestock Catalog V6 full for lo-res
P.O. Box 862
Boise, Idaho 83701 USA
Catalog ▫ Volume 6
M12 Cobra Rifle Stock
The Cobra, born of our revolutionary Stealth Chassis. With beautiful
lines, perfect ergonomics, and precision manufacturing, it is ready to
bring both shooter and rifle up to their maximum performance.
Milled from a single billet of aluminum, the Cobra has exactly what it
needs, and nothing that it doesn’t.
Left, right, and bottom mounts for Perf-Mount Picatinny rails.
4 lbs.
Rifle not included. Stock fits Remington Model 700 Long or Short Actions
Stealth Black, Urban Gray (shown), Dry Earth
M12 — $1295.00
If you ever ask yourself why it is that nobody else makes products similar
to Eberlestock’s, the answer might be that it’s hard to match what we do.
Continuing our tradition of genuine innovation, we are proud to introduce
a several new game-changing products this year. Our Cobra rifle stock,
above, is a classy, high-tech piece of precision, and is a work of art. At
left, a suite of new camouflage products beckons. And below, we show
you the best synthetic insulating material in the outdoor industry, G-Loft.
It’s so good that we just had to make a new line of clothing, and now
we’re joyously looking forward to keeping our customers, and ourselves,
warm no matter how tough the weather gets.
As always, we thank you for your interest in our brand.
J34 Just One
J107H Dragonfly
This is a great get-serious-and-go-someplace pack.
With all of the features of our popular Just One, the
Dragonfly raises the bar, featuring a high tech
suspension system, a huge range of adjustability,
and more patented and proprietary features than any
hunting pack made. A slate of premium features
includes a full frame-sheet, which augments the
internal aluminum stays to give a very stable load
bearing platform, and a unique sliding-yoke
adjustable shoulder harness. If you're thinking about
a Just One pack, and feel that you'd be most
comfortable with a firmer platform for carrying a
heavy load, or if the vertically adjustable shoulder
strap attachments appeal to you, choose a J107.
Top pack converts
to fanny pack
Hide-Open Western Slope (shown),
Hide-Open Rock Veil, Hide-Open Timber
Veil, Mossy Oak Brush
J34 — $329.00
Vertically adjustable
Also see J107M.
8lbs. 10oz.
Hide-Open Western Slope, Hide-Open Rock Veil (shown),
Hide-Open Timber Veil, Mossy Oak Brush.
Patented Cam
Expansion system
nearly doubles size
J107H — $399.00
Built-in patented
Backscabbard™ folds into
pack when not in use.
Both the J34 & the J107 function in the range of configurations below*:
Daypack....Bow Pack.....Gun Pack....Expanding.... Meat Pack....Freight Pack.
*To achieve the full capacity of a J-type pack, attach a Spike Camp Duffel externally.
Spike Camp Duffels are sold separately.
The Just One’s logic is simple: the pack is made to fit right behind
your torso for active hunting. It's very compact and doesn't
protrude far from your body, so it doesn't get in your way. Then,
when you have game down, expand the pack and start hauling
meat. Our tough, soft-finish camo packs have an exclusive
ventilated mesh-fronted meat compartment, so your meat will be
able to cool while you pack it.
With our Quickdraw Backscabbard™, you can reach over your
shoulder and retrieve your firearm. If you’re not carrying a rifle, the
scabbard folds into the bottom of the pack. Hydration compatible.
 WX2L or WXP3L Hydration
 Pg. 7 Accessories
The J34 is an excellent all-around pack for any kind of big game
“Go in Light, Come Out Heavy.”
Shown with J3SD
Super Spike Duffel
The original daypack-to-freight pack, the J34 is the highly refined
version of the pack that’s made the “Just One” name famous. Its
suspension is designed to move with your body, making it
comfortable to wear as a daypack, and the pack is supremely
capable and comfortable under a heavy load. The compact J34
has a narrower frame than other J-type packs, and has a vertically
adjustable shoulder harness for a customizable fit.
Our Zip-in Front Panel fits over the mesh panel
of the main compartment of the J-type packs.
This panel will not only transform your pack into a
conventional, fully enclosed backpack -- it’s also
reversible. So you can choose camo or highvisibility orange, based on the needs of the day.
The blaze orange panel can be attached to the
pack even when it’s in the compact mode, to give
an extra element of safety to the hunter.
JP9 Blue Widow
The Blue Widow was
developed at the request of
bow hunters who have
wondered at first glance what
they would do with the rifle
scabbard on our Dragonfly and
Just One packs. Most of them
found that they like the
scabbard after all, because it’s
a great place to put things like
arrows and grunt tubes.
Nonetheless, we decided to
create a stripped-down J-type
pack. The Blue Widow is
basically a Dragonfly with the
scabbard layer removed. The
main vertical pockets and
utility expansion compartment
are attached directly to the
main frame panel. We added
a larger Flex Chassis which
can fold forward for use as a
seat. And because we think
that scabbards and packs go
together, we made it so that
you can add one if you need it.
 Accessories
on this
page recommended for
J-type packs. Many
will work with other
J3EP — Mossy Oak Brush / Blaze,
Rock Veil / Blaze, or Western S. / Blaze
— $29.95
ARCG ButtBucket can be mounted to
any of our packs that don’t have a built-in
bow bucket. This universal rifle and
compound bow carrier comes with our
Ripcord Tether. It provides a protective
cup for the lower cam of a bow,
and on-the-fly access. Mossy
Oak Brush, Infinity, Western S,
Rock, Earth
Our Butt Covers are made to
allow you to fully cover the butt and
optics of a rifle or shotgun that you'll
be carrying in your pack or in your
Eberlestock Side Scabbard. You
can clip the cover to the pack,
turning the assembly into a rifle
case, or you can leave the cover unattached for quick accessibility to
the gun. Rock Veil, Western Slope,
Max1, Brush, Blaze Orange, Earth,
Coyote Brown
ARCG — $34.95
JSTC — $19.99
Our Side Scabbards will mount to the Padlock™
matrixes on the sides of our packs, and are a great
way to carry a shotgun or a flyrod, in addition to
whatever you're carrying in the main scabbard.
Our Spike Camp Duffels will mount internally or zip onto the outside
of the pack in its expanded mode. Choose the regular nylon J2SD
Spike Duffel or the J3SD Super Spike Duffel, made of our soft-finish
pack fabric. With the J3SD mounted to the outside of the pack, your
Just One will grow to over 8,000 cubic inches.
A1SS Shotgun Scabbard — Mossy Oak Brush,
Max1, Black, Olive, Brown, ACU, UNICAM — $39.95
A2SS Scoped Rifle Scabbard — Mossy Oak Brush,
Infinity, Western S., Rock Veil, Dry Earth — $59.95
A2LS Scoped Sniper Rifle Scabbard — Coyote
Brown, Military Green, Dry Earth, Multicam
— $69.95
 WX2L or WXP3L Hydration
 Pg. 7 Accessories
7lbs. 12oz. (6lbs. 12oz. with LP1 removed)
Mossy Oak Brush, Hide-Open Rock Veil
(shown), Western Slope, Dry Earth
JP9 — $349.00
With optional A2SS
Side Scabbard
Patented Cam
Expansion doubles
With optional J3SD
J3SD: contents accessible while
mounted to the pack. Two internal
tuck-pockets, carry strap. 2800
c.i., 18 oz. Brush, Rock Veil,
Western S., Timber Veil, Dry Earth
- $59.95
Our Waterproof Pack Covers are tailor made to fit our backpacks. Why
offer a rain cover when our pack fabric is waterproof? In driving rain, it's
impossible to keep the innards of a backpack dry without an honest rain
cover. If you're going to be out for an extended trip in wet weather, you'll
appreciate having a nice rain cover along.
— J-type covers are wider, to go over a J-pack that’s fully
expanded. They can even cover a gun in the scabbard. Or, you can leave
the gun uncovered in case you’re in a place where you think you’ll need it
— The narrower, more compact G-series covers work best for our
smaller packs including the G– and X-type packs, and also will cover the Jtypes when in the compact mode.
J1RC /
Single-layer Featherweight Rain Covers:
J1RC Large, 4 oz. Or G1RC Small, 3 oz.
SnowTech or UNICAM
— $29.95
Coyote Brown
— $24.95
2-layer Reversible Rain Covers:
J2RC Large, 8 oz.
UNICAM / Blaze
— $39.95
— $34.95
2400 c.i.
4900 c.i.
7400 c.i.
J2RC /
Our 12” Map Case is a nice
way to carry a map or other
documents. Big 12”x12”
window, waterproof zipper, and
clip or bungee attachments for
field versatility. Snaps together
half-folded for stowage. Dry
P12ME — $29.95
G2RC Small, 6 oz.
UNICAM / Blaze
1900 c.i.
J2SD: Simpler and lighter, no
strap. 2500 c.i., 14 oz. Brown,
Green, or Gray solids
— $39.95
*Also see our J2DB Dry Bag, Page 15
Top pack converts
to fanny pack
G29 Tailhook
Includes Ripcord
The waistbelt and upper pack components can be
removed for variations in the configuration.
The G29 Tailhook is
designed to open up and
provide direct access to
its highly organized array
of pockets. This handy
feature is especially good
for treestand hunting.
Opposing buckles are
designed to hang the
pack around a tree trunk
with no foolin’ around.
The Tailhook is a unique lumbar pack, with many of the capabilities of a full-scale
pack. As used on the Tailhook, the Ripcord Tether™ completes the Quickdraw
System that we pioneered with our Backscabbard™ rifle packs. The small upper
bag provides a platform for a bow or a rifle to rest on, and makes the pack carry
them with exceptional stability. The upper bag's internal pocket incorporates a
spacer pad to keep the bow or rifle away from your head.
Our patented Ripcord
Bowtether™ is the first invention
of its kind, letting you get your
bow off of your pack without
taking the pack off. It’s easy to
use and reliable.
“Mini Me”
Mini Me. In the spirit of our bigger packs, its
looks will deceive you. More than a
conventional hydration pack, this little baby
could rightly be called the “Transformer.” At
first glance, its expansion system looks
conventional. But when you keep going, you
realize that you’ve opened up a tunnel for the
insertion of either our A1SS Shotgun
Scabbard , A2SS Scoped Rifle Scabbard, or
A2LS Sniper Rifle Scabbard (sold separately).
Slide one of these in, and you’ve got a rig
that’ll make carrying your gun as close to
carrying a biathlon rifle as you can get without
getting the real thing. Includes a premium 3liter (100 oz) hydration bladder, a pull-out hip
belt, and a secret compartment with a
deployable Bird Bag inside. Other features
include a deep pocket for spotting scope or
tripod, an organizer pocket, grapple
compression strap, and more.
2 lbs. 15 oz.
Mossy Oak Brush, Mossy Oak Infinity,
Rock Veil, Western Slope, Military Green,
Dry Earth, Coyote Brown, Multicam
H1 — from $149.00
4 lbs. 6 oz.
Infinity (shown), Brush, Western Slope
G29— $229.00
The H2 Gunrunner is simply a cool little pack. Essentially, it’s a halfsize version of our GS05 Gunslinger. Built on the A2LS Sniper Rifle
Scabbard, it will handle just about any bolt action rifle or shotgun. It’s
a great ultra light, compact daypack, with just enough capacity for a
day’s essentials. WXP3L or WX2L hydration compatible.
3 lbs. 10 oz.
Hide-Open Rock Veil, Hide-Open Timber Veil (shown), Hide-Open Western
Slope, Mossy Oak Infinity, Coyote Brown, Dry Earth, Military Green
H2— $179.00
H2 Gunrunner
x - project
“For 48 years I have been backpacking
for big game all over the Western
Rockies and in Canada's North
Country... I must say that I have used
many different packs and for my hunting
style the X1 is the best!”
Mike Eastman, founder of the
Eastmans' Hunting Journals
4 lbs. 14 oz.
Mossy Oak Brush, Mossy Oak
Infinity, Western Slope, Dry Earth
X1A1 — $199.00
Guy Eastman with his dad’s favorite pack.
The X2 is a great all-around day
pack. Not a book bag by any
stretch, this lightweight, beefy
little pack is meant to do big
things. It fits a wide range of
people comfortably. Well laid
out for spotting scopes, tripods,
and cranking on elk quarters, it
performs like no other pack of
similar size.
 A1SS or A2SS Scabbard
 ARCG ButtBucket
 WX3L or WX2L Hydration
 G1RC or G2RC
4 lbs. 4 oz.
Western Slope, Rock Veil, Mossy
Oak Brush, Infinity, Dry Earth,
X2 — from $189.00
Major features:
- Dual hydration or spotting scope pockets in wings.
X1E Euro
- Bottom Flex Chassis folds forward to become seat.
- Large compression straps to quickly strap on large loads
such as elk quarters or duffel bags.
With optional A2SS
Side Scabbard
The X1E Euro was originally designed
for our customers in Scandinavia, who
loved the X1A1 but, because they don’t
bowhunt, wanted a rifle-only version of
the concept. We removed the bowspecific compartments on the front,
added two external pockets, and gave it
a front-access lower compartment.
Hydration compatible.
 WX2L Hydration
 G1RC or G2RC
 A4BB BirdBag
A Special Forces Alpha Team gets ready to head out into
the Afghan night with their X2 packs.
Many of our hunting
products lead directly
to tactical applications.
A recent report from a Special Forces
Team Captain in Afghanistan:
4 lbs. 12 oz.
Timber Veil (shown), Western Slope, Rock
Veil, Loden
X1E— $199.00
“Most of my team now has an X2. I set
mine up with comms to higher. Others
carry grenade launchers or aid bags using
the wings. Their adaptability is great, from
carrying tons of water in the summer to
carrying warm clothes in the winter. With
kit, one of the most comfortable packs.”
Kristy Titus packs out yet another great trophy with her X2.
More information online: www.eberlestock.com
M5 Team Elk Pack
When invited to make a pack for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation's
Team Elk, we decided that it should be special. So we set out to make one
of the best all-around hunting packs ever created. Built to appeal to all big
game hunters, coast-to-coast and around the world, this is the real deal —
a great hunting pack, proudly blazoned with the Team Elk logo.
4 lbs.
Stealth Black, Urban Gray, Dry Earth
Eberlestock donates part of the proceeds from the sale of each M5 pack to
the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation. So join Team Elk and let’s further the
cause of one of the greatest hunting conservation organizations on earth!
Rifle not included.
Stock fits Remington Model 700 Long or Short Actions
M11 — from $1895.00
The Stealth Chassis sets a new standard of excellence for
precision rifle stocks. Designed for discreet carry, and to fit
in smaller cases, as well as for ease of cleaning, the folding
model is the shortest folding design in the world. It allows
you to reduce the length of your rifle to within about a
centimeter of the length of your barreled action.
Your stock can be configured several ways. Choose folding
or fixed stock, solid or perforated forestock, and long or short
action. If you like the clean look of the solid "Slick"
forestock, but want the option of adding Picatinny rails, you
can use our proprietary MER Multiple Equipment Rail clamp
system. If you want fixed components that you'll always
leave in place, you can choose the perforated forestock with
bolt-on rails and/or MER clamps.
MER Clamps with
Perf-Mount Rails
S34 Secret Weapon
The Team Elk pack has a unique set of best-in-class
features, including fold-away rifle scabbard, built-in
bow carrier, ultralight and tough Intex tubular aluminum frame, grapple-compression straps, waist-belt
rangefinder pockets, and more!
At 3100 cubic inches (40 liters), the Team Elk pack
hits the sweet spot in hunting pack size. Perfect for a
a day pack, it can also serve for shorter multi-day
trips, and is an outstanding game hauler.
Has both front-loading and top-loading access. Flipaway zippered flaps cover the scabbard and bow
carrier when not in use.
6 lbs. 10 oz.
Hide-Open Timber Veil, Hide-Open Western Slope
M5 — $299.00
With a unique aesthetic, the “S” packs are made with a minimalist
exterior combined with a feature-rich interior. Perhaps you'd like
a pack to carry your weapon, but you don't want it to scream
"military" or "hunter." Without question, the 'S' packs, originally
conceived to complement our Stealth Rifle Chassis, look civilian,
and sporty. If you want a bag that will carry a folding sniper rifle,
an 11" barreled M4, or that doubles as compact luggage, choose
the S34 Secret Weapon.
7 lbs. 8 oz.
Coyote / Earth, Green / Gray, Black / Gray
S34 — $349.00
S25 Cherry Bomb
If you prefer a slim-line day bag that works equally well as a
laptop carrier or as a pack for a 7" barreled M4, choose the
S25 Cherry Bomb. In our field trials with the packs, the Cherry Bomb became thought of as a "vertical briefcase." With the
waist belt removed, it's an ultra-comfortable, handy little pack
that is right at home running through airports or going from
home-to-car-to-office and back.
4 lbs. 8 oz.
Coyote / Earth, Green / Gray, Black / Gray
S25 — $249.00
With outstanding adjustability and ergonomics, the Stealth is
designed to be set up for the shooter’s personal
configuration and then locked in place. The ideas behind the
chassis include an extremely precise method of construction,
and a distilled simplicity that foregoes weight-adding and
failure prone “bells and whistles.” We think you’ll agree that
precision and simplicity make the perfect combination of
Second Homes and Furnishings
From the beginning, Eberlestock was much more than a backpack company. We
have had a portfolio of ideas that were un-tapped in the shooting sports industry,
and we continue our journey in becoming a broad-based performance gear brand.
In the years since we began our modern evolution, we have watched the industry
mature, and many of our ideas have taken shape elsewhere. Nonetheless, we are
always looking for products that fit into our mission: that of becoming, hands-down,
the provider of the best gear to the outdoorsman, military, and police markets.
Our commitment to you is that we will only offer products that we can strongly
advocate. We will confidently send you forth into the far reaches of the world with
these tents and sleeping bags, knowing that you will have a good experience with
them. We have partnered with Europe’s foremost manufacturer of sleep systems, to
offer you these proven, top of the line homes-away-from -home. We hope you enjoy
2 lbs 7 oz
Micro-Tents feature:
- Gore-Tex® gas-permeable construction
(selected models).
- Breathable for interior comfort and fresh
air, but waterproof.
4 lbs 0 oz
- Minimal condensation build-up.
Our Ultralight bag is a great warm weather bag, or
works beautifully in cooler weather if you wear
insulated garments. Not just a stand-alone bag, the
Ultralight can be used as a liner for the Reveille, which
when combined turns the pair into a true 4-season bag.
“I can’t get ‘em up, I can’t get ‘em
up, I can’t get ‘em up in the
morning!” A beautiful 3-season
wilderness bag. 4-season when
combined with the Ultralight.
- Single occupant designs, yet a step up from
standard bivy shelters
Sleeping Bags feature:
- Either Carinthia G-Loft Synthetic Insulation or
high-fill European Goose Down.
- Big shoulder area for greater comfort and moving
3 lbs 12 oz
Euro Down
COMFORT / PUSH -22F / -36F
- Optimal size-to-weight-to-insulation balance.
- State-of-the-art insulation and baffle designs.
- Excellent compression bags for minimizing bulk.
See www.eberlestock.com
for more features and
The name says it all. Simply one of
the finest down bags on the planet.
For those who appreciate luxury.
3 lbs. 15 oz.,
Micro Condo
34 x 106”
Military Green
T2MJ— $899.00
tunnel design
Full-length awning
entrance with screen
The products featured here are the end-result of decades of research and
experience by our European partners. When making to our specifications,
we were careful to select features that our American customers will
appreciate: No matter your stature, you’ll enjoy the extra shoulder room and
a good closure / weather seal system. The components of each tent and bag
are designed to provide an optimal micro-climate.
 G-loft insulation is manufactured from high-quality bi-component
polymers. Its structure is similar in many ways to high-quality goose
down. Three dimensional crimping ensures maximum resilience and
 With our differential cut only the innermost layer is compressed. The
outer layers retain their loft and therefore their insulating properties.
The story: “I’ve spent much of my life out-of-doors in harsh weather. I’ve been cold, and I
have learned how to stay warm. And having decided that being warm and dry is much
better than being cold and wet, I’ve spent a lot of time looking for the best all-around solutions. After finding a unique base layer, I tested it on “the perfect elk hunt:” I headed north
to the Frank Church Wilderness in the midst of a storm that didn’t know if it should snow or
rain... so it did both, for three days straight — and often at the same time. I am not a follower of hiking trails, but of elk tracks. And after three days of getting slapped with sodden
tree branches, bushwhacking up and down mountains through muck and slush, I was as
wet as if I’d jumped in a river, but I didn’t know it, yet. Late in the morning on the third day,
I shot a bull where I usually seem to shoot them — on the top of a mountain 3,000 vertical
feet above my camp. And I challenged myself to get him down by the end of that day. At
eleven o’clock that night I found myself back up there for the last time, my headlamp illuminating the last hind quarter, a lump under the snow. With big, sodden snowflakes plopping down, I was so exhausted that I decided to get the quarter on the pack the quick way,
and grappled it with the compression straps. With three clips and a heave, the meat was
on my back and I was headed downhill. Arriving at my old Land Rover sometime in the
wee hours, I felt the relief of a mission accomplished, and once the meat was off my back I
felt lighter than air. So it was with a certain amount of shock that, when I touched my wool
pants, I discovered how absolutely soaking wet I was. The pants were iced over on the
outside, and saturated with ice water on the inside. But I hadn’t even known that I was
wet; in fact, I felt dry all over. As I peeled the outer layers off, I took a second look at the
base layer I was wearing: a polypropylene chain mail that I suddenly had a whole new
level of respect for. I was simply astonished at how well it had worked. So, this piece of
kit has become one of my essentials, and I vowed that if my company ever developed
clothing, this would be where we’d begin. Made in Finland by people who know how to
stay warm when it’s cold, you can wear pretty much anything else over the top of it and
feel comfortable and dry, in any weather. And if you’re out on a day that gets hotter, you
simply expose the base layer and, voila, you get instant full-blown cooling. So you can
literally wear this stuff right into a warm day, and regulate your temperature more easily
EG07 Top
— $79.00
than with any other garment. Made of polypropylene with silver ion scent control, I offer
you my personal guarantee of satisfaction. I won’t go into the wilderness without it, and
EGT7 Bottom
— $69.00
I’m glad to share it with you.” — Glen E.
Forward Ops. Middle-weight jacket with
athletic cut. Two heads-up sleeve pockets on
upper arms, and one on left wrist. Generously
sized, high-access backpack-compatible main
pockets. Upper arm ventilation ports Hoodystyle insulated hood provides instant comfort
when your head starts to feel cool.. This is a
great jacket for every-day wear during the cool
Men’s S, M, L, XL, 2XL
Soft finish: Western Slope, Timber Veil.
Mini-ripstop: Military Green, Coyote
EMIG — Forward Ops Jacket
— $399.00
G-Loft® Insulation
The story: The armies of the world have discovered
Eberlestock, and this fact sometimes brings us together with
other top-tier outdoor brands. So it was that we came to
know Carinthia, Europe’s leading manufacturer of synthetic
insulation and military sleep systems. We began an alliance
that led us to discover G-Loft, and its superior characteristics. With the best insulation-to-weight values in its category, this synthetic fill comes closer than any other technology
to the golden benchmark of goose down. But unlike down, it
retains its insulating performance when it gets wet, and is
far superior for the kind of multi-day, wet weather adventures that our customers are likely to embark upon.
The technology: Like all good synthetic insulation, G-Loft
is made of micro-thin polyester fibers. But whereas even
“name brand” insulation is made using generic polyester
fibers, G-Loft is special at the molecular level. Here it is in
Conventional synthetic fill: either
solid or, if hollow, with several small
porous tubes running through it.
G-Loft: a single, wide-open hollow
tube similar to polar bear hair, which
gives both lighter weight and more
dead-air space (the ultimate goal of
an insulating layer).
Conventional synthetic fill: natural
state is as a long, drawn-out fiber. To
artificially create loft, they’re mechanically crimped. But they tend to return
to their natural state, and get matted.
G-Loft: Formed of two kinds of material that solidify at different rates, they
are naturally coiled. When compressed, they tend to return to their
natural state, pushing away from each
other and creating loft.
Conventional synthetic fill: long fibers
typically find their way into the same
plane, and lay alongside each other,
reducing loft.
G-Loft: coiled fibers form a chaotic
fill, so rather than invite compression,
they fight it. Highly compressible, a
G-Loft product will spring back to
shape much like goose down.
Firebase. Breathable “puff” jacket, perfect for a warm middle layer or as an
outer layer during cold weather activity or static situations in moderately cool
Men’s S, M, L, XL, 2X
Soft finish: Western Slope, Timber Veil. Mini-ripstop: Military Green, Coyote
ELIG — Firebase Jacket — $229.00
ELIV — Firebase Vest
— $179.00
ELIT — Firebase Pants — $179.00
Fortress. Top-of-class cold weather jacket. Two heads-up sleeve pockets
on upper arms, and one on left wrist. Large main pockets with hood controls
inside. Upper arm ventilation ports. Hood zips away into collar.
Men’s S, M, L, XL, 2XL
Soft finish: Western Slope, Timber Veil.
Mini-ripstop: Military Green, Coyote
EHIG — Fortress Jacket — $429.00
The Jackhammer has a great
feature set, including both front
and top loading access points,
and a highly organized interior
similar to our other frontloading packs such as the G2.
The Jackhammer and Warhammer are both built
with the same unique suspension, which
reinterprets the US military’s venerable Alice
frame, and puts it into a couple of full-featured,
high-tech packs.
 WXP3L Hydration
 J1RC or J2RC for J51 (J52 comes with rain cover)
 A4SS or any smaller side scabbard
 LP1 Fanny Top
 G1, J2SD, J3SD, or J2DB for J51
Both of these packs can be used in combination
with the LP1 FannyTop and with our side
scabbards (recommended with the A4SS
Tactical Weapon Carrier). The packs share
similar themes to other packs in our line:
Jackhammer has a portal near the frame for a
scabbard, similar to our F4 Terminator pack.
Warhammer splays open using our patented
Cam Expansion system, and its load bay can be
used for all sorts of things, including any of our
side scabbards, the G1 Little Brother pack, any
of our Spike Duffels or Dry Bags, and just about
any other piece of man portable equipment.
Little Brother
G1 zips into J51’s
load bay.
X3 LoDrag
LoDrag, HiSpeed. Similar packs, with and without
scabbard, the X3 LoDrag and the X4 HiSpeed are
designed to be highly functional, minimalist,
lightweight tactical packs.
The X3 is a variation of our popular X1A1 model, and
incorporates a tactical weapon-sized scabbard in
place of the X1A1's smaller scabbard. Both packs
have a unique contour shape that tapers at both the
top and the bottom, giving the pack an excellent close
-to-the-body ride. They are fully compressible with
pairs of side-mounted compression straps that draw
the load upward to optimally position the pack's
contents over the wearer's center-of-gravity. Well
endowed with PALS/MOLLE compatible webbing, the
packs are easy to accessorize, with ample space on
the interior and exterior panels for attaching an array
of accessory pouches.
8 lbs. 5oz.
Dry Earth, Coyote Brown, Military
Green, Multicam
F52 — from $329.00
8 lbs. 9 oz.
Rock Veil, Dry Earth, Coyote
Brown, Military Green
 WB2L Hydration
 G1RC or G2RC
J51 — $299.00
Little Brother:
4 lbs.
Dry Earth, Coyote Brown, Military
X4 HiSpeed
G1 — $189.00
1 lb.
Rock Veil, Dry Earth, Coyote
Brown, Military Green
LP1 — $49.95
6 lbs. 14 oz.
5lbs. 12 oz.
Rock Veil, Dry Earth, Coyote
Brown, Military Green, Multicam
Dry Earth, Coyote Brown, Military
Green, Multicam
X3— from $199.00
X4 — from $179.00
LP1 attaches to
pack top flaps.
We’re pretty excited about this
new accessory. A classic rolltop dry bag, the J2DB J-Type
Dry Bag works with all of our JType packs. Similar to the
J2SD or J3SD Spike Duffels,
the dry bag can either insert
into the interior on some packs
or zip onto the outside. On the
Warhammer, it serves as a
great waterproof load-bay
J-Type Dry Bag
15 oz.
Dry Earth, Coyote Brown, Military
G1, J51, and F52 are all configured to work
with the A4SS Tactical Weapon Carrier.
See page 22.
J2DB — $49.95
G2 Gunslinger II
E2B Sniper Sled Drag Bag
Introducing our own variation on the classic "drag
bag," the E2B Drag Bag. There are times when drag
bags and rifle cases are useful, and this one, which
we’ve refined with our friends at the Sako rifle
company, encompasses the best mix of options. It's
not a pack, but for a drag bag it comes about as close
to becoming one as you can get. Compare, and you'll
see that it offers some unique
features. Most importantly,
it's backed by Eberlestock's
quality, attention to detail,
and lifetime warranty.
Exclusive triple-fold
design makes the
E2B wide enough to
lay upon when
you’re shooting.
52” length makes the
ERB long enough for
most sniper rifles.
The E2B has a nice pull-out pack harness, similar to those on our premium
backpacks. The new version locks in place, giving the bag excellent stability. The
waistbelt is compact in order to minimize bulk, but still useful as a way to put the load
on the hips and to stabilize the carriage of the bag. The three large pockets on the
front side are removable with standard MOLLE-type attachments. They pop on and
off easily, and provide some meaningful storage capacity. The new E57B is the
same bag but in a 57+” length.
E2B: 8 lbs. 4 oz.
Coyote Brown, Military Green, Dry Earth, Multicam, Black.
— from $329.00
E57B: 8 lbs. 12 oz.
Dry Earth, Multicam, Black.
— from $349.00
The Gunslinger II is an excellent organizational
tool. The layout of its compartments, with a large and
a small tuck-pocket on the outside, two small
accessory compartments, a mid-size compartment in
the top-pack, and a large main compartment that has
both top and full frontal access (see photo at right), lets
you load the pack with your gear in a way that makes it
quick and predictable to locate essential items. You
can add external mag pouches and accessory pouches
virtually anywhere on the pack. On top of this, there is
really no way to adequately describe the superiority of
this weapons carriage system over the standard
shoulder sling.
The front access is similar to the Phantom, but the
Backscabbard™ and pack of the Gunslinger II are
integrally sewn together in order to save weight and
add simplicity. Speaking of simplicity, this is simply the
most versatile small pack on the planet. If you extend
the scabbard cover, it will fit most weapons, even large
50 cal rifles. Fully lined with interior hydration pockets,
assortment of tuck-pockets, and PALS-type webbing.
7 lbs. (with GSTC cover)
Dry Earth, Coyote Brown, Military Green,
Black, Multicam, UNICAM II
G2M — from $299.00
The E2B can replace the
middle layers of interior foam
in Pelican/Hardigg iM3300
Storm Case. In fact, we like
the idea so much that we offer
the two as a paired set.
E2B + iM3300: 27 lbs. 2 oz.
iM3300: Black, Olive
— from $569.00
iM3300 only: 19 lbs.
Black, Olive, w/ foam
GS05 Gunslinger
— $309.00
14 oz.
Black, Dry Earth, Multicam
ARSC-CP— from $49.95
NSN# 8465-01-548-9564
 WX2L or WXP3L Hydration
 G1RC or G2RC
6 lbs 4 oz.
Military Green
GS05M — $259.00
The ARSC-CP Scope Cover
and Crown Protector is a nice
way to protect and carry your
rifle. Includes velcro name
patch, dope card window, split
tabs for fitting varied rigs, and
several more thoughtful
features that set it apart from
lesser versions.
The original Eberlestock
Gunslinger backpack, as used
by operators all over the world
since 2005. Choose this pack
if you like the Gunslinger
concept, but prefer simplicity
in a pack. Two interior
hydration sleeves, PALS-type
webbing all around the outside
of the pack, and side-zip
access to the top-loading main
Proven in Iraq and Afghanistan, Eberlestock's
G3M Phantom has been awarded a
Vertically adjustable
harness for varying
torso lengths
by the National Tactical Officer Association's
"Member Tested and Recommended" evaluators.
Internal aluminum stays
and plastic framesheet
for optimal support
The Halftrack pack is sister to the
Phantom sniper pack, and is built from
the same pattern. A front-loader with two
levels of varying-sized tuck-pockets lining
its interior, PALS racks inside and out,
and a fold-down shelf that can be used to
divide the main compartment into upper
and lower chambers. A plastic mesh flap
on the rear wall serves as a radio rack.
It will carry two 3-liter hydration kits,
mounted in side pockets, or two 2-liter
bladders in sleeves inboard of the outer
pockets if you want to free the main side
pockets for other gear. Tunnel pockets
on either side have a D-ring at the top,
which is useful for carrying skis, long
poles, or other long equipment.
The Halftrack has the
same features as the G3M
Phantom’s main bag .
May 2009: #1 Pack in
Army Times Field Test!
7 lbs. 0 oz.
Rain cover included in
bottom compartment.
Coyote Brown, Dry Earth, Military
Green, Multicam, Black
F3M — from $229.00
The Phantom has successfully pioneered a new type of
tactical pack system; it was the first product that
provided an integrated drag bag and backpack. It
allows you to carry your heavy weapon in the backpack,
either with or without the concealing top-cover. If the
cover is not mounted, you can withdraw a full-scale
sniper weapon from the pack very quickly. Or, with the
cover over the weapon, nobody needs to know what
you are carrying. And if you leave the Control Clips
undone, you can still pull the rifle right out.
The modular system lets you choose how much or how
little of the system you need for your mission: The full
set, just the Backscabbard™, just the pack, or a drag
Carries a rifle either
butt-down or butt-up
Four different
sleeves for hydration
(sold separately)
F3M Halftrack ▲
The Terminator is a full-format conventional
backpack, with some unconventional features. With
a similar layout to our G4 Operator, it has both toploading and double-decker front-loading access.
Peel-away side pockets reveal PALS webbing for
stowing things like ammo. You’ll also find large stowaway compression straps, a built-in rifle rest, large
internal radio compartment, and more. Built to be a
comfortable, tight-riding, go-someplace-with-lots-ofgear kind of backpack.
Full frontal access exposes
interior PALS webbing, tuckpockets all around and a
radio rack on the back wall.
Because every pack that we make is made to carry
rifles, this one’s no exception. You can insert our
A1SS, A2SS, A2LS, or A4SS Side Scabbards into
the back wall of the main compartment, to add a
perfect weapons carrier to the pack.
Rain cover included
in bottom
9 lbs. 8 oz. Dry Earth (shown), Coyote Brown, Military
▼ F4M Terminator
Side Scabbards slip
through portals in pack
for our patented next-tothe-spine rifle carriage
Vertically adjustable
harness for varying
torso lengths
Top pack converts
to fanny pack
Side pockets peel away
to expose PALS webbing
Internal aluminum stays
and plastic framesheet
for optimal support
Green, Multicam
F4M — from $399.00
New Terminator XL: 100 liter version developed for
the New Zealand army. We like it so much that we
decided to make a few extra. Similar pack with minor
variations but a larger size, with ITW GT buckles.
9 lbs. 14 oz. Coyote Tan
F4M — from $399.00
9 lbs. 12 oz. (with GSTC cover)
Dry Earth, Coyote Brown, Military
Green, Black, Multicam
G3M — from $389.00
 WX2L or WXP3L
Rain cover included in
bottom compartment.
Order online at www.eberlestock.com
System converts to
separate components.
 WB2L or WXP3L Hydration
Special Operations
G4 Operator
Many see the Operator as the
ultimate scout/sniper
pack. Adopted by more than one
major army sniper program, it
represents everything that
Eberlestock has learned about the
needs of the professional military
sniper community. It is a true go-to
-war pack, derived from the lessons
learned from our Phantom and
Gunslinger products.
Butt-cover included
Top-loading access
for over-stuffed loads
Radio compartment
on back wall
Zip-away panel
divides main
Tuck pockets,
mesh pockets, and
PALS webbing fit
out the interior
Carries a rifle either
butt-down or butt-up
Shooter’s Harness, optimal
for comfort and thin for
shooting with the pack on.
Internal aluminum
stays and plastic
Scabbard tucks away
into the pack and
locks in place
V90 Battleship
V69 Destroyer
Vertically adjustable
harness for varying
torso lengths
The Operator has elements
similar to other Eberlestock
packs. Its layout is much like
the Phantom, but it's bigger and
has a two-chamber main
compartment, plus the outer
front pockets. Like the
Gunslinger, the Operator's pack
bag and Backscabbard™ are
sewn integrally together. We've
built the pack in understanding
the reality that a classic "drag
bag" is rarely likely to be used
by a modern military scout or
sniper, and we gain some
benefits of simplicity and weight
savings by integrating the whole
package into a single unit. This
pack is made for the sniper
mission, but is a great pack for
other missions — we’ve gotten
enthusiastic feedback from
60mm Mortar Platoons, as well
as radiomen carrying PRC-117type radios.
Developed for the European military market, the
“big ship” class packs bring an exciting new set of
products to our stable. These large conventional
style bags are excellent top-of-the-food-chain
internal frame packs. The larger V90 Battleship
is in the 100-liter range, and the smaller V69
Destroyer comes in at a still serious 70 liters.
Both feature all the bells and whistles, while still
coming in at remarkably low weights.
Rain cover included in
bottom compartment.
Built-in patented
Backscabbard™ folds into
pack when not in use.
G4M: 11 lbs. 2 oz. (with GSTC cover)
Black, Dry Earth, Military Green, Coyote
Brown, Multicam, UNICAM II
Made of tough 420 denier ripstop nylon, the
packs feature upper and lower main chambers,
both with front-door opening panels, a large
expandable sleeve in the top-loading section,
weapon / ski / ice-axe / miscellaneous equipment
tie-downs, MOLLE panels, large plastic-mesh
side bags, and a perfect array of built-in
compression straps, which allow you to control
the load as well as allow you to quickly and easily
attach gear to any surface of the pack.
from — $429.00
 WX2L or WXP3L Hydration
The packs feature our extremely comfortable
back padding, optimized Shooter’s Harness, and
an ample, plush, load-bearing hip belt. The yoke
is adjustable to virtually any torso length, and
contourable aluminum stays complete the
comfort and support package. Frame-to-interior
links bring the load right against the wearer’s
Shown here with
A3SB Saddle Bags
(great for hydration)
F3F FAC Track
Shown here with AN2P
2-liter Standard MOLLE
Weapons are carried externally as shown at left
(ARSC Scope Cover shown over AR-10), or in
the A4SS Tactical Weapon Carrier, which can be
mounted to the interior back wall (ARSC and
A4SS sold separately).
F3F: 7 lbs. 2 oz.
Dry Earth, ACU, Coyote Brown, Military Green, UNICAM,
from — $289.00
A3SB 3-Liter Saddle Bag: 10 oz.
Dry Earth, Coyote Brown, UNICAM, Multicam, Mossy Oak
Brush, Treestand, Rock Veil, Western Slope
from — $27.95 each
AN2P 2-Liter Standard Pouch: 10 oz.
Dry Earth, Coyote Brown, ACU, UNICAM, Military Green,
from — $19.95 each
V90: 8 lbs. 4 oz.
Dry Earth (shown), Coyote Brown, Military Green,
V69: 7 lbs. 2 oz.
Dry Earth (shown), Coyote Brown, Military Green,
Rock Veil
Rock Veil
— $429.00
— $389.00
Optimized for the Forward
Air Controller mission, the
FAC Track was developed
from our F3M Halftrack
design. Changes include
a zip-around top opening
which provides easy
access to a radio stowed
in the pack’s radio rack,
PALS-type webbing on the
sides to allow custom
pockets, front pockets with
organizers and shooting
rest between them, and a
total of 5 options for
places to stow hydration.
J79 Skycrane II
J107M Dragonfly
BigMouth Backscabbard™
fits larger-scale sniper rifles.
This pack will do far more than what we can show you in a catalog.
Please see our website for more details.
The J79M Skycrane II is a scalable pack system. At its heart is a
modular 2400 cubic inch internal frame pack that employs our
patented Cam Expansion system. It features the same proven
Zip-away Load-bay pack is perfect
suspension shown in the opposite page for the J107M, and at
for shorter duration scout/sniper
only 12” wide, it’s narrower than the first-generation
missions when paired with the A4SS.
Skycrane. Its unique open load-bay design allows it to perform
exceptionally well in a variety of configurations. It is reducible all
of the way down to a fanny pack, moves through a Phantom-style sniper
pack, and grows all the way up to a full-scale 7600 cubic inch freighter.
Add one of our scabbards and it will tackle carrying anything from a
shotgun to the M107 Barrett, with a variety of gear compartments and
storage spaces that are designed for flexibility, ease of operation, and
accessibility. It has the rugged, field-proven construction that has been
impressing customers around the world since we perfected our pack
design and construction concepts. And above all, the Skycrane is
designed for comfort, in order to ride well day after day, and to increase
the agility of those who are lucky enough to have it at the heart of their
mission-essential gear.
J79M: 11 lbs. 12 oz. (includes G1
pack, J79 pack, fanny pack).
Coyote Brown, Dry Earth, Military Green,
Multicam, UNICAM II
— from $499.00
A4SS: 3lbs. 14 oz (includes GSTC
Butt Cover). Coyote Brown, Dry Earth,
Military Green, Multicam
2900 c.i
Top pack converts to fanny pack and has
a dedicated hydration pocket (one of two
on pack; hydration units sold separately).
 WX2L or WXP3L Hydration
 J1RC Rain Cover
 WB2L or WXP3L Hydration
 J1RC Rain Cover
 J2SD Spike Duffel
The A4SS Tactical Weapons Carrier features a unique
scalable system. It can expand to carry virtually any manportable long gun weapon (.50 cal sniper rifle overlaid here).
5425 c.i
7900 c.i ., shown
with optional J2SD
Spike Duffel
The J107M is a variant of our Dragonfly hunting
pack. This member of the Just One family is at the
pinnacle of backpack design. With the patented Cam
Expansion and built-in Backscabbard™ that made the
Just One famous, the Dragonfly raises the bar, featuring
a high tech suspension system, a huge range of
adjustability, and more patented and proprietary
features than any pack made. A full slate of premium
features includes a full framesheet, which augments the
internal aluminum stays to give a very stable load
bearing platform, and a fully adjustable shoulder
harness and beefy #10 zippers. If you need a
pack that is scalable for multiple missions,
you should consider a Dragonfly.
Shooter’s Harness, optimal
for comfort and thin for
shooting with the pack on.
Vertically adjustable
harness fits a remarkably
wide range of torso lengths
— from $129.95
J107M: 9 lbs. 2 oz.
Olive, Coyote Brown, UNICAM, Dry Earth,
— from $399.00
The big compression straps
on J-type packs are really
handy for moving bulky
Accessories, some of which will work on stuff you
The A2MP MultiPack is sized for full-format
binoculars, and combined with the APSK kit, it can
be worn as a chest pack suspended from your
pack's harness. It can also be mounted to any of the
Padlock matrixes on our packs, so you can carry it
on the side of your waistbelt, or mount it on the main
body of the pack.
Our unique Padlock MultiMount system allows you to
attach the A2MP to any piece of webbing or
belt. Which means that you can put it anywhere.
For example, you can use it as a fanny pack just by
attaching it to your regular pants belt. In the field,
this means that you can grab it and use it as a small
fanny pack if you've stashed your big pack.
Available in colors to match Eberlestock packs.
A2MP — from $44.95
Padded Accessory Cases These deluxe lightweight
padded cases attach to our packs with the Padlock
system, or can be slung onto a sternum strap, pants
belt, or anywhere else you want to keep them. These
padded, high-quality, finely built cases are designed to
protect valuable equipment.
The A2SP is a binocular-sized case, with a second front
pocket for small sundries. The main compartment is
lined with a soft fleece material. The A1SP is a smaller
case, sized for compact cameras or laser range
finders. Available in colors to match Eberlestock packs.
See Page 7 for
Our JSTC Butt Covers are made to allow you to fully cover the
butt and optics of a rifle or shotgun that you'll be carrying in your
pack or in your Eberlestock Side Scabbard. You can clip the
cover to the pack, turning the assembly into a rifle case, or you
can leave the cover un-attached for quick accessibility to the
gun. Available in colors to match Eberlestock packs, plus Blaze
JSTC — $19.99
The ARCG ButtBucket can be
mounted to any of our packs
that don’t have a built-in bow
bucket. This universal rifle and
compound bow carrier comes
with our Ripcord Tether. It
provides a protective cup for the
lower cam of a bow, and on-thefly access. Available in colors to
match Eberlestock packs.
ARCG — $34.95
— Large:
— Small:
A1BC — $12.95
Our Magic Carpet Shooting Mat is a tool that the
professional shooter will appreciate. Carry it rolled up,
and when it's time to shoot, you simply hold the end and
toss the mat out. With its weighted end, it unfurls and
you're ready to go. At 8’ long, it covers the distance from
below your knees to well in front of your barrel, so it is an
effective muzzle blast dust suppression barrier. PVC
backing makes it waterproof. 2.5 lbs / 3.5 lbs. Brown.
A1SM — Non-padded:
A2SM — Padded:
ACST — Package of 2: $4.99
ACSL — Package of 2: $9.95
Our ultralight Pack Mountable Shooting Rest is a
perfected version of the kind of rest that the Marine Corps
Sniper School teaches its students to make. You can attach
it to any 3-wide MOLLE or PALS
panel (our Padlock system), using its
built-in attachment clips. It can be
quickly detached and remounted to
various surfaces of your backpack,
giving you the ability to set up a field
rest with an optimal elevation for the
particular place that you're shooting
from. A great lightweight
alternative to shooting sticks,
bipods, and hardware-based
shooting rests. 3 oz.
Available in colors to match
Eberlestock packs.
About our Lifetime Warranty: Lifetime. Simple. We
think our stuff's made to last you a lifetime. If you have
a problem, we'll make it right. -- Which means that we'll
either repair or replace our product, at our expense, if it
fails due to normal use. We define normal use the same
way that you probably do: anything other than willful
damage or fire damage. Products damaged by
machinery or plain foolishness (hey, we all know it when
we see it) will be repaired for a nominal fee. If you want
to confirm the cost of a repair prior to sending it to us,
please feel free to contact us.
Our Little Stuff Sacks are great for organizing your
smaller items, to keep them from going adrift inside a
pack. We offer three colors in two sizes, so you can store
your things in a color-coded bag for different categories.
The small A1ST sack is about a pint. The large A2ST is
about 3 pints. 1/3 oz.
Ranger Green, Dry Earth, Lucent.
— Large:
— Small:
A note about pack weights: Some people think our
packs are really light considering what they're designed
to do. Others think that they should be lighter. All that
we can tell you is that we think that the packs are
appropriately weighted. Their weight is purely a function
of the materials used to build them combined with the
proportions of the pack, and these are based upon three
factors: first, we use the best materials that we can find,
period. Second, the product’s size results from the
intended function. These are formed into a product that
meets our quest for comfort and toughness. So, yes,
you might find lighter-weight products, and we know that
you'll find heavier weight products. But we think that it'll
be pretty rare for you to find packs that have the balance
that ours have. We don't compromise, and we think that
you'll appreciate that when it comes time to put yourself
and your equipment to the ultimate test.
The BirdBag utility bag is an easy way to mount
1700 cubic inches of additional capacity on your
Eberlestock pack. It's made of black nylon mesh
with gray nylon, and comes in a mesh stuff sack.
When combined with packs with large
compression straps, such as the Gunslinger or
B3, the BirdBag will carry a significant amount of
meat. For packs without external compression
straps, such as the X1 or the Slingshot, the bag is
great for lighter loads of meat or upland game, or
it can be supplemented with ACST Accessory
Straps. 8 oz. Ranger Green or Blaze Orange
A4BB — $47.95
See www.eberlestock.com for a full
selection of Hardigg Storm Cases!
A1SR — $29.95
iM2950 This extra-large Storm
Case is a great cargo case to
store and/or ship a full J-type backpack in.
The product listed here has an empty
interior. As a favor to our customers, we
sell our Storm Cases well below retail!
iM2950 — (No Foam):
...but most of which you’ll want to get an Eberlestock pack for.
A note about safety: Our packs are made to carry
weapons more safely than if they were being carried in
your hands, period. In fact, we hear from guides who
now require their clients to show up with our packs,
because they recognize that there is no way that you
can hurt your rifle, or shoot somebody, if your rifle’s put
away in your pack. Still, we state on our product that
you should not carry a loaded weapon in our scabbards,
and we mean it. Don’t load your chamber until your rifle
is pointed down range.
Order online at www.eberlestock.com
Mini Pouches These nifty little storage pouches
are perfect for carrying rifle ammunition (about
ten .30 cal rounds). They're also great for an easyaccess place for your different call diaphragms or
other small items. The A1BC comes with our selfcontained universal Padlock mounting system,
allowing it to be attached to any strap or belt, or to
any of the Padlock panels on our backpacks. 1 oz.
Available in colors to match Eberlestock packs.
ACST Accessory Straps:
We're often asked how to tie
stuff onto our packs. In addition
to the built-in compression straps
found on many of our packs, we
offer these 1" accessory straps as a
way to easily lash on sleeping bags,
pads, tents, etc. ACSE = 24" long,
ACSL = 36” long.
Dry Earth.
About our pack construction: Our hunting packs are
all made of special soft-finished fabrics, chosen for their
ruggedness and quiet qualities. There are very few
pack manufacturers that go to the extra expense of
building their products out of premium fabrics like we do.
already own...
You'll notice some of the difference in the feel of the
pack; you can sense that there is a better quality about
ours. But the real difference is unseen: Our fabric is
lined with a special grade of polyurethane that makes it
waterproof and keeps it supple even in very cold
E1ES Strap Keepers: These handy elastic
temperatures (as opposed to standard PVC-lined
bands come in packs of five. They're a nice
fabrics, which get stiff, and can even crack and
convenience item, to keep your pack looking
break). Our pack fabric by itself is quite rugged. But
tidy (Note: most packs already come with a
keeper on each of the main compression
because we don't ever want your pack to fail you, we go
straps). Dry Earth.
the extra mile and reinforce all structural points with
nylon. We add generous bar tacking throughout the
E1ES — Package of 5: $3.99
pack, and make sure that all stress points are amply
reinforced. We do this, above all, so that you can go out
on the hunt of a lifetime and know that your pack will be
there for you.
Our military / law enforcement packs are made of
We offer you the ultimate hydration system. Made by
Source , our custom-made, premium bladders use patented premium 1000 denier nylon, with the same attention to
detail, reinforcement, and tough overall construction that
anti-bacterial technology, and Glass-like™ liner, so that you
distinguishes our hunting packs. The bottom line is that
get a product that gives great tasting drinks and long
life. Plus, we've added our own specifications to make this
we know that we have a bunch of tough
into the hydration system that best does the jobs that we
customers. They're tough to please, and tough on their
know our customers will be doing. Special standard features equipment. We build packs that we think will exceed
include dual fill options (wide-mouth end opening for stream their expectations.
filling and drying -- plus screw cap) and a high quality weave
We don't use gimmicks. Every detail is thoughtfully
covered insulated drink tube.
chosen, and if you think we've missed something,
please tell us. If we have one legacy that we want to
WXP3L — 3 Liter (100 oz): $39.95
leave, it would be a long list of very happy customers.
— 2 Liter (70 oz): $34.95
Rock Veil
Timber Veil
Western Slope
A new kind of camouflage. Take a close look at the pictures
above, and you’ll see that this isn’t your granddaddy’s camo.
We like it so much that we’ve placed a bet on it, and have
partnered with Hide-Open Camouflage in bringing a new type
of camouflage to the world. Optimized for open space, the
patterns work equally well in an interior forest.
Your Eberlestock pack can
handle it. You see, most
packs are built like book
bags, but ours are built to
handle what some pretty
tough people are going to
throw at them.
Hide-Open patterns have an excellent balance of shapes, of
lights and darks, of form-busting features, and photo-realistic
areas combined with abstract areas. It is the first camouflage
in the world to have three focal layers: a near-ground blurred
veil, a mid-ground sharp focus, and a distant background. We
think you’ll find it interesting. We think it’ll help you to hide.
And we think it’s fun.
It’s no secret that at
Eberlestock, we’re not
satisfied with the ordinary.
For years, we’ve been
working on the perfect
fabric for hunting packs.
Now, we’re happy to tell
you that we’ve found it.
Quiet. Waterproof. And it
passes the ultimate test,
where the toughest of
guys can’t tear a scissor
cut. Our packs have
always been tough. But
now they’re indestructible.
Copyright 2013 Hide-Open LLC
So go ahead.
Get Out There.
The Best Pack Fabric in the World.