Press release – 04/10/05 IONISEUR-F4: equipment for



Press release – 04/10/05 IONISEUR-F4: equipment for
Press release – 04/10/05
IONISEUR-F4: equipment for air treatment
Behind its cosy looks, the cabin is in reality a source of major pollution with a concentration
that can be five times higher than outside. To face up to this growing concern,
MECAPLAST Group has developed a product for the improvement of the cabin’s air
quality: the IONISEUR-F4, which is distributed under the brand OLFAPUR.
Using the aero-ionisation technology, this concept helps to fight the interior pollution and to
limit its impact regarding health, comfort, and well-being of the users. Many characteristics
that make it a key element in the improvement of road safety.
Based on a patent from the French company “Génie &
Environnement“, the IONISEUR-F4 is guaranteed free of
ozone production and free radicals: negative ions, with a
major disinfecting effect are diffused in the cabin,
enabling the destruction of atmospheric pollution (germs,
viruses, bacteria, micro-dust), the inhibition of odours as
well as the neutralization of static electricity and
electromagnetic fields, whose noxiousness is scientifically
verified. Finally, by its numerous physiological proven
effects, the negative ionisation helps to diminish the stress of users and consequently
moderate aggressive road behaviour.
The IONISEUR-F4 thus ensures a better protection of the car users
against pollution and contributes to the improvement of interior
comfort. Waiting for its mass integration on vehicles, the
IONISEUR-F4 is currently available as an accessory in car
dedicated supermarkets.
The IONISEUR-F4 is part of the OLFAPUR-S3 evolutionary concept, a complete solution
for the reduction of cabin pollution, whose dangerous effects are considered today as a
real public health concern.
As one of the European leaders in automotive equipment, MECAPLAST Group designs, develops and
manufactures innovative parts, sub-assemblies and integrated modules in plastic, textile and metal to supply
the automotive markets worldwide.
The Group has a turnover of 820 million euros and employs 8000 persons in 47 units and 17 countries.
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