Sunday, March 29th ~ 3:00 - Oakhurst Community Concert Band



Sunday, March 29th ~ 3:00 - Oakhurst Community Concert Band
proudly presents our
Sunday, March 29th ~ 3:00
Yosemite High School Theatre
Randy Hyatt, Director
Pat Mierkey, Assistant Director
Concert Benefactors ft
Sierra Telephone
Claiborne & Associates
Alan & Barbara Graas
ft Concert Patrons
Service Organization of the Sierra
Sierra Asset Management
Donald & Oneita Mosher
Yosemite Bank
Sierra Oakhurst Kiwanis
Concert Sponsors ft
George & Helen Smith
James O. Brown
Our Lady of the Siena Women's Guild
Evergreen Conference Center
Band Members
Dottie Asplund, +Erin Boyle, Gretchen Fruth, Becky
+Sandy Schaefer, Robyn Wages
Sandy Schaefer
Jazmin Annis, Carol Levy
English Horn Carol Levy
Cati Boyle, Sarah Lamb, Kristal Newman, Susan Pludow,
Oliver Seely, Marcia Souza, Ted Strauss, Dianne Sullivan,
Bill Wagner
Bass Clarinet Penny Park, Kyle Toth
Alto Sax
* + Alan Graas, * + Randy Hyatt
Tenor Sax
*John Pawlik, Ted Strauss
Baritone Sax
John Pawlik, * Sandy Schaefer
French Horn
Marland Hansen, Rosalind Hansen, Melissa Booth
*Gerone Blomgren, *Berl Howell, *Don Lawrence,
*Tyrell McKenzie, *DanMetz, *+Larry Vaccaro
"Corey Booth, "Herman Brown, "Lynn Fullmer,
*+Pat Mierkey, "Chris Mosher
Bass Trombone "Kevin Lukan
Chris Mosher
Ed Roberts, Bill Seaberg
Betty Callan, "Matt Claiborne, "Jim Kirin,
"MaryHelen Mierkey, "Kirk Townsend
Electric Bass
"Rudy Helm
Tyrell McKenzie, "MaryHelen Mierkey
* +Ann White
Ann White
* denotes Jazz Band Member + denotes board member
Special Thanks
Mr. Steve Raupp ~ Yosemite High School
Linda Seaberg & the OCCB Awdlary
RudyHeha ~ Website
Jackie Mallouf~ Photographer
Ana White & Sandy Schaefer ~ Program
Starbucks ~ Intermission coffee
Next Oakhurst Community Band Concert:
Celebrate America ~ 6:30 p.m. June 2ffh
Mountain Christian Center, Oakhurst
OCCB meets Monday evenings, 6:30 - 8:30, YHS band room
information: (559) 760-3849
~ intermission ~
J> Concert Band
Four Winds Overture
Robert Sheldon
The Caloosahatchee River touches the Everglades in rural Florida, on its
way to the Gulf of Mexico. This piece weaves together the community of
man, land and creature that lives beneath the southern winds.
Appalachian Air
The Walking Frog
Karl L. King
Directed by Pat Mierkey
arr. by Robert E. Foster
Eager for a life of composing and performing music, Mr. King joined the
circus at age 19, riding that train throughout most of his career during the
early 1900's. As Band Director of the Barnum & Bailey Circus, he composed
this piece as a "clown walk-about", a favorite of many circus acts.
Walker's Southern Harmony
arr. by Michael Brown
Based on the hymn "My Shepherd Will Supply My Need".
Jazz Band ft
String of Pearls
Jerry Gray
Composed for the Glenn Miller Orchestra, this was the #1 record in 1942.
Cajun Folk Songs II
Frank Ticheli
In two parts, "Ballad" and "Country Dance", the composer mixes his work
with existing folk songs to express, first the melancholy of French colonists
driven from Nova Scotia to Louisiana, then the Two-Step energy of their
heirs, the Cajun culture that survives.
PEnnsylvania six-five-oh-oh-oh
Jerry Gray
In the heyday of the Big Bands, everybody that was anybody played the
Cafe Rouge Ballroom at the Pennsylvania Hotel in Manhattan, NYC. The
telephone number to the hotel was, you guessed it, Pennsylvania 6-5000.
And such is the stuff of inspiration.
The Rondo from Piano Concerto No. 2 in B flat Major
Solo Pianist ~ Tyrell McKenzie
Ludwig van Beethoven
Transcribed by: Charles T. Yeago
Shannon Falls ~ Mvt. II from the suite: Sea to Sky
Ralph Ford
Media accompaniment ~ Man/Helen Mierkey
The word "spectacular" is a part of any description of British Columbia's
Shannon Falls. Glacier made, it bursts from the heights above the Sea to
Sky Hwy., to fall crashing over a series of cliffs, 100's of feet to Howe Sound.
You are there, in sound and sensation.
In Flight
Samuel R. Hazo
Media accompaniment ~ Man/Helen Mierkey
Intrigued by his cousin's tales of flight as a Marine Corps fighter pilot, and
once having gained the experience for himself, the composer set about
creating musical sensations: of soaring, breaking through clouds, sweeping
aerial expanses, weightlessness, and awe.
I'll Be Seeing You
Directed by Wayne Livingston
Music by: Sammy Fain
Lyrics by: Irving Kaha
Vocalist ~ Ann White
arr. by Wayne Livingston
This piece was first released in 1938, but, for reasons anyone's heart would
tell, knew its greatest popularity during World War II, speaking to all world
^Concert Band
The Sound of Brazil
Antonio Carlos Jobirn
arr. by Roy Phillippe
"Quiet Nights of Quiet Stars" ... "Meditation" ... "One Note Samba" ...
"How Insensitive" . . . "The Girl from Ipanema"
You know, the world knows, these songs from the man who introduced
Brazilian music to our lives.

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