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must register first to use the On Line Study Course.
You will be prompted to link your
link your Collegeboard
Account to the study course later.
High school code
After you submit the high school code, select the CBIndependent Study Course.
select the CBIndependent
Study Course
Enter collegeboard
sign on info here
This will link your On Line Study Course to your SAT My Organizer
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Your registration is complete.
NISD Junior
NISD Junior
04/15/15 registration 04/15/15
is displayed here Saturday test dates Saturday
test dates
My College Quickstart
Access on line study course here
My College Quickstart
Customized SAT Study Plan based on
based on PSAT performance
NISD Junior
If you need to make a name or address correction, use the “Change Registration” feature and update the g
personal information . Send score reports or print the admission ticket from this page.
Using the SAT Online Study Course
Pre Test Results will customize a study plan
study plan. Can be taken on line or on paper. 4‐5: Student’s can take up to
9 free practice tests. 2.
Students may work through all the Lessons WITHOUT taking
WITHOUT taking the PRE TEST.
Quizzes available at the end of each lesson to determine
determine content mastery.
Test may be taken On Line or by Paper.
by Paper. Paper results are manually entered by student to create t d tt
customized study plan. Can take test by y
each timed section. Full test takes 3 hours and
3 hours and 20 minutes.
Required ONLY if student would like customized study plan.
Paper Version
V i
Student may complete one section test at a time
section test at a time.
Access Lessons without Pre Test Results
Quizzes can be used to monitor content content
Additional quizzes available in il bl i
separate section
Lessons offer Read Aloud Feature
Access Lessons for the Access
Lessons for the
Quiz Practice Quizzes Quizzes
offer 600 practice questions f S
for SAT Prep.
9 Full 9
F ll
Length Practice Practice

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