Building Foundations for Success



Building Foundations for Success
Issue 1 - October 2013
for Success
BSB Office Staff
ti Road
- Ploies
If you need any information or help in regard to your child’s education and
support at BSB, please do not hesitate to contact our office team during
Tunari Roa d
301, 783
Email:[email protected]
Nursery, Primary
and Secondary
021 267 8969
42, Iancu Nicolae Street,
077190 Voluntari, Ilfov County
Bucharest, Romania
301, 783
Nordului St.
Se Alex
rba a n
ne dru
112, 301
of China
de Glu
Bv .
coza St
r Road
Bv .
ei St.
uri T
Ra m
Ba r
Va c
Ro a d
a sc a
Aviatorilor Bv.
Cea iotr Ilic
La cul
Tei Bv.
Moisil St.
Fa bric a
el K
021 267 8969
Pa v
021 267 8919
Email:[email protected]
Alexa ndru Bv .
For admissions please contact Mr David Whitehill:
a re
021 267 8969
rii B
021 267 8919
el K
Pa v
0728 133 432/3
Email:[email protected]
please contact:
a re
For specific help relating to school transport and student lunches,
ri Ro
021 267 8919
ra -T
normal working hours, 8.00am - 5.00pm, Monday-Friday.
Casa Alba
Resta urant
Aca demy
Baneasa Forest
182, 282
Dear Parents, Students & Friends
of BSB
2013 has been a milestone year for the British School of Bucharest; it is not
a major anniversary in the school’s history but it is hugely important, as it
sees the first student ever registered at the school move on to university.
The dreams and plans we had when the school was established have been
realised and he and his colleagues graduated from BSB with the finest set
of results we could have hoped for. We could not be more proud of their
BSB has always made the promise to its students and their families that with
their hard work we would guide them to be ready to face the challenges of the
“…we are confident
that we have waved
goodbye to a group of
stellar individuals who
next stage in their educational career, and for university admissions this relies
heavily on a good set of examination results. However in terms of their ability
to deal with university, life away from home, assuming new responsibilities
and ensuring they are able to work with new colleagues and make new
friends, well this demands a separate set of more creative skills and we know
our new alumni have these; we are confident that we have waved goodbye to
a group of stellar individuals who will make an impact for good, this was the
real dream and is worth celebrating.
will make an impact
Although this is the end of our Upper VIths’ time at BSB, it is the beginning
for good; this was the
real dream and is worth
for so many others, and with the start of the new academic year our work
and commitment begins afresh. We look forward to continuing this work in
partnership with you all, as the journey is definitely worth it.
Jo Puddy-Wells, Principal
[email protected]
Issue 1
October 2013
Country in Spotlight: Austria
Austria is famous mostly for the food, for
example: Schnitzel, Mannerschniten,
Sachertorte, Moon Nudeln,
Mozartkugeln. Austria is also famous for
skiing and festivals.
Mozartkugeln are round marzipan
chocolates with a picture of Mozart on
Austria is very hot in summer and
extremely cold in winter.
One famous Austrian is Felix
Baumgartner, the man who recently
jumped from space back to Earth. Also
Albert Bogen, Siegfried Flesch, Otto
Herschmann and Ellen Preis.
Austria is famous for the mountains and
everyone should go there for the skiing.
Austrians love to eat schnitzel
When I think of the weather, I think it is
very shiny!
It is different to Romania as there are
fewer cars in Austria.
When we go back I visit my family.
Matthias 5M
When I go back, I normally visit my
family and friends. I like to go to some
museums and try to learn more about
my country. At Christmas I go to the city
and look at all the Christmas stands and
Visitors should see the churches and
museums in Vienna, go to the opera or
to a famous musical such as Elisabeth.
Also they should go to the mountains or
on a hiking tour.
I love BSB because the teachers are
very kind and the way we learn is
Sophie 8C
Austria is famous for the food, especially
Apfelstrudel and Austrians like to eat
Pasta, Knodel and Snitzel too.
The weather is good – very hot in
summer and white in winter
I like to go back and visit Oma to see my
cousins and old friends and for ski-ing
Visitors should see the weapon
museums, Vienna and the parks.
I was in Kindergarten in Austria. In BSB
they speak English and in my old school
they spoke German.
Pablo 3S
Austria is famous for schnitzel, probably
the most popular dish.
Austria can be chilly in the winter but it is
greener than Romania
Visitors should see Stephansdom and
the fantastic mountains, where I like to
ski when I go back.
Lukas 7W
Austria is bigger and warmer than
Romania but also has great skiing and
when I go there I just like to play with my
Lukas 5H
Austria is famous for churches and
Often it is raining and is colder than
Romania. Not many people have
swimming pools because it is so cold in
When I go back for a holiday I do lots of
thing but my favourite thing is when I go
to a water park. It is so cool and I love it
because we jump on the slide and have
so much fun.
Mozart is Austria’s most famous son.
Austria is smaller than Romania and has
hot summers, so I can go swimming
most of the time. When I go back I
love to spend time with my family and
friends and go hiking in the beautiful
Alexandra 7W
Lena 2P
Austria is famous for its nice skiing
resorts, skiers, Mozart, chocolate and
Red Bull. Austrians like to eat any food
that is good quality and they mostly eat
with a side dish.
The weather in Austria is very neutral and
it snows a lot in the winter.
Austrians love to eat Mohnnudeln,
which is like thick noodles. The weather
is beautiful – hot summers and snowy
winters. Skiing is very popular.
When I go back I like to play with my
friend Johanna. Last time I was there
was for my grandfather’s birthday.
When I visit Austria I like to go to the
Viennese amusement park and go to
the centre of Vienna. Tourists should
definitely go to the mountains and also
see the beautiful countryside.
Liliane, Reception
Jakob 9W
Austria is famous for schnitzel. Felix
Baumgartner is probably the most
famous Austrian of recent years.
It can be quite rainy and some Austrians
can be grumpy.
When I go back I play with friends. If you
visit, you must see the weapon museum.
Ignacio 5H
Issue 1
October 2013
Where are they now? Dan Brown
After a long and lazy summer in which I did little but catch up with friends and
family around the UK, at the beginning of September I found myself winging
my way to Hong Kong with my girlfriend, Maria.
With little idea of what to expect other than a busy and bustling city, we
arrived with a mixture of excitement, aspiration and a touch of trepidation. We
needn’t have worried - Hong Kong is a great mix of east and west. It has many
of the home comforts we have grown used to as well as a healthy dose of
unfamiliar sights, sounds and customs.
I hope everyone back there is doing well and trying to get on with their lives
without me. I know it will be hard at first, but we must always look to the
But seriously - all the best for the new academic year. And to my old form
group, good luck with your GCSEs and work hard! I know you will.
Dan enjoying the warmth of Hong Kong
Across the harbour to Expo Promenade
The famous Hong Kong skyline
Introducing: Mr Rob Ford
Head of Lower School
I was head teacher at a successful village Primary school in Cheshire before
making the move overseas again, this time to The British International School,
Phuket. We spent 4 years enjoying the delights of Thailand before wondering
where next. A few applications were sent to various parts of the world and one
day I received a telephone call from BSB inviting me for interview. At the time,
I was sitting in a kayak in the middle of the ocean on a school trip with a group
of Year 4 students. I spent a short time at BSB when I came for interview and
was impressed by the warm welcome I received (despite the cold February
weather) and the positive approaches to learning I observed as I walked
It has been great to meet and get to know the Primary staff who I will be
working with. My aim is to develop this team of enthusiastic individuals
to help them be the best that they can be. I will encourage the teachers to
constantly reflect on their practice and strive to improve in order to provide
their students with the most exciting learning opportunities and challenges
possible. I enjoy getting into classrooms, teaching and working with students
It could be fair to say that I have joined the family business. I was born in
the West Midlands to teaching parents. My brother, sister, 4 sisters-in-law, 1
niece and 1 brother-in-law are, or were, all involved in education, as teachers
or head teachers of schools in the UK and overseas. I completed my teacher
training at University College Chester, before starting my career in Birmingham
and Solihull. My first overseas teaching post was in Islamabad, Pakistan - an
amazing experience. My wife, Isobel, was nursing at the British and American
Embassies at the time and we decided after 2 years to return to the UK to
continue our studies. I completed my head teacher qualification (NPQH) and
Isobel re trained as a teacher, so she should be on the list too.
although my opportunities for this are not as frequent as they used to be. My
wife has also joined the teaching team in Reception and we have 2 sons in the
secondary school: Aaron in Y10 and Josh in Y8.
In my spare time I enjoy a range of sports and outdoor activities including
football, tennis, cycling and kayaking. As a family we are looking forward to
hopefully getting back onto the ski slopes in Romania (we have not seen any
snow for a while). In football I follow the mixed fortunes of Aston Villa.
I look forward to meeting you all over the coming months and exploring the
city of Bucharest and the country of Romania.
Introducing: Paula Istrate
PA to the Principal
I am very happy to be a part of the BSB Community and it has been a pleasure
meeting all of the people who share the same values and have so much to
offer every day.
I am enjoying my time here at BSB and I am sure it will turn out to be the
exciting and wonderful life experience I was hoping for when I first started
Issue 1
October 2013
Introducing: Corina Gheorghe
HR Coordinator
I joined the BSB team in the summer and I am lucky to have the chance
of working in a school with high quality management and a high quality
internationally-recognised education.
As an HR professional I know that I work with the most valuable, creative
and productive resources on the market – people, and BSB is a wonderful
environment that allows me to work with incredible people, to obtain
experience in my career and maintain a wonderful balance of life.
As a mother I am thinking all the time of my daughter’s future and BSB is the
best example that shows how a child has the possibility of a high education,
of being a self-disciplined learner and can develop the ability of realising their
full potential. This wonderful school teaches me how to advise my daughter
to choose the best way for a better life and I encourage her, telling her every
morning my favorite African proverb:
“Every morning in Africa a gazelle wakes up. Knows that it must run faster than
the fastest lion or it will die.
Every morning in Africa a lion wakes up. Knows that it must run faster than the
fastest gazelle or it will remain hungry.
No matter whether you’re gazelle or lion. When the sun comes up, you better
start running!”
Getting to know your TA: Ileana Gâlmă
Hi, I’m Ileana and I am a TA in Crib.
I have been with BSB for about 7 months and I have been enjoying every
minute of it! I love being with the children, playing and singing together.
Prior to working here I was involved in adult development as an assistant Soft
Skills facilitator and as a Business English teacher. After having done this for
4 years I thought it was time for a shift in focus. And that same thought is the
one that brought me here - but this time in child development.
When not in school I enjoy reading detective novels, organising my new flat
and spending time with my 2 nephews.
My philosophy on life? “Don’t waste time doing things you hate.”
Ileana in the library
In the neighbourhood: Mrs Aurelia Stanca
For how long have you been working here?
I have been working at BSB for 8 years and before that I worked in a bread
Do you like BSB?
Yes, it is very welcoming. I like it because it is different to other schools.
Do your colleagues treat you well and do you enjoy the work?
Yes. I work with lots of very nice people and I never get tired of cleaning.
What do you like to do during your free time?
Anything that comes in my mind.
How do pupils from BSB treat you?
Very well, they are all respectful.
If you could choose any other job, what would it be?
I like this job and so I think I would choose something related to what I am
already doing.
What are your working hours?
Sometimes from 7:00am to 3:00pm, and other times from 2:00pm to 8:00pm.
Oana and Clara with Mrs Stanca
[email protected]
Interviewed by Clara and Ioana, Y8
The interview
+40 723 678 662
+40 743 760 634
Issue 1
October 2013
BSB Congratulates:
Joe Wadsworth
Joe Wadsworth completed his PADI Advanced Open Water Diver certification
in July 2013. This course is taken after Open Water certification and involves 5
further adventure dives: peak perfor mance buoyancy, underwater navigation,
deep diving, underwater naturalist and drift diving.
Joe has completed The Open water Diver, Adventure Diver and Advanced
courses by diving in the Black Sea, Arabian Gulf, the Atlantic Ocean and the
Joe setting out for a dive
Mr. Mark Monaghan
This summer, on July 4th, Mark and Erika were in Vermont, USA and had invited
friends and relatives to join them for our American Independence Day BBQ.
However, what they hadn’t disclosed was that they were actually attending a
wedding; something they had been keeping secret for 6 months.
Firstly, Mark proposed (again) in front of everyone and many people were
congratulating themselves on having guessed that there was to be an
engagement announcement, but then Mark delivered a double whammy and
revealed that it was not an engagement party but actually their wedding!
Cue much whooping and clapping, of course, but also some guests who were
simply confused or stunned. For the next 30 minutes Mark and Erika spent
most of their time dealing with the “Soooo, are you really getting married right
here, right now?!” type of question.
Shortly afterwards they set off on a road trip honeymoon, taking them from
Vermont to Boston, then Chicago, onto Denver and the Rockies, through
Colorado to New Mexico, and finally to Arizona, before heading back to
Bucharest for a rest!
Mark and Erika tie the knot
Mugur Mateescu, School Photographer
The happy couple on their marks
Mugur with his son and godfather, escort Deniss into the
Mugur met Deniss last winter time during an athletics meeting. After a short
time they realised that they had many things in common and decided to get
married, choosing a picturesque location near Snagov Lake for their big day.
BSB colleagues celebrate with Mugur
with their friends and families. It was a traditional Romanian wedding and the
‘stealing the bride’ and ‘the veil’ traditions were part of the whole ceremony.
The beautiful wedding took place on 7th September and they were both
delighted to have many of their colleagues from BSB present to enjoy the day
Issue 1
October 2013
PTA Review
A warm welcome to new and returning families to the 2013/14 BSB school
• Join the PTA Committee and become involved in decision-making.
There is something special about starting a new school year. Most of us
remember the feeling and we see it in our children as they are getting ready
to go; maybe a nervous anticipation, relief, apprehension or excitement.
Everyone has their own experience. However, I am sure we all hope for a
successful year for our children filled with learning, friendships and fun.
Our events are advertised on the Friday Flyer email and on the BSB PTA
Facebook page. We also post all events in the Parents’ room. This year we
will reintroduce the Hallowe’en party and will add glamour with a spring
school ball, where we will invite the Secondary students to contribute to the
entertainment. The KS2 school disco is a popular recurring event, as is the
Teddy Bears’ Picnic for the youngest. Our first parents’ activities fair was very
well received and as a result we have new cooking classes, trips, exercise
groups, wine and dine events to mention a few, coming up for parents to get
involved and socialise.
How can we as parents support our children in their school year? Homework
yes, but we also want to know how their day was. We ask questions,
talk about their day. We want to feel connected to our children’s daily
environment. Almost always the children do want us to be connected too.
• Attend PTA meetings to share your ideas and improve the BSB experience.
This is where I see the primary purpose of the PTA (Parent & Teacher
Association). As the new president, I wish to contribute to a connected BSB
community where children and families experience a sense of belonging
through friendship and the joy of working, playing and learning together. The
PTA is a partnership with the school management team and staff to support
children to become successful learners. Why is it important?
When our children feel connected, comfortable and relaxed, they feel safe to
take risks and can grow academically and personally.
Also, we are fortunate to be part of an international school where new
members enter regularly, providing an influx of ideas and cultural traditions
that makes for new, diverse and fascinating cultural exchanges and crosscultural friendships. How enriching for our children and teachers to have this
as a natural part of their daily environment! The PTA wants to encourage this
cross-cultural learning and create a welcoming caring environment where
everyone can find their friends and feel ‘at home away from home’. Through
the PTA events, that are often team efforts with members working together
in fun creative ways, parents can contribute to and benefit from our diverse
All parents and employees at BSB are automatically part of the PTA. There are
many ways to shape and be involved:
• Volunteer your time at community events such as the Artisan Fair, Quiz
Night, and Summer Fair.
• Be a Class Representative and be the connecting link between your class,
teacher and the PTA.
Please join us in our upcoming meetings and events and become a part of
the BSB action. I am looking forward to a successful year together, filled with
friendships, learning and fun!
PTA Committee 2013/14:
Susanne Fearnhead – president
Monica Ussia – vice president and treasurer
Tina Reggione – secretary
Candice Bird & Karen Dekker – events coordinators
Other members of the Committee:
Rachelle Leslie, Iiliana Grecu, Rolien van der Harten, Anca Vereanu,
Sally O’Mahoney, Michèle Stoltz
Issue 1
October 2013
Lower School Review
I would like to thank everyone for the warm welcome you have extended to
me and my family as we start our new adventure in Bucharest. It has been a
very busy start to the year and I am surprised how many exciting events and
activities have already taken place.
It was wonderful to see so many parents at the Meet the Teacher coffee
mornings. One thing I commented on at these meetings was the importance
of the partnership between home and school. This year we will be looking
to continue to provide plenty of opportunities for you to come into school to
share your child’s learning journey. As teachers were planning their themes for
the year, they have been identifying outcomes where the children can present
and share their learning with you in different ways.
The curriculum at BSB is based on the National Curriculum for England and
adapted to suit our international context. This is a curriculum which develops
both the acquisition of knowledge and nurtures the skills of learning. Through
our thematic approach we aim to encourage curiosity, creativity and critical
thinking. Where possible staff will make links between subject areas to give
learning context and purpose. However, some subjects will continue to be
taught as discrete subjects.
Regular assessment
will be used in order
to determine the
children’s knowledge
and understanding and
to move them on in
their learning. Effective
feedback and marking
of children’s work is
essential for them to
understand what they
need to do to make
things better.
As children start new themes they will be asked what they already know,
what they think they know and also what they would like to find out. The
purpose of this is to allow them to build on their prior knowledge, take some
ownership of their learning and allow us to provide a curriculum which is
relevant. Regular assessment will be used in order to determine the children’s
knowledge and understanding and to move them on in their learning.
Effective feedback and marking of children’s work is essential for them to
understand what they need to do to make things better. I will be encouraging
staff and students to regularly reflect on how they are doing and identify ways
to improve and challenge themselves further.
There are wonderful opportunities within BSB for students to share and
develop their talents in addition to the taught curriculum. I recently asked
some KS2 classes about the University program and was pleased to hear their
enthusiasm and justification for this initiative. The University program allows
the children to have a choice in what they learn, developing an area of interest
or taking time to practice skills that need refining. We will be looking at ways
in which we can continue to develop this exciting addition to the taught
curriculum during the course of the year.
As a student I used to love receiving a new exercise book, it was a chance for a
fresh start. This new school year is like starting a new book; the pages ahead
are blank, ready to be filled with new and exciting experiences. I am looking
forward to what is sure to be a stimulating and rewarding year for all.
Rob Ford, Head of Lower School
Meet the Student Council
I am Anya from 3S. I love Maths, Art and
Music and I can speak 4 languages.
I will be a good student council rep
because I know how to organise things
and to achieve things. I want to achieve
everybody’s dreams.
I am Hyera from 3T. I want to help others
and I want to make school better with
more choice of clubs and more fun
universities. I wanted to be on student
council to help my friends like our school
My name is Irina and I am in 4P and I
love Literacy. I would like to give people
more university choices and also
organise more fun events. I am kind
and helpful and I love making people
laugh and smile. I will be a great student
council rep because I can speak very
clearly and because I will tell my class
about everything that’s happening in the
Hello I am Thea from 4S and I have a
little brother called Sasha from 2P. I have
been voted for student council by my
class so if you have any ideas you are
welcome to tell them to me them but I
am not accepting silly ones. You can
think of trips, events or fairs. I hope we
will have a total blast this year!
My name is Paul from 5H. I will be great
on student council because I like sport
and I like playing with people. I would like
people to work together more to make
our school even better.
Hello!! My name is Emilee. I am in Year
5M with Mrs Morgan. Something you
may not know about me is that I like to
donate my hair to an organisation called
“locks of love”. I have donated when I
was 3, 5.5 and 8.75 years old. I donate
my hair to kids who can’t grow hair or
who have lost their hair through illness.
I would be a great student council
rep because I remember things well
and I will make sure that when I make
an announcement that I will get the
information to my class. This year I hope
to bring children closer together to help
kids make new friends and learn from
each other. One way I thought we could
do this is by having more celebrations or
Hello my name is Caroline and I am in
6C. I am happy to be chosen for student
council and I will do my best to come
up with lots of ideas. I also like being the
one to talk to the class about things and
I like listening to their ideas. What I would
like to achieve this year is that I want
people to like the school more than they
did before and have a great year at BSB.
Hello I’m Eve,
I’ve been in BSB for three years and
I have really enjoyed my experience
because I made lots of friends and I have
had a lot of sleep overs.
This year I’m in class 5D with my
teachers Miss. Bianca and Mr. Darby.
I’ve had so much fun so far. As a
member of the school council I hope
to look for ways to continue to make
life at BSB an enjoyable experience for
everyone in my class. This will mean
working closely with Mrs Ali and Mr. Ford
and the rest of the student council.
I hope that I will make a difference to the
school and try to set a good example.
I can’t wait until I make this year even
Hi I am Henry. It is a massive pleasure to
be the student council rep for 6H. When
I walk around school I like to see smiles
on your faces. I hope to achieve that goal
by the end of the year by giving you all
the stuff that you need..
Issue 1
October 2013
First Steps in Crib
Such fun exploring
The youngest children in school are enjoying their first days in crib and finding
lots of different activities to keep them busy. They have all settled into their
new surroundings, in which they can find lots to occupy little learners, with a
variety of toys and books to encourage their interest.
The good weather has encouraged us to be out and about so that the children
can get used to their new environment. There have been lots of opportunities
for outside play where they can explore the slides, play houses and sandpit.
They can even try to use the cars and bikes if their small legs can turn the
Rachel Gregory, Crib
First time behind the wheel
Hide and seek in the September sunshine
Busy builders
Creche in the Clouds
Observing the changing sky
The children in Creche have been very busy settling in to their new classroom
environment and exploring all the areas around school. While this has been
going on, talking about the weather and the sky has been very popular,
especially after reading a story about a little cloud that changed shape.
The children created clouds of their own design by using white paint and
cotton wool. There are elephant-shaped clouds, train-shaped clouds and
many more. These are now proudly displayed on the wall in the Creche
This has led us into a journey of sky watching and observing clouds in the sky.
The children discovered that clouds can be many different shapes and are
always changing and moving.
Designing our own clouds
Claire O’Brien, Creche
No Clouds today
Issue 1
October 2013
Preschool V and D embark on their
Learning Journey, ‘All About Me’
Birthdays are an important aspect of our personal, social
and emotional development that is part of our EYFS
Preschool V and D embark on their Learning Journey, ‘All About Me’
After our long summer break we are looking forward to the year ahead
in Preschool and making new friends. The children in both classes have
embraced the theme ‘Ourselves’ and have used the past several weeks to
focus on their personal, social and emotional development. We have been
learning about our families and traditions.
We talked about what makes each and every one of us unique and special.
We compared some of the things we enjoy eating, the colours we like and
favourite toys to those of our classmates and found out that we are all very
different but also alike in many of the things we enjoy doing.
During our Maths carpet times we have been working on counting, patterns,
shapes and matching numerals to quantity.
It’s been interesting learning about each other and we are keen to expand our
knowledge in the weeks to come. We are certainly looking forward to more fun
and learning throughout the rest of the term.
Priscilla Varban - Preschool teacher and EYFS Coordinator
We all enjoyed using our hospital role play area
Making patterns
Learning about shapes
Issue 1
October 2013
We are Super Learners!
We are Super Learners, and ready to learn!
In reception we started an exciting year with a visit from Mr Incredible, who
challenged us to become Super Learners.
We completed lots of individual and team challenges in order to develop our
skills of learning. We learnt that a super learner is always ready to ‘have a
go’,’ keep on trying’, ‘problem solve’ and ‘learn from their mistakes’.
We designed and made our own Super Learner costumes and had a great time
All the children have settled well into their new environment, with each class
spending time on activities to encourage them to work together as a new
team, to share, form positive relationships, and learn the golden rules.
Isobel Ford and Kayleigh Evans
Reception Teachers
The children dressed up as super learners
Children have been exploring the outdoor area, and
especially enjoy the water and sand areas.
We learned to persevere. Can you put all the numbers in
order in 1 minute?
Life in Year 1
Our monster masks
Y1 children have had an amazing start to the school year. All the pupils
returned from their summer break refreshed, revived and ready to learn. Our
five new students were welcomed with open arms and quickly became part of
our 1L team.
Tig the Tiger is the latest member of our Y1 family. He loves to go on
adventures with the children and meet their families. Children then have the
opportunity to feedback their fun with Tig to the rest of the class.
We have been enthused and engaged in our theme ‘Magnificent Me’ where
activities linked our learning in Literacy, Science, History, Art, D.T. and I.C.T.
We especially loved the body parts labeling challenge in our house teams.
preparing to make a healthy snack for a TV cooking show, with our friends as
the cameramen.
We really enjoyed our work on the story Not Now Bernard by David McKee. We
acted out the story, made monster masks and created an audio version of the
book for Reception children. We even had a visit from Bernard and asked him
questions to find out more about the monster mayhem.
We are looking forward to continuing our themed work with a focus on our
senses and I’m looking forward to seeing the children being as equally
successful and motivated as the start of the year.
Jodie Lewis
Y1 Class Teacher
We are preparing ourselves to become TV chefs and cannot wait to share
our shows with our friends and families. We will be designing, planning and
Vicky’s marvellous monster mask
Sattvick was the first person to take Tig home in 1L
Issue 1
October 2013
Tamar led a game of Simon Says with a focus on body parts
Olt team sharing their work
Sharing our team efforts at labelling body parts with the rest of the class
Year 2’s Healthy Me Cafe
Waiters delivering orders and getting food
Y2 Students have been very excited to learn more about staying healthy
this term. At the beginning of the term we had an opportunity to share with
parents what we have learned about healthy eating. Y2 students opened a
café to showcase our hard work. What a busy week students had getting ready
for the café! Invitations were made by students and sent home to get a head
count. Students worked to create a healthy menu of: cucumber sandwiches,
fruit salad, and yogurt surprise. All food was prepared by students earlier in
the day to share with parents once the café opened. Y2 students also learned
more about the different ways to work together as we practised our different
jobs. Some students worked as greeters, they welcomed the parents into the
café, gave them a menu, and encouraged them to have a seat letting them
know a waiter would be right with them. The greeters were very brave to speak
loudly and clearly to so many new people. Well done, greeters! Another group
of students were the waiters, they used notepads to take orders and went to
the food table to give and collect the orders. Y2 waiters did a great job of not
dropping the food, bringing it to the correct person, and speaking loudly and
clearly. The final group of students worked as cooks, they read the food orders
and gave the requested food to the waiters. Great jobs cooks for keeping the
food clean and healthy. While we learned about great team work and splitting
the jobs, Y2 students came together at the end to tidy up altogether.
Preparing the food, with a helping hand
All Y2 students did an incredible job! The café ran so smoothly thanks to all
the hard work of each person. Well Done for such a professional job and being
able to have fun too!
Y2 Teachers
Rachel Pamplin, Stephanie Curtis, Charlotte Sloan
Many hands make light work
A bustling ‘Healthy Me’ cafe
Issue 1
October 2013
Passport to Year 3
3S and 3T in a combined PSHE circle time session on the
topic of Respect.
All of the children in Y3 have enjoyed a wonderful start to the new school year
and have settled into their new classrooms in a positive and hard-working
manner. We started the academic year by creating individual ‘Passports to
Year 3’ in which the children set their own personal academic and social
targets for the year.
As a year group, the children have really embraced our new cross-curricular
topic ‘Around the World’ and have enjoyed researching different countries and
their climates. We have started questioning the reasons for different climate
zones, identifying similarities and differences with Romanian landscape,
infrastructure and culture. It has been a great topic to link to our Science
module on Rocks and Soils and also different art around the world and we
have produced some fantastic Rangoli Patterns based on Indian culture. The
children were also extremely excited about the Language Café and enjoyed
tasting all of the different foods!
Furthermore, the children have been indulging in lots of Kung Fu punctuation
to help them remember where the important full stops, capital letters and
exclamation marks go in their sentences. The children will be combining these
literacy skills along with their topic work to write a newspaper report on a
different climate which will also be re-produced as a live weather report in ICT.
Lastly, 3S and 3T have done a lot of combined class work in PSHE and topic
work and we look forward to continuing this successful co-operation.
As you can see, it has been a busy but successful start to the year and we look
forward to the coming months!
Charlotte Smith and Daniel Thomas
Year 3 Class Teachers
Year 3 practicing their Kung Fu punctuation in literacy
Time Travelling Fun with Year 4
Working in a small group to create their own King Tut death
Wow, what an amazing start to Year 4. The children have settled in very well
and made an excellent start to the year.
We started off the new term by travelling back in time to Ancient Egypt. There
we met a character who came to live a daily life at BSB. From this we created
an adventure story based on time travelling and this mysterious Ancient
Egyptian character.
In Maths we spent a lot of time looking at 3D shapes and the way that
pyramids are built. We have studied nets and the different types of pyramids
that exist. We can identify different types of pyramids and prisms and name
their properties.
During our Topic work we have studied a timeline of Ancient Egypt and used
the information we learnt to draw a timeline of our own life events. We looked
at the materials that were used for building pyramids and tried very hard
to recreate our own using a variety of materials. We had lots of fun tying to
decipher the Ancient Egyptian alphabet. Did you know they used pictures
rather than letters to communicate with each other? We also created our very
own Wikipedia pages with all the information we have learned about Ancient
Egypt and compared this to our daily lives at BSB.!
Catherine Passmore and Matthew Scragg
Y4 teachers
4S pupils examine an Egyptian camels’ shoulder bone
Issue 1
October 2013
Steph and Eleanor from 4S using the iPads to time themselves completing addition questions mentally
Arish and his group using a Drama activity called ‘Hot Seating’ to portray the life of different characters
All fired up for Masterchef!
The baking boys, happy with their brilliant bread
To start the year off with a sizzle and a pop, Year 5 have been baking bread
and other food products for our restaurant enterprise day at the end of the
half term. To kick-start the topic the students of Year 5 attempted to bake
bread without a recipe. Little did we know how talented some of our students
are. Many of the products turned out to be very delicious, and while some
of them fell flat, the children were able to identify what changes they would
make on the second attempt. Everyone enjoyed the second bake-off where
the bread was of a much higher quality. Crumbs abounded!
During the bread baking activity, the children identified the need to learn
more about measures, which prompted sessions with scales, jugs and
Converting measurements in the kitchen
measuring cylinders. The students investigated the relationship between
the units of measurement as well as finding out the comparative weights of
various liquids and food products.
In order to advertise the restaurant and its menu, we have evaluated the
different devices used by advertising companies and have had a go at using
them to sell unusual inventions made under the principles of ‘Chindogu’.
We have also looked at how photography is used to support the advertising
process and as a result have used iPads to capture images around school.
Year 5 have been challenged to design a sumptuous sandwich which parents
will be invited in to try at the end of the topic.
Preparing for macro food photography using the iPads
Issue 1
October 2013
Year 6 Get Off to a Flying Start
The features of Google Earth allow 6H to see Plate
Movement in real time
Both Y6 classes have started the year strongly and are working hard to be
good role models to the rest of the school. They all enjoyed preparing their
applications for various roles of responsibility in the school and we were
pleased to see the dedication and enthusiasm they have brought so far.
The classes have enjoyed exploring our topic of ‘The Power of Nature’ and
have developed their understanding of process and events through projects
and group work. Both classes particularly enjoyed a lively debate for and
against a proposed oil drilling site being built in the forest behind the school.
They have also explored the features of Google Earth to see volcanic activity
and how it relates to the structure of the Earth.
In Science we have experimented with reversible and irreversible and
developed our abilities to plan, deliver and record an experiment to test a
Working collaboratively is an important element of Y6 and we have been
pleased to see how well the students have done this.
In Maths we had fun solving logic problems and puzzles. We solved problems
in small groups through discussion, then recorded our solutions using
pictures or diagrams and finally explained our problem and solution the rest
of the class.
Paul Curtis and Naima Hussain, Y6 Teachers
Working in groups to solve our logic puzzles
Preparing for the Great Debate
The light bulb puzzle
Explaining our puzzle solutions to the class
Issue 1
October 2013
Lower School House Captains
Hello, my name is Anastasia and I am
in Y6H and I am the House Captain of
Arges and I am here to bring Arges to
victory. I would like to say a huge thank
you to everyone who voted for me. I
promise I will bring Arges to first place
and we will have a fun time together as
we get to know each other better.
Hi my name is Alex and I am House
Captain of Mures. Thank you for voting
me as your House Captain. I promise
that I will do a great job this year and
will support you in everything you do. I
am looking forward to a great year. Go
Alex, 6H
Anastasia, 6H
Hello my name is Max and I am in Y6H.
I am the Vice-captain of Arges and I will
lead us to victory because they have
been successful in the last couple of
This year we will be supremely
Hi my name is Pavel and I am the
Vice-captain of Mures. Mures is a good
House team and I really enjoyed our new
incredible progress. I will be at sports
day to support you and help you out.
Pavel, 6H
Go Arges
Max, 6H
Hello everybody, my name is Andrei from
y6H. I am the House Captain of Danube
and I would like to thank all my teammates for voting and supporting me. I
promise I will not let you down. For this
year I want Danube to win most of the
House competitions and have the most
house points of all the houses. Danube
is a strong house team and we have
demonstrated this in the past couple of
years. This year I think it is Danube’s turn
to win again.
I feel really privileged to be trusted with
the responsibility of leading Olt House
this year. I want to encourage every
single member of Olt to be the best they
can be, in everything we do – and prove
what a great team we are. I want “Olt” to
mean something really special to each
one of us – for the rest of our lives.
Tabitha, 6C
Andrei, 6H
My name is Jocelyne, I am in class 6C
and I am the Vice-captain of Danube.
Let’s try to support Danbute to win this
year’s Sports Day!
Hi, I am Daruis Vice-captain of olt. I’m
11 years old and I live in Romania. I’m
very proud of being Olt;s Vice-captain.
I will do my best to lead Olt to victory.
Jocelyne, 6C
Darius, 6C
Me and my pets
This is Bertie. He likes Chewing.
This is Wolfie.
Tell me about your pets?
I like my pets. I have two dogs, Bertie and Wolfie and one cat called GibbGibb.
I like playing with them all day.
GibbGibb likes relaxing.
What do your pets like?
The dogs like playing with a ball, sometimes they burst the ball. They play in
the back and front garden. GibbGibb likes to play with me.
What do they look like?
Wolfie looks like a Husky and GibbGibb is a furry cat. Bertie is the cutest and
Wolfie is the biggest. GibbGibb is the furriest and I like to stroke him.
How do you look after them?
Daddy and Mummy give them food and water. They eat treats.
Would you like another pet?
If I could choose another pet I would probably like a spider but in a tank so it
couldn’t bite me but I’m not allowed any more pets.
Questions and scribing by Mummy
Answers by Marcus, Reception E
Wolfie likes to run in the snow.
Issue 1
October 2013
Lunchtime Careers Presentations
Find out about the world of further education and work
from people who have actually experienced it…
Details and dates to be
announced across the term.
If you are a local business
professional and would like to
share your knowledge and
experience with our students,
please contact Mr Paul Farrell
[email protected]
Sponsored by:
Secondary Review
I had the privilege of visiting two elite UK independent boarding schools
over the summer whilst visiting previous colleagues in their new posts. The
traditions, facilities and academic results were certainly impressive and are
what we seek to emulate here at BSB; indeed reviewing our academic results
at GCSE and A-Level this year, we are on target. These particular schools and
several others like them, have developed many leaders in a variety of fields
including industry, science, the arts, academia and even nations over their
illustrious histories.
However there was one significant element that perturbed me; one in which
I feel that we are treading a more appropriate and modern path is in that of
nurturing leadership and indeed the notion of responsible leadership. I saw
relatively widespread evidence in both schools that practices within some
boarding houses were still rooted in the brutal concept of “fagging”. This is a
system whereby younger students are given menial tasks or used as “lackeys”
for the most senior students. It represents a definition of leadership far
removed from what we work to develop. Essentially a form of bullying, this
is leadership based on unquestioned orders and is morally questionable.
Coupled with this, racism was implicit within some of the banter witnessed
in boarding houses. The singular Asian boy within one of the year groups was
known as “Kung Fu Panda” – a reference to his shape and ethnicity which he
accepted meekly but with evident discomfort.
understanding and
genuine empathy for
others and other cultures
is surely vital today
and we will continue
to embrace this fully
at BSB as our young
leaders look to shape
their futures.
I believe that the leaders of tomorrow will be internationally minded; they will
manage others decisively yet with empathy and understanding whilst also
leading by example. They will demonstrate characteristics that we hold dear
at BSB and expect our students to seek to emulate such as perseverance,
integrity, reason, equity and honesty. We will not allow our school
student leaders to bully and there are an increasing number of leadership
opportunities for all students, not just the eldest. We aim to give all students
leadership opportunities whether through the House system, Prefects, CoCurricular activities such as Dragon’s Den, Community volunteering, the Duke
of Edinburgh International Award or our mentoring programme to name a
few. To encourage, to justify, to create ownership of tasks for others; this is
arguably a more difficult route to leadership for young people to grasp and
errors will be made along the way. However this is our way as we believe that
the future leaders globally and within this country are likely to be far removed
from the twentieth century. Responsible leadership can be developed through
embracing our ethos on a day to day basis in the classroom and around
school. International understanding and genuine empathy for others and
other cultures is surely vital today and we will continue to embrace this fully at
BSB as our young leaders look to shape their futures.
Philip Walters, Head of Secondary
Issue 1
October 2013
House Art Competition
Noor, Y13
BSB Wall of Fame.
“In the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.”
The expression was coined in 1968 by Andy Warhol, the ‘Pop’ artisit who
produced a series of iconic portraits of the celebrities and important figures
within popular culture.
This term, students and teachers at BSB will be given their 15 minutes of fame
through the House self-portrait competition. It is hoped that work submitted
will showcase the talents of both the students and some of the teachers
who are willing to put themselves up for display. Work can be created in any
medium from ink to iPad; anything goes.
All work entered will be awarded house points for their respective houses and
the overall winner will receive the House Art Award, which last year was won
by Mures. All work will be displayed in a Wall of Fame exhibition and also
added into the BSB Year Book.
Mr. Coope
Ms. Claudia
Mr. Walker
Issue 1
October 2013
The Head Boy & Head Girl for 2013-14
How long have you been at BSB? This is my 4th year
How long have you been studying at BSB? 6 years
A-Levels: Physics, Maths, German
A-Levels: Maths, ICT, Business Studies
Hobbies: Football, Music, Physics
Hobbies: Photography , Reading
Ambition: My ambition is to be a successful and useful member of a company
Ambition: To become a successful entrepreneur or CEO of a company
Where will you be next year? Next year I hope to be in university in the UK,
reading Economics.
Where will you be next year? Hopefully doing my bachelor’s degree
somewhere in Europe or maybe Australia
Message to BSB students: All your hard work is eventually going to pay off.
Message to BSB students: Perseverance is the key to success
A new venture for Business students
Students attend a BRCC breakfast briefing where the
‘Junior’ Chamber was officially announced.
On 26th of September, BSB and the British Romanian Chamber of Commerce
(BRCC) announced that we would strengthen our relationship and agreed
in partnership to support the creation of a ‘Junior’ chamber. The chamber
will be run by students for students and will organise a monthly briefing for
interested parties, inviting guest speakers and hosting debates on businessrelated subjects that are important for them.
The students will set the agenda and work ideas through themselves. They
will develop an identity and a purpose for the chamber and also network with
businesses to enhance the teaching and learning and act as a support for
teachers and students looking for business input into the curriculum.
This is an exciting opportunity that we thank the BRCC and its members for
their support with.
Mark Monaghan
Business and Economics Teacher
Issue 1
October 2013
Year 7 Expedition Week in Rasnov
Y7 students observe the zipwire in action before it’s their turn
On the morning of June 17th, Y7 set off for a week of adventure and fun in the
Rasnov Gorges, together with Miss Finch, Mr Sykes and Monsieur Haslé. It
was with pleasure that we all discovered the very comfortable hotel in which
we would stay. The view from the restaurant rewarded us with the beautiful
scenery of the Valley and the Bran Castle.
Thanks to our guides, we were able to enjoy a variety of activities in the
Rasnov Gorges, all of them requiring team spirit, stamina and determination.
The students were able to enjoy reverse bungee, via ferrata, rappel and
paintball, amongst others.
The students also enjoyed a survival day, where they were able to put into
practice skills they had acquired during the week and were able to find food,
build a shelter, climb and help with the cooking.
It was an exceptionally fun and tiring week, but all the students had a great
Putting into practice their shelter building skills
“It was fun because you were challenged to do things that were difficult.”
Eniola, Y8
“I found it fun and a bit scary at points. We all had a good time and used a lot
of teamwork”
Isabella, Y8
“The trip was fun and interesting. I loved spending more time with my good
Malika, Y8
Y7 built their own shelters during survival day
Filip demonstrates the correct way to tackle the rock face
using the rappel
Sophie in the reverse bungee activity
While Miss Finch is knitting, Y7 are on a quest for food
during survival day
Patrick is practicing his climbing and improving his
Issue 1
October 2013
Just before the paintball activity, Dong Min and Luka.
Portrait mementoes
Mr Sykes proved to be a very talented archer
Back at the hotel, the students were also able to enjoy a
well deserved dive in the pool
Year 8 Trip to Herăstrău Park
Y8 begin the trip
Fieldwork enables students to engage readily with the curriculum and
provides us with an opportunity for learning outside of the classroom. In a
recent visit to Herastrau Park, Year 8 students had the opportunity to conduct
pH testing of soil, quadrat sampling and belt transects to investigate the
ecology of the park. Not only did the students enjoy the trip, but they also
Line Transects
started to develop the fieldwork skills that will be needed for studying IGCSE
Clair Sugdon, Science Teacher
Results recorded for analysis
Issue 1
October 2013
Fire Display Year 7
Firemen tackle the blaze
On Wednesday, 11th September the whole of Year 7 set off from BSB with
our teachers and Mr Lupu to go to see a Fire Display in the car park of Metro
supermarket in Voluntari. This event was to mark National Fire Service Day,
held on 13th September in Romania. When we arrived, we were welcomed
and listened to policemen and fireman giving speeches in Romanian. Then
there was a march past with a band and different groups of the fire service.
Later on the firemen demonstrated how to rescue people from a car accident
scenario. They had to cut the side off a car to rescue an injured man and a
baby and demonstrated how they were taken to hospital.
Last but not least we saw a shed being set on fire and how the firemen
extinguished it and then went in with breathing equipment and dogs to rescue
casualties. The explosion was frightening and unique! I would like to thank:
Mr.McGowan, Miss.Clark, Mr.Porter and Mr.Lupu for organising this trip.
Sara, 7M
Removing the casualty from a car
Paramedics work on a casualty
Community Service in the
Secondary School
For those not going on the Expeditions, an Activities Week was organised,
and it was a great opportunity to take part in a combination of activities with a
focus on community service.
We firstly got involved in helping at a local primary school, where our group
(eight students) attempted to teach fifty Romanian children some English.
Stepping into the classroom, we all became more aware of the conditions that
some children have to cope with and we were humbled when the children
were overwhelmed by the thought of having visitors, and their excitement
to be learning from us. It took a lot of patience as there were more than
five children per person, and the language barrier was complicated, but as
children communicate easily without words, we crossed that bridge.
We had the opportunity to meet the children from the very same school again
later on during the week, when they came to visit BSB. Seeing their joy and
answering their questions about our school was very fulfilling and I think it
made everyone realise how lucky we are to be able to study here. Visiting and
playing with disabled children in a residential home was just as emotive. Our
group took pleasure from creating a child-friendly atmosphere and linked
closely with some of the younger ones. I don’t know about the others, but
being with these children definitely triggered something in me, and it incited
me to further involve myself in these kinds of activities.
Helene, Year 11
Issue 1
October 2013
Secondary Co-Curricular Activities
Tim and Tasos attempt to outmanoeuvre each other
In the Secondary School we aim to not just provide the opportunities for
students to achieve high academic results but also to actively promote the
benefits of a wider curriculum. We have designed a comprehensive range
of Co-Curricular Activities to include sports, skills, drama, music, languages,
community service and entrepreneurial experiences. Additionally, we seek
Getting thoughts down on paper
to provide leadership opportunities for our 6th Formers. We encourage all
students to recognise the value of these activities as part of their further
development – in other words co-curricular, not extra-curricular.
Mr O’Brien
Mohammad Y11 represents the USA in the Model United
Y7 girls investigate exposure times for the pinhole camera
Arina 8C putting her Science Practical skills to the test
Issue 1
October 2013
I am not young enough
to know everything
Oscar Wilde
News for Autumn 2013:
Romania’s British
College for further
education, continuing
development and
lifelong learning
The UK’s CMI Diploma in “First Line Management”
December session announced.
Romania’s first bespoke “Corporate & Social
Responsibility Reporting Workshop” opens for
BPTC Courses for All @
World Food Day
October 16th 2013 was named World Food Day by the FAO. As part of World
Food Day awareness the FAO launched a global competition to encourage
students of all ages to design a poster with the theme ‘Sustainable Food
Systems’. BSB students were informed that World Food Day is a day that
helps increase understanding of problems and solutions in the drive to end
hunger. Year 7 and 8 students saw the there is a need to eat more nutritious
food and reduce the amount of waste we produce. After brainstorming what
could be done to ensure that we have healthier food systems they designed
the poster to encourage people to change their eating habits. Their entries
have now been submitted to the FAO so we eagerly await the news that we
have won!
Sarah Palmer
After discussing the challenge, students get to work
BSB Summer School 2013
All activities are run by qualified adults
Summer School provides a safe, high-energy and rewarding summer school
programme based on the core values of communication, creativity and
teamwork. Our staff is made up of the most energetic and dedicated group of
Our activities-only group takes advantage of the extraordinary outdoor
facilities the school offers such as the zip wire, the dome, the outdoor
swimming pool and the impressive climbing walls, some of which are
positioned above the pool to allow for pool climbing lessons. Orienteering,
ICT, football, basketball and table tennis are included in this programme also.
Students registered in the other summer school programmes take part in
various activities too, besides their three daily English lessons. For these
students we offer swimming lessons, fencing, cookery, zip wire, slack line,
climbing, arts and crafts - and the list continues. All of these amazing
activities taking place several times a week and being included in the fee.
Helmet on, safety harness fitted, ready to climb
Most of our summer school students return year after year to our school and
we would like to take this chance to thank them for choosing BSB Summer
As one parent commented: “It was a pleasure to see my daughter enter and
leave BSB each day with a big smile on her face. Even in the short time she
was there, I have definitely noticed an improvement in her English!”
For those families wanting to find out why our programme is enjoyed by so
many students, we look forward to passing on the details of the 2014 BSB
Summer school in the near future.
Priscilla Varban - BSB Summer School Director 2013
Plenty of shade for KS1
Issue 1
October 2013
A Summer Fair worth waiting for
Loredana entertaining the crowd
For everyone involved and for those simply looking forward to the day, it was
a huge disappointment having to postpone this year’s fair, so for the delayed
event to be such a spectacular success was a huge bonus.
This time there were no clouds to be seen and so the day was uninterrupted.
A fantastic array of artisan goods, international food stalls, drinks and
exhibitors meant there really was something for everyone.
There were many fun activities for children and parents to enjoy, as well as
demonstrations and performances by students. Topping the bill of course
were Loredana and Antonia, both of whom thrilled the crowd with their
energetic shows.
Needless to say, the day could only have been the success it was because of
the hard work and generosity of so many people. So a massive ‘thank you’ to
the exhibitors, refreshment providers, staff, pupils and parents who all gave
so much.
See you next year.
Pupil performances were a huge success
Issue 1
October 2013
All eyes were on the stage for Antonia’s performance
A thrilling display from Parada
A mystery duo brought a touch of the avant garde to the
The international stalls were very popular
First Day of the New School Year
Last minute adjustments
The start of the 2013-14 school year was a happy and very successful occasion
and school life was quickly underway. Teaching, maintenance, admissions
and office staff worked tirelessly in the preceding weeks to ensure that the
school was fully prepared to welcome back students moving up to the next
year, as well as those arriving for the first time.
Much credit too to the parents, new and returning, for ensuring that their
children arrived on time and were properly equipped to start learning; it really
is a big help to have this level of support.
So with such a positive start behind us, expectations are high for another
fantastic year at BSB.
Miss Hussain leads her Y6 class into school
Issue 1
October 2013
The start of two important years for A Level students
Mr Thomas gets to know his new Y3 class
New Head of Secondary, Mr Ford, welcomes pupils on the first morning
Technology at BSB
The iPad is now an essential tool for Secondary students
Technology underpins today’s modern lifestyle, so it is essential for students
to gain the confidence and ability required to prepare them for the challenge
of a rapidly developing and changing technological landscape.
The BSB vision for technology supports our commitment to developing
confident, motivated, self-disciplined learners who can realise their full
potential and make a responsible contribution to the world. The technology
that we use will inevitably change over time therefore it is important to
develop students with the right mindset and skills rather than knowledge of a
specific tool or software.
In order to do this we use technology as an enabler to facilitate the creation of
a culture of innovation, creativity and collaboration, empowering students to
be self-directed, responsible and adaptable.
Teachers and students use a variety of technology tools to support and
promote student learning. In doing so, we will increasingly focus on digital
communication, information literacy, critical thinking skills and digital
citizenship, emphasizing the balance between screen time and other
activities. Tools used on a daily basis include the well-equipped ICT suites
with laptops for cross curricular use, the use of the interactive whiteboards
and a wealth of educational software, internet based learning, digital cameras
and iPads across the school in both Primary and Secondary.
The Secondary school also use a Virtual Learning Environment that can be
accessed anytime, anywhere to facilitate learning. It has information about
homework and resources to use and support the classroom learning and the
ability to hand in work online.
In attempting to lead the way, innovative approaches carry risks as well as
opportunities and we thank our learning community, the parents, students
and teachers, who provide ongoing dialogue and feedback to help us
continually improve and move forward.
Mark Monaghan
Director for Technology Integration
Portability is a key benefit
Issue 1
October 2013
The creative possibilities are boundless
Interactive whiteboards are multifunctional
Children have thrown themselves into athletics club with a new specialist teacher with enthusiasm.
Secondary students are learning key life skills in cookery club... and enjoying it!
Issue 1
October 2013
Children are coached to develop their control and flexibility in ballet lessons.
Basketball is an enjoyable way for the students to develop
tactical awareness.
Climbing continues to be a very popular club all year
round in our all-weather climbing area.
Dance for younger children helps to encourage coordination.
Dodgeball is a very popular CCA that helps to develop speed and physical awareness
Issue 1
October 2013
Gardening club not only allows the children to get involved in making our green spaces more beautiful but also to meet our
animal friends in the KS1 garden and learn about hygiene and how to take care of them.
In parachute games it is important to listen to the rules and work as a team for the most fun.
Romanian for Native Speakers is a relatively new CCA for secondary students who wish to enhance their Romanian language
skills using a variety of teaching techniques.
Rugby for KS2 has been a very popular and successful club, run by parent volunteer Mr Kilbane who has a lot of experience
in coaching students to achieve their potential.
Issue 1
October 2013
Children are natural scientists and they all love finding out about how things can change. Science Explorers club for KS1
brings experiments and investigation to life.
Students of all ages have been enjoying developing their physical control and gymnastics skills on the school trampoline.
Jeans for Genes day
Yay, it’s Jeans for Genes Day
Jeans for Genes day 2013 was a fantastic success. In Secondary, Y9 were
charged with the responsibility of getting the message across to the rest of the
school. They rose to this challenge admirably. Preparations began the week
before with a series of original ideas to spread the word about Jeans for Genes
day. The week began with an interesting and informative assembly which
was conducted by Mena, Laura and Julia and the message was reinforced
throughout the week by a number of Year 9 students performing a range of
activities. These included performing a ‘news blast’ in registration – where
Jakob, Joe, Tudor and Luca visited Y7 & Y8 forms and performed a short play
getting across the important information. Other students chose to pass the
message on through chalk writing in the playground – an activity in which
many students joined in, including primary children.
Y9 also gave up their lunch and break times to sell pin badges throughout the
week. On the day itself, the entire school enjoyed wearing jeans happy in the
knowledge their 10 RON donation would go to good use, funding research into
genetic disorders and supporting the sufferers and their families. Thank you
to everyone who participated and congratulations to Y9 for organizing such a
successful Jeans for Genes day 2013. On the day we raised a very impressive 4
548 RON for a vey good cause.
Hannah Straw, Humanities & PSCHE
Paolo and Tasos collecting for the cause
Floor media hits BSB
Issue 1
October 2013
Beating the traffic on the
Vocab Expressway!
Year 9 German class enjoying the vocab express challenge
BSB Secondary school students were given a new challenge this year as part
of Languages Week: taking part in an online vocabulary competition, battling
against schools across the UK. From 26th September to 2nd October, students
logged on to to test their vocabulary in a range of
languages, including Spanish, French, German, Italian, Urdu, Arabic, Russian,
Anisia in Y8 boosts her score for French
Latin, Mandarin and Japanese. Our students quickly scored thousands of
points, placing them in a strong position against the other schools. Top
scorers were awarded with a Headteacher’s Award for their hard work and
team spirit.
Antoine Y9 thinks carefully before choosing the right word!
Language Cafe selection
Students had the chance to get a taste of Russian for the
first time at this year’s Language Cafe!
As part of Languages Week at BSB, on Wednesday, 25th September the Year
5 classes were given a Russian taster lesson by Mr Porter, who was dressed
in Russian national costume. They looked at and repeated the letters in the
Russian alphabet and used them to decipher words in Cyrillic, which included
a “Guess the Teacher” game. They practised phrases and short dialogues
and listened to Russian folk music before parting with an enthusiastic “Do
Mr. Xu, did I get the right tones?
Issue 1
October 2013
Time to learn some Greek, or just try the food
Y3 explore Language cafe
Students showing their helpers badges and Language Passports are getting ready to explore other languages
Who Speaks What
In order to showcase the BSB teachers’ many linguistic talents, the MFL department decided this year to record them speaking a language they know.
The videos were then put together in the form of a quiz. It was shown during the KS2 and Secondary assemblies and challenged the students to recognise both the
teacher and the language.
The languages were extremely varied and the students had a lot of fun guessing who spoke what.
Miss Ali had the children’s attention as she asks them to
listen to her very carefully in Swahili.
‘Vreau să rezerv o masă pentru șapte persoane.’ Mr
Farrell only needs to find six other people to sit around
the table with him after booking a table for seven in
Please invite Mr Walters to a Thai restaurant as he says
that he really likes ‘dim sum’ in Thai.
‘Îmi place să schiez’. Look out for Mr Scragg on the
ski slopes next winter as he mentions he likes to ski in
Mrs Walker tells us that her favourite colour is red in Urdu.
We were happy to hear Mr Hughes telling us that he
speaks Welsh with his grandmother… in Welsh.
Issue 1
October 2013
BSB celebrates Language Week
Federica moderating the talk show about summer
language courses in Secondary Assembly
The week started off with students wearing their ‘Talk to me!’ -Stickers in a
variety of languages which got them thinking about the different languages
spoken around school. The whole week lived from the idea that being able to
learn another language is an opportunity, not a chore. This is especially true in
such an international environment as our school, where plurilingualism is the
norm, not the exception.
Secondary Language Week Assembly
The idea that learning languages is fun and easy was prominent in the
Secondary Language Week Assembly. Federica (Y13) moderated a talk show
with some students who talked about their experiences in summer language
courses: Laura (Y9) and Dilara (Y10) improved their German enjoying delicious
food in Germany, Beatrice (Y11) was immersed in a purely French environment
in a summer camp in France, while Ilinca T (Y10) and Helene (Y12) combined a
beach holiday in Spain with a Spanish course.
Sara, Lena, Tudor and Mattia perform sketches based on
the importance of foreign languages
Primary Language Week Assembly
In the Key Stage 2 Assembly, students from Year 3, 4 and 5 performed a South
African song in Zulu with support from the band. Special thanks to Mr Vic for
preparing this amazing performance.
David, Lukas, Patrick and Noa (Y5) performing the Zulu
KS2 Students performing a Zulu song in Primary
Y6 pupils acting out a Language Café scene during
Mr Vic explained why ‘ingozi’, the Zulu word for danger, is
repeated in the lyrics of the song - the danger of dropping
the water when carrying it from the well.
Smaragda and Pavel (Y6) act out a language barrier
situation and show how it can be overcome with knowing
even a little bit of someone else’s language.
Issue 1
October 2013
School sport gets off to a flying start
BSB Basketball team launch another attack in their victory
over Olga Gudyn
Sport is becoming an increasingly integral part of life at BSB and this year we
have made a variety of positive developments to our PE, and extra-curricular
sports provision. The curriculum has been substantially extended as we move
our lessons to a well-equipped club in town, while extra-curricular activities
and school teams will also benefit with new opportunities for training,
competitive matches, and a Bucharest Schools’ League.
This year will see the first Bucharest International Schools football leagues.
These leagues will be for Under 9, 11, 13 and 15. They will begin in October and
run through to May next year. This will be additional to some friendly matches
at the start of the season, a tournament being held by BSB in November and
other tournaments throughout the year.
Our swimming team will be holding trials in December and their season will
begin in term 2. Successful students can look forward to high quality training
provided by Amateur Swimming Association Level 2 coaches, as well as two
competitions between Bucharest’s international schools.
Our Athletics team will also be holding trials in December and their team
training sessions will start in Term 2. Successful students will be able to
participate in three competitions between Bucharest’s international schools
as well as receive weekly training sessions.
This year you will be able to find all information regarding fixtures, results
and all other sporting information in the parents’ room and on the school’s
David Hughes, Sports Teacher
3 BSB students fill the podium during a swimming
competition last year
Footballers celebrating a successful Primaveri Cup last year
Alice (Y5) representing BSB at an inter-schools athletics competition last year
Issue 1
October 2013
My world connections
As part of Languages Week at BSB, students across Primary and Secondary
worked on their links across the world. In their displays, the students
identified their links with other countries and their languages. It was very
interesting to analyse how our students not only speak more than one
language, they also go on holiday to different countries, have a relative or a
friend living in different parts of the world.
Overall, this fun activity made them realised how important it is to be aware of
multiculturalism and learn languages for their daily life.
Rocio Marti
Spanish teacher
Reasons to learn Spanish by Year 4 and Year 5
Issue 1
October 2013
Year 8 - 10 Trip Summer 2013
All the crew!
It was a bright, Monday morning. The Year 8s, 9s and a handful of year 10s
were all sitting around the Design & Technology room eagerly waiting to
begin the adventure. Little did we know that in a few hours time we would
be stumbling down mountains, clambering in the highest tree branches and
camping out underneath the brilliant, twinkly stars…
When we first climbed off the bus, stretching our sore limbs from the three
hour journey, we were greeted by the sight of our hotel. We met with our
instructors and we were sorted into our hotel rooms. My group took the
penthouse apartment. However, how eight girls managed to survive five days
with only one shower between us, is still a mystery to me…
Soon after we settled we were taken to a place where we scaled the cliffs,
abseiled and sailed down on a zipwire. The next day we were whisked up
a mountain and we were commanded to trek down it. Think steep slopes,
nettles and a bunch of loose stones tripping us as we went down. Soon after
we were sitting on horses, crossing the fields in total bliss and tranquility…
sort of.
As the week progressed, we shot arrows, ran assault courses, had our lives
flash before our eyes several times and before we knew it we were shoved
on the bus back to school. Our days in Sinaia becoming nothing more than a
By Calista, 9W
Incredible rock climbing being supported by Cristina the
expedition leader
A three hour hike up and across the top of the mountain
Taking a well earned rest atop the mountain
Barbecuing bread around the campfire
Issue 1
October 2013
Tasos working on the design of his shelter
Team work strategy games kept everyone on their toes
Some serious firepower, Joe practices his sharp shooting
Calista trying out the zipwire
EAL-friendly classrooms
How do we, as a school, best support EAL (English as an Additional Language)
students? This was the main focus of a course I attended last summer. For
me, the most important difference between EAL and EFL (English as a Foreign
Language) is that language learning alone is not the aim of EAL support.
Indeed, its main focus should be to make the curriculum and lessons as
accessible as possible.
Activities involving talking are always a good place to start. If certain students
have half the information and the remaining students have the other half,
they will need to talk to each other, using key words from the topic, in order to
complete the exercise. Equally beneficial are exercises where pupils work in a
group to gain information and then form new groups to share that information.
Such activities can be used with whole classes, but different levels of support
can be offered to students with varying levels of understanding.
In a nutshell: EAL as a stand-alone department will only do half the job. EAL as
a whole-school ethos is the way forward.
Sarah Porter, EAL Support
Never Standing Still
Ms Joyce Taylor has been an adviser to BSB for many years, helping the school
incorporate some of the latest best-practice initiatives developed in the UK.
back to the management team, along with her recommendations for any
required action.
Describing herself as “a critical friend”, Joyce is skilled in identifying points of
strength and weakness across the academic function, which she then feeds
Joyce’s involvement in the school has proved invaluable over the years but
is just one element of the continuous drive to instil and maintain the highest
standards for BSB and its pupils.
Issue 1
October 2013
Interview: Robert Visoiu
How long have you been racing?
How many races per year do you go to?
I could say that I’ve been doing it my whole life. Racing is a part of me and I
can’t imagine my life without it.
This season for instance I’ve been racing in two championships: the GP3 and
the Auto GP, with a total of 16 race weekends and 32 races.
When did you start racing and why?
How do you feel when you travel in a taxi in Bucharest?
I’ve started racing when I was only 4 years old. My father wanted me to try
out a go-kart and I liked it so much that I’ve never stopped. Now, more than
13 years later I am running in one of the most important competitions in the
I try not to pay to much attention to the driver, so I just get my phone out and
start texting. It’s safer for my emotional well-being 
How many titles have you won?
A Dacia is not exactly on my wish list, but it’s a good car. I might own one for
commercial reasons one day…
I’ve won many karting and formula races and I’ve always scored well in the
overall rankings. I’ve started out by winning national karting titles in Romania
before I started winning international races.
What’s the fastest car you have ever been in?
Will you ever think of owning a Dacia Logan?
Personally which race was your favourite?
Speed is relative. I’ve been in some very powerful cars, like Bentleys, Ferraris,
Porsches and so on, but I couldn’t say which one was the fastest. It depends
on the road and on the driver 
The race I’ve recently won in the Hungarian GP3 weekend was the one that
comes to mind. I led for the whole race and won with quite a margin from my
How do you feel when you are stuck in traffic?
Have you ever been injured due to racing?
Well, there’s not much you can do in that situation. I just try to make the time
go by as good as possible and to make the most out of it. I don’t get tense
about it, that’s for sure!
It sometimes happens that I get injured because of crashes, but I was lucky
not to have anything really bad happen to me.
Does it bother you when you are in the car and you are not driving?
How often do you train?
I am very focused on what I am doing and I try to work out as much as I can. I
also do simulator runs with the teams I work with.
Normally I’d love to drive every car I’m in, but my age doesn’t allow me so
there’s not much I can do about it. I usually don’t get in cars driven by people
I don’t trust, having said that. Safety on public roads is not to be taken as a
By Mohammed
EYFS Parent Workshop October 2013
Mrs Ford talks to parents about the Early Years Foundation
Stage curriculum
Children’s learning in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) needs to
be a partnership between home and school. At BSB we are committed to
developing a quality education and sharing our curriculum with our parent
observing, encouraging and extending their play. Through well-planned play
activities in a structured environment, children are provided with rewarding
and enjoyable experiences in which they explore, investigate, discover and
create, and secure the foundations for their future learning.
The first Early Years parents’ workshop this term at BSB was ‘An Introduction
to the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum and Assessment’. During this
workshop parents were welcomed in to find out more about our curriculum
and how we observe and assess children in order to move them on in their
learning journey.
Throughout EYFS, children’s learning is developed through taking part in
a wide variety of fun, play-based activities. Sometimes these activities are
directed by teachers and carefully planned, while at other times children
follow their interests, plan and create their own activities, with teachers
Issue 1
October 2013
Art and Design – More Than Just a Pencil
and Pad
Mr.Williams and Haruna
In art students critically analyse and compare artwork of relevant artist models
(both historical and contemporary artists, from a range of cultures). They
discuss aesthetics, use of media, technique, meaning, emotion, ideas and the
influence of an artist upon their own work.
Y12 and Y13 drawing
Clara, Y8
Erin, Y7
KS4 and KS5 Art and Design qualifications have a large workload. Students
who take the subject must adapt as a matter of survival. While the heavy
workload can be an initial shock those who survive emerge with focus,
organisational and time management skills that many other students dream
Drawing is the foundation of Art and Design and lessons begin with
observations of the real world: recording, analysis and creation of a visual
response to the surroundings. Art makes students look at things anew – even
mundane ordinary aspects of the world.
Cristian, Y9
A sketchbook is a creative document that contains both written and visual
material. It is a place for researching, exploring, planning and developing
ideas – for testing, practising, evaluating and discussing a project. It is the
place where students learn from other artists and express and brainstorm
ideas. The sketchbook is an important part of the coursework project. It shows
the journey (or development) towards a final piece.
Observational drawing is an integral component of KS3, IGCSE, A Level
Art and Design courses. For many students, drawing is the core method of
researching, investigating, developing and communicating ideas. While
it is accepted that there are many wondrous types of drawings - and that
non-representational drawing methods have an important role in student
art projects – it is usually advantageous to demonstrate competent, realistic
observational drawing skills to the examiner
Tonal Sugar Work 2
Drawing, Photocopying and Collage: Joe, Y13
In response to Vik Muniz Tonal Sugar Work
Issue 1
October 2013
Research discussion designing a tower
Initial design concepts towers design and technology
Y9 exploring design process of towers
Mr. Walker investigating organic forms in structures
A-Level Results and Higher Education
Destinations 2013
Students and parents were keen to listen to speakers from
top UK universities who visited BSB in October
We are delighted to announce that following the recent A-Level results, all of
last year’s leaving students have confirmed places at universities or higher
education establishments of their choice around the world.
The A-Level results were outstanding, with 83% of final grades being A*-B,
in line with the best HMC schools in the UK. Two students achieved truly
exceptional results (A*A*A* and A*A*A). They had not applied for Oxbridge
for a variety of reasons and remain happy to commence their courses on very
highly ranked Engineering courses at Imperial and Southampton Universities.
Viewing the full list of destinations, it is worth emphasising that the A-Levels
qualification is recognised globally and we can assist our students in gaining
entry wherever best suits the student and their family. The majority of our
students are likely to continue their studies in the UK and our aim in that
respect will be to seek places at Russell Group institutions, or on other highly
ranked courses, evidenced by students starting courses at Bristol, Manchester
and Kings’ College. We were delighted that our students received multiple
offers of places during their final year at BSB and gained the grades required
to access their choice of university.
Our sincere congratulations to the students and their teachers on these
superb results, and good luck to the class of 2013!
Philip Walters
Head of Secondary
Although ultimately it is the student’s choice, BSB tutors
will provide help and guidance
Issue 1
October 2013
A small world?
Although many of our teachers came to Romania straight from
the UK, many others have been teaching the UK curriculum all
over the world. For an international school, having access to
such a breadth of global experience is a great benefit.
42, Erou Iancu Nicolae Street,
077190 Voluntari, Ilfov County, Romania
T. +40 21 267 89 19 F. +40 21 267 89 69
E. [email protected]
Self-belief will bring