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Forward. Thinking. - Mount Vernon Nazarene University
Spring 2009
Forward. Thinking.
Transforming the Future
Spring 2009
Vol. 44
Issue 2
for the Future
Dr. Daniel J. Martin
Campus Master Plan
Along with the strategic framework comes a
new physical campus plan to assist MVNU in
accomplishing its mission.
To Serve and Protect
Junior Stacey Pratt holds her own in a
Secret Service internship.
Annual Report
institution a part of their philanthropic giving.
President Martin unveils a strategic framework
for shaping the future of MVNU.
Dr. J. Keith Newman
Associate Vice President for University Marketing and
Adult and Graduate Studies Enrollment Management
Rev. Tim Eades
Director of Communications
Carrie A. Crouch
Tricia Bowles, Director of Creative Services
Editorial Board
MVNU recognizes those who have made the
Vice President for University Relations
Tammy Adams
Sandy Helman
Dorothy Jean Konrad
Joe Noonen
Dave Parsons
Joe Rinehart
Marcy Rinehart
Tom West
Lee Yowell
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Mission + Vision
+ Plan + Action =
My answer has been informed by the book of Genesis. I see
Mount Vernon’s story embedded in the words that begin
Chapter 12:
1. The LORD had said to Abram, “Leave your country,
your people and your father’s household and go to the
land I will show you.”
In 1964, God called the leaders of the Church of the
Nazarene to begin a new college in this region. In essence,
saying to the site selection committee, “Go to the land I will
show you.” God faithfully provided, and we were blessed.
The story continues:
2.“I will make you into a great nation and I will bless
you; I will make your name great, and you will be a
3.I will bless those who bless you, and whoever curses
you I will curse; and all peoples on earth will be
blessed through you.”
So, the Lord told Abram to go—to follow His call—the call
and vision to be a blessing to the world. We see in verse 4
that Abram did as the Lord told him.
It is interesting that Abram didn’t know where he was
going, but he knew his purpose. They were to be people
of promise. It was God’s desire to bless the world through
Abram, and his people.
"Just as Abram was called, Mount Vernon
Nazarene University is called. To fulfill
our call, we must go. We must pursue our
mission and move toward our vision."
Just as Abram was called, Mount Vernon Nazarene
University is called. To fulfill our call, we must go. We must
pursue our mission and move toward our vision.
When God called this university into existence, what was
His vision, His call to us?
As I have studied our history, as I have talked to the faculty
and staff who have gone before us, as I have engaged in
conversation with you, there is no doubt—the vision for
MVNU is to change our world with the love of Christ.
As God told Abram, God tells us. He wants to bless the
world through Mount Vernon.
The environment in which this vision is carried out
continues to evolve. If MVNU wishes to remain effective
and vibrant, it must continue to seek ways to:
• Distinguish itself and enhance its relevancy
• Strengthen programs and operations
• Transform itself in order to face such a challenging
and demanding future
In this issue, you’ll find a synopsis of the plan that will serve
as the framework for transforming MVNU’s educational
experience. The framework identifies three areas for
institutional transformation (environment, emphasis and
essence) that not only will enable us to be better prepared
for our future, but will lead us to more clearly express
the very nature of the University’s own transformational
educational experience.
There is much work to do. We are committed and invite
you to remember the faculty and staff in prayer as we work
to accomplish our mission. If you would like to read the
University Plan Framework in its entirety, visit: www.mvnu.
edu, click on “Information About,” then “President’s Office.”
God’s best to you in 2009! Go Cougars!
Daniel J. Martin
Mount Vernon NOW
I’ve been thinking a lot about what it is that MVNU’s
faculty and staff give our lives to each day. Is it just for
the students and their lives? Is it for us, how we want to
be compared to other universities? Does the world need
MVNU when Ohio State is right down the road? If so, why?
the University’s
By Dr. Dan Martin, President
There can be no doubt that we are moving
into a very challenging environment for
colleges and universities. The inflation
rate is at its highest in years—everything
is costing us more. Credit is tighter; home
values are decreasing; the unemployment
rate is up; the stock market is down and
fluctuating; gas prices, although down
from the high, are still up from last year;
and Warren Buffet, Chairman of Berkshire
Hathaway said this week that the U.S.
economy was still “in recession” and
would continue for at least several more
Yet, I am far from discouraged. I always
say you can choose to see obstacles
or opportunities, and I see a world of
opportunity. As I said in my inaugural
address, I believe the words of Henry David
Thoreau apply to our future together:
“There is more day to dawn. The sun is
but a morning star.” There is no doubt the
potential and promise of this university
shines bright—we do have the capacity
to become a university of choice for those
seeking excellence in education within the
context of a Christ-centered community.
However, given all the facts about the
external environment in which we find
ourselves, to achieve this, we must be
smarter, more flexible, more relevant,
creative, strategic and more determined.
Given this, the MVNU leadership team has
worked diligently to develop a long-term
plan for the future—a future where the
University will be:
Known for inspiring personal life
transformation in Christ through its
vibrant mission, relevant programs
and innovative spirit in fulfilling its
aims of educating the whole person
and cultivating Christ-likeness.
Identified by its pursuit of excellence
in all things, being informed and
guided by its theological roots
and centrality of mission; its
student-focused living and learning
environment that fully prepares
students for life in a culturally diverse
and global environment; the quality
of its undergraduate, graduate, and
professional programs; and being a
community where its expression of
faith results in offering hearts and
lives in service to God and humanity.
Moving the world of tomorrow requires
visionary and willing steps today. And
we must move together, guided by our
mission and inspired by our vision.
We will move. Remember, to whom much
is given, much is required. We have wells
to dig and vineyards to plant.
The University Plan Framework has been informed by and focuses on
the following elements identified by numerous, intentional conversations
over the past two years with representatives from all constituencies:
University Vision:
To change the world with
the love of Christ
Strategic Vision:
We will become recognized as one of nation’s
leading Christian higher education institutions
Core Values:
Critical Concerns:
Learning and growth
Continuous improvement and innovation
Partnership and collaborationy
Mount Vernon NOW
I’ll be the first to recognize we are a
Deuteronomy 6 community—we drink
from wells we did not dig, and we eat
from vineyards we did not plant. Those
who have come before us faced great
challenges in establishing and building
this university—challenges overcome by
the grace of God and personal sacrifice
of willing hearts and hands. Knowing
this, I see a lot of work ahead—hard but
rewarding work.
University Plan Framework
The following University Plan Framework identifies this institution’s next steps in the strategic planning process that
will lead the community toward plan fulfillment. Three areas for institutional transformation were identified that
will not only enable us to be better prepared for our future, but will lead us to more clearly express the very nature
of MVNU’s own transformational educational experience. These include: environment, emphasis and essence.
Recognizing the dynamic landscape in which the
University exists, we will create structures and strategies
that improve internal operations and more effectively
respond to changes in the external environment.
Incorporate throughout all of university life practical
expressions of Wesleyan-Arminian theology that set
us apart as an educational institution.
1. With the goals of achieving greater effectiveness,
we will:
a.Perform a comprehensive structural audit.
b.Develop and implement a corresponding
action plan.
2. Identify and implement “best practices” for
delivering adult education, including professional
development and online programs.
3. Expand development capacity and efforts to achieve
greater fund-raising results.
There are many institutions doing the “right” things,
but as Mount Vernon does the right things, we want to
make sure we are doing things right. Therefore, we seek
to increase our efforts in improving the organizational
structures, systems and technology that enable our
faculty and staff to perform at the highest level for
student learning and personal growth.
As the future is considered, there is no question
various sources for funding will continue to experience
change and limitations. The fall of 2008 experienced
an economic “credit crunch” that impacted multiple
sectors of the economy, with the full impact on higher
education yet to be determined. It is imperative that
we maximize our capacity and efforts in fund-raising to
develop a viable and consistent financial resource stream
that allows the University to be less susceptible to future
economic impact.
1. Articulate and apply a theological and philosophical
framework that informs and identifies the distinctive
MVNU experience.
2. Develop a spiritual formation model and a faith
community that exhibits a maturing, dynamic and
engaged walk with Christ.
3. Identify local, regional and international areas
of need to develop integrated institutional
responses for the purpose of transforming lives and
communities (Matthew 25:40).
As we seek to become one of the nation’s leading
Christian higher education institutions, others should
immediately recognize that MVNU is an institution
whose education and community is informed and
shaped by its Wesleyan-Holiness heritage. We will
endeavor to define Wesleyan-Holiness intellectual space,
while answering the question—What does a WesleyanHoliness university offer that is distinctive and valuable
in the Church and for the world?
The writer of Ecclesiastes asks, “What does man gain
from all his labor?” But that is the wrong question! Life
isn’t about living life, it is about giving life. As a Wesleyan
institution, MVNU should connect the value of the Truth
with the value of Service. Integrating faith and academics
creates the framework for purpose and reason—
challenging students to change the world with the love
of Christ—regardless of vocation or destination.
“From everyone to whom much has
been given, much will be required; and
from the one to whom much has been
entrusted, even more will be demanded.”
— Luke 12:48
2025 Vision Marks
In an effort to ensure that the influence of the Mark of Mount
Vernon remains one of global significance, the University community
has developed “marks,” or goals, for the future that will form the
quantitative foundation for our vision. The following dreams and
aspirations will be pursued to give evidence of such efforts:
Pursue and exhibit excellence by embracing and
instilling the discipline of continuous improvement
throughout the University.
1. Create and implement a comprehensive academic
plan that enhances the quality, creativity and
innovation of the teaching and learning endeavor.
2. Design and deliver a premier student experience
through the formulation of a comprehensive plan.
3. Systematically review policies and practices
campuswide for revision or elimination.
Inherent in the development of an academic plan is the
establishment of the pursuit of academic excellence
as a foremost objective. Plan components will be
integrated with a corollary comprehensive enrollment
plan to identify potential and planned enrollment
targets. It will additionally assist the University
in developing an entrepreneurial culture—an
environment where programs are continually renewed
or developed will aid in maintaining the University’s
relevance while promoting new and unique
pedagogical practices.
As the University mission states, we seek to educate
the “whole person.” Our Wesleyan-Holiness tradition
speaks to the hope of wholeness arising from the
Gospel. Thus, MVNU’s educational experience must
seek to engage the whole person if we are truly to
fulfill our mission. Students’ level of engagement, in
and out of the classroom, is critical to their long-term
growth, development and achievement.
Successful achievement of mission is not determined
solely by the existence of a grand mission and vision,
but by the ability to execute action steps systematically
to ensure that the desired outputs and outcomes are
realized. The pursuit and implementation of the plans
outlined here are not undertaken for the sake of success
as noted by others. It is the University’s desire to pursue
the mission and establish a robust and dynamic learning
and living environment so that the ultimate vision to
change the world with the love of Christ can become the
lasting Mark of Mount Vernon.
As we pursue the vision, we serve with the reminder of
John 15:5—“Apart from God, we can do nothing.”
• Increase retention and graduation rates
• Institute premier faculty and staff professional development program
• Strategically expand graduate programs—traditional
and nontraditional
• Establish a Center for Leadership
• Expand “Vocation and Calling” support services for students
and alumni
• Enhance and further develop the Center for Teaching and Learning
• Expand and enhance environmental stewardship
• Expand athletic programs—both intercollegiate and intramural
• Engage every student in a cross-cultural experience
• Target tuition and fees at 60% of revenue
• Pursue $50 million endowment and $1 million annual University Fund
• Establish 10 endowed chairs
Mount Vernon NOW
• Expand student population:
- 2,500 traditional students studying on the main campus
- 1,750 residential students on the main campus
- 2,000 adult and graduate students
- 4,500 students universitywide
• Construct:
- Additional classroom space and faculty offices
- Prayer chapel
- New Campus Center
- University Inn & Conference Center
- Expand athletic complex with enhanced general health and fitness areas
- New residential facilities and communities
- Expanded Free Enterprise Business Center
- Enhanced campus entrance
- Welcome Center
- Administrative offices
- Enhanced campus road system, parking, and walking paths
• Renovate Hyson, Pioneer and Founders (first floor), repurposing each based on maximizing utilization
• Integrate sustainability principles for all physical plant projects and
continuing operations, including landscaping, parking and transportation
within our campus
• Establish rigorous accountability measures for all programs and operations
• Identify and establish a prominent location to house the School of Theology
and Philosophy to express commitment to institutional theological heritage
and ongoing identity
• Enhance relationship with Church of the Nazarene
• Expand Wesleyan institutional voice and influence
• Increase global emphasis and engagement
• Engage students in vibrant student development and spiritual life programs
• Seek an increasingly diverse faculty, staff and student body
• Develop urban learning, living and serving programs
• Establish avenues and support for research
• Pursue collaborative ventures and partnerships
• Increase emphasis on interdisciplinary programs
• Promote innovative learning environments
• Exhibit a model educational Wesleyan–Arminian framework
• Integrate service-learning into all phases of the academic program
• Create vibrant living, learning and serving communities
• Develop multistate Centers of Learning
Master Plan
This Master Plan was undertaken to study the facility needs of MVNU and
to address these needs through a long-range plan. It should be noted that
a master plan is not a detailed photograph of the future. Rather, it is a
watercolor painting of what might be. A master plan cannot identify all of the
unseen challenges that lie ahead, but it does identify a destination and helps
us stay the course along our journey.
The process used to develop this master plan followed two coexistent but very
different “discovery paths.” Discovery Path 1 focused on understanding how
the campus is currently functioning, as well as how it will need to adapt to
serve anticipated needs. Discover Path 2 involved conversations with a broad
group of stakeholders in which strengths and opportunities for improvement
were identified. When joined, the overlapping ideas and values became the
framework for the master plan’s eight primary goals, or Keys to Success.
Existing or
Free Enterprise
Busienss Center
Adult and Graduate
Prince Student
Practice Fields
Keys to Success
Campus Entry
• Make boulevard on
Martinsburg Road
• Convert Hyson Campus Center
to all-academic use
• Create symmetrical mall linking
east and west campuses
• Build interior connectors at
Thorne, Hyson and Regents
• Design architectural signage
• Add to Free Enterprise Business
Center and Thorne Library
• Establish visual connection to
academic quad
Welcome Center
• Develop academic space on
west campus
• Located at the terminus of the
entry mall
• Improve access to chapel
• House President’s Welcome
Center, recruiting and
Campus Living Room
• Becomes the heart of campus
• Renovate/refurbish
• Add intercollegiate arena;
renovate intramural gymnasium
• Improve recreation and
• Enhance campus green; build
• Move vehicular traffic and
parking to perimeter
• Create pedestrian zone
inside “loop”
• Encourage walking/biking
to reduce vehicular impact
• Provide cycling shuttle around
campus and regular offcampus routes
• Complete Redwood Hall
- Dining, student conveniences
- 600-seat performance venue
Pedestrian/Vehicular Circulation
Pedestrian connection
Vehicular connection
Shuttle drop-off/pick-up
Event parking
• Add two new three-story
• Create new Student Center
Chapel Connection
• Strengthen the entry
• Add visual “story points” into
the campus
Academic Space
Athletic Facilities
• Indoor athletics
- Add intercollegiate arena
- Renovate intramural
• Outdoor athletics
- Develop center for outdoor
events across Delano Run
- Establish visual and
pedestrian connection
Mount Vernon NOW
Student Union
During MVNU’s 40th year, we have reflected on, and
celebrated, the successes of the past, but Dr. Martin
has encouraged us to look to the future with a vision
for what God might have in store in the coming decade.
God has blessed body, minds and spirits through the
ministry of MVNU. In November 2007 the president
appointed a committee the responsibility to evaluate an
expanded footprint of the Prince Student Union/Donoho
Recreation Center/Athletic Facilities with an emphasis
on meeting the program elements of the proposed
Event Center. For several years campus leadership has
considered how to meet the needs of the University’s
student body. With the completion of the R.R. Hodges
Chapel/Fine Arts complex in 1989, which serves the
spirit, and the Thorne Library/Resource Center in 1996,
which serves the mind, the next step for the continued
university growth is the construction of an expanded
athletic venue to serve the body.
The proposed expansion depicted in these renderings
will extend far beyond supporting MVNU’s fine
athletic program. The existing athletic facilities will be
remodeled to serve a growing intramural program as
well as to provide some flexible space for a variety of
campus activities. New classrooms, expanded healthand-wellness facilities, new and renovated locker rooms
for indoor and outdoor sports, as well as an outstanding
space for viewing athletic events are some of the
features in this new design. The committee believes
the plans for this expansion are an attempt to be good
stewards and practical visionaries of what is at hand.
The conceptual drawings were presented to the MVNU
Board of Trustees in the November 2008 meeting. Plans
are being made for raising the necessary funds to move
forward on this important campus development. We will
keep you updated as the project moves forward. Thanks
for your continued prayers!
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MVNU Alumni & Friends Luncheon
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Featured School: Natural and Social Sciences
To Serve and Protect
By Carrie A. Crouch, Director of Communications
While she stands
a mere 5-feet-4,
junior Stacey
Pratt has a large
desire to make a
difference in the
lives of others.
Currently serving
in a two-year, paid
internship with the
U.S. Secret Service in
Columbus, Ohio, Pratt
must maintain full-time
student status, a required GPA
and a minimum number of weekly work
hours. Her daily activities vary, forcing her
to learn on the fly.
“On a typical day, I handle all of the
counterfeit bills that pass through the
central Ohio area. I have to verify that each
bill is counterfeit and, after determining
that it is, I process each one individually,”
said Pratt. “I edit and send out official
reports when needed and stand ready
to assist agents with investigations. I’ve
also gone to the shooting range while
agents attempt to qualify. Afterward, they
give me the privilege of cleaning their
weapons,” she joked.
When asked if she was ever afraid,
especially as a female, in her current or
future position, she answered, “It isn’t
about how muscular you are or how well
you can fight; it’s about how well you can
communicate. It doesn’t take much to get
into a fight, but it takes a lot to be able to
talk a person out of a fight. I know female
police officers much smaller than me
who are effective because they listen and
empathize—defusing potentially harmful
situations. When people say I’m too small
to do this, it just motivates me even more
to accomplish my goals.”
Pratt’s timing for the internship couldn’t
have been better. The 2008 presidential
election year afforded her some unique
opportunities. She helped agents with the
protective paperwork that goes along with
dignitary visits and rode in the motorcade
to see exactly what it takes to protect
these individuals.
“When people
say I’m too small
to do this, it
just motivates
me even more
to accomplish
my goals.”
“It’s amazing how detailed and precise
the Secret Service has to be in order to
protect a life. Countless days are spent
preparing for a visit that may last only one
hour,” Pratt explained. “It has made me
respect the behind-the-scenes aspects of
security. It is definitely an eye-opener and
one of my favorite parts of the job. I am
very fortunate to have experienced these
Pratt credits MVNU’s criminal justice
professor Merel Pickenpaugh for
encouraging her to apply for the internship
and the Career Services department for
preparing her for the interview. “If I had
gone to another school, I believe I would
not have an internship with the Secret
Service. My professors have taken a huge
interest in my life and career that I would
not have received anywhere else,” she
said. “Mount Vernon has taught me to
take pride in what I do and to do it to the
fullest of my ability. I once heard a pastor
say that ‘in the opportunity of a lifetime,
you must act within the lifetime of that
opportunity’—I feel that MVNU has helped
instill that in my life.”
But Pratt’s interest in criminal justice didn’t
start at MVNU. “Law enforcement runs in
my family. My uncle and great uncles were
police officers,” she said. “I’d always been
interested in criminal justice, but MVNU
helped me realize I could accomplish my
goal of making a difference in someone’s
life through law enforcement.” Through
this internship, her original focus on
missing persons is now shifting to a federal
career, perhaps with the Secret Service.
Her twin sister, Stephanie, is a constant
encouragement. “I wouldn’t be the person
I am without Stephanie’s influence. She
has been extremely supportive throughout
this experience, and her presence in my life
has helped form me into who I am,” she
explained. “While we both have different
career goals and interests, we support
each other’s goals.” Stephanie majors in
business management and assists the
campus Special Events office.
Pratt has learned to weave her faith
into her work in subtle yet meaningful
ways. “I believe actions speak louder than
words. Everyone at my office knows that
I am a Christian and they respect that,”
she commented. “I feel as though I can
influence others by just being myself and
doing the best job that I can. They notice
that I put forth more effort than most
For more information about MVNU’s
criminal justice program, visit
Campus Highlights
Travel with MVNU.K.
Summer 2010
MVNU.K. will head back to England, Ireland
and Scotland in summer 2010 for a 12-day
trip through the lush green countryside
and bustling cities of the British Isles. More
than 50 people traveled on the two previous
MVNU.K. trips in 2006 and 2008.
First stop, London with the magnificent St.
Paul’s Cathedral. Ride the Thames past the
Tower of London, the Globe Theatre, the Tate
Modern Art Museum, the London Eye, Big
Ben and the Houses of Parliament. See Poet’s
Corner in Westminster Abbey and catch the
changing of the Guard in front of Buckingham
Palace. The Tube will take us to Trafalgar
Square, Piccadilly Circus, Covent Garden, or the
West End to see the latest plays.
Next, it’s a tour of Windsor Castle, then on to
Stonehenge. A ferry ride across St. George’s
Channel brings us to Ireland, the home of
Waterford crystal (we tour the factory), the
famous Blarney Stone, the woolen mills and
the literary world of James Joyce. Dublin
will show us rich cultural history at St.
Mary’s Cathedral; Trinity College, which
houses the Book of Kells; and Merrion
Square Park,
home to Oscar
We’ll then move to Scotland where we’ll
explore Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Mile and
the Holyrood Palace. Princes Street, St. Giles
Cathedral, Charlotte Square and the Sir Walter
Scott Monument are all part of the experience.
Our final stop is the picturesque Lake District
back in England, home of Grasmere and the
British Romantic poets.
Collegians Chorale and Chamber Winds plan
2010 concert/missions trip.
Travel for fun; travel for credit. For more
information, please contact Dr. David Wilkes
at [email protected] or (740) 397-9000,
ext. 3510.
Nazarene (Daniel Fink, pastor). Alumni and
other interested parties may inquire about
participating in this trip, as well as to consider
assisting financially. For more information
contact Bob Tocheff at [email protected] or
(740) 397-9000, ext. 3001.
A Semester Abroad
Faculty Activities
Daniel Semelsberger, a senior history major,
spent the fall semester in England as he
participated in the CCCU’s Scholar’s Semester
in Oxford. Semelsberger was privileged to
experience the tutorial system of education
stressed by the program.
Dr. JoAnn Koh-Baker,
professor of music,
presented a paper titled,
“Integrating Analysis
into Performance: Formal
Principles and the Hidden
Program in Frederic Chopin’s
Piano Concerto in F Minor, Op. 21” in the 7th
Annual Hawaii International Conference
on Arts and Humanities, Jan 9-12, 2009.
The conference hosted more than 1,000
participants representing more than 40
countries. Dr. Koh-Baker recently returned from
a sabbatical resulting in numerous recital
appearances and master classes in Singapore
and Malaysia.
European Music Tour
Collegians Chorale (Robert Tocheff, director)
and Chamber Winds (John Packard, director)
are preparing a concert/missions tour after
commencement 2010. The itinerary includes
Salzburg, Austria; European Nazarene College
in Büsingen, Switzerland; Gottmadingen,
Germany, Church of the Nazarene (Ludwig
Duncker, pastor); Venice and Florence, Italy.
The beauty of these trips is the integration of
the academic pursuits of the ensembles with
the privilege of ministering to and supporting
our Nazarene work in these areas. In beautiful
cathedrals and halls, the groups will have
opportunity to perform and share their faith
as well as to assist the outreach ministry of
our churches. In Florence, the groups will share
at both the Italian congregation and the new
Spanish congregation of the Church of the
On Jan. 20, Dr. Dan Behr
served as a special on-air
commentator for the Ohio
News Network regarding
President Obama's
inaugural address. He
earned a Ph.D. from The
Ohio State University where he studied
rhetorical theory and criticism, with a focus on
the history of American public address. He has
written on cross-cultural communication and
parsing presidential propaganda.
Mount Vernon NOW
Campus Highlights
Dr. John Packard and the
Music Department again
hosted the Ohio Music
Education Association
(OMEA) District 10 middle
school and high school
honors bands on Saturday,
Dec. 6. The event featured over 200 young
musicians from Ashland, Coshocton, Delaware,
Holmes, Knox, Licking, Morrow and Richland
Counties and over 60 participating schools.
After a day of instruction and rehearsals,
the culminating concert brought over 500
audience members to the R.R. Hodges Chapel/
provide graduate level business education,
but also an interweaving of moral and ethical
guidelines based on Christian principles. I
believe that educating and building ethical
business leaders can act as a bridge between
the great divide of corporate corruption and
societal benevolence, and I am exceedingly
pleased to find that the MVNU Master of
Science in Management program is providing
an opportunity for me to develop with that
endeavor in mind.”
Karen D. Messer-Bourgoin,
Global Treasury Management,
National City Bank
African Adventure
Student Perspective
Business faculty members are often asked
how MVNU is different and why someone
would want to get their Master of Business
Administration or Master of Science in
Management degree from MVNU. One of our
students provides her perspective:
“Today, in a business environment that
repeatedly demonstrates the consequences of
unethical decision making, I have found that
responsible leaders are seeking solutions that
go beyond business theory and mathematical
equations and that
point to a higher
“I am particularly
impressed with
MVNU’s Master
of Science in
because it
is designed
not only to
The School of Business
is headed to Nairobi,
Kenya, June 5-14,
2009. Hosted by Africa
Nazarene University, the
group will benefit from their
many contacts in the business
and cultural communities. We
will visit world-class multinational
companies as well as local
businesses while experiencing
Africa’s rich cultural heritage.
Africa is considered by some to be the next
hotbed of economic growth and development.
Kenya, with its British heritage and use of
English, has the potential to lead the way. It is
home to some of the largest multinationals
based in Africa and has an informal sector
that represents a major force in their economy.
Kenya is a study in contrasts between the
modern business world and an emerging
Guests, alumni and friends of MVNU are
welcome. Total travel cost is $2,900. This is
an excellent opportunity for personal growth
and enrichment. There are a limited spots
available. If you have questions, or to make a
reservation, please contact: Dr. Tomas H. Parks,
(740) 397-9000, ext. 3310, [email protected]
Faculty Activities
Dr. Mark Shoaf and
Dr. Margaret Britt coauthored a paper titled,
“Leadership and Mentoring:
How Different Are They?”
that has been accepted for
the 16th Annual American
Society of Business
and Behavioral Science
Conference, the largest
interdisciplinary conference
for global business topics.
The authors also received
the Best Paper award in its category.
Dr David Skinner’s
paper “A Response to
Poverty: Thinking Outside
the (Collection) Box,”
which was accepted for
presentation at the ASBBS
16th Annual Conference,
has been selected as the Best Paper of the
Interdisciplinary Multicultural Issues track.
In reviewing the paper competitively along
with other papers, the content and objective
of the paper, research design and contribution
to the body of knowledge were considered.
According to the reviewers, the paper excelled
in all areas.
Dr. Jeff Williamson’s
paper “External
Relations and Marketing
Communication: Customer
Relationship Management
in Higher Education," has
been accepted for the 2009
Association of Marketing Theory & Practice
Nineteen students and staff members chopped their locks for
"Locks of Love."
Upcoming M.Min. Courses
All Master of Ministry courses are available
to anyone interested in taking one course for
CEU credit. Cost is $126 per course.
Courses offered in the one-week, modular
• Biblical Exegesis, June 1-5,
Dr. C. Jeanne Serrão
• Contemporary Preaching, June 8-11,
Dr. Darius Salter
• Doctrine of Holiness, August 3-7,
Dr. Mark Quanstrom
• Building Teams for Ministry, October 12-16,
Dr. W.E. Dishon
Courses offered on Mondays from Mount
Vernon campus as well as MVNU sites at Lima
and Cincinnati:
• Spiritual Formation, April 20-June 8,
Dr. Larry Houck
• Building Ministry Teams, June 15-July 27,
Dr. W.E. Dishon
For more information on enrollment, fees
and schedules, contact Dr. Bruce Petersen
at [email protected] or (740) 397-9000,
ext. 3608.
Students lead the way in
making a difference
Locks of Love
Resident assistant Alison Walker, along with
resident director Tracy Boyer, organized a Locks
of Love ( event in January,
where 19 individuals (students and staff)
courageously cut off 10 or more inches of
their hair in order to provide wigs for children
facing cancer treatment. Almost 17 feet of hair
were donated! As a side note, it takes 6-10
ponytails to make one prosthetic.
30-Hour Famine
More than 100 students, staff and faculty
participated in the worldwide 30-Hour
Famine, raising more than $2,000. Nazarene
Compassionate Ministries and World Vision
partner for this event. Funds raised go to help
families in the Mutendere Area Development
Project (ADP) in Mzimba, Malawi, and, through
this partnership, 3,000 farmers will receive
training in sustainable agricultural methods
that will help provide food stability for families
and children. Plus, event organizer Stephanie
Pratt and Students in Free Enterprise obtained
a grant that matched whatever was raised.
Extended Melody Project
Stemming from a challenge in Dr. John Hall’s
missions class, Cody Snouffer and Ryan Walker
organized the Extended Melody Project
( on
March 14. Students were asked to brainstorm
ways to raise significant funds for a
missionary cause. Their benefit concert raised
funds for an orphanage in Brazil, operated by
Pastor Josemar and his wife. They live with
21 children they’ve taken in from the street,
in addition to their own children. Featuring
a variety of Ohio bands with an admission
cost of just $5 at a local venue, this event is
expected to become an annual benefit with a
new cause each year. As of press time, nearly
$1,900 had been raised.
Running with Purpose
On April 26, casual runner Josh Osborn will
run his first marathon on Mount Vernon’s
Kokosing Gap Trail. Inspired by James 1:27 to “…
look after orphans and widows in the distress,”
his efforts will benefit the Children of Fallen
Soldiers Relief Fund ( “I thought
there would be no better way to show my
appreciation to those families than to try to
raise funds for children of these soldiers,” he
explained. “Had it not been for Joe Noonen
from the Campus Ministries office, I might not
have acted on it. His mission-oriented chapel
service sparked me into action.” To sponsor
Osborn, contact him at [email protected] or
(330) 332-1233 for details.
Mount Vernon NOW
Join MVNU in the British Isles summer 2010.
The Grapevine
Guidance Counselors/
Tom West, Director of Alumni
Relations, is dedicating
spring 2009 to TEACHER
Office needs your immediate
assistance in locating the
largest clusters of teachers,
principals, guidance counselors
and superintendents who work
together in the same location
and/or facility. This will be a
collaborative effort to honor
our Education Professionals.
Please contact the Alumni
Office at 1-800-367-9294 or
[email protected] and alert
us where these “clusters” of
teachers are serving. Tom
would like to visit you and
deliver a chocolate chip cookie
bouquet to share with your
peers. This will help bring
awareness to the MVNU
teachers, as well as promote
the education programs
at MVNU.
Keep your eyes and ears
open for a cookie bouquet
coming your way!
1980 s
1990 s
Dr. Kent Youngman (’82) was
recently named president/CEO of the
Mental Health & Recovery Board of
Clark, Greene and Madison counties.
The MHR Board funds and coordinates
behavioral health services through 20
contract agencies for children, youth
and adults experiencing a variety of
mental health or addiction problems.
Kent is married to Doreen (Flemming
’82), a volunteer coordinator at Life
Essentials, a Dayton-based agency
serving elders. They have two
children: Jonathan (24), a mental
health case manager, and Annie (20),
a sophomore at Olivet Nazarene
University. [email protected]
Dan (’91) and
Misty (Gatchell
’91) Simco, after 15
years of full-time
ministry, are now
taking care of Dan’s
ill mother. They
have two daughters, Sharaya (13) and
Malisa (11), and reside in Pennsylvania
Furnace, Pa. They ask for prayers as
they both start new careers.
[email protected]
Dean (’90) and Susan (Lantz ’88)
Jenkins live in Grove City, Ohio,
where both are involved at Grove
City Church of the Nazarene. Dean
is the chief audio/visual production
engineer for the church, and has been
employed as a district manager for
AT&T for almost ten years. Susan is
in her ninth year of teaching Spanish
at Logan High School. They have two
children: Kristan (17) and Matt (16).
[email protected]
Brian (’90) and Carolyn (Sani
’88) Redman welcomed Charlotte
Elizabeth on April 29, 2008. She
joins big sister Madeline (3).
Carolyn received her DMA in voice
performance from The Ohio State
University in 2004 and is employed
at Kenyon College as an adjunct
voice instructor. She is also active
as a classical performer. Brian is
the worship leader and director
of Creative Arts at Newark, Ohio,
First Church of the Nazarene.
[email protected]
Bill Swarner (’91) recently accepted
a position as senior underwriter
with Lincoln Financial Group. He is
working from his home in Buford,
Ga. He also serves as vice president
of the Georgia Association of Home
Office Underwriters, as a member
of the Web site committee for
the Association of Home Office
Underwriters, and as a member of an
exam review board for the Life Office
management Association. His wife,
Carla (Brewer ’91), home-schools
their daughter, Laura, through the
Georgia Virtual Academy, and works
part-time from home as a customer
service representative.
[email protected]
Greg (’93) and
Elaine (’93) Beach
recently adopted
Chloe (1) from
China. She joins
big sisters Lydia
(11), Hannah (9)
and Abigail (7). The family resides
in Sugarcreek, Ohio.
[email protected]
Kirkpatrick (’93)
married John
Pittenger on Oct. 4,
2008, in Pataskala,
Ohio, at the
United Methodist
Church. John works for the Columbus
Metropolitan Library in their interlibrary loan and Becky works for
Pataskala Oaks Care Center as their
social worker. The couple resides
in Whitehall, Ohio.
[email protected]
Chris (’97) and
Vanessa (Gray
’98) Bartal
celebrated the
birth of Miracle Joy
on May 29, 2008.
Chris teaches
second grade at Utica Elementary and
Vanessa recently left her job as a 9-1-1
dispatcher to stay at home full time.
[email protected]
Stephanie Doenges (’97) left on Jan.
14, 2009, for a three-year term as a
missionary intern for the Church of
the Nazarene. Stephanie will serve as
a doctor with Dr. Jim Radcliffe (’76)
and Dr. Susan Myers (’89) at Kudjip
Nazarene Hospital in Papua New
Guinea. For pictures and updates,
visit Stephanie’s blog at
Cory (’98) and
Tisha (Johnson
’97) Gardner
announce the birth
of Olivia Faith on
Aug. 26, 2008. Cory
is in his fifth year
of operating Gardner Chiropractic,
where Tisha serves as office manager.
She is also youth director at Elkins,
W.Va., Church of the Nazarene. The
family resides in Elkins.
[email protected]
Melissa (Flesch ’97) and Pete Vein
welcomed Brady Steven on Nov. 11,
2008. He joins siblings Bryce and
Isabella. Melissa is a licensed social
worker at Summit County Children
Services in Akron, Ohio, and Pete is a
physical/health education teacher
with the Avon Lake City Schools in
Avon Lake, Ohio. The family resides
in Medina, Ohio.
[email protected]
2000 s
Marty Flach (’98) married Stacy
Rhodes on Sept. 13, 2008, in Mesquite,
Texas. Marty is a territory manager for
Seepex Inc. Stacy is an RN in the Brain
and Spine Center at MD Anderson
Cancer Center. The couple resides in
Tomball, Texas. [email protected]
Cindy (Scullin ’98) and Ryan Holst
welcomed Joshua Ryan on Nov. 18,
2008. He joins siblings Bethany (7)
and Adam (4). The family resides in
Raymore, Mo.
Andrea (Helberg
’98) and Eric
celebrated the
birth of Leia Hope
on Oct. 21, 2008.
Andrea is a special
needs teacher at Napoleon, Ohio. Eric
is a supervisor for Service Master in
Defiance, Ohio. The family resides in
Defiance. [email protected]
Ami Doenges
(’99) married
Darren Workman
in Phoenix, Ariz.,
on March 15,
2008, where they
currently reside.
Darren works at Paradise Valley
Country Club due to his passion for
golf and Ami loves working with
first graders at Keystone Montessori
Laura (Rucker ’99) and Tom Genser
welcomed Hayden Thomas on May
30, 2008. He joins big sister Lily (2).
The family resides in Zanesville, Ohio.
[email protected]
Debbie (Shreves
’99) and Eric Wagner
celebrated the birth
of Isabella Rose on
Aug. 28, 2008. She
was welcomed by
big brothers Grant
(7) and Noah (5). The family resides in
Celina, Ohio, where Debbie is a special
education teacher.
Jeff (’00) and
Amber (Webb ’01)
Lavin announce
the birth of
Vincent (“Vince”)
Patrick-Dean on
Nov. 16, 2008.
Jeff is an administrator at the Knox
County Career Center and Amber is
KCCC’s pre-professional mentorship
instructor. The family resides in
Fredericktown, Ohio.
[email protected]
Steve (’00) and Lydia (Sweet ’00)
Minford celebrated their 10th
wedding anniversary in December
2008. Steve works in sales for
Pottstown Honda and is enrolled
at Nazarene Bible College. Lydia is a
branch manager for Citizen’s Bank.
They are the proud parents of Logan
(4) and Landon (3). The Minfords
reside in Spring City, Pa.
[email protected]
Indalia McCament (’00) recently
completed U.S. Navy basic training at
Recruit Training Command in Great
Lakes, Ill. During the eight-week term,
she completed a variety of training,
including classroom study, practical
instruction on naval customs, first aid,
firefighting, water safety and survival,
and shipboard and aircraft safety. She
also underwent “Battle Stations,” a
boot camp capstone exercise.
With Alumni
Jan. 19-23 was a maiden voyage for the MVNU Alumni
Office. Fifty-three alumni and friends (8 AGS, 22 traditional
and 23 friends) set sail from Miami to Key West then on to
Cozumel, Mexico, for a four-day excursion of the Western
Caribbean hosted by Tom West ('90), Director of Alumni
Relations. Beautiful beaches, ancient Mayan ruins, starlit
skies and great fellowship were just a few of the sights
and sounds of this alumni sponsored event.
For more information on MVNU Alumni Travel
Programs or to view pictures from this event, visit . Plans are beginning for
next trip and we welcome your input.
Mount Vernon NOW
Jason (’97) and
Karen (Board ’97)
White announce
the birth of
Caela Isabelle
Scheherazade on
Dec. 11, 2008. She
joins big sisters Charis, Ariel, Miranda
and Bria. The family resides in Japan.
Alumni Council
The Alumni Council serves as a liaison
between the Alumni Association and the
University. It is also the chief legislative
body for alumni as described by the
Alumni Constitution.
We are seeking nominations to help us fill
the positions of:
• Alumni Council President
• Alumni Clergy Representative to the Board
of Trustees.
Please submit nominations to [email protected]
edu no later than Friday, May 1. Once the
nominations are collected, information on
accessing an online voting ballot will appear
in the summer issue of Mount Vernon NOW.
The term begins September 1 and concludes
after three years.
For a detailed description of duties
and assignments for the positions listed
above, please visit
Your partnership with us is highly valued!
Nominations for the
Medallion Awards may be
submitted by any member
of the Association and will be made to the
Alumni Council or the Office of Alumni
Relations, who will keep nominations on file
and submit names for consideration.
The recipient must demonstrate outstanding
professional achievements and selfless
church and community service, exemplifying
MVNU’s motto, “To seek to learn is to seek
to serve.” Documentation of the nominee’s
contributions and achievements should be
given to the Alumni Council or the Office of
Alumni Relations in written form (sent to
[email protected]) no later than Friday, May 1.
2000 s
Hillary (Ellis ’00) and
David Nikkel welcomed
Valerie Faw on May 20,
2008. She joins big brother
Isaac. David is a computer
engineer for Diebold and
Hillary is a stay-at-home
wife and mom. [email protected]
Erin Trim (’01) married Matthew Guisiner
on Nov. 29, 2008. She recently graduated
from Davis College with an associate degree
in business management and is currently
working at a daycare facility in Tiffin, Ohio.
[email protected]
Jonathan (’02) and Jaimi (Tennant ’01) Vore
celebrated the birth of Emma in June 2008.
The family resides in Ashland, Ohio.
Micah (’01) and Whitney (Severns ’01)
Werling announce the birth of Brady
Thomas on May 14, 2008. Micah is a
firefighter/paramedic for Marion, Ohio,
and Whitney is a stay-at-home mom.
[email protected]
Christina Miller (’02) married Austin
Barker on Oct. 21, 2006. Their son, Orion,
was born on Sept. 28, 2007. The family
resides in Centerville, Ohio.
[email protected]
Ricky (’04) and Liz
(Oswald ’05) Warren
announce the birth of
Recardo Nicholas on June
26, 2008. The family resides
in Suffield, Ct., where Ricky
serves as a math teacher
and varsity boys’ head coach and Liz works as
a multicultural association advisor at Suffield
Academy. [email protected]
Please feel free to submit photos of weddings, babies, etc. to
Mount Vernon NOW,
800 Martinsburg Rd., Mount Vernon, OH 43050,
or by e-mail to [email protected],
or online at
Dan (’06) and Sarah
(Fordyce ’05) Smitley
welcomed daughter
Waverly Nicea on July 29,
2008. She joins big sister
London (2).
Amy Van Gilder (’05)
and Oliver Garrett were
married on Oct. 11, 2008,
at Gaithersburg Church
of the Nazarene. Amy
received her BS in nursing
from Mid-America
Nazarene University and is a pediatric nurse
in Gaithersburg, Md. The couple resides in
Frederick, Md. [email protected]
in memory
Everett L. Holmes (77) passed away on Dec.
19, 2008, in Nashville, Tenn. Holmes, hired
at MVNU in 1968, served as assistant to
the director of finance. His responsibilities
included management of office staff, student
accounts, purchasing, student employment
and payroll, and financial aid. He later served
as bursar from 1970-73.
Dr. Luther Watson (88)
passed away on Jan.
11, 2009 in Nashville,
Tenn. Watson was the
first pastor of Lakeholm
Church of the Nazarene
when it met in MVNU’s
Multipurpose Building (now the Donoho
Recreation Center). He also served on
founding Board of Trustees for the University
from 1966 into 1971. His other pastorates
included Springdale (Ohio) Nazarene
and College Hill Church (now Trevecca
Community) in Nashville. He also served
as senior adult pastor at College Church in
Bourbonnais, Ill., and lived for several years
in Florida.
Due to space limitations, we will
no longer publish baby
weights and measurements.
Thank you for understanding.
2 0 0 8 A nnual Rep o rt
Changing the
with the Love of Christ
2 0 0 8 A nnual Rep o rt
This Annual Report is published by University
Relations for alumni and friends of Mount
Vernon Nazarene University.
The Development staff has endeavored to
ensure the accuracy of reporting all gifts to
Mount Vernon Nazarene University during
the 2008 calendar year. We apologize if
we have in any way misrepresented your
giving or incorrectly listed your name. Please
contact us at 1-800-367-9294 to correct the
error or omission. Thank you.
2 0 0 8 A nnual Rep o rt
Changing the
After a campus chapel service the other day, I
overheard one student asking another, “Do they
really think we’re going to change the world?”
The short answer to that question is—absolutely.
It’s a fact; every one of our students will change
the world. Whether leaving a legacy of love and
hope or one of negativity and cynicism, they each
have the same opportunity.
With the love of Christ, we truly can change the
world for the better. In fact, His love and grace
are the only things that enable us to do so. But
training, education, critical thinking skills and
spiritual maturation go a long way in equipping
His people to love the world in life-changing
ways—ways that leave a special mark.
The Mark of Mount Vernon is defined by its
foundation and mission—that is, shaping
lives through Christ-centered education. This
transformational process must occur in a place
that challenges students intellectually, fosters
Christ-likeness and encourages a commitment
of service to God and humanity. MVNU is such a
place because its people live, breathe and believe
the mission and vision.
These statements aren’t just inert phrases
etched in a metal plaque hanging somewhere
on campus. They are why we’re here, and they
continue to shape and impact all aspects of
university life. Our commitment to our mission
is as vibrant and vital as it was when the MVNU
began now 40 years ago.
But we cannot do it alone. The individuals,
organizations, companies, and churches
included in this annual report have aided
MVNU in accomplishing our mission and in
pursuing the vision. More importantly, they’ve
given students opportunities to change the
world in unfathomable ways.
Thank you for believing with us,
Dr. Daniel J. Martin
Mount Vernon NOW
That’s quite an ambitious
task! Especially when we are,
by nature, flawed individuals.
Year in
A grant from The Community
Foundation of Mount Vernon and Knox County helps bring SimMan
to MVNU nursing clinical skills
• In conjunction with Kenyon College, MVNU
hosts the fifth annual Dr. Martin Luther King
Celebration Breakfast.
• Cougar Corner Bookstore and manager
Gina Blanchard are recognized by National
Association of College stores for innovative
book selling program that funds scholarships.
• MVNU is included on the President’s Higher
Education Community Service Honor Roll,
sponsored by The Corporation for National
and Community Service.
• Led by Coach Steve Gregory, the Lady Cougar
basketball team defeats Walsh before 1,000
fans, raising over $1,200 for cancer research
at the first annual “Think Pink” event on
• MVNU’s production
of biodiesel reduces
financial and
• Dr. E. LeBron Fairbanks, MVNU president
emeritus, is elected as Education
Commissioner by the Church of the
Nazarene’s International Board of Education.
• Spring break takes 158 students, faculty, and
staff to Belize, Hungary, Germany, Venezuela,
and multiple U.S. locations for missions and
service projects.
• Senior left-hander Levi
Curry tosses the second
perfect game and 16th
no-hitter in school
history in a Cougar
baseball victory over
• Broadcasting students Patrick Neville and
Nolan Donegan, along with graphic design
student Adam Jackman, are honored in
national collegiate radio competition.
• Karen Boyd, associate professor of social
work, is recognized as Social Worker of
the Year for Ohio’s Region 8 chapter of the
National Association of Social Workers.
• More than 150 community guests visit the
Mount Vernon campus for a Community
Open House.
• A new church-based Master of
Ministry program is launched, allowing
participants to work in teaching churches
and take classes at remote locations.
• MVNU mourns the loss of trustees Rusty
Bellomy (Eastern Kentucky) and Larry
Fairbanks (Northwestern Ohio) as they
go home to be with the Lord.
• Renovations kick off as
historic downtown “Stage”
building is transformed into
adult classroom space, visual
arts studios and gallery.
• Dr. Alex Varughese, professor of biblical
literature, introduces a new commentary,
"Jeremiah 1-25."
• The women’s softball team, coached
by Jeana Howald, advances to the
championship game of the NAIA Region
IX Tournament for the first time
in school history.
• Coach Keith Veale and the
men’s baseball team capture
the program’s unprecedented
6th NCCAA national title.
• MVNU awards 545 undergraduate and
graduate degrees.
• After a national search process, Rev.
Scott Peterson, senior pastor of Mission
Valley Church of the Nazarene in San
Diego, joins MVNU as Chaplain; and
Lanette Sessink, formerly of MidAmerica
Nazarene University, is named Vice
President for Student Development.
• Alumnus Mark Carter (’95) is named
Chaplain at Point Loma Nazarene
• MVNU’s Dave
Parsons(’94) receives
the Clarence “Ike”
Pearson Award
in Tampa, Fla., as
the 2008 NAIA
Outstanding Sports
Information Director of the Year.
• Alumnus Jared Miller (’07) works with
a student team to develop new speech
assistive technology for individuals
unable to use their natural voices.
Growing service populations include
autistic children and injured military
• Dr. Bruce Oldham is named Vice
President for Enrollment Management,
from most recent MVNU post as
Associate Vice President for Enrollment
Management and as professor of
Christian education.
• Collegians Chorale, led by Dr. Bob
Tocheff, performs at the Choral Music
Celebration Clinic in Canton, Ohio.
• MVNU is ranked again
in the top 50 by U.S.
News & World Report’s
Best Comprehensive
Colleges in the Midwest (Baccalaureate).
• More than 200 students, faculty and
staff improve Knox County through
Community Service Day.
• Relient K headlines SonFest 2008,
drawing more than 6,100 fans—the
largest crowd ever.
• Women’s volleyball coach Paul Swanson
is inducted into the NAIA Hall of Fame.
• MVNU forms articulation agreements
with several community colleges,
enhancing the transition for graduates of
two year programs to a four-year degree.
• National media outlets, including the
"Cleveland Plain Dealer" and MSNBC,
speak with MVNU students about their
views on the presidential election.
• The University
celebrates 40 years
with a special service
held on October 10
honoring Pioneer
alumni, faculty and
• The annual Champions Banquet honors
Chet Foraker, first athletic director, men’s
basketball coach and baseball coach;
along with the first men’s basketball
and baseball teams; and Wall of Fame
inductees Andrea (Marin ’91) Blanton,
Monique (Maher ’96) Hurrle, and Josh
Robson (’00).
• A renovated “Barn,” (previously the
Cougar Den) is unveiled at Homecoming
open house; special space is dedicated to
alumni activities.
• Dr. Henry Spaulding is named Vice
President for Academic Affairs and Chief
Academic Officer. Dr. Spaulding comes
to us from the Nazarene Seminary where
he is serving as Professor of Philosophical
Theology and Christian Ethics.
• The Children's Literature Collection is
established at MVNU in honor of longtime education professor Marilyn Greer.
• Coach Paul Furey
and Cougar men’s
soccer team advance
to the NAIA National
Championship Final
Four in the team’s firstever appearance.
• MVNU students, faculty and staff collect
5 truckloads of food and more than $5,000
for annual Food For The Hungry drive.
• Faculty members Jan Hendrickx (graphic
design) and Jim Harriman (accounting)
were featured in the December issue
of "Ohio" magazine as recipients of the
Excellence in Education award.
• Nearly 200 students
graduate in MVNU’s
fourth winter
2 0 0 8 A nnual Rep o rt
Nease Society
The Nease Society honors those individuals
who have named MVNU with a specific
bequest in their wills or who have funded
an endowment for MVNU students.
Anonymous 22
David and Shirley Abraham
Dan and Norma Armstrong
Martha Ashcraft
Timothy ('93) and Vickie ('97) Askew
Derick and Cynthia ('95) Bailey
Edith Bailey
Russell (H) and Margaret (H) Bailey
Dana and Nancy Baldwin
David and Deborah Bannister
Erin ('96) and Suzanne ('96)
Gregory and Lisa Barnhart
James and Delores Batson
Gregory ('98) and Sarah ('98) Bean
Richard and Nancy Beckmann
Russell and Nancy Bellomy
Garry and Rebecca Best
Barry ('98) and Ethel Beverage
Joseph and Regina Blanchard
Leonard and Betty Boesger
Robert and Joanne Bowman
James and Marcia Brown
Raymond Bryant
Bradley and Joyce Buetner
Brenda ('89) Burris
Daniel ('89) Burris
Kathleen Bushnell
Martin ('70) and Ruth ('70) Butler
Ronald and Virginia Cameron
David and Cheryl Childs
Jack and Daryl Christner
James and Aimee ('82) Clark
Theadore and Lori Cobb
David ('77) Coulter
Harold and Lucille Coulter
William and Betty Crump
John Cubbon
William ('96) and Christine Culler
Thomas and Carolyn Curtiss
James ('77) and Deborah ('77) Dalton
Daniel and Joyce Deeter
Jan Di Carlo
Nancy Dickey
Kern and Marsha Dickinson
Philip ('78) and Peggy Dodds
Darrell and Gloria Dohm
Earl ('88) and Melinda ('87) Driggs
Howard and Ruth Dunn
Dolorees Dutoit
Dorothy Emrick
Donald and Cynthia ('96) Fannin
Eunice Fannin
Twyla ('78) Fannin
Stephen and Brenda Fetter
Chet (H) and Marie Foraker
Dale (H) and Edith Foster
Larry and Susan Fouty
Robert and Dixie Galbraith
Ronald and Doris Gault
Joseph and Helen Germani
Pleas ('72) and Marcia ('73) Godbey
David and Esther Granger
Wade ('96) and Monica ('97) Gray
George ('71) and Linda Gribben
Cary and Diana Grocott
Kevin and Sonia Haines
Ronald and Lisa Haley
Dareld and Miriam Hall
James and Gale Hanna
Larry ('79) and Cathy ('79) Hanson
Thomas and Carol Harding
Jeffery ('77) and Jane Hatfield
James and Georgia Hatter
Wesley ('79) and Judy ('77) Hawes
Chauncey and Betty Hayes
Derek ('90) and Sandy ('86) Helman
Paul and Patricia Hetsler
Ralph (H) and Ruth Hodges
Dwight and Christina Hord
Larry and Sharon Houck
Clarence and Judy Houk
Mark and Mary Houser
William and Margaret Huffman
John and Sherri Hummel
Frank (H)and Dolores Hyson
Rex and Rita Jameson
Georgia Jellison
Rick ('76) and Victoria Johnson
Charles and Glenda Kaluga
K Allin (H) and Evelyn Kahrl
Michael ('91) and Linda Keffer
John and Mary Kelley
Richard and Bambi Kelley
Robert and Beth Kendall
John ('93) and Amy ('95) Keyser
Randall and Deborah Kirkendall
Robert and Sarah Klotz
Robert ('73) and Laura Knapp
Charles Lail
Paul ('83) and Patricia Lail
Alvin Lawhead
Donald and Cathy Leonard
Thomas and Tanya Levering
Barry and Vera Long
Timothy and Cathy Long
Paul and Judy Madtes
Scott and Letha Mann
William and Bonita Martin
Daniel and Caroline Maurer
Celia May
Connie ('83) Mayle
Gorman and Ruth Mayle
Mark ('82) Mayle
Eugene and Carol Mc Bride
Thomas and Kitty Mc Cann
Bradley and Rebecca Mc Cartney
Michael ('88) and Vickie ('88)
Mc Clurg
Michael and Stephanie Mc Daniel
Richard and Brenda Mc Farland
Michael and Dixie Mc Gonagle
Pamela ('80) Mc Laughlin
Phyllis Mendenhall
David ('80) and Annette ('80) Merki
Terry and Sandra Morris
Betty (H) Morrison
Robert ('71) and Annie ('71) Morrison
Norman and Madeline Moser
Constance Mosher
Daniel Mosher
Ruby Murphy
Robert and Mari-Katherine Myers
Keith and Carolyn Newman
Kenneth and Lois Noonan
Joseph and Raeschell ('80) Noonen
Sharon ('77) Oberlander
Cynthia Ochs
Gerald and Karen Ogden
Bruce and Peggy Oldham
Jeffrey and Tonya Parsons
Michael and Martha Parsons
Joseph and Lois Pearce
Raymond and Lora Peckens
Ronald ('70) and Diana Perry
Bruce and Jacquelyn Petersen
Leroy and Ponce Peterson
Norman ('00) and Carmen Phillips
Robert and Marlene Picard
Nila Pitcock
William (H) and Evelyn Prince
Benny and Amy Ramirez
Shawn and Michelle Reesman
Louis and Barbara Reindel
Patricia (H) Reno
Ronald and Jeanne Reynolds
Mark and Sandra Riepenhoff
David and Janice Ringhiser
Fred and Carol Rodgers
Ronald and Vivian Rohe
Kim and Pamela ('87) Rose
Marvin and Marilyn Salsbury
Dennis and Zoe Sanders
John ('79) and Karol ('80) Scholz
Roger and Doris Severns
Joseph and Mary Seymour
Lewis Seymour
David ('84) and Carol Sharpes
Larry and Helen Shoemaker
Gregory and Cynthia ('74) Sizemore
Lee ('81) and Brenda ('83) Skidmore
James and Beverly Smith
Robert and Judith Snyder
Larry ('78) and Nancy ('08) Speece
Jonathon and Barbara Spyker
Richard ('82) and Anita ('85) St John
Dale and Diane Starbuck
Eric ('99) and Kerri ('99) Stetler
David and Phyllis Stoer
Robert and Dorothy Styers
Lyle and Ella Swartz
Tim Thieken
Bobby and Sheryllann Thompson
John Truesdale
MVNU's mission is to provide an education that is
taught from the perspective of a Christian worldview and
encourages students to make a difference in the world
after they leave. In the words of Norm Shumaker, who
spoke at an opening convention at the University, "It only
takes one to make a difference and you can be that one."
Supporting MVNU is a way to make a difference.
John (’93) and Amy (Anderson ’95) Keyser
Names in italics represent alumni of MVNU. Those names followed by (H) represent honorary alumni.
To view all giving lists, please visit
2 0 0 8 A nnual Rep o rt
MVNU is truly a community of believers that cares
about the eternal impact of its students. The education I
received was second to none. During my years at MVNU,
I was taking ownership of my faith and through the love,
concern and sacrifice of my coach, teammates, roommates
and professors, I was able to learn and grow and embrace
a life of following Christ as an adult. Through giving, I
hope to bless others as I have been blessed.
Courtny (Testa ’97) Aljancic
We believe the need for an availability of higher
education in a Christian environment with strong
doctrinal standards is imperative if we want our future
generations to be men and women of character and faith.
We are proud of MVNU for developing men and women
with holiness of heart, who are transforming all areas of
society with the gospel of Christ for God’s glory.
Dan and Sandy Sertell
Father of Matthew Sertell (’00)
Eternal Flame Society
The Eternal Flame Society honors individuals
who have contributed $100,000 or more to
MVNU during their lifetime.
Anonymous 8
Dan and Norma Armstrong
Russell (H) and Margaret (H) Bailey
Leonard and Betty Boesger
Chet (H) and Marie Foraker
Dale (H) and Edith Foster
Ralph (H) and Ruth Hodges
Frank (H) and Dolores Hyson
Wayne and Peggy Penrod
Mary Ramser
Marvin and Marilyn Salsbury
Glenn (H) and Shirlee Thorne
Frances H Doenges
Roberta Cole Johnson
Sarah Annabelle Yoakam
Helen Zelkowitz
Larry and Sue Fox
Marilyn Greer
Kriss and Felicia Mc Donald
David ('80) and Annette ('80) Merki
Terrence ('72) Slabaugh
David and Glenna Wagner
Chairman’s Club
Trustee’s Club
estate giving
Estate gifts and bequests received during
the year 2008.
The Chairman’s Club honors those individuals
who have given an amount of $5,000 or more
in the last year.
Anonymous 7
Thomas and Patti ('79) Albaugh
Jon and Courtny ('97) Aljancic
John (H) and Lora (H) Donoho
Scott ('77) and Cynthia ('78) Gray
Larry and Diane ('80) Hammond
Kevin ('81) and Teresa ('81) Hansher
Daniel and Pamela Martin
Lois Mc Ardle
Ruby Murphy
Marilyn Salsbury
Lee ('81) and Brenda ('83) Skidmore
Jeffrey and Janine Spear
President’s Club
The President’s Club honors those individuals
who have given an amount of $2,500 to $4,999
in the last year.
Anonymous 3
Eugene and Jacqueline Ball
Tim ('84) and Teresa Belcher
William and Betty Crump
William ('96) and Christine Culler
James ('77) and Deborah ('77) Dalton
The Trustee’s Club honors those individuals
who have given an amount of $1,000 to $2,499
in the last year.
Anonymous 16
Charlene ('77) Aldridge
Robert Allen
Kristin Baier
Russell (H) and Margaret (H) Bailey
Ronald ('77) and Melanie Bolender
Ronald and Esther Borton
Lyle and Barbara Campbell
Thomas ('86) and Tressa Daley
Timothy ('07) and Kimberly ('93)
Juanita (H) Ferguson
Willam Foster
Curtis ('88) and Deanna ('89)
William and Margaret Griffin
David and Donna Grosse
Dorothy Harp
Jason and Melissa Hendrick
Ralph Henricks
William and Arlene Hess
Ralph (H) and Ruth Hodges
Dolores Hyson
Frank and Terri Johnson
David and Karenlee Keen
John ('93) and Amy ('95) Keyser
Phillip (H) and Vivian Kizzee
Dale and Susan Kuglin
Thomas and Patsy Mackie
Albert and Vivian Martin
Harold and Carlene Matthews
Marty ('97) and Leslie Mc Leary
Jodi ('90) Mills
Bradley ('97) and Julie ('99) Nelson
Keith and Carolyn Newman
Mikel (H) and Mary Norris
Bruce and Peggy Oldham
Arturo ('86) and Kathy Ondina
Robert Priddy
Shawn and Michelle Reesman
Joe ('91) and Marcy Rinehart
William and Judy Rogers
Kim and Pamela ('87) Rose
John ('79) and Karol ('80) Scholz
John and Janis Seavolt
Daniel and Sandy Sertell
Harry Singh
Gary (H) and Carol Sivewright
Gregory and Cynthia ('74) Sizemore
Dean Spearman
Wayne and Sandra Swift
John and Elizabeth Taylor
Randie and Shirley Timpe
Alexander and Marcia Varughese
David and Roberta Wilson
David and Donna Wine
Bessie Wise
Kelvin and Teresa Wood
Mount Vernon NOW
Jerome and Brenda Vinson
Gary and Lori Wagner
William ('83) and Katherine ('81)
Herbert and Carol Ware
Randall ('87) and Debra ('80) Wells
Howard and Pauline Whiston
Bradley and Lori White
Paul and Dolly Wickline
Brittany and Ralyn Williams
Max and Erma Wood
Carl and Rebecca Worley
Thomas and Janice Wright
David ('83) and Rhonda ('85)
Annamay Zagray
I’m so proud that MVNU upholds and teaches in a
Christian atmosphere. For our investment, we envision Christian
doctors, lawyers, ministers, mothers, fathers, missionaries and
ordinary citizens passing the Gospel down from generation to
generation. We want to remind students and alumni to always
put God first and everything else will fall in place.
Russell and Olive Gilmore
Parents of Kathy (Gilmore ’82) Wantland
Medallion Club
The Medallion Club honors those individuals
who have given an amount of $500 to $999
in the last year.
Anonymous 8
Barbara Baltz
Alana ('84) Bender
Richard and Cathi Bock
Donald and Karen ('78) Boyd
Mark Braun
James and Christi Brown
Edward and Maxine Connor
James ('80) and Lynette ('80) Couchenour
Willie and Lois Dishon
Robert Dornauer
David and Susan Downs
Marshall and Rebecca Duke
Glenn and Elizabeth Forthofer
William and Valerie Gaillard
Scott and Pamela Gatton
Kurt and Nanette Goodenberger
Larry and Beulah Grindle
Richard and Judy Gulley
Jack and Marilyn Hansher
Ricky ('80) and Anita ('82) Harmon
Winston and Debby Hatcliff
Elizabeth (H) Hornberger
Richard and Linda Jordan
David and Ruth Kale
Robert and Renee King
Marvin and Eunice Krassow
William and Sheryl Kurelic
Betty Leppert
James and Janet Linker
Keith and Esther Martin
Daniel and Caroline Maurer
James and Joyce ('71) Maynard
Thomas and Kitty Mc Cann
David ('82) Melton
Diane ('84) Monnin
Wayne and Peggy Penrod
Philip and June Petrie
Ron and Mary Phillips
Weldon and Betty Pierson
Gregory and Renee Rein
Bradley ('82) and Adria ('79) Schumann
Richard ('77) and Ramona Schwartz
Helen Shupe
Jerry and Sonja Smith
Eldon Steiner
David Stiverson
Kenneth ('81) and Alisa Stoll
Robert ('76) and Ardyth ('91) Stull
Andrew ('98) and Christina Taylor
Stephen and Janet Thompson
Paul and Sherrill Tomasino
Sarah Watson
William and Doris Webb
Larry and Melinda Weber
John Yoder
Lakeholm Club
The Lakeholm Club honors those individuals
who have given an amount of $250 to $499
in the last year.
Anonymous 10
Sean and Alice Allen
Timothy and Barbara Anderson
Patrick and Ifeyinwa Anyalewechi
Mark Armstrong
Hannah Auck
Don ('83) and Susan Baun
Steven and Cathelene Beatty
Harold and Karen Berrian
John Borntrager
Tyler ('08) and Robyn ('08) Boss
William and Carolyn Bott
Lee and Carolyn Brown
Scott and Amy ('98) Brown
Eric ('93) and Crystal ('90) Browning
Andy and Jodi Bryant
James and Maureen Buchwald
Steven and Cindy Burgett
William ('01) and Kelly Burke
William and Arlene ('85) Byler
James and Barbara Cahoon
Dean Caldwell
Ronald and Virginia Cameron
Devin and Kimberly Cheek
Thomas and Diane Collier
Alan Corbitt
Sindy Craig
Chad and Stacy Davis
James and Karen De Witt
Derek and Jennifer ('98) Dean
Kern and Marsha Dickinson
Alex and Susan Durbin
Betty Emerick
Rebecca ('90) Eppley
Edward ('82) and Diane Estep
Kent ('87) and Kelly ('87) Estep
LeBron (H) and Anne (H) Fairbanks
Wayne and Phyllis Feasby
Names in italics represent alumni of MVNU. Those names followed by (H) represent honorary alumni.
To view all giving lists, please visit
William ('92) and Jennifer Forney
Paul ('82) and Rebecca ('82) Freel
George and Marilyn Frost
Rochel ('05) Furniss
Timothy ('88) and Joan ('90) Garber
Keith ('80) and Sama ('80) Gilliland
Rick and Jolene ('85) Goetzman
Frank and Cheryl Green
Steven and Kathrine ('89) Greenich
Fredric and Lynn Grimm
Eric and Kimberly Haaff
Timothy and Linda ('07) Halt
Dan and Judy Hannon
Tom Harrmann
Jerry ('89) and Cheryl ('88) Hartman
Wesley and Judith Hawes
Gene and Donna Heasley
Roger and Michelle Hedrick
Fred and Shirley Hendren
Edward and Maria Herman
Murli and Gloria Hinduja
Thomas and Patricia Hubbell
Mark and Carla Hughes
Ryan and Yvett Hunsicker
Terry (’74) and Ruthie Johnson
Michael and Ruth Johnston
David Karavish
Robert and Peggy Keen
Aaron and Laura Kester
Daniel ('86) Landon
Jeffrey ('00) and Amber ('01) Lavin
Jackie Law
Heekap Lee
Doris Leonard
Nelson and Judy Litzenberg
Sean and Mehgan ('02) Lucas
Robert ('74) and Elaine ('74)
Todd and Robin Mc Clay
Roger Mc Coy
Ryan ('07) Mc Ferren
Kent ('86) Mc Millan
Steven ('93) and Melissa ('93)
Ronald and Ramona Miller
Gerald and Patricia Mohrfield
John and Mary Moore
Gail Moorman
Gary ('79) and Ronda Morgan
Michael and Nanette Neighbarger
Lynn ('80) and Penny ('82) Nichols
Joseph and Chrissy Nussbaum
Nelson and Barbara Perdue
Merel and Linda Pickenpaugh
Larry and Lori Poland
Phillip and Mollie Pool
John and Kandice Popham
Patrick and Martha Quinn
William ('87) and Julie ('91) Radaker
Mark and Denise Ramser
Aaron Ramsey
David and Anna Rashley
Charles and Barbara Reitsma
Michael ('01) and Rachail Risko
Donald and Cathy Robbins
John and Cynthia Robison
Reuben and Janice Rodeheaver
Ted and Lynette Rupert
Terrell and Suzanne Sanders
Stephen ('78) and Michelle ('78)
Kari Sowers
Charles ('93) and Sophia Speelman
Mickie Strausbaugh
Richard and Marcine Sutherland
Roger ('77) and Lorrie ('78) Taylor
William ('05) and Monica Tenney
Mark and Marsha ('07) Tharp
John and Carolyn Thomas
Rosann Thomas
Ted Thorne
Michael and Diane Traugh
Douglas and Lisa Van Nest
Michael and Julie Van Zant
Duane Veale
Kim and Teresa Waggoner
Paul and Marcia Wagner
Stephen and Thais Ward
Michael and Jeannette Warwick
Terry Weber
Robert ('83) and Mary ('82) West
Theodore and Rebecca Whitney
Duane and Monet Wiford
Matthew and Julie Wilbur
David and Lori Wilkes
Barbara Williams
John and Sandra Williams
Michael ('77) and Kenna ('77)
Keith ('05) and Deborah Winn
Stanley and Eloise Wood
Dennis ('84) and Tamara Woods
Mike and Christina Wythe
Temporarily Permanently UnrestrictedRestrictedRestrictedTotal
Operating Revenues, Gains, and other support
Student tuition and fees
Less unfunded student financial aid
Church Support
Private gifts and grants
Government grants and contracts
Investment return designated for current operations
Auxiliary enterprises
Total revenues, gains and other support
Expenses and losses
Academic support
Student services
Institutional support
Public relations and development
Auxiliary enterprises
Total expenses and losses
Pension related changes other than periodic pension cost
Change in net assets
Net assets released from restrictions
Change in net assets from operating activity
Investment return in excess of amounts
designed for current operations
Net assets at beginning of year
Net assets at end of year
Auxiliary Enterprises
Government Grants
and Contracts
Private Gifts and Grants
Church Support
Total Revenues
Tuition and Fees
Auxiliary Expenses
Institutional Support
Total Expenditures
Investment Return
Designated for Current
Academic Support
Student Services
Public Relations and
2 0 0 8 A nnual Rep o rt
July 1, 2007 - May 31, 2008
Mount Vernon NOW
Budget Summary - Current Funds
Church Giving
Central Ohio District
Rev. Trevor Johnston
District Superintendent
(total giving: $363,297)
Chillicothe Westside
Circleville First
Coal Grove
Columbus Cooke Road
Columbus Crossroads
Columbus First
Columbus Northwest
Columbus Shepherd
Columbus West Broad
Columbus Whitehall
Family Life Fellowship
Fountain of Hope
Grove City
Ironton Faith United
Ironton First
Lower Lights Community
Marietta First
Marietta Harmar Hill
Mc Arthur
Mc Connelsville
New Albany First
27 New Boston First
Newark First
Oak Hill
Plymouth Heights
Point Rock
Portsmouth First
Portsmouth Rosemount
Portsmouth Sciotoville
South Point First
Southwest Community
Zanesville Northside
During the past fiscal year, the following congregations have generously contributed to Mount Vernon Nazarene University’s mission.
Eastern Kentucky District
Rev. Harold Berrian
District Superintendent
(total giving: $113,442)
East Ohio District
Dr. David Downs
District Superintendent
(total giving: $202,253)
North Central Ohio District
Rev. Steve Ward
District Superintendent
(total giving: $405,412)
Northwest Ohio District
Dr. Larry Fairbanks
District Superintendent
(total giving: $371,079)
Ashland First
Ashland Grace
Catlettsburg Southside
Covington Central
Covington Eastside
Covington First
Flatwoods First
Florence Community
Harlan S Fisher Memorial
Irvine First
Middlesboro First
Mount Sterling First
Mount Vernon
Newport First
Olive Hill
Richmond First
Richmond Rosemont
South Shore
Straight Creek
Turkey Creek
Twin Fork
Akron Arlington
Akron Cottage Grove
Akron East Liberty
Akron Kenmore
Akron Southeast
Akron Trinity
Atwater Community
Barberton Mount Summit
Beth Echad Messianic
Caldwell First
Cambridge First
Canal Fulton
Canton Calvary
Canton First
Canton South
Cuyahoga Falls
East Liverpool First
East Liverpool La Croft
East Palestine
Fishcreek Nazarene
Worship Center
Goshen Community
Lakeland Area Ministries
Martins Ferry
Mineral City
New Philadelphia
Newton Falls
Niles First
North Jackson
Powhatan Point
Ravenna First
Rush Community
Steubenville First
The New Beginning
Warren First
West Point
Ashtabula First
Bucyrus First
Calvary Ridge
Cherry Valley
Cleveland Bethel
Cleveland Garfield Heights
Cleveland Richmond
Cleveland Victory
Coshocton First
Elyria Community
Fostoria First
Fulton Crossroads
Grand Valley
Harvest Fellowship
Lighthouse Community
Living Faith
Mansfield First
Marion First
Marion Kensington Place
Marion New Vision
Mount Vernon First
Mount Vernon New Life
Mount Vernon West Side
New Life Community
Port Clinton
Powell New Start
Sandusky Community
Shelby First
State Road Community
Upper Sandusky
Westlake Parkside
Antwerp Community
Bethel Community
Bowling Green
Findlay First
Fort Recovery
Hope Community
Indian Lake Northside
Jackson Center
Lima Community
Lima First
Mount Blanchard
Mount Sterling First
New Carlisle
New Horizon Community
New Life
Quest Community
Saint Paris Community
Sidney First
Springfield First
Springfield Grace
Springfield High St
Springfield Maplewood
St Marys First
Tipp City
Toledo Trinity
Troy First
Upper Valley Community
Batavia Community
Cincinnati Carthage
Cincinnati Clifton Ave
Cincinnati Covenant
Cincinnati Fairfax
Cincinnati Lockland
Cincinnati Montana Ave
Cincinnati Price Hill
Cincinnati Sayler Park
Cincinnati Springdale
Cincinnati Sycamore
Cincinnati Victory
Countryside Community
Dayton Beavercreek
Dayton Central
Dayton Daytonview
Dayton Drexel
Dayton First
Dayton Maryland Ave
Dayton Northridge
Dayton Parkview
Dayton Riverside
Eaton First
Fairborn First
Franklin First
Hamilton Tuley Rd
Hamilton Walden Pond
Living Faith
Living Hope
Miamisburg First
Middletown First
Mount Carmel
New Lebanon
New Richmond
Springboro Bridgeway
West Carrollton
West Chester
West Union
Xenia First
West Virginia North District
Rev. J. Kevin Dennis
District Superintendent
(total giving: $170,799)
Fairmont Central
Fairmont First
Ferry Glen
Follansbee First
Grafton Blueville
Grafton Parkview
Hooverson Heights
Little Sandy
Morgantown First
Morgantown Pierpont
Mountain View
New Cumberland
Newell First
Newell Glendale
Parkersburg Broadway
Parkersburg First
Parsons First
Point Pleasant First
River Valley Community
St Marys First
Terra Alta
Weirton First
Wheeling Mar-Win
West Virginia South District
Dr. Mervin Smith
District Superintendent
(total giving: $191,817)
Bluefield First
Campbells Creek
Charleston Calvary
Charleston Davis Creek
Charleston Elk River
Charleston First
Charleston Loudendale
Charleston North Side
Charleston Southeast
Charleston Valley Grove
Charleston West Side
East Bank
Greenbrier Valley
Huntington Central
Huntington First
Huntington Walnut Hills
Hurricane First
Lens Creek
New Beginnings Community
New Hope
New Horizons
Oak Hill
Princeton First
Rand First
South Charleston First
South Charleston Grace
Teays Valley
Mount Vernon
Nazarene University
2008 Senior Leadership Team
Dr. Daniel J. Martin
Dr. J. Keith Newman
Vice President for University Relations
Dr. Bruce Oldham
Vice President for Enrollment Management
Rev. Scott Peterson
University Chaplain
Ms. Lanette Sessink
Vice President for Student Development
Mr. Jeff Spear
Vice President for Finance
Dr. Randie L. Timpe
Vice President for Academic Affairs
If you would like to be included in the
Mount Vernon Nazarene University
2009 Annual Report, please visit the
University Advancement web site at and click on “Ways
to Give” or call the Development
Office at 1-800-367-9294. We welcome
your questions regarding contributions
toward our ongoing vision to change
the world with the love of Christ.
Dr. J. Keith Newman
Vice President for University Relations
Mount Vernon NOW
Southwestern Ohio District
Dr. Doug Van Nest
District Superintendent
(total giving: $497,233)
2 0 0 8 A nnual Rep o rt
Churches in bold met or exceeded their educational fund commitment.
Financial Highlights
a l umn i g i f t s
DecadeNo. of DonorsNo. of Alums
g i f t s f ro m a l l s o u rc e s
4,273 Amount Given
Top 10 Classes by Participation
Rate of Participation
Total of Gifts
Top 10 Classes by Amount Given
ClassNo. of Donors Amount Given
combined gift income 2008
January 1, 2008 - December 31, 2008
and Trustees
and Friends
and Consortia
Church Support
Business and
t o t a l e n d o wm e n t fun d s
Includes General and Restricted
un i v e r s i t y- fun d e d
scholarships and grants
As of 6/30/02
As of 6/30/03
As of 6/30/04
As of 6/30/05
As of 6/30/06
As of 6/30/07
As of 5/31/08
As of 6/30/01
As of 6/30/00
in millions
As of 6/30/99
The MVNU Experience
“MVNU’s Christ-centered environment formed and shaped who we are. We thank God for the passionate teachers
and leaders who prayed with us and demonstrated lives of service and learning. The relationships built at MVNU
- Jonathan (’02) and Sharla (Miller ’02) Rider
continue to strengthen and refresh our lives as alumni.”
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800 Martinsburg Road
Mount Vernon, Ohio 43050
Mount Vernon NOW
Mount Vernon OH
MVNU students are blogging about their college experiences.
Check it out and share it with a future student you know!
Upcoming Events
Address Service Requested
Mount Vernon Nazarene University
800 Martinsburg Road
Mount Vernon, OH 43050
USPS 761-980
Mount Vernon NOW
You can also keep up with MVNU students and professors on
spring break trips throughout the U.S. and around the world. Hear
their firsthand experiences, see photos and video, communicate
with them directly, or send encouraging messages!
Join the MVNU community for a variety of exciting and enlightening events this spring.
Find more information on these and other events at
8 Resurrection Celebration,
Chapel, 10:20 a.m. and 7:15 p.m.
5 Treble Singers Concert, Thorne, 8 p.m.
7 Blue/Green Day, campus beautification,
alumni and community welcome!
15-17 Hicks Holiness Lecture Series, Dr. John Bowling,
7-9 Spring musical: "Pirates of Penzance,"
18 Festival of Joy Senior Adult Day,
Chapel, 10 a.m.-3 p.m.,
register by calling (740) 397-9000, ext. 4351
7-9 Regional Teen Bible Quiz
Chapel, M-W 10:15 a.m. and 7:15 p.m.
21 Youth Ministries Leadership Workshop,
9 a.m.-4 p.m., register by calling 1-888-470-0050
23-24 Breakaway, prospective student event,
register at
or by calling 1-866-462-MVNU
28 Women in Ministry Network Day,
9:30 a.m.-4 p.m.,
register by calling 1-888-470-0050
30 Spring musical: "Pirates of Penzance,"
Thorne, 8 p.m.
1-2 Spring musical: "Pirates of Penzance,"
Thorne, 8 p.m.
4 Jazz Band Concert, Chapel, 7:30 p.m.
Thorne, 8 p.m.
9 Mom’s Night Out with WNZR,
Free Enterprise Business Center, 4 p.m.
11 Instrumental Ensembles Concert, Gazebo, 7 p.m.
12 Collegians Chorale Concert, Chapel, 8 p.m.
13 Academic Awards Convocation, Chapel, 10 a.m.
14 Goliards Concert, Thorne, 8 p.m.
22 Baccalaureate, Chapel, 7 p.m.
23 Commencement, Chapel, 10 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.
11-13 BLAST!
19 New Student Orientation
23-7/3 Church of the Nazarene General Assembly,
Orlando (see page 10).