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LEXIOSTM - Northrop Grumman
LVC Experimentation,
Integration and
Operations Suite
any diverse systems are
used to meet the training needs for real-world
military operations. Live, Virtual
and Constructive (LVC) training environments include virtual
cockpits, computer generated
forces (CGF) and live weapons
platforms equipped with instrumentation systems. Northrop
Grumman’s LVC Experimentation,
Integration and Operations Suite
(LEXIOSTM) enables these systems to interoperate in a fused
environment providing a robust
LVC training capability in a cost
effective manner.
LEXIOS utilizes a proven set of
services and off-the-shelf systems to provide solutions for
multi-fidelity needs in the areas
of: kinematics, kill chain integration Live to/from VC, ground
truth and perceived truth of
electromagnetic/ optical/ acoustic emissions, communications
(voice, datalinks, NAVAIDS),
(LSCI) provides the direct translation and conditioning of disparate range and VC protocols
i.e. Test and Training Enabling
Architecture (TENA), Distributive
Interactive Simulation
(DIS), Real-Time Transport Protocol (RTP) and
Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) that enables
true fusion of the live
and VC battlespace.
LEXIOS systems such
as Jetpack and Gateway Manager enable
interoperability of live
and virtual fourth and
fifth generation tactical data links including
LVC extensibility through architecture re-use
Link16, Intra-flight Data
weapon employments, terrain,
Link (IFDL), and Multifunction Adweather, and cultural features.
vanced Data Link (MADL). These
systems enable live and virtual
LEXIOS enables a fused live/
fourth and fifth generation airvirtual/ constructive immersive
craft to interoperate in cohesive
environment and common opfused tactical data link network.
erational picture.
LEXIOS systems such as LVC
gateway portal and live simulation communication interface
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LEXIOS off-the-shelf systems
are complimented with a set of
network and cyber security services that include SATCOM, RF,
wireless, and wide area network
(WAN) that allow live range as-
sets to communicate with virtual
and constructive simulations
located anywhere in the world.
LEXIOS cyber security services,
ranging from authority to operate
(ATO) support to cross-domain
solutions (CDS), provides the
expertise required to obtain necessary security approvals necessary to connect these multi-level
security domains.
The LEXIOS suite is a full-LVC
spectrum capability, providing
affordable, real-world training solutions for enhancing warfighter
operations and readiness.
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