First Russian massive pop-culture convention Comic Con Russia 2016



First Russian massive pop-culture convention Comic Con Russia 2016
First Russian massive
pop-culture convention
Comic Con Russia 2016
When: September 29 - October 2, 2016
simultaneously with Igromir Expo 2016
Where: Moscow, Crocus Expo
Pavilion 1
What: Comic Con Russia is Russia’s first massive
convention showing the latest and greatest from the world
of comics, movies, television, toys, anime, manga and
video games
Who’s attending: «entertainment enthusiasts» 16-28 y.o.
– guys and girls enjoying and loving all forms of
entertainment (comics, movies, television, toys, anime,
manga and video games, music etc)
Expected attendance: 160.000-170.000 people
Who’s showing: comics and fiction books publishers,
movie studios/distributors, TV show runners, TV channels,
developers and publishers of video games, table games
producers and distributors, toys makers, media
What is Comic Con Russia?
It’s… Comic Con! The idea is to bring legendary US and
European pop culture convention to Russia. Now, there are
14+ different Comic Cons in USA (running from 1970) and a
few of them in Europe, live from 2003
Comic Con Russia joined the party in 2014, and it became
the biggest launch of entertainment event ever in Russia –
more than 157 thousands of people in 4 days!
In 2015, Comic Con grew twice – 10.000 sq.m. full of
entertainment, premieres and shops. Of course, that means
more celebrities (4 instead of 1) and international comics
celebrities (3 instead of 1)
Overall, Igromir & Comic Con Russia occupied more than
25.000 sq.m. of exhibition space in 4 halls
Biggest participants for 2015 – Disney/Star Wars, Nintendo,
XX Century Fox (Deadpool), Bubble, 2x2 TV, TV3, Hobby
World and many more
Key celebrity appearances – Anthony Daniels (Star Wars),
Alfie Allen (Game of Thrones), Summer Glau (Firefly) and
Tricia Helfer (Battlestar Galactica)
More than 100 retailers in shop area – selling all the pop
culture stuff from comic books to figures etc
Comic Con Russia in numbers
Attendance: 162 112 people
Business day (October 1st): 10.563 people
Friday (October 2nd): 38.540 people
Saturday (October 3rd): 57.731 people
Sunday (October 4th): 55.278 people
B2B attendees: 6200 people
Media: 2000 people
Organizers: 400 people
VIP-visitors: 2448 people
Overall press&media attendees: 2000 people
Reporters from online/print media:
more than 1100 people
Camera crews from TV & online media: 400 people
Bloggers, photo reporters, public social media groups:
500 people
Amount of TV channels / Youtube channels with at least 50 000
subscribers: more than 40
Video bloggers with at least 50 000 subscribers - 290 people
Major TV and video media:
TNT, Russia 1, Russia 2, Moscow 24, TV-3, Ren TV,
Life News, “Evening Urgant” (ORT TV Channel), TV Friday,
A1, Europe Plus TV, ”YOU” TV, Disney TV, NTV, 2x2.
- More than 1900 publications in online and print media
with overall combined reach for more than 180 million
- 800 video and photo reports with overall combined
reach for more than 900 million people
Comic Con Russia 2016 will again take place in the Russia’s
best convention center – Crocus Expo, simultaneously with
Igromir Expo 2016
Growing even more:
Comic Con Russia will extend its space even more to
12.000 sq.m. – maximizing the potential for all exhibitors to
reach the audience
Show must go on!
All Comic Con Russia activities will grow – including show floor
and retail area; we will have 2 big stages, and of course - more
celebrities to appear!
How many fans we expect? 160-170 thousands of people for both shows.
And of course, our beloved media:
we hope to welcome more than 2000 journalists for both
Comic Con Russia contacts:
Booth rental/sponsorship/participation:
Contact person: Max Maslov
e-mail: [email protected]
Skype: max.a.maslov
Phone: +7 905 767 31 71
General information:
e-mail: [email protected]

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