June 5, 2016 - Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church



June 5, 2016 - Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church
Parochial Vicar
Rev. Hugues Berrette
Parish Secretaries
Uris Boxhill
Beatrice Rousseau
Yessenia Hernández
Director of Music
Dominic Russo
Spanish Mass
Sandra Roper
Haitian Mass
Frélior Charles
Souls in Harmony
Junie Leblanc
Iglesia Católica Romana de la Santa
Rev. Msgr. Joseph P.
Eglise Catholique Romaine de la Sainte
Cross Roman Catholic Church
Director of Religious
Mrs. Catherine Hayes
Celebrated once a month in
English, Spanish or Creole
Confessions: Saturday 9 AM
& 4 PM or by appointment
Arrangements should be made
at least 6 months in advance.
call Rectory for appointment.
St. Gregory the Great
Catholic Academy
2520 Church Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11226
718 774-3330/282-2770
Rudolph Cyrus. Principal
2530 Church Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11226
718-469-5900; Fax 718-469-5901
e-mail: [email protected] Web Site: holycrossrcchurch.org
Sunday Masses: 5:00 PM Saturday; 8:30 AM & 11:30 AM Sunday – in English
10:00 AM domingo en español;
11h30 AM dimanche en créole – à la chapelle
10th Sunday in Ordinary Time - June 5, 2016
God, Who called me from my mother's womb, set me apart
and called me through His grace.
He was pleased to reveal His Son to me,
so that I might proclaim Him to the nations [Gal. 113-14]
In Luke 7.11-17, today's Gospel,
Jesus was moved with pity.
He said:
``Do not weep...
Young man, I say to you:
Masses and Services for the Week of June 5th
June 5, 2016 - 10th Sunday in Ordinary Time
(Breaking Bread: p.179)
8:30 AM
Stanley Jules - Birhday
10:00 AM
Misa en español
Por el Pueblo de la Parroquia
11:30 AM
Sick of the Parish
by the Men's Fellowship
11:30 AM
Messe Haïtienne
Kettely - Anniversaire
4:00 PM
Mass of Thanksgiving
Msgr. Joseph Malagreca
40th Annivesary of Priesthood
MONDAY, June 6 - St. Norbert
8:30 AM
Jennilene - Birthday by her Mother
8:30 AM
Shakira & Kishi - Birthdays
by their Grandfather Keith Hall
7:30 PM
Messe Charismatique Haïtienne
† Wilner Siméon par Samphanise Siméon
Please pray for the Deceased of our Parish
Floris Meyers; Altagrâce Toussaint; Anisson Mélidor; Carlton Woo;
Iona Moses; Jean-Robert Toussaint; Jean-Marc Valès; Kenly Joseph;
Marie-Jeanne Killick; Marthe Sencé; Lucie Raphaël; Renel Saintus;
Jean-Onold Nelzy; Ozias Andrews; Helen Robertson; Hugh Fermin;
Errol Lynch; Mona Williams; Christine Woodrooffe; Elvire
Mathieu; Rita Honekman; Jean-Yva Duplessis; Willis Pollard;
Augustine Henry; Laurel Panthier; Cecilia Bailey; Simeon Bailey;
Fr. Joseph Pasciutto; Bishop Vincent Darius; Constance English;
Marie Ambroise; SantaniaDarius; Josette Jean-Jacques
Jesus truly wanted to walk the streets of our parish last Sunday, Corpus
Christi. With sunshine and a breeze, hundreds of parishioners persevered
for a Procession that lasted 3 hours!
A special thanks to all those who helped make this expression of
Eucharistic Catholic Faith so beautiful:
The Four Altars of Repose
Thank you to the Williams Family; the Guadaloupe Family; the Family of
Jacques Desprez; and the Soto Family - you opened your homes to Jesus,
and His people could praise Him.
The Children
Many adults helped care for all the children who marched and threw rose
petals. Thank you!
The Parish Groups
The Altars took on different Biblical Themes: the English Prayer Group
did the first Altar - ``the Works of Mercy''- where we prayed for the
victimized and underprivileged. The Holy Cross Helpers prepared the
Second Altar - ``the Magnificat'' where we placed our prayers before Mary's
powerful intercession. The Youth Group Rayon d'Espoir prepared ``The
Divine Mercy'' at the Third Altar. We took advantage of this altar to pray
for our Youth. The Hispanic Community prepared the fourth altar - ``The
Good Samaritan'' - where we prayed for the New Evangelization. Back in
church, we read ``God is rich in mercy!''
The Musicians
Our Procession was filled with beautiful music. Thank you to the Choirs;
and to the song leaders - Frélior Charles, Engish Choir members, and Sandra
8:30 AM
Adrienne Parks - Birthday
by her Mother Elaine
THURSDAY, June 9 - St. Ephrem
8:30 AM
In Honor of the sacred Heart
by Yolènje Salomon
FRIDAY, June 10
(Every Friday is a Day of Penance)
8:30 AM
† Stella Raeburn by her Familyffy
SAT., June 11 - St. Barnabas
8:30 AM
In Thanksgiving for Michael Parks
by his Mother Elaine
5:00 PM
Rhiyanna - Birhtday
by her Grandmother Janet
Bread and Wine for the Month of June offered for
In Thanksgiving by Agnes Lambert & Family
Candles the Month of June offered In
Thanksgiving for Berndatte & Joanne by their Mother
Readings for the Week of June 5, 2016
Sunday: ......................... 1 Kgs 17.17-24/Gal 1.11-19/Lk 7.11-17
Monday: ................................................. 1 Kgs 17.1-6/Mt 5.1-12
Tuesday: ............................................. 1 Kgs 17.7-16/Mt 5:13-16
Wednesday: ...................................... 1 Kgs 18.20-39/Mt 5:17-19
Thursday: ......................................... 1 Kgs 18.41-46/Mt 5.20-26
Friday: ........................................... 1 Kgs 12.19.9-16/Mt 5.37-32
Saturday: .................................Acts 11.21-26;13.1-3/Mt 5.33-37
Next Sunday:................ 2 Sam 12.7-13/Gal 2.16-21/Lk 7.36-8.3
Altar Servers and Ushers
Nineteen Altar Servers gave service to Jesus. Many of the Ushers
organized and moved us along. A special thanks to Aura Casprowitz
who prepared the petal decorations in the church. To all the workers:
Thank you!
The Parishioners
It is an great joy to gather as a parish in unity with the Body of Christ.
Hundreds of parishioners marched. When we returned to church at
4:00 PM, there were still more than 400 people in attendance who had
walked with the Risen Christ. Thank you for living faith!
SUNDAY, June 5th - 4:00 PM
Celebration of Msgr. Malagreca's
40th Anniversary
On Msgr. Malagreca's 40th Anniversary, Sun., June 5th,
after the 4:00 PM Mass,
our parish would like to offer a meal to all
who come and celebrate with him.
Come celebrate with us after Mass
We Catholics have this most wonderful gift: we are
invited to receive the Body and Blood of Jesus whenever
we assist at Mass. If you could think of all the possible
gifts, there is no treasure that could compare with this: the
Body of the Lord Jesus Who became a man to unite us to
God; His Precious Blood which has been shed for our
salvation. No one is worthy to receive Communion - how
is it possible to be worthy to receive the Lord? You could
not merit this gift. We receive Communion because He
gives Himself freely - to rich and poor alike. But, nevertheless, St. Paul writes: "Whoever eats the Bread or
drinks the Cup of the Lord unworthily will have to answer
for the Body and Blood of the Lord." (1 Cor. 11.27)
In order to assure the reverent and holy reception of
the Eucharist, the Church has established these norms
which must be obeyed for worthy reception:
1.Only baptized Catholics, in full Communion with the
Church, who have made their First Communion are
invited to receive Holy Communion.
2.You must be morally sure that you are free from grave
sin in order to receive Communion. If you
Sunday, May 29 ................................................... $ 7,996
Repairs .................................................................... $ 2,176
Number of Envelopes (1st Collection) .........................581
for Sunday, June 12th
free mammograms for women 40 and older
but you must call for your appointment
(800) 564-6868
The Scan-Van will be here on Sunday, June 12th
from 9:30 AM on!
are aware of having committed any grievous offense
against the Lord, it is necessary to confess your sin in
Confession and receive absolution before daring to
approach the Lord's Table. (If someone is living in a civil
marriage, or living together as a couple without any
marriage, it is necessary to marry in God's eyes, or to
separate before being able to confess and receive
3.As a sign of readiness for the Sacrament, it is necessary to fast for one hour before the reception of Holy
Communion. This fast includes all forms of food and
drink, (gum, candy and soda too) except water and
4.Holy Communion is a gift offered to the faithful every
day if they so wish. If you attend a second Mass on
any given day, you may receive a second time. You
may not exceed twice a day.
5.It is also necessary to have proper spiritual preparation
for the worthy reception of Communion. It is
incorrect to be so late for Mass that you have missed
the Consecration, and then just walk up for
Sun,. June 12th, 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, Outside
Breakfast- Hispanic Choir
Sun., June 12th, 9:30 AM to 2:30 PM, Auditorium
Sun., June 19th, 1:30 PM, Auditorium
..........................Fathers' Day Dinner - Women's Group
Sun,. June 26th, 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, Outside
Bake Sale- Hispanic Youth Group
Sun., June 26th, 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, Auditorium
Health Check
Sun,. July 3rd, 1:30 PM to 6:00 PM, Outside
Parish Barbecue - $10 a plate
from Ghana
will return to Holy Cross for summer assistance
July 1-Sept.30
St. James Cathedral, Jay Street, Brooklyn
Saturday, June 25th
Peter's Pence
is the annual Collection made in every parish
in the world for the needs of
our Holy Father, Pope Francis
Special envelopes in the boxes and at the church exits
for Sunday, June 26th
A representative of the Catholic Holy Cross Outreach
will preach at the Masses on July 2-3
All the loose money in the 2nd collection
will be sent to this Missionary venture
10:30 AM ......................... Gather at Holy Cross Church
(bring your Metro Card; we are going by train)
11:30 AM ........................................... Arrive at St. James
12:00 noon .......................... Pass through the Holy Door
12:30 PM ................................. Holy Hour & Confessions
1:30 PM ............................................................ Holy Mass
All Tee Shirts have been ordered; we expect to
distribute them the weekend of June 12th. Please
wear your Holy Door Tee-Shirt!
This Pilgrimage is an action
of the 10 Brooklyn Parishes of
Flatbush-Canarsie-Spring Creek
Nous-mêmes Catholiques nous avons un don merveilleux: nous sommes invités à recevoir le Corps et le
Sang de Jésus chaque fois que nous assistons à la
Messe. Si vous allez penser à tous les dons possibles, il
n'y a point de trésor qui comparaît à celui-ci: le Corps du
Seigneur Jésus Qui est devenu homme pour nous unir à
Dieu; Son Sang Précieux qui a été répandu pour notre
Personne n'est digne de recevoir la Communion comment serait-il possible d'être digne de recevoir le Seigneur? L'on ne peut pas mériter ce
cadeau. Nous recevons la Communion parce
qu'Il Se donne gratuitement - aux pauvres et aux
riches. Mais, néanmoins, St-Paul écrit: "Celui
qui mangera le Pain ou boira la Coupe du Seigneur indignement, se rendra coupable envers le
Corps et le Sang du Seigneur." (1 Cor. 11.27)
Pour assurer la réception révérente et sainte
de l'Eucharistie, l'Église a établi des normes qu'il faut
obéir pour la digne réception du Sacrement:
1.Seulement les Catholiques baptisés, en pleine unité
avec l'Église Catholique, qui ont reçu la Première
Communion, sont invités à recevoir la Sainte Communion.
2.Il faut que vous soyez moralement sûr d'être libre
ici à Holy Cross - Messe d'Action de Grâce:
40ème Anniversaire Sacerdotale
Mgr. Joseph Malagreca
MARDI, 7 JUIN - 7h30 PM
Messe Charismatique Haïtienne
Commencement de la Neuvaine de
N.D. du Perpétuel Secours
Théatre ``Sight & Sound'':
samedi, 10 septembre
Tickets: $150
voyez Evelyn; Casilda; Aura ou François
ou venez au Presbytère
L'autobus partira à 7h30 AM
Premier arret: Pennsylvania Outlet Stores
Ticket inclut Théatre; Diner; Autobus
Leve kanpe!
du péché grave pour recevoir la Communion. Si vous
êtes conscient d'avoir commis une offense sérieuse
contre le Seigneur, il est nécessaire de confesser votre
péché dans le Sacrement de la Pénitence et de
recevoir l'absolution avant de vous oser approcher à la
Table du Seigneur. (Si quelqu'un vit dans un mariage
civil ou dans le plaçage, c'est nécessaire de se marier
vraiment ou de se séparer avant la réception de Pénitence et de Communion.)
3. Comme un signe d'être préparé pour le Sacrement, il est nécessaire de jeûner pour une heure
avant la réception de la Sainte Communion. Ce
jeûne inclut toute formes de nourriture et de
boisson (chiclet, bonbons et sodas inclus), sauf
de l'eau et de la médicine.
4. La Sainte Communion est un cadeau offert
aux fidèles tous les jours, si l'on en désire. Si
l'on assiste à une deuxième Messe dans une
journée, l'on pourra recevoir une deuxième fois. L'on ne
pourra pas recevoir plus de deux fois dans une journée.
5. C'est aussi nécessaire d'avoir la préparation spirituelle
correcte pour la digne réception de la Communion.
Il n'est pas correct d'arriver tellement tard pour la
Messe que l'on a perdu même la Consécration, et
puis de s'approcher pour communier.
L'Apostolat Haïtien invites tous les Haïtiens
à célébrer la Fête Patronale de
Notre Dame du Perpétuel Secours
lundi, 27 juin - 6h00 PM
Basilique N.D. du Perpétuel Secours
5th Avenue & 60th Street
ARISE! is coming in September
¡LEVÁNTATE llegará en septiembre!
LEVE-KANPE! arrivera en septembre
Would you consider
joining a Small Group
for six weeks
to share your faith?
Pourrez-vous considérez que
vous allez vous joindre à un Petit Groupe
pendant six semaines
pour partager votre foi ?
¿Podrás pensar en
pertenecer a un Pequeño Grupo
por seis semanas
para compartir tu fe?
0487 – Holy Cross, Brooklyn
Nosotros Católicos tenemos el don el más maravilloso:
somos invitados a recibir el Cuerpo y Sangre de Jesús
cuando asistamos a la Misa. Si tú pudieras pensar en
todos los dones posibles en el mundo, no hay un tesoro
que comparece con éste: el Cuerpo del Señor Jesús
Quien Se hizo hombre para unirnos con Dios; Su Sangre
Preciosa que derramó para nuestra salvación.
No hay nadie digno de recibir la Comunión - ¿cómo
sería posible ser digno de recibir al Señor? Tú no puedes
merecer este regalo. Nosotros comulgamos
porque Él Se da libremente - a ricos y pobres
Pero, sin embargo, San Pablo
escribe: "Si alguien come el Pan y bebe la
Copa del Señor indignamente, peca contra el
Cuerpo y la Sangre del Señor." (1 Cor. 11.27)
Para asegurar le recepción digna y santa de
la Eucaristía, la Iglesia ha establecido estas
normas que tienen que obedecerse para su
recepción digna:
1.Sólo Católicos bautizados, en Comunión con la Iglesia,
que han hecho su Primera Comunión, pueden
2.Uno tiene que estar moralmente seguro que está
DOMINGO, 5 de JUNIO - 4:00 PM
aquí en Holy Cross Misa de Acción de Gracias:
40 años de Sacredoicio Msñr. José Malagreca
DÍA AL AIRE LIBRE- 3 de sept.
Día Carismático - Santuario de María, Haverstraw
Predicador: David Bisonó
``Conozcan Su Misericordia''
Boletos de Autobús: $35
El Instituto Pastoral Diocesano
anuncia la comisión de
Ana Dolores Hernández &
Graciela Mendoza-Domínguez
como líderes pastorales laicos
para la parroquia de Holy Cross, Brooklyn
El 19 de mayo de 2016, 66 personas fueron
comisionados para servicio voluntario
a las parroquias en Brooklyn y Queens.
Todos han completado el Programa de Ministerio
patrocinado por el Instituto Pastoral.
libre de pecado grave para recibir la Comunión. Si está
conciente de haber cometido una ofensa grave contra
el Señor, es necesario confesar su pecado en el
Sacramento de la Penitencia y recibir la absolución
antes de atreverse de acercarse a la Mesa del Señor.
(Los que viven en un matrimonio civil, o parejas que
conviven sin casarse deben buscar matrimonio en la
Iglesia o separarse antes de confesarse y comulgar.)
3. Como signo de preparación para el Sacramento, es
necesario ayunar por una hora antes de
recibir la Santa Comunión. Este ayuno incluye
toda forma de comida y bebida (chicle,
bonbones y soda también) eccepto el agua y
la medicina.
4. La Santa Comunión es un regalo ofrecido a
los fieles todos los días si quieren. Si asistes a
una segunda Misa en un día, puedes volver a
comulgar, pero no más de dos veces en un
5.Además, es necesario tener la preparación espiritual
adecuada para comulgar dignamente.
No es
correcto llegar tan tarde para la Misa - habiendo
perdido la Consagración - y pues acercarse para
recibir Comunión.
Classes will finish on June 12th
and begin again in September
Every child must be registered again
Registration on Sundays
from May 22nd to July 10th
New Registrants:
1 child: $50.00 - family registered member
$70.00 - non registered family
Discount for 2 or more children
(same parent)
Re-registration Early Bird Price
1 child: $30.00 - family registered member
$50.00 - non registered family
Catechism classes are for all children:
Kindergarten through High School
We also invite any ADULT,
who has never been baptized,
or made Communion or Confirmation,
to come to our Adult Religion Program
Children and Adults should come to
St. Mary's Hall for registration
after Mass on Sundays