The first episode



The first episode
Mova Times
The 2nd 2013 edition, Kraków, March 2013.
Titanic II to be built
An Australian billionaire said
Monday he'll build a high-tech
replica of the Titanic at a
Chinese shipyard and its
maiden voyage in late 2016 will
be from England to New York,
just like its namesake planned.
The original Titanic story... At
11:40 PM on 14 April 1912
Titanic's maiden voyage, she
hit an iceberg in the Atlantic
Ocean. The iceberg broke the
Titanic's hull (bottom) letting
water into the ship. The Titanic
sank two hours and forty
minutes later at 2:20 AM on 15
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The first episode
of Mova Times' comic book
Hi and welcome to a very special edition of our
magazine. This time we'd like to invite you to enter the
world full of adventures with Simon and George the Rat
going to Australia in our new comics. But that's not
everything of course! We are sure you will love all the
other articles we've prepared, including an interview
with Mrs. Justyna and our 2012 music hits ranking.
Did you know that American telephone numbers may include letters of the alphabet?
2012 teenage music hits
Good to see...
The Hobbit
PSY- „Gagnam style” - date and country: 5th July
2012, South Korea- 1.253.871.394 views on
youtube – music style: k-pop, electro house, hip
Plot: Hobbit: An Unexpected
Journey is a story of a hobbit
called Bilbo Baggins, who
leaves his home to join Gandalf
the wizard and thirteen dwarfs
(Thorin, Balin, Bifur, Bofur,
Bombur...) for their dangerous
journey to the lost kingdom...
and to face Smaug the dragon.
The story is based on J.R.R.
Tolkien's novel of the same
Rihanna - „Diamonds (in the sky)” - date and
country: 27th September 2012, USA172.092.081 views on yutube- music style:
eurodance, pop
Nicki Minaj- „Starships” - date and country: 14th
February 2012, USA -106.784.956 views on
youtube – music style: eurodance, europop
Weekend - „Ona tańczy dla mnie” (She dances
for me)- date and country: 2012, Poland 46.137.376 views on youtube – music style: disco
USA/New Zealand 2012
Director: Peter Jackson
DOP: Andrew Lesnie
The editors of MOVA TIMES: Maja Jurczyńska, Kinga Fritz, Alicja Tkaczyk,
Monika Cybula. Chief editor: Mikołaj Cempla. Join us today! See
Did you know that English Queen is a queen some other countries, including Australia?
Continuation: Titanic II to be built
As she sank, the Titanic split in two. It killed around 1,500 people. Only around 705 people
survived. It was one of the worst shipwrecks that was not during a war. One reason why so
many people died was because the ship did not have enough lifeboats. Women and children
were allowed on the lifeboats first, and passengers who sailed in first class (which meant that
they paid for better rooms on the ship) were allowed on before other passengers. Not many
lifeboats had been provided, because the Titanic was said to be unsinkable. People in working
class and lower classes had not much of a chance of getting out safely, but the higher class
women and children would have gone out on the first few lifeboats. Another reason so few
people survived was that the radio was off on the SS Californian, the ship closest to the Titanic,
and the crew did not hear about the accident.
An interview with Mrs. Justyna, the
German teacher at Mova
Kinga Fritz : Were you interested in
German when you as a child?
Mrs. Justyna : Yes I was very interested
with this language. I had many friends
from Germany and I had to speak with
them German.
K.F : Who did you want to be in the
future when you were a child?
Mrs. J : I wanted to translate literature
from German to Polish and I wanted to
visit many countries.
K.F : How many languages did you know?
Mrs. J : I know Spanish, German and
K.F : What do you like about Germany?
Mrs. J : I like the culture and I like
people who live in Germany (my
K.F : In which countries have you been?
Mrs. J : I have been in many countries. I
have been in Spain, Germany, Sweden,
Austria, Greece, Italy, Franch, England
and Ukraine.
K.F : How often do you visit Germany?
Mrs. J : During summer Holidays and
sometimes I visit my friends for special
celebrations for example:
birthday,christmas or easter.
K.F : Where did you study?
Mrs. J : I studied in Jagiellonian
University in Cracow.
K.F : Who are you idols?
Mrs. J: My idols are pope John Paul II
and I like Grzegorz Turnau (his music).
K.F : Do you like working in Mova?
Mrs. J : I don't know. I'm new here. Today
was my first lesson in Mova. I don't know
yet. but I like the children here. There are
very nice and clever.
K.F : What types of music do you like?
Mrs. J : I like calm music and classical
Did you know that the biggest city in the world is Mexico City?
and George the Rat
In Australia
Drawed by
Kinga Fritz
Written by
In an airplane
Oh George! I'm so happy
to land in Australia
Me too!
I'm gonna eat you, ha ha ha!
Oh no I'm so
scared of spiders
I'm sorry your luggage
must be lost
In a bus
Oh poor little rat!
Are you lost?
Oh no! I lost my suitcase and
now George is lost too!
Yup! Plaese help me.
Did you know that London is populated by 8,2 mln people ??
I'm Lydia and
I will help you!
To be continued...

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