B e y o n d
Annual rep or t 2010
A Nat ion a l Ca ncer Ins t i t u t e De sign at ed Ca ncer Cen t er
m i s s i o n
The mission of the Eppley Cancer Center is to coordinate basic, translational, clinical
cancer and population science research, as well as patient care and educational
programs and to facilitate the application of new knowledge about the etiology,
diagnosis, treatment and prevention of cancer to improve health and quality of life.
Annual Report 2010
Contents _
Le adership _
Kenneth H. Cowan, M.D., Ph.D.
Director's message
Associate Directors
Basic Research
Michael Brattain, Ph.D.
Translational Research
Hamid Band, M.D., Ph.D.
Breast cancer Research
Next generation therapeutics
Fundraising: Gala
Fundraising: Events
Training & Education
Surinder Batra, Ph.D.
Cancer Prevention & Control
Dana Loomis, Ph.D.
Administration & External Affairs
Matthew Winfrey, M.P.P.
Assistant Director
Finance & Administration
Ed Ramspott, B.S.
Director of Development
Tom Thompson
Support grant
Outreach Administration
Christina Dunham, B.S.
Eppley institute 50th
Research Program Leaders
Cancer Genes and Molecular Regulation Program
Michael Brattain, Ph.D. & Robert Lewis, Ph.D.
Cancer Prevention & Control Program
Ann Berger, Ph.D., R.N., AOCN, FAAN & Dana Loomis, Ph.D.
Lymphoma Research Program
John Chan, M.D. and Julie Vose, M.D.
Molecular & Biochemical Etiology Program
Hamid Band, M.D., Ph.D. & Kay-Uwe Wagner, Ph.D.
Direc tor's message _
Dear Friends,
I am proud to present this annual report which
details some of the many accomplishments at the
Eppley Cancer Center during the past year.
Most importantly, the Eppley Cancer Center successfully
renewed its Cancer Center Support Grant (CCSG) in 2010.
In the spring, scientists from other National Cancer Institute
(NCI)-designated cancer centers visited the Eppley Cancer
Center to review our scientific programs, and evaluate and
rate the research conducted here. This process takes place
every five years and has earned the Eppley Cancer Center
NCI designation continuously for over 25 years. The site visit
team commented on the excellent growth in cancer research
in the Cancer Center over the past five years and noted that
the Cancer Center is on an “extremely positive trajectory.”
The Eppley Cancer Center remains one of only 66 NCIdesignated cancer centers in the United States, and the
only cancer center in Nebraska to earn this distinction,
bringing the most current and innovative treatment
options to patients through cutting-edge research that is
translated into state-of-the-art care. The renewal of the
NCI designation is testimony to the strength of the Eppley
Cancer Center’s scientific programs, the Cancer Center
members who are world leaders in the fields of cancer
research and patient care, and to the University of Nebraska
Medical Center's outstanding facilities. The long-term goal
of the Cancer Center is to obtain NCI Comprehensive
Cancer Center designation, earned by approximately
forty cancer centers in the U.S. The recent recruitment
of Dana Loomis, Ph.D., as chair of the Department of
Epidemiology in the College of Public Health and his
appointment as Associate Director for Cancer Prevention
and Control in the Eppley Cancer Center, will expand the
population science research program, crucial to earning
Comprehensive designation for the Eppley Cancer Center.
To be a leader in cancer research in the 21st century, the
Eppley Cancer Center is focusing on the use of state-ofthe-art technology to molecularly define every patient’s
tumor. Treating all cancers the same way is a thing of
the past. Eppley Cancer Center scientists are developing
the next generation of cancer therapies targeted toward
the molecular changes in tumors that will result in a
treatment regimen individualized for each patient.
Researchers utilize the Eppley Cancer Center’s HighThroughput Screening Facility to examine the affect of
genes on cancer cells and create the next generation
of cancer therapeutics personalized to treat a patient’s
individual tumor. In the battle against breast cancer, the
Eppley Cancer Center remains a leader, working with
breast cancer stem cells to understand the pathways that
normal cells take to become cancer cells, and identifying
biomarkers for the different types of breast cancers.
The fundraising efforts in 2010 were unsurpassed. The
Cattlemen’s Ball of Nebraska, held in June in Kearney on
the Marshall Ranch, raised $883,000 for cancer research,
a record amount for this event! The Ambassador of Hope
Gala took place in October at the Qwest Center with over
800 people in attendance to hear an inspiring message
from former Secretary of State Dr. Condoleezza Rice, the
recipient of the 2010 Ambassador of Hope Award. The Gala
raised $1 million to support the Cancer Center. The Liz’s
Legacy Fund, established in memory of the late Liz Karnes,
made a significant contribution in support of research in
women’s cancer and children’s cancer, sponsoring Kicks For
A Cure, the annual spring soccer exhibition, and the Burger
King ‘Help Beat Cancer for Kids’ campaign. Breast cancer
research also received support from the Bo Pelini Foundation
and the Husker football team through Football 101. These
events not only help to generate funds, but awareness about
cancer throughout our community and across the state.
The Eppley Cancer Center is making new discoveries through
cutting-edge cancer research that will one day lead to the
end of this devastating disease. Discoveries in one area
often lead to new collaborations among cancer center
members, and influence research in other areas. We are
proud of the growth in research and the many successes
achieved by the Eppley Cancer Center over the past decade.
We are also grateful for the continued support of so many
people across this state to help advance cancer research.
Kenneth H. Cowan, M.D., Ph.D.
Eppley Professor of Oncology
Director, Eppley Cancer Center
Director, Eppley Institute for Research in Cancer
Annual Report 2010
bre ast c ancer rese arch _
Scientists and clinicians at the Eppley Cancer Center
understand that treatment for breast cancer can never be
“one size fits all.” Nor can the approach researchers take
to finding its cure.
cientists and clinicians at the Eppley Cancer
Center understand that treatment for breast
cancer can never be “one size fits all.” Nor can
the approach researchers take to finding its cure.
Because the most prevalent risk factors for developing
this type of cancer are being a woman and her age,
its reach is pervasive. Roughly 144 million women
living in the United States are potential victims.
For all women who develop this disease, the University
of Nebraska Medical Center is ready. Scientists and
clinicians at the Eppley Cancer Center, under the direction
of Kenneth Cowan, M.D., Ph.D., are equipped with the
tools to not only fight breast cancer, but also to unlock the
secrets of this disease that annually kills nearly 40,000
women in the United States. Cutting-edge technology along
with expertise in the laboratory and in the clinical cancer
center provide the best weapons to battle breast cancer.
Breast cancer research changed dramatically following
the completion of the human genome project and the
introduction of genome-wide analysis, or the ability to scan
all of the 25,000 human genes in each cell at one time.
Genome-wide studies have revealed that breast cancer
is not one disease, but rather a group of diseases, with
different characteristics. According to Hamid Band, M.D.,
Ph.D., Associate Director for Translational Research and
co-director of the Center for Breast Cancer Research in
the Eppley Cancer Center, there are at least five different
sub-types of breast cancer. “Breast cancer is different at
the molecular level,” he explained. “An important area of
research is to use genome-wide studies in breast cancer
Annual Report 2010
H a mid Ba nd, M . D., Ph . D
“A drug that specific ally inhibits the BRC A1 gene
could be an important we apon in our fight
against bre ast c ancer.”
A m a r Nata r a ja n, Ph . D.
biopsies and to use this information to develop therapies
specific for each patient. We want to use detailed molecular
analysis of the patient’s tumor to determine the best therapy
for that patient. This is the future of cancer therapy and is
the basis for personalized cancer therapy,” said Dr. Band.
Breast cancer researchers can also use the Eppley Cancer
Center’s new High-Throughput Screening Facility to
conduct genome-wide screening studies to explore the
effect of turning off each and every one of the 25,000
genes in breast cancer cells, one gene at a time, and
learn how each gene affects the breast cancer cells that
arise in different patients. This research can only be
described as ground-breaking and potentially lifesaving,
as it can lead to the development of therapies which
are tailored to each patient and target specifically the
genes that cause their individual breast cancer.
Amar Natarajan, Ph.D., associate professor in the Eppley
Institute, can test an entire library of over 100,000 different
chemical agents one by one and determine which “drug”
can kill the breast cancer cells obtained from different
patients. Dr. Natarajan explained that this approach
provides us with the ability to rapidly screen thousands of
different compounds and identify potential “new drugs”
that can be developed for the treatment of breast cancer.
“We have used this strategy to identify inhibitors of specific
genes that can cause breast cancer like the BRCA1 (Breast
Cancer 1) gene,” said Dr. Natarajan. The BRCA1 gene is
involved in DNA repair and is important for maintaining
the stability of the genome in cells. Mutation in the BRCA1
gene is found in approximately 5% of all patients with
breast cancer and is more frequently found in families that
have an increased incidence of breast or ovarian cancers.
Breast cancers that result from BRCA1 mutation often
respond better to therapy compared to cancers that occur
in patients without the mutation, Dr. Natarajan said. “A
drug that specifically inhibits the BRCA1 gene could be an
important weapon in our fight against breast cancer,” Dr.
Natarajan elaborated. Towards this goal, Dr. Natarajan
and his team have screened over 75,000 different chemical
compounds in an assay that targets the BRCA1 gene and
has identified several new inhibitors. “Importantly, when we
test these new “drugs” against breast cancer cells in the
laboratory, they have been effective,” Dr. Natarajan said.
Dr. Band knows that breast cancer cells can change and
adapt in order to evade the toxic effects of cancer therapy.
“Drugs are designed to kill cancer cells, but cancer cells that
survive their initial exposure to drugs can modify themselves
and become resistant to the same drugs during subsequent
Annual Report 2010
Robe r t Thomp son, M . D.
bre a s t c ancer re se arch _
treatment,” said Dr. Band. Studies are underway at the
Eppley Cancer Center using the High-Throughput Screening
Facility to determine which genes in cancer cells contribute to
the development of resistance to treatments like Herceptin,
which has been specifically designed to kill breast cancer
cells that over-express a protein referred to as HER2/neu,
or human epidermal growth factor receptor 2. HER2/neu
is a protein expressed in normal breast epithelial cells and
is important for the development of mammary glands.
”Approximately 25 to 35% of all breast cancers express
the HER2/neu gene, a cell surface protein that increases
the proliferation of breast cancer cells and increases the
ability of breast cancer cells to metastasize, or spread, to
other areas of the body,” Dr. Band said. Recent studies
from Dr. Band and Surinder Batra, Ph.D, chair of the
Department of Biochemistry and associate director for
Training and Education in the Eppley Cancer Center,
have revealed a connection between HER2/neu and
substances called mucins, which are proteins that act as
lubricants or protectants for the cells of the body. “We
know that mucins and HER2/neu work together on the
surface of breast cancer cells and can create resistance
to therapies like Herceptin that target the HER2/neu
protein,” Dr. Band explained. “Targeting HER2/neu and
mucins together may reveal new therapies for breast cancer
that can overcome resistance to standard therapies.”
Vimla Band, Ph.D., chair of the UNMC Department of
Genetics, Cell Biology and Anatomy, also serves as the
co-director of the Center for Breast Cancer Research. Her
laboratory examines the different types of cells that are
present in normal breast tissue and is studying whether
the five different types of breast cancer that are seen
clinically are actually derived from different types of cells
in normal breast tissue. In particular, she is interested in
studying the adult stem cells which are found in normal
breast tissue. “Adult breast stem cells have the capability
of differentiating into all of the various different types of
normal cells found in the breast tissue, including milk glands,
milk ducts and supporting tissue cells,” she said. The adult
stem cells present in normal breast tissue are needed to
respond to different physiological conditions. For example,
during pregnancy, stem cells in the breast are turned on
to produce many more milk glands and milk ducts in the
breast that are needed during lactation. Once lactation
has stopped, the extra milk glands and ducts are not
needed and cell death signals are turned on in the breast
cells resulting in shrinkage of the breast tissue. If a woman
becomes pregnant again, the remaining stem cells in the
breast get turned on again and expand the breast tissues.
However, if normal stem cells become cancer stem cells,
the physiology of the normal breast tissue becomes a
challenging pathology. Cancer stem cells, like normal stem
cells, can divide indefinitely, grow uncontrollably, and are
hard to eliminate because they keep on renewing themselves,
thus thwarting cancer treatment. Cancer stem cells also
differentiate into other types of breast cancer cells and, in
fact, very few of the cells in a tumor have the characteristics
of cancer stem cells. While the standard cancer therapies
of today can shrink the size of tumors, cancer stem cells are
resistant to these “standard” drugs. The standard therapies
of today are effective at killing the various cells that exist
in breast cancers but are ineffective at eliminating the
subpopulation of cancer stem cells. It is believed stem cells
can actually re-grow the tumor even after treatment with
multiple rounds of chemotherapy. New drugs that attack
and specifically kill breast cancer stem cells are needed.
“By understanding normal breast stem cell biology, we
will discover differences between cancer stem cells and
normal breast tissue stem cells, which will help us develop
new cancer stem cell-targeted therapies,” Dr. Band said.
“The ultimate goal is to have better molecular markers
that will help us tailor the therapy in a personalized
manner rather than the one-size fits all approach.”
Eppley Cancer Center members are also leading clinical
trials examining new treatments for breast cancer. For
example, Elizabeth Reed, M.D. and Dr. Kenneth Cowan are
investigating a new treatment regimen that they believe
will be more effective and with fewer side-effects than
standard treatment for breast cancer. Dr. Reed has also
collaborated with James Talmadge, Ph.D., an immunologist,
on two clinical trials studying treatments to stimulate a
patient’s immune system to attack breast cancer cells.
James Edney, M.D., chief of surgical oncology and Robert
Thompson, M.D., medical director and clinical services
chief of the UNMC Department of Radiation Oncology,
are also collaborating on a clinical trial exploring the use
of intraoperative radiation for women with early stage
breast cancer. “The current standard of care for women
with early stage breast cancer is a course of five days a
week of radiation, over a six-week period, or over thirty
“The goal is to le arn more about these symp toms,
and how to design interventions to improve the
qualit y of life of bre ast c ancer survivors.”
A nn Be rge r , Ph . D.
total treatments,” said Dr. Thompson. The Eppley Cancer
Center is one of 14 sites collaborating on an international
trial exploring intraoperative radiation therapy, which uses
a spherical-shaped applicator inserted into the surgical
cavity at the time of surgery, followed by a single dose of
radiation administered in the operating room. The process
takes about 30 minutes. “This has been approved by the
FDA and the trials are very promising,” said Dr. Thompson.
This treatment offers two advantages to patients: “The
principal benefit is that it’s a single treatment,” Dr. Thompson
explained. In addition, a targeted dose of radiation is
delivered to only the tumor bed, instead of the entire breast.
Advances in cancer treatment and screening over the past
two decades have increased the number of breast cancer
survivors. A growing area of breast cancer research is
focusing studies on the nearly 12 million cancer survivors
in the United States today in efforts to understand how
breast cancer treatments affect a patient’s quality of
life. Ann Berger, Ph.D., R.N., AOCN, FAAN, professor in
the UNMC College of Nursing, is studying the effects
of different treatments on patients’ sleep patterns and
feeling of fatigue. Dr. Berger and her colleagues recently
surveyed a large sample of breast cancer survivors who
were treated at the Eppley Cancer Center and evaluated
various symptoms including fatigue, pain and anxiety.
“The goal is to learn more about these symptoms, and
how to design interventions to improve the quality of
life of breast cancer survivors,” said Dr. Berger.
identify new therapies for women with breast cancer.
Other members of the breast cancer research team
are working to make sure that breast cancer survivors
have the best quality of life after treatment.
Breast cancer research at the Eppley Cancer Center
involves a team of investigators working feverishly to
Annual Report 2010
Ne x t Gener ation
Ther apeutic s _
Robert Lewis, Ph.D., has some questions about the gene,
KSR1, and its role in cancer.
obert Lewis, Ph.D., has some questions about
the gene, KSR1, and its role in cancer.
This much he knows. Mice that don’t have this
gene are resistant to the tumors common in humans.
Take cells from mice that lack KSR1 and add a cancercausing gene. The result: No tumor. Add back the
KSR1 gene, and the tumor begins to grow.
“We can turn the tumor-forming properties of some cells
on and off by taking away and adding back KSR1,” the
cancer researcher explained. “That observation allowed
us to design experiments that identify other genes
that, like KSR1, are required for tumor formation.”
Dr. Lewis, professor at the Eppley Institute, wants
answers and has more work to do as he and his
laboratory colleagues continue their war on cancer
— to identify genes that play a role in cancer and
to screen potential new drugs to treat cancer.
Dr. Lewis and a host of cancer investigators scattered
throughout the University of Nebraska Medical Center can
now use the Eppley Cancer Center’s state-of-the-art HighThroughput Screening Facility to do their heavy lifting.
This state-of-the-art facility, situated on the 10th floor
of the Eppley Science Hall, features a fully automated
robotic multi-assay system and an automated fluorescence
microscopic imaging system. The facility’s automated
platform features robots that control more than 15
instruments and transport samples from station to
station for manipulation, detection and analysis.
The screening facility allows investigators to use a Nobel
Prize-winning process called RNAi to analyze genes
and screen thousands of potential drug targets in an
effort to counter the deadly effects of cancer. UNMC
researchers have access to a library of small interfering
RNAs (siRNA) that targets more than 22,000 genes in
the human genome. Each siRNA can turn off one gene
when added to cells. All together, researchers can examine
the biological consequences of sequentially silencing
each gene in the human genome, one at a time.
To run a screen, researchers introduce each of the 22,000
siRNAs into cancer cells cultured in different wells,
meaning that cells in each well will be missing a different
gene from the human genome. After several days — the
amount of time required to eliminate a gene from each
Annual Report 2010
robotic multi-assay system
“Cut ting time is the ultimate goal while
incre asing the complexit y.”
RobERT Lew is, PH . D.
cell — these cells are then assayed for various biological
changes that result from the absence of each gene.
Investigators also use the platform with the Eppley
Cancer Center’s chemical library, which contains 100,000
different compounds. These compounds in the library
may lead eventually to new drugs for cancer therapy.
Think of the chemical library as a library with 100,000
books on its shelves, said Amar Natarajan, Ph.D., an
Eppley Cancer Center chemist. A library gives its patrons
— or scientists in the case of the chemical library —
endless options for study. With the chemical library, Dr.
Natarajan said, scientists can focus on one compound
or combinations of several different compounds.
Researchers can add a different chemical compound
separately to each well, and study the effects on
cancer cells. Measurements and additional testing
follow, with the hope of identifying a lead compound
that could ultimately lead to the development of a
new drug for cancer treatment and prevention.
This melding of state-of-the-art technology along with
libraries of specific chemical and molecular inhibitors,
allows cancer researchers in the Eppley Cancer Center the
opportunity to investigate, from every angle, the genes
and protein targets that are thought to cause cancer.
Do the math. Conducting these tests on tens of
thousands of inhibitors by hand would normally take
months or even years. Then, there is the challenge of
replicating the experiments and their results to ensure
accurate findings. “They’re time-consuming, expensive
and difficult to conduct by hand,” Dr. Lewis said.
The screening facility's robots can replicate experiments.
Precision is key, he said.
“Humans do not have the time or the stamina nor do
they have the dexterity to be accurate enough to do these
experiments on a small and affordable scale. Cutting time
is the ultimate goal while increasing the complexity.”
Technology doesn’t come without a price tag. Dr. Lewis
estimated that the platform and the siRNA and chemical
libraries together cost more than $2 million. It’s up to David
Kelly, Ph.D., an Eppley Institute biochemist, to juggle the
many projects being conducted by UNMC researchers.
Tadayoshi Besho, Ph.D., an Eppley Cancer Center scientist,
is studying the mechanisms of DNA repair in cancer cells.
Dr. Besho is especially interested in BRCA2, a breast cancer
L-R: Robert Lewis, Ph.D., Amar Natarajan, Ph.D.,
David Kelly, Ph.D. and Xuo Lu, Ph.D.
gene that plays a vital role to maintain genetic information
accurately. Emerging evidence strongly implicates that
BRCA2 interacts with other proteins in the cell and that these
partners are critical for function of BRCA2, he explained.
Alterations in any of the various protein partners of BRCA2
will lead to a defect in the function of BRCA2, analogous
to inactivation of BRCA2. “Using unbiased siRNA library
screenings and BRCA2-specific biochemical assays, we are
trying to identify critical partners of BRCA2 to modulate its
DNA repair function. These BRCA2-partners could play an
important role in developing breast cancer and might be a
new breast cancer gene similar to BRCA1 and BRCA2.”
Xu Luo, Ph.D., is another Eppley Cancer Center member
who is actively using this new High-Throughput Screening
Facility to identify genes in cells that lead to cell death.
Two major cellular mechanisms are used by cancer cells
to proliferate: increased cell growth or decreased cell
death. Both mechanisms give cancer cells a tremendous
advantage. Cancer cells, Dr. Luo explained, have found
a way of evading normal cell death. “We are using the
siRNA screening facility to identify genes responsible
for cancer cells’ resistance to available therapeutic
drugs.” Eliminate or inhibit such genes, Dr. Luo said,
and cells die faster and respond better to therapy.
“If you have the right cancer-causing mutation, but don’t
have KSR1, you can’t make a tumor. With the HighThroughput Screening Facility, we can look for more genes
that act like KSR1. The more genes identified that act like
KSR1, the more targets for cancer therapy. The more targets
for therapy, the better our chances of finding the cures.”
Dr. Lewis compares targeting the KSR1 gene to one
of the steps needed to make a telephone call: Look
up the number, pick up the phone, turn it on. Dial.
Hit send. All steps are needed to make the call.
“The KSR1 gene is just one of the steps which can
potentially prevent cancer. If you have the number, but
can’t turn on the phone, you can’t complete the call.
Annual Report 2010
fundr aising: Gal a _
The 2010 Ambassador of Hope Gala was held on Tuesday,
October 26 at Qwest Center Omaha.
he 2010 Ambassador of Hope Gala was held on
Tuesday, October 26 at Qwest Center Omaha.
University of Nebraska Board of Regents member
Howard Hawks and his wife, Rhonda Hawks, served as
honorary chairs of the event, and led an outstanding
effort that raised $1 million for cancer research at the
Eppley Cancer Center. General co-chairs were Lisa Mellen
and Angie Miller. Over 800 attendees at the Gala heard
remarks by honored guest Dr. Condoleezza Rice, the 66th
U.S. Secretary of State, who received the Ambassador of
Hope Award for her efforts in raising awareness about
cancer research.
Omaha businessman and philanthropist Mike Simmonds,
and his wife, Lin, were recipients of the Margre and Chuck
Durham Spirit of Nebraska Award. This award is given to
individuals who make a significant contribution to fighting
cancer in Nebraska. Former owners of numerous Burger
King franchises in the Omaha and Des Moines areas, the
Simmonds founded ‘Help Beat Cancer For Kids,’ an annual
campaign in local Burger King restaurants that has raised
$1 million for pediatric cancer research at the Eppley Cancer
Center since its beginning in 2004. Some of the children
that have been the faces of ‘Help Beat Cancer For Kids,’ all
former pediatric cancer patients, surprised the Simmonds
onstage and helped present the Spirit of Nebraska Award.
“I’ve always had the philosophy that we should give back to
those who’ve given to us,” said Mike. “We started looking
around for places that could make a difference in kids’ lives
regarding cancer and there’s clearly only one: the Eppley
Cancer Center.”
Dr . C ondole e z z a Ric e
The Ambassador of Hope Gala is sponsored by the Friends
of the Eppley Cancer Center. “The Friends put tremendous
effort into making the Ambassador of Hope Gala a very
special event,” said Eppley Cancer Center director, Kenneth
H. Cowan, M.D., Ph.D. “Everyone on the Friends Board has
been touched by cancer and they are all very passionate about
cancer research and strong supporters of Eppley’s mission. I
can’t thank the Friends enough for all they do.” Since beginning
in 1998, the Ambassador of Hope Gala has raised over $5
million for cancer research at the Eppley Cancer Center. Past
Ambassador of Hope awardees include General H. Norman
Schwarzkopf (1998), TV news anchor Sam Donaldson (2000),
Chuck Durham (2004), Tom Brokaw (2006) and Good
Morning America host Robin Roberts (2008). A biennial event,
the next Ambassador of Hope Gala will take place in 2012.
Annual Report 2010
fundr aising: Events _
Tomorrow’s cure for cancer or the next innovation in cancer treatment could be as
close as one of the events that support the fight against cancer at the Eppley Cancer
Center. In 2010, events including the Cattlemen’s Ball and Burger King ‘Help Beat
Cancer For Kids’ raised nearly $2.4 million for cancer research.
Tomorrow’s cure for cancer or the next innovation
in cancer treatment could be as close as one of the
events that support the fight against cancer at the
Eppley Cancer Center. In 2010, events including the
Cattlemen’s Ball and Burger King ‘Help Beat Cancer For
Kids’ raised nearly $2.4 million for cancer research.
Randy Travis
The Cattlemen’s Ball of Nebraska, held just outside of Kearney
on June 4 and 5, was a record-setting event. $1,003,300
was raised, marking the first time in the history of the Ball
that the $1 million mark was reached. Approximately 90%
of this amount, or $883,000 was generously donated to the
Eppley Cancer Center to fund lifesaving cancer research,
with the remaining 10% benefiting health organizations in
the host community. Chaired by Kearney residents Dr. Joel
and Jill Johnson and Dave and Roxanne Oldfather, the 2010
Cattlemen’s Ball was hosted by Norris and Lori Marshall
on their ranch along the scenic Platte River. Ball attendees
enjoyed numerous activities, including a champagne
brunch, cooking demonstrations, art show, hayrack rides,
herding dog demonstrations, and re-enactment of an old
west bank robbery. Saturday evening, country music star
Randy Travis entertained a crowd of over 4,000 people.
The Eppley Cancer Center provided free health screenings,
drawing 149 prostate specific antigen (PSA) tests, checking
blood pressures and assessing facial sun damage with the
Dermascan machine. The National Marrow Donor Program
was present in the screening tent for the first time at a
Cattlemen’s Ball, registering Ball attendees to join the Be The
Match Registry as bone marrow donors. “The Eppley Cancer
Center began its relationship with the Cattlemen’s Ball over
a decade ago, and during this time, this event has made
a significant impact on cancer in Nebraska,” said Kenneth
Mike Simmonds, second from left, founder of Help Beat Cancer
For Kids, joined with Dr. Kenneth Cowan (right) and representatives
from Burger King to celebrate reaching $1 million raised for
pediatric cancer research at the Eppley Cancer Center.
Cowan, M.D., Ph.D., director of the Eppley Cancer Center.
“The Cattlemen’s Ball provides the Eppley Cancer Center
with a connection to the rural communities of Nebraska. The
generosity of the Cattlemen’s Ball of Nebraska is something
everyone at the Eppley Cancer Center is most grateful for.”
The 2011 Cattlemen’s Ball will be in West Point at the Knobbe
Feed Yards on June 3 and 4.
2010 was a milestone year for ‘Help Beat Cancer For Kids,’
the annual campaign through Omaha and Des Moines
area Burger King restaurants which supports pediatric
cancer research at the Eppley Cancer Center. $157,000
was raised in 2010, bringing the total to $1 million since the
campaign began in 2004. For one month during the summer,
participating Burger King restaurants sell scratch-off cards
Clark Lauritzen (middle) of First National Bank of Omaha,
presents the check from Kicks For A Cure 2010 to Dr. Rowen
Zetterman (left) of Creighton University and Dr. Kenneth Cowan
(right), director of the Eppley Cancer Center.
for a $1 donation. Every card is worth a redeemable food
prize, with several lucky cards holding a chance to win a trip
for four to Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. ‘Help Beat
Cancer for Kids is an extension of the Liz’s Legacy Fund.
Kicks for a Cure
Kicks For A Cure, the annual women's soccer exhibition
honoring the late Liz Karnes, raised over $172,000 in 2010
and over $180,000 in 2011, bringing the total raised by
this event since 2006 to over $900,000. Proceeds benefit
women’s cancer research at the Eppley Cancer Center and
the Hereditary Cancer Center at Creighton University. Liz’s
Legacy was honored in September in Washington D.C. at
the annual Action for Cancer Awareness luncheon, hosted
by the Congressional Families Cancer Prevention Program
of the Prevent Cancer Foundation. Robyn Terry, wife of Rep.
L-R: Connie Jamrog, executive director of the Bo Pelini Foundation
& Mary Pat Pelini, wife of Husker football head coach Bo Pelini,
present a check for $25,000 from Football 101 to Dr. Kenneth
Cowan, director of the Eppley Cancer Center.
Lee Terry of Nebraska, nominated Liz’s Legacy for the award,
which honors cancer champions for their service in support
of cancer prevention, research, treatment and education.
The Hawks Championship Center and Memorial Stadium
in Lincoln provided the setting in June for Football 101,
where nearly 900 women learned about Nebraska
Cornhusker football and supported the fight against
breast cancer in Nebraska. Those who attended spent
the day interacting with head coach Bo Pelini and his
coaching staff while participating in practice drills and
tours of the team facilities. Breast cancer survivors were
honored with a special gift from Coach Bo Pelini and his
wife, Mary Pat. $25,000 raised at this event was donated
to breast cancer research at the Eppley Cancer Center.
Annual Report 2010
Support Gr ant _
NCI Renews the Eppley Cancer Center’s
Cancer Center Support Grant
his year the Eppley Cancer Center successfully renewed
its National Cancer Institute Cancer Center Support
Grant (CCSG). This grant bestows National Cancer
Institute (NCI) designation on the Eppley Cancer Center. The
Eppley Cancer Center is the only cancer center in the central
region of the United States from North Dakota to the Texas
border to earn this prestigious designation from the NCI. The
award marks continuous NCI funding for the Eppley Cancer
Center since 1984.
sophisticated technical services to researchers throughout
the Cancer Center.
support, and strong basic research, with pockets of strength
in clinical research.”
Renewing the Cancer Center Support Grant consisted of
submitting a nearly 1000 page grant application to the NCI
in January 2010, and hosting 20 cancer researchers in May
for a day long site visit where the Cancer Center’s senior
leadership team presented information on the basic and
clinical research programs at the Eppley Cancer Center.
“We are extremely pleased with the outcome of the review.
Successfully renewing the Cancer Center Support Grant
represents an enormous effort of many people, and it is a
significant achievement,” stated Kenneth Cowan, M.D., Ph.D.,
director of the Eppley Cancer Center.
Renewal of the CCSG, amounting to approximately $7.5
million over the next five years, helps cover the costs of
administering the Cancer Center’s research programs
and operating its core facilities. Core facilities provide
The review of the Cancer Center was extremely positive.
To illustrate, the final grant report stated that “The Eppley
Cancer Center is on an ‘Extremely Positive Trajectory’…
[and it] exhibits strong leadership, substantial institutional
The NCI renewal re-confirms the University of Nebraska’s
position that the Eppley Cancer Center is an elite cancer
center program, and just one of 66 NCI-designated Cancer
Centers in the country.
THE Eppley Cancer Center is working
to make cancer disappear.
And you can help it go away. Please consider making a
planned gift to support the Eppley Cancer Center. One way
is to include the Eppley Cancer Center in your estate plans.
To learn more about how a planned gift can help find a
cure, contact Tom Thompson, [email protected],
402-502-4116. Contact a University of Nebraska Foundation
gift planning professional at 800-432-3216, or go online to
The University of Nebraska Medical Center is involved with
the Campaign for Nebraska, an effort to raise funds for
research, students, faculty and programs. And to find a cure
for cancer. To learn more, go to
epplE y institute 50th _
symposium honoring the 50th anniversary of the
Eppley Institute will take place in September 2011.
James D. Iglehart, M.D., of Harvard Medical School,
the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Dana-Farber
Cancer Center in Boston, will deliver the Dr. Henry Lemon
Lectureship at the symposium. Henry Lemon, M.D., was the
first director of the Eppley Institute, from 1961 to 1968. His
research focused on estrogen metabolism and breast cancer.
Dr. Iglehart is the Principal Investigator for the Dana-Farber/
Harvard SPORE (Special Programs of Research Excellence) in
Breast Cancer. He has led the Women’s Cancers Program
at Dana-Farber and co-leads the Breast Cancer Program
in the Dana-Farber Cancer Center. Dr. Iglehart’s research
focuses on breast cancer genetics and genomics, and on
translational cancer research in general.
Henry Lemon, M.D., first director of the Eppley Institute.
In 1960, the University of Nebraska Medical Center
identified cancer research as a strategic priority. With funds
provided by the Eugene C. Eppley Foundation, the Eppley
Institute for Research in Cancer and Allied Diseases was
established that year as an academic unit of UNMC. The
Institute’s purpose is to provide a better understanding of
the causes of cancer, and improve methods for diagnosis,
treatment and prevention of the disease. Today, the Eppley
Institute has 31 faculty members who conduct basic and
translational cancer research. The Eppley Institute initially
received designation from the National Cancer Institute
(NCI) in 1983. In 1992, the University of Nebraska Board
of Regents created a university-wide cancer research center
made up of cancer researchers across the entire University
of Nebraska system. Today the Eppley Cancer Center has
over 250 members.
Donations _
The only way to discover the limits of the possible
is to go beyond them into the impossible.
A r t hur C . C l a rk e
Annual Report 2010
Donations received
Friends Board of Directors _
John Allbery
Ann Biere
Beverly Burchfield
Suzanne Arkoosh Caruso
Jan Cohen
Marcy Cotton
Michael Draper
LeeAnn Esch
Garth Glissman
Pendery Haines
Nancy Hornstein
Margaret Lehning
Angelina Li
Lisa Mellen, President
Jenny Meyerson
Angela Miller
Tricia Montague
Nancy Olson
Craig Page
Kae Pavlik
Jane Rips
Lisa Runco
Carol Russell
Dorene Sherman
Jackie Walker
Cancer Center Board of Advisors _
Robert Krohn, Chairman
Dr. Gail Yanney, Vice Chairman
Duane Acklie
Herb Albers
Carolyn Aldigé
Steven Bloch
Lynne Boyer
Susie Buffett
Sidonie Haines
Senator David Karnes
Dr. Edward Malashock
Lisa Mellen
Diane Nelson
Jay Noddle
Kae Pavlik
Patty Shefte Bass
Mike Simmonds
Janice Stoney
Gary Werner
Lyn Wallin Ziegenbein
cancer Funds Receiving
donations from August 1,
2009 to December 31, 2010 _
AFLAC Fund for Childhood Cancer Patients and Their Families
Anita Callahan Memorial Breast Cancer Research Fund
Annie Heese-Coffman Fund
for Brain Cancer Research
Babcook Family Cancer Research Fund
Barbara Wylie Teel Memorial Fund
Bo Pelini Foundation Breast Cancer
Research Fund
Bone Marrow Transplantation & Related Cancer Research Celebration Fund
Breast Cancer Research & Development Fund
Carmen Blanchard Cancer Research Fund
Carol Bell Memorial Fund
Carolynn J Varner Fund for Excellence
in Surgical Oncology
Cattlemen’s Ball of Nebraska Eppley Cancer
Center Statewide Clinical Trials Initiatives
Cattlemens Ball of Nebraska/
Eppley Cancer Center Fund
Chris Axmann Memorial Cancer Research Fund
College of Medicine Cancer Research Fund
David & Patti Aresty Cancer Research Fund
Donald and Wilma Shull Memorial Research Fund
Driving the Distance for Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund
Edna Ittner Fund
Edward and Lida E. Robinson Professor of Cancer Research
Eppley Institute General Research Fund
Eppley Special Activities Fund
Friends of the UNMC Eppley Cancer Center Endowment Fund
Friends of UNMC Eppley Cancer Center
Gala Fund
Haji Zoona Band Lecture
in Cancer Biology Fund
Harlan J. Noddle Memorial Cancer Research Fund
Hematological Malignancies Fund
Henry M. Lemon Distinguished Cancer Lectureship Fund
Herman H. Brinkman, M.D. Competitive Research Awards Fund
Hope Fund for Cancer Research
Hope Fund for Lymphoma and Leukemia Research
Hope Fund for Solid Tumor Cancer Research
Hope Fund for Women’s Cancer Research
International Lymphoma Classification Study Fund
J. Bruce Henriksen, M.D.
Competitive Research Awards Fund
Laurie Simons Misle Grant Fund
Linda Tolton Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund
Liz’s Legacy - Kicks for a Cure
Liz’s Legacy Fund
Liz’s Legacy - Burger King
Help Beat Cancer for Kids
Lymphoma Research Fund
Lymphoma Study Group
Marissa Yetts Childhood Leukemia
Research Fund
McGowan Family Fund
for Breast Cancer Research
Norma J Fleecs Memorial Cancer Research Fund
Pancreatic Cancer Research
Development Fund
Remington Family Compassion
in Cancer Care and Research Fund
Research Fund for Advancements in Pancreatic Cancer
Research Fund for Advancements in Prostate Cancer
Ruth Branham UNMC Cancer Research Fund
SHARE Cancer Care Fund
Shawn Jessen Memorial Graduate Research Award
Shrike-Hlavac Memorial Trust
Solid Tumor Research Fund
Team Zachary Fund
Tractor Ride Against Cancer Fund
Unlimited Possibilities
Cancer Campus Capital Fund
Unlimited Possibilities
Cancer Campus Research Fund
UNMC Cancer Research Tower Fund
UNMC Eppley Cancer Center Directors Fund
UNMC Eppley Cancer Center Research, Education Patient Care Activities Fund
Wheatbelt Golf Classic Lymphoma Patient Assistance Fund
Wheatbelt Golf Classic Lymphoma Research Fund
$100,000 Lifetime _
The Aflac Foundation Inc.
Mr. David and Mrs. Patti Aresty
The Baer Foundation
Mrs. Ruth E. Branham
Gertrude & Herman Brinkman CRAT
Brinkman Charitable Lead Annuity Trust
Burger King Corporation
Cattlemen’s Ball of Nebraska
Coach Callahan Charities, Inc.
Dr. C.C. & Mabel L. Criss
Memorial Foundation
Mr. Charles W. Durham
The Durham Foundation
Charles W. Durham Irrevocable Trust
Mrs. Hazel V. Emley
Fraternal Order of Eagles
Friends of the UNMC Eppley Cancer Center
Mr. and Mrs. F. Phil Giltner
Mr. and Mrs. Kenny Greene
Ms. E. Hazel Greenwade
Perry V. Haines Foundation
Miss Myrtle E. Hall
Have It Your Way Foundation, Inc.
Ms. Sylvia Havlik
The Hawks Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. J. Bruce Henriksen
J Bruce Henriksen Charitable Lead Trust
The Holland Foundation
Miss Edna Ittner
Edna Ittner Trust Estate
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond E. Judds
David Keiser & Lillian Stoms Keiser Foundation
Kicks For A Cure, Inc.
Mr. Robert E. Kuhl
Robert E. Kuhl Trust
Ms. Aurelia Lamp
Donations from August 1, 2009
to December 31, 2010
$50,000+ _
Burger King Corporation
Cattlemen's Ball of Nebraska
Perry V. Haines Foundation
Have It Your Way Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Hawks
The Hawks Foundation
J Bruce Henriksen Charitable Lead Trust
Mr. Richard Holland
The Holland Foundation
Miss Edna Ittner
Edna Ittner Trust Estate
Kicks For A Cure, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. McGowan
The McGowan Family Foundation, Inc.
Moglia Family Foundation
Bo Pelini Foundation
Edward and Lida Robinson Charitable Trust
Dr. and Mrs. Milton Simons
St. John Associates, Inc.
$25,000 - $49,999 _
The Aflac Foundation Inc.
The Baer Foundation
Drs. Hamid and Vimla Band
Brinkman Charitable Lead Annuity Trust
Dr. and Mrs. J. Bruce Henriksen
Richard Kalvelage Gift Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Bob Krohn
Mutual of Omaha
Remington Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Robertson
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Scott
Shrike-Hlavac Memorial Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Simmonds
Union Bank & Trust Co.
Valmont Industries, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Werner
Wheatbelt, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Yanney
$10,000 - $24,999 _
Mr. and Mrs. David Aresty
Mr. and Mrs. Mogens Bay
Duke Aerial Inc.
Ms. Eileen Eastham
Elisa Ilana
Mr. Frank J. Fleecs
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Hester
Kiewit Companies Foundation
Lutsey Family Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Miller
The Nebraska Medical Center
The Leland J. and Dorothy
Olson Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Owen
Precision Components of Iowa, LLC
Dr. Donald F. Purvis
UNMC Physicians
Union Pacific
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Waldbaum
Milton and Miriam Waldbaum
Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Young
$5,000 - $9,999 _
Acklie Charitable Foundation
V. Adm. (Retd.) Bob Bell
John K. and Lynne D. Boyer Foundation
Children's Hospital & Medical Center
Mrs. Linda L. Dobry
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Hamilton
Mr. and Mrs. Deryl Hamann
Raad Habib Hermes Trust
Mrs. Dorothy R. Lemon
Dr. Campbell R. McConnell
Mr. Anthony J. Moravec
Omaha Community Foundation
Parker Family Foundation
Ms. Ann C. Pearl
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Remington
Sapp Bros. Petroleum, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Schaefer
The David Scott Foundation
Silver Stone Group
Slosburg Family Charitable Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Stinson
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Timmerman
Mr. Max Wake
Ms. Gloria M. Werner
Wick's Truck Trailer Inc.
World Health and Education
Organization Foundation
$2,500 - $4,999 _
AFLAC Incorporated
Bellevue East High School
Borsheims Fine Jewelry & Gifts
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen L. Boyd
ConAgra Foods
First National Bank of Omaha
Fraser Stryker
Paul & Oscar Giger Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. James Girardin
Ms. Terri Hope
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Lebens
Loup Valley Road Riders
Terry J. McClain Family
Millard West High School
Mr. Michael L. Mouber
The Noddle Family
Mr. & Mrs. Ron Quinn
Mr. & Mrs. John J. Smith
augus t 1, 2009, to december 31, 2010
Mrs. Anne L. Linn
Anne L. Linn Revocable Trust
Michael May and Ann St. John
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. McGowan
The McGowan Family Foundation, Inc.
Gertrude A Murphy Trust
Mutual of Omaha
Mrs. Julia E. O’Brien
Omaha Community Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Paul H. Pearson
Peter Kiewit Foundation
Annabel Reinhardt Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Remington
Edward & Lida Robinson Charitable Trust
The Ryan Foundation
Ryan Foundation Trust
St. John Associates, Inc.
Mrs. Dorothy Schulz
Shrike-Hlavac Memorial Trust
Simmonds Restaurant Management, Inc.
Dr. Milton and Maxine Simons
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Sokol
Mrs. Odeth E. Wall
UNMC Anonymous
$1,000 - $2,499 _
Access Bank
American National Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome J. Aresty
Avery Presbyterian Church
Bellwood Daze
Dr. & Mrs. Vince Bjorling
Mr. & Mrs. James Borsheim
The Burlington Capital Group
Mr. Sydney Cate
Mr. Donald A. & Dr. Judith K. Christman
Mr. and Mrs. Max W. Cruikshank, II
Mr. & Mrs. Sid Dinsdale
Fat Brain Toys
Friedel Family Foundation
Mr. Scott R. Frohn
Gallup Mr. and Mrs. Gary Gates
Mr. & Mrs. David A. Geffen
Mr. & Mrs. Leonard Goldstein
Grand Chapter of NE, Order of the
Eastern Star
Robin Hill Charitable Fund
Mrs. Jody Hobson
Mr. & Mrs. Burton E. Holthus
Mr. & Mrs. Leon Jessen
Mr. & Mrs. Raymond E. Judds
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Kizer
Ms. Chris LaFever
Lakeview Elementary
Mr. Bruce R. Lauritzen
Lauritzen Company
Mr. & Mrs. David T. Lemon
Ms. Joan M. Luebbert
The Lund Company
Mr. & Mrs. John Marietti
Mr. James S. Marston
Mr. & Mrs. Mike Meyer
MidAmerican Energy Holdings Company
Mr. & Mrs. Edward Miller
Annual Report 2010
Donations received
Dr. & Mrs. James Scott-Miller
Dr. & Mrs. Sidney Mirvish
Mr. & Mrs. Chris Murphy
Mutual of Omaha Bank
Dr. Mayumi Naramura
Mr. & Mrs. Jeff Noddle
Mr. & Mrs. John M. O’Neill
Omaha Public Power District
Omaha Steaks
Mr. & Mrs. Craig Page
Payflex Systems USA, Inc.
Mr. Sol Parsow
Physicians Mutual Insurance Co.
PMIC Foundation Account
Pinnacle Bancorp Inc
Proslink, Inc
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony F. Raimondo
Ms. Annette M. Rausch
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Reed
Mr. LeRoy Roberts and Ms. Lynn Fauth
The Phillip and Terri Schrager
Mr. & Mrs. Tony Seina
Drs. James D. & Sara J. Shull
SuperValu Inc.
Richard & Margaret Tempero
Family Foundation, Inc.
Ms. Patricia D. Tierney
Mr. Ronald Tvrdy
UNMC College of Nursing
UNMC Dept. of Genetics, Cell Biology
& Anatomy
United Way of Midlands
Various Donors
Mr. and Mrs. Erik P. Wagner
Wells Fargo
Mr. & Mrs. Gary Welna
Mr. & Mrs. Greg L. Werner
Mr. & Mrs. Bill Wimmer
Mr. & Mrs. Daniel J. Yetts
Dr. and Mrs. Ken Zhen
$500 - $999 _
Mr. Shervin R. Ansari & Dr.
Michele Aizenberg Ansari
Mr. Bill Archer
Ms. Barbara Beck
Mr. Thomas W. & Dr. Ann M. Berger
Mr. & Mrs. Harley Bergmeyer
Booz Allen Hamilton Inc.
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Mr. & Mrs. Bill Fairfield
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Ms. Marilynn Hanson
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Mr. & Mrs. Jacob Kahler
Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey Keating
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Mr. & Mrs. Edward Ramspott
Roncalli High School
Scissori’s Salon
Karen Solokof Foundation
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Mr. Zvi J. Wilamowsky
$1 - $499 _
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Mr. and Mrs. John C. Adderton
Ms. Sandra R. Adelstein and Mr. John Heiple
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Allen
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Laurel Feed and Grain Co.
Ms. Mary Lawler
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Lawless
Mrs. Pamela Lawson
Mr. Patrick and Dr. Katie E. Lazure
Mr. and Mrs. Dale Lee
Mr. Bryce Leighton
Mr. and Mrs. Eric A. Leonard
Mr. and Mrs. James Leslie
Mr. and Mrs. Donald R. Lewis
Mr. and Ms. Steven A. Linbo
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lindau
Mr. and Mrs. Steven D. Lindholm
Mr. and Mrs. C.G. Linn
Ms. Marcia Lipsman
Dr. Oksana Lockridge
Ms. Sharon Logsdon
Dr. and Mrs. Richard B. Lomneth
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Loughran
Mr. Jerry J. Loulow
Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Love
Ms. Annette Luedtke
Ms. Michelle Lukowski
Mr. Richard Lundquist
Mrs. Kathleen Lute
Lyne’s Appliance Inc
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Maceda
Ms. Karen MacLaren
Mr. Larry Mahr
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Malashock
Ms. Susie Mann
Mr. and Mrs. Leslie E. Manning
Mr. and Mrs. Todd Manvitz
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Markman
Mr. Jeffery C. Markt
Dr. and Mrs. Luis Marky
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Marron
Ms. Collette Marsh
Mr. and Mrs. C. Wayne Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Jud Martin
Mr. and Mrs. Stewart Martin
Dr. and Mrs. Martin A. Massengale
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Mathewson
Mr. and Mrs. Carey Mattox
Mr. and Mrs. Max Mattson
Dr. and Mrs. Harold M. Maurer
Ms. Barbara F. Mayer
Mr. and Mrs. John E. McAleer
Mr. and Mrs. Lynn McCaig
Mr. and Mrs. Michael McCarthy
Mr. Thomas B. McClain
McClain Living Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald McColloch
Mrs. Mary E. McCoy
Mr. and Mrs. James McPeck
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Means
Mrs. Virginia Meister
Ms. Mary Meister
Ms. Lisa M. Mellen
Mr. William Melville
Mr. and Mrs. Orv Menard
Dr. Hilda Meth
Mr. and Mrs. David Van Metre
Mr. and Ms. Joseph K. Meusey
Mr. and Mrs. H. Leroy Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Myron H. Milder
Milder Family Foundation, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory D. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory F. Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Duane Moffat
Ms. Gertrude Mogensen
Ms. Jacque L. Mogensen
Dr. Bruce Molholt
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Montgomery
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald G. Moody
Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Moran
Mr. and Mrs. Levi T. Morran
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey B. Morris
Mrs. Lois Morrison
Ms. Ellen Mortensen
Ms. Inez M. Mortensen
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Muff
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond L. Mundell
Mr. and Mrs. Charles F. Mundil
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Mundy
Father Daniel J. Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Walter E. Murphy
Mr. Tarance Murray
Ms. Barbara Myers
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne E. Naro
Nebraska State Bank
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest E. Nelsen
Mr. and Mrs. R.C. Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Garrett W. Neuman
New Helena Country Club
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffery Newman
Mr. and Mrs. John Newton
Ms. Becky Nicholson
North American Highlander Association, Inc.
Mr. Jeffrey Nosekabel
Ms. Sharon Novak
Ms. Kelsey Nuesch
Ms. Katie O’Connor
Dr. Marco A. Olivera-Martinez
Dr. and Mrs. Rene Opavsky
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Orley
Osmond Farm Supply
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Ottemann
Our Town Video
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Overfield
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Packard
Ms. Luisa Palomo
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Papek
Ms. Debra Paris
Ms. Jeanine A. Parks
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Parriott
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Parsons
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Paul
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Pauling
Ms. Kae Pavlik
Mr. and Mrs. Fabienne M. Payne
Mr. and Mrs. John Payne
Peewee’s Ko-Zee Lounge, Inc.
Ms. Janet Pelster
Mr. and Mrs. Donald Peters
Mr. and Mrs. Leron Peters
Mr. Jesse Peterson
Mr. Robert Peterson
Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Peterson
Ms. Leonia Petraska
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin P. Pierson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Pirnie
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald L. Plate
Mr. and Mrs. Oliver Pollak
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Posner
Mr. and Mrs. W. Post
Mr. and Mrs. Galen Postier
Dr. Parviz Pour-Mohammedian
Mr. Toni C. Poznanski
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Pratt
Prague Public School District
Mr. and Mrs. Donald K. Province
Province Plumbing and Heating
Ms. Bonnie Pulliam
Mr. and Mrs. Eric Pullum
Mr. and Mrs. Ivan Rahn
Ms. Elizabeth Rains
Mr. and Mrs. James Ramspott
Ranchland Ford
Ms. Elizabeth A. Raven
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Raymond
Mr. and Mrs. Phillip Raznick
Dr. and Mrs. Ralph V. Ready, Jr.
Ms. Joni Reagan and Ms. Lynnette Carlson
Red Line Equipment, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur W. Reeves
Mr. and Mrs. Dean Reimer
Mr. and Mrs. Donald E. Reiner
Mr. and Mrs. Harry L. Reyburn
Mr. and Mrs. Albert E. Reynaud
Dr. and Mrs. Solon L. Rhode III
Mr. and Mrs. Tim Riley
Mr. and Mrs. Steven Ritzman
Dr. and Mrs. Angie Rizzino
Ms. Charlene Roberts
Ms. Mary L. Rocher
Rod’s Body & Paint, Inc.
Mr. James Roubal
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Harold Smith
Ms. Kennon Smith and Ms. Christine Geary
Mr. and Mrs. Martin M. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smith
Ms. Shaylene Smith
Ms. Amanda Smumacher
Mr. Jerry Snurr
Mr. and Mrs. Jason Soderberg
Ms. Gloria Sole
Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Sonnichsen
Mr. and Mrs. Neil J. Spanel
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Speckman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Spellman
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Spethman
Springbranch Retrievers
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Starr
Ms. Betty Start
Mr. Ron Stech
Dr. William Steffens
Mr. William Steffens
Steffens Law Office, P.C.
Mr. Jordan Sternlieb and
Ms. Alison GoldFarb
Ms. Loretta L. Sterns
Ms. Diane Stewart
Mr. and Mrs. RW Stiles
Ms. Joann Still
Stinson Morrison Hecker LLP
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stone
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Stoughton
Mr. Dale Stover
Mr. and Mrs. Robert D. Stowell
Mr. and Mrs. Guy Strevey
Mr. and Ms. Craig Strutzel
Mr. Dan Sullivan
SunCo Grounds Management
Dr. James Talmadge
Mr. and Mrs. Pat Tantillo
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Tapp
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Tempchin
Temple Israel
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Teymer
Thomas Investment Co., Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin T. Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Terry Thompson
Mr. and Mrs. Tommy Thompson
Ms. Mary Thornton
Mr. William Tietjens
Drs. Virginia Tilden and John Benson
Dr. and Mrs. Gordon L. Todd
Mr. Matt Tomsu
Ms. Barbara R. Tracy
Ms. Kathryn Tracy
Ms. Megan Tracy
Trotter Service
Mr. and Mrs. Tim L. Troxel
Universal Insurance Agency Mike Bell
Unruh Auto Sales
Mr. and Mrs. Regis Valentine
Ms. Joyce E. Vanosdall
Various Donors
Mr. Ransom Varney
Varney Health Mart
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Verch
Mr. and Mrs. Craig A. Vincent
Mr. Robert and Dr. Constance Visovsky
Ms. Judi Voecks
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Von Der Vellen
Mrs. June Mundell Walker
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Walters
Dr. Jing Wang
Mr. L. Warren
Ms. Ladona Warren
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Wax
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Way
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Weber
Ms. Faith E. Weber
Mrs. Vivian Wiblishouser
Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Wiens
Mr. and Mrs. Hughes Wilcox
Mr. and Mrs. Bill Williams
Mr. and Mrs. William Williams
LTC (Ret) Dale Williamson
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. Jack Wilson
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Windeshausen
Ms. Marci M. Windeshausen
Mr. and Mrs. Matthew D. Winfrey
Ms. Laurie A. Winkelbauer
Mr. and Mrs. Gerard Wisniewski
Miss Nancy M. Wood
Mrs. Susan Woodford
Ms. Elizabeth Woodside
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Workman
Mr. and Mrs. Gary S. Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Roy Wright
Ms. Fernie Wright
Mr. and Mrs. Gary Young
Dr. and Mrs. Weining Zhen
Mr. and Mrs. Leon Zimmerman
Mr. Gary Zussman
augus t 1, 2009, to december 31, 2010
Ruhter Auction & Realty, Inc.
Ms. Jane Rumbaugh
Mr. and Mrs. Melvyn Rumerman
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Russell
Russell Title and Escrow
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Sambol
Mr. Harry T. Sanders
Ms. Donna R. Sanderson
Sargent Insurance Agency
Ms. Dorothy Sater
Mr. and Mrs. Walter Sauer
Ms. Jo Ann Schainost
Ms. Jane Schauss
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Schellpeper
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Schendt
Ms. Gary Schieffer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Schmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Schmierer
Mr. and Mrs. Eugene H. Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Randal W. Schroeder
Mr. and Mrs. James Schroeder
Mr. and Mrs. Mickey A. Schroeder
Dr. Karen L. Schumacher
Mr. Sylvester Schumacher
Ms. Doris Schuur
Ms. Joyce Scofield
Ms. Patricia Scott
Mr. Ritchie Sebeniecher
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Selde
Mr. and Mrs. Roger Sell
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Sellgren
Sennett, Duncan & Jenkins, P.C., L.L.O.
Mr. and Mrs. Oleg Shats
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Shirk
Mrs. Kathleen Serghini Shoultz
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Siemens
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Siffring
Dr. and Mrs. Edibaldo Silva-Lopez
Dr. and Mrs. Ronnie R. Simmons
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Simon
Mr. and Mrs. D. David Slosburg
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Slosburg
Mr. Stanley Slosburg
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Smisek
Ms. Bonnie Smith
Mr. D. Mark Smith and Ms. Suan M. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. David Smith
In Honor Of _
Mr. Samson Andrews
Mr. David Aresty
Dr. Philip J. Bierman
Ms. Roselyn Blanchard
Mrs. Cathy Borsheim
Ms. Christy Cooper
Ms. Katie Cooper
Mrs. Marcy Cotton
Dr. Kenneth H. Cowan
Mark and Renee DeWolf
Ms. Betty Evans
Mr. Keith M. Glasscock
Ms. Ann L. Goldstein
Ms. Nancy J. Greenberg
Mr. Tom T. Hee
Mr. Sean Jessen
Mr. John T. Langan
Ms. Sherry Lommasson
Loup Valley Road Riders
Ms. Signe Morrow
Mr. Jeff Noddle
Mrs. Linda Noddle
Mr. Bob M. Pastan
Mrs. Kae Pavlik
Ms. Carolynn Pohlmann
Dr. Marcus P. Porcelli
Ms. Joanna Sandvold
The Quinlan Wedding Party
University of Nebraska Foundation
Ms. Teri Wildhagen
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Ms. Eleanor B. Alexander
Mr. James D. Anderson
Ms. Lennie Anderson
Annual Report 2010
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Mrs. Clarissa M. Babcook
Mr. David M. Babcook
Mr. Boyce G. Bailey
Mr. Kenneth W. Baker
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Mrs. Carol M. Bell
Mr. Kenneth Belter
Mr. Greg Berna
Mrs. Adell Bernard
Ms. Carmen Blanchard
Ms. Leslie Blobaum
Ms. Marcia Borchers
Mr. Marvin Brammer
Mr. John Brice
Mr. David Brownfield
Mr. Paul T. Bungay
Mrs. Rachel Burke
Dr. Carl Camras
Mrs. Jean Christensen
Mr. Jim (Jens) Christensen
Mrs. Mary Cockerille
Ms. Jan Derckx
Mr. Virgil L. Engel
Ms. Dorene C. Erb
Ms. Sybil Feigeles
Mr. Paul Fessler
Ms. Norma J. Fleecs
Mr. Harold L. Foster
Ms. Mary J. Foster
Ms. Eva Frank
Ms. Mary Frazier
Ms. Gladys M. Friedman
Mr. Lloyd ‘Kenneth’ Frost
Dr. Murray Frost
Mr. David Fulkerson
Mr. Dale Gaeddert
Mr. Thomas A. George
Ms. Dorothy Girardin
Mr. Leonard Girardin
Ms. Clara Green
Mr. Howard Green
Mr. Bernard Griebel
Mr. Jud W. Gurney
Mr. Leondard Hansen
Ms. Pearl Herzog
Mr. Eugene M. Heuermann
Ms. Joyce Hoeft
Dr. John J. Hoesing
Mr. Richard L. Hofman
Mr. John Hope
Mr. Howard Jaeschke
Ms. Nola Jaeschke
Mr. Shawn Jessen
Mr. Donald J. Johanns
Mr. Jake Kahler
Mr. Gene Kaplan
Mr. Bob Keller
Ms. Marjorie Kephart
Mr. Kevin Knippelmeyer
Mr. Alan Kulakofsky
Ms. Betty M. Ladd
Mr. Jack Larson
Mr. Ladd Leach
Ms. Terri Leutkenhaus
Capt. USN (ret) Robert M. Livinston
Mr. Rod Lubker
Ms. Valerie Lukowski
Ms. Lynn Luschen
Mr. James Marston
Mrs. Muriel F. Martin
Mr. Zachary May
Ms. Helen McCurdy
Mr. Al Mercurio
Mrs. Patty Miller
Mr. John Misner
Ms. Charlotte A. Moore
Mr. Donald K. Moore
Dr. Charles Morton
Mr. Harlan J. Noddle
Ms. Jerralee A. North
Mr. Jack Ochsner
Ms. Bede Ostrow
Mr. Lloyd Parr
Ms. Emma Parr
Mrs. Diane Payne
Mr. Lonnie Dee Penney
Mr. David T. Peters
Mr. LC Jack Peterson
Ms. Jessica E. Pohlmann
Mr. Bob Porter
Mr. & Mrs. Art & Viola Ramspott
Mrs. Margaret L. Rauch
Mr. Ian Ray
Mrs. Patsy Ann Reinsch
Mr. Bruce A. Reynolds
Mr. Michael Sandvold
Ms. Ada Schantel
Ms. Marge Schmitt
Mrs. Priscilla Sebeniecher
Mr. Doug Sharkey
Mrs. Jean Skinner
Ms. Lou Ann Smith
Ms. Connie Sternad
Mrs. Kay Stiles
Mr. George D. Sutter
Ms. Elizabeth Swanson
Mrs. Janet L. Terry
Mr. Jerome Thiele
Ms. Lenore Thomas
Mrs. Linda K. Tolton
Mr. Joe Tomsu
Mr. I.M.M. Tretiak
Ms. Selma Tretiak
Mrs. Marguerite Tvrdy
Ms. Carolynn J. Varner
Mrs. Susan Vasey Moore
Dr. Peggy Wheelock
Mr. Larry P. Whitesel
Mrs. Dixie Whitman
Ms. Teresa Wildhagen
Mrs. Lea L. Woll
Ms. Ludmila Yakimowich
Mr. Edward J. Zikas
Ms. Jerralee A. North
Mr. Jack Ochsner
Bede Ostrow
Mr. Lloyd Parr
Ms. Emma Parr
Mrs. Diane Payne
Mr. Lonnie Dee Penney
Mr. David T. Peters
Mr. LC Jack Peterson
Ms. Jessica E. Pohlmann
Mr. Bob Porter
Mr. and Mrs. Art and
Viola Ramspott
Mrs. Margaret L. Rauch
Mr. Ian Ray
Mrs. Patsy Ann Reinsch
Mr. Bruce A. Reynolds
Mr. Michael Sandvold
Ms. Ada Schantel
Ms. Marge Schmitt
Mrs. Priscilla Sebeniecher
Mr. Doug Sharkey
Mrs. Jean Skinner
Ms. Lou Ann Smith
Ms. Connie Sternad
Mrs. Kay Stiles
Mr. George D. Sutter
Ms. Elizabeth Swanson
Mrs. Janet L. Terry
Mr. Jerome Thiele
Ms. Lenore Thomas
Mrs. Linda K. Tolton
Mr. Joe Tomsu
I.M.M. Tretiak
Ms. Selma Tretiak
Mrs. Marguerite Tvrdy
Ms. Carolynn J. Varner
Mrs. Susan Vasey Moore
Dr. Peggy Wheelock
Mr. Larry P. Whitesel
Mrs. Dixie Whitman
Ms. Teresa Wildhagen
Mrs. Lea L. Woll
Ms. Ludmila Yakimowich
Mr. Edward J. Zikas
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