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The city`s brimming with excitement
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Ryan Gosling
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May 2016 / 6 TL
The city’s
brimming with
Three brands,
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Take the hassle out of shopping for summer clothes
The best things
Istanbul has to offer
this month
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Read about this month’s
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Ryan Gosling
Everyone’s dreamboat talks
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The Nice Guys
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May 2016 Time Out Istanbul in English
For kids,
by kids
IF YOU THINK THE WORDS “art biennial”
will never appeal to kids, think again:
the Istanbul Children and Youth Art
Biennial is a kids-only celebration of
boundless creativity. And no, we’re not
talking about grown-up artists channeling
the child within: all of the works on
display at Antrepo 1 and MKM Beşiktaş
Contemporary Art Gallery were created
by actual children. There’s one event
or workshop per day throughout the
Biennial. Unfortunately, we also have
some upsetting news from the event: one
of the curators, the artist initiative PASAJ,
pulled out of the Biennial after Nurdane
Türkmen’s project featuring the work of
kids in Kobanî and Suruç was taken out of
the event.
The 4th Istanbul Children and Youth Art Biennial is held
until May 17. Free.
Three local happenings that put a smile on our face
Mini Müzikhol
Zone’s graffiti cats
The Goal! exhibition
We know Mini Müzikhol has kept crowds
dancing to top-notch electronic music for the
last six years, but we were still proud to see it
featured on dance music website inthemix’s list
of the world’s 20 best small clubs.
Have you seen graffiti artist Zone’s stylish
cats yet? One of them resides in the Beşiktaş
Market and the other on the steps of the
Karaköy Underpass. Check out the artist’s
Instagram account for his other works.
Goal! is an unmissable interactive experience
that allows you to pair famous soccer players
with legendary artists. You can also form your
own teams and compete against the teams of
other exhibition-goers.
Soğancı Sokak 1, Cihangir.
Time Out Istanbul in English May 2016
Zorlu PSM. Until Jun 5.
Happy Hour
Diba Bar invites you to enjoy the magnificent Bosphorus view at
the best spot of the Bosphorus and offers the happiest hours with it’s free
drinks by the second glass everyday from 17.30 to 19.00.
0212 363 33 00 / 1585 - 1385
April showers bring May… festivals?
You’d better believe it – this month
the city is brimming with excitement
as a long list of local and international
talent fill its outdoor concert stages,
theaters and performance halls.
So let’s get started, shall we?
Time Out Istanbul in English May 2016
May 2016 Time Out Istanbul in English
Festival fever
The countdown is on for the happiest weekend of the year!
Mehmet Ak and Jbid Boyacıyan give us a rundown of all the great
music and unmissable events to expect from this year’s festival
the last one offers a phenomenal
opportunity to enjoy all the colors
and sounds of spring. Now in its
11th year, Chill-Out Festival Istanbul
transforms Life Park into a Garden
of Eden. Last year’s event drew
nearly 20,000 visitors, and this
year’s lineup promises to attract just
that many Istanbullus to spend a
weekend in the heart of nature, away
from all the problems and worries of
city life. The hardest decision you’ll
have to make is choosing which
stage you’d rather lounge in front of
Time Out Istanbul in English May 2016
to enjoy great music. Whether you
want to revel in the anthems of the
most distinctive names in indie and
alternative music, party till dawn
with skilled DJs or simply relax
with mellow tunes, we recommend
perusing our guide and making note
of those can’t-miss performances so
you don’t end up lamenting that one
amazing show you could’ve gone to
but didn’t.
Festival fever
Chico Trujillo
Tune in
If you manage to drag yourself off
the fluffy outdoor pillows and not get
distracted by the colorful decorations
waving in the wind, these are the groups
for whose performances you’ll want to
make sure you stay close to the stage:
Brooklyn-based ambient pop collective
Cigarettes After Sex will undoubtedly
have you swaying to the music as lead
singer and guitarist Greg Gonzalez
croons both soothing and melancholic
Led by Danish musician Jannis Noya
Makrigiannis, Choir of Young Believers
is another noteworthy band on the
lineup. The group first caught our
attention with their SXSW performance,
where they mixed dark vocals with folk
melodies to create a surreal musical
The most joy-filled and laid-back
performance of the day is sure to be
that of New York-based indie duo
Chairlift. To get a sense of the dream pop
wonderland conjured by their music,
we recommend checking out their latest
album Moth, released earlier this year.
One of the most colorful bands of the
festival (with equally vibrant costumes),
Orchestra of Spheres is guaranteed to
have you dancing uninhibitedly. Their
unique sound – which they define as
Orchestra of Spheres
“future funk” – has already elicited
comparisons to legends like Sun Ra, Can
and Fela Kuti.
The heavy hitters of the day are
English new-wave psychedelic rockers
Temples and South American singer
Rodrigo Amarante, whose track “Tuyo”
has become synonymous with Pablo
Escobar after it was used in the Netflix
series Narcos. Other performers you
simply can’t miss include British hip
hop and ska popstress Lola Coca,
Brazilian singer Lucas Santtana and
local star-on-the-rise Nilipek.
Saturday: Cigarettes After Sex, Choir of Young
Believers, Nilipek, Temples, Rodrigo Amarante.
Sunday: Orchestra of Spheres, Lola Coca, Lucas
Lounge around
There’s no festival rule stating that you
have to reserve your place in front of the
stage or dance wildly. Doesn’t it sound
nice to lie down on outdoor pillows (or
just the grass) and enjoy the music?
Luckily for you, this year’s lineup
includes a great many musical acts that
will allow you to do just that.
One of these acts is Parra for Cuva &
Senoy, a duo who draw inspiration from
their upbringing in Germany and their
travels through Spain to play a serene
blend of downtempo, experimental and
broken beat melodies.
Performing on the more electronicfocused second day of the festival, young
French producer Fakear helps us catch
our breath with feel-good tunes that
perfectly complement the early days of
When it comes to lounging on the
grass, you won’t find better background
music than Chico Trujillo’s. The Chilean
band’s cheerful blend of musical genres
like ska and reggae has even earned
them a place on the lineup of festivals
like Roskilde and Lollapalooza.
Some of the other musical acts of note
are hip hop-loving French producer
Guts, multi-instrumentalist performer
Hugo Kant, the increasingly popular
Feathered Sun member and technosoul-dub aficionado Raz Ohara, analogelectronic live music trio Wide Awake
and Turkish sound-layering master Ah!
Saturday: Parra for Cuva & Senoy.
Sunday: Fakear, Chico Trujillo, Guts, Hugo Kant, Raz
Ohara, Wide Awake, Ah! Kosmos.
May 2016 Time Out Istanbul in English
Festival fever
Chill-Out promises to deliver peace of mind not
only with its musical offerings but with a host of
other events, as well. You’ll find areas devoted to
yoga (including kids’ yoga), breathing exercises
and meditation as well as mandala workshops. We
recommend participating in at least one of these
activities while you’re cradled in nature’s arms.
Another classic feature of Chill-Out is Shopping
Street, where independent designers showcase
everything from jewelry and accessories to tattoo
When it comes to dining options, our past
experiences are enough to assure us that you
won’t have to settle for köfte-ekmek. The festival
also features a food section offering dozens of
options from Far Eastern cuisine to vegan treats.
We know that for most of you this isn’t your
first rodeo, but we still feel the need to warn you:
the festival is a two-day marathon, which means
there will be times you’ll be directly under the
sun’s rays and other times you’ll be in the cool
shade of the forest – so don’t forget to pack
your sunscreen, sunglasses and hat. And sure,
Chill-Out might seem like the Turkish equivalent of
Coachella when it comes to festival fashion, but
we still recommend dressing comfortably for your
own sake (and for the sake of those around you).
There’s no telling when the weather might cool
down, so it’s a good idea to pack extra clothes.
And a few last warnings: drink a lot of water, try
not to get too intoxicated too early in the day,
don’t forget your tickets, and call your mother
when you get to the festival grounds to let her
know you’re safe.
Time Out Istanbul in English May 2016
Let loose
Festivalgoers who are more
interested in partying it up
than idling on the grass or
grooving to calm melodies:
here are the performers who
are perfect for you…
German trio Wareika is like a
busy bee collecting the pollen
of different musical genres: the
resulting sound is a sweeterthan-honey blend of jazzy
influences, dub compositions
and house melodies.
Another group who do
electronic-loving Chill-Outgoers proud is the French trio
dOP, whose sound could best
be described as “electronic
melodies enhanced with
vocals.” To familiarize yourself
with their music prior to
the festival, we recommend
checking out their Boiler Room
The last day of the festival
also features the high-energy
performance of The Field,
whose previous Istanbul visits
have left us all craving more.
The Swedish electronic music
producer’s hot-off-the-press
album The Follower offers
a wonderful blend of micro
house, ambient and techno.
Still need to let your hair
down? Then you won’t want
to skip the performances of Feathered
Sun member Jo.Ke, British producer
Matthew Herbert, Berlin-based house
music favorite Nico Stojan and postpunk/new-wave-influenced DJs Red
Saturday: Wareika, Matthew Herbert, Nico Stojan,
Red Axes.
Sunday: dOP, The Field, Jo.Ke.
Chill-Out Festival Istanbul 2016 is at Life Park on
May 28-29, 12.00 (doors open). One-day pass: 120
TL, combined: 195 TL. Tickets available via Biletix.
The Field
Festival fever
Adam Smith, Thomas Edward James Walmsley,
Samuel Toms, James Edward Bagshaw
English rock band Temples has earned the recognition of many
musical authorities from Noel Gallagher to Robert Wyatt. Bass
guitarist Thomas Walmsley shares his thoughts on Anatolian
rock and the band’s forthcoming album with Mehmet Ak before
Temples takes the stage at Chill-Out
How did you guys come
together and start making
“We’re from a very small town
in the middle of England
called Kettering, and it’s one
of those places with very little
to discover when it comes
to music. We’d all been in
separate bands growing up
and had all moved away from
our hometown at different
points, so it was quite odd
that we all happened to be
back at the time we formed
Temples. We haven’t let go of
each other since.”
There are some obvious
influences on your music, like
The Byrds, The Beatles and
Pink Floyd. What are some of
your less discernible sources
of inspiration?
“We’ve always loved music
that takes a melody or style
and wraps it up in something
weird and wonderful. You’re
Time Out Istanbul in English May 2016
“We adore
not sure what you’re picking
up on but it’s oddly familiar
– buried deep somewhere lies
the essence of a pop song.
It’s what bands like Gong,
Genesis and Van der Graaf
Generator do so well.”
Your music evokes a sense of
nostalgia – not only through
melody but through your lyrics,
as well.
“The idea for our first album
Sun Structures was to create
this world that was inviting
for the listener. We wanted
the sound of the record itself
to be timeless: something
with a strange presence
that always leaves you
with this feeling of déjà vu.
Although some songs deal
with very real issues, we tend
to abstract the lyrics and
use them to build a bigger
picture. I think with our
next record there will be less
reliance on imagery.”
Erol Alkan and Richard Norris reworked your
Sun Structures album and came up with
Sun Restructured. How do you feel about
the final product?
“We’ve always been huge fans of their work
as Beyond the Wizard’s Sleeve. I remember
discovering quite a few bands via their
podcasts years ago, so I have always greatly
admired what they stand for. Our approach
to Sun Structures was to be very concise,
so it was really eye-opening to hear all the
space they brought to the songs.”
There’s a strong psychedelic tradition in
Turkish rock music. Ever heard of Turkish
artists like Erkin Koray, Moğollar or Kurtalan
“We adore Turkish music. Erkin Koray
and Selda Bağcan records have had a
huge influence on psychedelic music. I
remember hearing them for the first time
in clubs and their sound was just hypnotic
and alien. Above all their sense of rhythm
is incredible, there’s nothing like it.
Apaşlar’s track ‘Gılgamış’ is amazing!”
It’s been quite a while since you last
recorded. Any new material on the horizon?
“We’ve been in the studio since last
October working on our next record. We’ve
enjoyed having very few rules to play by
on this record. We’ve allowed every song
to have its own identity. It’s a very honest
record in that sense. We can’t wait to share
it with everyone very soon.”
Temples plays the Main Stage on Saturday.
Treat the Sultans in Your Family to a Palace!
On this Mother’s Day, 8th of May, Sunday; bring your loved ones to our special Brunch at Laledan Restaurant
boasting incredible views of the Bosphorus or, alternatively, treat them to our classic High Tea at
Gazebo Lounge with sumptuous cakes, scones, pastries, chocolates and surprises. Either way you will enjoy
an unforgettable day in the magical atmosphere of Çırağan Palace.
+90 212 236 73 33 | [email protected] |
May 2016 Time Out Istanbul in English
Festival fever
The wait is over! This
month, theater-loving
Istanbullus finally get to
tread the city’s theaters
and performance halls
for İKSV’s biannual
Istanbul Theater Festival.
Similar to its previous
edition in 2014, this
year’s festival features
a staggering number
of shows, including
nine international
productions. Gülin Dede
Tekin guides us through
the top performances for
non-Turkish audiences
Time Out Istanbul in English May 2016
Needles and Opium
May 15, 15.00 and 20.30.
The Complete Deaths is at Moda Sahnesi. May
24-25-26, 20.30.
Needles and Opium is at Uniq. May 27-28, 20.30.
May 2016 Time Out Istanbul in English
A young director who’s been making
a name for himself in the European
festival circuit, Milo Rau’s Hate Radio is a
remarkable production that takes place
in a reconstructed studio based on the
original one used by the Rwandan radio
station RTLM (Radio-Télévision Libre
des Mille Collines). The play reenacts
the real-life radio show run by three
Hutu extremists and the Italian-Belgian
broadcaster Georges Ruggiu as an
instrument of the Rwandan Genocide
in 1994. The walls of the studio are used
to project a video installation featuring
select stories of perpetrators and
victims. Hate Radio is staged in French
and Kinyarwanda with Turkish surtitles
at Zorlu PSM’s multi-use studio space.
This year, İKSV introduces Turkish
theatergoers to clown theater – a unique
and dynamic form of play featuring
traditional circus elements – with The
Complete Deaths. The “four greatest
clowns working in Britain” (according
to our friends over at Time Out London)
from the theater company Spymonkey
perform 75 onstage deaths found in the
works of William Shakespeare. Staged
in English with Turkish surtitles, this
play promises to expand your theatrical
horizon with moments that are in turn
serious and clamorous, dreary and
Another can’t-miss production
is Needles and Opium, restaged by
renowned Canadian playwright, actor
and director Robert Lepage 20 years
after its original (in which he played
the lead). Lepage is best known for
creating an impressive visual world in
his productions, and Needles and Opium
is no exception: the words of poet Jean
Cocteau and the music of Miles Davis
come together in a powerful play about
love, disappointment and addiction,
staged (in English and French with
Turkish surtitles) on a white rotating
cube with a hypnotic light show.
Hate Radio is at Zorlu PSM Studio. May 14, 20.30;
Festival fever
One of the city’s top independent
theaters, İkinci Kat stages the Turkish
premiere of Sarah Ruhl’s Tony
Awards-nominated production In
the Next Room, or The Vibrator Play,
a provocative play about a machine
invented to cure hysteria, known
today as the vibrator. Performed
in Turkish with English surtitles,
this play is guaranteed to make you
Another can’t-miss play comes
from Tiyatro Pera, who stage Vanya
and Sonia and Masha and Spike,
playwright Christopher Durang’s tale
of an ordinary family in modern-day
U.S.A. The production offers constant
allusions to Anton Chekhov, both in
terms of the characters’ names and
their fate. Renowned Turkish actress
Tilbe Saran stars in this intelligent,
often gloomy comedy about the
isolation of modern-day man, staged
in Turkish with English surtitles.
In the Next Room, or The Vibrator Play is at
House Upon a Time
“House Upon
a Time deals with
the reality of urban
Caddebostan Cultural Center. May 10-11, 20.30.
Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike is at
Tiyatro Pera (May 19-20-21, 20.30; May 22, 15.00)
and Caddebostan Cultural Center (May 24, 20.30).
In the Next Room, or The Vibrator Play
Following the success of her
triumphant play Persona Non Grata
at the 19th Istanbul Theater Festival,
actress Gülce Uğurlu joins forces with
one of Turkey’s leading playwrightdirectors, Firuze Engin, for House Upon
a Time. Staged in Turkish with English
surtitles, the production deals with
the reality of urban transformation
and its effects on both the city and
its residents – reminding us that
change isn’t limited to lower-income
neighborhoods but is fast approaching
for middle-class families, as well.
Known for its innovative
productions, local independent
theater company biriken stages I Shut
Down My Heart Until the Apocalypse,
co-written and co-directed by biriken
founders Melis Tezkan and Okan Urun.
Performed in Turkish with English
surtitles, the play is centered on the
confrontation of a group of people who
are ensnared in fear and lovelessness
at a forgotten nightclub in the heart of
the city.
House Upon a Time is at Salon İKSV. May 20-2223, 20.30; May 21, 18.00.
I Shut Down My Heart Until the Apocalypse is
at Moda Sahnesi. May 11-12, 20.30.
Time Out Istanbul in English May 2016
Festival fever
Waiting for Godot
London-based theater director
and producer Mehmet Ergen
joins the festival lineup with a
theatrical adaptation of Elif Şafak’s
controversial novel, The Bastard of
Istanbul. Performed in Turkish with
English surtitles, the play focuses
on two families, one Turkish and
one Armenian, and references the
events of 1915 via the stories of four
generations of women. This is the
Turkish premiere of the play, which
was originally staged in Italian last
year by Teatro di Rifredi in Florence.
The Bastard of Istanbul is at Zorlu PSM Drama
“Local theater
company Hayal
Perdesi pays
homage to Anton
Chekhov with
Three Sisters”
A recipient of this year’s Honorary
Awards, Şahika Tekand and her theater
company Studio Players stage Samuel
Beckett’s most popular (and most
diversely interpreted) play, Waiting
for Godot, as the opening event of the
festival. Performed in Turkish with
English surtitles, it follows Tekand’s
distinctive style when it comes to stage
production, light and sound design.
Even if you’ve seen other productions
of Waiting for Godot before, this one’s a
good opportunity for those who wish to
find out more about Tekand’s signature
“performative staging and acting
Last but not least, local theater
company Hayal Perdesi pays homage to
Anton Chekhov with an unconventional
production of Three Sisters. Staged in
Turkish with English surtitles, this
play about three sisters who yearn for
a better life elsewhere also features
award-winning Macedonian director
Aleksandar Popovski’s innovative
stage direction and Sven Jonke’s stage
Waiting for Godot is at Uniq. May 3-4, 20.30.
Three Sisters is at Üsküdar Tekel Sahnesi (May
11-12, 20.30) and Caddebostan Cultural Center (May
22, 15.00).
The 20th Istanbul Theater Festival is held from May
3-28. Tickets range from 15-180 TL and are available via
Biletix. For the full program, see
Stage. May 23-24, 20.30.
May 2016 Time Out Istanbul in English
Once upon a festival...
On Sunday, April 24, we hosted the fourth 101 Tastes of Istanbul Festival at
The Marmara Esma Sultan. Together with our main partner Renault Megane,
we were excited to see the huge turnout we expected based on previous years’
events. After tasting the best flavors Istanbul has to offer, we partied to our
heart’s desire with Klein DJs. We’re already looking forward to next year’s event!
Time Out Istanbul in English May 2016
May 2016 Time Out Istanbul in English
A day of comfort
We combined the
languor of springtime
weather with the
comfort of Hush Puppies
shoes to spend a day
walking on air
Time Out Istanbul in English May 2016
IT’S IMPORTANT TO value comfort. Even if
you’re currently in the office working away
at your desk, who says you won’t be rushing
through the city’s labyrinthine sidewalks
in a few hours trying to get someplace? Or
that you won’t meet up with your friends to
let your hair down after a serious business
meeting? In order to enjoy every moment of
your life, you need comfortable and stylish
shoes that can keep up with you. Guided by
the motto “Comfortable feet put a mind at
ease,” we decided to spend a day in Hush
Puppies’ shoes to see if their footwear –
which promise to offer both comfort and
style – could help us enjoy a beautiful spring
day even more. After all, Hush Puppies is the
first brand that can claim to have “invented
comfort,” selling millions of shoes each year
since 1958 not only in its native U.S. but in
150 countries around the world.
Our first order of business was to go for
a walk with the lovable Daisy, a Basset
Hound just like Hush Puppies’ mascot. The
walk is as enjoyable as can be thanks to our
footwear: a combination of the Bounce®
technology, which releases energy with
each step by absorbing and redistributing
shock; the ZeroG® technology, which uses
lightweight materials to keep your feet
at ease all day long; and the WaveReflex®
technology, which features a wave pattern
on the outsole that bends and flexes with the
foot to encourage instinctive movements.
Hush Puppies shoes not only use technology
to guarantee comfort but also pair perfectly
with denim, the most comfortable of
fabrics. And with the increased popularity
of denim dresses and ankle jeans, it’s clear
which shoes you need to look your most
Hush Puppies shoes are available at Yeşil Kundura stores.
Living everyday like it’s Friday
Long gone are the days when you had
to limit yourself to wearing comfortable
clothes only on “casual Fridays” – the
fun-loving nature of comfort is now a
part of every day. Shoes that are currently
ideal for work go with every occasion,
as they’re neither too casual nor too
classic. If you’re planning to meet up with
friends after work and you’ve already got
on comfortable shoes, all you need to
do is take off your tie and undo the top
two buttons of your shirt. Hush Puppies
collections also offer shoes that can be
worn every day of the week to complement
whatever you’ve got on, whether it’s a pair
of shorts or a dress shirt. On the lookout for
a watering hole that’s as laid-back as your
look? We recommend the newly opened
5 Cocktails & More in Asmalımescit, a
cocktail bar whose motto is “Why wait till
night?” and where the fun starts at 17.00.
Sightseeing in style
without trying too hard
Why is it that when it comes to the
city’s most popular neighborhoods,
we always hear Karaköy’s name
mentioned? The reason behind its
acclaim is that it offers something
for everyone. You can spend hours
in a café like Ops Cafe, known
for serving breakfast full of fresh
ingredients, or you can explore
the menus of restaurants like Paps
Italian and Ops Passage found along
the nearby Fransız Geçidi (French
Passage). You can also browse shops
that offer authentic designs such
as Souq and Mae Zae. The ideal
dress code? Leave your high heels
and classic button-down shirts
at home, since most of the places
you’ll visit in Karaköy are known for
their laid-back vibe. All you need
is a short denim dress, a simple
pairing of t-shirt and jeans and, of
course, Hush Puppies’ unmistakably
comfortable shoes.
May 2016 Time Out Istanbul in English
Off the beaten path
in Cappadocia
to a wonderfully strange festival in the
picturesque northern Aegean town of
Behramkale. The ruins of the ancient
city Assos were transformed into a
virtual outdoor concert stage for the
Assos International Performing Arts
Festival. It was quite a sight to behold:
performance artists dancing on the
columns of the Temple of Athena as if
they were worshipping the moon goddess
Selene, Greek choruses comprised of
Time Out Istanbul in English May 2016
The second edition of
Cappadox is a celebration
of music, gastronomy,
contemporary art,
nature walks, yoga and
meditation. Özgür Gezer
gives tips on making the
most of the festival and the
local villagers, surprise light shows that
greeted us after walking along the stream
bed at night with flashlights in our hands,
the lively audience making and intently
listening to music on the beach after dark…
This extraordinary festival was sadly
terminated when its mastermind Hüseyin
Katırcıoğlu passed away, right around the
time he was planning to organize a similar
event at the Kasımpaşa Flour Factory
in Istanbul. Years went by and Turkey
never saw the likes of that festival… until
Cappadox touched down on the incredible
terrain of Cappadocia last spring.
Performing arts were all the rage
in the ’90s, while in the 2010s music,
gastronomy and contemporary arts gained
momentum, along with the quest for a
return to nature. Organized with the motto
“Let us cultivate our garden,” Cappadox
offers plenty of these and more. Though
it’s been compared to Burning Man –
the annual, week-long counterculture
gathering in Nevada’s Black Rock
Desert dedicated to community and
art – Cappadox is a more grounded
event: the similarities between the two
end with their free-spirited nature and
Cappadocia’s incredible geographical
features that resemble the surface of Mars.
In other words, you won’t find nudists or
participants creating their own works of
art at Cappadox. So, what will you find?
First off, there’s plenty of great music.
One of the first people to dream of
organizing a festival in Cappadocia was
Mehmet Uluğ, the cofounder of Babylon
and Pozitif who has had significant impact
on Istanbul’s music scene. And though
Uluğ passed away before he got to see the
first Cappadox come to life, his musical
vision still influences the festival. In 1990,
the Uluğ brothers and Pozitif co-founder
Cem Yegül invited avant-garde jazz
musician Sun Ra for an unforgettable
concert on İstiklal Caddesi. Now, the late
Sun Ra’s ensemble, The Sun Ra Arkestra, is
one of the most exciting musical
acts on the roster for this
year’s Cappadox. Another
can’t-miss performance
is that of the Dhafer
Youssef Quartet, who
blend North African
and Mediterranean
rhythms with
electronic and
funky tunes.
Meanwhile, some of the notable Turkish
performers include Gevende, Karsu and
Udi Yervant, the first and only Armenian
musician in the Diyarbakır State Classical
Turkish Music Choir.
The festival also makes use of the
phenomenal nature and ambience of
Cappadocia as secluded spaces are filled
with melody, like the Perili Ozanlar Valley,
Uçhisar Castle, Bezirhane (a wonderful
concert venue at Argos in Cappadocia)
and the Red Valley (which hosts concerts
during sunrise and the full moon).
Overseen by the 2013 Istanbul Biennial
Curator Fulya Erdemci, the Cappadox
Contemporary Arts Program explores
the effects of tourism on agricultural
society via artistic interventions and
installations in the Uçhisar Town Square
and Red Valley, which is home to small,
family-run wineries and beekeepers as
well as a historic church. Some of the
other events of note include flora walks in
the Gomeda Valley, where local women
provide information about regional herbs
and share their family recipes; bike tours
in the Avanos and Göreme Valleys; nature
walks and picnics in canyons; yoga, qigong
and meditation sessions at Uçhisar Çiftlik
Evi and Kistar Hotel; and a Chefs’ Table
dinner at The Museum Hotel’s Maara
Konak featuring dishes that combine
seasonal ingredients with the vision of
Turkish chefs Maksut Aşkar and Şemsa
Denizsel as well as Australian chef Sebbie
Kenyon... Even if you’ve been to
Cappadocia before, you’ve
never seen it like this!
May 19-22. cappadox.
com. Concerts cost 25-50
TL. There are also free
concerts, a Full Moon
Special (190 TL) as well
as Explorer (550 TL)
and Voyager (950 TL)
The House Hotel Cappadocia is the
region’s newest hotel and a member of
the international Design Hotels company.
Comprised of a series of renovated adjoining
ancient caves and traditional homes, the
hotel includes 29 rooms and stands out with
its simply decorated interior spaces, spa,
panoramic terrace overlooking the Ortahisar
Castle and Mount Erciyes, and an underground
chapel used for weddings. Starting this
season, the hotel also invites guests to dine at
acclaimed fine-dining restaurant Muti, which
recently relocated there.
There’s also Ariana Lodge: situated on
Cappadocia’s volcanic rocks, it features
modern architecture, impressive suites, a rich
wine cellar and Plum Restaurant, which is run
by a different chef each season. Shortly after
its opening, the hotel was included in boutique
luxury hotel guides like Small Luxury Hotels
and Kiwi Collection.
Out of Cappadocia’s innumerable volcanic
valleys, perhaps the most unique is the Ihlara
Valley. The canyon continues for 11 km along
a streambed between the villages of Ihlara
and Selime, flanked by Arizona-like views of
rock formations and cave churches.
There are many theories and rumors as to why
Cappadocia is called “the land of beautiful
horses,” but what we do know is that the
numerous horse ranches in the region offer
visitors a range of single- and multi-day
riding programs. Two of the best places to
enjoy horseback riding are Akhal-Teke and
Cappadocia Horse Riding.
May 2016 Time Out Istanbul in English
One-stop shop
Not a fan of going from store to store hoping to come across
something you love? Check out these three brands to get all your
summer shopping done in one place!
High-end Parisian swimwear brand
Dnud offers the perfect solution to your
“what to wear to the beach” woes. Tops
with plunging necklines and highwaisted bottoms ensure that your look
is sensational and just plain cool. The
secret to Dnud’s appeal lies in its choice
of natural, earthy colors and appealing
geometric designs.
Founded by Pia Hakko and Pelin Yaşar,
who met while they were studying at
Central Saint Martins in London, pop.see.
cul combines inventive designs with a
fierce yet laid-back attitude. The brand’s
2016 summer collection is as flirty as ever,
with t-shirts that beckon onlookers to
Time Out Istanbul in English May 2016
“come closer” and “draw me like one of
your French girls.” These slogans and a bat
of your eyelashes are all you need to draw
the attention of that cutie on the dance
floor come summertime.
Sure, we’d love to spend all summer
vacationing, but unfortunately we haven’t
discovered that parallel universe just yet.
For those who have to spend their summer
battling the humidity of Istanbul while
still trying to look put-together, Australian
brand Style Stalker’s designs are a musthave. With so many hot-weather-approved
dresses, skirts and tops to choose from,
you won’t know where to start!
Visit Vakkorama stores to find all three brands and
much more.
Style Stalker
Look fine, feel fine, live fine!
Enjoy the ultimate fitness and spa experience at BeFine Sports & Spa,
your healthy life centre where you can blow off the steam from your body and soul.
The shopping list
Gaye Ayral’s brand Anchorage is on our
radar with its bags and accessories...
Available at Mae Zae in Karaköy,
Miniko Shop in Asmalımescit, and
Beach bag
499 TL
Pochette accessory bag
329 TL
Cylinder bag
549 TL
Utility bag
239 TL
299 TL
Rubbery accents
Eco-friendly shoelaces
New accessories brand UNDO specializes in colorful laces
with magnets on each end and a locking mechanism
to keep them from coming undone. The brand also
contributes to energy and forestation projects as well as
carbon offsetting – and considering that the production
and transportation of each pair of shoes has a carbon
footprint of 14 kg, shopping for shoelaces ($15 each) just
might qualify as philanthropy. ■ Begüm Egeli Bursalıgil
This month, local jewelry brand toz design debuts its summer
2016 collection of soft rubber necklaces and brooches with
intricate thread detailing at its Maçka showroom in honor of
its 10th anniversary. The brand’s designer Leyla Taranto chose
to focus on modest materials to create captivating pieces that
are perfect for those hot summer days when you simply can’t
be bothered to layer on those heavy silver or gold baubles. ■
Gizem Ünsalan
Time Out Istanbul in English May 2016
May 2016 Time Out Istanbul in English
to Do
1, 2, 3 Istanbul
HAVE YOU EVER jumped for joy?
Photographer Bekir Aysan pounded the
pavement to ask Istanbul residents this
very question before pointing his lens at
them and capturing them in midair.
This isn’t Aysan’s first project featuring
people in motion: as an artist who splits
his time between France and Belgium,
he’s previously done similar shows for the
Momix Festival in France and the Agora
Theater in Belgium. His latest exhibition,
1, 2, 3 Istanbul, promises to deliver more
than just 20 photographs of smiling people
Time Out Istanbul in English May 2016
leaping into the air: each photograph
also comes with a story about what it is
that makes its subject so joyful. You’ll
get to meet people like firefighter Niyazi
(pictured above), whose source of joy is
the fire truck he drives each day. One of
Niyazi’s greatest aspirations as a child
was to be a bus driver – now, each time he
honks the horn of his fire truck, he feels
happy that he’s found a way to make his
dream come true.
French Cultural Center. Until Jun 3. Free entry (access
with member card or pre-registration).
Things to Do
7-12 receive a 50% discount),
and mothers get to enjoy a
complimentary meal when
there are two paying adults in
your party. You can also take
advantage of Mövenpick’s 25%
discount on its chocolate and
gold massage that day.
Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul, 4. Levent.
May 8, 12.00-15.00.
The best events this month
3rd Documentary
Photography Days
A rare opportunity to see
developments unfolding
in our near geography
through the eyes of talented
photographers, Documentary
Photography Days is held
at SALT Galata and Galata
Fotoğrafhanesi – the latter
also hosts a Documentary
Photography Series Poster
Exhibition featuring
photographs from the Syrian
border by Time Out Istanbul’s
Photo Editor Mete Çarkcı.
Various venues. May 20-29. facebook.
Captivating Butterflies
Don’t ever try to make friends
with a butterfly. Not only are
their faces terrifying, but there
are some species who have
horrible habits like drinking
the tears of dead animals,
eating their own siblings and
getting in fights with one
another while drunk on tree
sap. But leaving aside their
reign of terror, this month you
can discover the more alluring
aspects of these dark angels
in an exhibition featuring
over 1,000 butterflies from
the collection of Lepidoptera
expert Dr. Oktay Onaran.
İstinyePark, Sarıyer. Until May 8. Free.
Empty Fields
Pop-Up Kadıköy Design
Curated by researcher
Marianna Hovhannisyan,
this exhibition is built around
the inventory catalog of the
Museum of Anatolia College
in Merzifon, Turkey, which
was established by American
missionaries during the final
years of the Ottoman Empire.
Empty Fields also features
video talks, photographs, maps
and correspondences.
Can’t find that perfect gift for
the woman who gave you life?
Check out the Pop-Up Kadıköy
Design Bazaar featuring
15 local brands, including
modern designs by Burcu Okut
Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba Cuba Vibra
İş Sanat ends the season with
a dance show that honors
Cuban culture and music. The
Havana-based dance company
Lizt Alfonso Dance Cuba puts
on a theatrical performance
that blends ballet, flamenco,
mambo and rumba.
ANAMED, Beyoğlu. Until Jun 8. Free.
İş Sanat Concert Hall, Levent. May 27,
20.30. 60-100 TL.
Brunch at Mövenpick
The Threepenny Opera
AzzuR Restaurant hosts a
lavish brunch for mothers
while kids get to enjoy a
cupcake workshop and a clown
show. The brunch costs 125
TL per person (kids ages 0-6
dine for free while those ages
German theater company
Berliner Ensemble performs
Bertolt Brecht’s “play with
music” in its original German
with Turkish surtitles.
Zorlu PSM Main Theater. May 13-14,
20.30. 150-250 TL.
Comic Book Bazaar
This one-day-only shopping
event brings together local
comic book shops and
publishers with fans of the
Istanbul Extreme Fest
DoubleTree by Hilton Istanbul-Tuzla.
This exhibition focuses on
scents we’ve come to associate
with the city such as eau de
cologne and Turkish coffee.
You can also explore the scents
of Anatolian civilizations as
well as viewing videos that
seek to answer questions like
“what distinguishes a pleasant
scent from a bad smell?”
Thermal spa treatments
Scent and the City
Four Hungarian photographers
showcase works that deal
with the cross-cultural and
bilingual nature of Hungarian
and Turkish marriages.
25.63-46.13 TL (tickets available via
arkaoda, Kadıköy. May 22, 14.0019.00. Free.
Hungarian Cultural Center, Kağıthane.
Until Jun 15. Free.
Hungarian PepperTurkish Coffee
Get ready to be entertained by
four young performers in this
bilingual (Turkish-English)
magic and comedy show
organized by Genie Istanbul.
--CreAtolye, Beyoğlu. May 18, 20.30.
Kadıköy No: 30, Moda. May 8, 12.0018.00.
Treat Mom to a pampering
retreat at DoubleTree by
Hilton Istanbul-Tuzla, which
boasts the only thermal spa
in Istanbul. The hotel offers
a Mother’s Day package that
includes an all-day pass to
the spa center as well as a clay
massage for 99 TL, while the
accommodation packages for
two range from 538-1156 TL.
SALT Galata. Until Jun 5. Free.
Wizards’ Wednesday
Now in its sixth year, this
adrenaline-fueled event
features parkours straight out
of Survivor as well as bungee
jumping and console game
sections and a competition for
BMX, skateboard and roller
skate enthusiasts.
Forum Istanbul, Bayrampaşa. May
Istanbul Kite Festival
Whether you bring your own
kite, purchase one at the
festival or even aspire to learn
how to make one from scratch,
this festival is a great excuse to
be outdoors.
Moda Shore, Kadıköy. May 15, 10.00.
Kolektif Karma
Design Bazaar
This monthly meeting of
handmade accessory designers
is the perfect place to shop for
original gifts.
Tasarım Bookshop, Bahariye. May 22,
Turkcell Platinum
Bosphorus Cup
Now in its 15th year, this
competitive sailing event is
the perfect excuse to lounge
by the Bosphorus and take in
the view.
Caddebostan Shore and the
Dolmabahçe-Rumelihisarı route. May 2629.
May 2016 Time Out Istanbul in English
Ryan Gosling
Is a good-looking leading man reason enough to
watch a movie? Generally, no, but when it comes
to Ryan Gosling, it just might be. Jessica Hundley
chats with Gosling in Los Angeles to about his new
film co-starring Russell Crowe and what it’s like to
work with Terrence Malick
of truly charming people. His trick is to make
you think that somehow you are the charming
one. He laughs easily, a husky, conspiratorial
chuckle. He listens carefully and answers
thoughtfully, as if he hasn’t been asked the
same question a thousand times before, as
if the two of you are old friends catching up,
shooting the breeze, not two strangers sitting
in a hotel in L.A. surrounded by publicists.
This is his magic, to be the devastatingly
handsome but sensitive guy with the firm
handshake and the sly smile. And we all love
him for it. Men, women, children – we all go
weak at the knees for Ryan Gosling. It helps
that he is tremendously talented, a child
actor done good, a kid from Nowheresville,
Canada, who somehow climbed over the wall
into Hollywood.
After threatening to retire from acting (and
after his poorly received directing debut, Lost
River) Gosling is back with a vengeance. He is
a jazz pianist in the musical La La Land and
a brooding indie rocker in Terrence Malick’s
Weightless. But before that, he’s sporting
a Ron Burgudy-ish handlebar mustache
playing a down-on-his-luck private detective
in this month’s 1970s-set comedy thriller The
Nice Guys.
Time Out Istanbul in English May 2016
Your character in The Nice Guys is a single
father. This is your first role as a dad since you
became an actual dad. Did experience bring
anything to the role?
“That’s the
power of film
– if it’s good it
can make you
feel connected
to even the
farthest thing
from your own
“That’s a good question. I guess this character
in The Nice Guys is your nightmare version
of a father. He’s the manifestation of your fear of how bad a
father you could be. And there’s something cathartic about
that. I really had fun playing this character.”
You’ve played a lot of dark roles. The Nice Guys is a slapstick
comedy. Were you in the mood for something a bit lighter?
“This was a lot of fun, like the kind of stuff I grew up on. I
grew up on Mel Brooks films. That was film to me until I got a
little bit older and realized there were other kinds of movies.”
The film is set in the 1970s. In a way it’s like a love letter to a
lost Los Angeles. Did you have an image of L.A. in your mind as
a kid growing up in Canada?
whatever you want to call it, and carry on the
legacy? No. But I wanted to find some way to
keep that feeling, to be around that energy. So
I went at it a bunch of different ways. I joined a
dance company for a while; I tried a bunch of
different ways of finding my way back into it.
And then films began having an impact on me.”
What film had the most influence on you?
“This is going to sound ridiculous, but I remember watching
Boyz n the Hood and there is a scene where Cuba Gooding Jr.
gets pressed against a car by another police officer and he
starts crying because it’s so humiliating. I remember thinking
in that moment that I could totally identify with him, and
I’m a little white kid from Canada. That’s impossible, but
that’s the power of film. If it’s good it can somehow make
you feel connected to even the farthest thing from your own
experience. When it was over I went back to be a little white
kid from Canada but for those two hours, I wasn’t.”
“You know, it’s cool that you asked that. I definitely had an
image of it in my head when I was
a kid. And I think I’ve made films
trying to find that same image
again. Drive was part of that, of that
Los Angeles in my mind. The Nice
Guys fulfilled my 1970s fantasy of
what it was like.”
Your next film is the musical La La
Land. You play a jazz pianist. Was a
musical on your bucket list?
You spent your childhood appearing
in kids’ shows. Where did that drive
come from?
“The biggest influence was probably Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling in The Nice Guys
my uncle. He moved in with us
You’ve also just worked with the
when I was a kid and became an Elvis impersonator. The
legendary Terrence Malick. Tell me about that.
whole house was taken over by this show he was putting
“I’m sure I’ll never have another experience like it. It
on and everyone became involved in it somehow. As crazy
was unbelievable to watch him work. He’s such a special
as it sounds, at the time, it somehow made perfect sense
filmmaker and one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. And
and it was really fun. And he looked nothing like Elvis – he
he is really just on another level, he never gets sick, he speaks
was bald, he had a mustache and a giant birthmark. But he
ten languages, he can tell you what bird has just whistled:
was Elvis when he was onstage. Watching him become that
‘That was blue finch.’ He’s a really impressive, lovely guy and
character, watching him become someone else, watching
it was a great experience. I play a musician. There was no
that energy around it and the way it brought the best out of
script. I remember one day Malick whispered in my ear, ‘Go
everybody… When he decided he wasn’t going to do it any
jump on Johnny Rotten’s back.’”
more, it was brutal. Because everyone went back to their lives
and life was boring again.”
Johnny Rotten from the Sex Pistols in the film? How did he feel
about you jumping on his back?
So you could have ended up an Elvis impersonator?
“He was cool with it.”
“And take the reins from him, or take the sideburns or
 The Nice Guys opens on May 20.
May 2016 Time Out Istanbul in English
“No! I never really felt like I really
wanted to be a singer. When I was a
kid I would sing ‘When A Man Loves
A Woman’ at weddings. I was like
eight and it was an easy 20 bucks.
So when the musical came, I was
nervous about it, because it’s not
really what I do.”
Franco is a filmmaker of
cool-blooded precision and
intelligence. Yet filmgoers
largely haven’t had a chance
to see him at his best. After
Lucia, a heart-stopping
cautionary tale about extreme
teen bullying, won a prize
at Cannes in 2013, yet went
straight to DVD in the U.K.
The presence of Tim Roth in
Franco’s English-language, Los
Angeles-set latest looks like a
move to the mainstream, but
compromises are few and far
between in this tough-minded
character study.
Roth plays David, a mildmannered home nurse to the
terminally ill. But while he’s
gentle in his professional
duties, he isn’t as trustworthy
settle. Roth, meanwhile, is as
marvelous as he’s ever been,
playing someone who may be
a misunderstood saint or an
oddly benevolent sociopath.
It’s a delicate performance
that exudes a tender kind
of chill. Only Franco’s sharp
left turn of an ending strikes
a false note. Without getting
into spoiler territory, there’s
a forced fatalism to it that
smacks of directorial panic. It’s
a forgivable misstep, however,
in an otherwise sensitive, slowdeveloping bruise of a film.
as he seems. At the outset,
he’s dedicatedly looking after
Sarah, an AIDS patient. Later,
he tells an acquaintance that
his late wife, also named
Sarah, also passed away from
the same disease. If that
seems a coincidence, further
questionable blind spots
emerge in his story, while
another patient’s family sues
him for sexual harassment.
Franco’s script teases out the
character’s tangled ambiguities
with immaculate control: even
as the story proceeds in the
lowest of keys, our nerves never
An unsettling drama
about a home carer
with uncertain
It’s worth seeing
for Tim Roth’s
performance alone.
Director Michel
Franco, 93 mins, opens
May 6.
■ Guy Lodge
Captain America: Civil War
Time Out Istanbul in English May 2016
Cap and Iron Man, but
between dimension-benders
Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen)
and Vision (Paul Bettany),
between old friends Black
Widow (Scarlett Johansson)
and Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner),
and between newcomer Black
Panther (Chadwick Boseman)
and basically everyone. But
fear not, there’s also some
light relief in the form of AntMan (Paul Rudd) and a nerdy
teenage Spider-Man (Tom
Directors Joe and Anthony
Russo juggle all these
elements impressively: for
every awkward franchise
requirement (like Martin
Freeman’s here-and-goneagain military man), there’s
another that slots effortlessly
into place – Holland’s
introduction as Peter Parker
is one of the sweetest scenes
in the series. A nagging sense
of incompleteness means
that Civil War isn’t quite as
rousing speech. It’s the joy of
making a movie for and about
We find our heroes at
a crossroads. The earthshattering events of Avengers:
Age of Ultron have left the
authorities – and many of the
Avengers – questioning their
role in world affairs. Enter
William Hurt’s politician with
an ultimatum: submit to U.N.
oversight, or cease all crimefighting activities. Ridden
with guilt, Tony Stark (Robert
Downey Jr.) agrees. But Steve
Rogers (Chris Evans) isn’t sold,
especially as the first order
of business is to eliminate
his childhood friend-turnedcrazed assassin, Bucky Barnes
(Sebastian Stan).
None of this is especially
original – the Watchmen
comics covered similar ground
three decades ago. But it’s rich
pickings for character conflict,
and that’s what Civil War cares
most about: not just between
Marvel’s latest
superhero epic sees
Captain America
pitched against Iron
It’s an enjoyable
feast of action,
humor and ideas.
Directors Anthony
Russo and Joe Russo,
147 mins, opens May 6.
satisfying as the first Avengers
(it’s all building up to the
Infinity War two-parter in 2018).
But overall, this is Marvel at
their best: a pacey, intelligent
super-sized blockbuster and a
roaringly fun night out. ■
Tom Huddleston
familiar? Two iconic heroes
duking it out over two-anda-half epic hours… Angsty
agonizing over the collateral
damage that ensues… Cameos
from multiple costumed
crusaders, just to make sure
we’re suitably hyped for the
next ten movies. But luckily,
Captain America: Civil War
is packed to bursting with
the one ingredient its rival
superhero smackdown Batman
v Superman lacked: joy.
Which isn’t to say Civil War is
threat-free: this is a film about
the violent end of a friendship
and the moral questions that
come with free will, so it’s
hardly a party. No, this is the
kind of joy that comes with
crafting characters people
can relate to, with designing
action scenes that spring and
spin and bound off the screen,
with picking just the right
moment for a tension-breaking
gag, a pause for reflection or a
May 2016 Time Out Istanbul in English
A look back
at a series of
legendary 1960s
between two
very different
It’s an unmissable
film for movie buffs.
Director Kent Jones,
79 mins, opens May 13.
Hitchcock / Truffaut
Truffaut, brought a fan’s passion and a
colleague’s precision to his questions. The
result remains a how-to guide for Vertigo,
Psycho and a future wave of nail-biters
inspired by their observations.
The doc’s director, Kent Jones, does
more than bring the week of smoky
interviews to life. He assembles the likes
of Martin Scorsese, Wes Anderson and
LET’S NOT CONFUSE the inspiring story of Jesse
A heroic real-life
sports landmark
runs out of creative
steam long before
the finish line.
If you want to kill
some time.
Director Stephen
Hopkins, 134 mins,
opens May 27.
fearsomely smart Gone Girl director David
Fincher (who carries the Hitch crown
better than anyone these days) as talking
heads. For all his bankability, Hitchcock
was underappreciated until Truffaut’s
study came along. Jones vibes off that
idea, turning Truffaut’s enthusiasm into
an honorable act of reclamation. ■
Joshua Rothkopf
Owens, the runner whose four gold-medal wins
at Berlin’s 1936 Olympics infuriated the Nazi
regime, with this flat-footed sports drama that
misses multiple opportunities to be explosive. As a
convincingly athletic Owens (“Don’t think. It’s not
what you’re good at,” the rising star’s wife says),
lead actor Stephan James has little to do in the early
stretches but be resilient and mild. He’s never given
the chance to rail, even privately, against the racism
Owens encountered at Ohio State University.
Because Race ladles on the locker-room hate speech,
it feels like a serious movie (as the obvious title would
imply). But director Stephen Hopkins mines virtually
no tension from the relationship between Owens
and his white trainer, Larry Snyder (Jason Sudeikis,
distractingly off-period and smarmy), who insists that
his young talent “work to win.” On the track, Owens
is his own man, but his subservience to a whitedominated administrative structure could have been
made sharper and more timely: too quickly, Snyder
goes from “sir” to “coach.”
By the time we get to Berlin’s massive arena – recreated in a Gladiator-like swirl of roaring digital
crowds – Race knows it has an ace up its sleeve.
The sporting events can’t help but be thrilling,
even if they’re over too soon. Yet certain ironies are
Time Out Istanbul in English May 2016
softened for the most tender audience members: Nazi
filmmaker Leni Riefenstahl (Carice van Houten) gets
a glowing makeover as a defiant truth-teller, while
Hitler’s infamous snub of Owens is presented as fact,
when the real Owens is said to have carried around
a photo of the two of them shaking hands until his
death in 1980. Why not include that controversial
detail, building out the shameful reality of FDR’s
refusal to extend his own congratulations? Race is the
most timid, lackadaisical movie that could have been
made out of potentially classic material. ■
Joshua Rothkopf
film geeks what a sauce-stained copy of
the Moro cookbook is to budding chefs.
Published in 1966 and still available in its
iconic gray paperback, it goes movie by
movie – sometimes shot by shot – through
the greatest career in onscreen suspense.
Alfred Hitchcock’s interviewer, the risingstar French director and critic François
The Faith of Anna Waters
This remake of the 2008 French movie
about two women who seek revenge on
their abusers is one of those rare horror
films that don’t rely on supernatural
A claustrophobic film from director
Paul Hyett about passengers on a train
who are attacked by a creature and must
band together to survive the terror until
After finding out that her sister has died in
mysterious circumstances, young reporter
Jamie travels to Singapore, only to discover
multiple linked deaths, in this AmericanSingaporean co-production.
Opens May 6.
Opens May 13.
Opens May 20.
May 2016 Time Out Istanbul in English
Queen of the Desert
Werner Herzog’s
ode to Gertrude
Unless you have
a special interest
in Gertrude Bell,
you can skip this
movie – not even
Nicole Kidman and
James Franco can
redeem it.
Director Werner
Herzog, 128 mins,
opens May 6.
THE GERMAN FILMMAKER and international
wanderer Werner Herzog could easily give the
early-20th-century British explorer Gertrude Bell
a run for her money in the intrepid stakes. While
Bell boldly rode out into the desert around the time
of World War I to discover more about Arabian
nomadic tribes, Herzog thrives on extremes and new
horizons, whether wrangling Klaus Kinski on the set
of Fitzcarraldo in the jungles of South America or
filming penguins in Antarctica. So it’s little surprise
that he’s now turned to Bell, played here by Nicole
Kidman, for his latest drama (itself a rare event since
Herzog now devotes most of his time to shooting
But Herzog’s Queen of the Desert is sadly staid – a
conservative, overly pretty walk through Bell’s life
with only the odd flash of cheekiness his fans will
crave. (One welcome close-up shot of a vulture
recalls the scene-stealing iguana in his last-but-one
fiction feature, Bad Lieutenant: Port of Call New
Orleans.) Bell’s travels took her from a postgraduate
posting at the British Embassy in Tehran, initiated
by parents worried by her wanderlust, to missions all
across Arabia at a time when imperialism was fading
and nationalism was on the rise – all via two key
romances, first with diplomat Henry Cadogan (James
Franco) and later with soldier Charles Doughty-Wylie
(Damian Lewis).
Herzog mostly indulges the romances and the
landscapes, with little care for nuances of character,
history or geopolitics. He walks through events
without breaking sweat, much in the same way that
Kidman plays Bell – politely, effortlessly and sensibly
but with little inquiry. Whole swathes of the film are
simply illustrated text as Kidman reads from her
diary, conjuring brief snapshots of events.
Writing his own script, Herzog litters the dialogue
with anachronisms. “This does not fly,” offers an
unconvincing Winston Churchill at a meeting to
carve up the region. “This table is a no-cry zone,”
spits the British ambassador in Tehran, surely on
the verge of sharing his gag on Twitter. Elsewhere,
Robert Pattinson is laughable as a fey T. E. Lawrence,
while Franco’s strained British accent leaves him
performing within a range small enough to dare
a biblical camel to pass through. It’s all passable
stuff, solid if clunky. But a handful of enjoyable
eccentricities aside, you’d struggle to identify it as
a Werner Herzog film if you didn’t already know. ■
Dave Calhoun
The Man
Who Knew Infinity
THIS BIOPIC OF Indian math genius Srinivasa Ramanujan
does not go to infinity – or beyond. It features some
exceedingly good British actors, but the script gives us
a version of his life that feels like it’s from a Marks and
Spencer advertisement. Which is a shame, because it’s an
extraordinary story.
We meet Ramanujan (Dev Patel) in 1914, working as a
bookkeeper in Tamil Nadu (his brain is quicker than the
abacus). Self-taught, he writes to a professor (Jeremy Irons)
at Trinity College, Cambridge, who recognizes his talent
and invites him to the U.K., where he’s met with horrible,
ugly racism everywhere – sneery old dons deliberately
mispronouncing his name and brainless thugs beating him
up. This is polite and earnest, but never quite adds up to
much. ■ Cath Clarke
Time Out Istanbul in English May 2016
The story of math
genius Srinivasa
For honest
storytelling and
strong acting.
Director Matt Brown,
108 mins, opens May 6.
The Second Mother
A terrific Brazilian
about a live-in maid
whose daughter
comes to stay.
THIS WARM-HEARTED, often uncomfortably
funny Brazilian film plunges into the life of
a well-off São Paulo family, all seen from the
perspective of their long-serving live-in maid,
Val (Regina Case) – a more tender parental
figure to her employers’ teenage boy than
his own mom and dad. But the same could
be said of likeable, nervy, deferential Val’s
relationship with her own teenage daughter,
Jessica (Camila Mardila), who’s been living
with her dad and absent from Val’s life for
a decade: they hardly know each other.
When confident, aspirational Jessica turns
up at her mom’s workplace-cum-home and
asks to stay a few nights while preparing for
college exams, sparks fly, and long-calcifying
relationships begin to shift.
What could have been a sharp, upsetting
study of social divisions, romantic delusion
and parental ignorance turns out to be
surprisingly soft and even sentimental by
the end. But writer-director Anna Muylaert’s
observations on family relations and
invisible-but-firm class barriers are always
acute, even if she ultimately mines them for
hope rather than horror. ■ Dave Calhoun
If you’re looking for
a guaranteed-fun
movie, this one fits
the bill.
Director Anna
Muylaert, 112 mins,
opens May 20.
With its spectacular views of the Anatolian side, Jigger Roof Bar
expects to provide Guests with an amazing roof bar experience...
May 2016 Time Out Istanbul in English
Electric Chair
Our top picks
this month
Film festival of the month
Now in its fourth year, the International Changing Perspectives Short Film
Festival offers the chance to watch nearly 100 “border”-themed short
films for free. The festival is held simultaneously in Istanbul, Berlin and
Yogyakarta from May 5-8, with local screenings taking place at the Beyoğlu
Yeşilçam Cinema and SALT Galata. Fans of feature-length movies will also
enjoy ICPSFF’s Special Program of Turkish Movie Days, held at the Beyoğlu
Yeşilçam Cinema from May 9-12. This four-day event features 9 Turkish
films (screened with English subtitles), including Caner Alper and Mehmet
Binay’s 2015 film Drawers as well as Murat Düzgünoğlu’s 2014 film Why
Can’t I Be Tarkovsky?, with ticket prices ranging from 8-10 TL. You can also
check out photographer Charlotte Schmitz’s Polaroids of refugees in the
exhibition Take Me to Jermany, held at SUPA Suriye Pasajı Salon
from May 5-15.
Mexican director Michel
Franco’s unsettling drama about
a home carer with uncertain
Opens May 6.
Marvel’s latest superhero epic
pits Captain America against
Iron Man.
Opens May 6.
Director Kent Jones looks back
at a series of conversations
between two legendary
Held in conjunction with the
exhibition Giorgio de Chirico:
The Enigma of the World at Pera
Museum, this series focuses on
films that tackle serious topics
like free will and the meaning
of life. Norwegian director Eskil
Vogt’s Blind, Ryan Gosling’s
directorial debut Lost River and
Richard Linklater’s animated
cult classic Waking Life are only
Ömer Lütfi Akad
a few of the movies you’ll see.
Pera Film. Until May
11. 10 TL.
Held in conjunction with
the exhibition Masters of
Cinema in Turkey: Lütfi
Akad, Istanbul Modern
Cinema’s new screening series
commemorates the 100th
birthday of one of the founding
directors of Turkish cinema,
Ömer Lütfi Akad. The selection
includes recently restored
versions of 10 groundbreaking
Akad films such as Vurun
Kahpeye (Strike the Whore,
1949), Hudutların Kanunu
(Law of the Border, 1966) and
Vesikalı Yarim (My Prostitute
Love, 1968).
Istanbul Modern Cinema. May 19-29. 14 TL
(free admission for museum visitors and
Time Out Istanbul in English May 2016
Opens May 13.
This screening series at SALT
Galata focuses on the impact
of international mega-events,
including World’s Fairs, World
Cups and Olympic Games,
on the urban fabric of cities
around the globe. The movies
screened this month are The
Beautiful Game, What Have
You Done Today Mervyn Day?,
Seven Summers, Paris Belle
Époque and Walk, Don’t Run.
Anna Muylaert’s impressive,
women-centric take on invisiblebut-firm class barriers in Brazil.
Opens May 20.
SALT Galata-Auditorium.
Until Jun 23, 19.00. Free.
Road movies are the focus of
this month’s Thematic Nights
series organized by online film
community Fil’m Hafızası.
Don’t miss your chance to
watch six short films in this
evening hosted by Turkish
actress Ayça Damgacı.
Bronx Pi Sahne. May
11, 20.00. 20-30 TL.
The Second Mother
With an all-star cast featuring
Chloë Grace Moretz, Zac Efron,
Rose Byrne and Seth Rogen,
this sequel to the 2014 slapstick
comedy Neighbors sees Mac
and Kelly team up with their
former enemy, Teddy, in hopes
of driving out the sorority that’s
moved in next door.
Opens May 13.
from director Bryan Singer
stars returning leads Michael
Fassbender, James McAvoy
and Jennifer Lawrence as well
as newcomers Oscar Isaac and
Sophie Turner (best known for
her role as Sansa Stark in the
acclaimed television series
Game of Thrones).
Opens May 19.
Opens May 27.
Two-time Oscar-winner
Jodie Foster is back in the
director’s chair in this satirical
thriller about a Wall Street
financial adviser and TV
personality who is kidnapped
by a viewer, starring George
Clooney and Julia Roberts.
Directed by James Bobin,
this sequel to Tim Burton’s
2010 blockbuster sees Mia
Wasikowska, Johnny Depp and
Helena Bonham Carter reprise
their roles while Sacha Baron
Cohen joins the cast.
Opens May 27.
The Angry Birds Movie
Sony Pictures’ silver screen
adaptation of the immensely
popular game seeks to answer
the question of why those birds
are so damn angry. This 3D
animation (whose all-star voice
cast includes Peter Dinklage,
Jason Sudeikis and Maya
Rudolph) is guaranteed fun for
the whole family.
Opens May 13.
The latest installment of
the X-Men movie franchise
May 2016 Time Out Istanbul in English
Music &
my broken
Turkish can
sound nice”
Allen Hulsey
New York-based guitarist and composer
Allen Hulsey just released his solo debut
as a vinyl. Jbid Boyacıyan chats with him
about Whiskey & Blues
Time Out Istanbul in English May 2016
May 2016 Time Out Istanbul in English
Music & Nightlife
Thabo Getsome
A ’90s kid through
and through, DJ
and producer
Thabo Getsome
first got into
music with hip
hop and reggae
before discovering
the fascinating
world of house
and techno. The
Berlin-based artist
has previously
released on labels
like Suara and
Clap Your Hands.
Expect to hear
plenty of hip hop
influences in his
live set at Klein.
Go out and stay out all night
Klein. Fri May 6, 23.00.
45 TL.
Ellen Allien
Ellen Allien
The reigning queen of
Berlin’s electronic music
scene, Ellen Allien is
back in Istanbul to give
us a taste of her record
label BPitch Control –
and she’s joined by DJ
and producer Charlotte
de Witte, who’s best
known hereabouts for
her remix of Oscar and
the Wolf’s “You’re Mine.”
The two promise to keep
you dancing all night.
Kloster. Fri May 13, 22.30. 50-55 TL.
Markus Schulz
Selekt Festival
Get ready for a 10-plus-hour dance
marathon at six different clubs in
Beyoğlu. The third edition of Selekt
Festival features more than 30 DJs –
and you can see them all with just one
ticket. Some of the most notable names
on the roster include DVS1, Agoria,
&ME, NTFO, Ruede Hagelstein and
Live at Robert
Johnson Night
Cue, Indigo, Kloster, Pixie, Bronx, Peyote. See for
details. Sat May 7. 70 TL.
Art Department
Kenny Glasgow and Jonny White had already won
our hearts with their 2011 album The Drawing Board,
but it seems success wasn’t enough to keep them
together, as the duo announced they were breaking
up last year. These days Art Department is Jonny
White’s solo project – head on over to Klein to see
what he’s capable of doing on his own.
Klein. Wed May 4, 23.00. 45 TL.
Time Out Istanbul in English May 2016
Indigo. Sat May 21, 23.30. 30-40 TL.
garajistanbul. Sat May 14,
22.00. 70 TL.
Metroplane is the
collaborative project of
Alex Metric (known for
his remixes of tracks
by the likes of Depeche
Mode and Foals) and
Aeroplane (a Belgiumbased DJ who frequently
plays in Istanbul).
They’re set to play for
nearly three hours.
Babylon Bomonti. Fri May 6,
00.00. 30-40 TL.
Sure, Berlin might
be the capital of
Germany’s nightlife
scene, but Frankfurt
is home to Robert
Johnson, one of the
country’s premier
clubs. Oliver
Hafenbauer and Ata,
two artists signed to the
club’s record label Live
at Robert Johnson, are
in Istanbul this month.
The last show of the FG
Digital series welcomes
trance heavyweight
Markus Schulz, who’s
on tour for his album
Watch the World. The
other performers of the
night are Fisherman &
Joshua Bell
A violin virtuoso who shot to fame after
his incognito performance in a subway
station, Joshua Bell is back in Istanbul to
perform works by Beethoven and Fauré.
àZorlu PSM Main Theater. Sun May 15, 21.00. 90-360 TL.
Nicholas McCarthy
Nicholas McCarthy is
living proof that one
hand is all you need to become
a notable pianist. Tonight
he performs a repertoire
featuring arrangements by
fellow one-handed pianist Paul
Zorlu PSM Drama Stage. Sat May 21,
21.00. 66-220 TL.
Hilary Hahn &
Cory Smythe
Three-time Grammy
Award-winning violinist
Hilary Hahn embarked on
her professional career as a
prodigy some 20 years ago. She’s
especially known for her Bach
renditions. Tonight she’s joined
by pianist Cory Smythe to play
a repertoire of mostly Classical
and Baroque works.
CRR Concert Hall. Thu May 5, 20.00.
33.50-93.50 TL.
Alexander Rudin Antonio Piricone
This month, the
Bach Before & After series
welcomes Russian cellist
Alexander Rudin and Italian
pianist Antonio Piricone for
a “Schubertiade” concert
featuring the works of Franz
Naval Museum. Sat May 28, 20.00.
49-89 TL.
Karim Said
Karim Said’s fascinating
journey from Amman
to the Royal Academy of
Music was even made into a
documentary by the BBC. The
pianist released his first solo
album Echoes from an Empire
last year, featuring works by
the likes of Berg, Bartok and
SSM-the Seed. Fri May 6, 20.00.
100-160 TL.
May 2016 Time Out Istanbul in English
Music & Nightlife
KüçükÇiftlik Park
us all heading for the nearest
park or seashore come weekend,
but if there’s a live music event
going on somewhere, it’s a whole
different story. Fortunately for us,
KüçükÇiftlik Park hosts not one but
three festivals this month to appeal
to everyone from jazz aficionados to
The headliner of this year’s Parkfest
is the inimitable Azealia Banks. But
even if you’re not a fan of her music,
the festival is still worth checking
out for Riff Cohen’s Frenchand Middle Eastern-inspired
melodies as well as the
musical stylings of Jain,
who’s often compared to
fellow French singer
The second festival
at KüçükÇiftlik Park,
Genç Bi Şenlik’16,
is aimed at a much
younger crowd, but
if you’re interested
in discovering
Turkish rock and
pop bands like
Gripin, Model and
Yüksek Sadakat,
you just might
enjoy yourself
Azealia Banks
Time Out Istanbul in English May 2016
(despite being surrounded by
Last but not least, the 12-hour-long
G-Shock City Festival promises to
keep you entertained from noon
to midnight with Turkish and
international performers. Swedish
R&B and jazz musician Fatima
performs with her Fatima & The Eglo
Live Band project, while Henry Wu
presents Yussef Kamaal delivers
a blend of free jazz and electronic
music. The other international guests
of the festival are Catching Flies
and space rockers My Expansive
Awareness, while Turkish
performers include Lara Di
Lara, Nilipek, Can Kazaz and
Palmiyeler. You can also
head out to KüçükÇiftlik
Park early on in the
day to participate
in art workshops,
browse through
souvenir booths and
even test out your
skateboarding skills.
àParkfest. Sun May 15,
14.00. 90 TL.
àGenç Bi Şenlik’16. Sat May
21, 13.00. 60-90 TL.
àG-Shock City Festival. Sun
May 22, 12.00. 70 TL (free
entry from 12.00-16.00).
like heartbreak, fear or depression – but
thankfully we have Tindersticks, a group
that’s been there for us for more than 20
years. For a good many of us, their music
has served as a shoulder to cry on as we
found solace in their melancholic melodies
and grief-stricken lyrics. As times and
trends change, we’ve seen musicians evolve
into chameleons – yet Tindersticks has
always chosen to play the game by its own
rules instead of obeying the demands of
the music industry. Released earlier this
year, the band’s latest album The Waiting
Room was an impeccable collection of
tracks infused with their signature sound:
longtime fans didn’t have any trouble
identifying each track as a Tindersticks
song in the first 10 seconds without even
needing to hear Stuart Staples’ distinctive
baritone voice. The album also featured
the track “Hey Lucinda,” which gave us the
chance to hear the voice of the late Lhasa de
Sela, who passed away on January 1, 2010.
This month, Tindersticks is back in Istanbul
to help us find a sense of relief as we deal
with whatever feelings we might have been
bottling up inside, one song at a time.
àZorlu PSM Main Theater. Fri May 27, 21.00. 45-100 TL.
City’s energy, in Point.
The Game
The most distingusihed Italian
restaurant to eat fresh pasta &
pizza in town.
An unprecedented digital
entertainment center in an area of
1.500 m2.
In this library, you can find original
gravures, books with the stamp of
inquisition and rare ephemeras.
Esentepe, Yıldız Posta Cd. No: 29 34394 Şişli / İstanbul
T: +90 212 337 3000 F: +90 212 337 3030
[email protected]
May -2016
Time Out Istanbul in English
Music & Nightlife
melodies filled with folk
elements, classic guitar solos
and a touch of pop music.
Zorlu PSM Main Theater. 21.00,
133.50-265 TL.
Scott Hamilton Quartet See
Wednesday 4
Nardis Jazz Club. 21.30, 35-60 TL.
Steven Wilson The frontman
of the most exciting
progressive rock group to
emerge in the last 20 years,
Porcupine Tree’s Steven
Wilson is rightfully known as
“the king of prog rock” due
to his solo work as well as
his influence on other bands
like Opeth. To get a sense of
Wilson’s passion for the genre,
check out YouTube videos
of him acing challenging
prog quizzes with the
greatest of ease. His Istanbul
performance is sure to be a big
hit with those who love the
long solos and deep voices of
rock music.
Zorlu PSM Main Theater. 21.00,
70-180 TL.
Wednesday 4
Matt Simons Since the
release of his debut album
Pieces in 2012, American
musician Matt Simons has
Middleton & Bedikyan
Project Saxophonist Andy
Middleton and pianistcomposer Burak Bedikyan
perform their own pieces.
been writing acoustic songs
that strike the perfect balance
of folk, pop and indie. He’s
even enjoyed a great deal of
popularity in Europe due
to one of his tracks being
featured as a theme song on
a Dutch soap television series
Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden.
Tonight is his first show in
Nardis Jazz Club. 21.30, 35-60 TL.
Tuesday 10
Middleton & Bedikyan
Project See Monday 9
Nardis Jazz Club. 21.30, 35-60 TL.
Wednesday 11
İnsanlar (live) Barış K. and
Cem Yıldız blend modern
dance music with local sounds
in their İnsanlar project,
whose past guests have
included many well-known
DJs like Kabus Kerim and
Sinan Tansal. Get ready for a
midweek dance marathon at
Mini Müzikhol tonight.
Babylon Bomonti. 21.30, 30-40 TL.
Scott Hamilton Quartet
Tenor saxophonist Scott
Hamilton shares the stage
with Turkish musicians Önder
Focan on the guitar, Kürşad
Deniz on the piano, Kağan
Yıldız on the bass and Ferit
Odman on drums.
At last, festival season is
upon us! This year’s Chill-Out
Festival has an impressive
lineup featuring a wide range
of musical acts like Temples,
Chairlift, The Field and dOP.
For more info, flip to p6.
LifePark. May 28-29.
A musician who succeeds
in constantly expanding
the musical horizon of his
listeners, Blixa Bargeld
performs with Teho Teardo
following the release of their
album Nerissimo last month.
Zorlu PSM Drama Stage. Fri
May 13.
Mini Müzikhol. 23.00.
Nardis Jazz Club. 21.30, 35-60 TL.
Friday 13
Thursday 5
Zorlu PSM Drama Stage. 21.00,
40-65 TL.
A band whose music has
served as our shoulder to
cry on through the years,
Tindersticks is back in
Istanbul. Get ready to have
goose bumps as soon as
Stuart Staples grabs the mic.
Zorlu PSM Main Theater. Fri
May 27.
Turkish audiences can’t get
enough of Beirut – Zach
Condon & Co. are back in the
city to perform their blend of
Balkan melodies and indie
KüçükÇiftlik Park. Sat May 28.
Teho Teardo & Blixa Bargeld
Italian composer Teho Teardo
has collaborated with many
musicians and released
albums with them to date,
but his longest-running
partnership is with Blixa
Bargeld, who’s known for
his solo work as well as his
performances with groups like
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
and Einstürzende Neubauten.
The two most recently
schooled us all on how to
establish an atmospheric
sound with a minimal
approach in their latest album
Nerissimo (whose cover
artwork was inspired by Hans
Holbein the Younger’s famous
painting The Ambassadors).
This is the most highly
anticipated performance of
the month – don’t miss it.
Yasmin Levy If you’re a fan of
powerful, smoldering vocals,
you’ll fall head over heels
for Yasmin Levy’s Ladino
Matt Simons
Time Out Istanbul in English May 2016
Our top picks
this month
Monday 9
The best gigs this month
Monday 2
Music & Nightlife
Charles Lloyd & Jason
Moran Duo A master
saxophonist whose career in
jazz spans over half a century,
Charles Lloyd has performed
with legendary bands like The
Beach Boys and The Doors
to date – and since 2007, he’s
been working with pianist
Jason Moran. Tonight the duo
is in Istanbul for a can’t-miss
İş Sanat. 20.30, 20-75 TL.
Sunday 22
An Evening with Avishai
Cohen With just one phone
call from Chick Corea, Avishai
Cohen went from playing
in small New York clubs
to performing in the big
leagues alongside legendary
musicians like Herbie
Hancock, Bobby McFerrin
and Paquito D’Rivera. Cohen’s
unique brand of acoustic
jazz enriches Afro-American
standards with Eastern
European and Middle Eastern
melodies. We recommend
listening to tracks like
“Seven Seas,” “Samuel” and
“Remembering” to get hyped
for tonight’s show.
Blixa Bargeld & Teho Teardo
İş Sanat. 20.30, 20-75 TL.
Friday 27
Jazz Tree: Wes Montgomery
Tonight Salon İKSV hosts
a tribute to legendary jazz
musician Wes Montgomery
featuring Cem Tuncer on the
guitar, Kağan Yıldız on the
double bass, Ferit Odman on
drums as well as vocalists
Ayşe Gencer, Ece Göksu and
Elif Çağlar.
pop will remember Modern
Talking, whose tracks “Cheri
Cheri Lady,” “Atlantis is
Calling” and “You Can Win
If You Want” are staples of
every nostalgic-themed party.
One half of arguably the most
successful pop duo to come
out of Germany, Thomas
Anders visits Istanbul to
perform Modern Talking hits
as well as songs from his solo
Salon İKSV. 22.30, 30-40 TL.
Saturday 28
Beirut Zach Condon & Co.
are well loved in Turkey due
to their universally accessible
blend of Balkan music with
indie rock using instruments
like the ukulele, accordion
and saxophone. Tonight
Beirut is back in Istanbul on
tour for the album No No No,
released in Sep 2015.
CRR Concert Hall. 20.00, 40-130 TL.
Sunday 29
Yerli Baskı Festival This is
the third edition of Yerli Baskı
Festival, which seeks to bring
KüçükÇiftlik Park. 21.00, 100-150 TL.
Avishai Cohen
Thomas Anders Fans of ’80s
together independent record
labels whose contributions
to the local music scene are
indisputable. The labels
represented are Shalgam
Records, Olmadı Kaçarız,
Domuz Records and Müzik
Hayvanı. Barkın Engin and
Burak Tamer’s hypnotizing
acoustic ambient-noise
project Reverie Falls On All
and songwriter-on-the-rise
Can Güngör are the can’tmiss acts of the night. Other
notable performances of the
night include those by local
band Gap In Delay and singersongwriter Özgün Semerci.
arkaoda. 19.00, 15 TL.
May 2016 Time Out Istanbul in English
As the victims of a world governed by the
rule of “out with the old and in with the new,”
we’re guaranteed to form a connection with
Yeşim Akdeniz’s new show Club Dystopia. Jbid
Boyacıyan speaks with the artist about her work
have been shown in various
institutions such as MAK
Museum and Stedelijk
Museum, Yeşim Akdeniz now
invites us to join her at Club
Dystopia. Comprised of the
artist’s surreal compositions,
this club features public
buildings constructed in
the 1930s to introduce
modernity into the lives of
Turkish people. As Akdeniz
reconstructs buildings such as
the Taksim Belediye Gazinosu,
a once-popular restaurant and
nightclub, she also provides
clues about what the future
might hold.
Your figurative style has been
compared to that of Giorgio de
Chirico. How do comments like
this generally affect an artist?
“In contemporary art,
everyone’s work can cite,
Time Out Istanbul in English May 2016
mention or, as you said, bring
to mind the work of someone
else. This is because we
compose most of our works
by reference. Imagine the
history of art as a network: in
reality, all works are somehow
connected to one another.”
symbolic narratives?
“When composing my
paintings, my starting
point is the unconventional
connections between the
objects in this world and
how my perception relates to
these connections. To build
on what we said before, you
could also imagine our planet
as a network where all stories
are actually connected to one
You have works that were
inspired by luminaries like
Edgar Allan Poe, Freud, Frank
Lloyd Wright and Pier Paolo
Pasolini. How do you feel about
the new generation of artists?
“The new generation of artists
will be much more intelligent,
satirical and overall brighter.
Then they’ll look back and
draw inspiration from us.
That’s just the way it goes…”
Your works evoke a sense of
mystery, unease and a little
fear – emotions that are
inevitably passed on to the
viewer. It’s like those dreams
where everything’s going
along as usual when suddenly
Your paintings often feature
human figures – you’ve even
painted yourself in the past.
Are there protagonists to your
unexpected events transpire.
“I love hearing comments like
that. If my paintings are able to
evoke such intense emotions
in the viewer, it means
I’ve managed to influence
In Club Dystopia, places like
Taksim Belediye Gazinosu and
Çubuk Gazinosu are brought
back to life in a fairytale-like
narrative. Why did you choose to
focus on venues instead of your
usual human figures this time?
“Most of my paintings in
recent years have focused
on modern architecture
and its decline in different
geographies, as well as the
altered fate of these buildings
our planet
as a
where all
stories are
to one
Our top picks
this month
Mounira Al Solh seeks to draw
attention to the refugee crisis in
this exhibition featuring interviews,
drawings and handcrafted clogs
made in Syria.
Alt. Until Jul 3.
Should we continue living as
individuals or alter our identity
based on our relationship with the
environment? In his eighth solo
show, Sait Mingü focuses on the
internal conflict of people in the
modern era.
ALAN Istanbul. May 12-Jun 11.
An artist who left his war-torn
country to move to Istanbul,
Mohammad Zaza invites viewers
to an unrestricted zone to explore
Syria’s cultural and artistic
DEPO. Until May 18.
due to social, political or
economic factors. Though
no longer relevant, Taksim
Belediye Gazinosu was
once the symbol of earlyRepublican-era policies in
Turkey. The same goes for
Ankara Çubuk Barajı Gazinosu
and the Ankara Exhibition
Hall. The show is partially
about the similar fates of
buildings from this era.”
In a past interview you said,
“If you can turn unfavorable
circumstances into art, it
means you’re able to utilize
your talent.” Would you say that
Club Dystopia was inspired
by unfavorable circumstances?
“Doing art in a country like
Turkey already means being
stubborn about continuing
work in spite of everything.
One of the paintings in the
exhibition is called Last Dance
in Taksim. This painting
depicts Taksim Belediye
Gazinosu, a restaurant and
nightclub that was once all
the rage for introducing the
city to a whole new style
of entertainment with its
modern design and waiters
in tailcoats. Yet both this
painting and its name have
a whole new connotation for
me due to all of the recent
terrorist attacks. After all,
are there any of us who don’t
wonder whether it’s our ‘last
dance’ each time we’re going
to Beyoğlu these days?”
In Club Dystopia you also
touch upon the manipulation
of memory through the
transformation of one’s
environment. Are we guilty of
over-normalizing everything?
This show focuses on the issues
of womanhood through the works
of six female artists from different
C.A.M. Gallery. May 5-Jun 5.
Katerina Belkina, The Sinner,
from the show at C.A.M. Gallery
“What we call ‘social
engineering’ is something
that involves generating
new realities for society by
creating imaginary enemies
out of scenarios that are only
half-true. I personally haven’t
become desensitized to
anything. I think it has a lot to
do with the fact that I haven’t
watched TV in eight years.”
Club Dystopia is at Pi Artworks from
May 13-Jun 25.
May 2016 Time Out Istanbul in English
CELLAR” Alt hosts four
exhibitions this month. Some
of the most exciting works on
display belong to Beirut-based
artist Mounira Al Solh. In her
solo show I Strongly Believe
in Our Right to Be Frivolous,
she aims to form a connection
between viewers and refugees
via works that include clogs
commissioned from a Syrian
The second installation on
display, Soft Ruin, is by Greek
artist Andreas Angelidakis. In it
Angelidakis focuses on the 3D
virtual life of the now-outdated
game Second Life, which had
around 45 million users at the
height of its popularity. The
artist’s sculptural installation
features tangible versions of
Mounira Al Solh,
the sound
of a flag
flapping in the wind, its rope
brushing against the cleat
of the flagpole. These audio
cues trigger the expectation
that you’ll see a flag, yet its
absence is Lopez’s way of
commenting on the problematic
the ruins in the game, and
there’s also a single-channel
video, Building an Electronic
Ruin, where you can see
Angelidakis’s ruins in Second
New York-based artist
Michelle Lopez’s exhibition
Invisible Object features the
installation Halyard, which
Produce 3
A multi-disciplinary
art series held since
To see the Turkish
premiere of İnci
Eviner’s video
Parliament, shown
in many biennales
and museums from
South Korea to
Adahan -1 Gallery,
Elhamra Han, Bilsar
Arka Bina. Until May 28.
nature of this most prominent
national symbol. The work also
bears references to Benedict
Anderson, who defines nations
as “imagined communities.”
Last but not least, there’s
distinguished English
musician Brian Eno’s
sound and light
installation, The Ship
(which is also the name
of Eno’s latest album).
The installation features
Brian Eno,
speakers placed on top
The Ship
of a column, emitting a
range of sounds synced
to light. The work is Eno’s take
on mass behavior modification,
and its inspiration comes from
none other than the ill-fated
RMS Titanic.
Until Jul 3.
SPOT Production
Fund for new works
and art-related
events, Produce 3
is a contemporary
arts festival of
Sena Başöz, sorts, featuring
The Nurse Series
exhibitions as well
as film screenings,
performances and artist talks. Its
third edition, titled The Game Settled
Into a Cagey Midfield Match, hosts
exhibitions in three spaces: İnci Eviner
premieres her video work Parliament
at Adahan -1 Gallery, while Elhamra
Han hosts a variety of works – from a
sound installation to drawings – by Ünal
Bostancı, Ah! Kosmos, Eda Gecikmez
and Sena Başöz. You’ll also find
curatorial works on display at Bilsar Arka
Bina, such as Burak Ata’s recent works
curated by Özkan Cangüven as well as
the Daniela Castro-curated Impossible
Show featuring works by Dora Longo
Bahia, Ricardo Càstro, Karim Ainouz and
Time Out Istanbul in English May 2016
Printed series showcases limitededition prints and photographs by
Turkish and international artists. Last
year’s Printed’15 featured works by
world-renowned artists like Liu Bolin
and Li Wei as well as locals like Bahar
Yürükoğlu and Ferhat Özgür. Some of
the works awaiting visitors this year
include prints by Marc Quinn, whose
bust made out of frozen blood flies in
the face of everything we thought we
knew about sculpture. Other artists
whose works are featured in Printed’16
include Hera Büyüktaşçıyan,
Işıl Eğrikavuk and musician
Damon Albarn’s sister Jessica
Albarn. The most highprofile figure on the roster
is Japanese artist Takashi
Murakami, best known for
his signature daisies in
every color of the rainbow.
Printed’16 is also set to host
workshops and talks about
the limited-edition works, so
be sure to stay updated by
checking out Mixer’s website.
An exhibition that
seeks to make art
To see limitededition prints by
acclaimed artists…
Did we mention
Takashi Murakami
is among them?
Mixer. May 13-Jun
Marc Quinn,
Sphinx (gold leaf)
May 2016 Time Out Istanbul in English
The shows to catch this month
Aykut Cömert,
Rock, Paper, Scissors
from the show Closed Closet
Time Out Istanbul in English May 2016
Resim altı
Mehmet Turgut,
Cocoon III
May 2016 Time Out Istanbul in English
Sait Mingü,
Human Nature
Living Creatures
Time Out Istanbul in English May 2016
May 2016 Time Out Istanbul in English
an an e Ou
d p on t r
ay ym evi
s f ou ew
or sly s
Food &
“We weren’t
able to share
our efforts with
the masses”
Kaan Sakarya
Basta! Street Food Bar
Newly opened Kadıköy eatery reinvents the humble dürüm with
gourmet influences. Onur Aymete
ONE OF THE MOST memorable
Kaan Sakarya and Derin Arıbaş
moments from renowned American
chef Anthony Bourdain’s Istanbul
visit in No Reservations was when he
described his thoughts on döner kebap
with the sentence, “A good sandwich
should be like good sex… sloppy.” And
while we generally agree with him,
when it comes to the dürüm – a close
cousin to the döner kebap – our recent
encounter with two chefs has given us
reason to believe that perhaps sloppy
isn’t the way to go.
Kaan Sakarya and Derin Arıbaş
recently ditched the world of fine
dining to open a small shop that takes
a gastronomic approach to street food.
This is the first culinary experience
in Turkey for Arıbaş, who spent the
last eight years working abroad: he
believes the biggest change for him
will be the increase in the number of
dishes prepared each day. Meanwhile,
Sakarya – who made a name for
himself as the chef of Beyoğlu finedining eatery Nicole after working in
France – is excited to share his talent
with a larger crowd. “In Turkey, people
generally go to gourmet restaurants for
business dinners or on special days like
Time Out Istanbul in English May 2016
birthdays,” he says, “so we weren’t able
to share our efforts with the masses.”
According to the chefs, what sets
their dürüms (wraps) apart are their
meat cooking technique as well as the
spices and sauces they use. The ribs
in their beef dürüm (18 TL) are slowcooked for seven to eight hours, while
the pickles and mustard sauce served
alongside it are made using the chefs’
own recipes. Basta! also serves dürüms
with homemade chorizo, smoked
chicken and a daily-changing variety of
vegetarian ingredients, all for around
16-17 TL. The prices are decidedly kept
reasonable: “At the end of the day, we’re
selling street food,” Sakarya says. “One
shouldn’t have to come here and spend
50 TL on a meal.”
The chefs’ talent really shines
through in the desserts. There are
gems here you wouldn’t be surprised
to see on the menu of an elegant
restaurant in France, like the vanilla
sütlaç (rice pudding, 9 TL) and the
Paris-Brest (10 TL). Make no mistake:
it’s a true privilege to taste them at a
tiny restaurant in Kadıköy that only
employs four people.
Basta! Street Food Bar. Sakız Sokak 1, Kadıköy.
Kokoreç and
sautéed liver
Şamdan Mey-hane
Meşrutiyet Caddesi 44, Tepebaşı.
A Nişantaşı fine-dining eatery that’s been around for 30
years, Park Şamdan recently welcomed the birth of its new
sibling, Şamdan Mey-hane. Located on the terrace floor of
Rixos Pera Istanbul, this meyhane marks restaurateur Ersoy
Çetin’s entry into the Turkish-style tavern business. In
addition to a spectacular Haliç view, Şamdan Mey-hane offers
tasty finds like vine leaves stuffed with artichoke (18 TL), leek
patties (24 TL) and kebap with yogurt (31 TL) as well as Park
Şamdan’s signature paça çorbası (cow’s trotters soup, 36 TL).
Mari Restaurant
This terrace-floor meyhane
is all the rage now that
summer is almost here.
A journalist by trade,
Serdar Akinan shows off
his culinary skills at the
newly opened Efruz. We
recommend visiting on a
Wednesday night, when
Akinan himself is in the
kitchen, to enjoy dinner
and conversation around a
large table with fasıl music
in the background (150 TL
per person).
Those with a keen interest
in Istanbul’s gastronomic
scene will remember the
restaurant Mekan on
İstiklal Caddesi. Though
that restaurant is no more,
its owner Mari is back with
a brand new, five-story
eatery in Asmalımescit.
Armenian mezes are once
again the focal point of
the menu, and there’s
live music on Friday and
Saturday nights.
Billurcu Sokak 1, Sıraselviler.
Orhan Adli Apaydın Sokak 3,
May 2016 Time Out Istanbul in English
Food & Drink
LoL Coffee Roasters
Andrea Karaköy
The best coffee
shop we’ve
discovered of late.
For its high-quality
coffee and delicious
Kılıç Ali Paşa Mescidi
Sokak 8, Karaköy.
“YET ANOTHER COFFEE SHOP,” we can almost hear
you thinking to yourself, but trust us when we say
that LoL is different from the rest. Managed by 2013
Turkish Barista Champion Serkan İpekli, this coffee
shop prides itself on its well-trained team of baristas.
The brew bar stays open until 19.00 and features all
of the gadgets we’ve come to expect from Third Wave
Coffee joints such as the V60, Aeropress and Clever.
LoL appeals to true coffee aficionados with rare finds
like cold brew aged in a New Orleans-style oak barrel
(14 TL), but the staff is far from conceited – in fact,
they’re modest enough to claim they’re just “doing
their own thing.” Those who like to flavor their coffee
should note that LoL shies away from using artificial
sweeteners: instead, they offer several blends with
organic sugar, like their homemade ginger-cinnamon
tonic (15 TL). Don’t miss out on the snacks, either:
whether you opt for the bread topped with ricotta
cheese, figs and honey (21 TL) or the roast beef and
gravyer cheese sandwich (25 TL), you’re guaranteed
to fall in love with the breads made by Istanbul-based
sourdough master Tom Fellows. ■ Ediz Pekinli
Yasu Baba Köfte Salonu
An understated köfte
To enjoy tasty köfte
and piyaz in a clean,
well-kept setting.
Tuncay Artun Caddesi
139, Reşitpaşa.
the restaurateur behind chic gastrobar Gaspar and
the original modern meyhane, Münferit. This time,
however, Sarper chose to focus his efforts on a simple
köfte (Turkish meatball) shop, the likes of which you’ll
find in every neighborhood. It’s as understated as they
come, with modern furniture and a succinct menu
of soup, köfte, piyaz (beans with onions in olive oil),
rice, cacık (diced cucumber, garlic and mint in diluted
yogurt) and just one dessert. Yasu Baba’s table for
six has already gained popularity with white-collar
lunchtime crowds. The köfte comes with spicy tomato
paste, French fries, roasted peppers and onion. It’s
simple fare, but nothing disappoints: the köfte is
tender and the piyaz is flavorful enough to have us
inquiring about the spices used in it. Don’t be fooled
by the fame of its owner: the prices at Yasu Baba are
quite reasonable, with köfte going for 15 TL, half-loaf
sandwich for 10 TL and piyaz for 4 TL. Don’t forget
to try the Kemalpaşa dessert with caramel (5 TL). ■
Kevser Zeynep Meral
Time Out Istanbul in English May 2016
Andrea Church built in 1867 as lodging
for Russian pilgrims arriving in Istanbul on
their way to Jerusalem. The restaurant is
located in the renovated guesthouse of
the church, whose top floor is still used
as a chapel. The waiters happily show
guests around the two-and-a-half story
space, including the mezzanine. As soon
as you enter the restaurant your eyes will
be drawn towards the large chandelier and
colorful wingback chairs. On the second
floor you’ll find two elegant rooms that
are better suited for formal dinners. You
can also rent out these rooms for private
events or dinners of up to 10 people.
The restaurant’s chef is MSA graduate
Pelin Aslan, whose boneless chicken
wings (24 TL) are quite popular. They’re
reminiscent of General Tso’s chicken, but
with a hint of tamarind in the sauce. Just
about every main course comes with a
different take on potatoes: fries with truffle
oil and parmesan are served alongside
the Café de Paris steak (55 TL), potato
confit with mustard sauce alongside the
chicken schnitzel (34 TL), and potato
puree with truffle oil alongside the chicken
with parmesan (38 TL). On weekends
after 22.00, the lights are dimmed and
the music is turned up – and suddenly
this historic building turns into Karaköy’s
newest party locale. ■ Çağla Ege Önal
A new restaurant
in a 19th-century
To experience the
historic feel or
rent out its private
Mumhane Caddesi
39B, Karaköy.
Food & Drink
Alexandra Cocktail Bar
Bebek Arnavutköy Caddesi 50.
This new cocktail bar is as popular during
the week as it is on weekends. The menu
is overseen by Finn Karaköy bartender
and co-owner Onurcan Gençer and his
twin Yiğitcan Gençer, and the man behind
the bar is Osman Fethi Baycan, who is
a member of the World’s 50 Best Bars
Academy. If for some reason you wish to
visit in the early morning, you’ll be happy
to know that Alexandra starts the day at
08.00 with pastries and coffee.
Whisper Kitchen & Bar
As the name of this new breakfast
joint in Arnavutköy suggests, Crepan
specializes in mouthwatering crepes
and pastries, but that doesn’t mean
you should ignore the savory toasts
served on bazlama bread (8-11 TL).
The wooden charcuterie boards you’ll
see displayed on the restaurant’s
walls are handcrafted by Crepan’s
owners and are also available for
This brand new brasserie starts
the day with lunch service and
stays open late into the night. Its
cocktails and bar snacks are the
highlight of the menu, while the
garden surrounded by mini palm
trees inspires a sense of tranquility.
Unlike most other eateries in the
neighborhood, Whisper has a luxe
vibe that makes you feel as if you’re
in Bebek or Nişantaşı.
Francalacı Sokak 7.
Bebek Arnavutköy Caddesi 56A.
Ballet For Adults
From teachers certified by Ministry of Education and Royal Academy of Dance UK, in addition to children classes,
we now offer classes and private lessons for grown-ups. Call or visit us to enter the magical world of ballet.
ÖZEL YILDIZ ALPAR BALE OKULU Sak›zgülü Sokak, 16A/18, Kad›köy - Phone: (0216) 337 46 96
May 2016 Time Out Istanbul in English
Food & Drink
5 Cocktails
& More
Müeyyet Sokak 5, Asmalımescit.
meeting up with friends at a
bar after work, you probably
know about the unspoken
rule: it’s preferable to join
the group a bit later so as to
give them time to finish their
first round of drinks and get
the conversation going. Now
there’s a brand new cocktail
bar that aims to break with
convention by getting the
party started as soon as it
opens its doors at 17.00. The
brainchild of columnist Oben
Budak, Tektekçi co-founder
Berti Palambo, fashion editor
Alexander Kokoskeriya and
12th Time Out Istanbul Eating
& Drinking Awards “Best
Bartender” award-recipient
Cengiz Bazarbaşı, 5 Cocktails
& More is equipped with
everything it needs to offer
inventive takes on classic
cocktail recipes. Those who
like a drink that’s equal parts
sweet and spicy will enjoy the
Cursed Vespucci, while those
craving a more refreshing
cocktail would do well to
try the Local Breeze with
pineapple and sage. If you
simply can’t find anything
you like on the menu, you
can also ask the bartenders
to craft one to your liking
(prices range from 35-40
TL). Some of the ingredients
used in the cocktails come
straight from 5 Cocktails
& More’s small backyard.
As the evening moves into
night, the music goes from
jazz to new-age disco
and people start to pack
into the small but airy
space. Our tip? Visit on
a weekday to avoid the
crowds. ■ Ediz Pekinli
Happy hour
in Tarabya
A historic upgrade
of The Grand Tarabya, Diba Bar
invites guests to enjoy the sunset
from its superb terrace with flavorful
cocktails you won’t find anywhere
else in the city. Some of Diba’s
most refreshing signature drinks
are Tarabya Nostalji, which includes
fresh strawberries, mint and lime
juice, and Show Me Face, which
comes with passion fruit, pineapple
juice and grenadine. You can also
opt for the Cocktail Cube to choose
exactly which ingredients you want,
or leave yourself in the hands of
Diba’s experienced bartenders and
ask them to surprise you with a
specially crafted drink. The best
part? At Diba, happy hour lasts from
17.30 to 19.00, and your second
drink is on the house. ■
Gizem Ünsalan
housed Viktor Levi Şarap Evi has recently received
a facelift and now goes by the name Nikos Şarap
Evi. The renovations haven’t detracted one bit from
the building’s historic fabric: you’ll still find traces
of the past in its wooden décor and firebrick walls.
As you might expect from a wine house in Beyoğlu,
the prices are quite reasonable here. With nearly
50 cheese and charcuterie items on the menu, we
recommend checking out the selection featured
in the glass display case next to the bar before
placing your order. The high ceiling on the ground
floor gives Nikos Şarap Evi an airy feel despite the
crowds, but if you’d rather dine someplace quieter,
you can also opt for the mezzanine floor or the
cellar. ■ Onur Aymete
Haydar Aliyev Caddesi 154, Tarabya.
Hamalbaşı Caddesi 8, Beyoğlu.
Time Out Istanbul in English May 2016
May 2016 Time Out Istanbul in English
Is it the cream that makes it so delicious, or is it the dough? Here are some of the city’s
finest éclairs as submitted by our readers...
“I think Foodie makes
the best éclair in
Istanbul. The filling,
the chocolate, it’s all
Merve B., via e-mail
“Of course it’s Nazar,
whose owner is an
incredible athlete who
delightfully strikes up
a conversation right
via Instagram
“Our destination
hasn’t changed in
years. Its cream filling,
chocolate topping
and that delicious
Menekşe Ö.,
via e-mail
“It’s the Maradona of the
éclair world. They make
fresh éclair three times a
day. There’s none better,
and I don’t like anyone
who claims there is.”
Buğra K., via e-mail
“I think the best éclair
is definitely to be found
at La Patisserie Lune.
All ingredients are
Hulusi T.,via e-mail
Next month Know where to find the city’s best cold brew? Send your answers to [email protected]!
Time Out Istanbul in English May 2016
May 2016 Time Out Istanbul in English
8 Istanbul Suites
Kuloğlu Mahallesi, Erol
Dernek Sokak 1, Beyoğlu
(0212) 249 89 30/
10 Karaköy
Kemeraltı Caddesi 10,
(0212) 703 33 33/
Rudolf Restaurant, Sky
Adahan Istanbul Hotel
General Yazgan Sokak 14,
Beyoğlu (0212) 243 85 81/
Ahmet Rasim Paşa Yalısı,
Çubuklu Caddesi 27, Kanlıca
(0216) 413 93 00/ajiahotel.
A’jia Restaurant
Airport Inn Hotel
Yeşilköy Marina, Rıhtım
Caddesi 21, Yeşilköy (0212)
663 78 59/airportinnhotel.
Airport Inn Restaurant
Alzer Hotel
At Meydanı 72, Sultanahmet
(0212) 516 62 62/www.
Alzer Breakfast Terrace
Alzer Garden Caffe & Bar
Amisos Hotel
Ebusuud Caddesi 2, Sirkeci
(0212) 512 70 50/
Terrace Restaurant & Bar,
The North Shield Pub &
Anemon Galata
Büyükhendek Caddesi 11,
Kuledibi (0212) 293 23 43/
Pitti Terrace Restaurant
Ansen Suites
Meşrutiyet Caddesi 70,
Tepebaşı (0212) 245 88 08/
Da Vittorio Locanda
Arden City Hotel
Alaykoşku Caddesi 1,
Sultanahmet (0212) 528 93
Arden Bistro Bar, Arden
Garden Restaurant, Arden
Teleskopic Restaurant,
Breakfast Hall,
Rumeli Restaurant
Arena Hotel
Şehit Mehmet Paşa Yokuşu,
Ucler Hamamı Sokak 13-15,
Sultanahmet (0212) 458 03
Delight Restaurant, Garden
Restaurant & Bar
Armada Hotel
Ahırkapı Sokak 24,
Sultanahmet (0212) 455 44
Armada Salon, Armada
Terrace, Fountain Cafe,
Guest Lounge
Artefes Hotel
Küçük Ayasofya Caddesi,
Çayıroğlu Sokak 17,
Sultanahmet (0212) 516 58
Terrace Restaurant
Artemis Marin Princess
E-5 Karayolu Üzeri,
Kamiloba, Kumburgaz
(0212) 885 90 00/
Artemis Bar, Artemis
Disco Bar, Golden
Restaurant, Sport Caffe Bar,
Summer Iskele Bar, Summer
Pool Bar, Summer Seafood
Aura Suites
Pazar Sokak 24/1,
Gayrettepe (0212) 267 39
Avantgarde Levent Hotel
Büyükdere Caddesi 161,
Zincirlikuyu (0212) 337 04
The Buffet Restaurant,
Ace Bar & Lounge, El Cielo
Terrace Lounge
Avantgarde Taksim Hotel
Abdulhakhamit Caddesi
42,Taksim (0212) 235
The Buffet Restaurant, Ace
Bar & Lounge
Avantgarde Collection
Taksim Square
Mete Caddesi 28, Beyoğlu
(0 212) 244 60 60 /
Ace Restaurant Bar & Lounge
Avicenna Hotel
Mimar Mehmet Ağa Caddesi,
Amiral Tafdil Sokak 31-33,
Sultanahmet (0212) 517 05
Breakfast Lounge, Inner
Sipsi Bar & Restaurant
Ayasofya Hotel
Küçük Ayasofya Caddesi,
Demirci Reşit Sokak 28,
Sultanahmet (0212) 516 94
Garden Terrace Bar
Barcelo Eresin Topkapı
Millet Caddesi 186, Topkapı
(0212) 631 12 12/barcelo.
B-Lounge, Patisserie,
Picasso Restaurant, Vitamin
Barcelo Saray
Yeniçeriler Caddesi 77,
Beyazıt (0212) 458 98 00/
Piano Bar, Saray Cafe, Vista
Bentley Hotel
Halaskargazi Caddesi 23,
Harbiye (0212) 291 77 30/
Bentley Hotel Bar, Bentley
Hotel Restaurant
Best Western Eresin
Taxim Hotel
Topçu Caddesi 16, Taksim
(0212) 256 08 03/eresin.
Bar & Lounge, L’Oranj
Garden Restaurant, L’Oranj
Terrace Restaurant
Blue House Hotel
Dalbastı Sokak 14,
Sultanahmet (0212) 638 90
Garden Restaurant, Indoor
Restaurant, Terrace
Marmara Restaurant
Bosphorus Palace Hotel
Yalıboyu Caddesi 64,
Beylerbeyi (0216) 422 00
Bosphorus Palace
Saniye Ermutlu Sokak 3,
Kozyatağı (0216) 571 61
Bistro Gülizar, Gülizar
Anadolu Sofrası, Kehribar
Restaurant, Patisserie Safir,
Carlton Hotel
Fevziye Caddesi 22,
Şehzadebaşı (0212) 511
42 24/carltonhotelistanbul.
Carlton Restaurant & Bar
Celal Ağa Konağı
Şehzadebaşı Caddesi 5/7,
Şehzadebaşı (0212) 519
09 09/celalagakonagihotel.
Breakfast Lounge, Istanbul
Lobby Bar, Restaurant
Cartoon Hotel
Tarlabaşı Bulvarı 36-38,
Taksim (0212) 238 93 28/
Time Out Istanbul in English May 2016
Evita Restaurant
Celal Sultan Hotel
Yerebatan Caddesi,
Salkımsöğüt Sokak 16,
Sultanahmet (0212) 520 93
Ata Restaurant, Lobby Bar,
Terrace Restaurant
InterContinental Istanbul
Asker Ocağı Caddesi 1,
Taksim (0212) 368 44 44/
City Lights Restaurant & Bar
Veranda Restaurant &
Safran Restaurant
The Brasserie
Cheya Residences
Valikonağı Caddesi 20, Şişli
(0212) 248 90 40/
City Center Hotel
Sıraselviler Caddesi, Billurcu
Sokak 1, Taksim (0212)
292 27 71/citycenterhotel.
Cafe De Pera, City Hill
Restaurant, Skyfish
Conrad Istanbul Hotel
Cihannüma Mahallesi, Saray
Caddesi 5, Beşiktaş (0212)
310 25 25/
Lobby Lounge, Meze Grill,
Monet Restaurant, Summit
Bar & Terrace
Courtyard by Marriott
Istanbul International
Basın Ekspress Yolu, Fatih
Caddesi 2, Halkalı (0212)
692 00 00/
Oléo Pazzo Restaurant & Bar
Crowne Plaza IstanbulAsia
Dedepaşa Caddesi 2,
Pendik, Kurtköy (0216) 585
60 60/
Belvedere Restaurant & Bar,
Çeşni Restaurant, Lobby
Crowne Plaza IstanbulOld City
Fethi Bey Caddesi, Laleli
(0212) 444 93 33/
Abre Bar, Cafe Sa’cez, Lale
Crystal Hotel
Recep Paşa Caddesi 7,
Taksim (0212) 237 85 00/
Diamond Bar, Sapphire
CVK Hotels
Sıraselviler Caddesi 11,
Taksim (0212) 393 40 00/
La Nouba Restaurant, Lobby
People’s Cafe Bar &
Brasserie, Roof Bar
Çınar Hotel
Fener Mevkii, Yeşilköy
(0212) 663 29 00/www.
Cafe Teras
La Delicatesse Restaurant
View Bar
Çırağan Palace Kempinski
Çırağan Caddesi 32,
Beşiktaş (0212) 326 46 46/
Bosphorus Grill, Çırağan Bar,
Gazebo Lounge, Laledan
Restaurant, Le Fumoir Bar,
Tuğra Restaurant & Lounge
Dedeman Istanbul
Yıldız Posta Caddesi 50,
Esentepe (0212) 337 45
Executive Lounge, Lobby Bar,
Roof Bar, Turkuaz Restaurant
Asker Ocağı Caddesi 1, Şişli
(0212) 315 55 00/divan.
Divan Bar, Divan Lokanta,
Divan Patisserie, Divan Pub,
DoubleTree by Hilton
Albay Faik Sözdener Caddesi
31, Kadıköy (0216) 542 43
360istanbul East
Restaurant, Caffe & Bar, La
Gazetta Caffe & Bar, Rooftop
Infinity Pool & Bar,
The Doubles Restaurant
Elite World Istanbul Hotel
Şehit Muhtar Caddesi 42,
Taksim (0212) 313 83 83/
Coffee Company, Elite
Restaurant, Fit Bar, Lobby
Lobby Lounge, The Brasserie
Elite World Prestige Hotel
Şehit Muhtar Caddesi 40,
Taksim (0212) 297 13 13/
Begonia Breakfast Salon,
Elite Restaurant, Gardenia
Terrace Bar, Lobby Lounge
& Bar
Entes Apart Hotel
İstiklal Caddesi, İpek Sokak
19, Beyoğlu (0212) 293 22
Erboy Hotel
Ebusuud Caddesi 18,
Eminönü (0212) 513 37 50/
Blues Bar
Breakfast Hall, Istanbul
Terrace Restaurant & Bar,
Paşazade Restaurant
Eresin Crown Hotel
Küçük Ayasofya Caddesi 40,
Sultanahmet (0212) 638 44
Column Bar, Mosaic
Restaurant, Mosaic Terrace
Feronya Hotel
Abdülhak Hamit Caddesi 58,
Taksim (0212) 238 09 01/
Feronya Restaurant, Roof &
Snack Bars
Four Seasons Hotel
Cırağan Caddesi 28,
Beşiktaş (0212) 381 40 00/
Aqua Restaurant, Lobby Bar
& Lounge, Pool Grill
Four Seasons Hotel
Tevkifhane Sokak 1,
Sultanahmet (0212) 402 30
Seasons Restaurant, The
Fraser Place Anthill
İncirli Dede Caddesi 6,
Bomonti (0212) 373 68 88/
Olive Hill Restaurant, Sky
Galata Antique Hotel
Meşrutiyet Caddesi 119,
Tünel (0212) 245 59 44/
Lobi Restaurant, Rooftop
Galata Residence
Camondo Apart Hotel
Bankalar Caddesi, Felek
Sokak 2, Galata (0212) 292
48 41/
Cafe Mahzen, Mavi & Beyaz
Galateia Residence
Şahkulu Bostan Sokak 9 -11,
Tünel (0212) 245 30 32/
Gallery Residence Hotel
Valikonağı Caddesi,
Süleyman Nazif Sokak 10,
Nişantaşı (0212) 291 77
Breakfast Hall
Gezi Hotel Bosphorus
Mete Caddesi 34, Taksim
(0212) 393 27 00/
g’nova Restaurant & Bar
Golden Age Hotel
Topcu Caddesi 10, Taksim
(0212) 254 49 06/
La Coq Restaurant, Nostaljia
Pool Bar
Gradiva Hotel
Bankalar Caddesi 2/1,
Karaköy (0212) 249 77 00/
Bank, Nublu Istanbul, Zelda
Grand Cevahir Hotel
Darulaceze Caddesi 9,
Okmeydanı (0212) 314 42
Deliz Restaurant, Lobby
Lounge & Bar, Sultan
Grand Hyatt Istanbul
Taşkışla Caddesi 1, Taksim
(0212) 368 12 34/istanbul.
34 Restaurant, Gazebo,
Mezzanine Lounge & Bar,
The Library Bar
Hilton Istanbul Hotel
Cumhuriyet Caddesi, Harbiye
(0212) 315 60 00/hilton.
Al Bushra, Bosphorus
Terrace Restaurant, Dragon,
Lobby Lounge & Bar, Pool
Cafe, Veranda Grill & Bar
Hilton ParkSA
Bayıldım Caddesi 12, Maçka
(0212) 310 12 00/
Cloud 7 Terrace, Restaurant
and Bar
Holiday Inn Istanbul
Taşocağı Yolu Caddesi 35,
Bağcılar (0212) 604 15 00/
CafeInn, Saltanat
Restaurant, Starlight Bar,
Tulip Restaurant
Holiday Inn Istanbul City
Turgut Özal Caddesi (Millet
Caddesi) 189, Topkapı
(0212) 530 99 00/
Lobby Lounge, Naar
Tea Lounge
Holiday Inn Istanbul Şişli
Halaskargazi Caddesi, 19
Mayıs Mahallesi 206, Şişli
(0212) 373 38 00/hisisli.
Deco Restaurant, Deco Bar,
Terrace Bar
Hotel Euro Plaza
Tarlabaşı Bulvarı 292,
Tepebaşı (0212) 254 59 00/
Roof Restaurant & Bar
Hotel Les Ottomans
Muallim Naci Caddesi 68,
Kuruceşme (0212) 359 15
Bosphorus Pool Bar, Su Yanı,
Yalı Hatun
Hotel Pierre Loti
Piyerloti Caddesi 1,
Cemberlitaş (0212) 518 57
Terrace Caffe Bar Restaurant
Hotel Poem
Akbıyık Caddesi, Terbıyık
Sokak 12, Sultanahmet
(0212) 638 97 44/
Hotel Sultania
Ebusuud Caddesi, Mehmet
Murat Sokak 4, Sirkeci
(0212) 528 08 06/
Olive Restaurant & Bar,
Sultania Cafe & Bistro
Hotel Turkoman
Asmalı Ceşme Sokak 2,
Sultanahmet (0212) 516 29
Rooftop Terrace
Hotel Valide Sultan
İshakpaşa Caddesi, Kutlu
Gun Sokak 1, Sultanahmet
(0212) 517 65 58/
Cafe & Restaurant, Lobby &
Lounge, Rooftop Terrace
Hotel Villa Suite
Sıraselviler Caddesi 49,
Taksim (0212) 252 96 00
Restaurant, Villa Cafe
Hotel Yaşmak Sultan
Ebusuud Caddesi 14-20,
Sirkeci (0212) 528 13 43/
Lobby Bar, Olive Restaurant,
Sultania Caffe & Bistro
The House Hotel
Salhane Sokak 1, Ortaköy
(0212) 327 77 87/
Lounge Bar
The House Hotel
Bostanbaşı Caddesi 19,
Beyoğlu (0212) 252 04 22/
Lounge Bar
The House Hotel Nişantaşı
Abdi İpekçi Caddesi 34,
Nişantaşı (0212) 224 59
Lounge Bar
İbis Istanbul
Kennedy Caddesi 56,
Zeytinburnu (0212) 414 39
Bar, Breakfast Buffet, Wok
and Go
İkbal De Luxe Hotel
Koska Caddesi 43, Laleli
(0212) 516 64 66/
Breakfast Buffet, Lobby
Tea Lounge
The Istanbul EDITION
Büyükdere Caddesi 136,
Levent (0212) 317 77 00/
Billionaire Club, Cipriani,
Gold Bar
Istanbul Marriott Hotel
Kayışdağı Caddesi 1,
Ataşehir (0216) 570 00 00/
49 East Lounge Bar,
Mediterranean Grill, Orange
Southern , Pool Bar Terrace
Jazz Hotel
Bahtiyar Sokak 1, Nişantaşı
(0212) 296 30 02/jazzhotel.
Breakfast Buffet
Kalyon Hotel
Sahilyolu (Kennedy Caddesi)
34, Sultanahmet (0212) 517
44 00/
Bouquet Bar & Cafe, Kalyon
Restaurant, Reji Lounge,
Terrace Restaurant
Kempinski Residences
Büyükdere Caddesi 127,
Esentepe (0212) 370 00
Caffe Clémentine,
Kervansaray Hotel
Şehit Muhtar Caddesi 49,
Taksim (0212) 235 50 00/
Lobby Bar & Lounge, The
Marmara Restaurant, The
Karga Burun Mevkii, Silivri
(0212) 727 40 50/
Actium Cafe, Club Vega,
Festus Restaurant, Lobby
Bar, Lotus Pool Bar, Zodiac
Pool Bar
May 2016 Time Out Istanbul in English
Konak Hotel
Cumhuriyet Caddesi 75,
Elmadağ-Taksim (0212) 225
82 50/
Kazan Restaurant, Strada
Kybele Hotel
Yerebatan Caddesi 35,
Sultanahmet (0212) 511 77
Lobby & Cafe
Lamartine Hotel
Lamartine Caddesi 25,
Taksim (0212) 254 62 70/
Breakfast Room, Concorde
Restaurant, Ming Garden
Chinese Restaurant
Topcu Caddesi 23, Taksim
(0212) 313 51 00/
Portofino Stage Restaurant,
The Park Cafe, Turkuaz
Le Meridien Istanbul Etiler
Cengiz Topel Caddesi 39,
Etiler (0212) 384 00 00/
BOAZ Bar, La Torre
Restaurant, Latitude Bar,
Pool Bar
Levni Hotel
Ebusuud Caddesi 31, Sirkeci
(0212) 519 10 19/
Restaurant, Winter Garden
Lush Hotel
Sıraselviler Caddesi 12,
Taksim (0212) 243 95 95/
Dada Restaurant Caffe Bar
The Marmara Pera
Meşrutiyet Caddesi,
Tepebaşı (0212) 334 03 00/
Mikla, The Marmara Cafe
The Marmara Şişli
Ortaklar Caddesi 30,
Mecidiyeköy (0212) 370 94
The Marmara Şişli
The Marmara Taksim
Taksim Square, Taksim
(0212) 334 83 00/
Kitchenette, The Marmara
The Marmara Chocolate
Tuti Bar
Mega Residence
Eytam Caddesi 33, Maçka
(0212) 296 79 20/
Midtown Hotel
Lamartin Caddesi 13,
Taksim (0212) 361 67 67/
Coffee Break, Midtown Cafe,
More Restaurant
Mim Hotel
Ferah Sokak 20, Nişantaşı
(0212) 231 28 07/
Barça Bar, Restaurant Gaudi,
Terrace Cafe
Mövenpick Hotel Istanbul
Büyükdere Caddesi, 4.
Levent (0212) 319 29 29/
AzzuR Restaurant, BarAdoX,
GourmeT, Skyline Club
Vitamin Bar
Neorion Hotel
Orhaniye Caddesi 14, Sirkeci
(0212) 527 90 90/neorionhotel.comCafe Mese, Teras, Spa
Nippon Hotel
Topçu Caddesi 6, Taksim
(0212) 313 33 00/
Nippon Hotel Restaurant
Novotel Istanbul
Kennedy Caddesi 56,
Zeytinburnu (0212) 414 36
Nov’ist Bar, Nov’ist
Opera Hotel
İnönü Caddesi 26,
Gümüşsuyu (0212) 372 45
Opera Restaurant, Sky View
Restaurant & Lounge Bar
Orient Express Hotel
Hüdavendigar Sokak 24,
Eminönü (0212) 520 71 61/
İmbat Terrace Restaurant,
Wagon Bar
Ortaköy Princess
Dereboyu Caddesi 10,
Ortaköy (0212) 227 60 10/
Hemera Restaurant, Lobby
Ottoman Hotel Imperial
Caferiye Sokak 6/1,
Sultanahmet (0212) 513 61
Matbah Restaurant
Saltanat Bar
Ottoman Hotel Park
Kadırga Liman Caddesi 41,
Sultanahmet (0212) 516 02
Bar, Patisserie, Tabbah
Palazzo Donizetti Hotel
Asmalımescit Sokak 55,
Asmalı Mescit (0212) 249
51 51/
Lavi Terrace, The North
Shield Pub
Park Hyatt IstanbulMaçka Palas
Bronz Sokak 4, Teşvikiye
(0212) 315 12 34/istanbul.
The Lounge
The Peak Hotel
Meşrutiyet Caddesi, Oteller
Sokak 1/3, Tepebaşı (0212)
252 71 60/thepeakhotel.
Le Verde, The Junction
Pera Palace Hotel
Meşrutiyet Caddesi 52,
Tepebaşı (0212) 377 40 00/
Agatha Restaurant, Kubbeli
Saloon Tea Lounge, Orient
Orient Terrace, Patisserie
de Pera
The Pera Residence
Asmalımescit Sokak 25,
Asmalı Mescit (0212) 245
30 00/
The Plaza Hotel
Barbaros Bulvarı 165,
Balmumcu (0212) 370 20
PH Pub, Plaza Restaurant,
Roof Restaurant, Sky Bar,
The Point Patisserie Cafe Bar
Point Hotel Taksim
Topcu Caddesi 2, Taksim
(0212) 313 50 00/
After 6, Cafe Jolié, Udonya,
View Point Restaurant
Point Hotel Barbaros
Yıldız Posta Caddesi 29,
Esentepe (0212) 337 30
The Game, International cuisine restaurants, Patisserie,
Piola Restaurant
Radisson Blu Bosphorus
Çırağan Caddesi 46, Ortaköy
(0212) 310 15 00/
Cruise Lounge Bar,
StarBoard Restaurant, Zuma
Radisson Blu Conference
& Airport Hotel
E-5 Karayolu 20,
Küçükçekmece (0212) 411
38 38/
Atrium Lounge, Olivos
Restaurant, The Mandarin
Time Out Istanbul in English May 2016
Raffles Istanbul
Zorlu Center (0212) 924 02
Rocca Restaurant, Arola,
Long Bar, Lavinia, Raffles
Patisserie, Pool Bar & Grill,
Lounge 6
Ramada Istanbul Taksim
Recep Paşa Caddesi 15,
Taksim (0212) 238 51 51/
Lobby bar, Restaurant
Ramada Plaza Istanbul
Halaskargazi Caddesi 63,
Şişli (0212) 315 44 44/
Lobby Bar & Lounge,
Ottoman Dining Room,
Pancaldi Restaurant, Pool
Bar, Vitamin Bar
Renaissance Istanbul
Bosphorus Hotel
Barbaros Bulvarı 145,
Beşiktaş (0212) 340 70 00/
Art Restaurant, Bar 212,
Living Room
Renaissance Polat
Istanbul Hotel
Sahilyolu Caddesi 2,
Yeşilyurt (0212) 414 18 00/
Bier Stube, Champions
American Sport Bar &
Restaurant, Daphne
Restaurant & Grill, Marmara
Fish Restaurant, Noblesse
Bar, Polat Patisserie, Royal
China Restaurant
Richmond Hotel
İstiklal Caddesi 227, Tünel
(0212) 252 54 60/
Bosphorus Inn, Cafe Brown,
Leb-i derya Richmond
The Ritz-Carlton, Istanbul
Süzer Plaza, Asker Ocağı
Caddesi 6, Elmadağ (0212)
334 44 44/
Bleu Lounge & Grill,
Çintemani Restaurant, Lobby
Lounge, RC Bar
Rixos Elysium Suites
Yedikuyular Caddesi, Harbiye
Çayırı Sokak 4, Taksim
(0212) 291 17 61/rixos.
Istanbul Lounge Restaurant,
Lounge Bar
Romance Hotel
Hüdavendigar Caddesi,
Hocapaşa, Sirkeci (0212)
512 86 76/romancehotel.
Alaturca Restaurant, Coffee
Corner, Tash Bar
Sait Halim Paşa Yalısı
Köybaşı Caddesi 83, Yeniköy
(0212) 223 05 66/
Sarnıç Hotel
Küçük Ayasofya Caddesi 26,
Sultanahmet (0212) 518 23
Breakfast Buffet, Restaurant
& Bar
Sheraton Istanbul Ataköy
Rauf Orbay Caddesi Sahilyolu
10, Bakırköy (0212) 413 06
Mey Türk, Sheraton Gourmet,
Sheraton Club Lounge, Cook
Book Restaurant, Trendy
Lounge & Bar
Sirkeci Mansion Hotel
Taya Hatun Sokak 5, Sirkeci
(0212) 528 43 44/
Neyzade Restaurant
The Sofa Hotel
Teşvikiye Caddesi 41-41A,
Nişantaşı (0212) 368 18
Cafe Sofa, Frankie
Sokullu Paşa Hotel
Şehit Mehmet Paşa Sokak 3,
Sultanahmet (0212) 518 17
Lobby Bar, Seafood
Steigenberger Istanbul
Büyükdere Caddesi 233,
Maslak (0212) 335 99 99/
Qubbe, Valentin, Sodaa Bar,
Suda Kebap
Sumahan on the Water
Kuleli Caddesi 51, Çengelköy
(0216) 422 80 00/
Tapasuma, Waterfront Cafe
Sürmeli Hotel Istanbul
Prof. Dr. Bülent Tarcan Sokak
3, Gayrettepe (0212) 272 11
Ruga Brasserie, Lobby Bar
Swissôtel The Bosphorus,
Acısu Sokak 19, Maçka
(0212) 326 11 00/
Energia, Oasis Restaurant,
Gaja Roof & Sky, Always
Perfect: A Brand, Chalet,
Lobby Lounge, Les
Ambassadeurs Bar
Taksim Gönen Hotel
Aydede Caddesi 15, Taksim
(0212) 297 22 00/
Muizz Cafe, Bosphorus
Taxim Hill Hotel
Sıraselviler Caddesi 5,
Taksim (0212) 334 85 00/
Hill Terrace Restaurant,
Taksimoda Cafe &
Titanic Business Kartal
Barbaros Hayrettin Paşa
Caddesi 43, Kartal (0216)
453 50 50/
Alesta Restaurant, Compass
Restaurant & Bar, English
Titanic Coffee
Titanic City Taksim
Lamartin Caddesi 47,
Taksim (0212) 238 90 90/
Alesta Restaurant, Compass
Restaurant & Bar, Titanic
Titanic Comfort Şişli
Operator Raifbey Sokak 40,
Şişli (0212) 296 99 92/
Lobby Cafe Bar, Alesta
Titanic Port Bakırköy
Fişekhane Caddesi 7/3,
Bakırköy (0212) 413 70 00/
Alesta Restaurant, Compass
Restaurant & Bar, Titanic
Triada Residence
İstiklal Caddesi, Meşelik
Sokak 4, Beyoğlu (0212)
251 01 01/
Tünel Residence
Meşrutiyet Caddesi 96,
Şişhane (0212) 377 15 55/
Big Chefs
Vardar Palace Hotel
Sıraselviler Caddesi 16,
Taksim (0212) 252 28 88/
Vardar Terrace, Snack Bar
W Istanbul
Süleyman Seba Caddesi 22,
Akaretler (0212) 381 21 21/
W Lounge
Wyndham Grand Istanbul
Büyükdere Caddesi 177183, Şişli (0212) 386 10
Careme Restaurant, Plaza
177, Executive Lounge,
Bistro W, Ozone Night Club,
Pool Bar, Qualitas SPA Cafe
Wyndham Grand Istanbul
Kalamış Marina Hotel
Fener Kalamış Caddesi 38,
Kalamış (0216) 400 00 00/
Ouzo Roof Restaurant,
Remina Restaurant,
Jigger Roof Bar, Lobby
Lounge, Shape Cafe, Divan
Patisserie, Da Mario, Özgür
Şef, SushiCo
Acıbadem Bakırköy
Halit Ziya Uşaklıgil Caddesi
1, Bakırköy (0212) 414 44
Acıbadem Fulya Hospital
Dikilitaş Mahallesi, Hakkı
Yeten Caddesi, Yeşilçimen
Sokak 23, Fulya (0212) 306
44 44/
Acıbadem Kadıköy
Tekin Sokak 8, Acıbadem
(0216) 544 44 44/
Acıbadem Kozyatağı
İnönü Caddesi, Okur Sokak
20, Kozyatağı (0216) 571 44
Acıbadem Maslak
Büyükdere Caddesi 40,
Maslak (0212) 304 44 44/
American Hospital
Güzelbahçe Sokak 20,
(0212) 444 37 77/
Dentram Dental Clinics
Prof. Dr. Serhat Yalçın
Bağdat Cad / Levent /
444 3 347/
Florence Nightingale
Hospital Gayrettepe
Cemil Aslan Güder Sokak 8,
Gayrettepe (0212) 288 34
Florence Nightingale
Hospital Kadıköy
Bağdat Caddesi 63,
Kızıltoprak (0216) 450 03
Florence Nightingale
Hospital Şişli
Abide-i Hürriyet Caddesi 164,
Şişli (0212) 224 49 51/
Florence Nightingale
Medical Center Göktürk
Göktürk Caddesi 25, A Blok,
Göktürk, Eyüp (0212) 322
63 22/
International Hospital
Istanbul Caddesi 82,
Yeşilköy (0212) 468 44 44/
Istanbul Surgical Hospital
Ferah Sokak 22, Nişantaşı
(0212) 296 94 50/
Universal Hospital
Burhaniye Mahallesi, Yunus
Emre Sokak 18, Çamlıca
(0216) 422 78 39/uhg.
Universal Hospital
Kurbağalı Dere Caddesi 82,
Hasanpaşa (0216) 326 06
Universal Italian Hospital
Defterdar Yokuşu 17,
Tophane (0212) 292 35 01/
Universal Taksim German
Sıraselviler Caddesi 119,
Taksim (0212) 293 21 50/
All car rental companies have
branches at Atatürk Airport.
444 28 47/
Bonus Car Rental
(0212) 274 00 00/
444 47 22/
(0216) 427 04 27/europcar.
Filo Car Rental
(0212) 225 05 60/
(0216) 349 30 40/hertz.
Sixt Rent a Car
444 00 76/
Ritz-Carlton Residences,
Asker Ocağı Caddesi 15,
Elmadağ, Şişli (0212) 293
85 42. Mon-Fri 08.30-17.00.
Köybaşı Caddesi 46, Yeniköy
(0212) 363 84 10. Mon-Fri
Sıraselviler Caddesi 39,
Taksim (0212) 243 33 00.
Mon-Fri 09.00-12.30, 13.1516.30.
Askerocağı Caddesi 9, Süzer
Plaza, fourth floor, Elmadağ,
Şişli (0212) 252 00 13-4.
Mon-Fri 09.00 -17.00.
209 Büyükdere Caddesi,
Tekfen Tower, 16th floor,
4. Levent (0212) 285 97
00. Mon-Thu 09.00-12.00,
14.00-17.00; Fri 09.0012.00.
Cevdet Paşa Bulvarı 12,
Bebek (0212) 324 21 33.
Mon-Fri 10.00-12.30.
İstiklal Caddesi 4, Taksim
(0212) 334 87 30. Mon-Fri
09.00-12.00 by
appointment only.
Ismet Inönü Caddesi 10,
Guümüşsuyu (0212) 334 61
00. Mon-Fri 08.30-11.45.
Turnacıbaşı Sokak 22,
Beyoğlu (0212) 393 82 90.
Mon-Fri 09.00-16.00.
Cömert Sokak, Yapı Kredi
Plaza, C Blok, 7th floor,
Levent (0212) 317 65 00.
Mon-Fri 10.00-13.00.
Tom Tom Kaptan Sokak 5,
Beyoğlu (0212) 243 10 24.
Mon-Fri 09.15-12.30; Wed
Istiklal Caddesi 197, Beyoğlu
(0212) 393 21 21. Mon-Fri
İstiklal Caddesi 219-225a,
Beyoğlu (0212) 292 51 01.
Mon-Fri 8.30-11.30
Karanfil Aralığı Sokak 16,
Levent (0212) 270 74 10.
Mon-Fri 08.30-15.00.
Adakale Sokak 13,
Şenlikköy, Florya (0212) 662
25 41. Mon-Fri 09.00-13.00,
United Kingdom
Meşrutiyet Caddesi 34,
Tepebaşı (0212) 334 64 00.
Mon-Fri 09.00-12.30, 14.0015.30.
United States of America
Üç Şehitler Sokak 2, İstinye
(0212) 335 90 00. Daily
Time Out Istanbul in English May 2016