Margarita Island



Margarita Island
Margarita Island
The Caribbean’s best kept secret
Isla Margarita
Margarita is the most beautiful of Venezuela’s 72
islands, and is a tropical mountainous paradise off
the north east coast of mainland Venezuela. The
island is blessed with 320 days of sunshine a year
and has beautiful, clear, warm tranquil waters fringed
with miles of perfect white sandy beaches. Margarita
Island lies outside of the normal path of tropical
storms, unlike some Caribbean islands. Temperatures
range from 26 degrees in January to 31 degrees in
September. Night time temperatures drop by 4 or 5
degrees. Gentle breezes constantly blow across the
island, giving a welcome contrast to the heat of
the sun.
All modern facilities can be found here, from
the bustling beach resorts to the most modern of
shopping centres, complete with a full array of
designer stores. The “TAX FREE” status of the island
ensures that the cost of living is incredibly low. The
year round tropical climate along with property
prices which are some 50% lower than other
Caribbean islands, ensure that Margarita and Coche
Islands are the perfect location for investment
or relaxation.
Picture this
Unique location
with good
Isla de Margarita
•Located off the north east Caribbean coast of Venezuela
•Direct flights from the UK (1st Choice all inc holidays)
•Island boasts excellent shopping centres, designer shops,
restaurants, bars and entertainment centres
•Prices up to 60% less than other Caribbean Islands
•Superb rental potential
•Temperature only varies by 4° between summer & winter
•Higher capital growth potential
El Tunal
El Saco
La Asuncion
de Rio
El Guamache
El Yage
La Isleta
•New emerging market
•Tax free island
Isla de
Isla de
About Margarita Island
Margarita Island is located off the north east Caribbean coast of Venezuela and is one of three
islands comprising the state of Neuva Esparta discovered by Christopher Columbus. The islands
cover 1,150 square kilometres; Margarita is the largest and most developed of these.
The highest point on the island lies 1,000 metres above sea level and offers spectacular views
of the surrounding island, coast and Caribbean waters.
The island is blessed with 320 days sunshine a year. Temperatures range from 78°F (26°C) in
January to 88°F (31°C) in September. Night time temperatures are about 4 to 5 degrees cooler.
There are beautiful tropical beaches lined with palm trees and a resident population of around
350,000, which increases dramatically during the holiday season.
Margarita does not experience the extreme weather conditions of many other Caribbean islands
and is virtually hurricane free. A consideration that many overlook when considering a move to
the Caribbean.
The island boasts many modern shopping centres of an international standard, nightclubs,
entertainment centres and an abundance of restaurants. It also has a selection of 2 to 5 star hotels
to choose from. Activities include scuba diving, wind surfing, snorkelling, horseback riding,
fishing, boating, golf and much more.
There are direct flights to Margarita
from the UK, Holland and Germany.
A range of international airlines
fly into Caracas, the capital of
Venezuela; Margarita is a 35 minute
onward flight.
The island attracts a large sailing
community who anchor principally
at the Concorde Hotel Bay at
Porlamor. El Yaque beach is a world
famous destination for windsurfing
and related beach sports.
When the “Conquistadores” discovered the island in 1498, full of wealth and
good fruitful soil they decided to settle there to live. they named the island “La
Margarita”, which in English means pearl. The Guaiqueri Indians received the
conquering Spaniards with open arms unaware that they later would become
slaves of their own wealth. Margarita didn’t escape the pirates whom, in the
16th and 17th centuries whipped through the whole region in the Caribbean.
The island fell victim to the ferocious invasion of Lope de Aguirre. Because
Margarita was an easy target in the Caribbean, the natives had to defend their
shores with fortresses. Freedom from the invasion came in May, 1811 and
Margarita became the first free province of the Spanish domain.
Pampatar Town
A quaint and beautiful fishing town situated 10km to the north-east of the main
business district of Porlamar. Founded around 1530 its name originated from a
Guaqueri Indian word meaning ‘Town of Salt’.
Shopping on Margarita
8.5 hrs
7.6 cm
7.5 hrs
5.6 cm
8 hrs
3.4 cm
8 hrs
5.7 cm
7.5 hrs
10.4 cm
6 hrs
24.5 cm
6.5 hrs
25.5 cm
7 hrs
25.1 cm
6.5 hrs
19.7 cm
6.5 hrs
21.2 cm
6.5 hrs
22.9 cm
7.5 hrs
15 cm
Venezuelans and visitors alike take advantage of the island’s status as a duty-free port. The
downtown heart of Porlamar is a chaotic jumble of shops and small department stores selling
everything from perfume, lingerie, electronics, appliances to alcohol and foodstuffs. In 2002,
the Puerto de la Mar pier was opened for cruise ship traffic, allowing cruise passengers to
disembark in downtown Porlamar. In recent years, however, large shopping centres have been
attracting shoppers away from the downtown options. The biggest of them is the new Centro
Sambil Margarita in Pampatar. Other popular centres including the Centro Comercial Rattan
Plaza in Los Robles; and Centro Comercial Jumbo.
For better bargains and a more local feel, head to El Mercado de los Conejeros. Located on
the north-western outskirts of Porlamar, a permanent flea market of food, crafts, and dry-goods
stalls. At shops and roadside stands around the island, you will find locally produced jewellery
and ceramic wares. One of the nicer and more readily available handicrafts for sale on
Margarita are the local hammocks, or chinchorros, which are an intricate weave of thin strands
of rough natural fibres. You’ll also find woven baskets, hats, and handbags. The town of Santa
Ana and the roads that form a triangle between Santa Ana, Pedro Gonzalez, and Juangriego are
prime hunting grounds for crafts shops and galleries.
Why invest in Margarita?
Margarita Island is growing rapidly and many European companies are entering into the
real estate market and taking advantage of the huge demand for properties, particularly
in the rental market, were it is estimated that there is a shortage of approximately 10,000
units. The island is tax and duty free (zone libre) and because of this many tourists visit the
island to shop. Holidaying on the island is the cheapest of all the Caribbean Islands, and
owning property on the island is easier than any other Caribbean island, with real estate
prices constantly on the rise.
Property investment on Margarita island has never been better. There is a very real prospect
of making a 100% profit within 24 months. Your investment also attracts zero rated capital
gains liability locally. Buying ‘off plan’ property on Margarita Island can benefit you in
several ways.
• It is entirely possible to achieve returns in excess of your initial
investment within 24 months.
• Your profit is free of any liability to local capital gains tax.
• In the long-term you can benefit from an investment in one of the
fastest growing property markets in the Caribbean.
• You will have an idyllic holiday home while your property is
appreciating in value.
Off plan Margarita Island
purchasers have seen some
spectacular returns on
hundreds of Margarita Island
properties over the last two
years. Whatever your reasons
for buying an investment
property on the island, your
investment should prove to be
an appreciating asset over the
coming years.
The key benefits to your investment in Margarita....
• Your own freehold beach side property in one of the
world’s most beautiful locations.
• Place your property in the rental pool and still
enjoy personal use at any time.
• Properties currently up to 70% cheaper than other
Caribbean islands.
• Southern Caribbean location.
• Benefit from full rental management by a UK company.
• Enjoy the benefits of a growing tourist market from South
America, North America and mainland Europe.
• Close to mainland Venezuela and all it’s attractions.
• Wonderful beaches and superb shopping facilities.
• Outside the hurricane belt.
• 320 days of sunshine a year.
• Unrepeatable prices on Margarita properties.
• Tropical climate ranging from 78-88°F.
• Rental guarantee schemes available on
selected developments.
About the developments
& how to purchase
The developments are designed and built by leading Margarita Island property developers
who specialise in the construction of new properties including luxury villas and
beachside apartments.
The extensive knowledge and partnerships within Margarita Island allow the developer to
offer amazing property investment opportunities on one of the most beautiful islands in
the Caribbean.
As one of the largest developers in South America, and the largest in Venezuela the
developer’s experience extends from residential property through to large commercial
projects including football stadia, dams and office complexes. The developer has led the way
in the type of high quality property that is now being developed all over the island
of Margarita.
Properties can range from generous one bedroom studio apartments to very large luxurious
five bedroom villas, but at some of the lowest prices in the Caribbean.
Inspection Trips
Legal Fees
Those wishing to visit the island may do so at any time and we would be
pleased to help make the necessary arrangements on your behalf.
Legal fees are not included in the sale price. Clients may appoint their
own solicitors or our own solicitors may represent you for a fixed price
on all properties sold on Margarita Island. This includes all legal costs in
the UK and on the Island.
We ensure are collected at the airport, taken to their hotel and shown
the areas of interest. At the end of their stay, all clients are of course
taken back to the airport for their return journey.
To enquire about an inspection trip or for further information on
Margarita Island, please call and speak to one of our
property advisors.
Any property sold on Margarita Island will be offered with a rental
agreement with the client. If the client wishes to rent out the property,
the developer will manage all of the properties affairs, from full
maintenance and bill paying to rent collection.
Purchasing a Property
Fund Holding
Purchasing a property on Margarita Island is easy. You put down a small
reservation fee to take your chosen property off the market. This can be
done before or after an inspection trip (if you choose to visit the area).
A deposit of 33-50% (minus the reservation fee) is then payable. On
completion of your property (approx. 18 months) the remaining fees on
the purchase price are payable. The balance of monies due can either be
paid in cash or via a mortgage arrangement.
All funds will be held with the appointed solicitors who will hold your
deposit and stage payments in a client account. Stage payments will
be required upon receipt of certified documents confirming stages of
completion and final release of property.
Clients will be notified 14 days in advance of the requirement
for second and third stage payments.
(Below is an example of a typical route to purchase.
We do have a variety of different purchasing options,
please ask for further advice.)
Example of purchase
Purchase Price £79,950
Reservation £2,000
Deposit (50%) £39,975
Less Reservation Fee £37,975
Completion (50%) £39, 975
Caribe apartments
Coche Island
A location of beauty...
We are proud to offer this complex of just 28
lavish spa villas tucked away on Coche Island.
The villas are built amongst the tropical vegetation
and include one master bedroom complete with
wardrobes, two luxurious bathrooms, spacious
living accommodation, kitchen and storage
area. Additional sleeping accommodation is
also available. The properties also benefit from a
spacious veranda complete with a personal running
seawater pool and jacuzzi.
The whole concept of Isla Coche Spa Resort is to
allow guests to unwind in a Caribbean paradise,
with an opportunity to discover true peace,
tranquillity and rejuvenation in the height of luxury.
At the centre of the complex is the main pool,
which is surrounded by sun terraces, lush tropical
gardens and reserved shadow Churuatas. There is a
cafe restaurant and an in-pool bar.
Every Spa Villa is complete with air conditioning
and the unique elegant interior provides a sense of
pure harmony with well designed areas allowing
for private spa treatments.
Coche Island lies just 8 miles south of Margarita
Island off the north east coast of Venezuela and has
a surface of 11km long and 6km wide. There are
beautiful, tranquil beaches for visitors to enjoy and
pristine turquoise water.
This five star resort will be a haven for luxurious
pampering offering an extensive menu of
internationally acclaimed treatments leaving guests
spoilt for choice. Guests will also be able to dine in
the a la carte restaurant offering a variety of mouthwatering themed menus accompanied by the finest
wines and quality entertainment.
Example Villa & Specification
• 50.26m2 interior build area.
• Freehold properties.
• Pool - private infinity pools.
• 54m2 terrace.
• Wi-Fi on site.
• Kitchen - fully fitted.
• 6.25m2 jacuzzi on terrace.
• Property type - Villas with
1 Bedroom & 2 Bathrooms.
• Gardens - tropical, landscaped plots.
• Air conditioning.
Location Details
• Beach: 0.1km • Amenities: On Site
• Airport: On nearby Margarita Island with private boat
transfer to Coche
Why Coche?
• Luxury Caribbean island retreat.
• Beautiful, tranquil surroundings.
• Private pool and jacuzzi with every property.
• Spa facilities.
• Excellent capital growth potential.
Although accurate at the time of going to press,
property specifications including room sizes are
subject to possible changes.
Piedra Negra Villas
Relax in style
Piedra Negra Villas property development on
Margarita Island in the Caribbean.
The Piedra Negra Community has been designed with easy and enjoyable
living the Caribbean way in mind. Our focus has been on creating an
environment where you can make the most of your stay on the Island of
Why Piedra Negra?
• Tennis courts & swimming pool on site.
Wherever you go on Piedra Negra, you will have the special feeling of
being in a “paradise” with tropical gardens and fruit trees, pools, bar and a
restaurant. A constant breeze blows in from the ocean and the Island boasts
sunshine 320 days a year.
• Excellent capital growth potential.
This new property development offers excellent property investment
opportunities and there is a very real prospect of making a 100% profit within
24 months. This is also combined with zero rated capital gains liability locally.
• Excellent rental potential on a popular
holiday island.
Clients wishing to visit the island may do so at any time and we would be
pleased to make the necessary arrangements on your behalf. We will ensure
all clients are collected at the airport, taken to their hotel & shown any areas
of interest.
The majority of our Margarita Island property developments come with a
guaranteed rental in the first year. With a shortfall of 10,000 holiday lets on
the island, there is ample opportunity to rent out your property for between
6 and 10 months of the year providing a fantastic return on your investment.
Our clients can benefit from full rental management services, please ask us for
more details
• High quality construction.
• Each villa has an outdoor bar, private
pool and jacuzzi.
Example Villa
& Specification
Ground Floor
Fitted kitchen, dining
room, living room,
bedroom, bathroom
with bath, indoor
garden, visitor’s
bathroom & outdoor
Churwata bar.
• Construction 250m2 (approx).
• Lot size between 430m2 and 570m2.
• Furniture packs available from £10,000.
• Terrace with jacuzzi.
• Air conditioning.
• Full fitted kitchen.
First Floor
Master bedroom with
en-suite, two further
bedrooms, walk-in
closet, bathroom with
bath, jacuzzi, deck
and terrace.
Although accurate at the time of going to press,
property specifications including room sizes are
subject to possible changes.
Condominium & residences 5
Unwind in luxury...
Last Wind Villas is a 5 Star property
development on Margarita Island in Venezuela.
Key features
We are extremely pleased to announce that the Last Wind development has
been re-designed in partnership with the Ministry of Tourism on Margarita Island.
This superb development now offers our clients the chance to own a villa with
“5 STAR RESORT HOTEL” status in one of the world’s most beautiful locations
within yards of the beach and at an incredible price. As well as being located
adjacent to an incredible leisure park and in addition to increased facilities
afforded by it’s new 5-star status, the development will benefit from a Casino in
the near future, all of which adds up to an attractive investment opportunity.
• Your own freehold villa in one of the
worlds most beautiful locations.
This 5 Star development will provide unique attractive accommodation with 125
2 bedroom detached, 2 bedroom semi-detached and some 3 bedroom detached
villas. On site facilities include large communal swimming pools, children’s
pools, bars and restaurants. Clients wishing to visit the island may do so at any
time and we would be pleased to make the necessary arrangements on your
behalf. We will ensure all clients are collected at the airport, taken to their hotel
& shown the areas of interest.
• Benefit from full rental management
by UK company.
The Leisure Park is already hugely successful, drawing families from the mainland
of Venezuela and further away. We have decided to take advantage of the Last
Wind Leisure Park’s popularity by building a holiday resort adjacent to it. Further
plans for Last Wind include extra pools, restaurants and 18 hole golf course.
Conditions for windsurfing are among the best in the world.
• Southern Caribbean location outside
of the hurricane belt.
• Property currently 70% cheaper than
other Caribbean islands.
• Excellent off plan property
investment opportunities.
Example Villas & Specifications
Development Details
Property Types
• 2 and 3 bedroom villas on a 5 star resort.
• 10 year rental scheme.
• 1st Year Guaranteed at 6% of purchase price.
• Communal Pools and Children’s Pools.
• Gardens.
• Landscaped Grounds.
The Parguito Property type C
The Guacuco Property type BP
1 or 2 bedroom detached villa on a beach
front location.
2 bedroom semi-detached villa on a beach
front location.
• Internal construction 60m2.
• Terrace 20m2.
• Total build area 140m2.
• Internal construction 80m2.
• Terrace 32m2.
• Total build area 112m2.
Location Details
• Beach: 0.1km.
• Amenities: One Site.
• Golf Course: 10km.
• Airport: 20km.
Development Description
We are extremely pleased to announce that the Last Wind
development has been re-designed in partnership with the
Ministry of Tourism on Margarita island to create a truly
unique Caribbean resort.
This superb development now offers our clients the chance
to own a villa with 5 Star Resort Hotel status in one of the
world’s most beautiful island locations within yards of the
sea at an incredible price.
The Tirano Property type B
The Cariba Property type A
2 bedroom detached villa on a beach
front location.
2 or 3 bedroom detached villa on a beach
front location.
• Internal construction 80m2.
• Terrace 32m2.
• Total build area 112m2.
Although accurate at the time of going to press,
property specifications including room sizes are
subject to possible changes.
• Internal construction 100m2.
• Terrace 82m2.
• Total build area 182m2.
Marina Caribe apartments
Superb facilities for you to enjoy....
Ideally located, just 150m from the beach, the “Marina
Caribe” apart-hotel offers everything from one of the
best investments on the international property market, to
a relaxed upmarket holiday in the year round sunshine.
The marina is a 100km walk, and there are also many
wonderful bars and restaurants within easy
walking distance.
The Hilton Hotel is also just a short walk away and
offers evening entertainment and Casino. Though close
to the amenities, the Marina Caribe will retain it’s
own unique and tranquil atmosphere, whilst offering
sumptuous surroundings to owners and guests alike.
We are currently negotiating with several major
hoteliers to secure the best possible package on behalf
of our clients.
A 10 year rental guarantee must be undertaken by
the chosen hotelier in the best interest of all parties,
ensuring long term investment security.
With 10 floors, the complex offers excellent access
to the Marina and pool boasting superb ocean views.
Externally, the development offers designated areas
for service facilities as well as relaxation spaces and
pool furniture. 22 parking lots are located within the
complex’s basement level.
The Esparta (Type B)
One bedroom & one bathroom apartment 55m2 total floor space including terrace
A medium size apartment offering accommodation for up to 4 people: 2 in the
bedroom and 2 in the living room.
The Merida (Type A)
The Bolivar (Type C)
Studio apartment with one bathroom 47-52m2
total floor space including terrace*
One bedroom & two bathroom apartment
73-79m2 total floor space including terrace*
The Merida apartment is the smallest accommodation on the complex.
As a studio, it has facilities for 2 people as well as a
moderate size balcony.
The Bolivar offers one bedroom and two bathrooms and can
accommodate up to 4 people: 2 in the bedroom and 2 in the
living room.
* dependant on plot no.
Marina Caribe floor plans
* dependent on plot no.
The Tortuga (Type D)
only one remaining (POA)
Two bedroom & two bathroom apartment 121m2
total floor space including terrace*
The Tortuga is the largest accommodation available and
has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a large terrace. You can
access to the terrace directly from both rooms and from
the living room.
* dependent on plot no.
The Grenada (Type F)
One bedroom duplex apartment 80m2
total floor space - no terrace
The Grenada is a duplex apartment. On the first
floor you will find a big bathroom, kitchen, space for
washing machine and refrigerator, living room and
staircase. Located on the ground floor, it will have
direct access to a private parking lot and pool. The
mezzanine level may be used as a studio or with some
additional renovations, as a private room. The main
room and another bathroom are also located on
this level.
The Valencia (Type E)
Two bedroom & two bathroom apartment 99m2
total floor space including terrace
Similar to the Tortuga, the Valencia has 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and
direct access to the terrace from the living area.
Why Marina Caribe?
• Full rental management by UK company
• Guaranteed rental income of 6% of purchase price for 12 months
• Up to 4 weeks off peak own use on guaranteed rental scheme
• Long term 10 year rental income guaranteed
• Excellent capital growth potential
1st floor
10th floor
Lobby, administrative offices, concierge, pool,
recreational areas, shop and the restaurant
which will have direct access from the lobby
(through the lobby bar) and from the pool. In the
west wing, you will find the 1st floor of duplex
apartments (Type F).
This floor has been designed as a recreation and
conferencing area. Offering more than 1,600m2,
this area includes a spa, a gym and shallow
pool, which will be available for guests to enjoy
throughout the day. All areas will offer stunning
views and a relaxing atmosphere.
2nd floor (Mezzanine)
Internet rooms, offices, commercial areas and
the 2nd level of duplex apartments.
3rd - 9th floors
The remainder of the apartments are located
in these floors. All apartments will have tall
glass door-windows to access private balconies,
offering uninterrupted views of the ocean
and marina.

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