• +6.4 Bu./A.* • Memory Polymer • Lower Replacement Cost



• +6.4 Bu./A.* • Memory Polymer • Lower Replacement Cost
“Revolutionary Seed Firmer Technology”
Exclusively Distributed by Beck’s Hybrids
Memory Polymer
Delivers Optimum
Down Pressure
Protected Stainless Steel
Liquid Tube
Patent Pending
Replaceable Wear Plate
• +6.4 Bu./A.*
• Memory Polymer
• Lower Replacement Cost
• Optimum Seed Placement
• Made By Farmers For Farmers
On-Seed and Y-Band
Liquid Nozzles
*In Beck’s 2014 Practical Farm Research (PFR)® study, Flo-Rite™ seed firmers showed a 6.4 Bu./A. advantage
for corn. The key to this yield increase is the exceptional depth control and seed-to-soil contact resulting in
more consistent stands.
Below, a Flo-Rite customer had Schaffert Rebounders on his front splitter units and Flo-Rite seed firmers on
his back row units. This photo shows that he saw a three to five day emergence advantage for the Flo-Rite
seed firmers and an increase in the final population. Better seed-to-soil contact results in quicker emergence.
To place orders and for more information, visit www.flo-rite.com or call 1-800-937-2325.
For additional questions, contact:
David Friedrich | Cell: 765-242-9338 | Office: 317-984-1123 | [email protected]
FR100 Seed Firmer
FR200 Seed Firmer
(For use with universal mounting bracket.)
(Mounts on seed tube.)
seed f i r m e r s
DF410T Drill Firmer
(Drill Firmer Brackets
Available. Call for application.)
FR500 Universal Mounting
FR350 Replaceable
Wear Plate
FR400 Insert &
Removal Tool
Important adjustment
for retention screw
FR600 Universal
Gold Bracket
FR500 and FR600
For use with the FR200 seed firmer. Fits all
Kinze (except EdgeVac and 2013 and newer
mechanical meter planters); all John Deere;
MaxEmerge 5 requires bracket modification
(except ExactEmerge); White 6000, 8000 and
9000 Series Planters. Will NOT fit White 5000
series planters. Will fit Great Plains 6030 drill
if it has either 1/2” or 5/8” disc opener bolts.
Will not work with 3/4” bolts. Mounts onto the
seed disk opener shafts and around the front of
the row unit shank. Includes hardware package
and shim tree with XP filler block for 2007 and
newer planters with XP row units.
Turn screw in until it makes contact
with the firmer. Then back it out 2
to 3 full turns allowing the firmer to
make contact with bracket when in the
running position as shown below.
For use with the FR200 seed firmer.
Fits all Kinze planters except 4900
series. Compatible with WaveVision,
Kinze EdgeVac, Kinze larger seed tubes
and standard seed tube sensors. Has
re-designed holes at the top so drilling
new holes is no longer required on Kinze
planters with large seed tubes. Mounts
within the row unit frame between the
seed disk opener scrapers. Easier to
install than the Universal Bracket. Will
NOT work with rotary disk scrapers or
Air-Design scrapers.
2015 John Deere Max Emerge 5
Firmer Mounting Options
(Option 1) Modify the FR500 Universal Mounting Bracket and
use the FR200 seed firmer. Instructions at Flo-Rite.com
(Option 2) Purchase the FR100 seed tube mount seed firmer.
NEW Products Coming For 2016
1. Drill Firmer with replaceable Wear Plate
2. Case IH Firmer Mounting Bracket
3. Kinze 4900 Firmer Mounting Bracket
4. Max Emerge 5 Composite Bracket

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