MARK 1 - ICGC Kings Temple



MARK 1 - ICGC Kings Temple
King’s Temple
31 Days
23RD June – 31sT JULY 2014
he 31 days of the month of JULY, every year, has been
institutionalized as “SPIRITUAL EMPHASIS MONTH”, on the
Calendar of the International Central Gospel Church. It is
observed as a month of Fasting and Prayer, as well as deep meditation
and waiting on God, for renewal of our Faith, strength, health, wisdom,
and zeal to fulfil God's purposes for our lives, and the corporate vision of
our church. For us in King's Temple, this begins on Monday 23rd of June,
since our “Greater Works Conference Europe” begin on 18th of July
Fasting is encouraged for all who are determined to develop their
spiritual sensitivity to God and the realm of the spirit. Fasting helps to
subdue the distracting influence of the passions of the flesh. Jesus said,
there are times when our spirits are willing to follow the purposes of
God, but the flesh is weak and cannot co-operate with our spirits. Some
satanic strongholds that hinder our progress in life, and interfere with
our liberty, can only be subdued, through fasting and prayer, and this
truth was taught by Jesus.
During the period of Fasting, it's very important to drink clean pure
water, to hydrate the body sufficiently. The “dry” fasting that many
practise has no basis in the bible, and could injure the body. Instead of
citric fruits and juices like lemon and oranges etc, which can hurt the
lining of the stomach walls, because of their acidic contents,
watermelon, papaya and pears are good, when breaking your fast. Do
not starve yourself. Just reduce your food intake and make time to study
the Word of God and pray
This prayer bulletin is to guide us all to pray on the same topics every
day, but should not restrict you.
Theme: “ORDER” 1Cor. 14:40
The Greater Works Conference will be held on the 18 , 19 and 20 of
July, 3 days of dynamic Apostolic and Teaching ministry, with the
General Overseer, Dr. Mensa Otabil. We believe and are confident, that
the impact of his proven ministry over the years, is a sure indication of
what God is about to deposit in our lives. This is a season of impartation,
of the anointing of success upon God's people and God's churches.
Prepare your heart. This may be the best opportunity of your life time.
Welcome to your time of Apostolic Direction and Abundant
Blessing at Greater Works Conference, in our Spiritual
Emphasis Month of June and July.
King's Temple – Releasing the King in You.
Rev. Edwin Donkor
Senior Pastor - King’s Temple
DAY 1 MONDAY 23/06/14; Exodus 17:2-3; Pro. 27:8; 1Cor 14:40
Pray for Rev. Donkor, declaring that the Spirit of the Lord shall rest mightily
upon him, and that his messages will heal the sick, release the oppressed, restore
the eyes of the blind, and set the captives free.
Pray that God will grant King's Temple, the understanding to dwell wisely
with our Pastors and leaders.
Pray that the people will locate themselves to serve in the right departments
and ministries.
Pray for every member of King's Temple to have the spirit of order in their
lives and ministries.
DAY 2 TUESDAY 24/06/14; ACTS 2:42-47
Declare that all departments and ministries will coordinate and work in
unity, having the same mind, being in full accord, exhibiting brotherly love, and
that there will be no division among us, so that we may serve God with one
Pray for the Spirit of God to move in the Covenant Families and bring
revival to them and the whole church.
Pray that the spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel
and might, and the spirit of knowledge, shall be demonstrated in the lives of
all the leaders of King's Temple.
DAY 3 WEDNESDAY 25/06/14; Ps 119:130; Phil 2:2; 1Pet 3:8
Thank God for the lives of the Leadership and departmental heads in King's
Pray that every Ministry and Department will be built on and rooted in the
word of God, which gives light and understanding.
Prophesy fruitfulness, productivity, increase and abundance into your
life, and upon every member of the church
DAY 4 THURSDAY 26/06/14; Dan 3:15-25
Pray for the Youth Camp-Meeting in July for the power of the Holy Spirit to
move in the lives of the youth and in their meetings.
Pray for the Youth Camp-meeting to bring a great revival in the youth
Pray for the youth and children, that individually, they will have personal
encounters with the Holy Spirit that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.
DAY 5 FRIDAY 27/06/14; Acts 5:12-16; Luke 4:17-19
Pray that the bond of unity in the church will grow stronger and stronger and
that everyone will contribute to the ministry of the church.
Pray for all church workers, asking the Spirit of God to give them grace, to
be devoted and committed to the work of the Lord.
Prophesy over the leaders, and declare that the anointing for breaking
yokes, setting the captives free, healing the broken hearted and restoring the
lost, shall accompany their ministry.
DAY 6 SATURDAY 28/06/14; Acts 11:19-26; Isa. 58:11-12
Pray that our Mission to “Raise Leaders, Shape Vision and Influence
Society through Christ”, will continually be demonstrated in King's Temple
and in the life of those who will join the church.
Pray that the message from the pulpit will raise men and women of
excellent spirit, exceptional ability and wisdom to solve problems for our
Pray for King's Temple that we shall be a people who are called the
“repairers of broken lives, the restorers of cities, and builders of God's houses”.
DAY 7 SUNDAY 29/06/14; Ps. 150:1-6
Give thanks to God for His wondrous works and unfailing love towards
King's Temple.
Give thanks to God that His goodness towards our Pastor and His family,
endures forever.
Praise Him for His excellent acts and mighty power, demonstrated towards
us in His goodness.
DAY 8 MONDAY 30/06/14; Jer. 6:10-19
Pray for the General Overseer. Rev Dr. Mensa Otabil, asking God to protect
him and his family.
Pray for the Holy Spirit to continually lead and guide him and also fill him
with divine ideas for the future.
Pray for the Presbytery and the General Church Council of ICGC, that
their decision-making and policy-making will always be influenced by the
leading of the Holy Spirit.
DAY 9 TUESDAY 01/07/14; Neh. 6:10-19
Pray for all local Church Councils in ICGC, asking the Holy Spirit to lead
and guide their decisions.
Pray for ICGC worldwide, calling forth projects such as universities,
tertiary institutions, hospitals, banks, orphanages, nurseries, ministries to the
homeless, to come alive in the branches.
Speak life and completion, to all ICGC worldwide projects.
Pray for divine financial supply for all projects, so they can be completed.
DAY 10 WEDNESDAY 02/07/14; Jer. 3:11-15; John 21:15-17; Hab. 2:14
Jer. 3:15 God says, I will give you shepherds after my own heart, who will
feed you with knowledge and understanding.
Pray for the teaching of the Word of God, to bring growth and increase in
member's lives.
Pray that all ICGC leaders set in spiritual authority will be proof-producers
in the Word.
Pray for ICGC pastors, asking the spirit of God to empower them to
continue to feed the flock of God with knowledge and understanding of God's
Word and to plant more churches.
Pray that ICGC will go forth into more nations, and touch many lives.
DAY 11 THURSDAY 03/07/14; Eph. 3:14-21; John 14:12
Pray for all members of ICGC, to be strengthened with might, through the
Holy Spirit in the inner man, and be filled with the Spirit of boldness, to preach
the Gospel all over the world.
Pray for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon all ICGC churches asking
God to confirm the preaching of His Word with signs and wonders.
Pray and declare peace, unity, understanding, spiritual growth and God's
kind of love, among all ICGC assemblies world- wide.
DAY 12 FRIDAY 04/07/14; Mark 16:15-20; Acts 19:20
Pray for ICGC Pastors, their wives, children and their homes, asking God
to protect and preserve their lives
“These signs shall accompany those who believe”. Pray for signs and
wonders to accompany the lives of ICGC members.
Pray that the word of God, taught and preached in every ICGC branch,
prevails above the world and its systems.
Pray for the spirit of order to manifest in all ICGC assemblies.
DAY 13 SATURDAY 05/07/14; 1Corin 14:29-40
1 Corinthians 14:40, Let all things be done decently and in order.
As this year commissions us to order our lives with precision in every area, ie home,
church, work, in public, we ought to evaluate our walk of life daily. We are
reminded to do all things decently and in order.
Pray that we choose to order our lives in line with God's plan concerning us.
That we will not compromise with the challenges of this life but we will stand to
do “His will” - Heb 10:7
Pray for Grace, to deliberately determine, plan and set order in our lives.
Pray that you will have Priority, Process and Pattern to your life to reign and
leave a godly heritage, for the next generation.
DAY 14 SUNDAY 06/07/14; Isa 44:21-28
Pray that all members of ICGC world-wide, may be filled with revelation
knowledge of God's will, in all wisdom and spiritual understanding.
Prophecy over the month of July, and declare that there shall be the
demonstration of Greater Works in all ICGC churches and in members' lives.
Ask the Holy Spirit to confirm the words of His messengers (Pastors of
ICGC), with signs and wonders, following them.
DAY 15 MONDAY 08/07/14; Matt 6:33; Heb. 4:9-11
Give thanks to God for divine and sufficient provision, towards King's Temple. Pray
and thank Him for supplying the needs of everyone in King's Temple, according to His
riches in glory in Christ Jesus.
Pray the word of God into being, give your faith a voice by making positive confessions
of God's divine supply, to members of King's Temple
Pray that our members will put God's things first, so that all other things will fall in their
proper places.
Pray that people shall enter the rest of God through faith.
DAY 16 TUESDAY 08/07/14; Gen. 26:12-22
Prayer for Financial breakthrough, debt cancella on, divine direc on, in work and
business. Genesis 26: 12Then Isaac sowed in that land, and received in the same year an
hundredfold: and the LORD blessed him. 13And the man waxed great, and went forward,
and grew un l he became very great:
Ask God to make you a giver so you may increase according to His promise. If you
are a giver and a tithe payer, decree financial increase that will transform your life and
that you will walk in continuous harvest.
Malachi 3:10 use the Word of promise to destroy every curse of financial setback in
your life and family, if you don't pay tithes, repent ask God for His mercy and begin to
be diligent in your payment. Remember you are not giving to man but to God, it is His
Word. Therefore, when you speak His Word back to Him, He will honour it.
Declare that you will enjoy the riches and blessings of God in your life, you will not
lack and you will not be controlled by the yoke of debt.
DAY 17 WEDNESDAY 09/07/14; Isa. 53:1-6; Jer. 8:22
Pray in agreement with the word of God and in the Name of Jesus, rebuke any spirits
that fight against and contend with the lives and progress of members of King's Temple
Pray according to the word of God and use the authority in the name of Jesus to rebuke
any spirit of infirmity in the bodies of members of King's Temple, declare that by the stripes
of Jesus they were healed.
Bible says Jesus bore our diseases and by his stripes we were healed. Pray and speak
healing into the lives of those who are sick.
Pray that we will put works and patience to our faith.
DAY 18 THURSDAY 10/07/14; Eph. 3:14-21
Declare that all marriages in King's Temple are rooted and grounded in the love of
God and are based on a solid foundation which is the word of God (Ps 11:3)
Pray for marriages to grow stronger in the church. Bind any demons fighting to destroy
any marriages.
Pray for couples who are expecting the fruit of the womb, declaring that God has
done it to His glory, and that, their hands shall carry their children.
Pray for singles believing God for their partners, asking the Holy Spirit to direct
their partners their way. Call the marriages, God has ordained, to come forth into the
natural realm.
DAY 19 FRIDAY 11/07/14; Deut 28:1-14
Pray for Wisdom to create wealth. Wisdom is the quality or state of being wise;
knowledge of what is true or right, coupled with just judgment as to action.
Pray for businesses that have started in the church to flourish. Stand on the promises of
God which says “I will bless the work of your hands” and call forth significant growth to
Pray and declare the faithfulness of God to open doors for all those trusting Him for
DAY 20 SATURDAY 12/07/14; Deut. 11:24; Jos. 1:1-9
Joshua 1:3 I have given you every place where the sole of your foot treads, just as I
promised Moses.
Pray for divine intervention in the cases of members who have made application to the
home Office for regularisation of stay, and declare them approved. Every place where you
set your foot will be yours.
Take authority over the spirit of delay and postponement that keeps your blessing away.
What do you see? Jer. 1:12, You have well seen: for I will hasten my word to perform it.
Command every closed door of immigration to open before you, break every wall that
stands in the way of your status being granted. See your status granted, declare it granted.
Declare that nothing shall hold back what is yours.
Confess that the Word of the Lord shall no longer be prolonged (Eze. 12:28). Your status
is speedily processed.
Thank God, for He is a prayer-answering God.
DAY 21 SUNDAY 13/07/14; Ps. 127:1-5
Ps 127:3 Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward.
Pray for couples who are expecting the fruit of the womb.
Take authority over the spirit of barreness and miscarriages, for God's promise in (Ex
23:26 & Deut 7:14) states that none shall be barren nor miscarry in King's Temple.
Declare that their lives be tied to the supreme altar of heaven; and will be regulated
from the throne room of God. Commit your children to God, and they will be controlled
only from the altar of heaven where supremacy abides.
Declare that children in King's Temple will not go where the Grace of God will not
work for them. They will not find themselves in the wrong places or in the wrong
company. God will be their daily guide.
DAY 22 MONDAY 14/07/14; Ps. 127:1; John 2:4-5
Pray for the speaker of the Conference Rev Dr. Mensa Otabil, that unction would be
given him from above and that when he opens his mouth to preach, he will declare the
profound wisdom of God.
Pray for the spirit of boldness and demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit, to
manifest throughout the conference.
Pray that God will be involved in every detail of the conference.
Pray that every delegate will come prepared to make a demand on the anointing.
Pray for good weather, safety on the roads and a desire to be on time.
DAY 23 TUESDAY 15/07/14; Neh. 2:1-5; Ezra 4:1-3
Thank God for the intended purpose of Greater Works Conference Europe.
Declare an atmosphere of signs and wonders and the visible demonstration of the
power of the Holy Spirit throughout the conference.
Pray for God to open financial doors, and prosper the work of our hands, so that
members will rise and give towards the Conference.
Pray for every committee and department involved in the planning, for grace,
favour and wisdom, to make the right decisions.
DAY 24 WEDNESDA1Y 6/07/14; Isa. 2:1-5
Take authority over the conference atmosphere and declare that it shall be an
atmosphere of order and expectation from God.
That as a church, King's Temple will be the burning light, and an example for
others to follow.
Pray and ask the Spirit of God to give participants the understanding of the Word
of God.
Pray that there will be an impartation of the anointing on Dr. Otabil's life and
ministry on King's Temple.
Pray that people will run with the message they hear, and that they will become
doers of the word, and not hearers only.
Pray that the ICGC fire will be lit in Europe, to be known, and to burn in many
more places.
DAY 25 THURSDAY 17/07/14; Acts 19:1-11
For the tree (Church, the Lord's planting) that looks little today shall become great. And a time
is going to come, others will even travel from outside this nation to partake of the spiritual
water that is here, for he that shall drink shall be blessed and satisfied, says the Lord.
Stand on this prophetic word and pray for souls to participate in this international
conference and be born again.
Thank God for the chosen vessels, He has ordained for the occasion. Pray that
utterance may be given to them, that they may speak boldly to make known the
mystery of the Gospel to transform lives.
Pray for travelling mercies for Dr. Otabil and his wife, and that the grace of God's
protection will be their portion.
DAY 26 FRIDAY 18/07/14; Acts 2:36-41
Pray for the invited guests and visitors, that God's power will transform their lives as they
set foot into the conference.
Bind the evil one who has blinded the eyes of people and shut their ears to the word of
God. Command the eyes of souls to open and their ears to hear, so they will turn to God.
Pray for the Servant of God that when he open his mouth to preach, the Spirit of God will
grant him boldness to declare the word of God.
DAY 27 SATURDAY 19/07/14; Micah 4:1-6
Pray for souls that are not born again, that as they set foot in the meeting, the Spirit of God
will convict them by the message, and get them saved.
· Pray that the message of the conference will stir up faith and belief in the heart of the
Many great leaders in my Kingdom all over the world, shall desire to associate with the work
that I will do with you.
Stand on this prophetic word and declare that, “be it unto us according to Thy Word”.
DAY 28 SUNDAY 20/07/14; Ps. 126:1-6
Thank God for a great and successful conference. Thank Him for sending His servant
to speak into our lives.
Celebrate our God for the great things He has done.
Thank Him for healing the sick, setting the captives free and lifting us to higher
Thank God for giving us profound revelations, and the power to seize the future, and
make it our own.
DAY 29 MONDAY 21/07/14; Ezra 6:8-15
A time is coming; I will give you your own place of worship. I see a bigger place than the
place you are now. It will not belong to another, but it shall be yours, and no one shall move
Pray and declare the Word of God concerning our place of worship, that what God
has said shall come to pass. Pray that we obtain and possess what is ours.
Come against any form of delay or postponement to the possession of our own
place. Come against every territorial spirit that hinders the plan to acquire our own
Claim the promise of the Lord that He will build His church and nothing shall stop
it. Command the foundations of the strong man (the spirit that fights the intentions of
God) in this nation to crumble, in the Name of Jesus.
Declare that it will be a place of supernatural experience; many will find God as
they are drawn into our midst.
Pray for unusual miracles and confess that our new place of worship, shall bring an
unusual growth in attendance, and God shall cause souls to flood into our meetings.
Thank God that He is building His church, King's Temple and no weapon formed
against King's Temple will prevail.
DAY 30 TUESDAY 22/07/14; Gen 26:12-13; Gen 32:1-12
Remember, not only will the work be in the lifting up of great people, and wealthy people, but
there shall be great and undeniable miracles, that will turn the eyes and minds of the doubting
ones. In the land where many do not believe, I will cause them to believe by my miraculous
Pray for the raising up of wealthy people. Pray that the abilities God has deposited in
you will begin to bear fruit and cause you to prosper, and when the blessings come you will
still seek after God and increase in fellowship with Him.
Pray that God will use you as a financial promoter of His work, and that, as you
participate, it will result in great prosperity.
Confess that contrary to what you see, God's word says, you will be prosperous and
Pray that the Lord will open your inner eyes to see the place of your calling, the place
He has ordained for you to prosper.
DAY 31 WEDNESDAY 23/07/14; Acts 8:1-15
You shall prepare leaders, and I shall send them all over the world. I will give you and the church
great influence, and you shall be a blessing to many. Many leaders and ministers will be drawn
to you.
Pray for honest and trustworthy men and women that have the mind of Christ to be
found in our midst. Pray that honesty and integrity will be our portion.
Pray that they will have an intimate relationship with God, to carry His work to a
greater level. That the work started, will never die, but will grow in strength and might.
Declare that Jesus has made His servants a flame of fire, therefore no weapon formed
against His servants will prosper and every mouth that rises against them in judgement is
Thank God, because it is not by might nor by power but by His Spirit, that many will
be drawn into King's Temple to experience the glory and the power of God.
Pray that God will bring in more people, people that He has already prepared to be part
of King's Temple and help promote the work of the Kingdom.
DAY 32 THURSDAY 24/07/14; Acts 19:8-20; Eph. 1:17-18; John 10:27
I shall lead the church into great glory, and the voice of the church will be heard in this country.
I see a globe, and God is saying that out of this church, missionaries shall reach out to the
Pray that Pastor Donkor will have adequate spiritual understanding on the plan of God
to raise the church to another level and raise great leaders, who will spread the Word to
uttermost parts of the world.
Pray that spiritual gifts will be made manifest in our services to bring insight to God's
people. Pray that every minister will be sharpened for more strength, bringing out skill for
success. (Ecc 10:10).
Pray against any plan of the enemy to frustrate the work, God has declared. Declare
that the Grace of God is sufficient to see the will of God made manifest.
Ask God to pour out His anointing upon every minister, called into this work, to do the
work with boldness and joy.
DAY 33 FRIDAY 25:07/14; Eph 6:10-20;
There shall be a storm that will try to come against the work, but it shall not prevail: there shall
be challenges but trust in me for I will bring you through.
Pray and declare that the counsel of God shall stand in regard to every prophetic word
about King's Temple.
Pray and call into manifestation the invisible promises of God to become visible in the
life of King's Temple.
Take authority over every work of the enemy that seem to come against the church as
it affects your personal progress too.
Take authority over controlling spirits, influential spirits and every opposing spirits
against the church.
Pray for the progress of the church, to grow spiritually, financially, numerically in
wisdom and understanding of the will of God.
Thank God for His plan for King's Temple, that it is being made manifest. Thank Him,
that all He has declared through His servants is coming to pass. That no word that has gone
forth will fail, but there will be a breakthrough to reap our harvest.
DAY 34 SATURDAY 26/07/14; Matt 16:13-19
The word of God tells us not to despise prophesies but to believe and speak them into being. (1
Thes 5:20)
Speak with power and authority in the Name of Jesus and rebuke any forces that stand
against King's Temple in our quest to acquire a place of worship.
Pray the promises of God into being, that He will build King's Temple, and no gates of
hell shall be able to stand against it. Pray that the work of King's Temple will grow and
flourish, wealth will be the portion of King's Temple and spiritual growth will be prevalent
in our midst.
Pray and thank God for His Word concerning King's Temple. Thank Him for giving us
a place of worship and fulfilling His word with signs and wonders.
DAY 35 SUNDAY 27/07/14; Ps. 37:1-10; Exo. 3:7
In all things give thanks. Thank God for every prophetic word. Thank God, for He will
do exceedingly above the expectation of His people. Thank Him because it is not by might
nor by power but by His Spirit.
Thank God, because He has started a good work in King's Temple, He is also able to
complete it.
Thank God, for a fresh fire and a new wind blowing in the church
DAY 36 MONDAY 28/07/14; Acts 4:1-12
Pray for growth of Christianity in UK and in Europe.
Pray for the Holy Spirit to move across the nations in Europe and bring forth
revival in the nations
Matthew 16:18 KJV – Jesus said …Upon this rock I will build My church; and the
gates of hell shall not prevail against it.
Pray for the knowledge of the Word of God to grow in Europe.
Pray for the power of the Word to break into the hearts of men, and give them
conviction of sin and righteousness.
DAY 37 TUESDAY 29/07/14; Eze 37:1-10
Bind the god of this world who has blinded the minds of people and prevents them
from heeding to the gospel.
The entrance of the Word gives light, Command every form of darkness, to flee
from the hearts of men, who hear the gospel.
Prophesy to the breath and says: Come forth, breath, from the four winds and
breathe into the hearts of men who do not know Christ that their hearts will be opened to
DAY 38 WEDNESDAY 30/07/14; 1Tim 2:1-4; 1John 5:13-15
1 Tim 2:4, God who wants all people to be saved, and to come to a knowledge of the
Ask the Holy Spirit to give the church a large heart to receive the backsliders and the
lost with joy and excitement.
Ask God, The Lord of the Harvest to send more laborers into the field (Matthew 9:3738), as we go to the fields ourselves.
Pray for the door to be opened in Europe for the preaching of the gospel.
Ask the Holy Spirit to give Christians in Europe an unusual boldness and power for
witnessing (Acts 1:8)
DAY 39 THUSDAY 31/07/14; John 14:12; Ps. 72: 15-20
Pray and thank God, for giving us grace and strength to go through a wonderful
season of fasting and prayer.
By faith, thank God for the manifestation of Greater works, of the power of the Holy
Spirit in your life.
Thank God for ushering King's Temple into our season of “Open heavens”.
Thank God for adding new souls to King's Temple family.
Meeting takes place at:
Frederick Bremer Secondary School,
Siddeley Road
London E17 4EY
Sunday 9.30am – 1.00pm
Prayer Retreat takes place
Saturday 5th and 12th in July.
Time: 10:00am to 3:00pm
Venue: Frederick Bremer Secondary School.
MORNING from 5:00 to 6:00am
Phone-in no. 00333 966 060, Access
Email:[email protected]
For Further Information call
079 5055 6660 or 0208 220 6842

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