New collections coming to the market in first half of this year
January has two major events for launching footwear fashion and setting footwear market
The Winter Expo Riva Schuh is held on January 12-15 at Riva del Garda, Trentino Alto
Adige, Italy – an important world forum for consolidation of models launched in the
northern hemisphere for summer 2008.
In Brazil, on January 14-17, the 30th Couromoda – the
International Footwear and Leather Products Fair – the largest
event of its type in Latin America, is held at the Anhembi
exhibition center, São Paulo. Traditionally, the products that
will be in the market for the southern hemisphere
autumn/winter season are launched, and the products that have been launched for the
summer that is just beginning are reinforced - remembering that Brazil’s “winter” is a
pretty tropical one, not very different from its summer.
In parallel, São Paulo Fashion Week takes place this year (its 24th) at the Bienal exhibition
center in Ibirapuera Park, from January 16-21 – an important Brazilian event for fashion
and publicizing market trends. It shows the full creativity of Brazil’s most famous designers
as they suggest what will be in fashion in the near future.
At the Expo Riva Schuh, Grendene reinforces the image of its products in international
markets that most defines world fashion – Italy. Exports are an increasingly large part of
the growth of Grendene’s sales - in the first nine months of 2007 Grendene's exports were
the 33.6% higher in US dollars than in the first nine months of 2006.
Expo Riva occupies a space of 33,000 square meters, with 1,100 exhibitors, of whom more
than 60% are non-Italian. More than 11,000 buyers and representatives of distributors are
This fair is considered the world’s most important event in mass-distribution footwear,
with a special focus on large-scale distributors.
Grendene has a stand with more than 120 of its models already present in the international
market, most of them launched in September and October 2007.
At Couromoda Grendene anticipates its principal launches for autumn and winter 2008 and
reinforces the products launched for summer 2008, such as Ipanema Tropical, promoted on
television by actress Camila Pitanga, and the Babado Novo sandals that came to the market
in December 2007 - these and other models have been causing a storm of interest in Brazil
this summer.
During the event, at Anhembi, São Paulo, new
developments in brands such as Ipanema, Ipanema GB,
Grendha and Rider, as well as licensings and children’s
personality products - Speedo, Mormai, Bad Boy, Barbie,
Hello Kitty, Moranguinho and Power Rangers – among
others, will be on show at Grendene’s 580-square-meter
Feminine segment: Ipanema GB
Masculine segment: Speedo
COUROMODA is an unparalleled
opportunity to interact with store
owners and importers, offering a
complete sample of the fashion,
technology and marketing of the
footwear and leather sector. The
fair is the ideal shop window for the
Grendene – children’s, masculine,
Grendene’s highlights for the autumn/winter season for the southern hemisphere are in
slippers, boots, trainers and models more specific for the season. In the Grendha line, the
new products are models with the signature of actress Fernanda Machado. In trainers,
there are launches in the Sandy, Hot Wheels, Homem Aranha and Hello Kitty lines.
The news in Ipanema is its new line, ‘Ipanema
Tropical’. This sandal now has a high platform
heel and new colors, and also a differential in its
segment: it is the only one on which the pattern
continues over the rest of the sole. There are five
exclusive patterns - Noite, Mar, Astral, Sorte and
Paixão (Night, Sea, Astral, Luck and Passion),
inspired by Brazilian trends, that also appear on
the sandals’ side when worn. They are made in
injected PVC, which provides greater resistance
for the straps and a much more comfortable
anatomical molding. Ipanema is also continuing
the development of “classic” themes and trends,
as well as also innovating in the upper of its
‘Anatômica’ line with the new launches ‘Beauty
Tressê’ and ‘Tan’.
Ipanema Tropical promoted by
actress Camila Pitanga
Grendene has been at Couromoda since 1979. “This direct contact with the client is very
important for us to get to know their opinions about our products and advertising
campaigns”, Francisco Schmitt, Grendene’s Investor Relations Officer, comments.
Feminine segment: Grendha Fernanda Machado
Children´s segment: Power Rangers
Feminine segment:
Grendha Juliana Paes
Feminine segment: Grendha Vladimir Brichta
In São Paulo Fashion Week – SPFW – Grendene presents its new Melissa collection with
many new developments.
Every season Melissa creates a special environment in its Lounge at São Paulo Fashion
Week. This year will be no exception. “Melissa’s Travels”, the theme of the Winter 2008
collection, will take over this, the most sought-after and visited space at this event.
Visitors embarking on “Melissa’s Travels” will lose themselves in the unbelievable winter
launches for 2008.
For this collection, Melissa takes one more step in the consolidation of its brand in fashion
and in the world: an unprecedented partnership creates a landmark in Melissa’s history,
and also that of the “grande dame” of British fashion, Vivienne Westwood - who is working
with a Brazilian company for the first time.
Melissa raises a toast of joy to the arrival of fashion’s first lady, who
will be in Brazil especially for the launch of her models, which will
be on show at the its Fashion Week stand, side-by-side with the
totally new Melissa models signed by Alexandre Herchcovitch,
Isabela Capeto, Triton, Thaís Losso, J. Maskrey and Fiorucci. Other
incredible Melissa launches include O Pequeno Príncipe (“The Little
Prince”), Mulher Maravilha, and Oswald, the Lucky Rabbit.
Melissa has always been a benchmark in terms of innovation. It is remembered for its
partnerships in great names in fashion and design.
Classics in plastic
For Melissa’s winter 2008 collection, Vivienne Westwood has developed two models with
her Anglomania brand name.
The classic model Mary Jane, originally made in leather and launched in her Summer 2000
“Summertime” collection, is now re-launched in a plastic version.
With retro inspiration, a pointed toe, high heels – and ultrafeminine - Vivienne Westwood
Anglomania Mary Jane + Melissa has a cut back upper and a close around the heel. Its
colors are vibrant: red, fuchsia, navy blue, green, as well as the classic beige, latex, black
and white.
The idea of re-launching the Mary Jane shoe with Melissa arose
from the success of the model, which can still be found in VW
boutiques worldwide – a classic that never goes out of fashion.
The charming Melissa Ultragirl now emerges into the new version signed by Vivienne
Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa Ultragirl has two options, one with a flocked
velvet upper and insole in traditional tartan, and the other making the most of the shine of
the plastic with a flower pattern on the insole.
In both, the “Orb” symbol of the Anglomania brand, in metal, is applied to the side of the
shoe, adding charm and something of a “royal touch”. The Orb seems to condense the
essence of the Vivienne Westwood brand. The Crown, symbol of power and tradition,
surrounded by the orbit of a satellite, calling us to the future.
Vivienne Westwood Anglomania + Melissa Ultragirl in the
flocked version has a range of colors in genuine winter tones:
black, navy blue, grey and purple – contrasting with the colors
of the shiny plastic version: red, black, beige and latex.
As well as a press conference for the launch of the Melissa Anglomania models, one of its
brands, Melissa will be showing two unprecedented exhibitions, exclusively, containing the
history of this extraordinary fashion personality.
The exhibition “Vivienne Westwood Shoes - 1973-2006” came directly from Milan, and has
120 iconic shoes of the brand.
The “Vivienne Westwood Multimídia” exhibition was designed exclusively to celebrate the
partnership between VW and Melissa. It shows Mrs. Westwood’s career from the beginning
of the 1970s until today.
Paulo Pedó, manager of the Melissa Operation, sees the
partnership with Vivienne Westwood as the meeting of two
brands that are very close to each other. “It is a great pleasure
and an honor to be part of the story of a body of work as
influential as Vivienne Westwood’s which, in its essence, has such
a great synergy with the whole personality of irreverence,
innovation and content that Melissa has sought throughout the
whole of its story”.
The models signed by Vivienne Westwood will be sold at 300 points of sale in Brazil and 700
worldwide, as well as Vivienne Westwood boutiques. Sales will start in Brazil in March
2008, and worldwide in June. Countries that will receive Melissa Vivienne Westwood
Anglomania products include the UK, France, Italy, the US, Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan
and Russia.
Grendene’s participation in these fairs is in line with its
strategy of offering synthetic footwear in a “fast fashion”
concept (many launches per year at short intervals, and
continuous renewal), operating in the feminine, masculine,
children’s, and mass distribution market segments, with highquality, attractive design and competitive prices in both the
Brazilian and international markets.
Grendene believes the products it is showing are in harmony with the desires of the final
consumer and that they will have an excellent public reception.
Expo Riva Schuh
January 12-15, 2008
Riva Del Garda, Italy
January 14-17, 2008
Parque Anhembi, São Paulo, Brazil
São Paulo Fashion Week - SPFW
January 16-21, 2008
Bienal Pavilion, Ibirapuera Park, São Paulo, Brazil
Grendene’s performance in 2007 and 1Q08: We are very happy to report that our
guidance forecasts for the year in terms of volume, revenue and advertising and marketing
expenditure, given to the market on November 8, 2007 when we published our results for
the first nine months of 2007, have been met in full. We are not yet able to give a final
position on margins. The complete results for 2007 will be published on March 13, 2008.
The previous perspectives for the first quarter of 2008 remain unchanged, but we will have
a clearer position after Grendene's participation in these important fairs.
Farroupilha, January 14, 2008.
Francisco Olinto Velo Schmitt
Investor Relations Officer
Grendene is one of the world’s largest producers of synthetic footwear. It has manufacturing plants
in three Brazilian states: at Sobral, Crato and Fortaleza, in the state of Ceará; Farroupilha and
Carlos Barbosa in Rio Grande do Sul; and at Teixeira de Freitas in Bahia. The company’s
competitive advantages are based on large-scale production (with installed capacity for 176 million
pairs per year – as well as the company having its own molding plant and PVC factory), economy of
scope resulting from serving clients (store owners and importers) in all the segments of the market
(masculine, feminine, children’s and mass distribution), the advantage of having its own state-ofthe-art technology, competitive prices, and its own brands and designs (it owns brands including
Melissa, Rider, Grendha, Ipanema, Grendene Kids, Grendene Baby and Ilhabela), research and
development, constant innovation, aggressive marketing, advertising with emotional appeal, and
licensing of celebrities and personalities that appeals to children and young people. Listed on the
São Paulo Stock Exchange’s Novo Mercado in 2004, where its common shares are now traded. It
started exporting in 1979, and its products are currently sold in approximately 85 countries.
Francisco Schmitt – Investor Relations Officer
Tel: +55-54 2109 9022 - Fax: +55-54 2109 9988
Email: [email protected] / Website:

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