Tour Brochure - Youth Singers of Calgary



Tour Brochure - Youth Singers of Calgary
FEBRUARY 14 - 23, 2012
Mention Costa Rica, and people think of paradise. The country’s
cast of creatures – from howler monkeys to toucans – are
populous and relatively easy to spot. The waves are prime, the
beauty is staggering and the sluggish pace invites you to relax. It’s
a peaceful oasis in the middle of an active ring of volcanoes. And
it’s for those reasons that this tiny nation draws more than 1.5
million visitors every year.
Costa Rica, which means “Rich Coast” in Spanish, is considered
to be the “greenest” country in the world. This doesn’t refer
to the vegetation – it is the only country to meet all five criteria
established by the UN to measure environmental sustainability. In
2007, the Costa Rican government announced plans for Costa Rica
to become the first “carbon-neutral” country in the world within
the 10 years.
Costa Rica was a pioneer in the concept of “eco-tourism”. In fact,
tourism earns more foreign exchange that the combined exports
of the country’s three main cash crops – bananas, pineapples
and coffee. Long story short – it’s a country that takes pride in
its natural treasures, and encourages the world to come enjoy
themselves in their tropical playground.
We’ll be visiting in February, which is in Costa Rica’s dry season.
The average high at that time of year is 27C, and the low can get
down to 18C. With that beautiful sunshine, you can surf, hike,
snorkel, spot wildlife or shop. The country’s incredibly varied
geography means you can cruise the forest canopy on day, visit
an active volcano the next, and finish by relaxing on a hot, sandy
beach. Adrenaline junkies can find a myriad of ways to get their
thrills, from zip lining through the canopy or learning how to surf
in the rough Pacific.
Be sure to stop for a bite to eat. Costa Rican cuisine is a combination
of Spanish, American, Caribbean and South American influences.
You’ll get your fill of all of the Central American staples – black
beans, white rice, fried plantains, corn tortillas and chicken. Don’t
miss out on tasting Costa Rica’s pineapples... they’re the best you
will ever eat.
We’ll fly into San José, the country’s capital. During our trip, we’ll
take a tour of an active volcano, visit the Hanging Bridges, enjoy
the La Fortuna waterfall, spend a day soaking up rays at Jaco
Beach, and take a canopy tour to see the jungle from a different
vantage point. We’ll have a number of performances during the
trip, including one for the guests at a resort, one at the Canadian
Embassy, and one at the spectacular Teatro Melico Salazar.
The Costa Rican’s have a saying – “Pura Vida”. It literally means
“pure life”, but the saying goes beyond its simple translation – it
symbolizes the idea of simply enjoying life and being happy. They
use the phrase as their way of saying “hello”, “goodbye” and even
“awesome”. Come along on the Youth Singers of Calgary’s tour to
Costa Rica, and experience your own “Pura Vida”.
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