Quincy, IL - Church of St. Peter



Quincy, IL - Church of St. Peter
The Parish of St. Peter
Quincy, IL
~Mass Intentions~
December 24-30, 2012
24. Monday 4:00 pm
Hayward & Elizabeth
24. Monday 6:00 pm
Joe & Anita Lavery
24. Monday 8:00 pm
James H. Gibson
25. Tuesday12:00 am
Daniel Bohan &
Jim C. Coates
25. Tuesday 8:00 am
Marcella Logue
25. Tuesday 10:00 am
Charles & Mildred Veihl
27. Thursday 8:00 am
Mae Jackson
28. Friday 8:00 am
Julius Vandenboom
28. Friday 6:30 pm
Holy Innocents
29. Saturday 8:00 am
Ismael Guerra
29. Saturday 5:00 pm
Arlene Lamphere
30. Sunday 8:00 am
Our Parish Family
30. Sunday 9:30 am
Dennis Goodwin
30. Sunday 11:00 am
Dr. Donald Dowler
— Mass Schedule —
Mon.-Sat. 8:00 a.m.
Saturday 5:00 p.m.
Sunday 8:00 a.m.,
9:30 a.m., & 11:00 a.m.
Sacrament of
Saturday 7:30-7:50 a.m.
or 3:30-4:30 p.m., by appt.
Fourth Sunday of Advent, December 23, 2012
Dear Parishioners,
This weekend, we conclude our Advent preparation as the Church celebrates the Fourth and last Sunday in this time before Christmas. In our gospel
reading for this Sunday, St. Luke sets the theme for Christmas as he narrates the
Visitation scene. In this scene, Mary sets out in haste to visit her cousin Elizabeth
who was with child. This child to be born would be John the Baptist, who would
prepare the way for Mary’s child, Jesus. On one level, this scene shows the love,
care, and compassion of Mary as she goes to be with her cousin who was with
child. On another level, however, this scene symbolically reflects the meeting of
the Old Covenant with the New Covenant. Zechariah and Elizabeth are symbols of
the Old Covenant, their son, John, is the symbol of the bridge between the Old and
New Covenants, and Jesus is the New Covenant made flesh in the womb of Mary.
And what happens next in this reading reflects this symbolism as we hear Luke
state that the baby in Elizabeth’s womb leaped for joy as Elizabeth proclaimed,
“Blessed are you among women and blessed is the fruit of your womb.” These
words truly proclaim our Christmas mystery, for the fruit of Mary’s womb is the
Word of God made flesh, dwelling among us.
To alleviate phone calls to the rectory, I want to publish once again the
Mass schedule for our Christmas celebrations. I ask you to cut this schedule out
and put in a place that can be seen by all.
December 24th, Christmas Eve
Masses will be 4:00 p.m. (very packed), 6:00 p.m. (Children’s Mass),
8:00 p.m., and Midnight, 12:00 a.m.
N.B. There will be No morning Mass, 8:00 a.m. on Christmas eve, Dec. 24th.
December 25th, Christmas Day
Masses will be 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.
N.B. To allow the priests some time to be away for Christmas, there will be No
morning Mass on Wednesday, December 26th. Thank you for your understanding.
Our new 2013 parish calendars are available in the narthex of our Church.
These calendars come to us through the generosity of the Duker & Haugh Funeral
Home here in Quincy. On behalf of our parish family, I want to thank them for
providing us with these calendars. If you have the opportunity, please convey your
own thanks.
I also want to thank all of you for the Christmas cards,
gifts, and other remembrances. On behalf of the staff, Fr. Raja,
Deacon Bob, and myself, Merry Christmas.
Virgil & Alice Funke
By: Norm & Sandy Funke
Henry & Rosalia Bentrop
By: Norm & Sandy Funke
Jerry Kemner
By: The family
Bob & Margie Terwelp
By: Thom & Cindy Drieselman
Don & Carol Drieselman
By: Thom & Cindy Drieselman
Paul Koetters
By: Katie Schreacke
Art Goodwin
By: Loretta Goodwin
Larry Meyer
By: Sharon Meyer
Dr. Paul Nuessen
By: His family
T.C. & Mary S. Oakley
By: Tony & Signe Oakley family
Harold & Dorothy Jacobson
By: Tony & Signe Oakley family
Buckley & Ashbaker families
By: Howard & Jo Buckley
Erin & Leslie Deters
By: Jim & Dianne Deters
Chuck Aschemann
By: Angie & Joe Hancox
Bob Miller
By: Helen Miller family
Joe & Anita Lavery
By: Mike & Karen Lavery
Kenneth & Dorothy Schlipman
By: Mike & Karen Lavery
Charles Peters
By: Ron & Rita Genenbacher & family
Robert Genenbacher
By: Ron & Rita Genenbacher & family
Catherine Johnson
By: Bob & Jil Johnson
Wayne & Dorothy Schlipman
By: Bob & Jil Johnson
J.J. Flynn family
By: John J. Flynn Jr.
Harold Johnson
By: Jesus & Maria Camacho
Cass Geraci
By: Pat Geraci
Ben & Mary Jane Stewart
By: Pat Geraci
Virginia Weinberg
By: Jerry Holzgrafe family
Alan Weinberg
By: Jerry Holzgrafe family
William & Abbie Holzgrafe
By: Jerry Holzgrafe family
Kunkel & Fuelbier families
By: Nancy & Art Kunkel
Manning & Richard Thompson
By: Kent & Ann Anderson & family
Ed & Marie Schlangen
By: Kent & Ann Anderson & family
William & Agnes Anderson
By: Kent & Ann Anderson & family
William Rupp
By: Jane & Tom Deters, Dale & Marty
Venvertloh, Dotty Rupp
Eleanor Hilgenbrinck
By: Donald Hilgenbrinck
Yvonne & Cathy Lohman
By: Terry & Linda Amburn & family
Alma Olker & Vivian Wottman
By: Terry & Linda Amburn & family
Marian Kessler
By: Mary, Tanna, & Dan Barry
Daniel H. & Helen M. Barry
By: Mary, Tanna, & Dan Barry
Arthur & Viola Gibson
By: Ken Gibson
Hayward & Elizabeth Gibson
By: Ken Gibson
Frank & Cora Eickelschulte
By: Ken Gibson
McGee & Sander Familes
By: Joan McGee
Albert & Catherine Juette
By: Darlene Doyle
Mildred & Julius Meyer
By: Don & Sharon Meyer
Charles & Ione Seeley
By: Dwight & Barb Seeley
Richard Olps
By: Dwight & Barb Seeley
Kay Hellhake Krause
By: Joan & Merle Hellhake
Frances Haugh
By: The Haugh family
Ronald Scarbrough
By: The Scarbrough family
Gene Curtis
By: His wife & children
Charles, Charles Jr., & Luci Cox
By: Rosemary Cox-Peters
Jim Seibert
By: Deb & Amy Seibert
Robert Cavitt
By: Deb & Amy Seibert
Dan Otte
By: Deb & Amy Seibert
Don & Edna Seibert
By: Deb & Amy Seibert
James R. O’Hearn
By: Deborah O’Hearn Druffel, Eric &
Amanda Druffel Becks & family,
Adam & Gina Druffel & family
Walter & Leona Franklin
By: John & Betty Ley
Joseph & Angela Ley
By: John & Betty Ley
Norbert & Bernice Peter
By: Dave & Donna Dieker
Daniel Bohan
By: Thomas & Nancy Bohan
Jonda Steinkamp
By: Jack & Mary Souders
Albert & Alta Mettemeyer
By: Rich & Linda Mettemeyer
Frank & Virginia Hughes
By: Jan & Rod Frese
Robert Luther Anderson
By: Ray & Jill Anderson & family
Lawrence & Dorothy Mock
By: Ray & Jill Anderson & family
Bill & Ann Maas
By: Ray & Jill Anderson & family
Mr. & Mrs. Junior Schutte
By: Dan & Leanne Hollensteiner, Dave
& Judy Huseman
Al & Peachy Frese
By: Jan & Rod Frese
Larry Zehnle
By: Rita Zehnle
Albert & Alta Mettemeyer
By: Rita Zehnle
Lawrence & Sylvia Zehnle
By: Rita Zehnle
Kyle David Russell
By: Steve, Lynette, & Craig Russell
Linda Dill & Ronald Wand
By: Mr. & Mrs. Dan Klingele
Bertha & Urban Wellman
By: Paul Wellman
Bill Barry
By: Iona E. Barry
Bill Brahler
By: Mary Brahler
Carl Vogel & Marian Garner
By: Carol & Joyce Vogel, Scott
Simmons family, Mark Huebotter
family, Carl & Amanda Vogel
Mr. & Mrs. Carl Timpe
By: Judie & Gene Timpe
Mr. & Mrs. Fred Reinold
By: Judie & Gene Timpe
Tushaus & Frankenhoff families
By: Marydine & Roger Frankenhoff
Ted & Bruce Sander
By: Mr. & Mrs. Wm. H. Sander Jr.
Francis Wensing, Norbert Wensing,
Charles Terford, Robert Wensing,
Paul Wensing
By: Joe Terford
Don Logan
By: Mary Jane Logan & family
Floyd Doellman
By: Maria & Steve Eckert
Carl Mast
By: Maria & Steve Eckert
Frank & Helen Wensing
By: Jack & Rita Terford
George & Selma Terford
By: Jack & Rita Terford
Mr. & Mrs. James Menn
By: Mr. & Mrs. David Huseman
E.J. & Catherine Miller
By: Don & Ginny Miller
Henry & Christine Venvertloh
By: Don & Ginny Miller
Wyveine Hunter
By: Virginia Hunter
Dennis K. Goodwin
By: Mary Goodwin
Herb & Florence Terwelp
By: Steve & Lynn Wavering
Faith in Action Today
St. Peter Parish is a Catholic Family of Faith
Bringing the Light of Christ to All by Serving Others
Deacon Robert Lundberg
On June 16, Robert Lundberg was
ordained as Permanent Deacon in the
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, Springfield, IL.
Welcome Sr. Alicia!
Welcome Fr. Raja!
Sr. Alicia Drone joined the
parish as Director of Religious Education on August
22, 2012.
On May 15, 2012 St. Peter Parish was
blessed with the arrival of Fr. B. Raja,
our new Parochial Vicar from India!
A History of St. Peter
Congratulations Fr. Kevin Drew
Fr. Kevin Drew was ordained as a Priest for the
Diocese of Kansas City - St. Joseph on May
20 .He celebrated his first mass at St. Peter on
Saturday, June 9, followed by a reception.
New sign!
Thanks to
Zach VanderBol
for choosing St.
Peter Parish for
his Eagle Scout
project! The
new sign looks
When Fr. Roy Bauer became
pastor of St. Peter Parish in 1985,
he quickly became aware that ours
was a parish with no recorded history. A historian par excellence
with a deep awareness of the impact that our past has on our present, Fr. Bauer committed himself
to remedying the situation. It was
a labor of love that would lead him
to archives of the Church in this area, take him to Boston,
and result in countless letters and interviews as he painstakingly uncovered the story of our family of faith. Fr. Roy Bauer’s “History of St. Peter Church” was printed this year. Freewill donations were given to the QND Foundation—Roy Bauer
Scholarship Fund, benefiting St. Peter students.
August 1-2, Fr. Leo attended a stewardship
conference in Wichita, KS
with Stan & Kathy
Schwartz, Bill Siebers,
and Ginny Camacho.
They returned with a new
perspective on what
Stewardship means.
St. Peter Christmas Decorations: We Remember...
Faith in Action Today
Mike Schuttler,
Doug Freel,
Roberta Hudson
RCIA Candidates and Catechumen Easter 2012: Front Row: Janet Fox, Danelle Batterton, Sonya Krause;
Back Row: Bryan Stokes, Eric Ervin, Tamy Cain, Angela Van Dyke, Stephanie Voice, Mary-Ann Ervin, Becky Kelsall.
Not pictured: Greg Cain, Brendan Ervin, Kent Kite, Mark Fox
St. Peter School students brought into the Church Maddison Ervin, Cameron Cain, Savannah Escamilla
Devoted to Decorating
Confirmation class
First Communion
Thanks to members of our Church Decorating Committee for using their time &
talent to make our worship space beautiful! Pictured above: Steve Sinnock, Susan
Moore, Mary Jo DeVries, Tamy Cassady,
Sue Hull, Pat Ludwig, and Mary Talken.
Not pictured: Joan Curtis, Marcia Evans,
Diane Frese, Mary Ann Kroshinsky, Rose
Nguyen, Morgan Venvertloh.
Leo & Emilie Zwick
By: Dick & Rita Hopkins
Charles & Rose Hopkins
By: Dick & Rita Hopkins
Our Grandparents
By: Dick & Rita Hopkins
John Bertoglio
By: Mrs. John (Elnora) Bertoglio
John Bertoglio
By: Joan Bertoglio, Mike & Janet Healy
Robert Sloan
By: Pat Sloan
Sandy, Joan, & Gary Gallaher
By: Pat Sloan
Harold & Virginia Reiter
By: Mike & Julie Reiter
Albert & Peachy Frese
By: Mike & Julie Reiter
Leoni-Rittof family members
By: Rittof Family
Norma & Herbert Rakers
By: Sonny & Kathy Laird
Helen & Tim Rakers
By: Sonny & Kathy Laird
Rosemary & Milo Pillars
By: Sonny & Kathy Laird
George & Grace Soltys
By: Bob, Ann, Greg, & Emily Soltys
Wilma Hummel
By: Bob, Ann, Greg, & Emily Soltys
Stegeman & Schmitz families
By: David & Pat Stegeman
Peg, Virg, & Gregg McLaughlin
By: The Don Schuering family
Deceased of McNeil & Straub families
By: Mary McNeil
George & Florence Schuering
By: Ed & Carolyn Schuering
Jerry & Helen Belker
By: Ed & Carolyn Schuering
Raymond Kreinberg
By: Shirley Kreinberg
Martha A. Heinze
By: Family
James H. Gibson
By: Family
J.A. Fredericks
By: Lila J. Fredericks
Dr. Joseph Musolino
By: Fran Musolino & family
Marcella Deters
By: Marce J. Deters & family
Tim Meyer
By: George & Mary Nell Meyer
William Waterman
By: Diane Dabney
Russell & Nadine Hull
By: Steve & Sue Hull
Jodie & Lena Thrasher
By: Steve & Sue Hull
Louis, Laura, Carol, & Tim Holtschlag
By: The Mehaffys
Patrick Bischel
By: Judie Mehaffy
Allison Ann Koetters
By: Steve, Leslie, Kate, Lily Ann, &
Nicholas Koetters
Vince Schelich
By: Donna Schelich
Roy & Helen Uhll
By: C.J. Mason family
Joe & Dorothy Sanders family
By: Jerry & Joyce Sanders
Ed & Laura Peter family
By: Jerry & Joyce Sanders
Rita & Herman Huber
By: Ron & Rose Ann Huber
Irma & Harold Vollbracht
By: Ron & Rose Ann Huber
Wayne Bergman & Helen Henry
By: Chuck & Betty Henry
Helen & Jim Moran
By: The Moran-Cortes family
Bev & Bill Reynolds
By: The Moran-Cortes family
Becky Siebers
By: Steve & Judy Siebers
Abbigail Sheffield
By: Mr. & Mrs. Terry Ludwig
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Siepker
By: Susie & Tom Moore, Jane Nolan
Mark Bocke
By: Dad, Ginger, Johnny, Kyle, Nick,
Rachel, & Josh
John Maas
By: John, Ginger, Johnny, Kyle, Nick,
Rachel, & Josh
Joyce Dailing
By: Dan Dailing
Ed & Catherine Schwartz
By: Steve & Margie Sinnock
Floyd & Bebe Sinnock
By: Steve & Margie Sinnock
Deceased members of Reardon &
Rossmiller families
By: J.W. Rossmiller
Arlene Lamphere
By: David Lamphere
Joseph Quinn
By: Kevin & Kris Koch
Norb & Bill Ludwig
By: Mary Ludwig
Bill Lierle & Paul Huseman
By: Joan Lierle
Mrs. & Mrs. George Huseman
By: Joan Lierle
Tangy & Frese families
By: Tangy family
Stephen McNally
By: Mary Kay, Nate, Madeline, Noah,
Molly, & Nevin
John T. Drew
By: Mary Kay, Nate, Madeline, Noah,
Molly, & Nevin
Paul Barry
By: Joe & Diane Ary & family
John & Margie Purdy
By: Loy & Cindy Archer & family
Virginia & Fabian Deters
By: Judy McCourt
John McCourt
By: Judy McCourt
Joseph Quinn
By: Mark Cawthon family
John Schrage
By: George & Connie Schrage
George Schrage Jr.
By: George & Connie Schrage
Corky Schrage
By: George & Connie Schrage
Rick Schrage
By: George & Connie Schrage
Catherine Natalie Slater
By: Bill, Natalie, L.B., & Paul
John D. Slater Jr.
By: Bill, Natalie, L.B., & Paul
Molly Shields-Kite
By: Linda Shields & Luke Kite
Kay Keller
By: Leonard Straube
Bill & Lucille Welchert
By: David & Susan Ohnemus
Dan & Norma Ohnemus
By: David & Susan Ohnemus
Ab Benz
By: Geri Black
Paul Danker
By: Marie Danker
Dr. John Nolan
By: The family
Family members
By: Ron & Linda Lucke
Paul & Hazel Goodapple
By: Mike & Mary Schuttler
Margy & Al Kathmann
By: Mike & Mary Schuttler
Mr. & Mrs. Albert Mock
By: Mr. & Mrs. Billy Smith family
Helen Smith
By: Mr. & Mrs. Billy Smith family
Benedict Ruebbelke
By: Mr. & Mrs. Billy Smith family
Charles Hockgraver
By: Rose Hochgraver
Don Topf
By: Liz Topf family
Adolfs & Giesing families
By: Don & Fran Adolfs
Richard & Helen Liesen
By: David & Camille Harvey
Vellmer & Gertrude Harvey
By: David & Camille Harvey
Thomas E. Strieker
By: The Strieker family
Our family loved ones
By: John & Helen Heitland
Mark Your Calendars!
Mon., December 24: No 8:00 a.m. mass
Christmas Eve masses 4:00 p.m., 6:00 p.m.,
8:00 p.m., and midnight
Faith in Action Today
—Mass Servers—
Weekday Masses, Dec. 27-29:
8:00 a.m. Jack Brown, Tyler Jarvis
Celebrating Catholic Schools
Saturday Mass, December 29:
5:00 p.m. Lauren & Ian Mehaffy, Luke Mayfield
Tues. December 25: No Novenas
Christmas Day masses
8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m.
St. Peter School kicked off
Catholic Schools Week 2012 with a
Pancake & Sausage breakfast
in the cafeteria!
Below: Students at the
All-School Mass at QND and
Dressed up on PJ Day & Career Day.
Sunday Masses, December 30:
Wed. December 26: No 8:00 a.m. mass
Thurs. December 27: 6:30 p.m. Holy Innocents Mass
Sat. December 29: Rosary 7:30 a.m.; Church
Men’s Cursillo 8:30 a.m.; Fr. Bauer Prayer Room
8:00 a.m. Clayton & Philip Dyer, Leah Six
9:30 a.m. Aubrey, Blaine,& Carley Wilson
11:00 a.m. Tyler Jarvis, Molly & Nevin McNally
—Daily Mass Ministry Schedule—
December 27-29:
Lector: Ed Lavery
Sun. December 30: Children’s Liturgy; Martha Jane
No Sunday School
Fr. Leo’s column contin….
As each of you prepare your Christmas cards
and gifts to be given to others, I ask you in a special
way to be stewards of this parish family and to extend
your generosity of treasure to St. Peter Church. Although our stewardship should be reflected throughout
the year, Christmas is always an opportunity to share an
extra gift to this parish family. Your generosity in the
giving wreath as well as your generosity to so many
charities at this time of the year, is truly appreciated. I
just want to remind you to continue this same generous
spirit to St. Peter’s as Christmas is truly a time of giving of ourselves. Thanks to all of you for being Christmas gifts to me, our staff, our school. May Christ, the
Word of God made flesh, embrace you and fill you
with His peace, His love, and His presence.
ON THE LIGHTER SIDE: A seven year old
child was drawing a picture of the Nativity. The picture
was very good, including Mary, Joseph, and, of course,
baby Jesus.
However, there was a fat man standing in the
corner of the stable, that just did not seem to fit in.
When the child was asked about it, she replied, “Oh,
That’s Round John Virgin.”
Extraordinary Ministers of the Eucharist:
Mary Jo DeVries, John Ley, Bob Lundberg
Week 25
Dec. 16
Total to Date
Loose Collections
Weekly Envelopes
Annual School Fund
Holy Days
Total Budget Goal
Debt Owed to diocese
Roof Collection
Diocesan Collections
Dependent Children—$ 100.00
Justice & Hope: $5.00 Hurricane Sandy—$ 46.00
Retired Religious—$ 486.00
Gone to the dogs…
Totus Tuus—the cure for
Sophie Marcolla was presented the 2012 Youth Volunteer of
the Year Award from the Breakfast Optimist Club for Outstanding Service. She has raised
over $1,000 for her “Picks for
Pups” project. Used gift cards
are cut into a guitar pic shape
and made into necklaces and
bracelets. Sophie donates the
money to the Humane Society
(where she also volunteers).
We are proud of her for taking
a leadership role and helping
our 4 legged friends!
the common summer!
When St. Peter Parish decided
to sponsor Totus Tuus — a dynamic, Catholic alternative to
non-denominational Vacation
Bible School — four years ago,
the leaders hoped the program
would be well-received. After its
fourth year, the jury is in: for our
parish families, Totus Tuus is a
fun way to reinforce our faith!
—-Annual Catholic Services Appeal—-
Merry Christmas,
Amt. Assessed
2009 $119,681
2010 $118,020
2011 $106,635
2012 $102,751
Amt. Pd.
Bal. Due
$ 59,445
The balance due must be paid out of parish operating expenses.
Totals as of 12/05/12, 266 contributors
Money owed to the Diocese
Total due to diocese: $180,859
Rest in Peace
May the soul of
Faith in Action Today
Rosie Neastea
sing praises with the Angels in Heaven forever.
Building Community
St. Peter’s Parish Picnic on August 25th offered prayer, fun
and fellowship in a way that not only brought people together
as the school year resumed, but also raised $41,556.54 after expenses. Thanks to everyone who supported this wonderful and first annual event!
Protecting God’s Children
As part of its initiative to try to ensure the safety of every child at
our parish (and certainly beyond), the Diocese of Springfield in Illinois has mandated that any adult participating in any parish or
school service or ministry, even only on an infrequent basis, complete Protecting God’s Children. The program provides information
that will help every participant learn how to keep children safe
from one of the most hideous assaults in our time, child sexual
abuse. 7 members of our parish stepped forward this year to facilitate future classes (to the right) Judy Nelson, Mary Ann Klein, Donna O’Neal, Al Mitten, Meg Fitch, Donna Pratt, and Carol Mitten.
A Matter of Social Concern
Giving Wreath 2012
St. Peter Parishioners donated over 830+ gifts to
make Christmas Merry for
area families. Thanks to everyone who participated!
One of the most beloved traditions at St. Peter Parish is the Social Concerns Committee’s annual cookie sale each December. The 2012 cookie sale generated almost $1,800 in cookie & cinnamon roll sales!
St. Peter Parishioners who are willing to use their
knitting, crocheting, and sewing skills in a praycentered outreach make dozens of prayer blankets
and prayer shawls each year through our St. Veronica
Guild. These items are blessed and given to the sick,
the homebound, and those who are joining our Church.
All are welcome and can perform this ministry at home
and if they wish attend monthly get-togethers.
Along with the annual December Social Concerns
cookie sale, the St. Veronica Guild also held a raffle.
Members of the guild crocheted two beautiful quilts,
which were offered for the raffle. The proceeds of
$130.00 from the raffle went toward purchasing materials needed to make prayer shawls.
Johnina Smith
By: Michael & Toni Black
Herman & Rita Huber, Riley Liesen
By: Cheryl Liesen
Fitzgerald-Radel-Ray families
By: Chuck & Gerry Radel
Wm. & Hilda Venvertloh, Leonard & Elsie Hildebrand
By: Gene & Margie Venvertloh
Chuck & Pat Schralla
By: Jerry & Carol Kroner
Babe & Opal Schralla
By: Jerry & Carol Kroner
Bill & Verna Blersch
By: Jerry & Carol Kroner
Bob & Marianne Kroner
By: Jerry & Carol Kroner
Herman & Rita Huber, Riley Liesen
By: Cheryl Liesen
Fitzgerald-Radel-Ray families
By: Chuck & Gerry Radel
Tony & Lucille Frericks
By: Kenny & Theresa Althoff
Elmer Althoff
By: Kenny & Theresa Althoff
Kalina Maple
By: Kenny & Theresa Althoff
Francis & Virginia Griffin & family members
By: Ken & Barb Wolf
Bob Zehnle
By: Sharon Zehnle
Margaret Blaesing
By: Ed Blaesing
Fischer family
By: George & Judy Caspermeyer
Mennel family
By: George & Judy Caspermeyer
Caspermeyer family
By: George & Judy Caspermeyer
Wisman family
By: George & Judy Caspermeyer
Florence & Herman Kemner
By: Donald & Mary Vancil
Laura & John Vancil
By: Donald & Mary Vancil
Paul Barry
By: Margie, Vic, Barry, & Ben Welper
Bill Fischer
By: The family
Earl E. Shade
By: Lorna Shade
Jean, Jenelle, & Amy Stocker
By: Randy, Char, Matt, & Melissa Srocker
Burdette & Loretta Nord
By: Ken & Janice Nord & family
Ivan & Carlene Garey
By: The family
Kroeger, Schlottman, McGlaughlin, & Schmid families
By: Mr. & Mrs. George Kroeger
Sheri George
By: Matt, Kristin, Campbell, & Grace George
Carmen & Ismael Guerra
By: Rosa, Ryan, & Joshua Bowman
Kristen Marie
By: Rosa, Ryan, & Joshua Bowman
Brother Benedict Silva, O.S.B.
By: Rosa, Ryan, & Joshua Bowman
Marge & Dick Welchans
By: Linda Bybee
Robert & Shirley Langan
By: Mike & Nancy Roux
Thelma Roux
By: Mike & Nancy Roux
John Hardy
By: Vivian L. Hardy
Winking & Terwelp families
By: Marvin & Jeanette Winking
John T. Drew
By: Virginia Drew
Steve McNally
By: Virginia Drew
Virginia & Harold Reiter
By: Brad & Gina Dietrich
Virginia Dietrich
By: Brad & Gina Dietrich
Al & Peachy Frese
By: Brad & Gina Dietrich
Area Events
Sat. January 5: QND Winter Pom Pon Kiddie Camp. $30/child,
includes t-shirt, pizza, snack, & admission. Contact Jennifer at
316-2046 or [email protected]
Sat. January 26: QND Music Trivia Night; St. Peter’s Gym.
Doors open at 6:30 p.m. and the event starts at 7:00 p.m.
$100 per table of 8. Bring your own refreshments and
snacks! Must be 21 to participate. For info. Call 224-2598.
Sun. January 27: 2nd Annual St. Peter Pancake & Sausage
breakfast after masses in the gym. $5 for all you can eat on
that plate (refills are ok).
QCES Foundation & Year-End Giving!
As you consider your year-end giving to charitable organizations, the QCES Foundation asks that you consider a charitable gift to the QCES Foundation. All contributions and donations are exempt from federal income taxes to the fullest extent allowable by law. Your gift will help support tuitionassistance programs for QCES families in need. For info.,
please contact Paul Rittof at 779-3157, or [email protected]
Best wishes for a very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!
Please keep the following in your prayers:
~Herb Wand
~Ashley Fessler
~Sierra Miller
~Robert Siebers
~Linda Bordewick ~Don Vancil
~Mike Hamann
~Norbert ‘Whitey’ Pohlman
~Lawrence Obert
~Frank & Isabelle Meyer ~Rita Terford
~Gene Churchwell ~Marjorie Steinkamp
~Shirley O’Hara
~Mary Kientzle
~Michael Dolan
~Becky Lopez
~Fred Manning
~George Klingele
~Jim Althoff
~Edward Evan
~Gary Woodworth
~Charles Rakers
To have a name added to this list, please call Jill in the Parish Office 222-3155 or email [email protected]

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