Page 1 Welcome Lunya is the UK`s first Catalonian fusion restaurant



Page 1 Welcome Lunya is the UK`s first Catalonian fusion restaurant
Lunya is the UK’s first Catalonian fusion restaurant and deli - combining produce and recipes from
Catalunya (and the rest of Spain) with the finest artisan produce from the North West of England
and beyond.
Our menu makes great use of our huge range of authentic Spanish ingredients from the deli
counter, sourced from only the finest artisan producers in Spain – many of whom are up to sixth
generation farmers, ranging from cheese makers, to meat curers and food manufacturers who
still work to centuries’ old recipes and methods.
Complementing our high quality Spanish ingredients, we source the majority of our meat, fish,
fruit and vegetables from local butchers, fishmongers and farms within Merseyside, Cheshire,
Lancashire and North Wales – allowing us to support local producers and our local economy.
Fresh meat is supplied daily by the multi-award winning Edges of New Ferry who provide
complete traceability of local traditional rare breeds that are used on our menu to give a long
forgotten deep meat flavour. Wards of Birkenhead supply much of our fish; their high quality
produce is caught using ethical and sustainable methods, with as much as possible coming from
the shores of the North West and North Wales.
At Lunya, our menu changes regularly to reflect the changing seasons and we aim to provide you
with the best food on the market and truly believe the flavours will shine through. If you would like
any help or advice about the menu, please ask a member of staff who will be more than willing to
give you any pointers to help in choosing.
Here at Lunya, we aim to be a great community business, an excellent employer and ultimately a
restaurant and deli where the passion for our food shines through. We want our service to be the
best there is, and go to great pains to develop and support our staff to provide this. I started
Lunya to share my own passion for food and in particularly my passion for Catalunya, and Spain in
general; I do hope you like our take on it.
When you are here at Lunya, we want you to feel great about your experience and want to return.
If we fall short of our standards, or if there is anything you would like us to do differently, don’t
hesitate to let me or any of my staff know – it is the only way we can really achieve our aspirations.
Buen provecho and bon profit!
Peter Kinsella
Executive Chef and Proprietor
Winners of the 2010 ‘People’s Restaurant of the Year’
from the Liverpool Food and Drink Festival.
Awarded ‘Best Restaurant in Liverpool’ from
Lancashire Life and Cheshire Life.
The not so
small print
About Tapas
The concept of dining with tapas is very different to the traditional 3 course meal. The origin of a tapa comes from its
meaning as ‘lid’, where bars would put a small piece of bread on top of a drink to keep flies away! Over the centuries,
this has evolved to small plates of both simple and very fancy food.
Tapas are for sharing! We would advise about 4 dishes per person as a guide, but do not have them all at once! We will
split them up and bring them both as they are ready and in a sequence that keeps your table top manageable and paces
the dishes out, sometimes splitting them into courses. Share them with your dining partners and enjoy the very
different flavours, textures and look of each dish. Try some of our wonderful cold dishes straight from our wonderful
deli: conserved fish, cured meats and cheeses, all available as sharing platters too. Do not rush your food, enjoy it. Do
it the Spanish way, take your time! Food is more than just fuel; going out should be a memorable occasion, where you
can savour the flavour of the food and make it a social occasion. Dine the true Spanish tapas way and order a dish each,
some drinks, then when you have finished, do the same again, until you are full. The choice is yours!
Allergies and preferences
Please inform a member of staff if you have any food allergies and we will do our best to make our food work for you.
We have marked dishes on our menu which are not suitable for Coeliacs with a W . We can adapt many of our dishes to
leave out flour or offer gluten free bread as an alternative. We also use nuts in our kitchen, as almonds are such a
strong feature of Spanish cooking, therefore items marked with an N are not suitable for nut intolerances.
We hope, with our extensive menu, everyone can find plenty which they enjoy. Everything on our menu is made fresh to
order; so adding something, taking it away or adapting a recipe is no problem at all. Just let your server know and we’ll
be glad to oblige.
Special needs
We want you to enjoy your time with us; if you have any special needs, at all, please let us know. We have a fully
accessible toilet downstairs. Our menu is also available in large print.
Bones and bits
We use real meat and real fish. Despite our chefs being very skilled and careful in their preparation, the odd bone may
find its way into your meal and some of our dishes contain olives which may have the stones still in. Please be careful.
We pay all of our staff a good competitive market wage. Our staff have chosen their own tip policy; they have decided
that your server receives 60% of the tip and the remaining 40% goes into a pool that all the other staff share in. This
gets the balance right between individual and team performance. All of our team play a part in the delivery of great food
and service. We do not use tips to make up anyone’s salary, and do not use any part of a tip to boost the restaurant’s
revenue, whether you leave it as a cash or a credit card tip. We do not expect you to tip; please only do so if you think
your whole experience merits it, and then tip whatever you feel is right! For parties of 8 or more, we have a
discretionary 10% service charge.
Changing our menu
We believe passionately in seasonal food. We change our menu every few months to reflect the best available
ingredients. Make sure you look at our specials menu for new ideas and opportunities to use this week’s market fresh
ingredients. Keep checking our website or find us on Facebook or Twitter for regular updates about menu changes.
Even better, just come back again and again!
Recipes and ingredients
Please do not hesitate to ask for any of the recipes for our food, or about the ingredients. You will discover that we love
to tell you about them. Our deli will remain open all of the time the restaurant is. Please feel free to browse around
and buy anything at all, alternatively your server can fetch anything from the deli for you and add it to your final bill.
All restaurant diners who fill out our feedback card and present it to the deli on the way out will receive 10% off any
deli purchases that day.
Online shop
Don’t forget, everything from our deli is now available online via our web site, where you can order at
your convenience, delivery is available throughout the UK. We have one of the largest Spanish online delis in the UK!
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We only make and sell the
highest quality food – the
standard of which has rarely
been seen in the UK.
Olives & Encurtidos
Recommended drinks: Valdespino Fino sherry or
Del Soto Manzanilla Sherry D.O. (both crisp and dry) or
Estrella Damm on draught
Mixed marinated olives Aceitunas mixtas Olives mixtes
Kikones Kikones Kikones
Fried and salted giant corn kernels from Zaragoza. Excellent
paired with a glass of cold draught beer (a caña in Spain).
Habas Picantes Habas Picantes Fabes picants
Chef’s selection of the finest olives from across Spain including
arbequina, pelotín, gordal, hojiblanco and empeltre olives.
Stuffed giant Gordal olives Aceitunas Gordal rellenas
Olives Gordal parcides
Giant queen Gordal olives from Andalucía, stuffed with fresh orange
segments and marinated in mild chilli juices.
Baby broad beans, fried until they are crispy, and lightly dusted with
hot pimento and salt. These go fabulously with a glass of very cold,
dry Fino sherry.
Pelotín olives Aceitunas Pelotín Olives Pelotín
Uncle Albert’s Barnsley pig
Caspe olives Aceitunas Caspe
Corteza de cerdo W
Costra de porc
Juicy select pieces of pork crackling, heavily salted and seasoned
supplied by Uncle Albert’s of Barnsley. A perfect accompaniment to
a cold Estrella Damm beer.
Banderillas Banderillas Banderillas
A traditional Spanish bar favourite - our own home-made mixtures
of olives, anchovies, boquerones, caperberries, pickles and
guindilla chillies on skewers. Great with a very dry Manzanilla
Juicy Pelotín olives from Andalucía in a marinade of garlic, oregano
and paprika, with a delicate and exquisite flavour.
Olives Caspe
Cracked short-cured green olives from Catalunya in our own
marinade of extra virgin olive oil, fennel seed, fresh garlic and
Manzanilla olives
Aceitunas Manzanilla Olives Manzanilla
Juicy green olives from Andalucía.
Verdial olives Aceitunas Verdial
Olives Verdial
Cracked green olives in a marinade of paprika, garlic and oregano.
Empeltre olives Aceitunas Empeltre Olives Empeltre
Catalan black empeltre olives marinated in aromatic herbs.
Catalan tomato bread Pan con tomate Pa amb tomàquet
Mini Arbequina olives Aceitunas Arbequinas Olives Arbequines
Small, purple-green olives with a slightly crunchy flesh with a very
pure olive flavour – traditional to Catalunya.
Home-made sourdough bread baked in our wood fired oven, lightly
toasted, rubbed with garlic and tomato, then drizzled with extra
virgin olive oil, Maldon salt and cracked black pepper.
Pickled garlic Aio en escabeche All en escabetx
Catalan garlic bread Pan con alioli Pa amb allioli
Giant caperberries Alcaparras gigantes Tàperes gegants
Home-made sourdough bread baked in our wood fired oven, lightly
toasted and spread with our home-made allioli.
Crunchy giant caperberries with a mild nutty flavour, from
Sourdough bread Pan de masa fermentada
Cornichons Pepinillos Cogombres
Pa de massa fermentada
Small, deliciously sweet and crunchy pickled gherkins.
Made to a traditional recipe, from our own locally created
sourdough starter. The bread is baked in our wood fired oven after
over 9 hours of proving. Bread like it used to be made.
Goes fabulously with everything on our menu!
Bread, oil and vinegar Pan, aceite y vinagre Pa, oli i vinagre
Home-made sourdough bread baked in our wood fired oven, served
with a choice of exquisite extra virgin olive oils and vinegars from
Spain – some of the very best in the world. We have a huge range,
please tell your server if you have a favourite.
*Please note that we also stock Genius gluten free bread
Delightful and refreshing snack - crispy, flavoursome with none of
the garlic breath afterwards.
Guindilla chillies Guindillas Bixtos
Sweet and sour pickled mild green chillies.
All £2.95
We only make and sell the
highest quality food – the
standard of which has rarely
been seen in the UK.
Sharing Deli Platters
Many of our cheeses are unpasteurised. Please tell your server if
you are pregnant or cannot eat unpasteurised cheese.
Our large deli platters give you the opportunity to try our
wonderful range of deli produce, perfect to share between
2-4 people
Recommended wines: Abadal Picapoll D.O. Pla de Bages,
Vega Real Roble D.O. Ribera del Duero
Duo of ‘Spanglish’ farmhouse cheeses and pickles
Mixed platter Plato mixto Plat mixt
Plato de quesos de granja ingleses
Plat de formatges anglesos de granja
A selection of our wonderful international award-winning meats,
cheeses, olives and snacks from our deli counter. A great
introduction to a taste of Spain.
Each is an international award winner: Montgomery 12 month
matured Cheddar from Somerset and Castellot, a Catalan cow’s
cheese, very similar to Lancashire, served with piccalilli, plum jelly
and pickled damsons.
Selection of Manchego cheeses and membrillo
Selección de Manchegos con Membrillo
Selecció de Manxegos amb codony
A selection of our wonderful marinated vegetables, cheeses, olives,
home-made dips and snacks from our deli counter.
Platter of Ibérico meats Plato mixto de embutidos Ibéricos
Plat variat d’embotits Ibèrics
Ojos de Guadiana 9 month matured and Villarejo 6 month matured
Manchego with Catalan Membrillo (quince jelly).
Cañarejal and bread sticks (Sharing for 4)
Cañarejal y picos de pan Cañarejal i pics de pa
Perfect for sharing in a small group. Cañarejal is a soft, acidic
ewe’s milk cheese which is at a dipping consistency at room
temperature. A natural fondue – served with small dipping bread
(Half cheese for 2) £8.95
Valdeón with a prune and almond wheel
Valdeón con ciruelas y almendras Valdeón amb prunes i ametlles
A beautiful strong, sharp, salty flavor Valdéon blue cheese wrapped
in maple leaves and matured in caves in the Picos mountains,
served with a fruit wheel of prunes soaked in muscatel wine and
layered with anise and walnuts.
Garrotxa and fig and almond wheel
Vegetarian platter Plato mixta verduras Plat mixt vegetals
Garrotxa con higos y almendras Garrotxa amb figues i ametlles
A traditional Catalan goat’s cheese, with a rind providing
mushroom notes to the cheese, served with a Catalan fruit wheel of
figs soaked in muscatel wine, pressed with anise and almonds.
Idiazabal and figs Idiazábal con Higos Idiazábal amb figues
A smoked ewe’s milk cheese from the Basque country, served with
Hawkeshead fig and cinnamon chutney.
San Simon smoked cheese
Queso San Simon con compota pera y dátiles
Formatge San Simon amb compota de pera i dàtiles
Smoked cow’s cheese from Galicia with Hawkshead pear and date
Finely sliced lomo (cured pork loin), salchichón (salami style
sausage), fuet (small soft sweet cured sausage from Catalunya),
chorizo and morcón (large cuts of pork shoulder and belly, cured
with pimentón).
Platter of Ibérico Bellota meats Plato mixto de embutidos
Ibéricos de Bellota Plat variat d’embotits Ibèrics de Bellota
The ultimate of all cured meats; a plate of finely sliced chorizo,
lomo, salchichón and hand carved, off the bone, Bellota Jamón. All
from free-range Ibérico pigs that feast on rich Spanish acorns,
giving the meat a wonderful soft texture and delightful sweet nutty
taste which comes from the acorn oil.
Platter of Spanish cheeses with fruit
accompaniments Plato de quesos Españoles
Plat de formatges Espanyols N
A great sharing platter of our international award winning Spanish
cheeses from the deli counter, served with membrillo, a fig and
almond wheel and a prune and walnut wheel. Come to the deli
counter and choose your own, if you like!
Platter of cured Galician and Basque fish
Fuente de pescado Font de peix
A sharing platter of Mojama (cured tuna loin from Andalucia), cold
smoked baby mackerel loin and cold smoked anchovies from
Conservas Nardín in Zumaia, loin of Arroyabe Bonito tuna, baby
squid in its own ink and mussels in escabeche from Los Peperetes
of Galicia.
From the kitchen
From the deli
Chorizo in wine Chorizo al vino Xoriço al vi
Recommended wines: Guelbenzu Evo, D.O. Navarra or Valdespino
Amontillado Tío Diego Sherry
Exquisite Catalan chorizo, sautéed with white wine and fennel
seeds, forming an aromatic dunking sauce in your dish.
Recommended wine: Altas de Ruesca Old Vine Garnacha, D.O. Calatayud
Home-made meatballs Albóndigas Mandonguilles
Made from the finest pork and beef from local farms, with garlic,
nutmeg and parsley. Served in a beautiful smooth sofrito (tomato,
onion and red pepper sauce).
Recommended wine: Eos de Loxarel, Syrah, D.O. Penedés
Jamon croquetas Croquetas de jamón Croquetes de pernil
Our own English take on the Spanish croqueta made with Ibérico
ham and leeks, served with HP sauce.
A real fusion of flavours.
Recommended wine: Vina Rufina Joven Roble, D.O. Cigales
Morcilla de Burgos stack with caramelised
Granny Smith apple Morcilla de Burgos Botifarró de Burgos
This rice based black pudding is flavoured with cumin, and is
sautéed with Granny Smith apples, finished off with a caramelised
apple slice and drizzled with a pimentón caramel sauce.
Recommended wine: Bodegas Pirineos Gwertztraminer, D.O. Somantano
Chicken strips with crispy potato Pollo de granja con
patatas crujientes Pollastre de granja amb patates cruixents
Tender strips of local free range chicken, coated with small pieces
of potato crisps, deep fried and dusted with our own special
seasoning. Inspired by Albert Adrià (Ferran’s brother)
Recommended beer: Bottle of St Moritz
Tenderloin of Ibérico pork Lomo de cerdo Ibérico
Llom de porc Ibèric
Ibérico solomillo fillet, seared on our plancha and served pink over
bubble and squeak with an orange and PX sherry reduction. £7.25
Recommended wine: Anima Negra 2, Mallorca
Butifarra with Serrano ham Butifarra con jamón Serrano
Butifarra amb pernil salat
The finest blood sausage from Casa Oms of Catalunya, infused with
orange peel, wrapped in Serrano ham.
Chorizo Chorizo Xoriço
A plate of finely sliced Chorizo Extra, cured in the cool air of Rioja,
made from only the best cuts of pork shoulder and belly pork.
Lomo Lomo Llom
A plate of finely sliced cured pork loin from the village of Trevélez.
The loin is marinated in smoked paprika and air dried giving it a
beautiful smokey sweetness.
Salchichón Salchichón Llonganissa de Vic
A plate of salchichón from the world famous Casa Riera Ordeix in
Vic, Catalunya. Cured in the same building using the same timeless
methods for over 200 years.
Morcón Morcón Morcón
A plate of a traditional Spanish delicacy from Palafolls in
Catalunya. Very similar in flavour to chorizo, but much larger in size
with bigger cuts of meat. Served finely sliced.
Fuet Fuet Fuet
Traditional soft embutido from Vic in Catalunya. Made by the world
famous Casa Riera Ordeix. Soft and sweet sausage made with the
finest cuts of pork, gently seasoned with black pepper.
Fuet with beer Fuet con cerveza Fuet amb Cervesa
A modern take on traditional fuet. Made by the innovative Casa
Oms of Els Hostalets de Balenyà, this fuet is made with a Catalan
stout beer for a wonderful flavour.
Joselito Ibérico Bellota ham
Jamón Ibérico de Bellota Joselito Ibèric de Bellota Joselito
Quite simply, Joselito is the best ham in the world; winner of every
conceivable award and stocked by only the very finest restaurants
and shops in Europe. Cured for over 3 years in the cool mountain
air of Guijuelo, the meat has a richness and sweetness like no
other. Served hand carved from the bone with a pickled fig. £16.95
Recommended wine: Senorio San Vicente, 2004, D.O.C. Rioja
Ibérico Bellota Ham
Catalan Scouse Catalán Scouse Català Scouse
Beautiful acorn fed ham from Extremadura. Sweet and deep
savoury flavour, oozing melting fat from the acorn oil.
Our award winning fusion dish of a traditional Scouse recipe from
chef’s mum with Catalan Morcilla, Chorizo and local root
Recommended beer: Estrella Inedit
Ibérico ribs Catalan Style Costillas Costelles
Ibérico ribs, with our own special Lunya marinade and orange
BBQ sauce, cooked to perfection where the sumptuous meat falls
off the bone.
Recommended wine: Numanthia, D.O. Toro 2002
Crispy belly pork Panceta Cansalada
Local Gloucester Old spot belly pork infused with herbs and cooked
to perfection, served crisp over sautéed greens with a membrillo
Recommended wine: Muga Tinto Reserva, D.O.C. Rioja
Jamón Ibérìco de Bellota Pernil Ibéric de gla
Serrano ham Jamón Serrano Pernil salat
The most famous of all Spanish hams. This Serrano is from
Trevelez, the highest village in Spain. The ham is dry cured for up
24 months (most unusual for a Serrano), giving it a deep savoury
flavour. Served finely hand carved off the bone.
Cured beef Cecina Cecina
A plate of cured and smoked beef from Pablos Cecina in Astorgas,
near León. This is the best Cecina there is; we finely slice it, dust it
with cracked pepper, pomegranate seeds and a drizzle of olive oil.
From the kitchen
From the deli
Giant fish platter for sharing Parrillada de pescado
Mackerel ConceptionLetón y huevas de caballa
Graellada de peix
Semen i ous de verat
Market fresh seafood and fish, grilled, roasted or fried, served on a
giant sharing platter with home-made allioli, lemon wedges and
melted butter. Our selection of the following seasonal fish and
seafood may include: hake, monk-fish, salmon, pollock, mackerel,
salt cod, prawns, mussels, cuttle fish, squid, cod cheeks and razor
clams. Ask your server for details.
A Basque delicacy popularised by Ferran Adría. Mackerel semen and
eggs on toast. Suspend what your head tells you, this is divine! £5.45
Recommended wine: Palacio De Fefiñanes Albariño 1583, D.O. Rías
Baixas, Galicia
Cornish squid in Cain’s rasin beer batter
Recommended wine: Del Soto Pale Cream Sherry
Marisco salad Ensalada Marisco Amanida de marisc
The Spanish tapas bar staple in Barcelona. A medley of prawns,
surimi crabsticks, mayonnaise and parsley served with Spanish
regañas (breadsticks).
Recommended wine: Vivanco Rosé, D.O.C. Rioja
Calamares a la romana Calamars a la romana
Stuffed Piquillo peppers
Large Squid, caught daily off the coast of Cornwall, deep fried in a
light Cain’s beer batter, served with our home-made allioli. £5.95
Pimientos del piquillo rellenos Pebrots del piquillo farcits
Recommended wine: Orballo Albariño, D.O. Rías Baixas, Galicia
Tortilla de Fish and Chips
Flame roasted Piquillo peppers stuffed with Arroyabe Bonito Tuna,
creamed cheese, parsley and cornichons.
Recommended wine: Etim Rosé, D.O. Montsant
Tortilla de patatas y pescado Truita de patates i peix
Our ‘fusion’ tortilla, with cod and parsley, battered, deep fried and
served with mushy peas.
Recommended wine: Terra do Gargalo, D.O. Monterrei, Galicia
Griddled Razor Clams
Navajas a la plancha Navalles a la planxa
Fresh sweet English razor clams cooked on our plancha and
finished with parsley, garlic and extra virgin olive oil.
Conserved Fish
Spanish conserved fish is the best pick of any catch. It is either
cured, smoked, or cooked and then canned in its own juices or
wonderful local sauces. Often enhancing the flavour and texture of
the fish, they are a great example of a true tapas bar offering.
Recommended wine: V3 Verdejo, D.O. Rueda
Recommended wines: Del Soto Manzanilla sherry, Valdespino Fino
Inocente sherry
King prawns pil pil Gambas al pil pil Gambes al pil pil
A quartet of anchovies
King prawns slow cooked in olive oil, garlic, chilli and vanilla pods,
a fabulous twist on a traditional favourite.
Cuarteto de anchoas Quartet d'anxoves
Recommended wine: Fuenteseca, Macabaeo Sauvignon Blanc,
D.O. Utiel Requena (Valencia)
Four different presentations of the stunning anchovy: cold smoked from
Zumaia, boquerones from Andalucia, salted from Getaria and hot
smoked from the Turkish Mediterannean. This is as good as fish gets
and heaven on a plate.
Galician style octopus Pulpo a la Gallega Pop a la gallega
Cantabrian smoked anchovies
Octopus served Galician style. Boiled, sliced and served on a
traditional wooden plate on a bed of boiled potatoes, drizzled with
the finest extra virgin olive oil, pimentón and Maldon salt.
Anchoas ahumadas de Cantabria Anxoves fumades de Cantabria
Recommended wine: Segrel Ambar, Albariño, D.O. Rías Baixas, Galicia
Cold smoked Cantabrian anchovy fillets from Conservas Nardin of
Zumaia, with a drizzle of extra virgin Nunez de Prado Baena extra virgin
olive oil and Pedro Ximinez balsamic vinegar reduction.
Gulas Gulas Gules
Boquerones and crispy potatoes
A tapas bar favourite in the north of Spain. Originally elvers (baby
eels), these are made from Alaskan pollock and served in hot olive
oil with hot red chilli and garlic.
Boquerones de patatas crujientes Seitons de patates cruixents
Recommended wine: Castello de Medina, Sauvignon Blanc, D.O. Rueda
Salt cod buñuelos Buñuelos de bacalao Bunyols de bacallà
A tapas bar favourite. Salt cod, parsley, garlic and mashed potato,
deep fried and served with our home-made allioli.
Recommended wine: Cuatro Rayas Verdejo, D.O. Rueda
Hake in Asturian Cider Merluza en salsa de sidra Asturiana
Lluç en salsa de sidra Asturiana
Market fresh hake baked in our wood oven in parcels with cider,
green pepper and Spanish onions, served over sea spinach with a
traditional Asturian cider sauce.
Recommended wine: Txomin, D.O. Guetaria Txakolina
Seared cod cheeks Caradura de bacalao Galtes de bacallà
Seared North Atlantic cod cheeks (similar to scallops) with crispy
Trevelez Jamón Serrano and dehydrated Gordal olives on a bed of
romesco sauce.
Recommended wine: Tondonia Gran Reserva Blanco, 1976, D.O. Rioja
Mussels Mejillones Musclos
Chef’s favourite and a true taste of a tapas bar. Exquisite Andalucian
boquerones (anchovies preserved in a marinade of vinegar, herbs and
garlic), served over Yorkshire crisps.
Mojama Mojama Moixama
Air dried and cured tuna loin from Andalucia – an unusal and delicious
Spanish delicacy, wonderful with crusty bread.
Cold Smoked baby mackerel
Cría de caballa ahumada Cria de cavalla fumada
Cold smoked baby mackerel fillets from Conservas Nardin of Zumaia,
served with a drizzle of Nunez de Prado Baena extra virgin olive oil and
Pedro Ximinez balsamic vinegar reduction.
Chipirones in their own ink
Chipirons en su tinta Xipirons en la seva tinta
Tiny baby squid from Galicia, cooked in their own ink giving a sweet and
gentle flavour.
Duo of Mussels Dúo de mejillones Duet de musclos
Conserved mussels prepared two ways: in an escabeche sauce (light
vinaigrette) and in a Galician tomato sauce. This method of preparation
really softens the mussels and deepens their flavour with the marinade.
Sardinas en aceite de oliva Sardines en oli de oliva
Beautiful Menai mussels steamed with Manzanilla sherry, parsley
and a touch of garlic.
Sardines in olive oil
Recommended wine: Navajas Blanco, D.O.C Rioja
Tiny Brujula sardines, conserved in olive oil, served on crostini.
Cuttle fish Sepia Sípia
Hot smoked baby mackerel
Griddled on our plancha, served traditionally dressed in extra-virgin
olive oil, parsley and garlic.
Tiny baby mackerel, hot smoked giving them a gentle and deep flavour
Recommended wine: Etim Blanc, D.O. Montsant
Cria de caballa ahumada caliente Cría de verat fumat en calent
Razor-clams Navajas Navalles
The sweetest Galician razor-clams served with a glaze of Olorosso
balsamic vinegar.
From the kitchen
Salads from the deli
Our extensive range of vegetable tapas from the kitchen are
suitable for vegetarians.
Valdeón cheese and chicory leaves
Padrón peppers Pimientos del Padrón Pebrots del Padrón
Small green peppers (1 in 20 is very hot, with the rest having a
beautiful mild flavour), sautéed with extra virgin olive oil and
Maldon sea salt. Russian roulette on your plate!
Recommended wine: Vina Gravonia Heredia Reserva Blanco, D.O.C. Rioja
Spanish omelette Tortilla de Patatas Truita de Patates
Home-made tortilla, cooked to perfection and made with local
potatoes and free range eggs. Served the traditional Spanish way,
cold – the taste of Spain, right here in Liverpool. If you want yours
heated up, please tell your server.
Recommended wine: Cuatro Rayas Verdejo, D.O. Rueda
Patatas bravas Patatas bravas Patates braves
Local Estima potatoes, cooked three times until ultra crisp on the
outside and fluffy and moist on the inside, served with our own
home-made spicy bravas sauce and allioli.
Recommended wine: Casa de la Ermita Crianza, D.O. Jumilla
Chickpeas, spinach and sun-dried tomatoes
Valdeón con hojas de achicoria Valdeón amb fulles de xicoira
Baby chicory leaves served with crumbled Valdeón blue cheese and
toasted walnuts in a honey and muscatel wine dressing.
Recommended wine: Vallemayor Joven Blanco, D.O.C. Rioja
Russian salad Ensaladilla Rusa Ensalada Russa
Our very posh version of the Spanish tapas bar favourite. Made
entirely with freshly cooked peas, green beans, peppers, potatoes
and egg, bound in our punchy home-made mayonnaise.
Recommended wine: Torre del Gall Cava Rosé Cava
Mixed Catalan salad Ensalada mixta Amanida mixta
The classic Barcelona salad of leaves, tomatoes, onions, olives,
eggs and tuna in a special vinaigrette dressing.
Recommended wine: Bodegas Pirineos Gwertstramminer, D.O.
Patatas allioli Patatas Allioli Patates amb allioli
A favourite of tapas bars across Spain. Garlic mayo potatoes –
strongly flavoured as it should be!
Recommended wine: Saniger Brut Reserva Cava
Mixed leaves Ensalada de mil hojas Amanida de mil fulles
Garbanzos con espinacas Cigrons amb espinacs
Chick peas from Fuentasauca, braised with spinach, pimentón and
sun-dried tomatoes, giving a fabulous earthy and nutty bowl of
Rocket, baby spinach and lollo rosso, tossed in our beautiful
dressing made from orange blossom honey, muscatel wine vinegar
and arberquina olive oil.
Recommended wine: Valdespino Amontillado Contrabandista 18 º Sherry
Recommended wine: Etim Blanc, D.O. Montsant
Deep fried Monte Enebro goat’s cheese Queso de cabra W
Monte Enebro frito Formatge de cabra Monte Enebro fregit
Amanida d'espàrrecs blancs
World cheese award winner. Monte Enebro (meaning juniper hill) is
a sublime goat’s cheese, deep fried to melting point and drizzled
with Catalan orange blossom honey from Alemany.
White asparagus salad Ensalada de espàrragos blancos
White asparagus from Navarra, with rocket, Manchego shavings
and an Olorosso sherry vinegar glaze.
Petit Arnau Rosé, Merlot/Pinot Noir, D.O. Penedés
Recommended wine: Casa de la Érmita Viognier, D.O. Jumilla
Garlic mushrooms Setas con ajo Bolets amb all
Woodland mushrooms, cooked in garlic and olive oil, providing a
definitive taste of Spain.
Recommended wine: Loxarel Cora (Chardonnay/Muscat), D.O. Penedés
With a creamy La Peral blue cheese sauce.
Recommended wine: Formiga D.O.C. Priorat
Patatas a lo Pobre Patatas a lo pobre Patates de pobre
A traditional peasant dish of Spain (literally, meaning poor man’s
potatoes) potatoes sautéed with onion, peppers and garlic to a
sticky caramelised finish.
Recommended wine: Abadal 5 Merlot, D.O. Pla de Bages
Escalivada Escalivada Escalivada
Roasted and marinated Mediterranean vegetables including
aubergine, artichoke, mushrooms, red pepper and sun dried
tomato. Perfect with our sourdough bread.
Recommended wine: Vallemayor Joven Tinto, D.O.C. Rioja
Cabrales and Asturian cider pate
We make all of our Paella’s fresh to order with the very best
Bomba rice from Sueca,seasoned with beautiful Pimentón de la
Vera, Spanish saffron and the best fresh ingredients, these are as
authentic as you get!
Our range of Paella's can take approx 40 minutes to cook (more at
busier times); if you have had Paella quicker than this in the past,
it has been microwaved or part cooked! Available as individual
portions or for groups where they come served to your table in
giant pans. It is worth the wait! Have some tapas and drinks as
your starters.
Recommended wines: Fuenteseca Macabeo Sauvignon Blanc, D.O.
Utiel-Requena; Muga Blanco, D.O.C. Rioja
Cabrales con paté de sidra Cabrales amb paté de sidra
Our own home-made pate made with the exceptionally strong
Asturian cheese Cabrales and El Gaitero Asturian cider, served with
crusty bread and muscatel raisins.
Recommended wine: Abadal Picapoll, D.O. Pla de Bages
Mushroom fideua Fideua de setas Fideuà de bolets
Seafood Paella Paella de Mariscos Paella de marisc
Made with market fresh seasonal fish and shell-fish.
£14.95 per person
Mixed Paella Paella mixta Paella mixta
A vegetarian twist on a traditional Catalan dish. Wild mushrooms,
cooked in an Amontillado sherry infused broth, with angel
hair pasta.
Made with market fresh fish, meat and vegetables.
£14.95 per person
Vegetarian Paella Paella de verduras Paella de verdures
Recommended wine: Abadal 3.9 Reserva, D.O. Pla de Bages
Made with market fresh vegetables.
Mediterranean vegetable tempura Tempura de verduras
Arroz Negro Arroz Negro Arròs negre
mediterráneas Tempura de verdures mediterrànies W
Market selection of peppers, Spanish onions and courgettes, coated
in crispy tempura batter and served with our home-made spicy
romesco sauce.
Recommended wine: Torecilla Rose, D.O. Navarra
£13.95 per person
A Catalan favourite of paella rice, cooked in a spicy broth with
squid ink, calamari and cuttle fish. Traditionally served with our
home-made allioli.
£13.95 per person
We only make and sell the
highest quality food – the
standard of which has rarely
been seen in the UK.
Tapas banquets
Please note:
All prices are per priced person. Banquets are for a minimum of 2 people. One banquet is needed for each person dining and they are
split into multiple courses. Vegetarian alternatives are available in every banquet.
Born £17.50 per person
Kikones (fried and seasoned giant corn kernels)
Freshly made bread and a selection of the world’s finest
olive oils and vinegars W
Platter of award winning Spanish meats
Platter of award winning Spanish cheeses
Catalan tomato bread W
Tortilla Española
Albόndigas (home-made meatballs) W
Chorizo sautéed in white wine with fennel seeds
Patatas bravas
Eixample £22.50 per person
Kikones (fried and seasoned giant corn kernels)
Habas Picantes (fried and crispy spicy baby broad beans)
Freshly made bread and a selection of the world’s finest
olive oils and vinegars W
Platter of award winning Spanish meats
Platter of award winning Spanish cheeses
Catalan tomato bread W
Tortilla Española
Albóndigas (home-made meatballs) W
Calamari in Cain’s raisin beer batter W
Catalan BBQ ribs
Chorizo sautéed in white wine with fennel seeds
Patatas bravas
Diagonal £27.50 per person
Kikones (fried and seasoned giant corn kernels)
Habas Picantes (fried and crispy spicy baby broad beans)
Freshly made bread and a selection of the world’s finest
olive oils and vinegars W
Platter of award winning Spanish Ibérico Bellota meats
Platter of award winning Spanish cheese
Catalan tomato bread W
Tortilla de 'fish and chips' with mushy peas W
Crispy belly pork with membrillo sauce
Chicken strips in crispy potato W
Steamed Menai mussels
Calamari in Cain’s raisin beer batter W
Patatas a lo pobre
Gracia £32.50 per person
Giant Gordal olives stuffed with orange and chilli
Kikones (fried and seasoned giant corn kernels)
Habas Picantes (fried and crispy spicy baby broad beans)
Freshly made bread and a selection of the world’s finest
olive oils and vinegars
Platter of award winning Spanish Ibérico Bellota meats
Torta de Cañarejal and bread sticks W
Catalan tomato bread W
Tenderloin of Ibérico pork with bubble and squeak W
Butifarra negra with Serrano ham
Catalan BBQ ribs
Seared cod cheeks with dehydrated Gordal olives on
romesco sauce
Calamari in Cain’s raisin beer batter W
Salt cod buñuelos W
Steamed Menai mussels
Catalan style spinach N
Patatas a lo pobre
We only make and sell the
highest quality food – the
standard of which has rarely
been seen in the UK.
We hope your children are inspired to try some new dishes from our menu.
Our children’s menu is divided into two parts to cater for every age group and preference.
Part 1
If there is anything that your little ones love and is not on the menu, please let us know. Our chefs have very full larders, and we should be
able to rustle something up. This might include: Spaghetti in a tomato sauce, Spaghetti in a cream sauce with bacon or ham, Melted
cheese and ham wrap with tomato ketchup. Just let us know what your little one likes!
£5.25 for a small child, £6.95 for an older child
Part 2 Tapas Selection
Here, we have selected dishes from our main tapas menu which we know most children love. If your children are a little bigger we can do
any of these as a larger (double) portion.
Tomato bread
Battered squid
Home-made bread with our own tomato sauce.
Garlic bread
Soft and succulent squid rings, deep fried in a light batter, served
with our home-made garlic mayo.
Fish and chips tortilla
Home-made bread and our home-made garlic spread.
Home-made meatballs
Minced pork and beef meatballs in a lovely tomato sauce.
Chicken strips coated with crispy potato
Tender strips of chicken, coated with potato crisps, and sprinkled
with our own lightly-spiced salt.
Fried Chorizo
Spicy chorizo fried in its own juices.
Croquetas W
Deep-fried crispy Jamón croquetas with HP sauce.
Our ‘fusion’ tortilla, with cod and parsley, battered, deep fried and
served with mushy peas.
Patatas bravas
Crispy potato chunks served with garlic mayo and our own spicy
tomato sauce.
Spanish omelette
A thick slice of Spanish potato omelette.
Chunky chips and ketchup
Our own home-made chips.
Catalan ribs
Ibérico ribs, with our own special Lunya marinade and orange
BBQ sauce.
Spanish Language Lessons for Kids!
Every Sunday morning, we are
holding fun Spanish language lessons
for children.
Parents can have a leisurely breakfast
downstairs and read the papers, whilst your
little ones have great fun upstairs learning
Spanish. Don’t forget we also hold mid-week
Spanish language lessons for adults too!
Please register your interest at [email protected]
& Offers
Flamenco and Salsa lessons Spanish Language Lessons
Get in shape with our Flamenco and Salsa lessons! Every
and Tapas
Monday at 7.30pm, we have Flamenco dancing lessons
and Salsa dancing lessons on Wednesday at
7.30pm. Advance booking is essential. Great to come on
your own, as a couple or with a group of friends! The
cost is £15 a session and includes tuition, 2 tapas and a
drink. Please register your interest at [email protected]
For Kids
Every Sunday morning, we are holding fun Spanish
language lessons for children. Parents can have a
leisurely breakfast downstairs and read the papers, whilst
your little ones have great fun upstairs learning Spanish.
Please register your interest at [email protected]
Gourmet nights and
wine tasting events
For Adults
Throughout the year we hold a language and tapas
course. Running over 6 weeks, and on a Tuesday night,
this is an opportunity to pick up enough Spanish for when
you go on holiday. The cost is £15 a session and includes
tuition, 2 tapas and a drink. Please register your interest
at [email protected]
Each month we hold our very own special gourmet food
and wine tasting evenings hosted by our Executive Chef
Peter Kinsella and our food and wine producers. On the
night you can enjoy a special menu created specifically
around the wines, showcasing the very best of Catalan,
Spanish and fusion cooking. Follow us on
facebook/twitter or check our website for updates our
next event.
Monday night
is free wine night!
Every Monday night* when 2 people spend £35 on
food, they get a free bottle of Las Corazas wine.
Book now to avoid disappointment!
*excludes bank holidays
and outside catering
You can rent out part or all of Lunya for a special occasion.
It makes a great venue for product launches, networking
events and family occasions. Lunya can also provide a full
outside catering service for boardroom lunches and
private parties, including a highly skilled chef to hand
carve the very best Jamón at your party.
Also, do you know we offer a free breakfast delivery to
many of the serviced apartments in the city centre, deli
boxes and very special hampers on request!
Weekday lunch specials
from £7.95
Home-made soup and deli sandwich
3 Tapas and a portion of freshly baked bread £9.95
Available Monday to Friday* 12.00-5.00pm
*excludes bank holidays
All around the walls of the restaurant we have on display
artwork by local artist as well as unusual papier mache
statues impored from a Catalan artists collective in
Barcelona. They are made to centuries old papier mache
techniques and decorated in a Gaudi‐esque style with a
kaleidoscope and mosaic of colours. If you are interested
in purchasing any of the sculptures or artwork, please just
ask your server for further details.
In the roof space, we have artwork created by local artists
and our own staff, all of it in the style of, or inspired by
great Catalan artists such as Joan Miró and the mosaic
work of Gaudi. What a talented team we have!
We have selected some of the best wines to accompany your dessert alternatively please refer to our wine list for an
extensiveselection of dessert wines, Spanish liqueurs and sherries.
Chocolate fondant
Crema Catalana
Pudín de chocolate con pimenton Xocolata fondant
The ubiquitous Catalan dessert, often confused for its inferior
cousin of Crème brulee. Silky smooth Catalan custard, with a burnt
sugar crust.
Chef’s own fusion recipe. Rich chocolate fondant with a melting
dark chocolate centre and a hidden surprise of Spanish smoked
paprika, served with black cherries. Takes approx 15 minutes to
prepare, but well worth the wait!
Recommended wine: Airam Espelt Garnacha (red dessert wine)
Rhubarb and quince crumble
Local rhubarb (often from chef’s garden); with quince jelly and a
traditional crumble topping with toasted marcona almonds served
with home-made custard.
Recommended wine: Del Soto Pale Cream Sherry
Literally meaning ‘cake of St. James’. A traditional cake from
Galicia in northern Spain, delightfully rich and dense, packed with
ground almonds and a powdered sugar topping. Served with a
scoop of Cheshire Farm vanilla ice-cream.
Recommended liqueur: Licor 43
Recommended wine: Goya Capricho Moscatel
Our Catalan take on an Italian classic. Cheshire Farm vanilla
ice-cream with a shot of Barcelona coffee Saula, and a home-made
Sevilla biscuit with aniseed.
Recommended wine: Dulce de Pasas PX
Infusifin de pasas y ceregas con helado de turrón
Infusifi de panses i cireres amb gelat de torró
A scoop of Cheshire Farm vanilla ice cream topped with muscatel
raisins infused with extra thick and sweet 20-year old Pedro
Ximinez sherry, and a crumbling of Turron de Jijona.
Recommended wine: Don PX Gran Reserva 17°
Xocolata amb Xurros
Straight from the streets of Barcelona. Our home made Churros,
sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar, served with a cup of extra hot
chocolate, perfect for dunking!
Recommended wine: Airam Espelt Garnacha (red dessert wine)
Selection of Cheshire Farm, ice creams and sorbets
PX Sherry infused raisins with ice cream and turrón
Heaven on a plate. A recipe adapted from the Bishop of
Birkenhead, this luscious white chocolate cheesecake, brimming
with the flavour of vanilla beans, served with chilli infused
Chocolate and Churros Chocolate con Churros
Affogato with a twist
White chocolate cheesecake with chilli infused
raspberries Tarta de queso y chocolate blanco
Pastís de formatge i xocolata blanc
Ruibarbo con membrillo Ruibard amb codony
Tarta de Santiago
Valdespino Pedro Ximinez El Candado 18 º Sherry
Selección de helados y sorbetes Selecció de gelats i sorbets
Three scoops of your choice. Ask your server for today’s flavours.
Recommended wine: Goya Moscatel Clásico
Cheese board Queso Formatge
Your choice of 3 cheeses from our extensive range of over 20 of the
best Spanish cheeses, with accompaniments. Come and choose
them from the deli counter if you like!
Recommended wine: Abadal 3.9 Cabernet Sauvignon/Syrah,
D.O Pla de Bages
Hot Drinks
Tea selection
We import our own coffee direct from the award winning
Café Saula in Barcelona, suppliers of the very best coffee
beans in the whole of Spain – a beautiful coffee with no
bitterness and a wonderful crema.
English Tea
Earl Grey
Green Tea
Double Espresso
Black Coffee
Café con leche (white coffee)
The following selections of teas come from a company called
‘Today Was Fun’ who make a range of teas based on their philosophy
of having a great life.
Café Bombom
Hot Chocolate
Why not enjoy a plate of exquisite Spanish biscuits, turrón and sweets
£2.00 extra per person
with your coffee/tea?
Herbal & Fruit Tea
a fragrant blend of Hibiscus flower, rosemary and Cardamom
a blend of sunny Marigold flowers and Hawthorn berries
a blend of lemongrass, orange and peppermint leaf
a blend of lemon balm, lime flowers and a touch of Lavender
Liqueur coffees
a blend of raspberry leaf with a hint of peppermint
Liven up your coffee with a hint of liqueur.
A perfect way to end a meal!
Love Love
Calypso coffee
Baileys coffee
Irish coffee
Brandy coffee
Licor 43 Coffee
organic rose buds and petals with coriander and liquorice root
All £2.95