10 MPH Press Kit



10 MPH Press Kit
Seattle to Boston
When their office jobs become soul-numbing, a pair of aspiring filmmakers ditch the cubicles and hit the open road. One rides a Segway from Seattle to Boston
and the other directs a documentary about the experience.
10 MPH is a comical documentary that follows a pair of aspiring filmmakers as they quit their jobs and turn a friend's ludicrous idea into a movie. The impulsive
purchase of a two-wheeled Segway scooter sets this story in motion when the two friends decide to travel from Seattle to Boston at 10 MPH in an attempt to
change their lives forever... What ensues is a road trip like none other with a haphazard cast of characters you could only find on a zany 100-day trek through
America’s back roads. Each poignant story the two friends discover along the way inspires a craving inside to go out and do that thing you're supposed to do.
When their office jobs become soul-numbing, a pair of aspiring filmmakers ditch the cubicles and hit the open road as a way to convert their passion to become
filmmakers into reality. Shortly after quitting their jobs, a college buddy comes up with the idea of riding a Segway coast to coast. They figure this would be a great
way to help them capture a true sense of what America is all about.
The two friends quickly initiate plans for the trip and enlist the assistance of a sibling and a college intern as their main support team. They struggle to find anyone,
including the company that makes Segways, to help support them. To overcome this, they decide it’s up to them to make it happen.
The journey from Seattle to Boston unfolds with beautiful scenery, humble American stories, Segway goofiness, and a road trip that is like no other. They meet
many interesting characters, including a couple of laid-back sheriffs in Idaho, a cross-country motorcycle group in Wyoming, a stone mason in Kansas, a monster
truck driver in Missouri, and a guy who wears four hats in New Hampshire.
Hard times hit and the two friends are faced with some daunting decisions on how they are going to complete the trip
when some of the finances promised fall through.
They persist and realize their determination has changed their lives forever.
A Spinning Blue Production 3421 Meade St. Denver, Colorado :: 720.217.1566
Seattle to Boston
Back Story
How It Began
Hunter Weeks and Josh Caldwell met in college while studying abroad in Indonesia. This exotic adventure served as a precursor to the exploratory path the two
friends would lead as business partners and eventually co-producers of 10 MPH, a feature-length independent documentary and their debut as filmmakers.
They began their entrepreneurial journey in Tucson, Arizona with the launch of a non-profit organization aspiring to explore the world through web-based
multi-media presentation. Throughout the next few years, they realized several periods of growth and transition until the time came for them to leave their
nine-to-five web marketing jobs to pursue careers in film and multimedia.
They launched their production company, Spinning Blue, and soon after began production on a documentary following a whirlwind coast-to-coast 10 mph road trip
that would solidify their passions for filmmaking.
Their previous professional endeavors armed Hunter and Josh with the business knowledge, strategic sense and logic they needed to successfully undertake a
feature-length production. Their sense of adventure, curiosity and passion for telling stories gave them the courage they needed to dive in head-first.
With virtually no connections in the film industry, no formal training and no financial backing, Hunter and Josh whole-heartedly embraced the independent nature
of this first production. Taking a grassroots approach to building a web of supporters throughout communities across the country, Hunter and Josh were able to
create a qualified film while defying conventional means to filmmaking.
They used one Sony PD-150, an anamorphic lens, along with some additional microphones during production, logging 180 hours of footage after an intense
100-day period of principal photography. They rallied a small post-production team, soliciting help from the Denver film community for motion graphics, sound
engineering, and other post-production needs. They edited the film using Final Cut Pro.
Spinning Blue is currently producing the first major feature documentary about fantasy football, currently titled 10 YARDS.
It’ll exhibit some of the same style of filmmaking Hunter and Josh have established with 10 MPH.
A Spinning Blue Production 3421 Meade St. Denver, Colorado :: 720.217.1566
Seattle to Boston
Character Bios
Give him a camera and an idea and Hunter Weeks makes a solid film director, but give him a tractor and a quick lesson and he won’t last a day
as a farmer. Hunter narrates the film and carries with him an upbeat attitude about life and meeting the challenge of getting from Seattle to
Hunter Weeks
Boston. His trusted dog, Alby, travels by his side. In addition to directing the film, he is a co-producer of 10 MPH. Hunter lives in Denver, CO.
Josh Caldwell rode the Segway the entire 4300 miles from Seattle to Boston. His stoic demeanor and easy-going attitude make him the ideal
guy to stand on a scooter for hours a day. One month prior to the trip, he'd never even stepped atop a Segway. Josh edited and co-produced 10
Josh Caldwell
MPH and currently resides in Denver, CO.
j.fred is an armchair philosopher. j.fred is credited for coming up with the idea behind this off-beat, hilarious road trip. His quirky streams of
consciousness and optimism are captured throughout the film. During filming, he lived in Brooklyn, NY, and now currently resides in East
Lansing, MI.
As the only girl on the road trip, Hunter's twin sister brings a much needed female perspective to the film. She braved day after day of "quality"
car time with the guys. Gannon is inspired by life moments which is not only captured in the story, but also in the map and intro illustrations
Gannon Weeks
she painted for the film. Gannon currently lives in Seattle, WA.
Segway enthusiast and avid video game designer, Alon Waisman was the intern for the road trip. With his techie mentality, he helped guide
Josh and the Segway from a laptop in the front seat of the Jeep. As vehement as he was about not eating beef while traveling, he mistakenly
Alon Waisman
ingested red meat numerous times. Alon currently lives in Phoenix, AZ.
A Spinning Blue Production 3421 Meade St. Denver, Colorado :: 720.217.1566
Seattle to Boston
Press, Screenings & Awards
Press Highlights
Screening History
NPR Weekend Edition (3 interviews with Liane Hansen)
Vail Film Festival (April 2006)
CNN Morning New program (national)
East Lansing Film Festival (April 2006; Best Documentary)
Fox News Weekend program (national)
Longbaugh Film Festival (April 2006)
NECN Evening News (Northeast)
Solstice Film Festival (June 2006; Closing Film Honors)
Woods Hole Film Festival (July 2006)
True West Cinema Festival (August 2006)
Sync Magazine
Toofy Film Fest (August 2006; Best Documentary)
Wired News
Sidewalk Moving Picture Festival (September 2006)
New York Times feature article
San Diego Film Festival (September 2006)
Boston Globe
Baytowne Film Festival (November 2006)
Denver Post
Oxford Film Festival (February 2007)
Cleveland Plain Dealer
Birmingham News
Minneapolis Star-Tribune
Best Documentary at East Lansing Film Festival (2006)
Kansas City Star
Best Documentary at Solstice Film Festival (2006)
Japan Times
Golden Toof Award for Best Documentary Feature at Toofy Film Festival (2006)
Globe and Mail
Yahoo!’s Pick of the day
News.com, and countless websites
A Spinning Blue Production 3421 Meade St. Denver, Colorado :: 720.217.1566
Seattle to Boston
Featured Music
10 MPH was born out of independence, a desire to pursue a path of self choice, and finding a way to express creativity outside of a corporate lifestyle. Embracing
this philosophy we have collected the talents of many local and international musicians. The powerful soundtrack has elicited praise from festival audiences
country-wide. Two of the featured musicians have been highlighted in Paste Magazine earlier this year and are booking tours with mainstream artists.
Brett Dennen (http://www.brettdennen.com)
Every now and then an artist emerges on the scene as if fully formed. The voice is distinct, immediate in its character. The songs feel like they truly belong to the
singer. Born in the small gold rush town of Oakdale CA, and home schooled into his teens left Brett Dennen plenty of room to explore a wealth of artistic
tendencies. Without a mold to conform to, or a classroom full of peers to be compared with, he developed a compelling natural voice. His music has been featured
in the hit television shows Grey’s Anatomy and Scrubs. He is currently on tour with John Mayer, who spotted him at a concert in the summer of 2006.
Roman Candle (http://www.romancandlemusic.com)
For three years, music industry executives have agreed that Roman Candle is one of the best, most complete American rock bands to surface in a decade. In 2006,
signed with V2 Records, the band released a new version of their first album called “The Wee Hours Revue”. Roman Candle has been featured in Paste Magazine
as a “Paste Recommends - Best New Music” album. “Something Left to Say” was also featured on the Paste Magazine CD sampler.
Daphne Loves Derby (http://www.daphnelovesderby.com)
With an acclaimed debut and a strong live following, Daphne Loves Derby release their new album, and offer an instant indie rock classic full of rich hooks and
melodies. Though the band traces its roots to the earlier part of the decade, it is best known for its 2005 Outlook-released full-length debut, On the Strength of All
Convinced. Daphne Loves Derby is a celebrated band on Pure Volume and held the number one spot on their Unsigned Artists page. The band has a major headline
tour currently underway.
Additional Musicians
Aster, Easily Amused, Bloody Lovelies, Bell Dora, Stormdrain, Carol McComb, Enter the Haggis, Marita Brake, Baby Teeth,
Breadfoot, Urban Horse Thieves, Jeff Arrigo, Guitarboy, Frank Bonifazi, Meghann Robinson, Nigel, Rob Getzschman,
Blake9, Olive Green, De Yarmond Edision, Killfix, Holiday and the Adventure Pop Collective, The Naked Apes,
Hot IQs, Gypsy Grass,and Matt Singer.
A Spinning Blue Production 3421 Meade St. Denver, Colorado :: 720.217.1566