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ComQuest Reports - ComQuest Academy Charter High School
ComQuest Reports
ComQuest Academy Charter High School
Volume XII
Editor: Teri Garza
May 2015
Thanks for a great school year!
Congratulations to all of our Graduates!
Fifteen students graduated from
ComQuest Academy this school year.
Graduation ceremonies were held at
Champion Forest Baptist Church on
December 18, 2014 and May 28, 2015.
Both ceremonies included all of the
tradition celebrations. Students
marched in to Pomp and Circumstance,
their Diplomas were certified, and they
then joyfully tossed their graduation
The December ceremony included
Patrick Kelly leading the Pledge of
Allegiance, Jessica Grimm reciting a
prayer, and Breanna Riddle applauding
and encouraging her fellow graduates
with the Student Address.
Savannah Farmer led the Pledge of
Allegiance at the May graduation
ceremony. Tyler Bolton followed with
the prayer and Ariel
Cosper contributed a
cheerful Student Address.
ComQuest Academy
was happy to include
Debra Stamper from Lone
Star College-Tomball to
present scholarships to
Breanna Riddle and Tyler
Bolton. Another highlights
of the evening was the
slide show of pictures and
quotes created by Mr.
Thank you graduates
for allowing ComQuest to
be part of your life.
Congratulations and Good
ComQuest Academy
Charter High School
2014-2015 Graduates
Henry Gus Allen *
Tyler Allen Bolton
Desjamebra Paris Breshae Busby*
Ariel Fay Cosper*
Marin Kerstin Cruz*
Monica Diaz*
Savannah Renee Farmer*
Joshua Dakota Franz
Jessica Kayleah Grimm
Patrick Jacob Kelly*
Daisy Yahaira Napoles*
Juan Jose Perez Jr.
Victoria Jamilex Ramirez*
Breanna Nichole Riddle*
Jessica Alan Williams
*Recommended Diploma
Created: Fall 2014
Semester for entry
into North Houston
BEST Robotics
Arm that swivels on
top platform.
Grasping claw to pick
up and move parts of
the game.
Tank design by: Alex
Robotics Teacher:
Mr. Payne
Sponsor: Dan Allford,
President of ARC
Robotics Team
Members: Josh Armstrong, Howard Freeman, Patrick Kelly,
Audra Kilmer, Mitzi
Martinez, Juan Perez,
Victoria Ramirez,
Alex Rhodes, and Breanna Riddle
Multi-layer design to hold different
components and look like an army
Large wheels for fast
movement. Aluminum couplings
cut by Juan Perez at ARC
Things to remember:
ComQuest has a Website!
Academy likes to
boast about our
 All High School students need to have
teachers and how
a job or a regular volunteer position.
special each and
Students must work 15-20 hours a
every one of them
week for full credit. Scheduled job vis- are. They are all
its happen every semester.
dedicated, hardworking, and multi Students wishing to get tutorial help
talented individuals
after school can stay Monday through
that make everyday
Thursday afternoon, 1-3 P.M. There
memorable. The teachers have
will be no tutorials Friday.
earned a variety of academic
degrees including Bachelor’s,
 Students CANNOT be absent more
Master’s, and Doctoral from
than 4 days. If a student is absent
more than four days in one semester he universities all over the world
to prepare them for the
or she is in danger of losing credit for
different areas that they teach.
the semester and is subject to be withDustin Payne is the newest
drawn from the school. Three tardies
teacher at ComQuest and
equal one absence, so be on time to
recipient of the Teacher of the
class. If you are late you will have to
Month Award in March from
stay after school.
the Greater Tomball Area
Chamber of Commerce. Mr.
 Students may wear jeans on Friday,
Payne enthusiastically teaches
however the dress must be appropriEnglish, Spanish, US History
and Robotics. It was in the
Robotics class that the
 Class starts at 8 am. Promptness,
students created their robot,
bright smiling faces and a good attiKevin. Mr. Payne has
tude required.
Bachelor’s degrees in
Linguistics and Psychology
 Don’t forget to pay fees. Report cards
from the University of
of those students who have not paid
Houston. He also has a
their fees will be held.
Master’s Degree in Theology
from Baylor.
Mission Statement
Emma Bacus appears
endless supply of
Founded in the belief that all children
energy. She teaches
can learn and that an education is paraSocial Studies, Science,
mount to a strong society, ComQuest
elective classes and an
Academy endeavors to offer Academic and elementary Science class.
Career/Technology Education opportuniMrs. Bacus also prepares
ties to all student populations.
testing materials for
ALSA and CQ. Mrs. Bacus earned a Bachelor’s
degree in Education from
the University of Santo Tomas
in the Philippines.
Teri Garza is the assistant
principal at ComQuest and
teaches Science and Math
courses at the high school and
a Math class for the elementary
school program. Ms. Garza has
a Bachelor’s degree in Biology
from the University of Dallas.
In addition to teaching, Ms.
Garza is known for her cakes
and other delicious concoctions.
Robert Ristroph is the
resident expert on almost
anything. He has a PhD in
Mathematics from Louisiana
State University along with a
medical degree and law degree.
Mr. Ristroph teaches Algebra
II, Government, and foreign
languages. He also assists in
the math and science courses.
Mary Scott has enjoyed a
long teaching career that began
after earning a BS in
Vocational Education from
Madam C. J. Walker in
Washington D.C. She also has
a Masters Degree in Education
from Prairie View A&M. Mrs.
Scott teaches Speech and
Career Prep classes.
Thank you teachers for all of
your efforts in the classroom
and on other projects around
207 N. Peach
Have a great summer!
Tomball, TX 77375
Phone: 281-516-0611
Classes resume:
Fax: 281-516-0993
Email: [email protected]
Schoolability is Employability
Wednesday, August 19,

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