printemps –2015– spring - fashion sale



printemps –2015– spring - fashion sale
The Iris Setlakwe clothing brand was
established in Montreal in 2001, with
one objective in mind: To create a
women’s clothing line that fits perfectly
in all the right places, uses nothing but
superior-quality textiles, while supporting the local workforce. That focus still
remains today. We pride ourselves on
the fact that 90% of all our clothing is
made in Montreal, it’s part of our DNA
to keep it that way.
Driven by her passion, Iris had the idea to simplify the wardrobe of business women
by creating collections where items mixed and matched with eachother, thereby
multiplying the possibilities of looks.
Unique pieces are designed and produced each season, following a very thourough
confection process. The facrics are all carefully chosen and imported from Europe.
Nothing is left to chance.
From Canada to the United States, Iris Setlakwe’s style stands out by the exceptional
fit of her clothes, and by her wise detailing that always adds a feminine touch.
The Iris Setlakwe brand keeps evolving and never ceases to modernize and refine
itself; Iris remains timeless!
-------------La marque Iris Setlakwe fut fondée à Montréal en 2001, avec une missive première
qui n’a guère changé au fil des ans: Créer des vêtements féminins de qualité
supérieure, adaptés à la silhouette de la femme moderne, tout en supportant la
main d’œuvre d’ici.
Iris Setlakwe produit fièrement 90 % de toute sa collection à Montréal. Il est
d’ailleurs essentiel pour la marque de conserver la production des vêtements
au Canada; C’est l’ ADN de l’entreprise.
Suivant sa passion, Iris décide de simplifier la garde-robe des femmes d’affaires
en créant des collections où toutes les pièces se coordonnent, décuplant ainsi les
possibilités de looks. N’acceptant que l’excellence en matière de confection,
la designer continue de partager ses coups de cœur à chaque saison.
La marque Iris Setlakwe conserve le souci de la distinction en utilisant
majoritairement des matières Européennes.
Au Canada comme aux Etats-Unis, on reconnaît la signature d’Iris Setlakwe par
la coupe de ses vêtements et par des détails savants qui ajoutent toujours une
touche féminine. La marque Iris Setlakwe ne cesse d’évoluer. Elle se raffine,
se modernise; Iris demeure intemporelle!
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I Am My Own Destiny
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Iris Setlakwe
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225, Chabanel #325
Montreal, Qc., H2N 2C9
T 514.381.4242
F 514.381.0198
[email protected]
1127, rue Laurier
Montreal, Qc., H2V 2L3
T 514.270.0404
[email protected]
285, chemin Knowlton
Knowlton, Qc., J0E 1V0
T 450.243.6444
[email protected]
Clothing made in Canada / Vêtements fabriqué au Canada
Look 1
S15CS6293 Canvas stripe jacket with contrast colour detail
S15JM2453 Black sleeveless top with pleats at front edge
S15JM4192 Black matte jersey pant with elastic at cuff
Look 2
S15JM5374 Navy matte jersey dress with long sleeve and sunburst pleating
Look 3
S15JM5367 Tangerine sleeveless matte jersey dress with belt
Look 13
S15CL6284 Cotton line jacket with pleating detail at front and contrast stitching
S15VZ2142 Black cami
S15D4158 Black laminated spectra jeans
Look 14
S15CP5115 Printed bustier dress with removable shoulder straps
Look 15
Look 4
S15PS2506 Double layer printed silk cami
S15SL4194 White soft linen wide leg pant
S15CS9053 Crinkle chiffon scarf
Look 5
S15CB6285 Collarless pastel pink jacket in cotton bi-stretch
S15VC2484 Ivory sleeveless cami in chiffon
S15CB4191 Pastel pink narrow leg pant
S15JM6302 Tangerine 3/4 sleeve matte jersey jacket
S15JM2499X Tangerine matte jersey cami with A line shape
S15D4177 Beige skinny jeans
S15KS6297 Vanilla zip jacket with fringe detail at hem
S15KS3204 Vanilla pencil skirt with fringe detail at hem
Look 6
S15KS5365 Vanilla dress with topstitch detail and asymmetrical fringed hem
Look 7
S15JM6301 Black zip jacket with leather lapel
S15PF2511 Ivory asymmetrical top with black face print
S15LB4181 Black laminated legging
Look 8
Look 16
Look 17
S15GC6299 Ivory collarless jacket with zipper pockets
S15JM2500 pastel pink knotted top with long sleeves
S15GC4191 Ivory narrow leg pant
Look 18
S15PS5384 Silk printed dress A line shape with jewelry detail at neckline
Look 19
S15OP5360 Ocean print maxi dress wide cable belt
Look 20
S15BT6260 Red bi-stretch twill jacket with patch pocket
S15JM2499 Black matte jersey cami with A line shpae and leather shoulder straps
S15JM4192 Black matte jersey pant with elastic at cuff
S15SI2481 Ivory tunic dress in soft chiffon
Look 9
S15SA5377 Navy scuba dress with raw edge seams and mesh at shoulder
Look 10
S15SA6288 Navy scuba jacket with raw edge seams
S15MS2387 Black scoop neck mesh top with long sleeve
S15D4177 White skinny jeans
Look 11
S15JM5368 Navy maxi dress with low waist cable belt with snap closure
S15CB5380 Black dress in bi-stretch cotton with outside darts and side rib
S15SB6298 Ivory pinstripe jacket in bi-stretch fabric
S15SB4188 Ivory pinstripe pant in bi-stretch fabric with straight leg
S15MS2387 Black scoop neck mesh top with long sleeve
S15JM5366 Black matte jersey maxi dress with soft pleats
Look 12
S15PK5353 Polka dot wrap dress
Look 21
Look 22
Look 23