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EXECUTIVE BOARD ~~~~~~~~ PRESIDENT “Leading women educators impacƟng educaƟon worldwide”
T H E D E LTA K A P PA G A M M A S O C I E T Y Karol Denby
1ST VICE I N T E R N AT I O N A L PRESIDENT Jamie Evans Delta Theta Newsle er
Delta Theta Chapter Area II No. 104
V OLU ME 6 1 ISSUE 3 JANUARY 2015 Lisa Badon
President’s message
TREASURER Louise Laƫmore
~~~~~~~~ INSIDE THIS ISSUE President’s message 1 January mee ng 1 November minutes 2 Treasurer’s report 3 January reports due 3 Birthdays 3 November’s Mystery Sister 3 In other news 3 November mee ng highlights 4 December social 5 Mystery Sister clues 5 School Finance 6 Condolences/on the mend 6 Tri-chapter informa on 7 Membership update 7 Awesome websites 7 Reminders 7 This newsle er is published early due to the holiday season and
also to the fact that our mee ng will be the Monday we return
to work. I want to wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a
Blessed and Happy New Year in 2015!
At the January mee ng, we will be reading our nomina ons for
membership for the first me. Be sure to bring your member
applica ons for nominees to this mee ng. The Tri‐Chapter mee ng will be on
Thursday, February 12th at 6:30, so mark your calendars. (More details on this
within the newsle er.) See you on Monday, January 5th at 4:30.
January mee ng
Date: January 5, 2015 Time: 4:30 PM
Place: First Bap st Church Parlor, 4000 Grant, Groves
Medita on: Laura Atkins (Vanessa Spiegel)
Hostesses: * Suzann Benson, Donna Cole, Kelsey Crippen, Linda Harrison, Lana Parker,
Chris na Puente, Elaine Sherman, Vanessa Spiegel
Program Title: Shake, Ra le & Roll into the New Year ProgramSummary:BeckyHebert,PhysicalEducationTeacheratVanBurenElementary
Music: Hokey Pokey & The Delta Kappa Gamma Son.
Editor: Lynne James ~~ [email protected] VOLUME
Minutes: November 3,
Delta Theta Chapter of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society Interna onal met in Heritage Hall at First Bap st
Church, Groves, on November 3, 2014. The mee ng was called to order by President Karol Denby. The
mee ng began at 4:30 pm with thirty members and seven special guests present. Special guests included
Dr. Holland, Clifford Daigle, Kenneth Standley, Mike Tschirhart, Becky Tschirhart, Kris Hobbs, and Julie
Medita on: Lori Halbert gave the medita on for this month’s mee ng. Lori read a poem about giving Crystal Werkheiser Recording Secretary thanks.
Refreshments: Susan Daigle headed up the hostess commi ee this month. Elisa Breuer, Christy Ellio ,
Jennifer Fecowycz, Lynne Hollomon, Lynne James, Mary Jane Moore, and Julie Weeks helped her provide this wonderful
meal. Great job, ladies!
Officer and Commi ee Reports
Recording Secretary: The minutes of the October mee ng were approved as printed in the newsle er.
Treasurer: Treasurer Louise La more distributed copies of the treasurer’s report for October. The report will be
submi ed for audit.
Audit: Vanessa Spiegel reports via Karol Denby that the treasurer’s books are in order.
Legisla on: Jennifer Fecowycz reports via Karol Denby that an email was sent to members on how to visit TexasTeach‐ to help with the elec on.
Correspondence: Marlyn Trahan shared correspondence from Tilda Thompson, Nancy Vanne , Rachel Richard, Lisa
Badon, Lea Johnson, Janice Kelly, & Cheryl Worley sending regrets for not being able to con nue in their membership in
Delta Theta.
Karol Denby asked for a mo on to accept these resigna ons. A mo on by Lynne James was made and seconded by Linda
Harrison. The mo on was accepted with a unanimous vote.
Technology: Crystal Werkheiser reported that applica on was made on October 25, 2014, to recer fy the website for the
new biennium.
Global Awareness: Emily Rueda collected dona ons for the fund using her “blinged‐out” piggy bank at the sign‐in table.
Membership: A mo on was made by Lynne James and seconded by Dixie Tucker to invite at least seven new members to
join our chapter at the May mee ng. The mo on passed with a unanimous vote.
Karol Denby announced that three members correctly guessed who the Mystery Sister was last month. Linda, Denise, and
Susan correctly guessed that the mystery sister was Beverly Guidroz. Three members’ numbers were hidden in newsle er
and none recognized their numbers. Karol encouraged all members to read the newsle er each month.
Achievement Awards: Anne e Meier has requested sugges ons for Shining Star awards.
Programs: Susan Daigle presented members with a Save the Date ornament for the Delta Theta Christmas Party. The date
is December 11 and will include an ornament exchange. The me and place will be decided and provided shortly.
Susan introduced Kris Hobbs, founder and interna onal director of the Jesus. Hobbs House of Hope Children’s Home and
School located in Kenya Africa. Kris gave a very hear elt and informa ve presenta on on the success of the school since
it was founded in 2009. The school began as a one room classroom and is poten ally expanding to 36 classrooms. Delta
Theta members learned about the school and how it is impac ng students’ daily lives by helping them obtain an educa on
through rigorous coursework and daily lessons on helping each other and the community. Members were treated to a
slide show followed by an authen c African meal hosted by Mike and Becky Tschirhart . Our sisters will collect dona ons
to help furnish the school’s new computer lab. Kris Hobbs further blessed some members with worship CDs containing
songs sung by the school’s very talented students.
Unfinished Business
Our new transferee Kathryn French was introduced to the membership. She is the curriculum coordinator for BCISD and is
excited to join our organiza on.
Karol recognized November and December birthdays. The November birthdays are Karol Denby, Lana Parker, Michelle
Judice, Mary Beth McDuff, and Jennifer Fecowycz. The December birthdays are Elnita Stanley, Kay Hooper, Anne e Meier,
Lynne James, Lynne Hollomon, Charlene Williams, and Susan Daigle. Happy Birthday!
The mee ng concluded at 6:30 pm a er everyone enjoyed the wonderful authen c meal. (458160)
Crystal Werkheiser, Recording Secretary
Treasurer’s report
November 2014 Balance on hand November 1, 2014 $3835.00 Receipts (342482)
Total Receipts $1694.00 Disbursements
Gi s and Memorials
State and Na onal Dues
Total Disbursements $3103.02 Balance on hand November 30, 2014 $2425.98 January reports due
Sheri Furby Scholarships Jamie Evans Membership Emily Rueda World Fellowship Personal Growth & Achievement Anne e Meier November’s Mystery Sister was Beverly Guidroz! January birthdays
5-Julie Gauthier 10-Mary Jane Moore 11-Staci Gary 25-Denise Standley February birthdays
9-Vanessa Spiegel 22-Meredith Brawner DELTA
. In other news . . .
Alpha Kappa, one of the Lubbock Chapters, in November met
at the Texas Tech Interna onal Cultural Center (Behind TTU
Museum) where they heard the presenta on “Can Vouchers
Be Avoided in Our Next Legisla ve Session?” by Clinton Gill
(TSTA representa ve), who described possible bills we need to
watch for and take ac on against. Saturday, December 2, they
met for a Coordina ng Council Christmas Tea at the Lubbock
Women's Club.
Beta Tau, San Antonio, on November 20th met for fellowship,
book study ‐ Heaven Is For Real, tour of the TBC Children’s
Center, and a business mee ng. New members were ini ated
and scholarships awarded at the Silver Scholarship Tea
December 7. They are currently asking members to let their
voices be heard and become members of the DKG Signing
Delta Omicron, Dallas, enjoyed Looking Back at their October
20 program tled The Value of Expression Lessons: The Forgo en Teachers of Elocu on, presented by Dr. Rose‐Mary
Rumbley. In her cap va ng and humorous style, Dr. Rumbley
discussed the importance of enuncia ng and projec ng, skills
she began learning at age three from her first elocu on
Epsilon Pi, Calhoun County (Port Lavaca, Point Comfort,
Seadri , and Port O'Connor) voted and passed the following:
“A quorum of a regular or special mee ng shall be a majority
of the members present at that mee ng.” No more worrying
about if they do or do not have a quorum.
Eta Tau, Aus n, had a Cra Ac vity, making items for the
children at SafePlace (abused and neglected children) to give
to their mothers for Christmas. Members brought hot glue
guns to work on the projects, candy boxes and necklaces. They
also started collec ng gi cards (or cash dona ons to purchase
gi cards) for CASA teens for Christmas. Mu Pi, Humble, hosted Dan Huberty, State Representa on
District 127, as their Guest Speaker. Addi onally, the 2014‐
2015 Mu Pi Project Commi ee has chosen to support early
career educators at Copeland Elementary in Huffman. These
early career teachers will be invited to a end the December
Mu Pi social so they can meet them and iden fy their needs.
Mu Pi will provide each of the teachers
with books to build a classroom library
and school supplies to assist them with
their classrooms.
Submi ed by Michelle Judice Delta Theta Communica ons and Publicity Commi ee VOLUME
November mee ng highlights
Top (le to right): Second Vice President & Program Chairman Susan Daigle with Kris
Hobbs of Alamo City Mercy Founda on in San Antonio, and Mike Tschirhart, of Chick‐fil‐
A pose for the camera following the November mee ng; Sandie Jordan prepares
reminders for the December social; Mike Tschirhart prepares the African meal. Row 2: Pat Briggs signs the
guest book as Emily Rueda and Karol Denby look on; Brenda Duhon, Crystal Werkheiser and Sheri Furby sign
their website release forms with Susan and Clifford Daigle in the background. Row 3: Chapter members give
Hobbs their undivided a en on during the program; Lori Halbert delivers the medita on; Librarian Louise
La more enjoys the friendly surroundings of books about Africa as she performs her du es as chapter
treasurer. Row 4: Mary Jane Moore, Alicia Barne , Lynne James, and Staci Gary visit following the African
meal; New members Michelle Judice and Pat Parker enjoy mee ng other chapter members prior to the
program; Clifford Daigle (Susan) helps serve the hungry chapter members; Lori Halbert and Lynne Hollomon
show their interest in all things “African.”
Delta Theta Communica ons and Publicity Commi ee: Lynne James (editor), Kathryn French, Lana Parker, and Michelle Judice DELTA
Christmas social a huge success!
Row 1: The table was filled with goodies . . . Let the fun begin! Mary, Karol and Sandie;
Suzann, Lori and Laura; Alicia, Sheri, and Emily; Ann and Lynne—and many more came
ready to celebrate the Christmas holidays with their DKG sisters. Row 2: Pat, Suzann and
Susan enjoy the punch; Suspense mounts as members await the signal to open their
“ornament” packages; Christy and Laura team up for a game of Snowball Toss; Ann and
Mary put their heads together before a game of Christmas Ball, which gives Ann a
challenge! Pat Briggs and Lori stack their trees while Chris na, Pat Parker, Emily and Sheri look on. Row 3: Lynne and
Christy wage a ba le of tree stacking . . . guess who won? Candy Cane (fish) Catch was easy for Laura and Alicia, but
Suzanne came up on the short end of the fishing pole. Karol and Lynne are intensive as the they stack nuts with a
peppermint s ck. Row 4: Members filled boxes with gi s of computer‐related products as part of the Komputers for Kenya project. The dona ons totaled 2 mouse pads, 3 mice, 11 headphone sets, and 12 flash drives. Thanks to all who
made their dona ons to the project. Those who could not a end may donate at the January mee ng.(281038)
~~Mystery Sister Clues~~ Who’s in the Cloud? From the clues at right, guess which Delta Theta Sister listed below is profiled? Susan Daigle
Suzann Benson
Crystal Werkheiser
Brenda Duhon
Patsy Edmonds
Mary Beth McDuff
Laura Atkins
Elisa Breuer
Anne e Meier
Karol Denby
Lana Parker
Michelle Judice
Inadequate and Uncons tu onal
School Finance System
State District Judge John Dietz agreed with nearly 600 school districts (PNGISD is one of them)
involved in the school finance trial and declared Texas' school finance system uncons tu onal on
August 28. Judge Dietz said, "The Texas school finance system is cons tu onally inadequate,
unsuitable, and financially inefficient." The judge enumerated what the Texas Legislature must do,
using words from previous lawsuits brought to the Texas Supreme Court. 1
First, "The Legislature must establish an adequate public school finance system, meaning one that achieves
a general diffusion of knowledge." Second, "The Legislature must make suitable provisions to achieve the
general diffusion of knowledge," meaning the Legislature must "structure, operate, and fund" public
schools so that the system accomplishes its purpose for all children. Third, the Legislature must be
‘financially efficient’ so that students residing in property‐poor districts and students that live in
property‐rich districts must have substan ally equal opportunity to have access to funds for their
educa on. There must be a "direct and close correla on between a district's tax efforts and the
educa onal resources available to it."
Judge Dietz enumerated evidence that Texas school "demographics are changing, resul ng in a student
popula on that is increasingly more costly to educate. The judgment said funding weights for
economically disadvantaged and English language learners (ELL) are inadequate and
prevent districts from raising enough funds to accomplish a general diffusion of
knowledge (GDK) for all students, especially these two student groups. If the
Legislature acted solely on the basis of this trial courts final judgment, all districts
would have equitable funds. The state responded to the decision with an appeal to the
Texas Supreme Court. This decision could come in "late" 2015 .
Texas Taxpayers and Student Fairness Coali on v. Williams. Cause No. D-1-GN-11-003130. August 28, 2014. Submi ed by Lana Parker Delta Theta Communica ons and Publicity Commi ee Condolences to
Elisa Breuer and Linda Broussard
On the loss of their mothers
Get Well wishes to
Charlene Williams and Crystal Werkheiser
Y ou belong to Delta Kappa Gamma because someone believes you are SPECIAL. DELTA
Tri-Chapter Dinner
Thursday, February 12
Pompano Club
Alpha Omega
Delta Theta
Iota Rho
17.00 per reservation
Membership update
Membership me is here! With the start of a new
year, Delta Theta has set a resolu on for new
members! Recommenda on forms are due this
month, and we hope to see many new friendly
faces. Our schedule for membership is as follows:
 March – Nominees will be introduced and
discussed at the mee ng
 April – Vo ng
 May – Ini a on of new members
Baked chicken
Fried fish
Guest Speaker
Kay Herrington
Please remember to turn in your nomina on
submission forms.
How about invi ng prospec ve
members to the tri‐chapter
dinner? This is a great way to
introduce her to Delta Kappa
Submi ed by Jamie Evans Delta Theta First Vice President/Membership Chairman Technology Instructional Coordinator
Region 5
Awesome websites for teachers
There are tons of fantastic websites available for teachers and
here’s a list of 11 that are absolutely great. You’ll find lesson plans,
videos, interactive resources and more on these sites. Click on each 
link (or Google the name) to learn more about each one!
LearnZillion (Common Core lessons, videos and ac vi es)
TED‐Ed (videos, lessons and inspira on)
ReadWorks (reading passages and test prep)
ForAllRubrics (rubrics and grading pla orm)
MetMuseum (thousands of primary source documents)
Visualead (create QR codes with images)
PixiClip (online interac ve whiteboard)
Google Hangout (bring virtual guest speakers to your
QR Voice (make QR codes talk)
SlideShare (post and find presenta ons)
Dropbox (sharing documents with students)
Things to Remember
January meeting is on Monday, January 5—
first day back from vacation.
 New member recommendations will be read
at the January meeting (form attached),
 Tri-chapter dinner is on February 13. Make
your reservation and invite a potential
member to attend.
 Bring your tech donation for Komputers for
Kenya to the January meeting if you missed
the Christmas social.
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