(a mixture of both). I useat the Brilish spelling around 10 yea



(a mixture of both). I useat the Brilish spelling around 10 yea
Jewtie 4!!, 2005. iIail Jasoni l.1any thanks fox your letter of June JO!r. I' g1ad your zoggies
are delivexing your nail. f donrt mind then reading it, for f afl a teachcr & a journalist.
The nore people who read & heed v/hat t have to say, the better. it r^,i11 be for them. I hope
they make copies & pass lhen ofl. So yo\ t1a.,re 1/2 years to go, t hope you continue to ilo your
best to flake that tine worl( for you, by staying healthy & learning alf you can. Using big
words does not nake anyone a good r.rriter.. The main thing is to la1o,r, the meaning of the words
you use. Ihe spellinB comes latex. I keep t!,o English dictionarj-es handy! so whenever I have
any aloubt about the spelling or correct meaning of a Nord, I look it up. I notice that my
shorter dictionary lacks inforrnation, so if I am in doubt, I took up the lvord in my-Jebsterrs
Ne!, Collegiate Dictionary, !,hich generally proves that I was right about the vordrs meaning:
English has variations of spelling: British, U.3. & Canadian (a mixture of both). I useat the
Brilish spelling around 10 yea.s uhen 1 r.ra6 in Africa, & in Canada for another 15 years, so
my Ir.S. spellin8 is not always consistent. lly other cou4tries of reside&ce were not lngtishEpeaklng, so I used Spanish, cernan, Japanese & even Svredish. One can pick up funny accents
vhen one is used to speaking & hearing foreien languages. One Spaniard thought I was cerman,
I,iexicans thought 1 vas spa:rish. rrlhites in Africa thought f as swedish & Americans sorietines
think 1'o tsritish. Such a deall Britishers think Irn a Canadian if tbey are kindly disposed
touard ee, if not, they say that lrmrra bloody Yank.r'For once, they are right, althou€ih I ar
not from Neu Engfard, where real Yankees cone from. [o Brits, U.S. citizens are all ,tTanks,,.
Local Yakimorons xefer to ne as a lcringort. The ZOG could becone confuseil as to mv background
if they put all the6e description6 together, poor zoggies.
Like you, I do not back dov,n fron a fight, especiafly when there is no place to run. Tt
wa6 fireat t-hat your l,{hite comrades stood by you. Any shou of l.Ihite Unity scaies the hell out
of the ZOG, so that explains the'dhite lock-dolins.
Sory, I have nothing on the llammerskins, but if I find out anything, such a6 a currjnt
addiess, 1r[1et you know.
fes, Savitri Devirs books are great. I used to correspond rrith her about republishing them
in North America. Vle did republish h"r outstanding book, 'iThe LightninA & the Sun,,, in the early 198Ors, if I recal1 correctly. In th"1t booki she h,rote that rifiational gocialisn ],as a tempor'a1 manifestation of Cosnric Truth.'r Some people thousht it should have been ca11ed t,iiatural
Socialismr'. ii/eU, times & peoirle have changeal, especially gjhite peo?]e, so any attelxpt to supply the substance oi Natioial ,5ocialism in terms of the 1920's & lgJots,,uould not be seen as
relevant, so I believe such old-style Iabe1ling & packaging r,/ou1d not be succesEful. I'todern
llational Sociafisn routrd be ?ihite llationalisn, as.expressed by ORIONI (Our Race Is Our Nation))
lavitri )evi said that all jev religions are aEti-life, for tha)' alNays oppose Man to Nature.
Such religjons include Judaisn, Christianity, Is1an, calitalis r & connunism, Christianity is
Conmunisn \dith :r jev-god. Conmunism is Christianity !,ithout a jeH-god,
I befieve that cod is the Universe 8, that I am part of the Universe, & therefore part of
GoC, as ve all arer including all lifeforms & objects. I strive to do ny duty on earth, as it
is revealed to ne. f Co not believe in'ridiot fdentityl, which is obviously false. Ieople do
not change their' race by crossing 22 miles of saftwaler & civilization did not begin in fhe
Middle llast, but in NH Europe, according to Colin Renfrew, s scientific research using carbondatlng, corrected with bristlecone line rings (the oldest-knor,,/n fiving things on this ?fanet).
I{att;lale trelieved in Ben hfassenrs Church of the Creator. I kne\,, massen personafly, & he \,ras
not a llhite racist, so Lis converts included non-r,,Jhites, but not Blacks, Yes, I have read the
tsabyfonian la1mud in English, the Soncino lldition i.,hlch has 6, books. No, the tiew (jevr) Testament vas not'rthe $rriting of tile Talaudrr, as you liave r,/ritten. It ,as \.ritten by Tataudists,
Ihe Talnud is much older than The lle,^, Testament. The cabal.a is part of the la1eud in it$ v,ritten form, but the cabala also exists in spoken for only, & it resembles African toodoo to a
Sreat exteni, with its caEting of evif spel]s & blood ritual-nurders which are calied "sacrifices!' or, irnitzvahs'r(divine cbligations). The jews alo not 'rhate" Ctrristians. A rnaster does not
'rhate" hjs sfave. 1le na} des})ise hf.o as an inlerior, houever.. Christians are tLe jevs' slaves,
which is just irow the jew vrriters of The ll e1,, Testament designed Chrl:jtianity. Chiistians pray
on their knees. Jelvs prey on their' ChriEt:t-ns. Itrs that simtle &,leadiy, for the Christi:rns.
Itrs innny
Bush & Osama bin iaden vant the U.S. forces to stay as long as possible in
Iraq. tsush wantc'::at
to prove a siupid point (ttrat rve a::e too stufj.ll to leave traq) €: osama want6
u.i to stay & bfeed, until Ue are exh€rusted. China worrld also liko us to stay e, bIeed, al.ong
,,v:ith roany others. Israel kants us to die, as always, for: IsrELel, & tsush is afI for thatl
The televised :recilient of The Iron Cross from Iiitlex u-s Germzln air ace rrlrich IIartmsnr.,
]\las inlervielved by our sanisdat video team' along l,rith Cofonel Rualel, another Gernan air
the Soviet b:rttleship, I,iarat, with one bcmb dovrn its smokestack. f did not earn
an fr:on Cross, 3{ I vould never u,6ar one vrhich I had not earned. No. would 1 bu)r an Iron Cross'
since those which are for sale are usualfy made in i6rae1- For me, a nilitary decoretion from
any army is sacred, & I consider it a sacrifege if one wears an honor to which he is not en_
titfed. Neither woul-d I vear a uniform to which I itas not entitled. I study battles' but I do
not have the least desir'e lo re-enactthem. Yet, there are sonle l'rhites uho enjoy re-enacting
the kiUiog of their own flesh & b1ood. f alo not understand such critlers.
According to former llossad agent, Victor OstrovslT' v{ho {rote'iBy liay of Deceptionr', about
i,lossad tactics & objectives, the Mossad does recruit Arab6 in its lrar against Arabs. Not all
.'!rab bombers uork for the Mossad, but some obviously do' if ve consider vho benefitted from
their actions. If an lrab bonber hurts nole Axabs than Israelis' ue must conclude that he was
N0? I/ORI:ING I'OR HIS PEOPIE, but for hi6 je\.,ish nasters, even when he did not knot \rho he was
reaI1y working for. '6lho, for example, benefitted fron I'lcveigh's action? Not the Uhitesr but
the ZCG, rihatever Mcveiah tllay have believed' this was the resuft of his deedl. 'irhat Mossad does
irith Arabs, rnDZocUsA c;n do with Vhites. AiI the best. OIIONI
Ifi )
ace,v,rho sank
P.S.: Ostrovsky listed lsraefrs targets in ?he Midd1e East: #1-lraq- t2-Sytia & il3-Irar.- Iraq
r,ras Israelrs first priority for attackr to be folloued by attacks on Syxia & Iran' but not
nece66arily in that ordei:. According to one Israeli !,,ritert Israel pursues a {perilhe:'a1 policy" of backin8 non-Aiab countries who are behind (texrltorially speakina) Arab countries that
face Israe1. This lolicy accounts fo! fsraelrE support of Iran against Iraqr as well aE Turkey.
Both Iran & Turkey are Moslem countries, but they sre not Arab countries. Another jew !,riter
clains that Israei !,ants to destroy all Arab secular stales, which werd created after world
i{ar I as Britis}r & trrench co}onies or'mandatesr, after the division of the former Turkish
Empire. It thus appears that the jevs want to tufii back the clock in Ihe Middle East, in vrhich
an iBperlal power (I6xaef) would dominate feuding A.ab tribes & clans by pLayin8 one factioo
against the others: the old divide-&-ru1e idea. The result of this policy vas the former country of Lebanon, which effectively disintegrateal after sharonrs j-nvasion in the 1980's, if I
reca11 correctly. Lebanon is the ideal diviale-&-rule $tate because of all its spfintered!
feualing factionsr who are divided along ethnic & reli8ious lines, Iraq, like Lebanon, 1{as a
diverse group of traditional enemies, around whon the British dreu a line, & called the land
uithin it "Iraq:'t pretending that these enenies uere nou rrlraqis . lhis is what re Co in the
territor)' i.nofln as liorth America, especially in the U.s,A., where Black nationalists & Mexican nationalists are caIled ltr\mericanss, without regard to their real nationalities. Iraq was
already divided, but it proved too hot for the tsr'itish to handle, so they set up a puppet
ruler & $kedaddfed. l,ater, the U.S. took over & set up their puppet ruler, the latest being
Saddam! Saddan did everything the U.S. i,rauted, including his invasion of (ur.rait & his retreat
therefrom, but FEDZOGUSA smashed him, an)ryay, on lEraelrs orders. No!I, the U.S. is experienciDg
much more of the resistance uhich caused the British to leave. The British were the first to
use poison €ias against Iraqi peoples, by the way, but even that alid not mak-. their m1e more
comfortable. The British used !.E. Lirwrence to fotnent Arab nationalisn against the lurks, &
it becaae a genie uhich vJould not go back into its bottle. The jervs uould like to put it back
in, ro natter ho!, nany U.S, soldiers get kil1ed in the attenptr but an idea is hard to destroy.
If the je!,smedia can be believed to any extent, it seerds that the U.s. petro-banksters are
not getting the oil- v/hich they {anted to steaL from L'aq, so the real reason beconres cLear:
lJe are nol there for oil & Israelr but l,e are there, j'rst for Israel. The oiI i6sue appears
to be created in order to entice those denizens of the U.S.A. uhose fireed & need for oif led
theic to approve of tsushy's iuegal & unconstitutional war crimes against the leoplea of Iraq.
Should the suckers cnange their minds, Bush has the so-called ?atriot Act & his kosher commis_
sars unaler Cher:toff to keep them in linet or so they think. trleanvhile Il.S" boralers remain open
to hosiile aliens, incfualin€! l\.rab6, while the job6 go to China. The jobs which remain in the
U.S.r\. are being laken by iUegal aliens. Prices go up & wa6es go dcvn to ninimum vage leYels'
so U.S. sheeple will need to revolt against Zoc-misruLe or experience rapidly-faIling living
standards. liaybe they \ri1] experience both! ft appears that ?om Chittunrs scenario for the
b.eak up of the U.S.A. along ratioial lines, which he describes in his book' I'Civil liar Tworr'
is taking shape. Chittum writes that the U.S. break up i6 being supported by the ZCC'6 inperial plans for 'rglobalizi grr the U.S,A., as well as by Black & Iiexican nationalists !,/ho vrant
their pi,eces of U.S. turf. In 2ll: years, Nhis country will be {truiie different than it is nov,l