Sustainability Report - Central National



Sustainability Report - Central National
About us
Family-owned and operated, Lindenmeyr Munroe is a leading paper and packaging
distributor in the United States. We have built our reputation on superior service,
financial stability, and a product offering that is second to none.
Environmental sustainability is a priority in our company. We have taken significant
steps toward reducing our environmental footprint by implementing recycling
programs, investing in energy and fuel saving technologies and partnering with
the right organizations to help us meet our environmental goals.
We maintain our commitment to the integrity of our natural surroundings and support
sustainable forestry through responsible preservation and certification. Lindenmeyr
Munroe is a certified supplier of FSC®, SFI® and PEFC® certified papers.
Lindenmeyr Munroe also benefits from our corporate parent,
Central National-Gottesman Inc (CNG). Founded in 1886, CNG is one of the
largest privately held pulp and paper companies in the world, with revenue
exceeding $4 billion in 2012.
We continue to demonstrate
our commitment to protecting the
environment by instituting programs
throughout our company that help
reduce our environmental footprint. We
have implemented recycling programs,
invested in energy and fuel saving
technologies and partnered with
organizations that help us meet our
environmental goals. We will continue to
encourage and promote environmental
sustainability within our own organization,
with the suppliers that we represent,
and with our customers.
Being a family-owned and operated
company, we take pride in making
sure that the individual members of
our company are well cared for by
providing excellent health benefits and
a clean and safe work environment.
We prefer to promote from within, giving
our employees the opportunity to grow
and progress in their careers. Our people
are our most important asset.
Our suppliers are our partners, and we
treat them as such. We have aligned
ourselves with companies that share
similar environmental beliefs to our own.
We will continue to partner with suppliers
that use and promote sustainable forestry.
We have a strong philanthropic record that
dates back to our company’s inception,
helping people and organizations make
tangible improvements to their communities. As a company we will continue to
give back to the communities that we do
business in. We are pleased that many
of our employees donate their time and
talents to help improve the communities
they live in.
We are a valued resource of knowledge to
our customers and we provide them with
unique solutions and in-depth expertise
in many areas of our industry. Since we
represent over 60 paper manufacturers
globally, we can analyze our customers’
paper needs on a job-by-job basis and
recommend a paper product that best
fits their creative, budgetary and
environmental initiatives. We help
our customers streamline their paper
procurement process, enhance their
ability to reduce waste and increase
their profitability.
• Lindenmeyr Munroe was one of the
first paper merchants to become
FSC certified.
• We became SFI and PEFC certified.
• We installed a state-of-the-art lighting
system into many of our facilities, which
reduced our energy consumption on
average by 39%.
• Lindenmeyr Munroe added GPS
tracking to all of our trucks, enabling
us to better manage our deliveries and
reduce our fuel consumption.
• We installed automatic shut-off switches
in our trucks. They now automatically
shut down if they are left idling for more
than five minutes.
• We implemented an extensive recycling
program for wood pallets, stretch film
and other warehouse consumables.
• Lindenmeyr Munroe became the first
paper merchant in the country to join the
SmartWay Transport Partnership. This
initiative is an innovative collaboration
between the U.S. Environmental
Protection Agency (EPA) and the
freight service industry, designed to
increase energy efficiency while
significantly reducing greenhouse
gases and air pollution.
• Lindenmeyr Munroe partnered with
The CarbonNeutral Company to help
reduce and offset our Green House
Gas (GHG) emissions.
• To reduce our dependence on fossil fuel
we are now using diesel fuel that contains
between 5 - 10% ethanol in some of our
• We reduced the carbon emissions
in our corporate office to net zero and
became a certified CarbonNeutral®
office. Our unavoidable emissions were
neutralized by investing in the McKinney
Landfill Gas Project in McKinney, Texas.
For this project, our carbon credits helped
enable the capture and combustion of
landfill gas, rather than allowing methane
to escape into the atmosphere as waste
decomposes at the site.
• We invested in logistical software that has
allowed us to operate more efficiently by
reducing the number of trucks on the road
while providing the same, if not better, overall
service. As a result, we are driving fewer
miles and consuming less fossil fuel.
• We are currently in our fourth year of reducing
our carbon emissions in our corporate office
to net zero and continue to be a certified
CarbonNeutral® office. Our unavoidable emissions
are neutralized by purchasing carbon credits for
various environmental projects in the U.S. and
Canada. Our carbon reduction initiative over the
last three years is equivalent to saving 421,000
gallons of gasoline or 19.3 railcars of coal.*
• We had efficient lighting systems
installed in our Chicago facility. Our 8
largest locations now all have the efficient
lighting systems installed, further reducing
our electricity consumption.
• Lindenmeyr Munroe was recognized by
Roadnet Technologies a winner of the 2012
Roadie Awards, a competition recognizing
organizations with vehicle fleets for excellence
and innovation in Running Green, Operating
Efficiently and Innovation within the transportation
management industry.
* Source: EPA
Project Outline
This graph illustrates a significant
reduction in electricity consumption in six
warehouse facilities over a period of six
months. These facilities installed energy
efficient lighting systems in the beginning
of 2009, resulting in an average KWH
reduction of 39% over the same period
in 2008. Our electricity reduction is
equivalent to 485 tons of CO2 not emitted.*
Currently, our 8 largest facilities have
installed efficient lighting systems,
allowing us to further reduce our
company’s electricity consumption.
* Source: EPA
Supporting the
• Through our corporate foundation,
Central National-Gottesman Foundation,
we support disaster relief efforts around
the world.
• Through our corporate foundation, we
are providing college scholarships for
employees’ children. More than 20 future
leaders are currently benefiting from this
• We encourage our employees to
volunteer their time to charities and
community organizations.
• We support local communities through
donations made by our individual branches.
• We support equal opportunity for our
employees and offer full benefits to all of
our full-time employees.
Lindenmeyr Munroe
and The SmartWay
Transport Partnership.
The SmartWay Transport Partnership
challenges companies that are shipping
products, and the truck and rail companies
delivering these products, to improve the
environmental performance of their freight
Lindenmeyr Munroe has increased
biodiesel usage by more than 300% in
2012 compared with 2010, creating an
emissions reduction of 94,544 pounds of
CO2. We are continuing to expand our
usage of biodiesel fuel for our company’s
fleet of trucks.
Since 2004, SmartWay
partners report:
Saving 65 million barrels of fuel
($8.1 billion in fuel costs saved)
Eliminating 28 million metric tons
of CO2
Eliminating 478,000 tons of NOx
Eliminating 22,000 tons of PM
Our Path
We have three long-term goals as
we continue our sustainability journey:
• Continue to reduce our
carbon footprint
• Expand our recycling
• Reduce our fossil fuel
In order to meet
these goals we will:
• Continue to work with environmental
consultants to identify waste reduction
• Engage employees with an
environmental awareness campaign.
• Develop a recycling program for
e-waste including cell phones,
computers, batteries, etc.
• Enforce an idle-free delivery zone in our
warehouse facilities so trucks cannot idle
while waiting to make a delivery.
• Encourage our suppliers to ship
products on our behalf using SmartWay
certified trucking companies.
• Support renewable energy projects
through the purchase of Renewable
Energy Credits (RECs).
• Explore closed-loop solutions with our
suppliers and customers.
• Expand the use of biofuels for
our trucks.

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