World Refugee Day Celebration



World Refugee Day Celebration
 World Relief's mission is to empower the local church to serve the most vulnerable.
May 2014
World Refugee Day Celebration
Saturday, June 14
11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Who:
All newcomers in the Triangle, local Churches and the larger community are invited.
In honor of World Refugee Day, a celebration of the newcomer population and cultures living in the
Triangle. There will be food and cultural activities, and we will even attempt to break the Guinness
World Record for the longest shish­kebab.
Saturday, June 14 from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m.
Oak Creek Village Apartments
4230 Garrett Rd. Durham, N.C.
(In the field area near the laundry facilities) Follow signs within the complex to event
Option #1: Vintage Church parking Lot
4310 Garrett Rd. (across the street from OVCA)
Option #2: Church of Good Shepard parking lot
3741 Garrett Rd. (about 1.5 miles away ­ shuttles will be running)
In connection with World Refugee Day, this is an opportunity to celebrate our newcomer neighbors
and provide an initial introduction to begin new friendships. We will also be celebrating the launch of
Waypoint Church, which has a mission of reaching and serving the nations here in the Triangle.
http://worldrefugeedaycelebration­ STAND WITH US|
Dear Friends of World Relief Durham (WRD),
I want to share with you my deep thanks for your partnership with us. And not simply partnership­
but your ownership of the ministry of reconciliation through investing your life into newcomers who
God is bringing to the Triangle. In this edition of our monthly newsletter, you will hear yet another
story of transformation in the lives of newcomers, as you, our partners in the local Church, love and
serve the nations who are living among us! We hope this story is very encouraging to you...but we
do not want it to stop with encouragement.
There is great need right now: many newcomers who have been resettled in the past weeks
are currently without Good Neighbor Teams (GNTs), and are in need of friends to connect with
them and provide them encouragement in their adjustment process. There are also unprecedented
opportunities for connecting in friendships with
newcomers all around you ­ and World Relief is here to help do that.
Have you been a part of a GNT previously, but desire to be more connected to a newcomer friend?
This is the time to get plugged in again! Have they moved? Get
connected with a newcomer friend through World
Relief! Might you consider leading a team to begin a new friendship?
What about asking other friends from your church who have not been
involved in friendship with newcomers to join your GNT or start their
own? Check out the steps listed below to get started!
Our next Volunteer Orientation and Training is approaching, and we
want to equip a whole new group of GNTs to begin their
transformative friendships at that training. You will never be the
same...I can promise you!
Andrew Castle
Executive Director
World Relief Durham
Volunteer Orientation
Wednesday, June 4
7 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Now is the time to get involved. Join us in the
World Relief Durham office to learn how you can
reach out to and impact the newcomer community
through your role as a volunteer.
You can R.S.V.P. by contacting Kaylee Baker
at [email protected] or
Each newcomer that arrives in the Triangle has his or her own rich story. Here is a spotlight on a
few newcomers and how the Good Neighbor Teams have impacted their adjustment. Mawi came to America from Kalay, Burma at 10 years old. As part of a Good Neighbor team,
Franklin and Martha took in Mawi
as their own child and unofficially
adopted her into their family.
Now a 17­year­old, Mawi recently
voyaged with Franklin and
Martha back to her homeland of
Mawi's Story
Justin and his cousin, Paul, migrated to the United States from the Central African Republic. Paul is
handicapped in a wheelchair from polio and developed a brother­like bond with Justin, who
transported Paul around in their home country. A Good Neighbor team helped Justin and Paul with budgeting money for
expenses and spent hours building relationships with them through park
visits and picnics. Members of the Good Neighbor team pitched in to provide
an electric wheelchair for Paul. Paul can now go places without assistance.
If you have been a volunteer or a part of a GNT previously:
Contact Kaylee Baker, volunteer coordinator, at [email protected] She will get you started with
mobilizing a team and meeting a newcomer family!
If you have not been a volunteer or part of a GNT previously:
Visit our website to begin the four­part application process.
Next, plan on attending our next Volunteer Training on Wednesday, June 4 from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m. Please R.S.V.P. at STAND WITH US|
Looking for a new way to get involved with WRD?
Join us at World Refugee Day, where we will be unveiling something BIG! We are preparing to
announce a simple opportunity for you to leverage your finances to impact even greater holistic
transformation! More details coming at the World Refugee Day Celebration on June 14 and after.
We are more than just a refugee resettlement agency. We empower the local Church toward reaching all 160,000 newcomers living in the Triangle. Learn why this is our heart and how we work to see our goals accomplished by catching
the vision.
Watch this video to catch our vision.
Watch this video to see how the local Church is
being empowered to serve the most vulnerable.
Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we
ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within
us, to Him be glory in the Church and in Christ Jesus throughout
all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.
­­Ephesians 3:20­21
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