Annual Report - Foundation for Women`s Cancer



Annual Report - Foundation for Women`s Cancer
2013Annual Report
Dear Friends and Colleagues,
I am sure you are familiar with the saying, “If you don’t know where you are
going, any road will take you there.”
PROGRAM RECAP.................. 2
SGO Member Donors ............................... 6
Individual/Corporate Foundation
Donors......................................................... 7
In Honor/In Memory Tributes....................... 9
2013 Race to End Women’s Cancer
Planned Gifts............................................ 34
Lifetime Contributing Members .............35
F I N A N C I A L S .................................... 38
W O M E N ’ S C A N C E R.............. 39
In the case of the Foundation for Women’s Cancer, we have known
where we are going since we began in 1991. We have been true
to our missions of research, education and awareness as we
work steadfastly to aid women who have been diagnosed
with a gynecologic cancer, and support their families through
educational materials and courses held across the country.
Our research program continues to populate the next
generation of clinician-scientists, an ever more important task
as federal support for young scientists continues to decline.
And last, our awareness mission has greatly expanded as
more has been learned about gynecologic cancer risks,
prevention strategies and symptoms in the years since our
founding. In response, we now count all women in America as
our audience in addition to those with a gynecologic cancer
diagnosis. Our pursuit and our passion continue to be to
On behalf of the gynecologic cancer care specialists who
care for women with a gynecologic cancer and the Foundation
for Women’s Cancer staff, I thank each and every one for their
support. We literally couldn’t do it without you.
David M. Gershenson, MD
ince it was established in 1991, the Foundation for Women’s Cancer has
steadfastly pursued its mission of funding for gynecologic cancer research and
training, and the prevention, early detection and optimal treatment of gynecologic
cancers. As the only national organization encompassing all gynecologic cancers,
the Foundation has achieved its success in part due to its continuity of leadership
and staff.
Foundation chairmen serve a term of six years and there have been four since 1991. This
leadership model ensures a long-term perspective on program development with little time
spent on leadership transition. Uniquely, there has only been one executive director to date,
allowing for staff stability and low turnover rates. The staff is small, comprising six individuals
including the executive director. This encourages staff cross-training among programmatic
areas that allows for a nimble approach to new opportunities.
Its relationship to the Society of Gynecologic Oncology (SGO) also is a key and unique
strength of the Foundation. All members of SGO are also members of the Foundation for
Women’s Cancer and play a critical role in managing the Foundation’s research portfolio,
serving as faculty for its survivors courses and serving as members of the Foundation’s
Editorial Board. This last contribution is a key differentiator in that it ensures all educational
materials are current and evidence-based.
The programmatic
focus has been and
continues to be
research, education
and awareness.
The Foundation for Women’s Cancer currently has no endowment — though it is a goal —
which means the organization is dependent on an annual fundraising campaign. This includes
both individual donors and third-party fundraising events in addition to its signature fundraising
event: the National Race to End Women’s Cancer. The Foundation also receives support from
industry and corporate partners for very specific programs. The programmatic focus has been
and continues to be research, education and awareness. The various funding sources for these
mission-driven programs are acknowledged with great appreciation in later pages of this report.
The vast majority
of the leading
gynecologic cancer
clinician scientists
in the United States
today received their
first research grant
from the Foundation
for Women’s Cancer.
When the leaders of the Society of
Gynecologic Oncology determined that a
complementary foundation was needed, the
desire to increase funding for research was
chief among their reasons. The Foundation
offered its first research award in 1995 with
a focus on providing young investigators
with their first funding source. The program
is administered by Foundation staff, but
all decisions that relate to research grant
review and award selections are made by a
committee of gynecologic cancer research
leaders, the Research Grants & Awards
The Foundation’s standing among the
gynecologic cancer community, including
the advocacy and survivor community,
has resulted in steady
program growth over
the past 18 years. While
most grants have been
focused on ovarian cancer
at the funder’s election,
each year there are
more endometrial
and cervical cancer
grants — a clear
strategic goal for
the research
program. Another goal is to attain funding
for multi-year grants with funding levels
appropriate for more senior investigators.
This need becomes increasingly critical
as federal funding for gynecologic cancer
research declines. Recent public health
crises may worsen this problem through
reprogramming of existing funding for
research initiatives.
Each grant or prize offered by the Foundation
is individually funded. Families and family
foundations fund many in memory of a lost
loved one. Other grants and prizes receive
support through advocacy organizations,
research foundations or industry partners.
Each year the ratio of qualified research
applications to available grants increases,
clearly demonstrating the opportunity to
conduct potentially live-saving research
outstrips available funding. For example, in
the last research funding cycle, there were
10 qualified applications for each available
The young investigators research initiative
has proven to be extremely effective when
looking at three measures of success: (1)
serving as an incubator for gynecologic
cancer clinician-scientists; (2) contributing
to knowledge as measured by the number
of peer-reviewed articles emanating from
research funded by the Foundation; and (3)
leveraging initial funding.
Ninety-four percent of grant recipients
continue as clinician-scientists. This is a key
result because of the discovery opportunities
made possible through translational, or bench
to bedside, research. The second measure
also demonstrates the knowledge gained
as a result of the grant. From 1995-2009,
research recipients contributed 325 articles
published in peer-reviewed journals. During
this same period, the Foundation funded
$2,500,000 in research and recipients were
able to parlay their initial research funding
into $58,000,000 in extramural research
funding — a 23-fold return on investment.
Because of the longevity of the program,
those who received funding in the program’s
early years have matured in their careers.
The vast majority of the leading gynecologic
cancer clinician scientists in the United
States today received their first research
grant from the Foundation for Women’s
A guiding principle of the Foundation
is “knowledge is power.” Originally the
Foundation, then known as the Gynecologic
Cancer Foundation, focused its educational
program on topics for women newly
diagnosed or living with a gynecologic
cancer. Over the years, more became
known about the risks, prevention strategies
and early detection options, resulting in an
expanded focus and a more comprehensive
The Foundation’s award-winning website — — is
its primary educational portal with
comprehensive information on risks,
prevention, early diagnosis and treatment
topics for each gynecologic cancer. This is
the only website addressing only gynecologic
cancers with all content reviewed by an
Editorial Board composed of leading
gynecologic cancer experts, predominately
gynecologic oncologists.
There is a directory of all U.S. gynecologic
oncologists that can be searched by zip
code. The website homepage provides
easy access to timely information as well
as access to the Sisterhood of Survivorship
pages, where women and families can share
their journeys. Importantly there is a hotlink
on the homepage for newly diagnosed
women to learn about their specific cancer
with one click.
To augment this information, the Foundation
hosts a library of 16 publications that
pertain to prevention strategies, risks,
symptoms, sexuality after a gynecologic
cancer diagnosis, clinical trials and their
importance, plus in-depth information about
each gynecologic cancer. These publications
are available in print or can be downloaded
A guiding principle
of the Foundation is
“knowledge is power.”
The Foundation’s signature
educational program is its
courses for women living
with a gynecologic cancer.
This program began with
a community seminar
in 1997, followed
by its first survivors
course in 2000. Since then, thousands of
women have attended at least one of the 77
courses held throughout the country.
The Foundation’s commitment to women
living with a gynecologic cancer is most
profoundly evident in the many Fridays and
Saturdays spent in towns around America
providing meaningful (and free) content
to these women, their families and loved
ones. Expert gynecologic oncologists, joined
by colleagues, volunteer their time and
knowledge to make this possible.
To date, courses have
been held in 27 states,
including Alaska, with
a goal of holding a
course in each of the
50 states.
Because of the professional and turnkey
nature of these courses, many institutions
have teamed with the Foundation to bring
this resource to their communities. As
they provide a significant value to these
institutions, 12 institutions have held multiple
courses. To date, courses have been held
in 27 states, including Alaska, with a goal of
holding a course in each of the 50 states.
The Foundation continually works to
enhance, refresh and expand the survivors
course program. In doing so, the Foundation
now offers courses with concurrent breakouts
in the morning for survivors of ovarian and
uterine cancer, and a combined afternoon
session with topics of interest to all
gynecologic cancers.
While both the didactic and interactive
portions of the survivors courses are wellreceived, the most unique and appreciated
part of the courses is the ability to talk
one-on-one with leading gynecologic cancer
experts. As referenced earlier, the faculty
volunteers to give up their weekends with
their families and travel to towns and cities
around the country to participate in these
courses. This generosity of spirit is most
visible on their faces when talking with
individual women and their families, bringing
hope to their diagnosis.
Since the Foundation declared September
as Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month
in 1999, it has continually sought to
increase awareness about gynecologic
cancers in general as well as the individual
gynecologic cancers: cervical, ovarian,
uterine/endometrial, vaginal and vulvar.
In recent years, these awareness efforts
have expanded beyond information about
treatment and survivorship to incorporate
information about symptoms and risks,
especially with regard to ovarian cancer, the
gynecologic cancer that claims the most lives
primarily due to late stage diagnosis.
The role of the Foundation in ovarian
cancer symptoms recognition is one of
its most significant contributions to a “first
alert” system for ovarian cancer. It also
demonstrates the Foundation’s leadership
role in the advocacy community.
It was at an advocacy meeting attended by
the Foundation (then named the Gynecologic
Cancer Foundation) that advocates railed
against the notion that ovarian cancer is a
“silent killer.” This resulted in a collaboration
between advocates and researchers, which
led to the development of the symptoms
index for ovarian cancer.
The Foundation, the SGO and the American
Cancer Society released the consensus
statement, originally endorsed by 16
leading advocacy organizations and later
endorsed by an additional 21 organizations,
to the news media in June 2007. The
release resulted in a front-page article in
The New Yorks Times. The Foundation’s
ovarian cancer leadership positioned the
organization to work with Project Hope on
the first algorithm that can predict a woman’s
risk of ovarian cancer. It is hoped that
with knowledge about symptoms and risk
reduction strategies, more women can be
diagnosed at an early stage when ovarian
cancer is more curable.
a backdrop. The race, the Foundation’s
signature event, truly unites the entire
gynecologic cancer community, including
gynecologic cancer surgeons and nurses,
survivors, their families and support
community, advocates and the public. While
it began as an elite running event with a
half-marathon course, it has grown into a
movement that continues throughout the year
to support the 260 women who each day
receive a gynecologic cancer diagnosis.
The Foundation for Women’s Cancer also
continues its leadership in cervical cancer
awareness since becoming the lead partner
in the National Cervical Cancer Campaign in
2003. This campaign was the first to educate
women about the link between HPV and
cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is the only
preventable gynecologic cancer, making it a
priority for awareness efforts.
Share your journey and photos with the
entire gynecologic cancer community through
the Foundation’s social media channels:
Facebook: Foundation for Women’s Cancer
and National Race to End Women’s
Cancer; Twitter: @GYNCancer; Instagram:
Foundation for Womens Cancer, Pinterest:
FdtnForWomensCancer and YouTube:
Foundation for Women’s Cancer.
Beginning in 2009,
the Foundation for
Women’s Cancer took
a giant leap forward in
placing gynecologic cancer
on the nation’s agenda by
hosting the first National
Race to End Women’s
Cancer in Washington, D.C. Beginning at
the historic Freedom Plaza, the run/walk
proceeds up Pennsylvania
Avenue with the
Capitol building as
All of the Foundation programs are enhanced
by its ever-growing social media platform.
Please join more than 4,400 Facebook and
2,400 Twitter followers.
each day
Each day 260 women
will hear a gynecologic
cancer diagnosis.
Movements MATTER
The Foundation for Women’s Cancer acknowledges the following SGO members who financially supported the
Foundation’s programs of public and patient education, and research during 2013.
Monica Jones, MD
Jason Kapnick, MD
Beth Karlan, MD
Joan Kern, MD
Dineo Khabele, MD
Fady Khoury-Collado, MD
Christine Kim, MD
Laurel King, MD
Angela Kueck, MD
Dennis Kuo, MD
Jason Lachance, MD
Lisa Landrum, MD, PhD
Mario Leitao, MD
Jeffrey Lin, MD
J. Rebecca Liu, MD
Katherine Look, MD
John Lurain, MD
Cynthia Macri, MD
George Maxwell, MD
Michael McHale, MD
David McIntosh, MD
Michael Method, MD, MPH, MBA
Susan Modesitt, MD
David Moore, MD
Kathleen Moore, MD
Mitchell Morris, MD
Carolyn Muller, MD
Fernanda Musa, MD
David Mutch, MD
Michael Muto, MD
Fouad Abbas, MD
Nadeem Abu-Rustum, MD
Ronald Alvarez, MD
Angeles Alvarez-Secord, MD
Malaika Amneus, MD
Willie Andersen, MD
Barrie Anderson, MD
J. Max Austin Jr., MD
Christopher Awtrey, MD
Victoria Bae-Jump, MD, PhD
Richard Barakat, MD
Andrew Berchuck, MD
Ross Berkowitz, MD
Kerri Bevis, MD
Michael Birrer, MD, PhD
Stephanie Blank, MD
Richard Boothby, MD
Vance Broach, MD
Sandra Brooks, MD, MBA
Carol Brown, MD
Jubilee Brown, MD
Thomas Buekers, MD
Barbara Buttin, MD
Eva Chalas, MD
Dennis Chi, MD
Bill Cliby, MD
Joshua Cohen, MD
Robert Coleman, MD
Larry Copeland, MD
Jonathan Cosin, MD
John Curtin, MD
Lejla Delic, MD
Tri Dinh, MD
Julia Donovan, MD
Linda Duska, MD
Babak Edraki, MD
Mark Einstein, MD, MS
James Ferriss, MD
Jeffrey Fowler, MD
Wesley Fowler, MD
Helen Frederickson, MD
Aracelli Fullem, MD
Ginger Gardner, MD
Paola Gehrig, MD
David Gershenson, MD
Barbara Goff, MD
Michael Gold, MD
Annekathryn Goodman, MD
Bobbie Gostout, MD
Francis Grumbine, MD
Rabbie Hanna, MD
Paul Heller, MD
Thomas Herzog, MD
Robert Higgins, MD
David Holtz, MD
Howard Homesley, MD
William Hoskins, MD
Nader Husseinzadeh, MD
Shawn Hymel, MD
Carolyn Johnston, MD
Alpa Nick, MD
Amanda Nickles-Fader, MD
Najmosama Nikrui-Tarpinian, MD
April O’Quinn, MD
Luis Padilla-Paz, MD
Karl Podratz, MD, PhD
Matthew Powell, MD
Heather Pulaski, MD
Leslie Randall, MD
Laurel Rice, MD
Lynda Roman, MD
G. Scott Rose, MD
Norman Rosenblum, MD, PhD
Carolyn Runowicz, MD
Cheryl Saenz, MD
Maria Schiavone, MD
Eileen Segreti, MD
Diljeet Singh, MD, DrPH
Yukio Sonoda, MD
Elizabeth Swisher, MD
Nana Tchabo, MD
Vivian von Gruenigen, MD
Joan Walker, MD
Marie Welshinger, MD
Sarah Whittier, MD
M. Yvette Williams-Brown, MD,
Donald Wiper, MD
Diane Yamada, MD
Israel Zighelboim, MD
Kristin Zorn, MD
The Foundation for Women’s Cancer acknowledges the following donors who have made a donation to the
Foundation in support of public and patient education, and research programs during 2013.
Alaa Abbar
Sunny Adler
Lyn Albrecht
Sue Ellen Alcaraz
Doris Aquilla
Hilary Ballon
Marla Banov
Marydith Beeman
Sandra Bernstein
Thomas Binghi
Hans & Anita Binkert
Candace Birkenhauer
Barbara Black
Estelle Bloom
Ruth Ann Boaman
Patricia Boerner
Doreen Braverman
Thomas Brubaker
Richard & Catherine Buller
Kathleene Burns
Tracy Burris
Brian & Catherine Canterbury
Victoria Carbone
David & Karen Carlson
Mary Church-Fox
Catherine Cleiman
Molly Coburn
Temeka Cole
Virginia Corson
Janet Curley
Estelle Cushner
Nancy Delaney
Geri DePaolo
Edna Donaghy
Paige Donnelly
Douglas & Jill Eaton
Maureen Ellingson
Patricia Fanning
Judith Feilen
Marshall & Rosanna Frank
Lynn Franklin
Danine Fresch Gray
Erica Fried
Evan Friend
Kelly Friend
Margery Galbraith
Mary Carolyn Gamache
Arthur & Linda Gelb
Melissa Geller
Bruce & Peggi Glaser
Mary Louise Godfrey
Lloyd Goldenberg
Evelyn Goldie
Alfred Goldstein
Ludmila Gonzalez
Marjorie Greenberg
Bonnie Greenwald
Melvin Guthrie
Ronnie Haber
Tonja Harrison
Laura Hayman
Julie Henricksen
Millicent Herrera
Andrea Herzberg
James Hickok
Morton & Nancy Hodin
Sandra Holmes
Joel Hostetter
Barbara Jane Hyde
Athena Ioannou
Anita Jackson
Sharon Jackson
Mary Ann Johnson
Just Clogs
Michael & Maureen Kanc
Michelle Katcher
Jessica Kesler
Susan Kittelsen
Marlene Kline
Jean Knighten
Ann Kolker
Richard & Florence Koplow
Marsha Kramer-Keller
Regina Kurrasch
Elaine Laux
Marcia Lee
Kristen Leone
Patricia Lindsay
Judith Lipton
Hal & Virginia Litke
Nancy Lively
Antigone Lowery
Louise Lundie
Ann Lynch Barackman
A. Caroline Maloney
Amy Marcus
Wilda Marston
Mary Mayer
Barbara McIntyre
Nancy McNiece
Nancy Mead
Donna Meiners
Cynthia Montgomery
Linda Morris
Mary Mowbray
Michele Munkarah
Michael & Janet Murray
Susan Mutty
John & Marnie Nicholson
Thomas O’Connor
Virginia Olah
Teresa Oldham
Karen Palmer
Yi Pan
Alice Pantaleoni
Terry Parsons
Ratko Pejovic
Joy Pierce
Carol Pobocik
Deborah Polinsky
Carol Portal
Tanya Ray
Lena Restivo
Barbara Ruben
Ann Rubush
K.K. Rumrill
Ellen Salerni
Roenzo & Nancy Sangiorgi
Karen Scheible
William & Patricia Schillig
David Schlaepfer
Alan & Marilyn Schwedel
Gary & Eileen Scott
Karen Seman
Michael & Elaine Serlin
Carol Silverston
St. Augustine’s Ladies Auxiliary
Tracy Stachitas
James Stanley
Susan Starr
Ronald Stern & Elisse Walter
Estelle Stolovy
Marcia Straker
Paul & Susan Sugarman
2013 INDIVIDUAL DONORS (continued)
David Sylvester
Margaret Taylor
Katheryn Tomich
Cynthia Tucker
Twisted Yarns, Inc.
Jeanne Ulwelling
Kela Wala
Edith Walter
John & Joy Wetzel
Greta Wiley Flory
Amy Wilson
Nusha Wyner
Professor & Mrs. Julian Yudelson
Susan Yurchak
Robert & Linda Zeltzer
Jia Zhao
Lyondell Chemical Company
Macy’s Foundation
Massachusetts General Hospital
Partners Healthcare System
Merck Partnership for Giving
Microsoft Matching Gifts Program
Morristown Medical Center,
Atlantic Health System
Motorola Solutions Foundation
Mutual of Omaha Bank
My Tribute Gift Foundation, Inc.
Myriad Genetics Laboratories
National Ovarian Cancer Coalition
New York University
Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corp.
Ohio State University
Oracle Corporation
Pfizer Foundation Matching Gifts
Piedmont Hematology-Oncology
Associates, LLC
Quest Diagnostics
Roger S. Firestone Foundation
Silver Family Foundation
Southcentral Foundation
St. Louis Ovarian Cancer
Awareness (SLOCA)
Stepping Stone Support, Inc.
T. Rowe Price Foundation,
Matching Gift Program
The Chubb Corporation
The Coleman Foundation
The Max & Victoria Dreyfus
Foundation, Inc.
The Norma Livingston Ovarian
Cancer Foundation
United Health Group
United Way
University of North Carolina At
Chapel Hill
University of Virginia
Winthrop University Hospital
Women’s Care of Alaska
Alaska Native Tribal Health
Alaska Regional Hospital
Allstate Giving Campaign
America’s Charities
Amgen Foundation
Anchorage Women’s Clinic
AON Foundation
Baker’s Square
Bank of America
Breaking Waves International
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation
Brown University, Women &
Infant’s Hospital
CapitalSource Inc.
Cardinal Health Foundation, Inc.
Caring Together, Inc
Carol’s Cause
Catherine Boulay Foundation
CCARE Lynch Syndrome
Charity Gift Certificates
Claudia Cohen Research
Emergency Medicine Physicians
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Friends of Wool
G.E. Foundation
Genentech, Inc.
Give With Liberty (Liberty Mutual
Foundation Match)
Good Samaritan Medical Center
IBM Employee Services Center
Inova Fairfax Hospital
Intuitive Surgical
Johnson & Johnson Matching Gifts
Judith Liebenthal Robinson
Ovarian Cancer Foundation
Let Every Woman Know – Alaska
LV North America
The following individuals have received tributes in their memory or in honor of a special occasion.
In honor of Abby Wylan
Kara Gebhart
In honor of Jana Ames
Douglas Freeland
In honor of Adele Klietz
Kimberly Rueb
In honor of Jaymie Jamieson
Germaine Overman
In honor of Alice Bader
Ellen Martin
In honor of Jayne Jones
Joan Beaubaire
In honor of Alixe Ryder
Patrick Brinkerhoff
In honor of Jenna Cummins
David Michael Productions
In honor of Bret and Andrea Hogan
Sharon Krinsky
In honor of Joan Campbell
Timothy Williams
In honor of Bruce and Sylvia
Sara Lou Cardwell
In honor of John Lurain, MD
Sandra Drumke
In honor of Carol Dering
Amy Parker
In honor of Carol McDaniel
Stacey and Rob Inc.
In honor of Charles Levenback,
Carl and Diane Becker
In honor of Colleen Crutchmer
Marion Jarrett
In honor of Dawn Morton
Coastal Sunbelt Produce
In honor of Francisco Ampuero,
Barbara Stohl
In honor of John Schorge, MD
Maria Day
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Norma Slavit
In honor of Joyce Hogan
Fred and Ann Leviton
In honor of Kathy Ulezelski
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In honor of Kathy White
Sandy Bohland
In honor of Kay Gorday
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Arent Fox LLP
Kera Aronson
Vadim and Anna Bluvstein
BNI Sterling Silver
Collin Browne
Don and Elizabeth Chenevert
Sarah Choe
Fran Coma
Erin Cronin
Walter Domroe
Frank and Verna Galloway
Gil and Susan Genn
Joel Goldman
Kenneth and Kathie Goode
Paul and Sandra Gordon
Elliot and Barbara Greenfeld
Allison Guthertz
Norm and Martha Hallowell
Eric and Donna Hauser
Jay and Louise Howell
Lawrence Hyatt
Michael and Eileen Jaeger
Allan Day Jergesen
Robyn Kaplan
Ron Kaplan
Darshan Khalsa
K.E. Kroh
Phil and Betty Lott
Jo-Ann Marchica
Michael Markowitz
Barbara McGilvray
Judith McLaughlin
Suzanne Michot
Denise Miller
Susan Mitler
Dennis and Rose Nelson
Joan Pinsky
Michael and Eileen Reilly
Claudia Reingruber
Stacy Schalk
Cindy Surgeon
Carl and Marsha Swerdloff
Eileen Tell
Kimberly Wachen
Al and Beth Webre
Nanci Wechsler
Paula Yass
In memory of Estelle Barren
Marty and Sydnee Kiebert
In memory of Fannie Kelner
Barbara Barkon
Covington and Burling LLP
David and Ellen Epstein
Ben Freeman
Babe and Seymour Hernes
The Paul E. Singer Foundation
Nancy Sagel Florin
Morris Schreim
Eugene Schwartz
Claire Sheinman
Sharon Silverman
Rinny and Len Yourman
In memory of Frances BonnoGuadiano
Anthony and Sally Gaudiano
Ron and Jerry McMurry
Mary Lee Osborn
Wilma Smith
Sara Epstein
In memory of Frances Snyder
Gail Ullenes
In memory of Helena Melo
Joshua Melo
In memory of Hiam Khoury
Alicia Diaz
Melinda Luitich
Byron and Sabina McPherson
Susan Miller
Brian and Janet Mooney
John Mooney
Mooney, Green, Saindon,
Murphy and Welch, P.C.
Kristine Nguyen
Robert and Barbara Purkhiser
Steven Rotch
Harold and Annabel Sacks
Robert Sherer
Thomas and Helen Sledge
James Strotmeyer
Ross Tamblingson
Patrick and Mary Ann Thomas
Chris and Pam Tyrrel
John and Dottie Unchester
Valley Building Supply, Inc.
Patrick and Anna Whelan
Amy Wise
Linda Yancey
George Skennion
In memory of Jamae Warren
Rodney and Kim Allison
D. Michael and Linda Anderson
Terri Ayers
Mildred Barnes
Karen Bordeaux
Janet Breedlove
Edward Cheek
Paul Craven
Paula Lang
David and Rita MacMillan
David and Diana McNeill
Louis and Tammy Sasser
David and Ashlee Smart
Jeff Stillwagon
Jon and Debra Stonehouse
Terry Summers
Robert Lee Warren
Victor and Deborah Williford
In memory of Janice McCarthy
Erin Campbell
In memory of Jean Scherrer
Allied Concrete Products, LLC
Susan Beasley
John and Constance Betts
Marjorie Bianco
Joseph Blume
W.D. and Angie Brafford
Dale Buker
Nigel and Annette Buttery
Don and Lonnie Clement
Paul and Carol Cole
Walter Davies
Patricia De Sousa
Dept. O67 Radiological Training
Craig Erlandson
Terri Feldman
John and Hope Fischer
Charles and Barbara Kiley
Sidney and Joanne Kilgore
William and Tristan Langdon
Brian and Linda Long
David Long
In memory of Jennifer DiCarlo
Maria Chir
In memory of Jetta Gandy
Jennifer McClean
In memory of John L. Lewis Jr.,
Carol Buchwalter
Sharon Kimball
Elaine Lewis
Motorola Solutions Foundation
Fredric and Pamela Paul
Grant Paul
Pamela Robinson
In memory of Joni Kerkhoff
Joe Allen
Michael and Marsha Benedetti
Janet Green
Franklin and Sue Hinkel
Susan Meyer
Robert and Candace Saternus
Pamela Tatarowicz
In memory of Joye Ann Rezin
Barbara Schiefen
In memory of Kathryn Suess
Kenneth Suess
In memory of Judy Curless
Steven and Ann Athey
Johannes and Helen Bazuin
Lila Bisig
Barry and Janet Brierley
Ryan Brierley
Paula Chiricosta
Larry and Letitia Curless
Richard Curless
James Davey
Damian Dotterweich
Jane Duncan
Matthew Evers
Maggi and Myron Fridman
Charles and Gloria Harbin
Jennifer Harbin
Ken and Mary Hoffman
Cathy Jones
Richard Kegg
Cathy Klaus
Robert and Maxine Kling
Donald Klocke
Bill Kneifel
Morita Marmo
Kwee Sun Ng
Keith and Terry O’Brien
Steven and Jane Overbeck
Ronald Payne
Steven and Rachel Schild
Florence Sterman-Schott
Rebecca Taylor
Terrace Park Ladies Golf Assoc.
In memory of Katie Finley
Christine Taylor
In memory of Judy Morris
Miriam Chaiklin
In memory of Mae Marie Koster
Anne Draznin
Teal Time Ovarian Cancer
Support Group
In memory of June Mizuba
Carol Shimizu
In memory of Karen Fisette
Michael Fisette
In memory of Khamis Saba, MD
Thomas Herzog, MD
In memory of Laurel McGinty
Chester and Lorraine Kubik
In memory of Linda Mullins
Randy and Rita Flatt
Richard Harvey
Jerry and Cheryl Keffer
David and Shelly Ostang
Lisa Sobering
Betty Wallace
In memory of Linda Poole
Emily Maschauer
In memory of Linda Varner
Thomas and Janet Quirk
In memory of Lucy and John
Dana Schmitt
Mark Daniels
George and Suzy Jendrzey
Sharon Jendrzey Moody
Keepers Car Club
Shirley Norwood
In memory of Lynette MedlinBrumfield
Carolyn Muller
Phil Warshawsky
In memory of Margo Ambler
Holly Brock-VanSchaik
Wendy Hartling
Teresa Jacques
Mary Williams
In memory of Maria KoterDominelli
Koeller, Nebeker, Carlson and
Haluck, LLP
In memory of Marie Miller-Wooding
Thomas and Carol Wooding
In memory of Marija Troyer
Lee and Barbara Bearmon
Ann Beck
Carl and Lynn Beihl
David and Stephanie Berenbaum
Mark and Tema Bomback
Jennifer Cook
Tammie DeRasmi
Paul Ditty
Lois Goldsmith
Billy and Mandy Pekin
Daniel and Nancy Pollack
Beverly Robinson
Mike and Ann Rosenblum
Jerry and Lou Rotman
Sharon Turner
Byron Weis
David and Judy Weiss
Jonathan and Andrea Weiss
Michael and Laurie Weiss
Richard and Linda Western
Stephen and Arlene Winnick
In memory of Marlene Jo Meyers
Marvel Rushing
In memory of Martha Hollis
Leisha Bell
John Bollin
Bill and Jane Buckelew
Dan Buckelew
Bruce and Catherine Burnett
Ellen Cannady
Gary Cannady
James Carr
Richard Clarke
Jackie Clow
John DiPaolo
Federal Aviation Administration
Eric Friedman
James Hollis
Leo Hollis
Tod Jacobs
Theodora Kessaris
Robyn LaPorte
Alva Nawrocki
Samantha Pailes
Jeanine Persons
Gordon Rother
Madee and Abe Schestopol
Kary Thompson
Ken Wagers
Kenneth Wagers
William and Myrna Wagers
In memory of Martha Krolikowski
Joe and Denise Cerasia
In memory of Martha Smith
Donna Fledderjohann
Fort Wayne Tile
Jeffrey Joers
Penny Wallace
Alice Wims-Lee
In memory of Mary Buchman
Lorene Coquillette
Romy Coquillette
Andre Koester
Rachel Lipschutz
John and Joella Lykouretzos
Louis Marinaccio
Stafford Meyer
Frank and Joan Van Riet
In memory of Mary Susan Bennett
William Cobb
In memory of Mary-Jane Welker
Patrick Welker
In memory of Maureen Johnson
Darryl Johnson
George and Callie Parkman
In memory of Melba Campbell
Christine Mantz
In memory of Myrtle Robertson
Kathlyn Robertson
In memory of Naomi Runyan
Linda Holland
In memory of Pam Mackey
Andrea Williams
In memory of Pat Rogers
Paula Cohen
In memory of Patricia Stafford
Anne Draznin
Teal Time Ovarian Cancer
Support Group
In memory of Rachel Banov Gould
Marsha Pinson
Robin Bacon-Hoffman
Marla Banov
Tabitha Doescher
Barry and Shelley List
Mark and Lynne Schaffer
In memory of Ramona Osborne
In memory of Robert Borner
American Dental Association
In memory of Roberta Detz
Tina Au
Bradley and Hermine Baker
Bill Burke
Frank and Marcia Carini
Meg Carini
Brian Cason
Helen Chang
Robert Chase
Kenneth and Geraldine Chavis
Maria Helena DaSilva
Jackie Delamatre
Alissa Detz
Clifford Detz
Joanna Detz
Michael Dubrovsky
Michael Dubrovsky
Robin Dufour
Eco RI, Inc.
Elizabeth Gillespie Fund for Life
John Ghazvinian
Robert Goldfarb
Meghan Gould
David Green
Preeti Gupta
Louella Hill
Roger and Lynne Irvine
Luann Jackman
Howard Janzen
Nathan Jaschik
Kanti and Radhika Kanzaria
Carol Katz
Marlene Knox
Lynda Lam
J. Levine
James Liddle
John Mackie
Shauna McClelland
Michael Adler and Caroline
Zsamok Philanthropic Fund of
the Jewish Federation
Robert Monsour
John Newsam
Marillee Ogilvie
Dennis O’Rear
James Ouimette
Margot Polivy
Rebecca Pronsky
Waqar Qureshi
Michael and Alissa Ralston
Ronald Rankin
Michael and Margaret Redemer
Linda Reynolds-Burkins
Mike Rocke
Evelyn Ronshausen
Susan Schwarz
Gregory Seal
Paul Sestili
Craig and Melissa Slayen
Stan and Joan Green Family
David and June Stern
Larry Tackett
Renuka Tipirneni
US Charitable Gift Trust
Che Voigt
Kela Wala
Judith Walsh-Cassidy
Shirley Weiss
Steve Weiss
William Young
In memory of Roberta Jean Lee
Richard Allgaier
Janice Coleman
In memory of Sherry Hannon
Barry Nobles
In memory of Shirley Bradenburg
Rosanne Bradenburg
In memory of Sidney Cutler
Paula Cohen
In memory of Sira Done
Sandra Ortiz
In memory of Sonia Petrick
Carpenters Local Union 1809
George Petrick
In memory of Suzanne Cerwinka
Paul Cerwinka
In memory of Tanya Jean
ATS Group
Dennis Connors
Linda Hagerman
Amanda Keck
Jerri Pelletier
In memory of Theresa Marie Viola
Nancy Viola
In memory of Tonda Pratt
Gerald Pratt
In memory of Tracy Perkins
David Schultz
In memory of Sara Dura
Jonathan Dura
In memory of Vee Chambers
Anneliese Bertram
Herschel Chambers
Giorgina Davis
Joyce Kalcic
Gloria Pearson
Phillip and Connie Reynaga
In memory of Sara Mae Gerbitz
Lisa Hayes
In memory of Wanda Irene Lynch
Daryl Williams
In memory of Sheila Connor
Robert Coyle
In memory of Wendy Shadwell
Richard Allgaier
Janice Coleman
In memory of Ruth Kahnweiler
Sue Pauly
In memory of Sally Doak
Vincent DiRocco
Joan Arnold
Judy Arnold
Katie Arnold
Shelly Arnoldi
Chelsea Arnone
Sallie Arnoult
Heather Arold
Paul Aron
Elizabeth Arons
Jessica Arons
Kristi Arsenault
Mary Arzt
Emmanuel Asiedu
Vida Asiedu
Ken and Ivy Ast
Your Friends At Wjla
Kc Atabaki
Ata Atanasov
Laura Atas
Judith Atkins
Lisa Atkinson
Simon Atlas
Mike August
Dave Austgen
Cheryl, Brian Ava and Aidan
Marguerite Avery
Tami Ayers
Deborah Ayres
Terry Azar
Babylonia Aziz
Jean Aziz
Lucila Babaran
Patricia Bach
Edie Backman
Beverly Bacon
Mardges Bacon
Melanie Bacon
Isabelle Badoux
Phil Baehr
Donna Baeza
Preetam Bagalkotkar
A. Bella Hair Design and Boutique
Hair and Nails
Defne Abbas
Louise Abbruzzese
Liyana Abdul Kadir
Betselot Abebe
Natalie Aburustum
Anthony Accurso
JJ Acevedo Jr.
Casey Ackland
Paul Acquavella
Glenda Adams
Jennifer Adams
Jim and Judy Adams
Kerry Adams
Evette Addai
Stanley and Joan Adoff
AFSCME Council 18
Jennifer Afzall
Evgenia Aga
Joseph Agozzino
Maria Aguilo
Danish Ahmed
Regina Aiello
Hamid Akbarali
Marita Alabaster
Katherine Alaimo
Adriana Alba
Margaret Albert
Kristen Alcorta
Dawn Alexander
Elaine Alexander
Hannah Alexander
Michele Alexander
Sharon Alexander
Nancy Alikonis
Elizabeth Allen
Hazel Allen
Kimberly Allen
Kristen Allen
Lisa Allender
Barbara Allison
Mike and Nancy Allman
The Alpine Group, Inc.
Susan Altobello
Ann-Marie Alvarez
Paula Alvarez Arteaga
Danielle and Chris Amatulli
Sujata Ambardar
AMC Network
American Board of Obstetrics
and Gynecology Educational
American Congress of
Obstetricians & Gynecologists
Courtney Amos
Tachco Amy
Glenna Andersen
Beth and Tim Anderson
Carol Anderson
Carolyn Anderson
Cristiana Anderson
Kara Anderson
Shellie Anderson
Cindy Andrejasich
Caitlin Andreotta
Crystal Andrews
Katie Andrews
Virginia Andrews
Angle Enterprises, DBA Knock
Chuks Aninye
Meg Annacone-Poretz
Anonymous Anonymous
Perla Antoniak
Alexa Apgar
Leslie Apgar
George Ardelean
Chris Ardizoni
Dale Armstrong
Bob Arnold
Dennis Arnold
Jane Arnold
Alethia Baggett
Julie Baham
Budd and Jody Bailey
Julie Bailey
Kevin Bailey
Rita Bailey
Kelly Baines
Gopal Bajaj
Sarah Bajaj
Jennifer Baker
Judi Baker
Todd Baker
Amandeep Bakshi
Elvira Balagot
Carol Ball
Dan and Crystal Ball
Nekya Ball
Harriet Ballon
Vickie Bamsey
Tammy Band
Sandra Bane
Nina Bang-Jensen
Melany Banks
Susan Banks
Alan Banov
Jessica Banov
Marla Banov
Marla Banov
Nancy Banov
Sara Barasch
Lawrence Barbera
Jeanne Barker
Kristen Barletta
Georgia Barnelli
Lisa Barnelli
Ruella Barnes
Marci Barnett
Mitchell Barnett
May Barrett
Edgar Barrington
Sam Barrow
Ellen Barth
Gregory Bartman
Dennis, Ellie, and Beau Bartow
Jane Barwis
Ruth Barzel
Brittney Basden
Jay Baskette
Amy Bason
John Bate
Karen Bate
Karen Bate
Kenneth Bate
Mary Carol Bate
Ben Bates
Heather Bates
Rachel Batson
Ludy Battad
Diane Battis
Bill and Alice Battista
Bertha Battle
Erika Baum
Erika Baum
Geoffrey Baum
Mark Baum
Kyla Bayer In Honor Of Rachel
Nicole Bayhurst
Bruce Bayle
Jennifer Bayne
Mattie Bayne
Susan M Bealmear
Bob Beatty (And The Beatty
George Beauchemin
Helenmarie Beaudoin
Susan Beaudoin
Francisca Beaver
Terri Beck
Nancy Becker
Steven Beckman
Martha Beggs
Lawrence Begley
Jennifer Behnke
Zoe Behnke
Cheryl and John Behrens
Stephanie Belanger
Annette Bell
Don Bell
Heather Bell
Karen Bender
Anne Benedict
Helen Benedict
Wesley Benel
Amelia Benito
Ridgely Benjamin
Emma and Aj Bennett
Katie Bennett
Barbara Benoit
Valerie Benson
Tamra Bentsen
Patrick Berbakos
Aarti and Ezequiel Berdichevsky
Daniel Berdichevsky
Miriam Berdichevsky
Arleen Bergen
Joel Bergen
Robert Berger
John Bergin
Martin Bergin
Michael Bergin
Thomas (Tim) Bergin
Barbara Berkowitz
David Berkowitz
Dee Berkowitz
Irene Berkowitz
Judy Berkowitz
Candice Berkshire
Suzan Berman
Erin Bernard
Jade Bernard
Karen Berndt
Lawrence Berndt
Sharon Bernier
Sarah Bernstein
Michelle Berny-Lang
Beth Berquist
Beth Berquist
Harry and Roberta Berry
Donna Berryann
Karen Bertero
Jana Bertucci
Linda Besh
Angela Bess
Julianne Bethea
Deb Beutel
Schmoll Beverly
Madhuri Bewtra
Neeraj Bewtra
Mahin Beyzaei-Arani
Maryann Bhat
Gita Bhatia
Alpa Bhungalia
Arthel Bibbens
Denise Bickerstaff
Karin Bickham
Weston Bickham
Keidra Biddiex
Maggie Ward Bieda
Barbara Bigelow
Jeffrey Bingenheimer
Michael Birrer
Barri Sue Black
Barri-Sue Black
Meredith Black
Stacy Blackman
Kathryn Blair
Allison Blake
Amy Blake
Amy Blanch
Joan Blanchard
Paula Blank
Susan Blankner
William and Marcia Blau
Melissa Blaylock
Jessica A Blazer
Cynthia Bledsoe
Cathy Bless
Amy Bley
Jeremy Block
K Cindy Block
Wendy Bloom
Diane Blue
Jenifer and Michael Blum
Walt Blum
Jeanie and Gary Blumenthal
Megan Blumenthal
Susan Blumenthal
Blair Blunda
Connie Blythe
Kathi Blythe
Melissa Boasberg
Amy Bobchek
Catherine Boccieri
Jen Bock
Christine Boeke
Karen Bogetz
Danielle Bogusz
Katie Boland
Michael Bolanos
Diane Bonar
Evangeline Bondoc
Amanda Bond-Thorley
Al Bonebrake
Gail Bonniksen
Jean Bonzani
Canan Boomer
Deane Boone
Martha Booth
John Bordeaux
Gina Boring
Caroline Borncamp
Judy Boschen
The Boston Consulting Group, Inc.
Elizabeth Botti
Amanda Bourgeois
Virginia Bousquet
Maria Bowen
Ebony Bowers
Michele Bowling
Stephanie Bowman
Lisa Boxall
Terry Boyce
Schatem Boyd
Kathryn Boyd Loftus
Christina Boyer
John Braaten
Liz Brack (Flock)
Carol Bradley
June Bradley
Leah Bradley
Lisa Burger
Marion Joyce Burgert
Susan Burgert
Susan L Burgert
Valerie and Mel Burgis
Dahn Burke
Keri Burleson
Donna Burman
Gloria Burnley
Allison J. Burns
Angie Burns
Beth Ann Burns
Catherine Burns
Kailin Burns
Kathleen Burns
Lauren Burns
Bobbi Burrows
Tricia Rose Burt
Ruth Burton
Valerie Busby
Catherine and Joe Buscemi
Kathryn Butterly
Jacques Buttin
The Furious Five (Arnaud, Camille,
Alex, Henry, Lacey) + Courage
Jazmin Cabeza
Barb and Tom Cable
Liz Caggiano
Edie Caggiano-Halsema
Megan Caldwell
California Pizza Kitchen, Inc.
Tamera Call
Danielle Callahan
Kate Callahan
Linda Callahan
Grace Callow
Linda Calotta
Leslie Cameli
Rissa Camins
Nicole Cammarota
Dawn Campbell
Debra Campbell
Barbara Brady
Kerry Brady
Nancy Brady
Cheryl Bragg
Kristina Brain
Brigid Brakefield
Fred Brandon
Mary Brandow
Monica Brannon
Kristina Branstetter
Lacy Brant
Sherry Bray
M.E. Brennan
Barbara Brent
Michael Brent
Ann Bresingham
Kinna Brewington-Clemons
Bethany Brickman
Amy Briggs
Jobett Briggs
Taylor Briggs
Rozzie Brilliant
Lindsay Brindley
Kathy Brink
Jane and Bill Britt
Katherine Brittain Bradley
John and Linda Broach
Ingrid Broadrick
Suzanne Broda
Cindi Brodess
Tyler Bronder
Laura Brooks
Matha Brooks
Maurice Brooks
Mary Brosnihan
Brittany Brouillette
Annie Broullire
Chris Broullire
Armann Brown
Audrey Brown
Beatrice Brown
Bill Brown
Caroline Brown
Cynthia Brown
Dani Brown
Edmund Brown
Emily Brown
Gayla Brown
John and Beverly Brown
Judith Brown
Karen Brown
Kristy Brown
Molly Brown
Nancy Brown
Nina Brown
Stacey Brown
Tim and Dena Brown
William Brown
Yvonne Brown
Colleen Browne
Lisa Brown-Jones
Danyelle Brown-Willis
Jacie Bruce
Lindsey Bruce
Lauren Brucks
Patricia Brunk
Tavi Brunson
Muriel Bruskin
Edith Bryant
Angela Bryce
Nancy Bubes
Dave Buchanan
Debra Buchwald
Elizabeth Buckley
Jan Buckner
Kenneth Buckwalter
Mike and Patricia Buczkowski
Wendy and Arnie Budin
Jenny Buffa
Jane Therese Bukovac
Billy Bunch
Bunker Hill Presbyterian Youth
Phyllis Buntin
Kathleen Burch
Lisa Burek
Ellen Campbell
Janet Campbell
Kevin Campbell
Maricela Campbell
Thom Campbell
William Campbell
Anthony Campisi
Abigail Canfield
Diane Cannon
Hilary and Arin Capellari
Jared Caplan
William Caplan
Eden Capuano
Tracy Carafeno
Carrie Cardiff
Vera Cardinale
Sara Lou Cardwell
Anna Care
Frank and Marcia Carini
Meg Carini
Delena Carite
David and Karen Carlson
Melanie Carlsen
Gail Carlson
Mary Susan Carlson
Al Carr
Margaret Carragher
Debra Carral
Sophia Carre
Donine Carrington
Justin Carrino
Tracy Carroll
Erin Carrow
Siv Carshult
Anita Carson
Jami Carter
Judy Carter
Liz Casey-Heiston
Molly Cashin
Andrew Cashmore
Bart and Theresa Casiello
Kathy Cassetta
Andrew Caster
Alene Castro
Anthony Catanzaro
Jennifer Caterini
Rebecca Caufield
Kayla Causey
Marie Cavallaro
Kathleen Cavanagh
Maureen Cave
Sandra Cave
Julie Cavese
CCBC Vineyard Club
Patricia A Cerchio-Vieira
Shelly Cermak
Marianne Cernosek
Tina Cervasio Mckearney
Melanie Chadwell
Michael Chaiklin
Miriam Chaiklin
Jennifer Chaloemtiarana
Lorraine Chambers
Darrell Chamblin
Edward Chan
Kimberly Channell
Sally Chapline
Amy Chapman
Rosie Chapman
Sharon Chapman
Daniel Chapple
Cyril Charity
Denise Chavers
Ashish Chawla
Jennifer Cheadle
Kathy Checke
Wendy Chenault
Wendy Chenault
Diane Chettle
Andrew Childers
Sue and Gordon Childers
Jackie Chipman
Grace Choi
Anne Marie Chotvacs
Mary Christian
Wilhelma Christian
Almont Christopher
Catherine Christopher
Mark Christopher
Linus Chuang
Kristin Church
Judith G Churchill
Jennifer Chwirut
Nichole Ciarlette
Frances Ciesielczuk
Chris Ciesielka
Julius and Roseann Ciesielka
Tracy Cioni
Cissy Patterson Foundation
Donna Civitello
Alexis Clark
Andrew Clark
Barbara Clark
Chris Clark
Corrie Clark
James Clark
Laura Clark
Lisa Clark
Tanya Clark
Valerie Clark
Bernice Clark-Bonnett
Bonnie Clarke
Linda Clarke
Robert Clarke
Danielle Claro
Joan Claussen
Nancy Clay
Apex Carpet Cleaning
Jessica Clements
Kelly Clements
Tina Clements
Daniel Clifford
Dennis Clifford
Diane Cloher
Julia Cocchia
Debra Coccia
Patti Cochran
Kathleen Coffin
Kelly Cogswell
Carolyn Cohen
Cori Cohen
Dale Cohen
Donna Cohen
Karen Cohen
Marilyn Cohen
Mary Cohen
Randi Cohen
Sandi Cohen
Thomas Colbert
Janet Coldsmith
Dana Cole
Theresa Cole
Peter Coleman
Sharon Coleman
Thomas Coleman
Sue Coles
Kelly College
Esther and Linda Collins
Joan Collins
Juveria Collins
Lee Collins
Megan Collins
Donna Collis
Phil Collyer
Darlene Colon
Judy Combs
Marianne Comfort
Amanda Comperchio
Alison Conant
Manuel Conde
Manuel Conde Y Fa.
Michael Condro
Christopher Conley
David Connelly
Joanne Connelly
Jane Conner
Kristin Conniff
Beth Connor
Jim Connor
Michelle Conroy
Amy Constant
Sheldon and Harriet Contract
Noemi Contreras-Woods
Elizabeth Conway
Jeff Cook
Roger and Karen Cook
Leslie Cooke
Donna Cooley
Helen Cooper
Janice Cooper
Jennifer Cooper
Rebecca Cooper
Wilma Cooper
Heather Copeland
Christina Coppola
Teresa Copreros
Cheryl Corbin
Sue Corbin
Terry Cornelius
Maria Corris
Carlos Cortes
Marilyn Cortes
Ashley Costello
Adrien Cotton
Kasa Cotugno
Charles and Debora Coty
Beverly Couch
Maura Coughlin
Square One Counseling
Square One Counseling Pllc
Jane Covner
Brittany Cox
John Coyne
CPK Pentagon Staff Keychain
Crabberry, LLC
Kerwelyn Craig
Ruth Crame
Jamie Crase
Pete and Kathy Crase
Mark Crawford
Wendy Crego
Creme De La Creme
Carlo Cressotti
Wendy Cresswell
Mario Crifo
Ronald Crigger
Michelle Crist
Mara Croce
Michael Croce
Aly Croft
Vera Deckelbaum
Karen Decker
Renee Degalan
Amy Dehennis
Thomas Dekens
Jeri Nick Delambo
Melissa Delaney
Susan Delo
Court and Hue Deluca
Carole Demas
Jim Demedeiros
Paul and Lorraine D’emilio
Lawrence Deming
Mehtap Demirci
Nancy Demis
Jeannie Dempsey
Danny Denkins
Margaret Dennin
Schapley Dennis
Valerie Dennis
Lisa Denoyer
Elise Dent
Geri Depaolo
Diane Depaul
Roberto Depaz
Adam Derr
Reema Desai
Tim Desjardin
Andrea Desmet
Susan Detz
Marisa Deutsch
Moshe Deutsch
Sandy Devan
Tiffany Devaughn
Kathy Devlin
Britta Devolder
Kerry Devooght
Michelle Dewyngaert
Sheryl Dexter
Christine Deyuliis
Valerie Dezzutti
Geeta Dharmappa
Tybe Diamond
Jamie Crooks
Jill Crouch
Caitlin Crowl
Erin Crowley
Paula Cruickshank
Helen Crum
Stefanie Cruz
Jessica Cuffia-Corlette
Rachel Culbertson
Cathy Cullen Hirshorn
Michele Cullom
Tracy Cumberland
Karin Cumming
Paul Cummings
George Cummins
Kelly Cummins
Debbie Cunningham
Hanna Cunningham
Kate Cunzeman
Leslie Curley
Brooke Curran
Anne Curry
Beth Curry
Cindy Curtis
Edward Curtis
Deborah Cussen
Michael Cymber
Wayne Cymber
Joy Cytryn
Felix Dacumos
William Daigneault
Emily Dakin
Rusty Dalal
John Dalby
Katherine Dalesandre
Jay D’alessandro
Kelly Daly
Kyle Damalouji
Nancy D’amico
Melissa Damon
Valerie Danby
Jasmine Daniel
Paula Daniel
Beverly Daniels
Jan Daniels
Yani Danko
Brad D’antonio
Kathleen Darcy
Adele Dari
Dana Darr
Beth Davidson
Sharrell A Davidson
Davidson Berquist Jackson and
Gowdey LLP
Laree Davino
Allison Davis
Angela Davis
Ashlee Davis
Carmilla Davis
Carolyn Davis
Clyde Davis
Debbie Davis
Devina Davis
Diane Davis
Jamie Davis
Jim Davis
Liane Davis
Pamela Davis
Robin Davis
Stephen and Donna Davis
Susie Davis
Jan and Bill Davison
Robyn Davison
Ryan Davison
Bill Day
Michele Day
Yvonne Day
Barbara Dean
Dionne Dean
Virginia Dean
Sherry Deane
Mason Debias
Leila Debruin
Jessie Debusschere
Shelley Debutts
Guy and Margery Decarlo
Maureen Diaz
Christopher Dickens
Carol Dickerson
Nicholas Dickey
Ilana Dickman
Shaun Diehl
Denise Dieleman
Mary Diggs
Terri Diienno
Leda Dileonardo
Kristen Dimarco
Kathy Dimario
Chris Dimos
Helen Dimurro
Kathleen Dinoto
Barbara Dinslage
Kelly Dipiero
Marla Dirlam
Alexander Disanti
Andrea Disogra
Thanne and John Dispenza
Brian Dixon
Mary Dixon
Sharon Dlhosh
Mike Dobbs
Martha Dodge
Brian Doherty
Michael Doles
Ellen Dolinar
Liz Dolinar
Anne Doll
Edward Dominicci
Sharon Doner-Feldman
Amy Donn
Nancy Donovan
Amber Door
Paige Dorn
Matt Dornan
Elizabeth Dornay
Paula Dorrell
Wendy Dotson
Christine Doudna
Gregory Douglas
Jack Douglas
Michelle Douglas
Rosalind Douglas
Diana Douglass
Judy and Dion Dow
Irene Downs
Laura Drake
Laurie Drake
Lindsey Drath
Scott Drega
Julien Drennan
Abigail Dressel
Dyanne Drucker
Malia Du Mont
Gina Dubbe
Helen Dubois
John and Joanne Duchez
Kathleen Ducie
Jean Duddy
Nancy and David Duff
Kelly Duffy
Bob Dufour
Robin Dufour
Donnetta Duncan
Meredith Duncan
Scott and Laura Duncan
Patsy Dunlap
David Dunn
Helen Dunn
Jane Dunne
Jenny Dunne
Demi Duong
Gwen Duong
Renee Duplantis
Patricia Durham
Marie Durocher
Keryn Durst
Vicki Durst
Brian Durwood
Gail Dutton
Allison Dyer
Judy Dynan
Dorothy Ealey
Genevieve Eannuzzi
Cynthia Earley
Nellie Earley
Rob Eastman
Doralisa Eatherton
Rasha Ebeid
Sara Echeverri
Josephine Eckert
Joanna Eckstein
Gina Ecolino
Gerry Econs
Bonnie Edder
Andrew and Maria Edelberg
Annrita Edelberg
Janett Edelberg
Janett Edelberg
Mary Edelberg
Heather Edelman
Steven Edmonds
Jane Edson
Brehanna Edwards
Courtney Edwards
Lea Ann Edwards
Mindy Edwards
Sherry Edwards
Shawne Edwards-Zollar
Charles and Melissa Egender
Diane Eggl
Jena Ehmann
Rachel Ehmann
Sarah Ehmann
William Ehmann
Gayle Ehrenman
Stephanie Eichberg
Kat Eichner
Anne Eikenberg
Thomas Ein
Regina Einstein
Erin Eisenberg
Leslie Eisenhauer
Eileen Ekey
Glenda Elam
Blanca Elazary
Nancy Elder
Nader Elguindi
Diane Elias
Crystal Ellerbe
Susan Elliott
Affie Ellis
Lisa Ellis
Amanda Elrod
Rajan Embran
Thara Embran
Eric Emch
David Endom
Chester Eng
Warren Eng
Larry Engel
Paige Engeldrum
Michelle Enger
Nancy Enger
Brystol English
Kristen English
Kevin Ennis
Kirk and Rebecca Ennis
Cherise Ensminger
Albert Epshteyn
Maureen and Bob Ercole
Myra Erhardt
Brian Erkkila
Daniel Ernst
Frank Ernst
Frank (Bill ) Ernst
Michael Ernst
Amy Esposito
Alizabeth Evans
Ashley Evans
Dorla Evans
Gwen Sharnett Evans
Lisa Evans
Nora Evans
Yvonne Evans
Diana Ezra
Bonnie F
Patricia Fabrikant
Sharon Faccini
John and Kathryn Fader
Sara Fagen
Jenifer Fahey
Vicki Fahnestock
Heather Fairbanks
Maja Falcon
Patricia Fallon
Kathy Faltin
Linda Faltin
Raymond Falzone
Klein Family
Kolment Family
Bridget Fancher
Michelle Fantauzzo
Pitrina Fantauzzo
Lois Farber
Arthur Faris
Dana Farmer
Joey Farmery
Adrienne Farrar
Charles Farrugia
Sima Fartash
Carma Fauntleroy
Ronni and Phil Faust
Racquel Fayall
Shelley Feagles
George Fedeanis
Virginia Feely
Andrew Fehlner
Andy and Namhee Feinberg
Izzy Feldman
Roberto Feliciano
Jessica Felix-Romero
Evy Fellas
Robert Fenlason
Kimberlee Fenn
Susan Fentress
Chantay Ferguson
Gerri Ferguson
Kathy Ferguson
Rozalind Ferguson
Cynthia Fernandez
Lori Ferraro
Rosie Ferraro
Lisa Ferretto
Michael Ferrucci
Eric Feuerstein
Fidelity Charitable Gift Fund
Mallary Field
Nancy Fielder
Chelsey Fields
Allan Frostman
Erica Fruh
Danielle Frye
Rodney Frye
Jerry Fu
Sylvia Fubini
Rosemarie Fuchs
Stanley Fuchs
Jennice Fuentes
Erin Fulham
Betty Fulk
Gary Fullem
Patrick Fullem
Donna Fullerton
Allie Fung
Glenda Funk
David Furman
Aurilla (Dee Dee) Fusco
Suzanne Fuster
David Gacheru
Susan Gagliardo
Christopher Gaines
Jojie Galang
Kendra Gale
Stavroula Galiatsatos
Erin Galipeau
Janet Gallant
Katharine Gallogly
Ethel Galloway
Judith Galloway
Michelle Galvanek
Lisa Gambino
Jacalyn Gano
Susan Ganz
Heather Gaona
Rick Gaona
Matthew Garber
Bianca Garces
Barbara Garcia
Juan Garcia
Gabriel Garcia-Landrau
Karen Gardiner
James Gardner
Craig Fifer
Annette Fillmore
Cynthia Finan
Deb Finan
Joanne Finch
Kay Finch
Sandy Finch
Michael Fingerhood
Dianna Finisecy
Leisa Laney Fink
Lydia Fink
Scott Fink
Eric Finland
Holly Finn
Thomas Finucane
Fatima Fiori
Vicky Fiori
Farnaz Firoz
Nicole Fish
Jennifer Fisher
Phil and Myra Fishman
Ashley Fitch
Nikki Fitzgerald
Ginger Fitzpatrick
Marianne Fitzpatrick
Andrea Flax
Barbara Fletcher
Janae Flint
Loring Flint
Greg Flood
Irene Flores
Drew Flowers
Jeff Flowers
Jill Flynn
Amy Forbes
Caroline Forbes
Barbara Ford
Phaedra Ford
Brian Forsythe
Josie Forsythe
Rachel H Forsyth-Tuerck
Jamel Forte
Mindy Forte
Lisa Fortini-Campbell
Sabrina Fortunati
Doug Foss
Alice Foster
Carol Foster
Don and Bonnie Foster
Rachel Foster
Amanda Fox
Chris Fox
Marcia France
Elena Francis
Robert Francis
Emily and Sandy Frank
Tricia Frank
Elizabeth Franz
Megan Fraser
Gloria Frazier
Heidi Frederick
Jannik William Frederiksen
Nelda Freeman
Tamara Freeman
Norma Freemanlarosa
Barbara Freiberg
Susan Freiman
Heather French
Nick, Samantha, Vivienne and
Madeleine French
Amy Beth Frenck
Jim Frenck
Lee Frenck
Beth Freund
Addy Frias
Jackie and Stuart Fried
Barbara Friedman
Benjamin and Anne Friedman
Melanie Friedman
Ruth Friedman
Victoria Friedman
Christa Fries
Susan Frieswyk
Alexa Frisbie
M and T Fritzshall
Michael Frohm
Renee Gardner
Amy Garfinkel
Pam Garfinkle
Anita Garg
Jeff Garnett
Seena Garovoy
Yannick Garsany
Carmela E C Garufi
Erica Gately
Michele Gatti
Harriet Gattison
Cathy Gaudian
J.J. Gaudin
Bethany Gauthier
Emu Gebreyesus
Genentech, Inc.
Barbara Gentile
Phil Georgatos
Morallina George
Suzanne George
Jennifer Geraci
Shari Gerber Wasserman
The Gerson Family
Jared Gerstenbluth
Chip Gestiehr
Phyllis Gestrin
Brandi Geter
Taleen Ghazaryans
Natasha Ghent-Rodriguez
Brenda Gianiny
Jim Gianiny
Kathryn Giannetti
Mayumi Giannetti
Pamela Giannetti Widener
Amy Giannetti-Gillespie
Meredith Gibb
Jeanne Gibbons
Gail Gibson
Melody Gibson-Solomon
Rebecca Gifford
Barbara Gilbert
Margaret Gilbert
Christine Gilberto
Ed and Elaine Gill
Francine Gillam
Robert Gillespie
Robert Gillette
Michelle Gilliam
Christopher Gillis
James P Gillis
Eileen Gillooly
Nannette Gills
Chelsea Gilmour
Cynthia Gilmour
Nancy Gilmour
Dior Ginyard
Jennifer Girard
Nicole Girard
Lynn and Neil Gissler
Dianne Gittins
Meredith Glansberg
Michael Glasgow
Nancy Glassberg
Barbara Gleason
Jessica Glickman
Dennis Glidden
Jennifer Gnuschke
Heather Gochnour
Katie Gochnour
Sanjay and Swati Goel
Vic and Anita Goel
Arthur Goldberg
Denise Golden
Lois Golden
Deborah Goldfrank
Deborah Goldman
Jill Goldman
David Goldstein
Nate Goldstein
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Goldstone Corporation
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Barney Gomez
Fernando Gonzalez
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Elaine and Bob Gooding
Shelley Goodknight
Allison Goodman
Caroline Goodman
Helene Goodman
Michael Goodman
Clint Goodwin
Gale Goodwin
William Goodwin
Sara Scott Goone
Judith Goral
Lori Goral
Amelia Gordon
Chris Gordon
Elissa Gordon
Jim Gordon
Kit Gordon
Kristen Gordon
William Gordon
Maureen Goslee
Valerie Gostele
Harriott Gough
Ben Gould
Jed Gould
Jennifer Gould
Tom Gould
Joseph Gouldman
Liz Gouldman
Rachel Graff
Abby Graham
Sibyl Graham
Adrienne Granger
John Grant
Maggie Grant
Tiffany Gray
Kristin Graybill
Candace Greaux
Wasim Greaves
David Green
George Green
Linda Green
Maria Green
Tyler Green
Beth Greenberg
Tammy Greenblatt
Aileen Greene
Donya Greene
Jacalyn Greene
Jason Greene
Pamela Greene
Shonette Greene
Kathryn Greening
Bonnie Greenspan
Dana Greenwald
Lisa Greenwood
Mark Greer
Trina Gregg
Sandy Grevey
Evan Grice
Randy Grice
Stan Grice
Carol Griffin
Mary Ellen Griffin
Sandra Griffith
Jessica Griffiths
Corinne Grimaldi
Dotty Grimes
Jyl Grimsley
Bonnie Grishkat
Iwona Grodecki
Alice Gross
Linda Gross
Jody Grossman
Nancy Grossman
Lois Gruendl
Pattie Grunwald
Helen Gryboski
Mary Ann Gryboski
Michael Gryboski
Aj Guenther
Debby and Wally Guenther
Joanne Guerrera
Maurizio Guerrero
Karen and Ed Guest
Gayathri Gunasekaran
Jane Gundell
Mike Gunion
Marcia Gurche
Pat Gurevitch
Anne Gutierrez
Catherine Haas
Noam Haberman
Ann Morton Habliston
Debra Hachen
Pearl Hachen
Laura Haddad
George Hadijski
Catherine Hagadorn
Harry Hagel
Sheila Haggas
Mary Haitz
Lindsey Hakim
Dave/Heather Hakins
Kristan Halaiko
Carolyn Hall
Daphne Hall
John Hall
Judith Hall
James Hallowell
Kevin Hallums
Jo Hamby
Joy Hamilton
Kaizetta Hamilton
Tonya Hamilton
Audrey Hamm
Margaret Hampton
Caroline Hamric
Shelly Han
Hank Hanau
Benjamin Hance
Rosa Hance
Bailey Hand
Karen Hanna
Joanne Hannett
Peggy Hanselman
Elizabeth Hansen
Linda Hansen
Lloyd and Janet Hansen
Carolyn Hanson
Kelly Hanson
Patricia Harbart
William Harbart
Rosalie Harck
Kiandra Hardware
Sarah Hardy-Cooper
Lois Hertz
Robin Hertz
Elaine Hess
Nikki Hession
Stella Hetelekidis
Jamie Hewitt
Barbara Hfhs Lab
Amanda Hichkad
Eileen Hickey
Emily Hickey
Natelege Hickman
Eleanor Hicks
Tashea Hicks
Inge Hiebel
Eileen Higgins
Frances Higgins
Traci Highsmith
Rebecca Hileman
Carolyn Hill
Diane Hill
Nicholas Hill
Shannon Hill
Elizabeth Hille
Karen Hillis
Rupert Hinds
Beverly Hines
Jane Hinton
Melissa Hippler
Yumiko Hirose
Benjamin Hirsch
Shannon Hiskey
Saguna Hitapot
Kerie Hitt
Ro-Zanne Ho
Jami Hoang
Kathy Hobson
Melissa and Steve Hochberg
Carol Hofen
Ilse Hoffman
Martha Hoffner
Florence Hogan
Joan Hogan
Julie Hogan
Elizabeth Hargrove
Emily Hargrove
Mary Ellen Hargrove
Kathryn Harllee
Chrissy Harlow
Margaret Harlow
Joseph Harmer
Molly Harper
Kendra Harpster
Mary Lee Harrell
Bea Harris
Carolyn Harris
Jack Harris
Kelly Harris
Lauren Harris
Maria-Laura Harris
Patricia Harris
Barbara Harrison
Bruce and Jan Harrison
Jeanne Harrison
Shameka Harrison
Sheila Harrison
Harrum, LLC, DBA: Ice Cream
Denise Hart
Elizabeth Hart
Erin Hart
Rachel Hartig
Cindy Hartless
Russ and Steph Hartley
Katelyn Hartman
Sharron Hartman
Tim Hartmann
Bryan Hartsock
Jesse Harvey
Kristen Harvey
Michelle Hass
Robinson Hatanpaa
Lynn Hatch
Sue Hatch
Jennifer Hatcher
Laura Hatcher
Abby Haven
June Haviland
Lisa Hawksworth
Henry Hawley
Caroline Haws
Dolores Hayes
Elizabeth Hayes
Jan and Dwight Hayes
Lee Hayes
Catherine Hayman
Joan Hayman
Mary Hays
Peter Hazeloop
Donna Heberle
Martha Heck
Margot Heckman
Juliane/Cory Hedgepeth
Lee Heeter
Crystal Heide
Adrienne Heil
Greta Hein
Andrea Heintzelman
Patricia Heiston
Lynn Heitzman
Jennifer Helgans
Kathy Heller
Sean Hellmuth
Lynda Helm
P. Susan Helm
Scott Helms
Jennifer Henderson
Kinyette Henderson
Larry Henderson
Sarah Henderson
Zoe Henderson Parker
Mary Henigin
Rita Henkler
Tamara Henry
Camille Henson
Alison Herbert
Jamie Herczakowski
James Herdt
Kate Hermanson
Jena Hernandez
Mary Hogan
James Hogg
Jacquelyn Hogge
Tara Hohenshelt
Michaele Hojnacki
Megan Holden
Sarah Hollander
Robert Hollis
Kathy Holloway
Kristy Holm
Jim and Jan Holsclaw
Nelson Holston
Rachel Holt
Brooks Holtom
Irene Holtz
Jordan Holway
Thomas Holzman
Judith Hommel
John Hoo
Kimberly Hooper
Sarah Hoops
Sonja Hoover
Dee Hopkins
Jeff Hopkins
Teresa Hopkins
Lori Horbund
Robin Horn
Marty Hornback
Emily Hornbuckle
John Hornung
Gail Horton
Terri Horton-O’connell
Julian Houseman
Jamila Houser
Nancy Hovanec
Tracie Hovermale
Nancy Hoving
Elaine Howard
Iris Howard
Jeanna Howard
David Howe
Angela Howell
Toni Howell
Martha Hoying
Ernie Hsin
Sharon Huang
Deb and Dave Hubbell/Hudak
Kristen Huber
Lance Huber
Darien Hudak
Catherine Huddleston
Robin Hudetz
Brent Hudson
Cynthia Hudson
Brenda Huelle
Jane Huelle
Tammy Huffman
Joan Hufnagel
Betsy and Bob Hughes
Marilyn Hughes
Amelia Hukoveh
Sarah Hull
Sharon Humphrey
Lauren Huneke
Candice Hunt
Erica Hunt
Margaret Hunt
Rina Hunt
Dayna Huntington
Kristen Hurley
Anthony Hurst Ii
Tony Hurst Ii
Yaser Hussein
Donna Hutcheson
Tiffany Huynh-Nguyen
Kinga Hyatt-Ordazzo
Jeffrey Hyde
Alex Hyman
Ida Hyman
Irene Hymanson
Mary Iannicola
Alicia Iaquinta
Illinois Tool Works Foundation
Bill Immerman
Daniel Immerman
Michael Immerman
Olivia Immerman
Tns Inc
Jeanne Infante
Tara Ingels
Andrea Ingram
Intuitive Surgical
Lisa Inzerillo
Margaret Irby
Clyde Ireland Iii
Lynne Irvine
Jennifer Isaf
Anne Isenhower
Isaacs Team LLC Coldwell Banker
Jo Ivey
Preethi Iyer
Emily Jabbour
Janet Jacapraro
Joanne Jackson
John Jackson
Kristen Jackson
Deborah Jacob
Jeff Jacobs
Meredith C Jacobs
Sharon Jacobsen
Linda Jacobson
Coran Jallah
Asha Jama
Sarah James
Shelina James
Tom Jamieson
Betty Jamieson-Dunne
Elaine Janko
Sippi Janssen
Cheryl January
Howard and Cherine Janzen
Elizabeth Jaramillo
Paula Jarnicki
Alison Jarvis
Catherine Jaskiewicz
Nancye Jefferson
Allan Jemi-Alade
Mario Jenkins
Nadia Jenkins
Yvette Jenkins
David J. Jensen
John Jensen
Lisa Jensen-Long
Pam Jewell
Jennifer Jinot
Paul Jirkans
Karin Johansson
Madeleine Johansson
Rebecca Johansson
Susanna Johansson
John and Dina Johns
Amanda Johnson
Charles Johnson
Cheyenne Johnson
Colette Johnson
Constance Johnson
Courtney Johnson
Curtis Johnson
Jaclyn Johnson
Kelly Johnson
Kisha Johnson
Miranda Johnson
Monica Johnson
Pk Johnson
Rima Johnson
Camille Johnston
Debbie Johnston
White Jonathan
Alex Jones
Barbara Jones
Beth Jones
Denise and Scott Jones
Eunice Jones
John and Abigail Jones
Julia Jones
Kathleen Jones
Laverne Jones
Marissa Jones
Reese Jones
Sarah Jones
Lisa Jones Foose
Laurel Jones-Purdy
Jane Josephs
Justine Joslyn
Rose Julian
Kristina Junker
Kelly Kabiri
Lindsay Kafton
Phyliss Kafton
Linda Kahn
Paul, Star and Indigo Kahn
Sherry Kahn
Wendy, Joe, Brianna and Alexa
Jay Kalinsky
Susie Lora Kalinsky
Edith and Joe Kallas/Whatley
Ethan Kams
Jill Kams
Kenneth Kams
Layla Kams
Simin Kamvar
Lauri Kanerva
Pentti Kanerva
Rich and Lolita Kang
Hemal + Mia Kanzaria
Elaine Kaplan
Karen Kaplan
Seth Kaplowitz
Suzan Kasinoff
Tom and Sue Kasler
Kristen Kasprow
Dr. Payam Katebi Kashi
Ferne Katleman
Michael Kator
Nancy Kator
Cleo Katsoris
Elliot Katz
Patricia Katz
Remy Kauffmann
Heidi Kaufman
Brandon Kavandi
David Kay
Ellen Kay
Jenny Kay
Alissa Kaye
Randi Kayes
Melissa Kearns
Paula Keats
Nancy Keep
Melinda Keifer
Mia Kogan
Kanu Kogod
Carol and Ted Kogut
Jennifer Kogut
Kevin Kogut
Elise Kohn
Kristeen Kohrs
Jennifer Kolarov
Suzanne Komaromy
Judy Komoroski
Deena Kong
Jason Konner
Robert Kopicki
Arlene Korolyshun
Sara Korzec
Aparna Kothary
Sandra Kouzel
Dr. Tom Kovacs
Abigail Kraft
Jen Kramer
Orin Kramer
Sophie Kramer
Ashley Krapacs
Scott Kratz
Brenda Krause
Mike Krawczel
Erin Krawiec
Anne Kreamer
Dina Krenzischek
Pamela Kress
Pamela Kress
Sharon Krinsky
Diane Kriviski
Martin Krizmanich
Heinz and Virginia Krohn
Dennis Kronenberg
Tom Kropf
Julie Krueger
Karen Kruger
Mark Kruger
Kathie Krumm
Marcia Krupnuikoff
Susan Krys
Charissa Keller
Daniel Keller
Gabrielle Keller
Stephen Keller
Allison Kelley
Brian Kelley
Elaine Kelley
Joann Kelley
Anne Kelly
Beth Kelly
Colleen Kelly
Dianna Kelly
Elizabeth Kelly
Emma Kelly
Karen Kelly
Kevin Kelly
Therese Kelly
Barbara Kempe
Michele Kendus
Deborah Kennedy
Jeanne Kennedy
Leigh Kennedy
Claudia Kennison
Terrence Kenny
Lisa Kenworthy
Michael Kerich
Sarah Kernochan
Laurel Kerr
Michael Kerrigan
Marilyn Kesecki
Neda Keshani
Eileen Kessler
Beth Keswani
Zareh Khachikian
Shazia Khan
Julie Khani
Josmin Khatun
Amel Kheir
Leila Kiani
Kyle Kiider
Melissa Kilbride
Ellen Killalea
Deirdre Kilpatrick
Jessie Kimber
Kimberly Kincheloe
Margaret Kincheloe
Abby and Eli King
Deborah King
Jason King
Jeremy Kinsell
Mary Kiraly
Felicity Kirby
Kindra Kirkeby
Marc Kirkeby
Jeff Kisielewski
Michelle Kisloff
Kirstin Kita
Sarah Klaben
Amy and Stu Klein
Erica Klein
Jane Klein
Joshua Klein
Melissa Klein
Susan Klein
Anna Kleiner
Brad Kleinman
Irene Kleinsinger
Joshua Kligler
Autumn Klimek
Meghan Kline
Albert Knapp
Bunny and Al Knapp
Patric Knapp
Crystal Kniffen
Steve and Rose Kniffen
Patrick Knisley
Marilyn Knowles
Thia Jean Knowlton
Barbara Knox-Seith
Molly Kobus
Judith Koch
Sofia Kock
Larry and Carol Kocot
Crystal and Ryan Kodama
Hiromi Kodama
Dan Koenig
Edward Kryschtal
Brianne Kucerik
Jessica Kuhn
Poonam Kumar
Michael Kunkler
Megan Kunzig
Brooke Kurtz
Jane Kush
Marie Kuzmack
Cathy Kwart
Michael Kwinn
Ellen Kympton
Carol L
Debra Lachowetz
Thomas Lacrosse
David Lafferty
Loretta Lage
Antoinette Lagonigro
Kathleen Lahey
Luke Lajoie
Chelsea and Michael Lake
Christina Lalama
Ayesha Lall
Carole Lalli
Maureen and Harry Lalor
Francine Lamoriello
Susan Land
Michelle Landen
Art Landesman
Heather Landherr
Lisa Landry
Hope Landy
Marcia Lane
Jennifer Langdon
Verna Lange
Cory Langley
Elisabeth Langsdorf
Peter Lapage
Patrick Larkin
Alain Laroche
Lindsay and Oliver Larouche
Megan Larson
Jake Lasofsky
Michel A. Laudier
Natalie Laudier
Connie Lauffer
Jana Laufman
Maureen Lauran
Laurie Black Photography
Susan Lautenbacher
Michelle Lauzon
Elizabeth Lavette
Amanda Lawrence
Debra Lawrence
Hal Lawrence
Linda Lawrence
Janet Lawson
Virginia Laytham
Sylvia Lazarus
Ian Leahy
Minda Leary
Angela Leathers
Claire Leaver Dunn
Mary Ledesma
Andrew Lee
Brady Lee
Cynthia Lee
Grace Lee
Jodie Lee
Lisa Lee
Travis Lee
Weilun Lee
Gail Lees
Julia Leet
Lou Leftwich
Michael Leftwich
Debbie Lehardy
Debra Lehman-Smith
Lauren Leigh
Corey Leimer
David Leinart
Valerie Leitzel
Mary Beth Lennox
Mia Leo
Kaye Leonard
Paul Leonard
Susan and Paul Leonard
Liz Lerner
Julie Lesak
Let Every Woman Know - Alaska
Charles Letourneau
Cheryl Levalley
Marlene Levasseur
Barbara Levi
Marcia Levi
Diane Levin
Jody Levin
Elizabeth Levine
David Levitt
Joanna Levitt
Daniel Levy
Gina Levy
Heidi Levy
Carole Lewis
Claire Lewis
Kendal Lewis
Jennifer Li
Katherine Kristin Libby
Kristin Libby
Wendy Libert
Amy Lifson
Johnson Lightfoote
Jean Lighthall
J.H. Lin
Jessica Lin
Jody Lin
Victoria Linden
Kelly Link
Heather Linton
Marta Liotard
Elizabeth Lippitt
Leslie Lipscomb
Yahaira Liriano
Jody Lish
Jill Litten
Howard L. Little
Amanda Llewellyn
Dana Lochiatto
Robin Lockett
Ella Lofink
Julie Logan
Verna Lomax
Amy Long
Jill Long
Kristin Long
Jeffrey Lonstein
Carlos Lopez
Linda Lopez
Lorraine J. Demilio Foundation
Kathy and Greg Lott
James Loudermilk
Rita Loudermilk
Elizabeth Louie
Curt Lovegren
Jabrie Lovelace
Linda Lovell
Eliza Lowe
Kirsten Lowe
Beth&Matt Lubben
Tani Lublin
Andrea Lucchesi
Jesse Luden
Rob Luden
Elizabeth Ludes
Kathy Ludwig
Lizzy Ludwig
Sherman Ludwig
Krista Ludwig Poretz
Maribeth Luftglass
Cindy Luis
Caroline and Robert Luna
Kristina Lunner
Angela Lupo
Erika Lusk
Amy Lustig
Rabbi M Bruce Lustig
Alysia Lutz
Philip Lux
Jennifer Lykins
Travis Lyle
Clare Lynch
Sean Lynch
Tina Lyon
Danni Lyons
Karen Lyons
Lisa Macarthur
Charlotte Maccallum
John Macdonald
Stephen Macdonald
Christopher Machin
Carol Macht
Wilmoth Mack
Jim and Katie Mackenzie
Jennifer Macks
Melissa Maclin
Pamela Macvicar
Katharine Magahey
Christina Mahoney
Kathy Mahoney
Amanda Makki
Nikhil Malhotra
Saira Malik
Elizabeth Mallen
Jerilyn Malliet
David Mallory
Elizabeth Mallory
Megan Mallory
Brandy Malone
Midori Maloney
Barbara Maltby
Megan Mamarella
Stephanie Manas
Craig Mance
Joanne Manes
Kathleen Mangan
Jeanne Mangels
Michelle Mangrum
Gail Mangum
Ann Manley
William Manley
Nihayeh Mansour
Bill Manteria
Bj Manuel
Michael Manuel
Tracey Maranto
Lissy March
Lilian Marcus
Peggy Mardosa
Deborah Margolin
Nancy Marin
Elizabeth Marino
Lise Strickler and Mark Gallogly
Elissa Moses and Mark Shornick
Karen McGuire
Kathleen McGuire
Lisa McGuire
William McGuire
Thomas and Elizabeth McHale
Nancymae McHugh
Heijin McIntire
Janet McKay
Freddie McKenna
Kara McKenna
Patricia McKenna
Kieran McKenna Flooring
April McKenzie
Kendra McKenzie
Denise McKewan
Holly McLain
Kate McLeod
Lisa McLish
Emily McMahan
Lindsay McMillan
Althea McMillian
Katie McNeil
Mariah McPherson
Lyn McRainey
Jo McShane
Dorothy McSweeny
David McVicar
J.D. Meadows
Lisa Means
Angela Mederos
Christina Megill
Jill Megimose
Avani and Jacob Mehta
Janet Meiselman
Lillian Meiselman
Dawn Meisner
Sandra Mejia
Donald Melancon
Pat Mellinger
Elaine Melnick
Merry Melvin
Bahar Memarzadeh
Nikki Memmelaar
Emily Marko
Linda Markwald
Julie Marmon
Carolyn Marshall
Jennifer Marshall
Hunter Marth
Carey Martin
Gina Martin
Jennifer Martin
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Michael Martin
Sandra Martin
Shirley Martin
Susan Martin
Denice Martinez
Raquel Martinez
Owen Marx
Sharon Marx
Comp Care Mary, Jackie, Tyesha,
Terrence Maryniw
Elizabeth Masiowski
Britta Mason
Camille Massie
Kathi Masterson
Rachel Masterson
Richard Masterson
Randy Mastro
Magali Matarazzi
Mary Mathias
Tina Matney
Ellice Matsil
Frank Matteo
Gary Matthews
Kelly Matthews
Merle and Bob Matthews
Donna Matusik
Claire Maucieri
Danielle Maurer
Jessica Maurer
Zoe Maurer
Verdar May
Julie Mayberry
Jennifer Mayfield
Jennifer McAlister
Karen McAndrews
Bethanne McArdle
Alison McCabe
Ann McCain
Mary Vanessa McCain Johnson
Janice McCall
Erin McCann
Heather McCarthy
Mark McClain
Dan and Priscilla McCloskey
Carrie McCloud
Marleen McCloud
Cathi McClure
Kay McClure
Terrie McClure
James McCollough
Linda McCoy
Jenny McCray
Sophia McCrocklin
Amanda McCue
Selin McCurdy
Sandra McDermin
Rebecca McDonald
Wendy McDowell
Mary McEachern
Janet McElroy
Patricia McEntee-Baxter
Lindsey McEvoy
Lauren McGibbon
Ansley McGihon
Ansley and Bobby McGihon
Charles McGihon
Denny McGihon
Jennifer McGihon
Ruth Anne McGinnis
Joanne McGlinchy
Meredith McGowan
E. Norman McGrattan
Carol McGraw
Amy McGuire
Dee McGuire
Dano Mendelson
Jessica Mendenhall
Jessica Mendez
Leniel Mendez
Jennifer Mendizabal
Anthony Menyhart
Ben Merritt
David Merritt
Erin Merritt
Jonathan Merritt
Kristen Merritt
Lisa Merritt
Marsha Merritt
Matthew Merritt
Marc Merriweather
Chris and Todd Mesick
Katy Messacar
Rebecca Metro
Kathleen Metsala
Elizabeth Mettler
Michelle Metz
Susan Metzler
Nancy Meyer
Susan Meyer
Michele Meyers
Carolyn Michael
Dolores Michael
Meghan Michaels
Tina Michallas
Margaret Michelson
Elizabeth Micklem
Mid Atlantic Pelvic Surgery
Associates, P.C.
Rose Mielewski
Pamela Mielnik
Richard Miles
Charlotte Millar
Betty Ann Miller
Dianne Miller
Janet Miller
Jill and Barry Miller
Katherine Miller
Layla Miller
Marcelle Miller
Nancy Bea Miller
Randall Miller
Roxanna Miller
Stacey Miller
Vicky Miller
Diane Milligan
Melissa Mills
Nancy Mills
Jessy Milner
Meg Milroy
Mary E. Milstead
Karla Mims
Kyle Mims
Ann Miner
Jefferson Miner
Osman Minkara
Elaine Minkoff
Rebekah Mintzer
Dan Mitchell
Helen Mitchell
Mark Mitchell
Michelle Egan Mitchell
Jeannette Mock
Elaine Moel
Jennifer Moffitt
Roland Moffitt
Jodie Mohnkern
Robert Monsour
Taylor Montanaro
Deyanira Montgomery
Elizabeth Montgomery
Debra Montini
Sara Moomaw
Megan Mooney
Charlotte Moore
Mary Moore
Sarah Moore
Shenikka Moore
William Moore, V
Tammy Moorefield
Peg Morar
Susan Morawetz
Farshad More
Rebecca Moreland
Mary Morningstar
Maureen Morris
Allan Morrison
Mark Morrison
Lori Morrissey
Pamela Morrow
Sandra Morse
Stephanie Morse
Johannes Moser
Pauline Moses
Jackie and Jerry Moskowitz
Tracei Moss
Amy Motz
Sherrie Motz
Stacy Mountain
Laura Moussa
John Muchiri
Marilee Muchow
Alex and Martha Muehleisen
Cristina Mullenix
Michele Munkarah
Lee Muroski
Dawn Murphy
Rachel Murphy
Shavone Murphy
Coleen Murray
Teneshia Murrell
Joseph Musumeci
Jonathan Myers
Valerie Myerski
Elizabeth Naab
Lizane Nadon
Verne Lee Nagle
Joan Naidorf
Justin Nall
Ramona Nall
Michele Nalls
Thomas Nantais
James Nardone
Colleen Nash
Rachel Nash
Michael Nathan
Elinor Nauen
Federico Navarro
Pete Neagul
Angela Neeb
Megan Neforos
Annette Nelson
Cynthia Nelson
Marcee Nelson
Michelle Nelson
Donna Nelson-Schneider
Amanda Nemer
Elyse Nemoyer
Chin Nerissa
Regina Neumann
Mary Neumayr
Elizabeth Newbern
Candi Newell
Janet Newell
Mary Newhouse
Jan Newman
Rebecca Newpher
Gail Neylan
Han Ngo
Hanh Ngo
Peter Ngo
Alyssa Nguyen
Bryan Nguyen
Diane Nguyen
Duc Nguyen
Justine Nguyen
Mary Nguyen
Jeff Nicholson
Thomas Nickles
Don Niehus
Sarah Nielsen
Kristin Nieman
Meisha Nieves
Shari Nijman
Leonicia Niles
Barry Nobles
Danelle Nobles
Peg Noel
Mike Nolastname
Bonnie Norem
John North
Lisa North
David and Amy Norton
Rob and Vickana Norton
Mary Nowak
Gayle Nugent
Joann Nugent
Nuuluna, Llc
Veronica Nyhan Jones
Sarai Obando
Nerissa Oberlander
Betsy Oberst
Caitlin Oberst
Elizabeth O’brien
Gerry O’brien
Jo Ellen O’callaghan
Roisin O’cearbhaill
Jennie O’flanagan
Dave Ogletree
Serge Okogo
Evelyn Olaes
Mary Oldham
Teresa Oldham
Kate Oliver
Amanda Olson
Janice Olson
Susan Olson
Adrian O’neill
Denise O’neill
Agnieszka Opalka
Kristine O’reilly
Shanna O’reilly
Danielle Orgel
Jane Orlowski
Jordan Orr
Pat Orr
Robert and Louise Orsi
Carolyn Ort
Angel Ortiz
Michelle Ortiz
Melissa Oscar
Mark Osher
Jean Osmer
Ryan Ostrander
Naomi Ostrove
Randi and Elliot Ostrove
Lindsay Otoole
Annette Ott
Annette Ott-Barnett
Mike and Jayme Perkins
Robert and Pam Perkins
Deborah Peroutka
Deb Perrin
Denise Perris
William and Bonnie Perry
Melissa Perryman
Christine Persad
Ryan Persaud
Kirsten Pesti
Joan Peters
Meghan Petersen
Chris Peterson
Christine Peterson
Jennifer Peterson
Theresa Petrone
Suzanne Petroni
Kathy Petrush
Paula Pettavino
Christine Pfeifer
Donna Pfost
Lyly N. Pham
Van Pham
Minh Phan
Courtney Philbin
Lynette Phillips
Mary Leigh Phillips
Martha Phillips Sullivan
Maria Pichardo
Jessica Pickeral
Janet Pierce
Robert Pierce
Fred Pillon
Elizabeth Pimentel
Francisco Pimienta
Ada Pineda
Lauren Pinkerton
Seth and Angela Pinsky
Kenneth Piontek
Elizabeth Piperbach
Connie Pirrone
Amy Pitha
Tara Piver
Vicki Otten
Amy Otteni
Ruth Ouimet
Russell Owen
Julie Owens
Stephanie Owens
Margret Owooje
Frank Owusu
Sandy P
Eve Pace
Yolanda Pacheco
Wilamir Pacheco Torres
C and P Padova
Claire Pagano
Elsie Palabrica
Gio Palatucci
Alessandro Palma
Rebecca Palmer
Harpreet Pannu
Tina Papamichael
George Papanicolaou
Marina Papanikolaou
Merri Jo Pape
Paper Start, LLC
Sheeja Pappen
Paraiso Vineyards
John Pardun
Regina Pardun
Elena Parent
Shyam Parikh
Dana Parisi
Bill and Peggy Park
Kay Park
Lesley Suejean Park
Sue Park
Faith and Bruce Parker
Julie Parker
Karlene Parker
Levonia Parker
Sabrina Parker
Sandi Parriott
Michelle Parrish
Sandra Parrish
Tony Parrish
Phyllis Passafiume
Passport Mini of Alexandria
Joseph and Lisa Pastore
Daniel Patack
Dhruvi Patel
Manisha Patel
Nancy Patel
Julie Paterson
Kelli Patrick
Karen Paugh
Denise Paul
Eleanor Paul
Paul Bloom Revocable Trust
Alison Paymer
Andrew Payne
Jami Payne
Lourdes Payne
Leah Pease
Caroline Peck
Gail Peck
Jack Pecoraro
Anthony Pedroso
Carmelita Pedroso
Melita Pedroso
Lei Pei
Sarah Pelch
Tania Pelton
Keisha Pender
Alice Penn Ritter
Lorraine Pennington
John Pepper
Kimberly Pepper
Ginny Perelson
Nicole Perez
Yesenia Perez
Sira Perez-Visona
Periwinkle, Llc
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Anne Marie Perkins
Kathy Perkins
Latasha Perkins
Leda Perkins
Jessica Plunkett
Karl Podratz
Chelas Poirier
Frank Polanowski
Lorraynna Polk
Josh Pollack
Supapan Pollak
Elizabeth Pollard
Cathy Polley
Diana Polson
Patricia Pompeii
Kate Pope
Debra Popiel
Sharon Poplovski Thompson
Leslie Popoff
Judith Poppalardo
Barbara Poretz
Daniel Poretz
Eloise Poretz
Susan and Donald Poretz
Shelly Porges
Diahanna Post
Marcia Potts
Crystal Powell
Lori Powell
Philip and Iris Powell
Bob Powers
Evelyn Powers
Sujatha Prabhakaran
Ariana Prawda
Leanne Prewitt
Joshua Prezant
Steve Prezant
Julie Price
Lawry and Jackie Price
Nichole Prickett
Glenn Prince
Beth Probst
Diane Prock
Pauline Prosseda
Carlos Prugue
Bryan Pruitt
Samantha Pryor
Karen Purzitsky
Ellen&Tim Pyles
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Lindsey Quast
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Queen Bee Designs, Inc.
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Debbie Quinn
Laura Quinones
Jessica Quint
Lauren Rabin Blair
Radio One
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Cina Radler
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Nikol Rainwater
Shantha Ramachandran
Emma Ramirez
Julio E. Ramos
Laura Ramos
Lionel Ramos
Willie Ramos
Savitha Rao
Marc Rapport
Darius Rastegar
Margaret Rathel
Maribeth Raullerson
Yazhini Ravi
Daniel Ray
Victoria Read
Anthony and Victoria Reagoso
William Reamer
Jennifer Rearden
Paul Reardon
Joe and Joann Rebecky
Lori Recher
James T Record
Nancy Rector
Jill Reddick
Michele Reddick
Michael Redemer
Dana Redick
Louise Reed
Monica Reed
Wanda Reeve
Angela Regitko
Kori Rehfield
Helen and Peter Rehl
Kelly Reid
Sue Reid
Sean Reilly
Sharon Reilly
Jana Reimer
Brenda Reingold
Wendy Reinhardt
Alan Reisberg
Carol Relyea
Thomas Renner
Melissa Renshaw
Kay Rentz
Meredith Rettner-Dayhoff
Hope Rhoads
Kathleen Ricchetti
Amy Richards
Cheryl and Bob Richardson
Patrick Richardson
Peggy Richardson
Jessica Richko
Kathleene Richmond
Lonna Richmond
Brent Richter
Maurene Rickards
Emily Rickman
Hannelore Ridgely
Anne Rieger
Cynthea Riesenberg
Rosanne Riggs
Vanessa Rigoroso
Barbara Riley
Christopher and Suzanne Riley
Eleanor Riley
Gale Riley
Kathryn Riley
Molly Riley
Trudy Rippe
Angela Riquier
Beliue Risher
Donna Rissone
Edward Ritter
Penn Ritter
Robert Ritter
Aimee Rivera
Yenitza Rivera
Armando Rivera Jr
Lusanna Ro
Alex Robbins
Arlene Robbins
Linda Robbins
Lisa Robbins
Linda Roberson
Margaret Robertson
Christine Robinson
Cynthia Robinson
Jim Robinson
Nancy A Robinson
Kerry Roche
Mindy Roche
Roche Molecular Systems
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Ashley Rodman
Josh Rodman
Kay Rodriguez
Michelle Rodriguez
Ronald Rodriguez
Yan Rodriguez
Jackie Roethlisberger
Anita Rogers
Jessica Rogers
Kimberly Rogers
Jenifer Rohrberger
Kathy Romano
Vincenzo Romano
Stephen Romanoff
Idalia Rosado
Gayle Rose
Kathy Rose
Lynne Rose
Suzanne Rose
Roz Rosen
Jay Rosenberg
Roger and Virginia Rosenblatt
Anne Rosenblum
Betsy Rosenblum
Jill Rosenblum
Shona Rosenblum
Leslie Rosenfeld
Marlene Rosenthal
Joann Abrams Rosoff
Christine Ross
Kate Ross
Adrienne Roth
Daryl Roth
Holly Roth
Joseph Roth
Martha Rothenberg
Donald Rothfuss
Erin Rothfuss
Mitchel Rothholz
Jon Rotker
Seymour Rotker
Sharon Roumou
Danielle Rounds
Emily Rouse
Kristen Rowe
Michele Rowland
Peter Rowny
Jyotika Roychowdhury
Jay Ruais
Lawrence and Linda Rubin
Stephanie Rubin
Tobi Rubin
Judy Rudin
Ann Rudolph
Lawrence Rudolph
Allison Rudoy
Hazel Ruff
Karen Rugen
Claire Ruggiero
Tamara Ruggiero
Diane and Steve Rukavina
Richard Rumana
Kiersten Runnels
Diane Rush
Joan Russo
Lara Ruth
Julie Ryan
Alexandra Schultz
Ann Schultz
Ann Schultz
Daniel Schultz
David Schultz
Debra Schultz
Irene Schultz
Mark Schultz
Rachel Schultz
Rex Schultz
Rick&Eileen Schultz
Sarah Schumann
Dan and Karen Schurr
Jamie Scoggin
Jessica Scopelliti
Harper James G. Scott
Kathi Scott
Mary Anne Scott
Susanne Scott
Gail Scruggs
Nancy Scully
Elizabeth Bettyann Seabury
Lauren Seabury
Richard and Susan Seabury
Kenneth Sealls
Rachel Seba
Patty See
Joan Segal
Tovah Segelman
Larry Seibert
Edward Seidel
Alane Seidner
Ruth Seif
Alex Sekscenski
Edward Sekscenski
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Katy Senkus
Paula Senner
Mildrid Serafin
Services For Lawyers
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Shelly Ryan
Teri Ryan
Kathleen Ryland
Kurtis and Gretchen Ryland
Susanne S
Michael Saad
Amy Sabalesky
Paul Sabbatini
Alexis Sabloff
Meredith Saggers
Carol Saginaw
Monica Sagrario
William Sakolsky
Mercedita Salao
Christina Salas
Brian Salerni
Bruce Salerno
Keith and Melissa Salisbury
Monica Sample
Janet Samuelson
Christina Sanders
Patty Sanders
Carol Sandiford
Zain Sankaran
Madeleine Sann
Barbara Santo
Charles Santo
Joanne Santo
Kimberly Santor
Mary Pat Santoro
Lauren Sapienza
Sargo, LLC
Jan Sarpa
Linda Sarro
Holly Sasso
Kelly Satalowich
Andrew Satin
Donny Sauer
Laura Sauls
Britanny Saunier
Gina Savage
Thomas Savino
Toni Sawilchik
Anne Sbrocchi
Lynne Schaffer
Anne Schaffner
Michael Scharff
Mike/Debbie Scharff
Sue Scheer
Bethany Scheibner
Cary Scheiderer
Erin Scheithe
Maria Scheithe
Sherry Schell
Ken Schellenberg
Dianne Scherer
Jane Scheuermann
Brittany Schick
Joan Schindel
Denise Schindler
Elizabeth Schindler
Barbara Schlein
Matthew and Mary Jean
Elizabeth Schmick
Kathleen Schmick
Karen Schmidlkofer
Carolyn Schmidt
Dennis Schmidt
Emily Schmidt
Marylea Schmidt
Monica Schmidt
Tracie Schmidt
Mary Schmidt-Libby
Mary Schneider
Kurt Schneidmiller
Dee Schoefield
Meredith Schoenfeld
Mary Ann Schraf Coleman
Debbi Schreiber
Deborah Schule
Gloria Schuler
Robert Schulte
Tim and Phil Schulte
Jennifer Seymour
Kevin, Claire, Maeve and Braeden
Lina Shaffer
Raj and Amiti Shah
Sheel Shah
Rachel Shank
Jesse Shapiro
Nora Shapiro
John and Mary Ann Sharek
Jesse Sharf
Carolann Sharp
Lincoln Sharpless
Susie and Richie Shavelson
Allison Shay
Jennifer Sheehan
Elizabeth Sheetz-Edsall
Brayani Sheffey
Bonnie Shelley
Thomas Shelton
Alicia Shepard
Arthur Sheppard
Tatia Sheptock
Polly Sherard
Marcie Sherman
Nancy Sherman
Karen Sherry
Emily Shetty
Scott Shiffner
Colleen Shimkoski
Beverly Shively
Amy Shoemaker
Jan Sholes
Jill Shore
Tracey Short
Anna Shpak
Debbie and Bob Shriver
David Sibeck
Hedy Siegel
Phyllis Siegel
Danielle Sievers
Irene Sigler
Melissa Sigler
Greg Sikora
Pam Silberstein
Sandra Silva
Karen Silveira
Beth Silver
Rita Silverman
Jane Simanis
Donna Simanovich
Margaret Simmons
Ronnie Simmons
Amy Simms
Jacob-Thomas Simon
Janis Simon
Lois Simon
Philip Simon
Mark Simons
Robin, Jeff, and Cullen Simonton
Jim and Janis Simpson
Lynn Simpson
Susan Sinek
Amrita Singh
Harpreet Singh
Kaajal Singh
Kenny Singh
Vijay Singh
Barbara and John Sinnott
Maureen Sirles
Steven Sisino
Carol Skarimbas
Lori Skiff
Mrs. E. Skoczylas
Jodi Skrobecki
Veronica Slajer
Beini Slattery
Adam Slivers
Jennifer Smetana
Donald Sminkey
John Sminkey
Kimberly Sminkey
Tamah Sminkey
Anne-Marie Smith
Brad Smith
Cathy Smith
Elaine Smith
Jessica Smith
Kathleen Smith
Kizsonya Smith
Lisa Smith
Maren Smith
Nancy Smith
Nancy Smith
Natalie Smith
Rosa Smith
Sam Smith
Sheree Smith
Susan Smith
Suzanne Smith
Timothy Smith
Wayne Smith
William and Frances Smith
Jan Smith-Cox
Rachel Smithers
Barbara Smolansky
Thomas Smurzynski
Andy Snell
David Snell
Robin Snell
Laura Snitkovskiy
Richard Snively
Caitlin Snyder
Matt Snyder
Robin Snyder
Society Of Gynecologic Nurse
Society Of Gynecologic Oncology
Robert Sockin
Linda Sodl
Peggy Soha
Jenny Sokol
Susan Sokolowski
Sol Feinstone Sunshine Club
Martha Solinger
Ed Solis
Roslyn Solky
David Solow
Chloe Somers
Jeri Somers
Marjorie Somers
David Sommers
Tanya Sooriyabandara
Carol Sopp
Melissa Sordyl
Jenny Sorel
Mary Ann Sorra
Robert Soslow
Tiffany Southerland
Joy Southworth
Aaron Spencer
Jennifer Spencer
Marjorie Spencer
Martha Spencer
Rob Spencer
Thomas Spencer
Sandi Sperling
Arden Sperty
Cathleen Spidalieri
Frank Spigel
Matt and Dana Spiker
Jean Spindler
Anna Marie Spinola
Mittie Spruill
Nevada Sprung
Lana Spunar
Antoinetta St.Pierre
Sharon Staff
Louise Staley
Lorrie Stangle
Katherine Stapp
Priscilla Stapula
Krista Stark
Tom and Gwen Stark
Erin Starliper
Tana and Paul Staub
Clare Steele
Bryan Steffen
Ellen Steinberg Karch
Julie Steindler
Niesha Steinke
Judi and Richard Stess
Dawn Stetka
Jean Stewart
Lawrence Stewart
Natalie Stezovsky
Amanda Stieglitz
Tyler Stimely
Kelly Stimmel
Jennie Stockslager
Pamela Stoffer
Lois Ann Stokes
Arnold Stokol
Mark Stoler
Natalie Stoll
Frances Stolusky
Abby Stone
Tali Stopak-Mathis
Lisa Story
Jennifer Stratton
Matt Strauss
Johnny Street
Robert Streight
Pamela Strohfus
Julie Strohminger
Caitlyn Stromko
Elizabeth Stropki
John Stropki
Rudolph Struse
Margaret Studt
Christine Stunkard
Diane Sturniolo
Ida Subin
Rudy Suidan
Ann Sullivan
Kevin Sullivan
Lauren Sullivan
Laurette Sullivan
Marybeth Sullivan
Carmen Summey
Vicki Sumner
Lila Suna
Anne Sunderland
Patricia Surratt
Nathaniel Sutain
Andrew Sutton
Christine Svitila
Pamm Swadley
Lou Ann Swam
Rachel Swan
Gam Swearingen
Christine Sweetnam
Margaret Swingle
Beth Tran
Nicki Tran
James Trautwein
Cheryl Travagline
Leonard Travagline
Maureen Travagline
Kari Travis
Noreen Traxler
Joan Treistman
Christine Trevino
Pat Trgina
Marilyn Trichon
Gary Trick
Calvin Trillin
Chintan Tripathi
Jim Trone
Joan and Wade Troyer
Roger Trudeau
Donnaleen Trump-Starkey
Amy Truong
Leynna Truvan
Sudhi Trye
Debbie Tsamoudakis
Holli Tucker
Kirstie Tucker
Jori Tulkki
Ron and Gale Turco
Lee Turlington
Leigh Turner
Minda Turner
Sara Turner
Beth Tuttle
Jane Tuttle
Sandra Tuttle
Sarah Tweel
H Glenn Twigg
Janan Twito
Raeshaun Tyson
Jim and Marsha Uber
John and Sharon Ullom
Megan Ullrich
Cynthia Ulreich
Annie Umbricht
System Source Foundation, Inc.
Annette T
Tina-Lynn Tabibi
Pat Tabron
Jillian Tacher
Wendy Tada
Sarah Taillie
Tina Tamura
Lita Tangonan
Jasen Tanner
Tamara Tanner
Ralph Tarin
Lauren Tascione
Yolanda Tate
Jessica Tava
Bret Taylor
Crystal Taylor
Deborah Taylor
Ellen Taylor
Joan Taylor
Kathryn Taylor
Lauren Taylor
Margaret Taylor
Maria Taylor
Maureen Taylor
Pamela Taylor
Sue Taylor
Susan Taylor
Kenneth Taylor, Jr.
Kenneth Tedaldi
Banche Tekele
Banchew Tekele
Cathy Tempelsman
Nicolas Tempestini
Jeffrey Ten
Nancy Tentzeras
Teresa Tepedino
Ashley Termini
Bridget Terry
Lisa Terzo
Michaela Tesar
Gigi Tesfaye
William Tew
Lisa Thamasett
Arlene Thatcher
Michele Theiss
Hilary Thesmar
Lee Ann Thies
David Thomas
Janice and Victor Thomas
John Thomas
Lee Thomas
Maura Thomas
Savannah Thomasarrigo
Annemarie Thompson
David Thompson
Jean Thompson
Lane Thompson
Pat Thornberg
Marion Tieniber
Debbie Tillery
Mariel Tillett
Megan Tinklepaugh
Mary Tinsley Raul
Jason Tinurelli
Stacy Tischler
Ruby Tiwari
Brad Toborowsky
Joan Toborowsky
Sean Todd
Regina Toler
Joanne Tollison
Sarah Tonucci
David Tootle
Morgan Topping
Wilmary Torrens
Averi Torres
Ezio Torres
Idalia Torres
Theresa Tovar
Lester and Gerdy Trachtman
Maryclare Tracy
Donna Trainor
Samantha Trainum
Patrice Trammell
Anh Tran
Janis Underwood
Jennifer Underwood
Tuan-Anh Ung
Jan Unitas
University Psychological
Center, Inc.
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Linda Valenca
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Roger Van Cleave
Jeremy Van Der Heiden
Anna Van Der Raay
Brigitta Van Der Raay
Nancy Van Duyne
Mary Van Dyke
Arlys Van Nyhuis
Bonnie Van Tine
Karl Van Tine
Monica Van Vliet
Janet Vanburger
Donna Vanzant
Melissa Varga
Kathy Vargas
Renji Varghese
Joshua Varner
Nick Vasko
Kristine Vega
Julianne Veil-Lange
Joe Vekich
Frank Velasquez
Jessica Vernon
Michele Vernon
Jacquelyn Vest
Atlas Vet
Tracy Vick
Stephanie Villaflor
Laura Vingara
Dan Vinh
Lorraine and Dennis Violetti
Jennifer Vitela
Julie Vo
Dale Vogel
Deirdre Vogel
Glenn Vogel
Sharlene Vogel
Che Voigt
John Voigt
Renee Vomero
Vivian Von Grunigen
Natalie Von Seelen
Amita Vyas
Shelley Vybiral
Mary Wachterhauser
Kristen Waddelove
Emily Wade
Rachel Wade
Deb Wagner
Ilyse Wagner
Mary Ann Wagner
Suzy Wagner
Janet S Wagoner
Ashley Wainer
Kathy Walburn
Michelle Waldren
Roxanne Walig
Jessica Walker
Kate Walker
Paulette Walker
Jamie Wallace
Latonya Wallace
Mozhgan Wallace
Susan Wallace
Barbara Wallner
Ellen Walsh
Gerri Walsh
Natalie Walsh
Elisse Walter
Ellen Walter
Michele Walters
Alison Walton
Deborah Walton
Judy Walton
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Laura Wang
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Chrissy Ward
Diane Ward
Ward Financial Management
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Rick Warren-Boulton
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Gary Watanabe
Sally Watanabe
Sharon Watanabe
Walter Watanabe
Martin and Francine Waterman
Jacquelyn Watson
Kyle Watson
Debra Waxler
Louise Waxler
Alan Way
Ashley Weaver
Casey Weaver
Michael and Debbie Weaver
Erica Weber
J Cynthia Weber
Nikki Weber
Susan Weber
Elizabeth Webster
James Weeks
Monica Weeks
Kristen Weidus
Britta Weigelt
David and Sharyl Weinberg
Marcia Weinberg
Abby Weiner
James and Regina Weinhardt
Sid Weinman
Stephanie Weinstein
Britt Weinstock
Stephanie Weirick
Carla Weisman
Lynne Weiss
Romina Weiss
Dixie Welch
Kimberly Welch
Jeff Welgoss
H Colline Wells
Martha Wells
Neil Welsh
Dayna Wenger
Christine Werner
Jennifer Wertz
Denmark West
Joanne West
Souny West
Susan Whalton
Todd Whatley
Claudean Wheeler
David Wheeler
Laura Whitaker
Bebo and Nancy White
Chris White
Daniel White
Dodge White
Hannah White
Lauren White
Michael White
Elizabeth Whitley
Dave Whitman
Kristin Whitman
Pamela Wickens
Leon Wicks
Heather Widener
Louise and Mike Widland
Peggy Wiecek
Ellen Wiederlight
Jerry and Rose Wierzbicki
Phyllis Wiesenfelder
Sasha Wijeyeratne
Maryann Wilbur
Carla Wiley
Susan Wilhelm
Stanley Wilke
Lawrence Wilkinson
Lauren Willard
Seth Willett
Jessica Willey
Annette Williams
Candace Williams
Cassie Williams
Kate Williams
Khari Williams
Lynn Williams
Sharon Williams
Susan Williams
Wendy Williams
Amy, Kevin, Ciera and Eliyana
Beverly Williamson
Joe Williamson
D’andre Willis
Alex Willoughby
Elizabeth Wilmot
Holly Wilmot
Ann Wilson
Anne Wilson
Colleen Wilson
Collier Wilson
Gail Wilson
John C. Wilson
Janet Winans
Sophie Wince
Jennifer Winestock Luna
Jane and Jack Wingate
Fran Wingerter
Jane Winkler
Dave and Renae Winn
Susan Winn
Aneka Winstead
Jacqueline Wipperman
Ketura Wisner
Christine Wisnieski
Dorothy Witten
Susan and Stephanie Wolbert
Amy Wolf
Tom and Elizabeth Woll
Kwong Kwok Wong
Tiffany Wong
Wei Wong
Carol Woodall
Woulda Woodburn
Bridget Woodbury
Hilary Woodier
Barbara Woods
Shirley Woods
Tara Woods
Kathleen Woodward
Bernie Woolfley
Alicia Wooster
Cicely Wootan
Louise Wooten
Valerie Wooten
Blane Workie
Holly Wray
Will Wray
Alexander Wright
Andrea Wright
Del Wright
Mary Wright
Angela Wrubleski
Kevin Wurth
Joy Wygant
Donna Wynn
Jodie Wynn
Karyn Yaffee
Nancy and Eric Yaffee
Jennifer Yager
Mary Yaranon
Anna Yates
Millie Yeffeth
Cheryl Ylinen
Christian York
Kathy and Terry Yoshimura
Colette Young
Eric Young
Katrina Young
Lynn Young
Marcia Young
Melissa Young
Sarah Young
David Youngerman
Sarah Yount
Courtney Youst
Yan Yu
John Yurchak
Susan Yurchak
Nicola Zahara
Marc Zaintz
Aleksandra Zajackowski
Frank Zambrano
Carla Zamerelli-Clifford
Jordan Zamir
Karin Zamolsky
Jessica Zamora
Juli Zamora
Sally Zamora
Elise Zamsky
Salena Zanotti
Mike Zaramba
Christina Zauner
Madeline Zehnder
Mike Zehner
Nancy Zelle
Allison Zidlicky
Rachel Ziegler
Theresa Ann Ziemba
Tanya Zilinskas Naouri
Emily Zimmerman
Gail Zimmerman
Kristen Zimmerman
Sandra Zimmet
Deborah Zmuda
Barbara and Ron Zukin
Elsa and Stan Zukin
Lori Zukin
Michael Zulich
Jennifer Zweben
The following individuals have made a planned gift to the Foundation for Women’s Cancer.
Cynthia Bennett
Pippa Calland
Janice Coleman
Shirley van Cuyck
Lucille Goodwin – Realized
Vivian von Gruenigen
Elaine J. Henning
Constance McCarthy
Susan Messenger
Jay Nathanson
Karl C. Podratz, MD, PhD
Mrs. Tulio Polsinelli
Barkley Raleigh – Realized
Hugh Shingleton, MD
Kea Simon – Realized
Jenny Spinner
Liane and John Troy
J. Taylor Wharton, MD
A Lifetime Contributing Member represents a donor who has contributed at least $10,000 to the Foundation
for Women’s Cancer over the lifetime of the Foundation. We gratefully acknowledge the following for their
significant support.
Sarah Biedenharn*
Bristol-Myers Squibb Company
PRESIDENTS CIRCLE — $500,000 TO $999,999
Aventis Pharmaceuticals
Centocor Ortho Biotech Products
Florence and Marshall Schwid Family Foundation
Kea Simon Fund
Ovarian Cancer Research Fund
Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
CHAIRMANS CIRCLE — $250,000 TO $499,999
Cade Family Foundation
Caring Together, Inc.
Digene Corporation/DBA Qiagen
Eli Lilly and Company Foundation, Inc.
Peter and Karen Smith
Society of Gynecologic Oncology (SGO)
St. Louis Ovarian Cancer Awareness (SLOCA)
U.S. Surgical Corporation
PATRONS CIRCLE — $100,000 TO $249,999
Alza Pharmaceuticals
Anderson-Hammond Golf Outing
Carol’s Cause
Claudia Cohen Research Foundation
Elizabeth Gillespie Fund for Life
Patricia Fagley
Alfred Goldstein
Inova Fairfax Hospital
Kaleidoscope of Hope Foundation
Lee Kaplan Cancer Foundation Ltd.
Massachusetts General Hospital Partners Healthcare System
Eva Metzger
Morphotek, Inc.
Myriad Genetic Laboratories
National Ovarian Cancer Coalition-Illinois Chapter
Susan A. Olde
Project Hope
Roche Molecular Systems
Patrick and MaryJane* Welker
William O’Connor Foundation
BENEFACTORS CIRCLE — $50,000 TO $99,999
Anne B. Kingsley Ovarian Cancer Foundation
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
The Coleman Foundation
Ethicon, Inc.
Fujirebio Diagnostics, Inc.
James Greenfield
Gynecologic Oncology Group (GOG)
Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine
MD Anderson Cancer Center
National Cervical Cancer Coalition
New York University
Northwestern Memorial Hospital
Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine
Novant Health, Inc.
Piedmont Hematology Oncology Associates
St. Joseph’s Hospital and Medical Center
SPONSORS CIRCLE — $25,000 TO $49,999
American Cancer Society
Atairgin Technologies, Inc.
Hilary Ballon
BD Diagnostics Systems-TriPath
Stuart and Doreen Braverman
Brown University, Women & Infant’s Hospital
CDH Cancer Center
Chicago Community Trust
The Donnelley Foundation
Eisai Inc.
Entertainment Industry Foundation
David Marc Gershenson, MD
Good Samaritan Medical Center
William Hoskins, MD
Impath, Inc.
Intuitive Surgical
Let Every Woman Know - Alaska
John L. Lewis Jr., MD*
Katherine Look, MD
Rodrigue Mortel, MD
Carolyn Muller, MD and Robert Brumfield
Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company
Northshore University HealthSystem
Novartis Pharmaceuticals
Office on Women’s Health/CDC
Berkley Raleigh*
Sherri’s From a Whisper to a Roar
Silver Family Foundation
St. Vincent Hospital and HCC, Inc.
Telik, Inc.
University Hospitals of Cleveland
University of California, San Diego-Moores Cancer Center
University of Wisconsin Hospitals and Clinics
Virginia Commonwealth University
Vivian von Gruenigen, MD
Brian Watanabe and Erin Rothfuss
SUPPORTERS CIRCLE — $10,000 TO $24,999
Leon Adcock, MD
Alaska Oncology and Hematology, LLC
Alaska Women’s Health, PC
Ronald Alvarez, MD
American Board of Obstetrics & Gynecology Educational Foundation
American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists
Angle Enterprises, DBA Knock Out! Panties
J. Max Austin Jr., MD
Baker’s Square
Richard R. Barakat, MD
Michael Berman, MD
Breaking Waves International
Brown-Forman Corporation
August Busch III
California Wellness Foundation
Cancer Care Associates
Setsuko Kuki Chambers, MD
Chem Bio Corporation
Richard Chung
Gary Cocker
Coldwell Banker Wallace and Wallace
Constellation Energy Group, Inc.
Larry J. Copeland, MD
Crème de la Crème
John P. Curtin, MD
James Delmore
Denali OB-GYN Associates
Clifford Detz
Thomas Dolan, MD
Eleanor Dunn
Endocyte, Inc.
Exxon Mobil Corporation
Florida Hospital Cancer Institute
Florida Hospital Medical Center
Wesley C. Fowler Jr., MD
James Freel, MD
Mary Carolyn Gamache
Michael Goldberg, MD
High Heals Foundation
Howard Homesley, MD
International Gynecologic Cancer Society
Jordan Industries International LLC
Judith Liebenthal Robinson Ovarian Cancer Foundation
Beth Karlan, MD
Marjorie J. Johnson Uterine Cancer Education Fund
The Max and Victoria Dreyfus Foundation, Inc.
David Moore, MD
Mitchell Morris, MD
Morristown Medical Center, Atlantic Health System
C. Paul Morrow, MD
David Mutch, MD
Nanette Fisher Foundation
National Beer Wholesalers Association
National Cancer Institute
National Ovarian Cancer Coalition
Newman’s Own Foundation
Norma Livingston Ovarian Cancer Foundation
Ohio State University
Out Run Ovarian Cancer (OROC)
Ovarian and Gynecologic Cancer Coalition of Greater Washington, DC
Passport Mini of Alexandria
Karl Podratz, MD, PhD
Precision Therapeutic, Inc.
Providence Health and Services
Laurel Rice, MD
Roger S. Firestone Foundation
Carolyn Runowicz, MD
Sandy Rollman Ovarian Cancer Foundation, Inc.
Silicon Valley Community Foundation
John Soper, MD
Society of Memorial Gynecologists
Southern Company Services, Inc.
Daron Street, MD
True Research Foundation
Josh Tunca, MD
UNC-Chapel Hill Dept. OB/GYN-Robotic Teaching Fund
University of Virginia
VNA Foundation
Joan Walker, MD
WebMD Health Foundation, Inc.
William and Sandy Heitz Family Foundation
William Brown Foundation, Inc.
Winthrop University Hospital
* Deceased
While we have tried very hard to include everyone who has made a contribution
during this year, we know that errors can occur. We apologize for any omissions.
For the year ending December 31, 2013.
$ 835,442
Fundraising Events/Other
$ 1,124,796
Corporations and Foundations
$ 199,500
$ 407,957
$ 358,110
$ 1,148,131
Public Awareness and
Education Programs
David M. Gershenson, MD
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Michael J. Birrer, MD, PhD
Massachusetts General Hospital
David H. Moore, MD
Franciscan Health Alliance
Membership Committee Chair
Jeffrey M. Fowler, MD
The Ohio State University James Cancer Center
Development Chair
William J. Hoskins, MD
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Awards Committee Chair
Anil Sood, MD
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Communications Committee Chair
Carol L. Brown, MD
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Advocacy Committee Chair
Linda R. Duska, MD
University of Virginia Health System
Ilana Cass, MD
Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Charles N. Landen Jr., MD
University of Virginia Health System
George Larry Maxwell, MD
Inova Fairfax Hospital
Karl C. Podratz, MD, PhD
Mayo Clinic
Matthew A. Powell, MD
Washington University School of Medicine
Laurel Rice, MD
University of Washington School of Medicine and Public Health
Fidel Valea, MD
Duke University Health System
Richard R. Barakat, MD, Ex-Officio
Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
Robert L. Coleman, MD, Ex-Officio
The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center
Karen Carlson, Ex-Officio
Foundation for Women’s Cancer
Karen Carlson, Executive Director
Sharon Krinsky, Director of Philanthropy
Marsha Wilson, Director of Communications and Advocacy Relations
Karen Bate, Director of Marketing and Media
Terri Horton-O’Connell, Director of Foundation and Corporate Relations
Dina Tizzard, Program Manager
Lauren Herron, Administrative Manager
Catherine MacDonald, Social Media and Marketing Manager
Cherie Estrada, Hispanic Health Educator The Foundation for Women’s Cancer is a 501(c) 3 not-for-profit organization whose mission is to ensure public awareness of gynecologic
cancer prevention, early detection and optimal treatment. In addition, the Foundation supports research and training related to gynecologic
cancers. The Foundation advances this mission by increasing public and private funds that aid in the development and implementation of
programs to meet these goals.
For more information about the Foundation, its educational materials or research grants, please visit, or
contact the Foundation Headquarters Office by phone at 312.578.1439, or by e-mail at [email protected] For additional
information on gynecologic cancers or for a referral to a gynecologic oncologist or a related specialist, please call the toll-free Foundation
Information Hotline at 800.444.4441.
We depend on your donations, bequests and
other charitable planned gifts to help us provide
information to women whose lives have been
affected by gynecologic cancers.
Foundation for Women’s Cancer
230 W. Monroe, Suite 2528
Chicago, IL 60606
[email protected]
Tax ID # 36-3797707
© 2014 Foundation for Women’s Cancer. All rights reserved.

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