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Steps for Students
Here are some simple ways we can raise funds just for shopping! OLG
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Our Lady of Guadalupe School
Saturday, February 21, 2015
Co-Cathedral of the Sacred Heart
3rd Annual Luncheon
U.S. Postage Paid
Permit No. 3600
Tuesday, February 24, 2015
6th Annual Party on the Plaza!
Saturday, May 2, 2015
For more information on these events,
please contact Mrs. Milligan at
All subject areas have standards that define what a student should
know and be able to do at a specific grade level. Standards help to
shape instruction and assessments. While the school has always used
standards, the grading system has not always accurately communicated
whether or not a student mastered the standards.
My teachers are really nice
and protective of us. If there
are any problems, they always try to help.”
Nia Alexander, 5th Grade Student
The primary purpose of grading should be to inform parents
and students of how well a student is learning and progressing.
Unfortunately, the traditional grading system does not always indicate or
communicate how well a student is actually learning and what aspects a
student may be struggling with. A grade may result from a combination
of factors and does not always reflect mastery of the standards.
Stay Connected!
Our teachers teach us things we
wouldn’t learn anywhere else.
They are really unique.”
Yasmine DeLaRosa, 6th Grade Student
Standards-based grading on the other hand is a way in which to more
accurately assess and communicate student’s learning progress. When
a student, parent and teacher have a clearer understanding of what a
student is able to do, it allows for better instruction and focus on how a
student can grow and improve.
The school is confident that this change will improve learning and more
clearly communicate a student’s progress in each content area.
The faculty has been working on the transition for over a year to
prepare for a smooth transition. Our Lady of Guadalupe is committed
to providing students with the best education possible, and this change
helps to do that more effectively.
There’s a good education system here. It’s
different here because there is more work to do,
but I feel like I’m smarter because of it.”
Montrell Edwards, 7th Grade Student
Phone: 713.224.6904 | Fax: 713.225.2122 | olgschoolhouston.org
With your
card, designate
Our Lady of Guadalupe School as a
beneficiary of their Good Neighbor
Program and OLG will receive 1% of
your purchases. Fill out the following
form and turn it into your local
Randalls store. The GNP Charity # for
OLG is 3479.
Target will donate 1% of
your Target Visa or Target
Red Card purchases at
any Target store and target.
com and 1/2% of Target
Visa purchases made everywhere
else. Visit www.target.com/tcoe to
designate OLG School as your school.
The ID # for OLG School is 16246.
Matt Garcia-Prats
Dear Friends of Our
Lady of Guadalupe
2405 Navigation Blvd.
Houston, Texas 77003
As we begin the
2014-2015 school
year, I am feeling
extremely blessed
to be a part of Our
Lady of Guadalupe
School. When I reflect
on the past few years
and on the current
state of the school,
I am encouraged to see a loving, safe, and
nurturing environment. We are a community
filled with outstanding students, committed
families, talented teachers, and wonderful
supporters. I find great comfort that many
see Our Lady of Guadalupe School as
another home.
Our Lady of Guadalupe School will be making a transition to Standardsbased grading for 1st-4th grades for the 2014-2015 school year. This is
an important change that will lead to better instruction, assessment and
communication of a student’s progress.
1. Visit KrogerCommunityRewards.
com 2. Locate your state and click
“Enroll Now” 3. Sign into your online
account, or create an account 4. Find
and select your Organization “Our
Lady of Guadalupe Catholic School”,
and click “Save”.
General Mills Box
Tops for Education:
We encourage each
family to collect and
bring these box tops in an envelope
or on a collection sheet to the school
office or your teacher. Last year the
school raised almost $1,000 from Box
Tops alone. Keep an eye out for these
on the top of cereal boxes and other
General Mills Products.
Labels for Education program is a
school fund raising program designed
with busy families in mind as an
alternative to traditional fund raising.
By saving and redeeming product
UPCs from participating products
schools can earn FREE educational
merchandise, such as computers,
software, sports equipment, musical
instruments, library books and art
supplies. The school community
can assist by saving UPCs from
participating products and giving them
to the school. The school redeems the
points collected for FREE Educational
We continue to provide an affordable, first-rate
Catholic education while providing a strong
spiritual foundation. The school continues to
be blessed with fantastic teachers who create
a culture of excellence. I realize that the quality
of the teacher in the classroom is what has
the greatest impact on the success of our
students. I am really proud of the work that we
do at Our Lady of Guadalupe School. We set
a goal to form students of academic strength,
of faith and of character. We have been largely
successful in meeting this goal because of
our teachers – the high expectations that they
set and the example that they are for their
students on a daily basis
Our Lady of Guadalupe School continues to
look for innovative ways to improve and ensure
that the quality of education is the best that
we can provide. We are excited to implement
Standards Based Grading which moves away
from traditional grading and more accurately
assesses and communicates student’s learning
progress. This will in turn guide and improve
instruction. Our Lady of Guadalupe School is
one of only two schools in the Archdiocese of
Galveston-Houston to implement this system
on a large scale and are excited and proud to
lead the way.
I am aware that without the support of our
parents and benefactors, we would not be
able to accomplish all that we do on a daily
basis. Our accomplishments have been made
possible by individuals who believe in our
mission and have supported us through their
generous donations. I continue to be humbled
by the giving that is truly a manifestation of
the love of Christ. I am grateful for this support
and ask that you keep the students, staff and
families of Our Lady of Guadalupe School in
your prayers. We will continue
to work together to educate our
students for God’s greater glory.
Our Lady of Guadalupe
is very welcoming. We’re
like a big family here at
one school. Our Lady of
Guadalupe School is like a
second home to me.”
Matt Garcia-Prats
Zarahi Estrada
8th Grade Student
Stay Connected!
Phone: 713.224.6904 | Fax: 713.225.2122 | olgschoolhouston.org
Winter 2014 Newsletter
Below is a list of our Donors. Thank You for your generosity & support.
Below is a list of our Donors. Thank You for your generosity & support.
Below is a list of our Donors. Thank You for your generosity & support.
Friend of Our Lady of Guadalupe
Harry S. and Isabel C.
Cameron Foundation
Charity Guild of Catholic Women
Steven J. and Melissa C. Kean Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Joyful Toyful Fiesta
Koch Foundation, Inc.
Thomas G. and Nancy J.
Macrini Foundation
Our Lady of Guadalupe Church
Priests of the Sacred Heart
Scanlan Foundation
St. Martha Catholic Church
Barbara Lamy Cooney
Dan & Wendy Daboval
Cecilia De La Fuente
Sal & Ali Delagarza
Susan M. Delclos , DMD, MDS, PA
Sergio & Yesenia Deleon
Richard & Jeanne Dini
Eleanore Doonan
Patti Doonan
Mrs. Alan Doyle
Denise Dreyling
Carmen Duron
Jose & Veronica Echavarria
Cindy Edwards
George & Mary Ann Feczko
Allen & Regina Feinberg
Veronica Felix
Beth Flame
Marina Fleishman
Robert & Denise Foley
Patricia Fourticq
Bill & Patricia Fowler
Mariann Funch
Geraldine Galati
Maria Eugenia Gallagher
Maria Garza
Mary Alice Gloria
Paul Gloria
The Gloria Family
Letizia G. Guillen
Greg & Genny Hatton
William & Cathleen Hawes
Michele Holbrooke
John & Leticia Hosty
Martha Hudson & Ivan Hudson
Nora Hutto
Marcia Jackson
Yvonne Nicolet Jacobs
Gene Janiszewski
Martin & Elia Jasso
Kappa Delta Pi Educational Foundation
Don & Julie Kime
ShaLa Kiolbassa
Nancy Koch
William Kreps
Kroger Community Rewards
Lead Products Co., Inc.
Bette Linbeck
Cornelius Llorens
Luna Pools & Spa
Lillian Larmina Lyons
Jamie Mackay
Oscar & Diane Madrid
Rev. TJ Martinez, S.J.
The Martinez Family
George & Irene Mathis
Twana McGrath
Camelia Melina
Mrs. Mary K. Miller
Brandon & Melissa Milligan
Eddie & Mona Montezuma
Mercedes Navarro
Ron & Mary Neal
Nelson Family Foundation - Hunter Nelson
Maria Delcarmen Neumann
Caterina Dingas
Duchesne House RSCJ Community
Ursula Duffy
Glenda Dunn
Irene Duron
Frances Castaneda Dyess &
John Dyess
Toya Edwards
Jaime Elizondo
Regie Eloy
Velma Escamilla
Adam Farnie
Emily Feczko
Sr. Emma Fernandez
Norson Fernandez
Elodia Flores
Myrna Flores
Silvia Flores
Shameka & Alcapone Foster
Lupe and Irene Fraga
Michele R. Fraga
Maria & John Fugate
Viola Hernandez
Eloise Hilarides
Ginger Hollenbeck
Winnie Honeywell
Leticia & Michael Garay
Albert & Teina Garcia
Christina & Jose Garcia
Herberto & Maria Garcia
Jean Hernandez Garcia
Rita Garcia
James Garcia-Prats
Mark Garcia-Prats
Matt Garcia-Prats
Thomas Garcia-Prats
Good Search
Leticia Gracia
Patrick Green
Joan Grigsby
Mr. Ricardo Gutierrez, Sr. & Mrs. Diane Gutierrez
Adriana Guzman
Thomas Hawxhurst
Sally Hebert
Sara Heerdt
Cindy & Russell Huggs
Jon & Carole Hughes
Patsy Hyland
Sheila Jortner
Laura Jungeblut
Richard & Monica Keogh
Robert & Virginia Kerr
Sr. Maggie Kilduff, RSCJ
Lisa Kretzschmar
Larry Kristynik, Buffaloe
Floor Covering
Sr. Lorraine Lawrence
Dang Le
Mr. & Mrs. Alfonso Leal
Alicia Leal
Mr. Richard Ledermann,
Olshan Lumber Co.
Blanca Lopez
Roy & Janelle Lundy
$5,000- $9,999
Agee Family Foundation
J. David Cabello
J.F. Delaney
Dr. Joseph & Catherine Garcia-Prats
The John G. & Marie Stella Kenedy Memorial Foundation
Niel Morgan
Strake Foundation - George
Strake Jr.
$2,500- $4,999
Tissie Bean & Susan Williams
Jim Eaton
Roberto & Barbara Iglesias
Mike & Julie Koch
Eric Marin
Christina Morales Berger- Felix
& Angela Morales
Memorial Foundation
William B. Stewart & Becky Stewart
Target Corporation
$1,000- $2,499
BP America Inc., The Fabric
of America Fund
BP Foundation, Inc.
Dr. & Dr. Dale Brant
Janet Cavanaugh
Clay Development &
Construction, Inc
Mr. & Mrs. Mark Dini
Jarlath O. and Evelyn
H. Edwards Foundation
Exxon Mobil Corporation
Betsy & Joan Garibaldi
Helmuth & Joann Goepfert
Melissa Goodman
Geralyn & Patrick Graham
Mary Granger and Weldon Granger
The Maureen O. & James
T. Hackett Fund
Steven & Gisele Harris
Darlene Henson
Jennifer & Richard Hogan
Don & Linda Jacobson
Javier & Liliana Janer
Irina Langhans
Daniel & Regina Lerma
Cornelius & Meredith Long
Marek Family Foundation
R. Stan Marek Jr.
Patsy & Woods Martin
Jim & Mary Michalek
Michael & Lynne Morris
Virginia Reyes
Ignacio Salinas
David & Judy Schubert
Randy & Daniela Simpson
Jodie Spitzer
St. Laurence Catholic School
St. Michael Catholic Church, Msgr. Frank Rossi
Strake Jesuit Community-Rev.
Flavio Bravo
Roberto Tellez
The Walmart Foundation
$500- $999
Friend of Our Lady of
Guadalupe School
Mr. and Mrs. Francis Auffenberg
Guisella Baker
Box Tops for Education
Howard & Karen Chapman
James & Hadley Cogan
Petra Guillen
Carmen & Carlos Hernandez
Marilyn & Andy Hill
KBR Community Matters Program
Priscilla Lafuente
Billy & Kelly Lutz
Jimmy & Isabel Montoya
Gina and Lawrence Olivarez
Gerald F. Protz
Rene & Lily Reyes
Roland & Gina Rodriguez
Keith Rutherford
Stat Source, Inc.
St. Ambrose School
Albert J. Suhor
Jane & Mark Weatherford
J. Weaver
University of St. Thomas
Suzanne Armour
George H. & JoAnn Brueggeman
Pat & Ted Bruno
Janet & Ronnie Buchert
Tom & Eloise Byrd
Janice Cantrell
Emilio & Ninfa Castaneda
Dawn Chambers Terrazas
Katherine Costello
Linda Guillen Duron
Ramon & Alida Esmilla
Rita Ferguson
Mel Gallagher
Carlos Garcia Realty
The Garrido Family
Michael B. George
Council Member Ed Gonzalez, Mayor Pro-Tem
Susan Greteman
Jane & Harry Hasenpflug
Jesus & Carmen Hernandez
Margaret & Hugh Idstein
The Kardoush Family
Gaylon Kornfuehrer
La Casita Mexican Products
Robert LeBlanc
Marie Lynch
Gerald Maes
David Marks & Mary Grimord
Susan & Ron Martin
Joan Mateker
Trini Mendenhall Sosa
Anna Munne
Jim & Susie Murray
Ricardo & Joan Nazario
Oscar & Cristina Pena
George & Misty Porter
Lucy McLaughlin & David Powell
Leticia Ramirez
Jan & Ershel Redd
Mary Ricciardello Sandvig
Frank & Claudia Rodriguez
John & Janet Ryan
Shelley Starr and David Martin
Scott Tate Photography
The Original Ninfa’s on Navigation
Isabel Torras
Sarah Tyler
Mark & Karri Verratti
Slick & Sally William, Jr.
Mary & Gene Webb
Patrick & Kathleen Wood
$100- $249
Anadarko Petroleum Corporation
Julia Anzaldua
Dana Arrell
Rudolph Avelar
Delia and Juan Balderas
Jesus Barboza
Carol Beck
Marcia Blackard
The Bouchez Family
Clara Brogan
Lou & Allison Brucculeri
Robert & Kathleen Butts
Janet Buxkemper
Umbelina Cantu
Catholic Daughters of the Americas- Court Christ the King #1750
Champ Burger
Christ the Good Shepherd
Catholic Community
Susan Clause
Paul D. Clote, Attorney at Law
Alicita Collins
Nancy L. Nevle
Thong & Jennifer Nguyen
Patricia Ochoa-Hernandez
Heather & Brenden O’Neill
Gordon Oliver
Ida Orengo
Maureen Orth
Alicia Ortiz
Cesar & Roccio Parra
Mary Ann Petru
Linda Plavidal
Nancy Popp
The Prado Family
Randalls Good Neighbor Program
Priscilla Reinoso
Rick Reyes
Sujey Romero
Mariana I. Ruiz-Posada
Martha Rutledge
Vincent Daniel Santiago
Marsha Savoie
Mr. & Mrs. C. Boone Schwartzel
Margaret Shallock & James R.
George & Joan Sherman
Mary Jane & Jerry Smith
Beth & David Speck
Patricia Susarrey
Taylor Smith Consulting, LLC
Robert & Alicia Tellez
Lauro & Pilar Torres
Ray & Elizabeth Torres
Tom & Michelle Tran
Juan & Elvia Vazquez
Steve & Abby Vazquez
Gordana Vickers
Beth Waguespack
Karin West
Lois Wilkinson
Mary K. Wittrock
The Wolpa Family
Dr. James M. Adams Jr. & Elizabeth Adams
Sebastian Aguilar
Brock Akers
Angie Alba
Mary Clare Albrecht
Jermaine Alexander
The Alexander Family
Napoleon & Crystal Alfaro
K’Shanna Aniekwu
Michael Aswell
Norma Aviles
Jan Barkley
Lauren Barnes
Michael & Mary Barnes
Sr. Irene Carmen Barrientes
Ivan & Alvi Bartonico
Mr. Vincent Becerra & Mrs. Eva Becerra
Manuel Bedoy
Joan Betts
John & Jane Bomba
Cathy Manzoni Borlenghi
Tuition & Fees. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $559,977.71
Parent/Student Fundraising. . . . . . . . . . . . . . 45,481.77
Investments-Interest. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 69,992.72
RSVP Scholarships. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 0.00
Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish. . . . . . . . . . . . 45,000.00
Total Income. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 720,452.20
Instruction (Salaries & Expenses). . . . . . . . . . $925,132.19
Fees, Supplies, Books & Materials. . . . . . . . . 109,779.17
Plant Operation . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 131,400.12
Pension, Insurance, FICA, WC. . . . . . . . . . . . 284,737.15
Total Expenses . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 1,451,048.63
Annual Giving Campaign. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $11,457.00
Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston ICCS . . . 240,534.12
St. Martha Catholic Church . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 50,000.00
Priests of the Sacred Heart Support. . . . . . . . 50,000.00
Sponsor-A-Student-Tuition Aid . . . . . . . . . . . 12,180.00
Unrestricted Grants . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 84,650.43
Restricted Grants . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 159,405.77
TOTAL DEFICIT COVERAGE. . . . . . . . . . . . $608,227.32
Ibaldo & Shannon Borrego
Robert & Shirley Boyd
Cheryl Buckingham
Rubena Buerger
Jerry & Lorraine Bullis
Mary Ellen Butler
Edna A. Cabrera
Eric Calub
Jessie Capetillo & Maria Morales
Mary Anne Capo
Mark Cardenas & Yvonne Villalon
Imelda Castillo
Ludvinia Castorena
Megan Cebrzynski
Jamy Champenoy
Andrea Chavez & Ricardo Requena
Jack Christie, D.C.
Martha G. Cipolla
Joan Clifford
Steve & Michele Cohoon
David Cole
Sr. Lillian Conaghan
Kay Crockett
Anna and John Curtis
Norberto & Jessica Davalos
Moises & Veronica Davila
Mr. & Mrs. A.W. Dawlearn
Angela De La Rosa
Elizabeth De La Rosa
Teresa Delado
Marianne Devlieger
Enrique & Maria Mancillas
Mary Beth Martin
Virginia Mata
Michael McDermott
The McEvily Family
Jean-Marie McMorram-Armaos
Miriam Medina
Flavio Melucci
Claudell & William
Gilberto Montano
Ramiro & Idania Montoya
Leticia & Noe Moreno
Roxana Moreno
Patricia Murphy, RSCJ
Patrice Musco
Sr. Ellen K. Nelson
Son B. Nguyen
Xuong Nguyen & Phuong Luu
Piper Nitchman
Irene Nino
Keith T. O’Brien
Jose & Laura Ortiz
OLG Booster Club
Janet L. Patterson
Belinda Pena
Tahra Peterson
Kirk & Katie Pfeffer
Noe & Rosalinda Portilla
Linda Powell
Clare Pratt, RSCJ
Mari Victoria Quiray
Joseph & Earline Raia
Helen Guillen Ramos
Elizabeth Rapp
Juan Reyes & Anna Reyes-Navarro
Adell Rodriguez
Benito & Eva Rodriguez
David & Diane Rodriguez
Idalia Rodriguez-Vazquez
Rolando Rodriguez
Gerald & Patricia Romano
Milagros Rubio & Beatriz Rubio
Rosalba Rubio
Fr. Anthony Russo, SCJ
Lynne Schaefer
Doris Seitz
Margaret Seitz, RSCJ
Juan Sosa
Sylvia & Randy Spivey
Elizabeth St. Aubin
Eugene Staskey
Angelita M. Sustaita
Lester & Maria Talavera
Victor & Cecilia Tamez
Joseph & Mary Frances Tannos
The Tarver Family
Ashleigh Terrazas
Gilbert Terrazas
Rosalio & Norma Torres
Paula Tosch
Virginia Tubbs
Celia Valesquez
Rosa Vazquez
Celia Velasquez
Sr. Deanna Rose von Bargen, RSCJ
Yasmeen Waheed & Siri Khalsa
Gladys Weinstock
Marie- Louise Wolfington, RSCJ
Luzenira Zenil
Academy Sports & Outdoors
Alley Theatre
Almaza Jewelers
Barnaby’s Cafe- Downtown
Barnaby’s Cafe-Midtown
Bellaire Dermatology
Bernhardt Winery- Jerry &
Jerri Bernhardt
Blue Bell Creameries
Brio at River Oaks
Camp Innovation
Ceramics to You- Ana Klein
Joel Cervantes-Hair Revolution
Chick-fil-A at Holcombe &
Buffalo Speedway
Children’s Museum of Houston
Chili’s Galleria #89
Christ the Good Shepherd
Catholic Community
Paul D. Clote, Attorney at Law
Cordua’s Catering
Country Chicas Adorable Creations/ Lilley’s Sparkle Designs Heather Guzman
Cream Burger
Cristo Rey Jesuit College
Preparatory of Houston
CrossFit Roughnecks
Moises Davila
Duchesne Academy of the
Sacred Heart
Carmen Duron
Linda Duron
Eddie Bauer- La Centerra
El Tiempo Cantina
Ramon & Alida Esmilla
Lupe & Irene Fraga
Frank’s Pizza
Joseph & Catherine Garcia-Prats
Sonia Garrido
Matthew Goff - The Goff
Financial Group
Geralyn Delaney Graham
Grand Lux Cafe
David T. Green
Petra Guillen
H-E-B Buffalo Market
Houston Astros Baseball Club
Houston Ballet Foundation
Houston Dynamo
Houston Museum of Natural Science
Houston Rockets
Houston Symphony
Houston Texans
Incarnate Word Academy
Javier & Liliana Janer
Jason’s Deli
Kelly Gale Amen Design
La Madeline
La Torretta Lake Resort & Spa
Latrelle’s Management Corporation
Regina Lerma
Little Gym of Houston-Bellaire
Lucky Strike
Billy & Kelly Lutz
M4M Construction Trim & Cabinets
Mia’s Table
Brandon & Melissa Milligan
Eddie & Mona Montezuma
James & Susan Murray
Niko Niko’s Greek & American Cafe
P.F. Chang’s
Page International Communications
Pappas Restaurants Inc.
Parker School Uniforms
Portrait Innovations
ROC Homes Texas LTD Brady Burnett
ROC Homes Texas LTD Eric Hymowitz
Frank & Claudia Rodriguez
Roula’s Nail Spa
Keith Rutherford
Saint Arnold Brewing Company
Savage Branding and
Corporate Design
Randy & Daniela Simpson
Megan Singleton- Rodan &
Fields Rep.
Marisol Sosa
Space Center Houston
Spaghetti Warehouse
St. Agnes Academy
St. Pius X High School
St. Thomas High School
Strake Jesuit College
Preparatory School
Taste of Texas Restaurant
Tejas Office Products
The Mad Potter
The Original Ninfa’s on Navigation
Trader Joes
Maria M. Trevino-Ortega
Urban Oasis Day Spa
Steve & Abby Vazquez
Visible Changes
Weatherford Farms
Weekley Family YMCA
Wet ‘n’ Wild Splashtown-Houston
Joey Ybarra
Would you like to see your name in here next year? Please consider donating to OLG. 100% of donations are used to support the school and assist our students. Use the enclosed envelope to send us your gift today!

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