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POLYTECH Adult Education
FALL 2016
Adult Education
IT Pro
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CATEGORY | header
IT Professional
The Information Technology
Professional program is designed
to provide participants with the
technical skills and experience
needed to gain employment and
advance in the IT industry.
The program consists of three courses
which align to industry-recognized
credentials: IT Fundamentals, Network
Technology Essentials, and Intermediate
Network Technology.
Placement services are provided
throughout the program, allowing
students to transition to the workforce
during the course of training and gain
real-world, practical experience, while
continuing to add to their knowledge
base in the classroom and lab.
Full tuition assistance is available
to qualified applicants.
For more information or
to register please contact
Mary Wilt at (302) 697-4545.
• I T Fundamentals –
CompTIA A+ (page 5)
etwork Technology
Essentials – CISCO
Certified Entry
Networking Technician
• I ntermediate Network
Technology – CISCO
Certified Network
Associate (CCNA)
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FALL 2016
Adult Education
Earn Valuable Credentials!
Professional Development
Medical Assistant > 7
AAPC Medical Coding Specialist > 8
Allied Health
Health Careers
Ophthalmic Assistant > 8
Certified Pharmacy Technician > 9
Practical Nursing > 10
Healthcare Cont Ed
Certified Nursing Assistant > 11
CPR & First Aid
Early Care & Education > 13
Electro-Mechanical Technician > 17
Automotive Technician > 18
Technical Trades
Fork Lift Operator > 19
Manufacturing Technology
Small Engine Repair
Personal Enrichment
Home Improvement
Fine Arts
• Train at your site or in our
modern conference facility.
• Extraordinary service.
• Customized to fit YOUR
needs, schedule, budget!
Contact Jeremy McEntire: 302.697.4545
[email protected]
Driver’s Education
General Enrichment
Adult School
James H. Groves Adult H.S.
GED Testing Program
Adult Basic Education
ESL (English as a Second Language)29
Information & Form
30, 31
The Adult Education program is
a division of POLYTECH School District.
Office Hours: M-Th 8am - 9pm / F 8am - 4pm | 302.697.4545 | www.polytechworks.com
register online > w w w. POLYTECHWORKS.com or call > 302.697.4545
Professional Development
Computer Competency*
Students who enroll for the entire
program will receive a 15% discount.
Fundamentals of Management*
This course provides an overview of basic
management theories, leadership styles, skills
and tools. Students will learn and practice
important planning, decision- making, and
problem-solving skills. This course is a requirement for earning the Frontline Management
VB501 | 18 hours | $129
Sep 7–Sep 28 M/W 6-9pm
Oct 3–Oct 19 This course provides an overview of communication theories, styles, skills and tools.
Students will learn how to develop and give
presentations, run effective meetings, and
provide top-notch customer service.
VB503 | 18 hours | $129
sect 07 Oct 24–Nov 9 M/W 6-9pm
Business Writing & Development*
This course covers writing skills managers
need in the workplace. Students will create
effective resumes and cover letters. They will
learn how to write business letters, internal
memos, and appropriate emails. They will also
learn how to draft business plans and market
their organizations. This course is a requirement for earning the Frontline Management
VB505 | 18 hours | $129
sect 07 Nov 14–Dec 5 M/W 6-9pm
Budgeting & Bookkeeping Basics*
The ability to develop and maintain budgets
is essential to being an effective manager. This
course will provide the students with these
tools and will also include an overview of
accounting terms and procedures, including
payroll, invoices, and financial reports. This
course is a requirement for earning the Frontline Management certificate.
VB506 | 18 hours | $129
Students who enroll in certificate
programs mid-semester will have
the opportunity to complete any
remaining courses for their programs
during the following semester.
sect 07 P O LY T E C H A D U LT E D U C AT I O N . FA L L 2016
M/W 6-9pm
Essential Communication Skills*
Mid-Semester Enrollment
BOOK ICON — Indicates that a textbook
is required and is not included in the tuition fee.
VB502 | 18 hours | $129
sect 07 Are you looking to advance your
career? Whether you are in business,
education, health and human services,
retail or service industries, there are
core competencies that every manager
needs to succeed. The Frontline
Management Certificate Program
provides new and aspiring first-time
managers and supervisors with the
knowledge and skills needed to be
effective leaders in the workplace.
sect 07 Understanding word documents, spreadsheets, and email tools is essential to being an
effective manager. This course will cover the
basic functions of MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint,
and Outlook. This course is a requirement for
earning the Frontline Management certificate.
Dec 7–Jan 4 M/W 6-9pm
*These classes are required for the Frontline
Management Certificate; details above.
Business . Computers
HR and Staff Development*
Gain an understanding of key human resource
topics, skills and tools to hire, orientate, evaluate, and develop team members. Students
will learn and practice how to build teams,
manage conflict, and delegate. This course is a
requirement for earning the Frontline Management certificate.
VB504 | 18 hours | $129
sect 07 Jan 9–Jan 30 M/W 6-9pm
Small Business
Internet Marketing
Learn how to develop an Internet marketing plan for your business that won’t
break your budget. This course will cover
search engine optimization, advertising,
email, social media, and more.
VC308 | 18 hours | $129
sect 42 Sep 19–Oct 5 M/W 6-9pm
Free, Quick & Easy
This class is helpful for those with little to no
prior computer experience and will help to
ensure students are prepared to get the most
out of the other computer courses they take.
Best of all – it’s free!
VC100 | 3 hours | FREE
sect 67 Sep 7 only W 6-9pm
sect 68 Sep 29 only Th 6-9pm
sect 69 Oct 10 only M 6-9pm
sect 70 Nov 10 only Th 6-9pm
IT Fundamentals
Part of the
The IT Fundamentals course provides
you with the foundational skills you
need to start a career in the Information
Technology industry. Participants will
learn the basic mechanics of computers
and mobile devices. This program will
include instruction in the fundamentals
of computer hardware and software and
examine how it interacts with personal
computers, servers, tablets, and smart
phones. Participants complete the Comp
TIA A+ certification exam at the end of
the program and participate in an 80hour externship with a local employer.
• Placement services are provided.
• Tuition assistance is available.
VC109 | 375 hours | $3800
sect 13 Sep 6–Jan 26 M-Th 5:30-9:30pm
Intro to Computers & Internet
Do you find computers and the Internet intimidating or overwhelming? Relieve your fears
and start having fun! With this very basic class
on computers and the Internet, you will learn
to use the mouse and the keyboard, how to
start up, shut down your computer, and how
to save and print your work. Using a computer
in one of our modern computer labs you will
learn to access the Internet, perform Internet
searches, and explore all of the tools of the
Windows operating system.
VC095 | 9 hours | $69
sect 107 Sep 21–Sep 28 M/W 6-9pm
sect 108 Oct 25–Nov 1 T/Th 6-9pm
Intermediate Computers & Internet
In this class, you will learn how to take the
basic skills and information you have learned
and build upon it. In addition to learning more
about how to make the most of your computer
programs and internet resources, you will also
have plenty of opportunity to ask the instructor specific questions and work through any
roadblocks you have encountered. Prerequisite: Introduction to Computers & Internet
VC095 | 9 hours | $69
sect 109 Oct 3–Oct 10 M/W 6-9pm
sect 110 Nov 3–Nov 15 T/Th 6-9pm
register online > w w w. POLYTECHWORKS.com or call > 302.697.4545
Intro to MS PowerPoint 2013
Create professional presentations with the
click of a mouse using the multimedia effects
in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013. Use color
schemes, specialized animations, and selfdesigned templates and masters to customize
your presentations. Basic computer experience
is required.
COMPUTERS — continued
VC096 | 6 hours | $49
sect 28 Oct 26–Oct 31 M/W 6-9pm
Intro to Tablets
MS Word 2013 Intermediate
Learn the basics on how to use your tablet in
this class. You must bring your tablet to class.
Students will learn to start up, shut down, connect to Wi-Fi, download, browse the Internet,
set up email and install apps. Tablets must be
Android or Apple only.
This course picks up where the Introduction
to MS Word 2013 course left off. Students will
learn formatting, use Word drawing tools, create and manage tables, and work with column
VC097 | 9 hours | $69
VC105 | 3 hours | $49
sect 87 Nov 2–Nov 9 sect 32 Oct 12–Oct 17 M/W 6-9pm
sect 88 Dec 6–Dec 13 T/Th 6-9pm
sect 33 Dec 5–Dec 7 M/W 6-9pm
Keyboarding Basics
Still hunting around for the right key? If you
are new to the world of typing or have just
never figured out how to navigate around the
keyboard, this may be the class for you. You
will be provided access to a basic typing program, which will allow for additional independent practice during and following the course.
VC104 | 6 hours | $49
sect 20 Oct 18–Oct 20 T/Th 6-9pm
sect 19 Sep 14–Sep 19 M/W 6-9pm
Intro to MS Word 2013
Work with the basics of Microsoft Word 2013
in this introductory course. You’ll learn how to
create a document, undo mistakes, edit, copy
and move text, change fonts, and save and
print documents. Spelling and grammar check,
bullets and numbering, and document set-up
will be featured in this hands-on course.
VC097 | 6 hours | $49
sect 85 Oct 12–Oct 17 M/W 6-9pm
sect 86 Nov 17–Nov 22 T/Th 6-9pm
Intro to MS Excel 2013
This introductory course will cover the basics
of Microsoft Excel 2013. Learn how to create a
workbook, enter data into cells, edit, copy and
move cell contents, delete cell contents, and
navigate through a workbook.
VC098 | 6 hours | $49
sect 82 Oct 19–Oct 24 M/W 6-9pm
sect 83 Nov 29–Dec 1 T/Th 6-9pm
M/W 6-9pm
P O LY T E C H A D U LT E D U C AT I O N . FA L L 2016
MS Excel 2013 Intermediate
This Intermediate MS Excel course is meant for
students who want to advance their skill set
by learning to work with formulas, lists, and illustrations. Students will also work with charts
and formatting.
VC098 | 9 hours | $69
sect 84 Nov 14–Nov 21 M/W 6-9pm
sect 85 Dec 13–Dec 20 T/Th 6-9pm
Admin Med Practices*
This class is designed for the learner who
plans to work as an administrative or clinical
medical assistant in a private physician’s office, specialty clinic, or hospital setting. Legal
and computer information are integrated
throughout this course. Students will progress from learning professional and career
responsibilities, records management, written
communication, financial administration, and
managing the medical office to preparing for
VM113 | 72 hours | $389
sect 35 Sep 7–Oct 31 sect 36 Oct 24–Jan 30 M/W 6-9pm
M,W,F 8:30-11:30am
*These classes are required for the Medical
Assistant Certificate; details on page 7.
Computers . Allied Health
Anatomy and Physiology*
Study the structure and systems of the human
body in this introductory course. Included in
this course is discussion of function, major
organs, diseases and disorders, as well as the
bones of the body.
VM302 | 72 hours | $389
sect 00 Sep 23–Nov 18 MWF 12:30-3:30pm
sect 01 Sep 27–Dec 22 T/Th 6-9pm
Clinical Support Practices*
This exciting course addresses the clinical
role of the health care provider. Students will
learn about assisting with the physical exam
and minor office surgery as well as effectively
handling medical office emergencies. This
expanded course will also cover taking an
accurate medical history, vital signs, and performing EKGs. Diagnostic testing and pharmacology will be introduced in this course as well.
Medical Assistant
Medical Assisting is poised to
experience tremendous growth
over the next ten years. Here’s your
opportunity to join this growing field
as a multi-skilled practitioner. You’ll
learn the basics of the human body
while training to complete medical
administrative tasks, effectively use
an EHR, take vital signs, conduct
ECG’s, and more. In addition,
graduates will test for national
certification, giving them
an edge on the competition!
VM102 | 72 hours | $389
sect 39 Sep 6–Dec 1 sect 40 Oct 24–Jan 30 M/W 6-9pm
T/Th 8:30-11:30am
Computer Fundamentals*
This exciting, interactive course prepares
students to work with Microsoft Office 2010 in
medical office settings. Medical offices are fastpaced and require proficiency with a variety of
duties specific to the healthcare environment.
Throughout the course, students are introduced to Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint as well as learning essential computer
tasks performed in the medical office.
VM202 | 36 hours | $195
sect 47 Sep 6–Oct 13 T/Th 12:30-3:30pm
sect 48 Sep 7–Oct 19 M/W 6-9pm
Electronic Health Records*
Learn the different types of Electronic Records
(EHRs), what is involved to transition to an EHR,
where standards come from and how to assure
the privacy and security of electronic information. Be part of the leading edge, as medical
facilities nationwide move to compliance with
new government requirements.
VM114 | 66 hours | $345
sect 29 Sep 27–Dec 15 T/Th 6-9pm
sect 28 Dec 6–Jan 17 T/Th 8:30-3:30pm
• Administrative Medical Practices
• Anatomy and Physiology
• BLS for Healthcare Provider
• Clinical Support Practices
• Computer Fundamentals
• Electronic Health Records
• Employment Prep
• Medical Terminology
• NHA Certification Prep
• Medical Assistant Externship
• Medical Insurance Billing
• Phlebotomy
504 Hours | $3,080
Daytime & Evening Classes Available
BOOK ICON — Indicates that a textbook
is required and is not included in the tuition fee.
Please note: A favorable criminal background
check is required. • Program cost does not
include textbooks.
register online > w w w. POLYTECHWORKS.com or call > 302.697.4545
PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT | Allied Health . Health Careers
ALLIED HEALTH — continued
Employment Prep*
This course prepares you for your job search.
You will create a resume, prepare a cover letter,
network for job leads, develop interviewing
skills, and discuss career success strategies.
Other topics will include showing initiative, the
critical thinking process, and the importance
of good communication skills.
VB112 | 36 hours | $195
sect 10 Sep 27–Nov 3 T/Th 6-9pm
sect 09 Oct 18–Dec 1 T/Th 12:30-3:30pm
Medical Terminology*
Learn and recognize word roots, prefixes, and
suffixes used in medical language today. This
course will cover medical terms related to
all major body systems, including: muscular
system, skeletal system, respiratory system,
circulatory system, digestive system, reproductive system, and urinary system. Whether you
are new to the medical profession, or just need
a refresher class, this medical terminology
course is for you!
VM401 | 18 hours | $115
sect 13 Sep 6–Sep 27 T/Th 6-9pm
sect 12 Sep 7–Sep 19 M,W,F 12:30-3:30pm
Fundamentals of Phlebotomy
Learn the proper procedure for venipuncture,
butterfly and microcapillary collection of
blood samples and the complications encountered during phlebotomy in this introductory
course. Other topics include proper order of
draw, specimen handling, and special phlebotomy procedures. Nurses and other clinical
healthcare professionals may find this course
helpful as a refresher. This course is a requirement for Medical Assisting students who
wish to sit for the NHA Certified Phlebotomy
Technician (CPT) exam. Prerequisite: A&P or
equivalent experience.
VM205 | 54 hours | $285
sect 79 Oct 24–Jan 4 sect 78 Nov 18–Jan 11 M,W,F 12:30-3:30pm
M/W 6-9pm
Medical Insurance Billing
This class is designed to prepare students for
billing and insurance operations in the medical office setting. Participants will be taken
through the billing process from insurance
plans to claim coding and documentation.
This is a good orientation for anyone new
to billing or who may have expanded office
duties involving insurance. Course is required
for Medical Assisting students who wish to sit
for NHA Certified Billing and Coding Specialist
(CBCS) national exam.
VM104 | 72 hours | $389
sect 57 Oct 24–Jan 30 M/W 6-9pm
sect 56 Nov 4–Jan 13 M,W,F 8:30-3:30pm
Ophthalmic Assistants work with
an ophthalmologist (eye doctor) to
provide patient care by performing
many eye-related clinical functions.
This training will prepare students to
care for patients by taking histories,
performing various procedures and
tests, and preparing patients to see
the doctor. Training consists of 120
hours of classroom instruction and 80
hours of supervised clinical instruction.
Students must meet with a work force
development specialist prior to enrollment. Placement services are provided.
VO101 | 200 hours | $1500
sect 05 Oct 3–Dec 2 M,W,F 8:30-3:30pm
P O LY T E C H A D U LT E D U C AT I O N . FA L L 2016
AAPC Medical Coding Specialist
Medical coding is one of the fastest-growing
allied health occupations. Individuals who
complete this program are eligible to sit for
the American Academy of Professional Coders
(AAPC) Certified Professional Coder exam.
AAPC is recognized as a professional level
industry standard. Textbook, AAPC membership, online practice exams, and certification
exam fee are included in tuition. Coding books
are required for the course and are provided
by the student. Prior coding experience is preferred. Prerequisite: Anatomy and Physiology
and Medical Terminology.
VM132 | 81 hours | $1725
sect 11 Sep 13–Dec 20 T/Th 6-9pm
Certified Pharmacy Technician
VM130 | 312 hours | $2995
sect 16 Sep 13–Jan 26 T/Th 8:30-3:30pm
Physical Therapy Technician
Physical Therapy Technicians help physical
therapists provide treatment that improves
patient mobility, relieves pain, and prevents or
lessens physical disabilities of patients. If you
think your abilities can help patients recover
from their injuries and return to their active
lives sooner, then this exciting new program
might be for you. When you become a trained
Physical Therapy Technician, you will have
plenty of career opportunities, including working in hospitals, physical therapist offices, rehabilitation centers, and nursing homes. As the
number of middle- aged and elderly individuals increases, so does the demand for physical
therapy services. Students must meet with
a workforce development specialist prior to
enrollment. Placement services are available.
VM105 | 80 hours | $800
sect 19 Sep 6–Jan 3 T 5-10pm
(Sleep) Technologist
This program provides the
education required to enter the
field of Sleep Medicine as a
Sleep Technician.
Sleep technicians are healthcare
providers who, under the general
supervision of a licensed physician,
perform sleep testing and
treatment services by utilizing
sleep technology and applying a
unique body of knowledge and
methodological skills involving the
education, evaluation, treatment
and follow- up of sleep disorders in
patients of all ages.
Graduates are eligible for national
certification and licensure with the
State of Delaware. This program
includes one 12 hour clinical shift
per week, scheduled on either W,
Th, or F evenings, and a total of
360 hours of supervised clinical
Image credit: Bruce Asato / used courtesy of Star Advertiser
Become a member of the growing allied
health profession as a Certified Pharmacy
Technician! Participants will learn to work effectively with pharmacists in community and
institutional settings to offer greater patient
care and service. This intensive program will
prepare students to assist the pharmacist in
serving patients, maintain medication and
inventory control systems, and participate
in the administration and management of
pharmacy practice. A clinical experience in a
local pharmacy is required for completion of
training and will be scheduled by program
staff. Daytime, evening, or weekend hours
may be required. Graduates are prepared for
the Pharmacy Tech Certification Board (PTCB)
national certification exam. Students must
meet with a workforce development specialist prior to enrollment. Placement services are
VM701 | 570 hours | $9950
sect 02 Sep 12–May 18 M-Th 6-9pm
register online > w w w. POLYTECHWORKS.com or call > 302.697.4545
POLYTECH Practical Nursing
Prepare for the State of Delaware
Practical Nursing License Exam (NCLEX-PN)
in our intensive 11-month program.
This three semester program is designed to help individuals develop
the knowledge, critical thinking, decision-making, technical, and
psychological skills, and caring required to become a Practical Nurse.
The program includes classroom, clinical experiences, and nursing
skills laboratory opportunities. A diploma is awarded upon
completion of the program.
1,496 hours | $10,499 includes texts — Other application and enrollment fees are not included.
Inquire about the 2017/2018 program now:
Registration begins in October. Apply early and don’t miss out.
Learn about the LPN to BSN educational pathway
through our partnership with Wesley College.
For information, contact Mary Wilt — 302.697.4545 | [email protected]
Accreditation Commission for Education
in Nursing, Inc. (ACEN)
3343 Peachtree Rd. NE, Suite 850, Atlanta, GA, 30326
P. 404.975.5000 | F. 404.975.5020 | acenursing.org
P O LY T E C H A D U LT E D U C AT I O N . FA L L 2016
Nursing . Healthcare CE
Certified Nursing Assistant
Train at one of the top nursing assistant programs in the state. Learn to provide compassionate and competent patient care. Job placement, drug screen, and state certification exam
fees are included in the tuition. Students must
meet with a workforce development specialist
prior to enrollment.
VM106 | 184 hours | $2099
sect 82 Sep 12–Oct 18 M - F 8:30-3:30pm
sect 83 Sep 13–Nov 29 M-Th 5:30-9:30pm
CNA Train the Trainer
Completion Rate: 84%
License Exam
Pass Rate: 100%
Graduate Placement:
88% to-date
• Fundamentals of Nursing
• Anatomy & Physiology
• Pharmacology
• Medical-Surgical Nursing I
• Maternal-Child/Pediatric Nursing
• Human Growth & Development
• Microbiology
• Medical Surgical Nursing II
• Mental Health Nursing
• NCLEX Review & Preparation
Are you a nurse who is interested in teaching
CNAs? This course satisfies the State of Delaware training requirement for new instructors.
TT308 | 16 hours | $199
sect 119 Dec 5–Dec 14 M/W 5:30-9:30pm
Phlebotomy Refresher
This course is intended for nurses and other
healthcare professionals with previous phlebotomy experience and will serve as a refresher only. Training is hands-on and fast-paced.
VM501 | 15 hours | $129
sect 16 Sep 13–Sep 27 T/Th 6-9pm
Spanish for the Healthcare Provider
Focus on improving your workplace communications in this interactive oral comprehension
course! Participants will learn Spanish terms
and phrases used in the healthcare industry.
You’ll learn to ask basic questions, greet customers, talk with patients or issue job commands. This course is an excellent choice for
those working with Spanish-speaking patients
in the office or via telephone. Instruction is
provided in simple, easy-to-understand terms.
No prior Spanish experience is necessary.
VP108 | 36 hours | $195
Application fee: $60
Visit polytechworks.com
for admission criteria.
sect 162 Oct 3–Nov 9 M/W 6-9pm
Eligible students may use their VA benefits for this program.
register online > w w w. POLYTECHWORKS.com or call > 302.697.4545
BLS for Healthcare Providers
This course is designed to provide healthcare
professionals with the ability to recognize and
address life-threatening emergencies and
includes CPR, AED, and choking response.
VR103 | 6 hours | $65
sect 184 Sep 14 only W 1-7pm
sect 185 Sep 27 only T 4-10pm
sect 186 Oct 12 only W 4-10PM
sect 187 Oct 22 only Sat 9-3pm
sect 188 Nov 9 only W 4-10pm
sect 189 Nov 22 only T 9-3pm
sect 190 Dec 2 only F 9-3pm
sect 191 Dec 12 only M 9-3pm
sect 192 Dec 17 only Sat 9-3pm
Heartsaver CPR AED
(Adult/Child & Infant)
Customized Training
for CPR & First Aid
We offer BLS for Healthcare
Providers, Heartsaver CPR
AED, Heartsaver Fist Aid,
and Heartsaver Pediatric
First Aid CPR AED courses.
• Customized training
offered on-location
• Excellent instructors
and competitive pricing
• Ask about discounts
for larger groups or
multiple classes
For details, please contact
Lewis Sacks at 845-222-0922.
BOOK ICON — Indicates that a textbook
is required and is not included in the tuition fee.
P O LY T E C H A D U LT E D U C AT I O N . FA L L 2016
Heartsaver CPR AED is a classroom course that
teaches basic CPR skills such as performing a
head tilt-chin lift and giving compressions and
breaths. This course includes teaching adult,
children and infant CPR, AED, and choking
VR103 | 3 hours | $40
sect 315 Sep 16 only F 9-12pm
sect 316 Oct 5 only W 5-8pm
sect 317 Oct 31 only M 9-12pm
sect 318 Nov 15 only T 6-9pm
sect 319 Dec 21 only W 9-12pm
Heartsaver First Aid
Heartsaver First Aid is a classroom, videobased, instructor-led course that teaches students critical skills to respond to and manage
an emergency in the first few minutes until
emergency medical services (EMS) arrives.
VR103 | 3 hours | $45
sect 413 Sep 16 only F 1-4pm
sect 414 Oct 5 only W 1-4pm
sect 415 Oct 31 only M 1-4pm
sect 416 Nov 15 only T 9-12pm
sect 417 Dec 21 only W 1-4pm
Early Care & Education Training
These courses are designed to prepare students for entry-level
employment in the field of Early Care & Education — and are approved
through childcare licensing in Delaware. Hours can be applied toward
relicensure or CDA (Child Development Associate) credentials.
Early Care & Education I
If you are thinking about working with young
children, then Early Care and Education I is
the class for you. The Office of Child Care
Licensing requires that all Early Childhood
Assistant Teachers have at least a high
school diploma or its equivalent, successfully
complete Early Care and Education I, and
have six months experience working with
children preschool age or younger in a group
setting. Early Care and Education I is a series
of eight early childhood introductory courses
approved by Delaware First and combined
in a single course. Outside assignments are
required. Participants will be assisted in developing a portfolio. This course is approved
through Childcare Licensing in Delaware and
the hours can be applied toward relicensure or CDA (Child Development Associate)
Wednesday, July 27 at 6:30pm
at POLYTECH Adult Education
VR202 | 66 hours | $299
sect 42 Sep 26–Dec 12 M/W 6:30-9:30pm
*NOTE: These courses also fill the related training
requirement for State of Delaware Registered
Apprentices in the Early Care & Education profession.
For more information on apprenticeship programs
in Delaware, contact Kevin Calio with the
Delaware Department of Labor at 302.451.3419 —
or Jeremy McEntire at 302.697.4545.
Pediatric Heartsaver First Aid CPR AED
This course is designed to meet the regulatory requirements for childcare workers in all
50 states. It teaches childcare providers and
others to respond to and manage illnesses and
injuries in a child or infant from the first few
minutes until professional help arrives. TARGET
AUDIENCE: Camp counselors, Child care workers, Coaches, Foster care workers, and others
responsible for the care of children.
Early Care & Education II
This course builds on Early Care and
Education I content to help participants
develop strategies and reflective practice
in working with young children. This course
is approved through Childcare Licensing
in Delaware and the hours can be applied
toward relicensure or CDA (Child Development Associate) credentials.
VR303 | 66 hours | $299
sect 28 Sep 20–Dec 8 T/Th 6:30-9:30pm
VR103 | 6 hours | $65
sect 223 Sep 19 only M 9-3pm
sect 224 Sep 24 only Sat 9-3pm
sect 225 Oct 18 only T 4-10pm
sect 226 Nov 5 only Sat 9-3pm
sect 227 Nov 21 only M 4-10pm
sect 228 Dec 5 only M 9-3pm
sect 229 Dec 20 only T 4-10pm
register online > w w w. POLYTECHWORKS.com or call > 302.697.4545
Technical Trades
Electrical I
This first course in electrical construction
provides classroom instruction on basic safety,
tools, test equipment, blueprint reading,
electrical theory, residential wiring techniques
and the introduction to the National Electric
Code (NEC).
VE101 | 144 hours | $299
sect 38 Sep 27–Mar 23 T/Th 6-9pm
sect 37 Sep 26–Mar 29 M/W 6-9PM
Electrical II
Continue exploring residential and light commercial electrical construction in the classroom and lab settings. Learn motor theory
and application and grounding requirements.
Calculate lighting and power loads, plan installations, install main & sub panels, and troubleshoot electrical systems.
VE201 | 144 hours | $299
sect 23 Sep 14–Mar 20 M/W 6-9pm
Electrical III
The installation and maintenance of electrical circuits, devices, and wiring in commercial
buildings is the focus of this course. You will
learn how to read and interpret the N.E.C.
requirements for commercial structures,
layout and install single and three phase panel
boards, lighting and power branch circuits,
and emergency power systems. Grounding,
bonding, ground-fault methods, and motor
control will be covered.
VE301 | 144 hours | $299
sect 21 Sep 14–Mar 20 M/W 6-9pm
Electrical IV
The final year of the electrical program concentrates on industrial wiring and electrical
systems. Single and three phase branch circuits for lighting, power, and motors typically
installed in plants and factories are discussed
in detail. Standby, emergency and alarm systems are also covered. Reading and interpreting NEC requirements for AC motors, motor
control and power circuits are an integral part
of this course.
Significant Changes
to 2014 NEC, Part I
This seminar will highlight the 2014 National
Electric Code changes for residential electricity
and will satisfy the hours needed for Electrical
License renewal for licensed electricians.
VE110 | 5 hours | $39
sect 48 Oct 18–Oct 20 T/Th 6-8:30pm
Significant Changes
to 2014 NEC Part 2
This seminar will highlight the 2014 National
Electric Code changes for commercial, industrial and residential electricity and will satisfy the
hours needed for Electrical License renewal for
licensed electricians.
VE210 | 5 hours | $39
sect 43 Nov 1–Nov 3 T/Th 6-8:30pm
Test Prep for the Electrical Exam
Get prepared for the electricians licensing
exam in this hard hitting course. Over 1,000
questions and calculations will be covered
from similar exams. Additional preparation
and study outside of class will be required
of all students. Textbook and 2011 NEC code
book purchase required. EXAM FEE IS NOT
VE420 | 36 hours | $249
sect 20 Oct 25–Dec 8 T/Th 6-9pm
VE401 | 144 hours | $299
sect 21 14
Sep 13–Mar 9 T/Th 6-9pm
P O LY T E C H A D U LT E D U C AT I O N . FA L L 2016
BOOK ICON — Indicates that a textbook
is required and is not included in the tuition fee.
The second year of the HVAC-R program
provides instruction on the principles of residential heating to include gas and oil burning
furnace operation, adjustment, and inspection.
Light commercial air-conditioning and heat
pumps applications are also covered. You will
gain a working knowledge of the various types
of motors and compressors, electrical controls,
valves, and tubing.
VH201 | 144 hours | $299
sect 19 HVAC-R I
This introductory course in Heating, Air-Conditioning and Refrigeration covers refrigeration principles, heating basics, trade tools
and test equipment, safety, blueprint reading,
and basic installation procedures. Refrigerant
handling and national standards are stressed
throughout the course. Opportunities for
hands-on learning will be provided.
VH101 | 144 hours | $299
sect 25 Sep 27–Mar 23 T/Th 6-9pm
Sep 14–Mar 20 M/W 6-9pm
The third year course for HVAC-R mechanics
includes instruction on heating and cooling
load calculations, sizing and designing duct
systems for residential and commercial installations, operation, design, troubleshooting and
servicing of gas, oil and electric fired hydronic
and steam heating systems. Related code,
safety and E.P.A. regulations will be discussed
in depth in this course.
VH301 | 144 hours | $299
sect 18 Sep 13–Mar 9 T/Th 6-9pm
Four-Year Trade
& Apprentice Programs
All new and returning
State of Delaware
registered apprentice
and trade extension
students are required
to attend orientation
prior to enrollment.
• HVAC – Years I, II, III, & IV
• PLUMBING – Years I & II
Orientation & Registration Session:
Wednesday, July 27, 2016 — 6:30pm
at POLYTECH Adult Education
For details contact Jeremy McEntire:
302.697.4545 / [email protected]
NOTE: Tuition for registered apprentices is paid by State of Delaware Apprentice Training
Grant. Apprentice students are required to pay a non-refundable $40 application and
processing fee at the time of enrollment. All registered apprentice students must present a
copy of their signed apprenticeship contract at the time of enrollment. For more information
about the State of Delaware Apprenticeship Program call Kevin Calio at 302.451.3419
register online > w w w. POLYTECHWORKS.com or call > 302.697.4545
TECHNICAL TRADES | HVAC . Plumbing . Manufacturing Technology
HVAC — continued
Refrigerant Transfer
& Recovery Cert Test
Receive a nationally recognized EPA certification in Type I, II, III, or IV. Successful completion of the Section 608 exam is required for
approval to work on stationary air conditioners
and refrigeration systems.
The fourth year course for HVAC-R mechanics includes the application, design, troubleshooting and repair of heating, refrigeration
and comfort cooling control systems and the
related code, safety and E.P.A. regulations for
theses HVAC-R systems. Customer service
and call management techniques will also be
covered in this capstone course.
VH401 | 144 hours | $299
sect 15 sect 80 Oct 26 only W 6-9pm
Sep 14–Mar 20 M/W 6-9pm
Refrigerant Transfer
& Recovery Cert Prep & Test
Prepare for and take the EPA Section 608
certification exam including the core, small
appliances, high pressure, and chillers. Training includes a review of air conditioning and
refrigeration fundamentals, systems, components and configurations. Participants will
also drill with sample exam information. This
course is designed for EXPERIENCED TECHNICIANS. Certification exam fees are included in
the course fee. The official exam will be given
on the last night of class.
VH120 | 18 hours | $179
sect 79 VH120 | 3 hours | $89
Oct 10–Oct 26 MW 6-9pm
Plumbing I
This is the first course in the four-year Plumbing program and introduces those new to the
trade to plumbing installation and repair in
residential and light commercial buildings.
Participants will learn the basics of blueprint
reading, plumbing safety, trade tools, plumbing calculations, fittings, fixtures, distribution
systems and piping methods.
VN101 | 144 hours | $299
sect 19 Sep 26–Mar 29 M/W 6-9pm
Plumbing II
This course covers water and waste piping
procedures, advanced plumbing and piping
calculations, planning the plumbing installation, and valve and fixture troubleshooting
and repair.
VN201 | 144 hours | $299
sect 12 Sep 13–Mar 9 T/TH 6-9pm
Intro to PLC’s
This course will cover the installation, programming, troubleshooting and repair of
Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), as well
as PLC ladder logic theory, programming,
input and output devices, wiring, sequencing
and count functions. This course is a requirement for completion of the IMM apprenticeship program.
For more information,
contact Jeremy McEntire
at (302) 697-4545.
P O LY T E C H A D U LT E D U C AT I O N . FA L L 2016
VI102 | 72 hours | $299
sect 40 Sep 26–Dec 19 M/W 6-9pm
BOOK ICON — Indicates that a textbook
is required and is not included in the tuition fee.
Electro-Mechanical | TECHNICAL TRADES
Electro-Mechanical Technician
More than 50% of companies indicate
plans to increase US-based production
by at least 5% in the next five years.*
We’re seeing evidence of this in Delaware
right now. In addition to new jobs, existing
positions are getting harder to keep filled.
The current workforce is aging and there
just aren’t enough trained people to
take their place. The Electro Mechanical
Technician program was designed to meet
this growing need.
Participants are trained in various
technical applications, including precision
measurement, print & schematic reading,
bearings, flexible belt drives, mechanical
drives, alignment, electrical theory, test
equipment, troubleshooting, wiring,
solenoids, AC/DC generators, transformers/
contactors, and PLCs.
Polytech Adult Education was
awarded a Blue Collar training
grant that covers the full tuition
cost for qualified participants.
According to the latest report by the
Delaware DOL, the average Industrial
Mechanic in Delaware earns $24.63/
hour and the average Industrial Electrical
Technician is making $30.20/hour. *
This program prepares students
to work in a manufacturing
setting as maintenance and
electrical technicians. Students
who complete this program will
receive advanced placement in
the POLYTECH Adult Education
Industrial Maintenance Mechanic
apprenticeship program. Job
placement services are available.
VD105 | 368 hours | $3,074
sect 10 Sep 19–Jan 12 M-Th 8:30am-3:30pm
Inquire today to see if you
qualify for financial assistance.
The Electro-Mechanical Technician program will provide you with the skills
you need. Placement assistance is provided to all program participants.
* Accenture Manufacturing Skills and Training Study, 2014 / Delaware Department of Labor, OOLMI, Delaware Wages, 2014
For more information contact Trudy Pechin:
[email protected] | 302.697.4545
register online > w w w. POLYTECHWORKS.com or call > 302.697.4545
TECHNICAL TRADES | Manufacturing Technology . Mechanical/Auto
Piping Systems
Auto Body Technology
This course provides an overview of industrial
piping and pipefitting. It covers selection,
measurement, installation and repair of air,
water, steam and process piping, fittings, and
valves. Piping Systems is one of the required
courses in the four- year Industrial Maintenance Mechanic program. Safety glasses are
This course provides students with a basic
introduction to auto body repair, including safety, tools, materials, and basic repair
techniques. Students are given a significant
amount of hands-on practice.
VX102 | 72 hours | $299
sect 17 Sep 26–Dec 19 MW 6-9pm
VI107 | 72 hours | $299
sect 19 Sep 27–Dec 22 T/Th 6-9pm
Adult Education
Automotive Technician Program
The Automotive Technician program is designed to prepare
students to work in the local automotive industry.
Students receive 238 hours of classroom and hands-on instruction
in the Polytech automotive classroom and shop and complete
176 hours of internship with a local automotive employer.
Job placement services are available.
• Engines
• Mechanical systems
• Fluid systems
• Electrical systems
• Emission control
• Power transmission
• Vehicle suspension
and control
• Vehicle accessories
• Troubleshooting
VX103 | 414 hours | $3750
For more information
contact Mary Wilt:
[email protected]
P O LY T E C H A D U LT E D U C AT I O N . FA L L 2016
sect 32 Sep 27–Jun 13 T/Th 6-9:30pm
Program cost includes textbook and materials.
Favorable criminal background and clean drug
screen and driving record required for admission.
Mechanical/Auto . Welding/Metalwork | TECHNICAL TRADES
Small Engine Repair
Bring your small engine questions! This course
provides a combination of classroom and
hands-on training in the basic principles and
concepts of small 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines.
Emphasis will be placed on preventative maintenance, troubleshooting, service procedures,
and basic tune-ups.
VX101 | 72 hours | $349
sect 24 Sep 26–Dec 19 M/W 6-9pm
Basic Welding
Flagger Certification
The Flagger Certification
course is a 4 hour class
designed to prepare students to earn a
national flagger credential through
American Traffic Safety Services
Association (ATSSA). Upon successful
completion, students leave with a
certification card and are eligible to
seek employment as a Flagger. Training
is provided in partnership with the
Delaware Safety Council.
FC101 | 4 hours | $85
The beginning welder will learn the fundamentals of electric arc welding and oxyacetylene cutting and welding. Extensive hands-on
practice is required in this course. Safety
glasses and gloves are required and can be
purchased the first night of class.
sect 01 Sep 19 only M 5-9pm
sect 02 Oct 13 only Th 5-9pm
VW110 | 72 hours | $399
sect 40 Sep 13–Dec 8 T/Th 6-9pm
MIG/TIG Welding
This is a specialized course for those who have
a basic understanding of welding. Students
will be introduced to production welding,
metal inert gas (MIG) welding processes and
practice, and tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding
processes, and practice. Extensive hands-on
practice is required in this course. Safety
glasses and gloves are required and can be
purchased the first night of class.
VW120 | 72 hours | $399
sect 43 Sep 14–Dec 7 M/W 6-9pm
Use your benefits to receive
training in a high-demand career
area such as medical assisting,
automotive, welding, or practical
nursing. Job placement is available
to all program graduates.
Contact Jeremy McEntire:
Forklift Operator
Classroom Safety
This comprehensive classroom
training is designed for forklift
operators. It addresses pre-start safety
inspection, lift truck design considerations and safety procedures for
picking up, moving with, and setting
down a load. Students will learn
practical techniques to help prevent
costly and tragic lift truck collisions.
OSHA requires that forklift operators
regularly receive safety training.
Training is provided in partnership with
the Delaware Safety Council.
FO101 | 4 hours | $175
sect 01 Nov 14 only M 5:30-9pm
sect 02 Dec 8 only Th 5:30-9pm
[email protected]
register online > w w w. POLYTECHWORKS.com or call > 302.697.4545
Personal Enrichment
Basic Carpentry for the Homeowner
Repair and update your home using the skills
you will learn in this course. Topics include the
basics of drywall patching and repair, replacing an exterior door and window, and properly
sizing and hanging interior doors. Instruction
will be conducted in a shop setting. Proper attire is recommended. Transition to apprentice
programs will be discussed with interested
VG105 | 12 hours | $89
sect 154 Sep 20–Sep 29 T/Th 6-9pm
Basic Electrical for the Homeowner
Transform your rooms with updated lighting fixtures and ceiling fans! This course will
cover the basics of residential fixture and fan
installation as well as removing & replacing
receptacles and light switches. Instruction will
be conducted in a shop setting. Proper attire is
VG105 | 12 hours | $89
Basic Plumbing for the Homeowner
Homeowners will learn basic plumbing techniques needed for around the house repairs.
Topics covered include safety, tools, materials, valve operation, and more. Students will
engage in basic repair activities during class.
No prior experience is required. Transition to
apprentice programs will be discussed with
interested students.
VG105 | 12 hours | $89
sect 56 Nov 7–Nov 16 MW 6-9pm
Basic Heating and Air Conditioning
for the Homeowner
Learn how to maintain and perform basic
repairs on your heating and air conditioning equipment. Topics covered include filter
maintenance, cleaning nozzles, and changing
a thermostat. Instruction is hands- on and
no prior experience is required. Transition to
apprentice programs will be discussed with
interested students.
VG105 | 12 hours | $89
sect 57 Nov 30–Dec 12 MW 6-9pm
sect 155 Oct 11–Oct 20 T/Th 6-9pm
Cake Decorating Basics
Learn the tricks of professional cake decorating in this hands-on course. You’ll make
professional frosting and practice applying
it in decorating a cake, learn how to make a
ruffled swag, drop stars, and roses. Instructor will discuss how different tips are used in
decorating. Participants will receive a variety of
tips for personal use. Have fun while you learn
the basics of cake decorating! Students will
be provided with a list of supplies needed for
class upon registration.
VP102 | 6 hours | $59
sect 55 Sep 19–Sep 21 M/W 6-9pm
3-Class Discount
for Cooking Students
There will be a 15% discount
for students who enroll in
three or more cooking classes.
P O LY T E C H A D U LT E D U C AT I O N . FA L L 2016
Home Improvement . Cooking . Fine Arts | PERSONAL ENRICHMENT
Drawing Studio I
Learn to draw anything. this class is open to
beginners and professionals alike. We will
review the building blocks of exceptional
drawing, and explore how these concepts
may be applied with fleeting observation
(gesture drawing) and in-depth studies
(still- life or live model). Students will learn
how to render convincing forms and to apply the concepts of negative space, gesture,
and construction to any genre of art. $20
supply fee (check or exact amount of cash)
to be paid to instructor the first night of
class. These supplies may be re-used for the
entire Drawing Studio series.
VP106 | 6 hours | $49
sect 016 Sep 20–Sep 27 T/Th 6-8pm
Drawing Studio IV: Color
Using watercolors, colored pencils, or any
media of the students’ choice, they will
explore color relationships and the uses
of different media for drawing. This studio
class introduces the principles of drawing
exclusive to color media - hue, saturation,
and color mixing - to add greater realism
and emotion to our work. Students are
asked to choose their own color media (watercolors or colored pencils preferred, but
the instructor will work with the student’s
interests within reason) and bring it to class.
VP106 | 6 hours | $49
sect 019 Nov 1–Nov 10 T/Th 6-8pm
Drawing Studio II
Improve your drawing ability. We will
re-visit principles from Drawing Studio I,
and introduce more advanced drawing concepts - depth, advanced construction, and
composition - to achieve greater realism
and accuracy. Students will receive in-depth
critique and one-on-one instruction.
VP106 | 6 hours | $49
sect 017 Oct 4–Oct 11 T/Th 6-8pm
Drawing Studio III: Shading
Tackle the final principles of realistic drawing. Students will use contrast to render
realistic light sources, shadows, and texture.
Applied sparingly or to a high degree,
shading allows the artist to create the illusion of photo-realistic forms, and students
will learn to utilize tonal range in order to
produce finished black-and-white drawings.
Newcomers are still welcome, but some
drawing skill is ideal.
Studio Subject:
The Human Figure
Apply your drawing skills to the most popular (and most difficult) subject in art. These
studio sessions will cover basic skeletal
and muscular anatomy, proportions, and
balance of the human figure, as well as, a
careful study of the portrait. Students will
alternate between drawing from photographs and from life. Some prior drawing
experience is ideal, but all skill levels are
welcome. Students under 18 years of age
must have a permission slip signed by a
parent or guardian.
VP106 | 6 hours | $49
sect 020 Nov 29–Dec 6 T/Th 6-8pm
VP106 | 6 hours | $49
sect 018 Oct 18–Oct 25 T/Th 6-8pm
register online > w w w. POLYTECHWORKS.com or call > 302.697.4545
Elegant Comfort Foods
Learn to make food that is simple and yet
elegant all at once! Students in this course will
prepare comfort dishes that include shrimp
risotto, sirloin meatloaf, brownie cookies with
salted caramel filling.
VF102 | 3 hours | $45
sect 151 Sep 20 only COOKING — continued
Advanced Butter Cream
You can make a pretty cake, but does it
taste as good as it looks? A great
tasting frosting makes all the difference.
Students in this class will learn to make and
decorate with their own delicious butter
cream! Students will be provided with a list of
supplies needed for class upon registration.
T 6-9pm
Dim Sum
“Dim sum” can describe a vast array of bitesized dishes. In this class, you will learn to
make 3 spectacular versions of dim sum - har
grow (shrimp dumplings), ZhanZhu din (pearl
balls), and a tasty egg custard tart.
VF102 | 3 hours | $45
sect 152 Oct 4 only T 6-9pm
VP102 | 6 hours | $59
sect 56 Oct 3–Oct 5 M/W 6-9pm
Intro to Gum Paste & Fondant
In this fun and informative class you will discover creative ways to decorate a cake. Learn
to create beautiful flowers, borders, and bold
accents using these moldable icings. Students
will be provided with a list of supplies needed
for class upon registration.
VP102 | 6 hours | $59
sect 57 Oct 24–Oct 26 M/W 6-9pm
Advanced Gum Paste & Fondant
Build upon what you have learned in Intro to
Gum Paste and Fondant. Learn how to construct flowers using wire to create sprays and
designs that can be used to enhance cakes.
Prerequisite: Intro to Gum Paste and Fondant
or prior experience working with gum paste.
Upon enrollment, students will be provided
with a list of supplies that they will need to
VP102 | 6 hours | $59
sect 58 Nov 7–Nov 9 M/W 6-9pm
Creative Sushi I
Who knew making sushi could be so much
fun! In this class, you will make creative new
sushi dishes, including panda face sushi and
spider sushi.
VF102 | 3 hours | $45
sect 158 Nov 29 only Creative Sushi II
In this class, you will learn to make a sushi that
is so unique, it will blow your guests away!
Making dragon sushi (Google it - it really looks
like a dragon!) may be the most fun you have
all year.
VF102 | 3 hours | $45
sect 159 Dec 8 only 3-Class Discount
for Cooking Students
There will be a 15% discount
for students who enroll in
three or more cooking classes.
P O LY T E C H A D U LT E D U C AT I O N . FA L L 2016
T 6-9pm
Th 6-9pm
Cooking . Photography | PERSONAL ENRICHMENT
Featuring OSSI BECKE
Outdoor Photography
Go on location with our experienced
and knowledgeable instructor as you
learn to take great photos with the
myriad of subjects and backgrounds
found in the Dover area.
VP106 | 4 hours | $45
sect 39 Sep 19–Sep 21 M/W 5-7pm
Basic Photography
Get the most from your non -SLR
digital camera or compact without
interchangeable lenses camera! This
course will help you cut through the
technical jargon and understand how
to get your camera to work for you.
Learn how the camera works, how to use
memory cards, and how you can use and
share your digital images. Bring your own
VP106 | 4 hours | $45
sect 36 Sep 26–Oct 3 Digital SLR for Beginners
You’ve got that fancy camera, now what?
This class is designed to teach the basics
for cameras with interchangeable lenses.
VP106 | 4 hours | $45
sect 38 Oct 17–Oct 24 M 6-8pm
Photographic Lighting
In this class, you will learn about natural
lighting on camera flash and external
flash, studio lighting with soft boxes,
using reflectors, and working with back
drops. Bring your own camera.
VP106 | 3 hours | $45
sect 37 Nov 7 only M 6-9pm
M 6-8pm
French Cuisine
Greek Cuisine
French cuisine is an art form that is enjoyed
worldwide. So, get your palette ready and
prepare to create a masterpiece, including
tartifolette (French style cheesy potato bake)
and crepes suzette.
With a culture going back thousands of years,
it’s no wonder the food tastes so good. Learn
to prepare classic Greek dishes, with a bit of
a twist. Dishes include piperies gemistes me
feta (peppers stuffed with feta cheese), gyros,
galaktoboureko (semolina custard in phyllo
dough) - Opa!
VF102 | 3 hours | $45
sect 155 Oct 27 only Th 6-9pm
VF102 | 3 hours | $45
Fusion Cuisine
sect 156 Nov 3 only Fusion cuisine combines the best of different
culinary traditions. In this class, you will learn
to make tandoori naan chicken sandwiches,
Thai-style sausage and rice dressing, as well as
kimchi and avocado quesadillas.
Hors d’Oeuvres
VF102 | 3 hours | $45
VF102 | 3 hours | $45
sect 150 Sep 15 only Th 6-8:30pm
Th 6-9pm
Hosting a party? How about trying these
dishes out - crab dip, lemon-parsley gougeres,
and goat cheese poppers with honey.
sect 154 Oct 18 only T 6-9pm
register online > w w w. POLYTECHWORKS.com or call > 302.697.4545
PERSONAL ENRICHMENT | Cooking . Music . Education
COOKING — continued
Japanese Cuisine
Beginner Guitar
Try out these favorites from the Land of the
Rising Sun. You’ll learn how to prepare crispy
shrimp tempura, miso soup, and beef sukiyaki.
Did you take a few lessons in high school, but
then got interrupted by life? Whether you
know nothing...or have a few chords that you
can plunk out, this is the course to finally get
you up and running. A guitar (any kind), a
notebook, and a fun attitude are required.
VF102 | 3 hours | $45
sect 153 Oct 13 only Th 6-9pm
VP105 | 6 hours | $49
sect 110 Sep 22–Oct 27 Th 7-8pm
Spanish Tapas
Enjoy the taste of Spain and prepare for your
next fiesta. Learn to make amazing appetizers,
including crostini, garlic & parsley grilled squid,
higos con miel y queso (figs with honey and
cheese), and churros.
VF102 | 3 hours | $45
sect 157 Nov 15 only T 6-9pm
Guitar 201
You know the basics, but now you’d like to go
a bit farther. This may be just the thing to get
you to REALLY enjoy playing your guitar! You
don’t need a lot of guitar knowledge before
you start, but knowing a few chords is recommended. Bring your guitar and a little mojo!
VP105 | 6 hours | $49
sect 111 Sep 22–Oct 27 Th 8-9pm
For more information and
to schedule a tour of our facility,
please contact Deborah Finley:
[email protected]
302.697.4545 / fax 302.697.4544
823 walnut shade road ~ woodside, delaware
P O LY T E C H A D U LT E D U C AT I O N . FA L L 2016
Basic Conversational Sign Language
This introductory course in sign language is
designed to develop basic conversational sign
vocabulary, expressive/receptive finger- spelling skills, and an appreciation of the language
used by deaf-hard of hearing people. Recommended for any interested persons, including
those in business and industry, teachers, aides,
co-workers, family, friends, etc.
VP108 | 9 hours | $79
sect 159 Oct 5–Oct 24 M/W 6-7:30pm
Intermediate Conversational Sign
This course picks up where Basic Sign Language left off. Students are challenged to
continue developing their conversational
sign vocabulary and given more challenging
opportunities to practice their new skills in
VP108 | 9 hours | $79
sect 160 Oct 26–Nov 14 M/W 6-7:30pm
sect 161 Nov 16–Dec 7 M/W 6-7:30pm
Introduction to American Sign
This course introduces students to the process
and structure of American Sign Language
(ASL) to provide a basic understanding of and
ability to use the language. Students’ expressive (signing) and receptive (comprehension)
skills are enhanced by an understanding of
Deaf Culture. This course is designed for beginners. Textbook required.
VP108 | 9 hours | $79
sect 158 Sep 14–Oct 3 This is a State of Delaware approved
driver’s education course. It consists of
30 hours of classroom instruction and
14 hours of separately scheduled driving
instruction and observation.
VDR12 | 30 hours | $483
sect 6 Oct 3–Nov 2 M/W 6-9pm
• Online registration for this course
is NOT available.
• Seats are limited.
• For specific information on
course details, fees, and eligibility
requirements, please inquire
Education office or call Mary Maffett
at (302) 697-4545.
• Home school and private school
students’ tuition may be covered by
the State of Delaware.
M/W 6-7:30pm
SAT Prep
Get an edge in the race to prepare for
college. This course provides a
thorough review and is designed to assist high
school students achieve higher scores on the
English and Math portions of the SAT exam.
Students will receive personalized instruction
and assistance, complete practice exams, and
proven test strategies will be included.
SA101 | 24 hours | $150
sect 01 DRIVER’S
Sep 20–Oct 27 T/Th 6-8pm
Spanish for Educators
Focus on improving your workplace communications in this interactive oral comprehension course! Participants will learn Spanish
terms and phrases used in the educational
setting. You’ll learn to ask basic questions,
greet students, talk with parents, and issue
basic instructions. No prior Spanish language
knowledge or experience is necessary.
VP108 | 18 hours | $129
sect 154 Nov 28–Dec 14 M/W 6-9pm
BOOK ICON — Indicates that a textbook
is required and is not included in the tuition fee.
register online > w w w. POLYTECHWORKS.com or call > 302.697.4545
Eat for Life!
Eat for Life is a nutrition-based class that
focuses on eliminating unhealthy foods in
your diet and replacing them with healthier
choices to help reduce illness and regain vitality. Taught by Rhonda Register, Herbalist and
Homeopathic Specialist.
VP104 | 3 hours | $45
sect 29 Nov 14–Nov 16 M/W 6-7:30pm
Intro to Homeopathy
Growing an Herbal Tea Garden
Growing you own herbs for making tea
is one of the easiest ways to incorporate herbs into your daily routine. This class will
cover which herbs grow best in this area and
what the benefits are of each, how to prepare
the garden, and how to process and store the
herbs when mature. Benefits of blending herbs
together, as well as single herb teas will be
discussed. Taught by Rhonda Register,
Herbalist and Homeopathic Specialist.
VP104 | 3 hours | $45
sect 31 Dec 12–Dec 14 M/W 6-7:30pm
Introduction to Herbs
Learn about herbs, their history, preserving,
and the properties they contain to enhance
health. Recipes and an in-depth review of the
most commonly grown herbs is included. Class
will be taught by Rhonda Register, Herbalist
and Homeopathic Specialist.
VP104 | 3 hours | $45
sect 27 Oct 10–Oct 12 M/W 6-7:30pm
Aromatherapy/Essential Oil
Aromatherapy and Essential Oils have a long
history of use in healing. This class will present
many common oils and their uses, carrier oils,
dosages, and how to use the oils properly.
Material Safety Data Sheets will be reviewed as
well as how to blend oils. Discussion will also
include many uses for oils as environmentallysafe cleaners. Use of oils with all age groups
will also be discussed. We will prepare a
product in class for each participant to take
home. Taught by Rhonda Register, Herbalist
and Homeopathic Specialist.
VP104 | 3 hours | $45
sect 30 26
Nov 28–Nov 30 M/W 6-7:30pm
P O LY T E C H A D U LT E D U C AT I O N . FA L L 2016
Learn how homeopathic remedies work to
restore balance to the body through the
“like cures like” principle. The Law of Similars,
energy levels of remedies, and potencies will
be explained in this informative class. Class
taught by Rhonda Register, Herbalist and
Homeopathic Specialist.
VP104 | 3 hours | $45
sect 28 Oct 17–Oct 19 M/W 6-7:30pm
Fine Woodworking
Would you like to give your family something
special that can be handed down from generation to generation? This class provides an
opportunity for you to use the excellent woodshop facility at Polytech to make that dream
a reality. Examples of past student projects
include fancy boxes, chests, tables, and more.
The shop will be open from 6:00-9:00 p.m.
on Mon and Wed evenings, with individual
instruction and assistance.
VG110 | 30 hours | $150
sect 54 Sep 19–Oct 19 M/W 6-9pm
sect 55 Nov 2–Dec 7 M/W 6-9pm
Polytech Adult Education
Help your child learn, grow, and develop to their full
potential by participating in Parents as Teachers (PAT).
We connect families to information and resources and
prepare them to make the choices that are best for them.
Services include:
• Free home visitation by a trained professional
• Evidence-based information
• Developmental screenings
• Community connections in time of need
• Weekly stay-and-plays in Dover, Seaford, and Woodside
• Family fun nights in Harrington and Seaford
For more information:
Contact Stephanie Wagner at 302.697.4545
or [email protected]
register online > w w w. POLYTECHWORKS.com or call > 302.697.4545
Adult H.S. / GED® Prep
James H. Groves Adult High School
James H. Groves Adult High School is a state approved secondary school designed
to provide adults and out-of-school youth with an opportunity to complete a high
school education and earn a State of Delaware High School Diploma. The school is
accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.
Adult H.S classes provide
an option for students who:
• Need to work for financial reasons.
• Have family obligations and
• Need the flexibility of day and evening
classes in an 8-week format.
What are the requirements?
Which courses I will need?
Counselors will assist you at registration and
will evaluate your educational history to determine credit needs and proper placement.
What are the costs?
The only cost for the program is your time
and a non-refundable $40.00 per semester
materials fee, due at registration.
4 credits
Social Studies
3 credits
4 credits
3 credits
.5 credit
Career Pathway
3 credits
Foreign Language* 2 credits
4.5 credits
*Students enrolled in the 9th grade for the first time prior
to 2011 are exempted from the foreign language requirement.
How can I earn graduation credits?
Earn credits through any of these methods:
• James H. Groves Classes
• Certificate of Educational Attainment (CEA)3
• Employment or Training Experiences
• Technical Courses
• Military Training
• Higher Education Courses
• High School Courses
Previously Completed
• Community Service
STEP 1: Contact the Polytech Groves
Center at 302-697-4545 and reserve a
seat in an orientation session. You must
complete a registration packet at the
orientation and submit an official transcript
of high school credits earned to date.
Prospective students ages 16-17 years
must provide a letter of reference.
STEP 2: Attend an orientation session.
STEP 3: Return for assessment in reading
and math. Payment of the $40 materials
fee is required when students demonstrate
9th grade level of mastery.
STEP 4: Meet with a counselor to enroll in
classes and establish your graduation plan.
Classes fill quickly. Call today!
The GED® Testing Program
The GED® Preparation Program prepares students to earn a secondary credential through
testing. This state document is not a high school diploma, but is recognized by the State Board
of Education for the purposes of employment, licensing, and admission to most post high
school educational institutions. The GED® Test consists of four individual computer-based tests
in the areas of: 1) Reasoning Through Language Arts,
2) Mathematical Reasoning, 3) Science and 4) Social Studies.
How do I prepare for the GED® Test?
GED® test preparation classes are held in Woodside during the day and
evening. Classes are also available in Milford and Smyrna, Delaware.
For more information, call (302) 697-4545.
P O LY T E C H A D U LT E D U C AT I O N . FA L L 2016
GED® Test Fee: $120.00
Adult Basic Education
Adult Basic Education (ABE) classes offer a
way for you to build your reading, writing, and
math skills. Our ABE teachers provide direct
instruction, guidance, and support in the
classroom. Many ABE students continue on to
earn their GED® credential or James H. Groves
Adult High School Diploma.
GED® Prep & ABE Class Schedule*
Woodside Mon–Thurs Mon–Thurs 8:30 am-12:00 pm
5:30-9:00 pm
Smyrna Library Mon/Wed
Mon/Wed 8:30 am-12:00 pm
12:30-4:00 pm
Milford Mon/Wed
5:45-8:45 pm
Dover Dept. of Labor Mon/Wed
12:30-4:00 pm
*Schedule may be altered due to enrollment and funding restrictions.
ESL (English as a Second Language)
Everyday life functions may be very difficult
for those who cannot speak English. POLYTECH
is offering FREE English classes in Lincoln,
Milford, Dover, and Wyoming for adults whose
first language is not English.
Daytime and evening classes are available.
Free childcare is provided.
Si usted no habla el inglés, su vida puede Ilegar
a ser difícil. POLYTECH está ofreciéndoles clases
de ingles GRATIS para los adultos.
ESL Information/Información: 302-697-4545
In danger of not graduating with your class?
Groves In-School Credit classes provide flexibility for students
who need additional required courses for graduation.
Students MUST be at least 16 years old and meet minimum
admission requirements in order to enroll.
High School students interested in this program
should contact their guidance counselor — or call our office!
Polytech Adult Education: 302.697.4545
FAMILY LITERACY – A Family Opportunity
Serving people with child(ren), ages 3 mos. to 12 yrs., who need to:
• Prepare for GED® credential test or HS diploma
• Learn valuable life and job skills
• Improve reading, math, and writing skills
Childcare and/or preschool education is provided while parents attend class.
INFORMATION call Lisa Hummel at 302.697.4545 | [email protected]
Where Parents and Children Learn Together. | www.polytechworks.com
register online > w w w. POLYTECHWORKS.com or call > 302.697.4545
Calendar subject to change without notice.
For registration dates and times, visit www.polytechworks.com
27Trades & Early Care
Registration & Orientation: 6:30pm
8 School Closed: Election Day
11 School Closed: Veteran’s Day
23–25 School Closed: Thanksgiving Break
5 School Closed: Labor Day
6 Fall Classes Begin
12No Evening Classes:
High School Parents’ Night
23–30 School Closed: Winter Break
2 School Closed: Winter Break
3 School Reopens: Classes Resume
16School Closed:
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Registration Information
5 Ways to Register
Visit our website and register
online 24 hours a day.
By FAX: 697-4544
Fax your completed
registration to with your
Visa, Discover, MasterCard, or
ATM debit card information.
By MAIL: Send completed
form with FULL PAYMENT to:
POLYTECH Adult Education
823 Walnut Shade Road
P.O. Box 102
Woodside, DE 19980
By PHONE: 697-4545
Use your credit or debit card:
Visa, Mastercard, or Discover.
M-Th 8am–9pm / F 8am–4pm
Register at our office:
823 Walnut Shade Road
Woodside, Delaware
Payment plans are available
for most programs.
To inquire, call 302.697.4545.
Registration fees are due in full and payable when you register. Visa, Discover,
Mastercard, ATM debit cards, cash and personal checks are accepted.
Textbooks or other course materials may be required for some courses.
Questions? Contact our friendly staff for more information!
We are happy to provide a 10% discount upon request on the registration fee
of any class to customers age 55 and over.
Classes with insufficient enrollment may be canceled. If your course
is canceled, we’ll notify you as quickly as possible, help you enroll in a
replacement course or issue a full refund. Register early! Last-minute
registrations will not revive an already canceled course.
Refunds must be requested in writing. Forms are available at the Adult
Education Office. Fees paid by cash or check will be refunded with a “State of
Delaware” refund check via US mail. Fees paid by credit card will be refunded
electronically to the credit card. Please allow 2-3 weeks for refund processing.
Technical classes: A non-refundable application & processing fee of $40.00
is included in the fee listed for each technical course. If a course is dropped
through the end of the first week of classes, a 50% refund will be issued.
If a course is dropped during the second week of classes, a 25% refund will be
issued. No refund will be issued after the end of the third week of classes. No
refunds will be made for classes that are 6 hours or less in length after
the first class.
Refund Policy for Veterans: The following refund policy shall apply for all
VA funded students enrolled in a non-accredited program under Chapters 30,
32, 33, and 35 of Title 38 and Chapters 1606 and 1607 of Title 10 U.S. Code:
In the event that Veterans or their eligible persons sponsored as students
under Chapters 30, 32, 33, 35, of title 38 and Chapters 1606 and 1607 of
Title 10 U.S. Code, fail to enter the program or withdraw or are discontinued
from at any time prior to completion, the amount charged for tuition, fees
and other charges shall not exceed the approximate pro rata portion of the
total charges for tuition, fees, and other charges that the length of the nonaccredited program bears to its total length. A registration fee of $10 need
not be refundable: any amount beyond that is subject to pro ration
and refund {CFR 21.4254 (c) (13). The pro rata portion may not vary more
than 10 percent of the total costs for tuition, fees, and other charges.
P O LY T E C H A D U LT E D U C AT I O N . FA L L 2016
Registration Form
Questions? call 302.697.4545
Send your completed registration form and payment to POLYTECH Adult Education.
by MAIL: P.O. Box 102, Woodside, DE 19980 | by FAX: 302.697.4544
Name ______________________________________________________________
Date ____________
Street or PO Box______________________________________________________
Rec. # ____________
Rec. Amt. ____________
City ________________________________________________________________
CT/CK/CC ____________
State _______________________ Zip Code ______________________________
Sig ____________
Phone: Please provide your home, cell and work numbers; we may need to call you regarding your registration:
home # _______________________ cell # _______________________ work # __________________________
Soc. Sec. No. _________ /_______ /__________ Birth Date ______ /______ /________ Age ______________
E-mail Address: ____________________________________________________________ Gender:
American Indian
Pacific Islander
Are you enrolling to fill a requirement for one of the following programs?
Dental Assistant
Certified Nursing Assistant
Certified Pharmacy Technician
Electrical Trades Certificate
Electro Mechanical Technician
HVAC-R Trades Certificate
OPTIONAL | Employment Status:
Name of Employer: __________________________
Yearly Household Income:
Under $15,000
Displaced Homemaker:
Marital Status:
Course #
Course Title
N Please check one:
Not looking for employment
Employer’s Address: ____________________________
Displaced Worker:
Physical Therapy Aide
Automotive Technician
Veterinary Assistant
Ophthalmic Assistant
Facilities Maintenance
Polysomnographic Technology
Is English your second language?
Industrial Maint. Certificate
Plumbing Trades Certificate
Central Service Technician
Medical Assistant
AAPC Coding Specialist
Frontline Management
Single Parent:
Start Date
Over 35,000
Day / Time
TOTAL DUE ________________
My check is enclosed. (Please make check payable to POLYTECH Adult Education.)
I will pay using:
Indicate card type:
Account Number: __________________________________________
Expiration Date: __________________
Cardholder Name: (PLEASE PRINT) ______________________________________________________________
Signature of Cardholder: _______________________________________________________________________
Or register TODAY at our website — www.polytechworks.com!
W I N T E R 2 0 1 6 . P O LY T E C H A D U LT E D U C AT I O N
To find out about the training
or the national certification,
contact Jeremy McEntire
at (302) 697-4545.
U.S. Postage
Permit No. 110
Dover, DE 19901
Non-Profit Organization
POLYTECH Adult Education
Polytech School District, POB 102, Woodside, DE 19980
Image by B. Asato / courtesy of Star Advertiser
Starting September 19
Tuition coverage for qualified participants.
See page 17.
See page 10.
Adult Education
a division of POLYTECH School District

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