See the Match Booklet



See the Match Booklet
Strange But True II
May 25, 2013
* All firearms to be handled ONLY in these designated areas:
1. Marked Safety Area (Outside range).
2. Load/Unload tables.
3. Firing line with RO present.
* If you need to work on an EMPTY gun, please do it at a designated Safety Area.
* All SASS safety rules will apply. It is YOUR responsibility to know them.
Current rulebook is available for viewing in The Telegraph Office.
* All long guns should be carried muzzles up. This is not a hunting camp. You are
in a crowded civilian range. Please pay careful attention to your gun handling OFF
the firing line, as well as on. It may get a little crowded in here, so please exercise a
little extra caution today.
* Dry firing at the load/unload tables is prohibited.
* Dropped rounds and shells are “dead”. Leave them where they fell, even if you
have completed the stage. Someone will retrieve them for you. It's a muzzle control
* A round over the berm is a Match DQ.
* Using any part of a wall or prop as a shooting rest is a Procedural penalty.
* The shooter is responsible for staging/re-staging their firearms. A precariously
staged gun that falls is not a prop failure. It is considered a dropped gun and a
penalty will be applied as per SASS rulebook.
* WAIT FOR THE BEEP! Do not try to anticipate it. Repeat offenders will earn a
Spirit Of The Game penalty (:30 seconds). This is cheating by trying to get a head
start and RO's will be on the lookout for it.
* Cowboy Port Arms is defined as “ Standing fully upright, the butt of the rifle or
shotgun AT or BELOW the gun belt and muzzle at SHOULDER level or higher,
both hands on the gun, finger OUT of the trigger guard.” It's possible that other
clubs are looser in their definition of Port Arms, but we see it as cheating if it's not
the same for everyone.
* Shotgun knockdowns must fall to score. Keep shootin'!
* Loading the rifle from the body is allowed, but ONLY to make up for an ejected
* Loading the shotgun on the move is prohibited. You must have BOTH feet
stopped before throwing shells into it.
* Do not chamber rifle rounds until the gun is pointed downrange. This is now a 10
sec Minor Safety Violation.
* Once a pistol clears leather & gets cocked, it HAS to be emptied.
* If the pistol string is split up, Gunfighters will shoot the stage Duellist style.
* This is a “No Alibi” match. Once you have hollered the start line or made a move
for a gun, you are committed and there is no stopping until you have completed the
• Several of us put a lot of hours into these matches for YOUR entertainment.
Please show your appreciation by helping out where possible & hustling a
little to keep the match moving along, so we can ALL get off the range
together at a reasonable hour. There is no such thing as "shoot & scoot " in
Big Steve Long
"Big Steve” Long arrived in Wyoming in 1866, where he joined with half-brothers Ace
and Con Moyer in establishing a saloon in Laramie City, Wyoming. The Moyer brothers
founded the town, appointing themselves as Justice of the Peace and Marshal. Steve
Long was made deputy Marshal in 1867. Mr. Long quickly earned a reputation as an
extremely violent lawman, killing eight men in gunfights within two months. The trio
meted out "justice” in the backroom of the saloon, ordering ranchers to sign over deeds
to their lands and miners to hand over their claims. Those who refused were shot dead
by Long on the pretense that the victim reached for a weapon. Numerous others were
killed when they objected to crooked card games run at the saloon. By October 1868,
Long had killed thirteen men and was suspected of killing another seven who died
under suspicious circumstances. The violence became so prevalent that the townsfolk
began to refer to the saloon as "The Bucket of Blood”. Meanwhile, a local rancher
named N.K. Broswell talked up the idea of forming a vigilante group to put the trio out
of business. Long was in the habit of moonlighting as a thief and on October 18, 1868
he attempted to ambush and rob prospector Rollie "Hard Luck” Harrison. In the
ensuing gunfight, Harrison was killed and Long was shot. Though wounded, he made it
home. While Long's fiancée treated the wound, he confessed to her what had
happened. Incensed, she told N.K. Broswell. 10 days later Broswell gathered up
several men in the town and they stormed into The Bucket of Blood. Seizing Long and
the Moyer brothers, the mob dragged them to a partially finished cabin, where they
began to string them up to the rafters. Long asked the vigilantes to remove his boots.
His last words were "my mother always said that I would die with my shoes on.” He
was hanged with his bare feet dangling.
10 Rifle, 10 Pistol, 6 Shotgun
Rifle & shotgun staged on table.
START LINE: "You'll soon have no need for them shoes anyway!"
START POSITION: Standing upright at X, holding noose with both
PROCEDURE: ATB, drop noose, grab up rifle & Double Tap
Nevada Sweep the 3 rifle targets (R1,1,2,2,3,3,2,2,1,1). Place open
mt rifle on table. Pull 1st hogleg now & Nevada Sweep the pistol
targets (P1,2,3,2,1). Holster. Pull 2nd hogleg & repeat. Holster. Now
for the shotgun. Load & alternate the 2 targets for a total of 6.
Muzzle-up long guns & proceed to unload table.
Stage 1
Elmer McCurdy
McCurdy's criminal career was distinguished by misfortune. Elmer
& friends were attempting to rob the Iron Mountain R.R., but they
overestimated the amount of explosives required & destroyed the
safe & all of it's contents. Another train robbery yielded $46.00 and
two bottles of whiskey, while an express train carrying the payroll
he was after rumbled by safely a few minutes later. Killed 3 days
later, his greatest adventures lay ahead: since no one claimed the
body, he was sold into service as a mummified carnival display,
billed as The Oklahoma Outlaw and The Mummified Outlaw. He
was eventually sold to a California fun house, apparently presumed
to be a mannequin. His true nature was discovered during shooting
of a Six Million Dollar Man episode in a Long Beach funhouse in
1977. His remains were eventually sent to Guthrie, Oklahoma for
10 Pistol, 6 Shotgun, 8 Rifle
Rifle & shotgun staged in vertical racks of your choice
START LINE: "I'll make ya famous, Elmer!"
START POSITION: Standing upright at X holding Elmer by the
armpits with both hands.
PROCEDURE: Atb, place Elmer on the haybale. Draw 1st pistol &
alternate P1 & P2 for 5 shots, starting on either one. Holster. Reach
for the scattergun now. Load & engage the 6 SG targets once each,
any order. Place open mt SG back in rack. Try the rifle now:
alternate R/P1 & R2 for 8 shots. Return open mt rifle to rack. Draw
2nd pistol now & dump 5 on P3. Holster.
(P1 is also R1)
Take all guns to unload table & clear.
P1, SG, R, P2
Stage 2
Dynamite Dan
(This story came to us courtesy of Four Fingers Fred. This is called irony.)
Dan Clifton, known as “Dynamite Dan” and a member of the Doolin gang,
was a wanted criminal in the Oklahoma Indian Territory for robbery,
safecracking, and cattle rustling. While taking part in a bank robbery in 1893
at Ingalls, Oklahoma, three of his fingers were shot off in the ensuing
gunfight with local lawdogs. Following the gang's escape, and eventual
disbandment, a bounty of $3,500 was placed on Clifton. He became
popularly known as "The Most Killed Outlaw in America", as posses would
constantly turn in a shot up corpse claiming the body as Clifton, despite the
fact the bodies had all ten fingers. Others would randomly cut three fingers
off a corpse, but often the wrong ones. Clifton was reportedly killed near
Blackwell, Oklahoma by Deputy US Marshal Chris Madsen in 1896.
10 Rifle, 10 Pistol, 6 Shotgun
START LINE: “Here’s for my fingers, bad men!”
START POSITION: Standing upright at any X, holding a
"dynamite stick" in one hand and a match in the other. Light the
dynamite & throw it downrange. Relax hands at sides & wait for the
beep. Do not drop match on haybale!
PROCEDURE: ATB, grab rifle & engage in a Missing Finger
sweep: R1,3,4,2,3,4,1,2,3,4. Put open MT rifle back on haybale.
Pull pistols as necessary to alternate P1 & P2 for 10 shots, starting
on either one. Holster. Load & alternate the 2 SG targets for 6
shots, starting on either one.
Take your shotgun and rifle (muzzles skyward) and go to unload table svp.
RO note: all the dynamite business & start line are performed OFF
the clock.
Stage 3
Oliver Perry
Not all Old West outlaws practiced their outlawry in the Old West. This story is about a
Wyoming cowboy who learned his daring in the Old West, but went back east to
practice it. On Sept 20, 1892, in the midst of a hailstorm, Perry slid down a rope
outside a moving New York Central express car and broke through the window. He
knocked out the messenger but while trying to open the safe, a trainman noticed what
was happening & sounded the alarm. The train was stopped & searched at a siding in
the next town, but no Oliver Perry was found. 50 armed men were hastily assembled to
hunt the robber down. While waiting for instructions, the trainman noticed Perry coolly
standing in the midst of the 50, as if he was a posse member & hollered "there he is
right there!” Perry ran & jumped up into the cab of a nearby engine & started it down
the track. The posse followed in another engine on a parallel track. As the posse
engine drew closer, Perry slowed his & put it into reverse. Back & forth a few times
they went until Perry grew bored, abandoned train and commandeered a horse &
buggy. The posse mounted up & followed. After 25 miles, Perry had run the horses into
the ground & commandeered more. The posse did the same. Occasional shots were
exchanged the whole time, but no one was hit. Finally, with no more fresh horses in
sight, Perry took to a swamp, where he was eventually captured. This is believed to
have been the first solo train robbery attempt. Perry died in prison.
10 Rifle, 10 Pistol, 6 Shotgun
Rifle & shotgun staged on table
START LINE: " Woo-hoo! Look at me go! "
START POSITION: Standing upright at X, facing UPRANGE.
PROCEDURE: Atb, SHOOTERS CHOICE: Rifle – R/P1, 2, 3, R4,
R5 (clockwise from right). Repeat. Pistol – 1,2,3,1,2. Repeat.
Shotgun – alternate for 6 shots, starting on either.
Note: Rifle AND Pistol start from the RIGHT.
Take all guns to unload table & clear.
Stage 4
A Killing at Coolidge
Dec 20, 1881, Ford County, Kansas – A man by the name of Barney Elliott,
who was in the employ of Ed Hardesty, at Coolidge on the State Line was
killed by the latter last Tues morning. Hardesty was absent from home
Monday night & returned at daylight. About 4 o'clock in the morning, Elliott,
who greatly resembles Hardesty in physical appearance, entered Mrs.
Hardesty's room & crept into her bed, leaving the room before daylight.
Upon the arrival of the husband, the outraged wife realized the terrible
mistake and was thrown into hysterics. Mr. Hardesty procured 2 revolvers &
sought out the man who inflicted this shame & disgrace upon him. When
confronted, Elliott neither denied nor affirmed it, making no reply. Hardesty
fired 11 shots into Elliott, killing him almost instantly. Owing to the feeble
condition of Mrs. Hardesty, the trial has been postponed. This sad affair is
much regretted. Editors Note: E.F. Hardesty was acquitted in June '82 in
Ford County district court.
10 Pistol, 9 Rifle, 6 Shotgun
Rifle & shotgun staged in vertical racks against fence
VERY Gunfighter friendly
START LINE: "Here's 10 in the belly for the missus and one in the
head for me! "
START POSITION: Standing at X, one pistol out of leather &
pointed at P1. (Gunfighters may have both pistols out).
PROCEDURE: Atb, cock gun & put 5 shots onto P1. Holster.
Repeat with 2nd pistol. Move to haybale, grab up rifle & put 5 on R1
& 4 on R2. Return open mt rifle to haybale. Now load up the
streetsweeper & alternate the 2 SG targets for 6 shots, starting on
Take all guns to unload table & clear.
Stage 5
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Which stage is based on this outlaw?
Stage scenarios written & designed by The Stranger.
Booklet composite by Rooster Corrigan & Four Fingers Fred.

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