Press Kit - Danny and the Tramp



Press Kit - Danny and the Tramp
WE ARE Danny and the Tramp - an alternative, popular rock band playing in the San Diego area for over three years.
high-energy and engaging shows are a testament to the passion of our fanbase. After performing through their college years
at Penn State University, Danny and John decided to move west to pursue their lifelong dream of music. They found Brandon,
a percussion prodigy and San Diego native, via craigslist and it was bro-love at first sight (and sound). The trio has performed
at numerous venues throughout town while building an impressive and consistent following of die-hard fans and great friends.
While paying our dues as a cover band, we’ve saved enough money to get into the studio and record our first EP, The American
Dream. Let’s just say, if The Beatles and Blink-182 had a one night stand, we’d be the guy hitting on their love child.
BRANDON is our So-Cal native/
primary attack weapon; built over the
last decade, he’s versatile, heavy-hitting
and can not be stopped. Primarily
influenced by the hard hitting classic beats
of Metallica, Queens of the Stone Age,
Shakira, Mastadon, etc.
DANNY is our Pretty-Boy Front Man;
preferring the tunes of billboard chart toppers
like Blink-182, Queen, and Justin Timberlake.
He spends his time acting like a business
professional, getting his swell on, watching the
Giants, and pretending he plays the bass.
“These guys always put great effort into promoting their shows and the venues they play…
[they] are one of the few bands that have ever out promoted me on a show…Book D&T, they
won’t disappoint!” Shawn Balch – Barfly Promotions
“These guys are a pleasure to work with and constant professionals. They are punctual,
courteous, and can entertain a variety of crowds.” Steve Borek – RT’s Longboard Bar
“I have no idea who you are talking about. Danny and the Tramp? Is that a rock band or
something?” Barack Obama – President of the United States
“They have built a substantial fan base… [and are] taking it one step at a time, but they have a
very specific definition of success.” Julie Kapaska – The Daily Aztec
Contact us at:
[email protected]
(570) 878-4194
JOHN is our resident Artist-Alcoholic;
spoon fed the Blues Guitar in his youth and
later turned to Alt Rock like Third Eye Blind
and The Killers. You can usually find him
saving the world from zombies, blacked out
at the local bar, or writing futile haikus in his
office cubical.
WE’VE BEEN at Belly Up, Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon, Henderson Pavilion (Vegas), San Diego County Fair, House of Blues, The
Stage, Gallagher’s, Longboard Bar and Grill, The Griffin, Queen Bee’s, Cabo Cantina, Ruby Room, Tin Can Alehouse, 710 Club,
Humphrey’s, Winstons, Typhoon Saloon, Epicentre, Brick by Brick, O’Connell’s, Prospect Bar and Grill, The Tipsy Crow, Banana
Bungalow and many more...
WE PLAY Originals – American Dream, SuperZero, Sufferin’ Type, My Baby, A Resolution, She Got it All, Stage 5, Good Day,
You Don’t Even Know, All We Need, Sharpwriter, The New One, Matter of Time, Catch Fire, Talk About It, How to Love, Chase That
Bunny. Covers – Van Morrison, The Beatles, Queen, John Melloncamp, Blink-182, Green Day, Lady Gaga, Tom Petty, Taio Cruz,
Third Eye Blind, Sublime, Lit, Michael Jackson, Outfield, The Killers, and many more…
WE USE Marshall MG100HFX Head, Marshall MG412A Guitar Cabinet, Ampeg SVT-450H Bass Head, Ampeg SVT-410HLF Bass
Cabinet, Five-piece Tama Artstar 2 Drum Kit W/Starclassic snare and Zildjian A custom cymbals, PA System – Yamaha EMX 640
powered mixer, Mackie DFX-12, 12 channel integrated live sound mixer
Contact us at:
[email protected]
(570) 878-4194