Shell Basin Grazing Allotment



Shell Basin Grazing Allotment
Located above Shell, Wyoming along the western slopes of the
beautiful Big Horn Mountains in Big Horn County, Wyoming.
A first-rate USFS grazing allotment with abundant grass and water
and excellent weight gains.
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Panoramic view of the Shell Reservoir.
Shell Basin
Located above Shell, Wyoming on
the Medicine Wheel/Paintrock
District of the Bighorn National
The allotment is accessible from Shell
or Sheridan, WY via Highway 14,
Forest Service Road 17 near the
Ranger Creek Station, then Forest
Service Road 271. From Hyattville
the allotment is accessed from Alkali
Road and Forest Service Road 17.
The Shell Basin Grazing Allotment is located on the west side of the Bighorn Mountains. The allotment is U.S.
Forest Service Term Permit 40006 dated June 3, 2011 and managed by the Medicine Wheel-Paintrock Ranger
District. The permitted uses for the cattle and horse allotment include grazing of 300 cow/calf pairs and 7 horses
from July 11th to September 20th of each year. This permitted use is 710 cow/calf head months and 17 horse
head months.
Historically, the allotment has been used for cow-calf
pairs, yearlings, or some combination of the two herd
classes. Livestock water is plentiful with large
reservoirs, natural mountain lakes, and small
mountain streams available throughout the
Named water bodies include Shell
Reservoir, Lake Adelaide, Lake Arden, Mud Lake,
Shell Lake, Shell Creek, Porcupine Creek, Buckley
Creek, Adelaide Creek, and Moraine Creek.
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For more information, contact us at (307) 684-9556 or email [email protected]
The Shell Basin Grazing Allotment
is being offered for
(Three Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars)
The Forest Service requires a transfer of some
base property (deeded land or cattle) with the
transfer of a grazing permit. The listing price
does not include base property. The Seller is
open to communication and negotiation about
base property that suits both Buyer and Seller.
Allotment also offered in conjunction with 120deeded acre Mill Creek Mountain Range. (see
location on map on following page).
Both grass and water are plentiful on the allotment and calf and yearling gains have been
excellent. Large areas of open grass are intermingled with timber throughout the allotment. Cattle
movement and grazing is influenced by active management of salt and mineral
placement. Currently, a rider attends the allotment about 3 days a week to move salt and inspect
the cattle.
For more information, contact us at (307) 684-9556 or email [email protected]
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Permitted Uses of Allotment
Shell Basin Grazing Allotment
Big Horn County, Wyoming
Type of
Season of
7/11 – 9/20
7/11 – 9/20
The county line between Big Horn and Johnson County forms the eastern boundary of the allotment. The
allotment extends into the Cloud Peak Wilderness Area on the east; therefore, motorized vehicle use is
restricted in part of the allotment.
Shell Creek Grazing Allotment
120-Acre Mill Creek Mountain Range
Important Information for Prospective Buyers:
Seller's Notice to Potential Purchasers: Fences vs. Boundary Lines: The fence lines on the subject property may or may not represent
the actual boundary lines of the property. It is the Seller's intention that where fences deviate from the actual boundary lines, such
fences are fences of convenience, only, and not the actual boundary lines. Seller is selling the property in “as is, where is” condition,
which includes the location of the fences.
Notice to Buyers: Wyoming Real Estate License Law requires that the listing Broker and all licensees with the listing Broker make a full
disclosure, in all real estate transactions, of whom they are agents and represent in that transaction. All prospective buyers must
read, review and sign a Real Estate Brokerage Disclosure form prior to any showings. Pearson Real Estate Co., Inc. with its sales staff
is an agent of the seller in this listing.
This information and any other information contained in this Exclusive Listing Agreement has been obtained from sources deemed to
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Pearson Real Estate Co., Inc. or the sellers. Prospective buyers are expected to conduct their own independent investigation of the
information contained herein. Updates and corrections may be made to this brochure as needed.
All maps are provided as visual aids only. The accuracy of the maps is not guaranteed and the maps should not be relied upon for
legal purposes. All statements of acreage are approximate and are based on the legal description, not the location of the fences .
This offer is subject to prior sale, price change, correction or withdrawal without notice.