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am too fat.
am not good enough.
am a failure.
will never be able to succeed.
These thoughts led Patricia Moreno to being 212lbs, depressed, bulimic, an extreme
exerciser and serial dieter. She was teaching 20 packed classes a week, yet she felt like
she was failing. She was admired for her workout DVDs, yet she felt depressed. She was
was invited all over the world to teach about the importance of diet and exercise, yet she
was struggling with maintaining her own weight.
Patricia felt like a fraud, and decided to dedicate her life’s work to finding a solution to
this problem she knew so many were facing: diet and exercise weren’t the key to a
healthy, happy life.
After years of researching about positive thinking, psychology, neuroscience, and the
mind-body connection, Patricia came to an important realization: even though the
information about positive thinking, attitude, and manifesting ones desires was widespread, no one was talking about HOW to achieve those goals.
How do you really think positively? How do you preach what you teach?
How do you change your attitude?
Through feeling.
Patricia searched for the answer where she felt at home: in the fitness world. She created
a workout that would both give the feeling of happiness, joy, strength and courage, and
ground it in the consciousness through the vocalization of those same feelings.
She created the intenSati Method.
It’s time for the evolution
People all over the world are yearning to find purpose, excercise their creative genius,
and overcome their fears so they can achieve what they want to achieve.
intenSati is a practice that transforms body, mind and self-concept at the same time. The
combination of breath work, cardio and strength exercises, spoken affirmations, and
intention-setting kick-starts transformation from the inside-out.
The results are self-awareness, self-regulation of negative emotions,
improved self-confidence, self-reliance and self-acceptance.
Ultimately, intenSati results in self-love.
Sati means mindfulness, which is the doorway to change and inten- comes from the word
intention. The intenSati method and all of the Sati Life programs are focused on training
the whole person, not just managing weight or getting 6 pack abs but teaching people to
manage their mind, their thoughts and their emotions.
You can’t solve a spiritual problem with a physical treatment.
Patricia Moreno believes that it is time for the fitness industry to step up and update the
information it offers. Enough with touting thinner thighs in a few short days or saying how
easy it is to lose a few pounds. It is time to evolve and train the whole person and deliver
tools to manage the mind, open the heart and train the body together.
intenSati is that practice.
Patricia has trained over 400 instructors who are now teaching worldwide. In 2015 she
developed the intensati Leadership Training - Love In Action Series, an updated intenSati
certification that includes 7 workouts that balance the chakra system and lead to selflove.
A bestelling author, Patricia compiled her knowledge in her book
The intenSati Method - Seven Secret Principles to Thinner Peace,
published in 2010. In her book Patricia tells the story of how she
developed the intenSati Method and explains the principles through
which to living a life full of love in a body fully loved.
In 2002 Patricia founded Sati Life, a company dedicated to inspire people to be more
than they ever dreamed they could be. Through intenSati, danceSati, yogaSati, coreSati
and warriorSati, Patricia leads people to accepting that they have the power to change
and gives them the method by which they can exercise their genius.
Patricia is on a mission to evolve how and why people exercise.
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