Sally Lunn Bread By Damien Jouriles Aurora, Alex and I made Sally



Sally Lunn Bread By Damien Jouriles Aurora, Alex and I made Sally
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Sally Lunn Bread
By Damien Jouriles
Aurora, Alex and I made Sally Lunn Bread with Mrs. Connie about two weeks ago in the
teachers’ lounge. We made it because it was popular in the Civil War and we were studying the
Civil War.
To make this bread, each kid first brought in the ingredients that were assigned to
them. Once that was done we went to the teachers lounge to make the bread. There, we mixed
all the ingredients in a bowl of hot shortening. But when it was time to put in the egg, we
found that Alex had brought in a hard boiled egg instead of a raw one.
Alex said he was surprised about the egg.
“My mom told me she was positive it was not a hard boiled egg because she never gets
them mixed up,” Alex said. “When I got in the car after we left school and told her what happened, she was embarrassed.”
Mrs. Karabinus took the mixture home to add an egg and let the dough rise. We baked
the bread in the cafeteria a few days later.
Aurora said she liked the bread.
“The egg
gives it a very distinct flavor,” Aurora
said. “It almost
tasted like cooking
Tuning Forks
By Lillian Horschke
Our class did sound experiments with tuning
forks last week in our classroom. We did the experiments to learn about the science of sound.
Mrs. Richardson came in to help us do the experiments. To do the experiment, we hit a tuning fork on a
rubber stopper and held the end against a wooden block.
Then, we changed the experiment by then holding the
end in water instead of placing it on a wooden block. By
doing this we learned that to make sound, something has
to vibrate. The experiment demonstrated this when vibrations from the tuning fork caused the water to
Riley Geyer said things got a little crazy with the
“When we put it in the water, it splashed and got in my eye,” Riley said.
Riley said she was surprised by what she learned.
“When you put the tuning fork in the water, the waves were bigger when the pitch was
higher, and I thought it was going to be the other way,” she said.
Seta Nagbe was also splashed during the experiment.
“When Brian put his tuning fork in the water, it splashed all over my face and my paper,” Seta said.
Seta said she was also surprised that the higher tuning forks made the most ripples in
the water.
Designed by Aurora Piotrowski
Zoo Field Trip
By Riley Geyer
Mrs. Karabinus’s class went to the
Cleveland Metroparks Zoo on Wednesday,
March 9th with Mrs. Gerg’s 1st grade class.
The trip had to be rescheduled because the
original date, February 25th, was a snow day.
On some days when 5th graders go
to band and orchestra, 4th graders help their
1st grade buddies. We helped our 1st grade
buddies make zoo books and write facts
about different animals. Once we got to the zoo, we looked at all the different animals. When
the 1st graders saw an animal they liked, we wrote about it.
I had two first grade buddies. One of them liked the fish. The other one liked the monkeys.
At the zoo, we went in the Primate building and the Rainforest because it was raining
Lillian Horschke had one first grade buddy at the zoo. She said her buddy’s favorite
animal was the “fishing cat.”
“It was funny looking because it was really skinny,” Lillian said.
Lillian added that the fishing cat was her favorite, as well.
Damien Jouriles said his buddy liked the Cheetah the best, and his favorite was the
“We saw some monkeys,” he said. “The monkeys I liked best were the Mueller’s monkeys because they were energetic and looked like they wanted to show off,” he said.
Damien said it was fun working with the first graders.
“He was so rambunctious and running around,” Damien said.
Ms. Connie’s Letter and Cookbook
Eliza Richardson
Ms. Connie came in and shared with us her Great-Grandmother’s cookbook that she
would use during the time of the Civil War. The cookbook had a lot of different recipes. The ingredients were unique and the quantities where large. Her Grandmother’s farm was also an
inn where people could stay.
She also shared with us a letter that she had framed. It was a letter that Ms. Connie’s
father found. The letter was from a soldier who was in the Civil War, writing to home to let
them know how he was doing.
Safe said, “I think that it was interesting that she had these things in her family. I
thought that the letter was cool because it was an actual letter from the Civil War.”