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Tyr 2 Power One Sheet_email
A Step Above the Rest.
Which is the single most important cable in a hi-fi system? The
one coming out of the wall! When listening to your system, what
you are actually hearing is the AC power supply. The AC supply is,
quite literally, delivering the raw material from which your system will
recreate the recorded musical performance. And just like a sculpture,
the texture and quality of that raw material has a profound effect on
the finished article.
Nordost’s new Tyr 2 Power Cord benefits from the extensive research
made in creating Valhalla 2 and therefore extends our celebrated
Norse cable range into the realm of our Reference line. By employing
Nordost’s proprietary Dual Mono-Filament technology, which is also
found in Valhalla 2, the Tyr 2 Power Cord is able to achieve the most
effective insulation method in the industry, putting this cable a step
above its Norse brothers and bounds ahead of the competition. This
cable consists of 7 silver plated, solid-core 16 AWG OFC conductors,
which eliminate strand interaction, hot spots and carbonization to
ensure optimum performance. The use of these conductors also
allows complete material consistency with Norse 2 interconnects and
speaker cables.
Like the Heimdall 2 and Frey 2 Power Cords, the Tyr 2 Power Cord
uses extruded FEP insulation, which is superior to all other materials in
terms of low signal loss and high thermal efficiency. The use of FEP in
a Dual Mono-Filament construction guarantees that power is
transferred more effectively, while the low resistance of the cable
keeps power loss extremely low.
Finally, the Tyr 2 Power Cord implements mechanically tuned lengths.
This technique, used in Nordost’s Norse 2, Reference, and Supreme
Reference ranges, reduces internal microphony and high-frequency
impedance resonance.
The benefits can be heard at both ends of the scale– in the sheer
impact that comes with real instrumental presence and explosive
dynamics, and the color, texture and intimacy that brings a voice or
solo instrument to life. The result is the most musically coherent and
involving performance you’ll ever have heard from your system and
Tyr 2 Power Cord –
Unleashing the full power of Norse 2
• Proprietary Dual Mono-Filament technology
• Mechanically Tuned Lengths
• Low dielectric FEP insulation
• 7 x 16 AWG solid core, silver-plated
99.99999% OFC conductors
• Cable Power Rating: 20 Amps
• Available in US (NEMA), EU (Schuko), UK (13 Amp) or AUS
to IEC (15 or 20 Amp) or Figure 8 (Furutech)
• Handcrafted in the USA
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