Every day at Phoenix Public Library:



Every day at Phoenix Public Library:
Every day at Phoenix Public Library:
People check out 35,191 books, movies and DVDs
12,744 people visit Central Library or one of our 16 branches
11,600 visitors view 90,649 pages on the library’s website
Library staff answers 3,198 questions
2,757 people use a library computer
1,083 digital books, movies or music are downloaded
294 community members receive new library cards
281 children and adults attend a family program to encourage
early literacy
Mission Statement:
We connect today’s community
to a world of possibilities.
Phoenix Public Library: FY 2011 - 2012
But numbers don’t tell the whole story.
Phoenix Public Library is
about people in community – our staff and our customers working together. We help
people improve their job skills, find jobs, connect with each other, explore new ideas,
learn and grow. We support parents as they nurture the emerging literacy of their very
young children and encourage their school-aged children to achieve. We encourage
teens to discover more about their world and their relationship to it. We guide students
and their parents as they explore the path to higher education.
Here are some of the things people told us about Phoenix Public Library last year.
“We love Babytime with Sara L!
Fantastic program! It’s my toddler’s
favorite activity
and we both look
forward to it each
week.” (Desert Broom
“This is a model
of service all
agencies should
strive to achieve.”
(from an email to
the Mayor’s office)
Library customer)
“I just think this
a very nice place
to get important
things done!”
(email from customer)
“I always receive courteous, informative service
at any location I go to. In addition to the books
that I check out, I truly
appreciate the culture
pass program. Keep
up the good work.”
(email from customer)
“My children
have asked for help
locating resources
on obscure topics
and each time they
have received service that I consider ‘above
and beyond’.” (Mesquite Library customer)
“The staff is
awesome. They
help me in every
way I needed and
more. Thank you guys for everything.”
(Ocotillo Library customer)
Phoenix Public Library: FY 2011 - 2012

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