North and West Graduation



North and West Graduation
Volume 1 No. 41
13 December 2010
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Graduation P1
Council Meeting P2
New Software for Libraries P3
Deepika wins gold P3
School celebrates World AIDS
Day P4
North and West Graduation
GETTING a qualification is not the ultimate step but the first
in adulthood.
A total of 530 students graduated from the Lautoka Campus last week.
This was the message from Fiji National University Vice
Chancellor Dr Ganesh Chand to students graduating at the
Labasa Graduation ceremony.
Speaking at the graduation ceremony, FNU Council chairman and Education Minister Filipe Bole congratulated the
students on being the first group to have the special distinction of being the first teachers to graduate from the FNU’s
Lautoka Campus which is destined to be the main training
centre at all levels for teachers in Fiji.
“What you do from tomorrow, indeed from this afternoon,
will determine not only your future but the future of your dependents, your parents and guardians.
“It will have far reaching consequence on the university.
What you do, how you do it and how you behave will be a
direct reflection on the university.”
CEST Staff Induction P4
“If you manage to become a good citizen who is always willing to solve difficult problems for the country, the organisation that you work for and show leadership, then you will be
headed in a good direction.”
Staff Farewell P5
Dr Chand advised students to be extremely vigilant and
FNU Team Wins Praise P5
“You should not develop a habit of sick leave when you are
not sick or of coming to work late or having an extended
lunch hour. You should not develop a habit of negligence,”
he said.
Labasa & Lautoka Graduation
in pictures P6
“We, the FNU community, expect you demonstrate the best
in your profession.”
A total of 126 students graduated on Labasa Campus on 7
December. Labasa Graduate Miliakere Ditamoi who graduated with a Diploma in Office Administration said there was
a double celebration because she also found job after completing her studies.
“I am really happy because I went through a lot of difficulties
while staying with relatives during studies,” she said.
Her mother Varanisese Tutaqa came from Vorovoro Island
to attend her graduation held at Sangam Avenue in Labasa.
Her mother said it was a happy occasion to see her daughter graduate.
Na Vuli Vinaka Sa Vuni Sautu
Education is Wealth
Mr Bole said there will be many vacancies to be filled next
year with the loss of 200 teachers through retirement and
other reasons.
“You have trained well as teachers and there are good jobs
waiting for you. As one who started off as a teacher and
is still around in education and schools for more than 45
years, I know that you will like teaching because guiding
children and students to their destinies is one of the most
satisfying jobs one can do in life,” said Mr Bole.
FNU Vice Chancellor, Dr Ganesh Chand said the University
has different range of courses. “We have three day course
and during the course of the work, the student can graduate
with a PhD degree,” he said. “That is the pathway we have
provided to the people of Fiji and the South Pacific.”
He said in time to come, the country would be seeing students with PhD coming out of FNU.
Dr Chand said FNU’s intention was to take education to the
doorstep of people. “So people from Rakiraki, Tavua and
Ba don’t have to send their children to Suva,” he said.
He said there were lot of programmes that students can undertake at FNU’s Nadi and Lautoka Campus.
While many students had the joys of having their parents
present at their graduation, Adi Aseri Vula wished her parents were there.
The 23 year old hails from Lau and was one of the 203
graduates from the FNU Lautoka campus in Diploma Primary Education. “She wished that her mother was still alive
to attend her graduation,” she said.
Viddhya dadati Sampannata
Council Meets
Art Inspires Students
GETTING a qualification is not the ultimate
first in and
Art step
ary Education students on Lautoka
was thewent
from Fiji
on display
Dr Ganesh
of more
than 100
pieces bytoFNU’s
Bera and
at the
versity ceremonies in Labasa and Lautoka.
The exhibition includes wood carvings and
do from
tomorrow, indeed
from this afternoon, will determine not
Both artists have been involved
only your future but the future of your
in the arts since childhood, using
your parents
whatever materials
Policies on temporary employment,
debt, fee collection, trust regulations
and academic matters were amongst
the important matters decided by the
FNU Council meeting at Nadi Campus on
Saturday December 11 2010.
research ethics policy etc and are in
various stages of drafting.
The Publication of college handbooks
shall be completed by mid January, in
time for the commencement of the 2011
academic terms.
In opening the meeting, FNU council Chair,
Mr Filipe Bole said FNU has achieved
much since its inception at the beginning
of this year despite the challenges.
TPAF Merger
The Former TPAF has now been merged
into the FNU. The FNU decree was
amended to incorporate this and was
gazetted on November 29. It will now
continue to function as the National
Training and Productivity Centre of the
Vice Chancellor Dr Ganesh Chand about
the progress of the University and that the
process mergers have been completed.
Dr Chand said to date the following
progress has been made:
• System mergers are well advanced, with only one major merger
remaining-the student management software
• Library mergers are on the way, with the first stage-taking all block into one system
• Academic and Student Regulations have been adopted
• Human Resource Policies have been adopted
• Financial Policies have been adopted
• External auditors appointed
• A number of capital works have been
completed and many others are underway
• FNU branding wok has been advanced significantly
Dr Chand said matters that were still
pending are transfer of land and buildings,
development of number of policies that
are needed to be adopted by the University for example the OHS policy, security
policy, properties policy, ICT policy,
FNU Policies
The council adopted the Temporary Employment policy. The policy on temporary
employment provides for the guiding
principles of temporary employment
and the process that would need to be
adopted to employ temporary workers.
Debt Policy
The policy will look at accumulated debts
that have been accumulated for 6 years
and over, debts prior to 2009, and current
Fees Policy
The policy outlines processes in relation
to charging and collecting course fees.
These cover payment of fees, withdrawal, non payment of fees, procedures on
payment schedule and enrolment as a
Trust Regulations
These regulations will form part of the
University financial regulations and will
apply to all trust accounts held by the
“It will have far reaching consequence on
you do,onhow
you do
of the 100
how you14
a direct
have will
andremuch on
the university.”
with aTokani
you manage
good citizen
who is always willing to solve difficult
reproblems for the country, the organisaturned from Florence in Italy
tion that you work for and show leaderwhere she represented noted loship, then you will be headed in a good
cal artist Jane Borg.
The exhibition received praise
to be exFiji advised
Arts Council
vigilant and careful.
Jone Dau.
He said the work displayed by
the should
two men
and the
not develop
a habit
of sick
leave when you are not sick or of coming
late were
or having
hour. You should not develop a habit of
negligence,” he said.
“Throughout the ages art has
played a crucial role in life. Art is
“We, the FNU community, expect you
universal and because art is everydemonstrate
the best in on
youra daily
profeswhere, is experienced
basis,” he said.
total ofart
on Lahas
some sort
of reason
Campus on
7 December
or purpose
it. “Art while
is also
on itLautoka
developmental domains in
10 December.
– physical
at the Lautoka
Council chairman and Education Minister
Filipe Bole congratulated the students on
The Lautoka campus offers art and
being the first group to have the special
craft work for its specialist seconddistinction of being the first teachers to
ary teachers in the Education prograduate
from the FNU’s Lautoka Campus
which is destined to be the main training
at all levelsdoing
for teachers
in Fiji.
The students
this program
learn about many forms of art and
Bole said
there will
be many
be filled
next yearbody
with art
the making,
loss of 200
and carving.
through retirement and other
Deepika Wins Gold
AN interest for how remote control cars she said.
The 21 year old said she still could not beworked and other electronic gadgets drove “Science and technology is interesting and lieve the news when she received a phone
Diptika Vandana Sharma to pursue her I became inquisitive as to how electrical call that she would receive the Gold Medal
studies in electronics.
items work. “But when my parents found at her graduation.
The hard work and passion for electronics out they were surprised but very supportive “I was sick at home when I received the call
paid off for the 21 year old as she scooped because I took on a very different field.”
telling me I would be awarded with the gold
the gold medal prize at the Fiji National “Yes it’s another male dominated field but medal and this would be presented at the
University western graduation.
the boys make me feel like one of them and graduation,” she said.
The youngest of three sisters is the daugh- I fit right in. And the support from my par- “Am so thrilled and I know my family are
ter a sugar cane farmer and hails from Lou- ents and sisters has been very good towards as well.”
sa, Tavua.
my studies,” she said.
She said she took up
electronics because of
her interest at a young
age as to how remote
control cars were operated.
But from the time Diptika was in primary
school she kept her interest a secret from her
parents until she went
to secondary school at
Xavier College then she
later enrolled at FIT
back in 2008.
“When I was in primary school a male cousin
and I would sit and take
the whole remote control gadget apart and
see how we could make
changes from the original make and then put
it back together again,” Deepika with Dean CEST, Dr. Surendra Prasad and her parents after the graduation ceremony
New Software for FNU Libraries
Over the past eleven months a number of significant developments have taken place
at the Fiji National University to improve the quality and reach of tertiary education
in Fiji.
One such development is the upgrade of library software that the University has started work on. The new software, Horizon, is an integrated library system by SirsiDynix,
the world leader in library automation technology. The Horizon system is used by
thousands of libraries across the world. IT systems Librarian Niten Swamy said the new
software helps manage Library resources, makes for easy resource circulation,
improved records management and the availability of the online web based catalogue (OPAC), including online renewal and reservation of Library materials.
“Students will also be able to check their Library accounts to see whether they
have overdue books, fines, or if any and when their books are due. This will ease
workload on staff at the circulation desks,” he said.
This software has been used by the School of Medicine and is now being integrated into all 16 FNU libraries.
Work to get the other Libraries on board Horizon started in early September and
phase one was completed in November.The second phase is expected to finish
by end of January 2011 and will roll out to the entire university Fiji wide. The
automated library system is expected to improve efficiency across the libraries,
give better records management and faster access to resources.
Fact File
SirsiDynix serves approximately 4,000
libraries and organisations that provide services to over 300 million people
through more than 20,000 library outlets
in the Americas, Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia-Pacific. For more information, please see
possible litigation
School of Nursing joined hands with Ministry of Health and celebrated World AIDS
Day at the Tamavua Campus last week.
Speaking at the celebrations, Health
Minister, Dr Neil Sharma said the fight
against HIV/AIDS needs to have a change
in hearts, cultures and attitudes.
Dr Sharma who launched the celebrations
said less than half of the 354 reported
cases of HIV in Fiji were alive today.
“There are at least 30 new infections each
year and at least 5 people of AIDs related
complication every year in Fiji,” he said.
“More importantly over three quarters
of those infected with HIV in Fiji do not
know they have it.
CEST Staff Induction
The College of Engineering, Science and Technology has a firm commitment to conduct regular staff induction programs for new staff.
Dean CEST Dr Surendra Prasad said at a recent staff induction for those who joined the
College in the past six months that from now onwards such programs would be held
every three months.
The induction program included an address by the College Dean, presentations on policies and operational matters by heads of various sections, including the Academic Office, Properties and Facilities, Human Resources, ICT and Finance.
Dr Prasad said the induction was the first such event organised and conducted by his
College and ever organised by any college.
He said the basic objective of the event was to give new staff details of the policies,
procedures and operational issues within the College.
He said the new staff were given an induction package that included all policies of the
university (HR, Finances, Academic and Student Regulations, ICT and Library), the college organisational structure, list of all CEST staff, list of programmes offered and other important information.
New staff should become thoroughly familiar with the college and FNU environment,
the protocols to be followed, and the policies in place, the expectations of employees
and have the opportunity to meet each other and interact, Dr Prasad said.
He said at least five people in Fiji die of
AIDS-related complications every year.
Dr Sharma said more money must be
spent on managing HIV, AIDS and TB.
“But there must also be a change in
hearts and minds, in cultures and attitudes” he said.
“Neither the UN or bilateral partners nor
scientific findings or microbicides or vaccines against HIV, neither the Ministry of
Health or government nor the churches
or any religious organisation, can solve
this problem on their own.”
“HIV/AIDS and by extension sexually
transmitted infection - must be everybody’s business,” he said.
Dr Sharma said everyone needed to be
reminded that today, more than ever
before, society and communities need a
moral framework in order to make better
“We need to show people that just as
there is no shame in going to the doctor
for a blood test for diabetes or cholesterol, there is no shame in going for a HIV
test,” he said.
“Even as we work diligently to stop the
rate of new infections in Fiji, we also
have a responsibility to treat the 100 or
so people who are now living with HIV,”
he said.
Nursing students at a recently held exihibition in Suva
Staff Farewell
LAST week academic and support staff on
Lautoka campus bid farewell to two long
serving staff.
Mrs Vilisi Waisaledecided to finally call it
a day after 32 years while Mrs Sadna Kumari is moving with her family to New
She took an appointment at the then
Lautoka Teachers College to join her husband, the late Rev Lasarusa Wesele, who
was College Chaplain.
She played an instrumental role with her
broad experience when the LTC courses
Staff of Lautoka Campus hosted the
two to a special lunch.
forgettable memories,” Mrs Wesele said.
“It is particularly rewarding to see students I have taught coming back to join
the academic staff as I finish off,” she
“You all need to make this faculty the
best. Teaching is a noble profession and
we all must lead by example.” Mrs
Kumari was a student at the then LTC
in 1996 and returned to join the academic staff.
She also got to the opportunity to rub
shoulders with some of her former
lecturers at FNU now who are still at
Mrs Waisele started her career in
1978, teaching at Dudley High School
after graduating from USP.
She spent a year there teaching forms
three and four before moving on to
Ballentine Memorial School. In 1980
Mrs Waisele moved to Lautoka to
teach at Natabua High School where
she spent two years before returning to
Suva to Nabua Secondary school.
were upgraded under the AusAID /LTCUP
initiative in the early 2000s.
In 1992 Mrs Waisele was among the pioneer staff who established the Fiji College
of Advanced Education and became Head
of School in Home Economics later becoming Head of the School of Education
In 2009 she acted as vice principal of LTC
and was responsible for selection of LTC
students. “I have enjoyed the years I have
spent at the campus, especially with the
teacher community and I have some un-
“It’s been a pleasure to be part of
FNU and it was difficult and painful
to resign so that I could migrate with
my family to New Zealand,” she said.
“Being here at the Lautoka campus was a
wonderful experience because I also had
the company of my sister, Sharmila also
a lecturer.
In commending both women on their
years of service to improving education
Dr Donasio Ruru said both would surely
be missed.
FNU Team Wins Praise
They may have finished in eighth place
at the recent Coral Coast sevens, but the
FNU Lautoka sevens rugby side won the
hearts of the crowd, team head coach
Epeli Lagiloa said.
He said they were the youngest team in
the tournament, but they displayed superb rugby and were looking forward to
a better outing in the New Year.
“Because of their standing they have
qualified to be part of the 16 local teams
plus eight overseas teams from New
Zealand and Australia to contest for the
$50,000.00 prize money next year.
“They will also be billeted at one of the
hotels in the Coral Coast for the two
days of competition.” Mr Lagiloa said
the team had also been approached by
travel agents offering their assistance for
overseas trips in 2011.
“I must register my sincere gratitude to
the Vice Chancellor for his support right
from the start when I first propose this
initiative. His approval for a budget was
a welcome gesture. We also thank the
Dean of the College of Humanities and
Education for his blessing and the encouraging and motivational words to the
team before the game.”
Mr Lagiloa said sports
education was not
merely about playing
sports or sports as a
part time pursuit, but
of the physiological
and anatomical function of body through
science and biomechanics, and included
psychology and the
full understanding of
nutrition and energy
system. He said the
team had displayed a
brand of rugby which
had not been seen for
a long time in Fiji and given the support
and backing of FNU it would be a winning
machine. “It’s only their second tournament and they have locked horns with
the best 7s players in the country. They
stood their ground and we are proud of
Labasa & Lautoka Graduation
FNU Events
• A one day community workshop on natural disaster awareness in Labasa will be held on December 15.
The workshop aims to create awareness and consciousness on natural disasters, its occurrences and
its impact on people and their livelihoods in rural areas and ways in which the impact can be minimised
• X-Mas Party for Suva Staff - 17 December
• Asia Pacific Science Congress in the 21st Century: Meeting the Challege of Global Change will be
held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 14 to 18 June, 2011.
For more information on deadline for abstract submission please visit:

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