ing for the arrival of yet another male of the s



ing for the arrival of yet another male of the s
N u m b e r 16 - J u n e 2 0 0 5
Recent pre-natal
announcement finds
Mr & Mrs Riggs preparing for the arrival of yet
another male of the species to
join winemakers-in-waiting,
Baxter and Austin. It is reported
that the ever-practical Mr Riggs effectively used the occurrence as “handson” sex education for his boys, who
now, are in no doubt as to “where
babies come from”. Once conveyed to
hospital with an impromptu police
escort, Annie expects a little less panic
around about
October’s end.
And Ben awaits
with equal expectation the outcome of the
Qantas Winemaker of the
Year for which he
is one of just 8
finalists in 2005.
Esteemed reviewer, Paddy Kendler,
has just applauded our 2003 Shiraz
with a top score blurb in Melbourne’s
The most spotted dresser in the wine trade
is Miss Helen Chesshire. An absolute
treasure and tireless worker at Western
Wines, our UK Woop Woop distributor,
the lovely Helen, who once lent Parky her
spotted pumps for a spot of freestyle dancing in a hotel foyer, forwarded her latest
personalised Penny’s Hill-inspired clobber
for all to see. Helen, you good
& thoughtful soul.
Spotted at Red Dot Café, famous face
and in-flight icon, Deborah Hutton
joined Caitlin McDougall and Erik
Thomson for tapas and wine after
photo shoot for “Women’s Weekly” to
promote the forthcoming TV miniseries, “The Alice”. Erik, who plays a
bar owner made yet another valiant
attempt, as he is known to do, to get
Woop Woop bottles before the cameras, but the effort was soundly
gazumped by wines bearing lizards
with yellow bottoms, backed by mega
bucks. At least the stars will have the
right material in their trailers at the
end of each day’s shoot.
The life and times of Louise Hemsley
Smith under the Red Dot concluded
recently after new daughter, Celia
Ruth, demanded more of mother’s
attention. Now part-time promoter of
Battle of Bosworth’s organically
reared wines, LHS has been replaced
at the corrugated castle by another
LS, this one a very exclusive Luke
Moncrief South, formerly of the
mighty Fosters factory. Welcome
LMS! More of you later.
Speaking of LHS, she once acquired
flagons from an unnamed wine company
by whom she was previously employed,
and re-badged them with red dots
for acclaimed new Aussie feature pic,
“Peaches” directed by Craig Monaghan,
aided by PH mates, Ernie Clark and
Paula Smith. Poetic justice; said ‘goons
ultimately made it to the cutting room
floor, but Penny’s Hill scored its first film
credit, nevertheless.
Caitlin, Erik & Deborah post morsels.
Red Dot Café waitress and wine
pourer, Lexie Higginbottom, scored
an impressive top-10 result in The
Show Horse of the Year competition
in the parklands of Adelaide earlier
in the year.
Lexie sitting up on the job.
Star attractions at recent Sea & Vines,
Dwight Adams and Doug Parkinson,
got the place rockin’ over two very hectic days. Adding in the talent of The
Big Bossa fronted by the crowd
favourite, Sunset Chenery, gave
Penny’s Hill a feast of continuous music
which, combined with great food and
wines and stable weather, made 2005
the Sea & Vines to remember. Guests
included Mix 102.3 front man, Kevin
Mulcahy and a coach load of willing
epicureans, Big Bob Francis from 5AA
and Advertiser pictorial editor, Chris
Mangan; all heavy promoters of the
event. And seen among the crowd was
music supremo, Paul Kelly (in town
for the Caberet Festival). The efforts of
our ubiquitous Sharon Romeo, chef
Kane, Tammy and Sam and all staff;
Jo Osborne and her cellars team and
the many other helpers, Erin, Mandy
& Co is to be applauded. And next
year, we are going to do things even
better. Get it into your diary now. The
June long weekend, 2006.
Big stars, big voices. Dwight and Doug sang hard.
Our old horse house, for so long a
treasure trove of hay, implements,
packing cases and pitch forks came
alive once more as we hosted a party
of visiting New York sommeliers.
Organised by Epicurean’s Lara
Zahaba, Ben Hammerschlag and our
own Sophie, tour party included our
man in Chicago, Troy Clements who
it turns out, once did radio announcing – something to do with “Troy
Boys”. Philip White did a great job
explaining the relationship between
geology and grape growing. Zar
Brooks said good stuff and Parky
gave a brief history of the property.
Principals of other wineries represented in the US by Epicurean joined
our crew in what we hope is the first
of more such “bonding” visits.
Ever keen to grow the reputation of
Red Dot Café, Kane Ellis and partner,
Mandy Whelan (now a member of our
food team) shouldered up their packs
for three glorious weeks tracking
across Spain and France seeking out
new ideas for innovative menus and
presentations at table. Can’t wait guys.
L-R: Ben Hammerschlag, Jeri Banks, Stephane
Colling, Jenifer Janis, Mr. Riggs and Troy Clements.
Works by Kym Hart, son of Broken
Hill painting legend, Pro Hart are
currently upon the walls of our gallery
and will be until July's end. Our
effervescent Russell Starke continues
to keep the hills alive (Penny's Hill
and Greenhill) with fresh and interesting workings of art. Check out the
Kym Hart works. You'll see just a
touch of the Pro in their very Aussie
compositions, colours and subjects.
Stable environment impressed NY visitors.
At Cork, Zork & Screw Pull in May,
in between The Big Bossa silky song
fest, floor show by redoubtable
Melbourne-based wine educator,
Chris Barnes and sidekicker, Zar
Brooks gave an appreciative audience
plenty of healthy wool-over-eye
pulling about the origins of wines,
Barossa Pearl especially. But they
were oh so kind to our own material
with Red Dot Chardonnay Viognier a
clear winner in the tasting stakes.
Premier’s Department Chief of
Protocol, Dean Dempsey and his
Deputy, Bev Smart lunched with
Dale Wyman & Parky under Drew’s
Verandah before buying up a sizeable
quantity of Penny’s Hill magnums and
Vintage Fortified Shiraz to use as gifts
for visiting dignitaries. You just never
know where the ‘red dot’ might turn
up. Our esteemed visitors were most
impressed with morsel selection,
Sharon’s service and Shiraz Sauce.
Recent visitors to the Penny's Hill
Cellars for luncheon with "Advertiser
Confidential" were the stars of musical, "Grease". Cast includes Australian
Idol notables, the generously proportioned Courtney Murphy and shortterm Paris affiliate, Millsey. Thanks
to Karyn Foster for organising.
Grease Monkeys, Courtney & Rob Mills.
Telephone: (08) 8556 4460
Fax: (08) 8556 4462
Mobile: (08) 0408 805518
Functions and Catering
Telephone: (08) 8556 4000
Email: [email protected]
CELLARS OPEN 10am-5pm - 7 DAYS.

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