Here are some frequently asked questions during an initial visit



Here are some frequently asked questions during an initial visit
A Formal Welcome to 2016!
Derks Fine Group of Companies is ecstatic to delve into the New Year with you as our partner! With
each season, our industry changes right before our eyes. New trends, new technologies and new
opportunities are what make the formalwear industry an exciting & rewarding one! With each new
generation stepping into their roles as graduates or grooms, we have the opportunity to meet new
customers and create a growing and loyal clientele, through exceptional customer service, quality,
and care.
From the beginning we’ve been a family owned and operated business with a mindset that people
come first. As a Derks Formals agent, you play an essential role in your community. Whether fitting a
young grad on his day of achievement or a groom to look his best on the most important day of his
life, the experience you create is momentous. We believe relationship is paramount to success.
Here at Derks Formals we are committed to finding ways to support you in all areas of your wedding
business. We offer the largest variety of formal rental options in Western Canada, with a wide range
of price options for maximum clientele coverage and profit potential. We are constantly updating our
jacket styles and vest and tie colors to match upcoming trends. We stay on top of the competitive
formal wear industry.
This year, we are introducing a new catalogue with updates like our new pant fit legend to help you
maximize your resources as an agent and produce the greatest quality and service to your clients.
We have revised our pricing structure, lowering prices on some styles in order to create more options
for those with a tighter budget. We sought out new products to offer customers everything they need
to make their special day a memorable one that they can look back on for years to come!
We have introduced new products such as our David Tutera Diamond Shirt Collection, colourful new
suspenders for purchase, and we are anticipating the arrival of a bowtie option for all of our current
solid coloured neck ties! We have also had a few deletions this year including the entire Herringbone
vest, tie & bowtie collection, as well as the Midnight Blue suit & tuxedo (31092 & 31022). Should you
have customers who would like to purchase these items, we will be happy to sell them at a
discounted rate!
You will also notice we have reduced the price of our Derks slim fit black suit (11492) to
$149.00. We have done so in order to make this suit more affordable for grad as well as last minute
funeral services. For this reason we will no longer be offering a $50 discount on funeral orders. We
will however, continue to void our express fee for funeral orders. Back by popular demand, we have
decided to continue our long standing tradition of offering 10% off all orders booked before March
31st. This policy will take effect as of January 31st, 2016.
We hope that you are as excited as we are for the new season and we look forward to a long
and prosperous relationship together,
Formally Yours
Landon Derk
Vice President
Derks Formals Company History
Derks Formals & Menswear was founded in 1939, in Čakovec, Croatia, by Stephen Derk. In 1946, after immigrating to
Canada, Mr. Derk and his family began offering Western Canadian men choices in every aspect of their clothing needs.
Since that time, Derks has become an icon in the formalwear industry and one of Western Canada’s wholesale and retail
success stories. Much of that success has been based on building relationships: Relationships with staff, suppliers, the
community and most importantly, clients. One of the goals at Derks is to “make our company a part of our clients’ lives
from the time of their grade nine and grade 12 their friends’, their own, and their children and
grandchildren’s wedding celebrations.”
“Listening and paying attention to the needs of our customers are key factors in the building of long lasting relationships
and is why we have developed a consultative approach to sales,” explains President and owner, Darrell Derk. The Derks
team works with their clients to better understand each individual’s style, needs and the types of clothing that best suit
their individual lifestyle.
Darrell purchased the company from his father Stephen in 1989 and has expanded the operation to a total of three
locations—two in Edmonton, and one in Calgary. The year 2003 saw the expansion of a new JBA designed Service
Centre and 3500 square foot menswear store, with Edmonton’s ultimate selection of menswear brands.
Darrell has also broadened the vision of what Derks, the organization, is and does. Derks has expanded its initial
exclusive focus on formalwear to become one of Western Canada’s most visible formalwear rental wholesalers, serving
over 120 wholesale accounts across Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia and the Northwest Territories.
Derks takes the same approach with their agents as they do with their retail clients, listening to their needs, keeping in
tune with the various marketplaces and contributing to the bottom line of their agents’ businesses. “Being more than
simply a supplier, Derks strives to become a valuable partner with our agents,” states Darrell. “We recognize that their
growth and well-being are critical to the prosperity of Derks. Our agent’s success plays a key role in the success of our
own business.”
This attitude has led Derks to become the winner of the Consumer’s Choice Award for both menswear and formalwear
since it came to Edmonton. Derks is also a member of the exclusive SAVVI Group, and Darrell Derk, recognized for his
commitment to the industry, was appointed Vice President of the International Formalwear Association.
A tradeshow division is another means for Derks to further establish itself as a leader in the formalwear industry. Bridal
Fantasy and The Bridal Conference, both of which are run by Darrell’s wife Gay, presents Derks with the venue to market
its products and services to a wedding audience of over 8000 (including over 3000 brides). Bridal Fantasy Magazine is
distributed at these tradeshows, along with the Bridal Fantasy Wedding Planner and Survival Guide. The Bridal Fantasy
Magazine is also found on retail shelves throughout Western Canada.
The entire Derks family prides itself on their family owned and operated business. Landon Derk has been recently
appointed as Vice President and has travelled across North America to learn about the latest technology and trends in the
formalwear industry. Sterling Derk is also involved with the retail aspects of the company, including buying and promotion.
*add in more on 3 generation including brief Mr. Derk description
Derks Uniforms Division specializes in custom, in-stock and special order uniforms. Derks is the source for all of your
public safety, hospitality, and casino uniform needs. We supply a wide selection of products, fast delivery and a high level
of customer service. We currently supply uniforms for companies throughout Western Canada. We also have a custom
uniform program that allows you to customize your uniform to your exact specifications.
These, along with other communication based components including a website, full colour catalogues, swatch cards and
brochures, as well as newsletters, special events, and community involvement all work together to solidify the lifelong
relationship between Derks and its clients.
Over Arm
Neck "
Waist "
Short (S)
Regular (R)
Tall (T)
X-Tall (XT)
All charts are merely approximations based on perfect proportions which almost no man will possess. Be
sure to always take the customer’s full measurements!
 Please note that Slim Fit styles may differ
Boys Sizing Chart
Shirt Sleeve
Agent Profit Building Breakdown & Pricing
Derks offers an exciting and competitive percentage of profits to their agents. With Derks rentals, agents
receive every rental discounted at least 30% from our suggested rental prices.
We offer seasonal promos
We pay shipping both ways on the original order! Cost for shipping only applies in agent error
replacements, or if customers are to change their mind (in which case you pass the shipping
charge off to them).
We provide you an extra $10.00 in our pricing per order so that if tailoring is an issue, it
can be done locally. This ensures better customer service and saves on shipping costs.
We believe that the prices your customers pay are very fair, based on the formalwear market today. But,
with no prices listed in our catalogue, our agents also have the ability to define their own price list and
decide what is charged to their customers (Within reason)! This gives further opportunity for profit making.
Listed below are examples of a Diamond Collection Tuxedo rental:
1. The customer wants the entire package. Our Customer Priced Packages include the jacket, pant,
shirt, vest, tie, pocket square, shoes, suspenders and jewelry. So as long as he has requested
the full rental, we suggest you charge this customer:
$259.00 as per the price list + $8.00 waiver fee + GST = $280.35
On this rental, you as the agent will be charged the following:
$153.30 for the tuxedo rental + $3.50 pocket square + $17.50 shoes + $8.00 waiver +GST = 191.42
Your profit on this order would be $88.93, assuming all measurements are correct and no exchanges
or tailoring are required.
2. If your customer wants the suit rental but does not wish to order the rental shoes, we suggest you
charge the customer as follows:
$259.00 – 25.00 (for no shoes as shown on pricelist) + $8.00 waiver fee + GST = $242.00
On this rental, you as the agent will be charged the following:
$153.30 for the suit rental + $3.50 pocket square + $8.00 waiver +GST = $ 164.80
Your profit on this order would be $77.20, assuming all measurements are correct and no exchanges
or tailoring are required.
Should you require further assistance working with our pricing lists, we will happily assist you!
Monday – Wednesday
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
10:00 AM – 7:00 PM
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
10:00 AM – 5:00PM
Shipping Department
Monday – Wednesday
9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
9:00 AM – 5:00 PM
9:00 AM – 3:00 PM
Please note we will always try to get last minute orders and exchanges out with the
currier if they have not yet departed, but we cannot guarantee same day shipment if
orders are called in past the shipping departments deadlines.
Our rental store sales staff is trained to help you with style and fitting questions outside
of our regular hours. Please note we will extend our hours during the peak season –
please watch for newsletter or email to provide this information. This is for emergency
service or questions that your customers have that you need answers for right away.
Derks Wholesale Contact Information
Phone: 1-800-565-6664
Fax: 1-800-246-3401
Email: [email protected]
Derks Store: 1-78-433-6614
As your partner, we are here to assist you in creating a profit with us. To do this, you must have
two things:
1. You must fully understand our working relationship and be aware of the issues that can occur.
This will help us prevent unnecessary costs that can be a hindrance to profit building.
2. You must be properly trained in the process of satisfying the needs of a formalwear customer.
We hope this document will fully answer your queries, but if there is anything you are unsure of,
please don’t hesitate to give us a call or email us at [email protected]
What you need
When you sign up, Derks will immediately provide you with most of the tools you need to succeed,
but there are some things you should be prepared for in your store:
1. Change rooms
Though you may not have tuxes for the customer’s to try during their initial visit, more than
one change room is necessary to complete final fittings in a timely manner.
2. Alteration capabilities
Inevitably, some garments will not fit exactly as they should. The most common change
necessary is changing sleeve and pant lengths. This is done constantly with our garments,
but it still must be completed with care every time so as not to harm the garment. It is best
to have an ‘invisible hem’ machine available in your own store for very quick alterations,
but many agents instead have working relationships with local tailors. In no way can Derks
cover the costs of these alterations, even if the mistake was made by Derks.
3. Filing
It is extremely important to keep a tight filing system to keep your orders organized. A
good idea is to have at least 12 files; one for each month of the year. Organize all orders
and wedding parties into these months, and further separate them by the 4 or 5 weekends
in that month. Filing machines are available for purchase through Derks Fine Companies.
The Start-Up Package
If you have recently signed up with Derks, you should have received the following in your Agent
□ Binder
□ Catalogues
□ Price Lists
□ Order Forms
□ Posters
□ Vest and Tie Swatches
□ Individual swatch pages
□ Measuring Tape
With this simple kit you will be able to help all customers. Please contact us if you are missing
anything or need more items for your stock
Keep your binder organized and simple for easy access to information. We will send new
swatches and documents as they are updated each year and let you know what pages to remove
and replace.
Catalogues and Price Lists are for customer use and are updated yearly. Feel free to give them
out as necessary. The catalogue is the most important item in an agent sale, get very familiar with
it! The catalogue shows the customer all the choices available to them. The customer is allowed
to take a catalogue home to study and decide, always let your customer take the catalogue home
with the selections that they have made so that they may show family and friends.. The customer
should be led through every step of the way to gain an understanding of the process; this will
dramatically increase the chance of getting a booking that same day!
Every page in the catalogue contains the ‘item codes’ for the garments pictured on that page.
These are the number codes you use to order from us.
These are laid out quite clearly, but they must always be filled out in full. The order form
communicates your order to Derks. It is very important to follow order form procedures to ensure
timely and accurate rentals. The order form confirms the choices the customer has made, and it
gives you documentation to keep all your rentals organized. We explain in great detail the process
of filling out an order form later in this document.
Catalogues, Price Lists and Order Forms must be requested as you run out. Try to ask early so
we can send them out with your next order rather than as a separate order (reduces shipping
These should be placed strategically inside and outside your store to create a small display. A
small section devoted to rentals makes it clear to customers that you are ready and willing to help
with their rental needs.
Posters should also be used in local high schools to establish your store as the grad destination
for the area. Try to build relationships by talking with school administrators, teachers, and other
contacts. You can use some of your free fashion show rentals to provide garments through us for
grad fashion shows!
Because you don’t have the garments in your store, swatches are the next best thing. Swatches
should be used to match colours with dresses, and to confirm the colours a customer is asking for.
Remember that photography always changes lighting, and does not necessarily represent the true
colour of an article. Refer to swatches to be sure the customer is getting the colour they are
asking for.
What is a Tuxedo?
The tuxedo, or dinner jacket as it was once called, was
born nearly 210 years ago when the flamboyant colours
and jackets of the Victorian age were subtly rebelled
against by dark-toned tail jackets. This evolved into a
shorter jacket for less formal occasions and later into
the suit jacket. However, it is the modern tuxedo which
North American society has now adopted as the wide
spread acceptable standard for extremely important and
formal events.
The tuxedo is based on the concept of simplifying
garments down to an impeccable execution of
construction and fit while removing the flashy, wavering,
aspects of fashion to create a refined and elegant look. Therefore, the
wearer is defined by their ability to pull off and perfect an established
medium, rather than by their personal ideas of dress. That’s why the
classic will always be the classic. Though styles do continue to evolve and
change constantly, they do so in a much slower and subtler way than the
quick moving fashion trends of casual clothing.
Wearing a tuxedo is an art and should be respected as such. Though
today formal rules are broken all the time, it is only by following the classic
guidelines that a man can be truly refined.
The simple difference between a tuxedo and a plain suit is one thing:
Satin. Satin details including a satin lapel, satin button covers, and satin
pocket lining are evident on every tuxedo. A satin stripe on a trouser and a
patent shoe are both also required to complete the look.
Give your customers an understanding of their tuxedo options and you will
greatly speed up the decision making process for them. You’ll garner
respect and trust by being seen as a knowledgeable sales person, and
this will establish your leadership through the sale.
A tuxedo is almost always found to be black, but other dark colours such
as navy, grey, and brown can be acceptable, unless dealing with a Black
Tie event.
The major variation that one will find with most tuxedos is the style of lapel
and the number of buttons. The few other variations you will see in our
rentals are: type of fit (regular or slim), length, and the style of venting.
These features will also change with each jacket and might affect the
choices of some. Other less common variations are the double-breasted
jacket, or no-lapel styles such as the mandarin jacket.
There are three main styles of lapel:
The Shawl lapel (1251,31551)
This style has a rounded collar. This can come with a deep or medium
drop (collar opening). This is a very classic style, which goes great with a
bow tie. Many young men will be afraid of the shawl as they have seen so
many older men where such a style. But in reality, it is a collar that will
never go out of style. Shawl lapels usually come with a single button, and
a more modern style is the thinner, shorter lapel.
The Pique lapel (11342, 5341, 149, 11163)
The Pique lapel was the very first style worn, and yet recently it is still in
and stronger than ever. A noteworthy example is the use of this lapel in
Daniel Craig’s James Bond performances. This is the style most often
found on double breasted jackets. A wide pique can help create a western
look, but the pique is not necessarily a western lapel.
The Notch lapel (Most rental styles)
This lapel is the most modern and simple, but not necessarily the most
stylish. This is the lapel found on a majority of all suits in recent years,
which causes traditionalists to stay away from it for formal occasions. All
tuxedo rental houses, including Derks, currently carry the greatest variety
of this style of jacket.
The number of buttons on a jacket will change the look and drape. The
number of buttons will affect the drop and opening of the jacket. For
customers, this may affect their choice because it will affect how much
colour is being shown. This choice is defined mostly by the times but also
by the size and shape of the man.
1 Button
The 1 Button jacket will always be in style, and it can be seen matched
with multiple styles of lapel. This style creates a long opening which will
always reveal vest and tie. A long triangular drop (pique and notch lapels)
works to elongate a man, which most short men will appreciate, but
extremely tall men might not like. It fits well for big and small alike.
2 Button
This is the most popular style today (2010’s) for suits and tuxedos. Most
often this style is seen paired with Notch lapel style jackets, and together
create a very modern look. Most of the tuxedos you see in our catalogue
are based on a 2 button style. This will still create a long opening, but
does not have as noticeable an effect on tall and short men. Because of
that, it creates a very well rounded look. NOTE: Remember, only do up
the top button! This leaves room for motion and causes a better drape.
3 Button
These jackets were much more in style in the 90’s, but have become less
popular in the past year or so. Once again this style is mostly seen with
Notch lapels. 3 button jackets still look good on most men, especially
when they are larger or taller. When doing up a 3 button jacket, follow
these rules from the top: 1. Sometimes 2. Always 3.Never.
4 Button +
Any jacket above 3 button is rarely seen, but will almost always come in a
¾ length (to the knees) rather than a regular length. This can create either
a western or a UK style look.
¾ Length
In Europe, ¾ length jackets, also called Prince Edward Coats, are
reserved only for daytime events. It is important to note that UK weddings
to this day will always require two outfits, a long coat for day and a short
coat for night. Many UK style daywear outfits will have a 1 button cutaway
style jacket, and will be worn with an ascot instead of tie or bow tie. (See
the Derks 5341 Ralph Lauren Grey cutaway)
There are three main styles of venting seen on suits and tuxes: No vent,
one vent, or double vent. The more vents you see, the more construction
and steps have gone into the creation of the back of the garment, making
it more expensive. Motion is the thing that is created in the garment when
more vents are included. More vents and motion cause a better drape and
more mobility. Some will have opposition to venting, believing that it looks
funny because at times it will pop open or stick out. This is true on men
with larger seats, or when fitting a man with large shoulders, but a small
waist. When the back of a tuxedo is wider than the waist of a man, the
double vents may appear to jut to the sides, and when a man’s seat sticks
out from his back, it will push the venting open. In general though, a
vented jacket will drape properly with the contours of a man and these
openings make it possible for a man to slide into a more fitted jacket,
releasing tension in the waste. A no-vent jacket will fall straight, which will
work to hide things for some men, but will look boxy on others.
The wool that goes into most rental tuxedos is designed and built for
stability and a long life, guarding against all kinds of wear and tear. This
makes the wool quite heavy, but it prevents wrinkling and still creates a
great looking garment.
Super 100’s, 120’s & 130’s
Super 100 wools are the preferred quality of tuxedos. The numbers are
usually mistakenly thought to represent thread count per inch, just like a
linen sheet, but in reality the numbers are graded based on the fineness of
the raw wool thread of which it is made. Super 100 starts at 18.5 microns
and gets smaller from there.
Finer wool is capable of being spun into smaller yarns and therefore finer
yarn counts which create a lighter and softer cloth. Such fabrics feel great
to the touch, are more breathable for warmer weather (all summer
weddings for example), and often drape much nicer than a stiffer wool.
Many young customers are looking for slim fitting jacket and pants, as a
tight and short fitting jacket are becoming the modern style, compared to
the looser fitting garments of the past. When rental garments are unable to
be constantly altering backs and waists of jackets, it is tough to get the
‘tailored look’, but a slim fit jacket will accomplish this same feel.
Derks is quite proud to be one of the first to respond to this trend in rentals
and because of this we have included many of these options in our rental
Formal Variations and Terminology
To be able to dress a man properly for an occasion it’s necessary to fully
understand what should be worn when. While creativity is a great thing, it
should be used in moderation while following these guidelines. Formal
attire has been with us for generations and there’s no reason to mess with
success. Stick to the rules, and then add some flare, and it’ll be easy to
make a great impression no matter what the event.
Formal occasions almost always mean a tux is welcome, but these days
(and in North America), a nice suit is hardly ever unacceptable unless
event is specifically described as a Black Tie event. To add some flare,
wear coloured cufflinks or patterned vests and ties.
Wear a suit or jacket rather than a tux. A dark suit for the evening and a
light one for the day is suggested. Ties are not required, but are optional.
Coloured shirts and bright ties are acceptable. Semiformal is very similar
to ‘business casual’.
Casual wear originated with the arrival of the sports shirt in the 30s, then
added the sports coat, Bermuda shorts in the 50’s, and leisure suits and
turtlenecks in the 60’s. Casual wear does not mean ‘anything goes,’
(You’d call that Leisure wear), but it does mean you’ve got a lot of
flexibility. Just try to look nice.
Black Tie
True ‘Black tie’ occasions have fewer attire choices than any other formal
event. When it says black, it means black. Formal balls and operas are
some examples of black tie events. For example, groups such as the
Knights of Columbus have many yearly occasions where the dress code is
strict Black Tie. In North America, rules are never as strict as in the UK,
but the black and white rule always still applies. Tuxedos as opposed to
suits are a firm requirement, bow ties are always preferred, and waists
should always have a covering.
White Tie
White Tie is for extremely formal and proper occasions. The rules are to
wear a tailcoat and a white bow tie. Nowadays we don’t see too many
men in top hats and white gloves, but these do add to the traditional look.
We are providing an important aspect of one of the most significant days in a man’s life. This
means that when a customer chooses you to fill this need, they are placing a great deal of trust in
your hands. They give us the opportunity to light up their life, or to hurt them significantly. Try to
understand that a grad or wedding is stressful because of its importance, and treat the customer
with care and understanding no matter how difficult they may seem.
A customer who has never been through the procedure of renting a tuxedo will have a lot of fears,
but if we show them that we know what we’re doing, that we will take care of them, and that they
are in good hands, it will put them quickly at ease. This is why it is extremely important to answer
all questions before they are asked, to explain the process in full, and leave no unknowns.
The hardest part about being a formal rental agent is not having garments to show and for
customers to try on in your store. Some customers will be put off by this, but the reality is that
almost all of the competition works in the same way. To counteract this, give the customer as
much information as possible about every garment.
Here are the steps required of an agent to complete the tuxedo rental process.
Look through the catalogue with them & walk them through their decisions
Measure the customer
Make sure that sizes are available in the style selected from the catalogue.
Fill out the order form (And wedding party form, if necessary)
Calculate cost, take a deposit and make an appointment for final fitting
Communicate the order to Derks and receive confirmation number
File all documentation
Emails can notify you of your shipments arriving so you can notify your customer of the
arrival date.
9. Receive the garments and check over
10. Complete final fitting. This includes completing alterations or requesting rush garments
11. Receive final payment if needed.
12. Receive return from customer after use and check over (charge if necessary for late fees
and damages)
13. Immediately return tuxedo to Derks in original packaging (prepaid shipping) Ensure that
you pack your garments in as few boxes as necessary. You don’t need to ship back empty
14. Make full payment to Derks
When approaching a customer for the first time in your store, be sure to strike up a conversation
and try to develop rapport. Find a conversation topic that doesn’t relate to business. Try to
naturally ease into a discussion. DO NOT SAY “Can I help you with anything?” a yes or no,
merchandise related approach is almost always answered with a “Just looking around,” or a
simple “No thank you.” Be as creative as possible.
If you are busy with a customer, make sure you acknowledge everybody that walks in with a
smile and help them out as soon as possible. Try and help everyone within two minutes upon
his or her arrival.
The important thing to remember during the initial walk-in is that the customer just wants to
make sure that he’s going to be taken care of. He needs to be assured that his needs are your
priority. Make him feel confident and make sure he knows he’ll look good.
Lead the Booking
From beginning to end, you should be in charge. Most customers don’t know what they’re doing
or what they want, but if you lead them step by step, they will follow your guidance (unless
they’re especially hard headed).
Ask Lots of Questions!
-Are you preparing for your wedding?
-What’s the date?
-Have you chosen your colours already?
-How many groomsmen do you have?
-Tell me about your style. Modern or classic? Bold or subtle?
-Is the bride’s dress white or ivory?
Etc, etc, etc.
A good rule is to try to ask a customer at least three questions about their wants and/or needs.
All too often, salespeople miss opportunities to discover exactly what their customer is looking
for. Asking a few simple questions with care and sincerity will greatly increase your chance of
satisfying your customer's needs precisely and making a positive lasting impression.
Explain the Garments
Most men these days have no idea what a tux is, what makes it special, what makes it so
expensive, or what the differences are between them (see the “Garment Training” section for
more details).
Use the Catalogue
The catalogue is your main marketing piece for rental garments. It gives your customer the best
visual representation of our garments so they can know exactly what to except & provide ideas
on styling & colour matching. This year we have added a few new features to our catalogue
including a pant fit legend. This legend explains how each pant for our different rental styles will
fit. This sets customer expectations & makes it easier for them to make a decision based on
those expectations. Our catalogue has also been organized by price tiers so your customer can
easily find something in their price range. (More about price tiers in the Pricing Breakdown)
There are 5 choices a man must make when renting a tuxedo outfit:
1) Jacket (Tuxedo, Suit or Dinner Jacket)
a. Explain the lapels, button, and fabric options
2) Vest and Tie options
a. These options are mainly about colour. Other considerations are the pattern &
weather or not they would like a pocket square
3) Shirt Style and colour
a. Explain that tuxedo pleats are more formal and common with tuxedo jackets.
b. Lay down collar (modern and simple) or wing tip collar (more formal, common
with bow ties but also great with ties for a classic look)
c. Show the micro fiber (manufactured silk replica) upgrade
d. Slim fit shirts available in some styles (see catalogue for details)
e. We now off a David Tutera Shirt Collection available at an additional cost
i. These shirts are microfiber (manufactured silk replica), with subtle swiss
4) Pant Style
a. Explain that the satin tux stripe is meant for pairing with tuxedo jackets.
b. Flat Front (regular option), pleated pant (available with some traditional styles)
c. Available in three fits:
i. Classic: Classic fit pants have the widest leg, with extra room in the seat
and thigh. The fall is straight from the widest part of the hip straight
through to the ankle
ii. Modern: Modern fit pants have a standard fit in the seal and thigh. The
cut is slightly closer to the lines of the body, falling straight from the midthigh to the ankle
iii. Slim: Slim pants closely follow the lines of the body with a narrow fit
throughout, tapering at the ankle
*Note: most rental styles are only available in one fit, please see the catalogue
for more information
5) Shoes
a. Matte Finish or Patent Finish
Put the Merchandise in the Customer’s Hand While Demonstrating (If you have any to
show, that is. If not, use swatches)
When shoppers participate in the demonstration, they develop an emotional commitment to the
merchandise. This also gives the customer a chance to feel the material and the quality of the
fabrics. So, whenever possible, allow the customer to feel the materials that will be used and to
try on a jacket of a similar fit. Even if you know what jacket size the customer is, allow him a
chance to move around in the jacket for a while. Be sure to explain how the jackets and pants
are supposed to fit so there are no surprises when a customer comes to pick up their tux.
Explain the Pricing Breakdown
But don’t let the pricing start the conversation, or have the control. Just assure the customer that
we can work with whatever price restrictions that they have. When dealing with such important
occasions, most customers care about quality over price.
We have price lists for the customers to take when making their choice, but this is not necessary
for most. In fact, our Derks locations never show the customers a price list, but instead let them
choose what they want first and break down the prices afterward. Giving the customer a price
list upfront causes them to become focused on price rather than on what they actually like and
want. Left on their own, most customers will choose cheaper options, but if you, the
salesperson, explain the value and importance of our more expensive garments, most
customers will make the switch. Use price lists as a secondary option.
1. Diamond Collection ($259)
a. Our premium price tier offers the most luxurious designer garments. These
garments are all designed with Super 130 fabrics – the high thread count makes
the fabric very soft and breathable, making the garments very comfortable to
3. Platinum Collection ($229)
a. Our second tier garments offer slim fits and on trend styling.
4. Gold Collection ($199)
a. Most of our rental styles fall under the Gold Collection category. These are
popular rentals in a large range of styles that work well for wedding parties as
they have a mid-range price and high inventory levels
5. Silver Collection ($149)
a. Our Silver collection is composed of classic garments that work well for
customers looking for comfort and a traditional fit.
6. Bronze Collection ($109)
a. This collection is composed of our basic tuxedos for the price conscious
Not All Jackets are Available in All Sizes
Some tuxedos are offered in boy’s sizes, and some are offered in extra-tall sizes. Other styles
may be offered in larger sizing, going up to 70. Please refer to the sizes in the catalogue to be
sure that the size is available in the jacket the customer is looking at. Also inquire about any
groomsmen, ring-bearers, or anyone else participating in the event or party. If there are a
number of children or larger gentlemen in the party, try to pick a jacket style that has many
various sizes available. Otherwise you may have to rebook the entire party to make everyone
match. Always ask the customer to pick out a second choice in case of a lack of availability.
Be Sure to Refer to the Other Customers in a Party if they are All Booking Separately
Quite often, the customers aren’t communicating with one another regarding what styles have
been chosen for a party. Whenever possible, refer back to the rest of the group’s orders when
booking an additional party member. Check all the styles, including cuff links and shoes to make
sure everyone matches. If changes are made after the original booking, make sure to document
everything clearly.
Attempt to Close Every Sale
Once a customer has received all the information and seen all the options, most will feel
prepared to book on the spot. There is no reason to send them away to think about things after
going through everything with you. Remember: Ask for the sale/booking! If you don’t ask, many
will walk away, waste time looking around at other places and very possibly get snatched up by
a salesperson willing to lead and ask them for the sale. If you haven’t heard "I'll take it," you
haven’t sold it to them yet.
It’s just as important for the customer to walk away feeling good about you and the store as it is
for him to walk away looking good. Just remember that every customer has friends and families
that may one day hear about you and your exceptional service when they are looking for a suit
rental. Warn customers that availability gets reduced closer to the wedding date. We
recommend booking 4-6 months in advance.
Whenever possible, measure the customer at the time of booking in order to ensure the
tux booking is fully confirmed as soon as possible. Even if a customer decides on
everything they want, and takes lots of your time making decisions, if you do not take
measurements and a deposit, no booking has been made!
Let the Customer Know About the Final Fitting
Tell the customer during their fitting that this is the first of two fittings. A few days before the
event they will have a final fitting to try everything on and make sure the tuxedo they are renting
is to their satisfaction. Let them know if any changes or alterations need to be made, we will do
those while they wait on the final fitting day, or that we will be sending you a new size.
Thank Every Customer and Invite Them Back
It is important to express your appreciation both professionally and personally—the customer
chose to purchase from you. Your invitation to return makes the customer more likely to think of
you and your store the next time they want something they can find from your store or Derks
Dealing with Difficult Customers
One of the most difficult things you will have to deal with is a customer that is stubborn. They
might want to argue over little things, such as wearing the suspenders or trying to wear their
pants lower than they should. The trick to those customers is to make them feel like they are
right while trying to explain to them why they aren’t. Good ways to do that is to say something
like “Well, yes, normally that’s how you would do it. But with tuxedo pants you have to wear
them higher because they have a longer rise than most pants. Otherwise they won’t fit properly.”
Or, “You’re right. I normally wouldn’t wear suspenders like that either, but for tuxedo pants with
no belt loops you need to wear them that way in order to keep the pant in the correct position.”
When you’ve finished dealing with a difficult or irate customer, it is critical to your success in
sales to put that off and deal with every customer with a fresh slate. One of the biggest
downfalls sales people face in the service industry is that, after dealing with a difficult customer,
they bring that negative experience into the next sale. Just remember that you can’t please
everybody and that your next customer is a new opportunity to impress. Every customer you
have also has friends and family who will eventually need to rent a tuxedo or a suit. If you leave
a good impression, one person at a time, your company will grow.
When Booking a Wedding
When a customer comes in to order a tuxedo for a wedding, they often don’t know exactly what
they need. Think about how many times a person will need to order a tuxedo in his life. Chances
are the customer will not know what styles to look at or how to make the tuxedo match the
wedding scheme. This is where you come in. Your job is to not only book the customer, but
educate them as well. Don’t just hand the customer a few catalogues and allow them to try and
figure out what will look good. Go through them with the customer. Show him variations and
options that could separate the groom from the groomsmen. Try to find a look that will
compliment not only the customer, but the entire wedding as well.
In a wedding party, multiple add-on opportunities exist. The biggest opportunity is attracting
more rentals. Ask the bride and groom if they have thought about what their ring-bearer, ushers,
MC and fathers will be wearing. If they decide that they need extra rentals, you could double
your dollars with one simple question.
If the bride-to-be is present during the process, involve her as much as possible. Brides and
mother-in-laws often like to have a great deal of input if they are present for the tuxedo rental
process. You just need to be patient. Weddings are primarily for the bride, so her input is the
most valuable. One important question to ask is what the bride is wearing. Ask her how formal
her attire is and weather she is wearing white or ivory. This largely determines what would be
appropriate for the groom to wear. If her gown is very formal and white, you would want to
recommend that the groom wear a tuxedo and a white shirt but if her dress is a bit more casual
and ivory, a suit with an ivory shirt may match better!
Other important questions to ask include:
 What kind of flowers are you having?
 What colour are the bridesmaids dresses?
 What is your colour scheme?
Show them the vest colours they could choose from, as well as what ties would look good. If the
groomsmen are wearing basic black or white vests, suggest a pocket square to match the
bridesmaids’ dresses.
Here are some frequently asked questions during an initial visit.
Q: “What’s the difference between a suit and a tux?”
A: “A tuxedo is more formal because of the satin detailing that you can see on the lapel, pocket
lines, buttons, and stripe on the pant.”
Q: “How long before the event until I have to come in to book?”
A: “We could do that right now if you’d like, but at least 3 to 6 months before the event is a good
rule. We can also do last minute rentals if needed but we cannot 100% guarantee that we will
have exactly what you want in stock.”
Q: “Does the whole wedding party need to be measured at the same time?”
A: “We keep all our wedding parties here on file so, if you’d like, they can all come in on their
own whenever it's convenient for them.”
Q: “When do I pick up my tuxedo?”
A: “As soon as your tuxedo arrives we will call you to come in for a final fitting. Sometimes we
will receive your tuxedo the Friday before the event but we usually have it by the Monday or
Tuesday before. If everything fits properly, you can take the tux home with you then.
Q: “What if there’s a problem with the fit?”
A: “If there is a need for any alterations, we will make the adjustments or we will call Derks to
provide any replacement items we need.” *Be sure to know and tell your customer your average
shipping time*
Q: “How much of a deposit do I have to put down?”
A: “There’s a $50 deposit required for each tux that goes right towards your rental.”
 (This is always a good idea to protect you, the agent, from cancellation fees that will be
charged if the customer decides not to use their rental, but whether you take a deposit or
not is your own choice). We suggest having a credit card on file as well, in the case that
rentals are not returned or damaged, etc.
Putting the Customer at Ease while Measuring
The mechanical measuring technique is only part of the skill you will need when fitting a customer for
a rental or retail garment. When you measure a customer, you enter into their personal space. The
customer is frequently uncomfortable, even embarrassing. The more at ease you are with the
process, the more comfortable they will be.
Enter into light conversation
Guide the customer with your hands as you measure
Continue light conversation during the process
Stand slightly to the side and to the back of the customer while measuring
Never stand directly in front of the customer or measure directly in front of him
Never make reference to a customer’s size, height, or weight
If a customer tells you his sizes, agree with him but do not believe what he says. Use what
your tape and your fitting garments tell you. You may explain briefly why the actual sizes may be
different than what he expects.
It is a company requirement to use your fitting garments. Taking shortcuts will cause errors. You
are required to measure and use available fitting garments at all times. Trying on a jacket is
necessary for fit, and for getting a proper in sleeve measurement.
Understanding Sizing and Measuring
Measuring is a simple task to learn, and yet it can easily be done wrong if care is not taken on every
procedure. To make our customers look perfect every time, proper measuring techniques must be
adhered to strictly, and a sales person must build a deep understanding of garment fit, drape and
construction. If measurements contain even small mistakes the cost can be dire. We want our suits
and tuxedos to not just fit our customers, but to fit perfectly.
To avoid any simple oversights, make sure to write down all measurements directly onto a Derks
Order Form. Double-check all measurements that you are unsure of. An experienced salesperson
will eventually be able to estimate the customer’s size by looking at the customer’s height and build,
but never forget that the measuring tape is the only sure way!
By following these guidelines, and by practicing, you will become fluent in measuring people for a
tuxedo. Practice makes perfect, a good idea is for you to measure other staff members, and get
them to try on exactly what you ordered for them. That way, you can see exactly where, and if, you
are measuring too long or too short. If you need extra help, feel free to come visit us for training (or
we’ll make a special trip down for you).
To fit a customer in a tuxedo, we must start by taking all the necessary measurements and then we
must translate those numbers into garment sizes. To be able to translate measurements to garment
sizes, we must speak the language. Determining the sizes of our 3 main articles of clothing (jacket,
pants and shirt) depends on a total of 8 measurements.
Jacket Size
Jacket size is determined by the man’s chest size and height.
1. UNDERARM: Measure around the broadest part of the chest under the arms (relaxed
arms, not up in the air). If a man was perfectly proportioned, this would give you the
jacket size.
2. OVERARM: Measure the same part of the chest over the arms. Subtract seven (7)
inches from the overarm measurement.
Compare the underarm and the overarm measurements to determine the jacket size. Go
with the biggest measurement.
For Example: 39” underarm and a 47” overarm would be a size 40 jacket. Use the
measuring guides at the back of this book as a quick reference guide.
If a man is a body builder, these numbers could be quite far apart (big arms), this is why
you must go with the highest of these numbers. These men will almost always feel that a
jacket is way too big for them in the waist, even though it fits in the shoulders. The best
solution is to go with a slim fitting jacket.
Older men often have sizeable bellies which will also affect jacket size. These pear
shaped men are very difficult to properly size without try on jackets. The shoulders of their
jackets will end up oversized in order to fit their stomach. Compare your two chest
measurements with the waist measurement. It may be necessary to go with that
measurement instead. Another solution is to get the man to leave their jacket open, which
is a very acceptable style, and will cause the jacket to look much more fitted.
Height will determine if the jacket should be a short, regular or tall model. These are the
5’8” and shorter
5’8.5” to 5’11.5”
6’ to 6’3.5”
6’4 or taller
Short jacket (S)
Regular jacket (R)
Tall (T)
Tall or Extra Tall (check if available in the catalogue)
When a man has his arms at his side, the length of the jacket should fall into the palm of
his hands, allowing him to simply wrap his fingers around the jacket. It should also cover
the entirety of his seat. Jackets must be tried on to ensure proper fit. Note: Shorter
jacket styles are in fashion. Some customers may ask about this look, order the next
smaller length to accomplish this, but make sure the sleeve is long enough.
3. INSLEEVE: The insleeve measurement tells us the sleeve length of a jacket. Always
measure the insleeve while the jacket is on. Start from the seam at the armpit of the jacket to
the top of the thumb bone (just below the wrist bone) just below the sleeve of the shirt.
If you don’t have a jacket available for measuring, than a general rule of thumb is to use the
sleeve measurement, divide it in half and add half an inch (34/2=17 + ½). Double check by
measuring from the armpit to the thumb bone, and minus 2” from the armpit, but first, check
to see if Derks can provide a jacket for your store.
For example, these are some average insleeve proportions:
Pant Size
 4. WAIST: Measure the waist just below the navel (Snug, not loose. Remember, the
pants adjust, and a pant should be tight to the body)
5. SEAT: Measure the seat (around the hips and seat at the widest part). If he is well
proportioned, this should be very close to his jacket size. Subtract 6” to find proper waist
Just like the jacket, compare both waist sizes and always go with the larger of the two.
It is best to try trousers on the customer during the initial fitting as you can see the fit immediately
rather than at the final fitting.
Agents should understand pant sizing, but never need to worry about requesting one size or
another. We will fill in your order based on the measurements.
As you get to know how adjustable pants fit, when someone is between two pant sizes (32.5” waist
for example) you should know which way to go and possibly request a different size than what the
computer will round it to. It’s often a good idea to round down if possible so that a pant is as slim
fitting as it can be.
Pant Sizing Chart
B18 18” - 19”
B20 20” - 21”
B22 22” - 23”
27”, 28”, 29”
30”, 31”, 32”
33”, 34”, 35”
36”, 37”, 38”
39”, 40”, 41”
B24 24” - 25”
B26 26” - 27”
B28 28” - 29”
seat up to 35”
seat up to 38”
seat up to 41”
seat up to 44”
seat up to 47”
R6 42”, 43”, 44”
R7 45”, 46”, 47”
R8 48”, 49”, 50”
R9 51”, 52”, 53”
R10 54”, 55”, 56”
seat up to 50”
seat up to 53”
seat up to 56”
seat up to 59”
seat up to 62”
6. OUTSEAM: Measure the outseam from where the pant should sit on the customer’s
waist (1” below the belly button), down the outside of the leg to the top of the shoe heel.
If he is not wearing shoes, go right to the floor.
Shirt Size
 7. NECK: Measure the neck and add approximately 1/4”-1/2” to the neck measurement
to compensate for breathing room. A good way to judge is to make sure there is room in
the collar for 1-2 fingers. Remember, the shirt choice is a balance between body size
and neck size. A young man wearing an R36 jacket might have a 16” neck, but he would
be swimming in a large size shirt. Figure out whether the customer prefers having neck
room or a properly fitted shirt (the latter is preferable). Add a button extender if it’s
necessary to downsize.
Neck Sizes
Small (S)
Medium (M)
Large (L)
XLarge (XL)
XXXXXLarge (5XL)
13“ to 13.5”
14” to 14.5”
15” to 15.5”
16” to 16.5”
17” to 17.5”
18” to 18.5”
19” to 19.5 “
20” to 20.5”
21” to 21.5”
22” to 22.5”
8. SLEEVE: Measure the shirt sleeve from the neck bone (middle of the back on the
neck), over the highest point of the shoulder, down to the top of the wrist bone.
Once again, if someone is in between two arm measurements, trying it on is always
best. If you can’t try it on, remember that shirts only come in 2” intervals. Explain this to
the customer and think to yourself: where will the shirt fall if I go up two inches? It’s good
to double check on both sleeves because some men have two different arm lengths.
*Slimfit sizes available from XS to 2XL*
Men’s Shirts
30” - 31”
32” - 33”
34” - 35”
36” - 37”
38” - 39”
For example, if the shirt measures 16.5”- 35,” Give size L5.
 Boy’s Shirts
Shirt Size
Neck Size
Boys XS
Standard Sleeve
Boys S
Boys M
Boys L
Vest sizes are directly determined by jacket size and do not need to be measured for or requested.
Cummberbund (Cumberbund sizing same as half back)
Boys small (4 – 8 Yrs.)
Boys large (10 – 14 yrs., small men’s)
Fits all (38 – 48)
Men’s 2X-large (50 and bigger)
Full Back
Men’s X-Small (B18 – Men’s 34)
Men’s small (36 – 39)
Men’s medium (40 – 43)
Men’s large (44 – 46)
Men’s X-large (48 – 50)
Men’s 2X-large (52 – 54)
Men’s 3X-large (56 – 58)
Men’s 4X-large (60 – 62)
Men’s 5X-large (64-66)
B – Boy’s
M – Men’s
B14 – B18 – All Men’s Sizes
Here is an illustrated guide on how to measure. This will help you to be confident,
knowledgeable, and able to pinpoint the exact sizes you require.
1) NECK: Place the tape around the neck and
at the level of where the collar would be
buttoned. Place one finger between the neck
and the tape. Make sure the tape is snug but
moves freely. Add ½ an inch for breathing
2) SLEEVE: When measuring the sleeve, make sure that
you go right over the shoulder. A lot of people miss that,
and then the sleeves are too short! Have the customer
look straight ahead and keep his arms at his side. Place
the start of the tape at the base of the neck, at the center
of the spine. Move the tape over the top of the shoulder,
and down the arm, just to the wrist bone. Round off the
measurement to the closest inch mark.
3) CHEST: Ask the customer to move his arms outward. Place
the tape under the arms and around the broadest part of the
chest. Ask the customer to lower his arms to the side and relax.
Make sure the tape is snug, but can move freely with one finger
between the body and the tape.
4) OVERARM: With the customer’s arms at his sides, place the
tape around the broadest part of the chest and the shoulders.
This measurement is critical for a proper coat fit if the customer
has overly broad shoulders.
5) WAIST: Place the tape around the customer’s
waist slightly below the level of his navel. This is the
height at which formal trousers are worn. Make sure
the tape is snug but can move freely. Ask the
customer if this is comfortable.
6) SEAT: Measure around the widest part to the
seat. This is a very important measurement to
confirm pant size. Some men will have to go up a
pant size to fit a larger seat.
Derks measures the pants from 1 inch below the belly
button. Note: Keep your finger at the point where you
measured the waist. This is where the measurement
should start, not necessarily where their current pants
are sitting.
Place the start of the tape at the side of the waist, at
the level of the navel. Stretch the tape down the side
of the leg until you reach the top of the heel of his
dress shoes.
This measurement is from right under the
armpit, following the jacket sleeve down to
the top of the hand bone.
The jacket insleeve should ALWAYS be
measured with our customer wearing a
jacket. Though every jacket is different, any
jacket will give you a very close
measurement. If you are forced to measure
without a jacket, the measurement will never
be sure. As a last resort you can measure
from the armpit and subtract 2 inches.
Don’t pull the tape measure too tight. Only on the waist should your tape be quite snug,
remembering that the pants have an adjustable waist. The measuring tape must be straight across
the body. If measured at an angle, you will get the wrong measurements.
Make sure the insleeve is measured correctly on the fitting coat. Always try on the closest possible
jacket size and style that is required for that day.
The stores have try-on pants for fitting if you are unsure of correct size. (You may purchase
discontinued rentals as try-on garments, if you wish)
Seat and chest measurements will generally be within 2” of each other.
Don’t put a customer in a coat smaller than his seat or chest.
Pants come in regular and long rise. Keep in mind that a taller gentleman may need a long rise pant
after a 45” outseam.
To aid in fitting, we have:
a) Suspenders
b) Armbands
c) Collar Extenders (Button Extenders)
In-store alterations may include:
a) Adjusting pant hems and coat sleeve lengths
b) Replacing buttons
c) *Note: Derks has added $10 per order to your customer price to cover these alterations
should you need to outsource hemming
Please contact Derks before completing ANY other alterations, thank you! We need to ensure all
alterations on a rental garment are reversible so they can be changed back to their original state for
the next customer
Do not use measurements that a customer tells you. Say thank you, but tell the customer that you’d
like to double-check.
The use of fitting garments when taking a customer’s measurements is a non-negotiable standard.
Pant, shoes, and coats must be used. We want each and every order to fit the customer on the first
try. One way to ensure this is the use of fitting garments.
How do you measure a pant length when a customer is going to wear boots or heels and they do not
have the shoes with them at the time of fitting? Have the customer stand in stocking feet and
measure the pant to where the foot hits the floor. Ask the customer to bring the shoes they are
going to wear at the final fitting.
Use armbands on shirts if the customer has a sleeve under 29.” On children, when the shirt fits in
the neck and body but is too long in the sleeves, use armbands, or fold the cuff over into a French
cuff style.
This is the most important part of our relationship! After correct measurements are done, filling
out an order form properly is the next step in preventing mistakes and unnecessary costs and
lost profits for you or us.
An order form should be filled out while measuring the customer. There are spaces provided to
enter measurements, style codes (see the catalogue for all styles) and cost for the customer. Be
sure to fill in all the spaces in the appropriate places provided to ensure a proper filling of your
Note: This order form is available in print version & PDF version! If you haven’t already, we
highly recommend switching over to using the PDF version of the order form. It allows you to
keep organized files in your computer system for all of your wedding parties, reduces the
amount of paper we are using, and keeps a clear, detailed record that we can always refer back
to, should we need to.
1. The first thing you should do is to fill out the
area that says “Agent Name.” This is especially
important when faxing in your order to Derks. If
Derks receives an order with no store name,
the order cannot be placed.
2. Next, fill out the number of people in the
group. This is important because it will
determine if the group is eligible for any group
discounts. It also makes it easier to keep track
of the customers when we know how many
people are in each group.
3. Be sure to fill in the event date and the date
needed. If a customer requires their tuxedo for
additional time after the event day please
indicate that in the space marked “Additional
Notes.” Additional time means additional costs.
4. During certain times of the year Derks has
special promotions (grad specials, cruise
specials, etc). Please make mention of the
promotion you want to participate in on the
order form, and checkmark who the rental is
for (Grad, Groom, etc). Otherwise no discount
will be credited to your account!
5. If the customer’s name is unavailable for
whatever reason, please write in some other
means of identification in the space provided
for his name, for example: The name of the event or an alias.
6. The “Jacket” space should be filled in with the jacket style # from the catalogue. The “Size”
space should be filled in with the jacket size.
7. The “Pant Style” space is generally for situations where the customer would like pants that
are not the default pants for the tuxedo. For example: If the customer would like non-striped
pants or flat front pants, it should be stated in this space. Otherwise, the default pants are given.
8. The space marked for vest, ties and pocket squares must be filled out or no item is given.
The styles are stated in the catalogue, but If you do not know the style number please write a
brief description or write “Matching” to let us know what the customer has chosen.
9. In the area marked “Links and Studs,” check if you would like us to send you links and
studs. We offer the basic black and silver (921) jewelry style.
10. Fill in the ‘Rental Cost’ column in full to avoid errors in charging. Be sure to charge properly
and include charges such as the small order fee or rush fee if applicable, because they WILL be
charged to your account, even if you forget to charge the customer! Remember to consult your
supplied pricing guides for updated amounts and individual pricing. Remember; every order, no
matter how small, must include the waiver fee.
11. If an item is not wanted, please strike the box to communicate clearly that this is the case
(no shoes needed, for example).
Note: When a space is left blank, it will be assumed that the customer does not require
that garment (i.e. pocket square or pants) and it will not be booked with the tux rental.
Therefore, be sure to fill in all the blanks accordingly to reduce any errors.
1. Emailing your order / Filling out PDF order form
2. Faxing in the order
3. Call your order in (we suggest this for last minutes and exchanges ONLY)
Note: We prefer orders to be either emailed or faxed to us as it gives us time to
thoroughly go through the order & reduce mistakes. We are happy to dicuss any other
questions or concern you have on the phone, you can contact the order desk toll free at
You can email us at [email protected]
If you chose to send orders in via the PDF Wholesale order form, you have the option to
print it off and to submit (this will automatically send to [email protected])
You can fax your order to us, toll free, at 1.800.246.3401
Once we have processed and reserved your order, Derks will fax or email the
confirmation number back to you, as well as any additional notes about the order, if
required. You will receive your confirmation the next business day.
When you receive your confirmation, record the confirmation number on your order form
and double check that all items are correct.
When an order is sent in by fax, Derks will process it as soon as possible. We will
fax/email back a confirmation number for every customer booked. If you do not receive a
confirmation, please wait 8-10 hours and call to confirm. Also, if we don’t know who sent
the order (for example, if the form wasn’t filled out properly) then we do not have a way
to book the order or send off a confirmation. Therefore you wouldn’t hear back from our
office and the order would not be booked. Please make sure you have confirmation for
every order as this is a way for you to keep tabs on us, and make sure every one of your
orders will be properly filled.
We will email you with all the order details so you can confirm them with us. Sign up for this and
let us know your email!
**Place the Order as soon as possible.
All orders are subject to availability. Please place your order in a timely fashion help us make
sure your customer gets exactly what he wanted.
Email Confirmation Example:
The group registration is a way for you to keep your wedding files organized. If you would like
these forms printed for you, please request them. This will allow you to have easy access to
contact information, and it is also a way for you to keep track of who has or has not been in to
book their garments (Derks does not require this information).
We do try to ensure you have the rental the weekend before the event date to give time
for try-ons and exchanges if required. Please have your customer come in for a try
on as soon as possible! We don’t want to have to rush an exchange out with the
chance it may not get to you in time. Please note, that in the busy season, it’s not
always possible to have orders out as early as we like if there is an item we are waiting
on etc.
Open boxes, hang up garments and remove them from garment bags as soon as
possible. This will allow any wrinkles to fall out prior to final fitting.
Check over the garments with your order form to ensure you have received the proper
styles and sizes.
Phone the Derks order desk immediately if you have any issues with the orders. Do not
wait until the customer comes to try it on to order any replacements!
Ask the customer to come in early if the garment arrives early.
Keep the shipping boxes intact, as you will need them to ship the garments back.
The first (or initial) fitting (measuring) is done at booking. The ‘Final fitting’ is done when the
customer comes to pick up the tuxedo. If the garment comes in early, see if the customer can
try it on right away, rather than waiting until the appointment time. If any changes are necessary
(hopefully only sleeve or pant length), you must be capable of making changes immediately.
When a customer comes to pick up their tuxedo, it MUST be tried on before it is given to them
to ensure proper fit. This is for the customer’s sake, but it also helps you to protect yourself from
unfounded complaints. Neither you nor Derks is responsible for a poor fitting garment if a final
fitting is not completed. If someone is unable to come in or refuses to try on the garments, let
them know that you are not responsible if their rental does not fit. Make sure they sign for the
pick up as always.
Show excitement and care when handling the merchandise and you will get the customer
excited and increase the product’s value in their minds. It makes your merchandise seem more
special. Always start your demonstration by pointing out something unique or special about the
tuxedo the customer is trying on. Comment on the colour, style, fabric, and other features. Tell
them why it benefits them and why they look good in the tux or suit.
1. Remove the shirt and pants and hang them in the fitting room. Ask the customers to put them
on and come out when they are done with their shirt tucked in and their buttons done up. Place
the shoes outside of the change room while the customer is changing. Have a shoe horn ready.
2. When the customer comes out of the change room, check:
- Shirt: neck and sleeves
- Pants: waist and seat (adjust)
3. Ask the customer to try on the shoes. Make sure they are comfortable.
4. Clip on the suspenders. Ensure that pants are sitting at the correct height on their waist
(approximately 1” below their belly button). Adjust the waist of the pants with the sliders to
comfortable tightness.
Note: Suspenders should be clipped on the back first, each clip being approximately 1” from the
centre seam. Adjust the silver triangle on the back so that it sits between the shoulder blades.
Clip front of suspenders over first inside pleat. Tighten them until they give you resistance,
ensuring that they are not too loose or too tight.
5. Check length of pants. Pants should just touch the floor without shoes, or hit the top of the
sole with shoes on. If too long or short, mark for alterations.
6. Explain to the customer how to use the holes in the front pockets to pull down shirt.
Demonstrate how to put in studs (with a bow tie) and cufflinks.
7. Wrap the tie around the customer’s neck and adjust size. Explain how the tie hooks up and
adjusts. Put on the vest and button it for the customer. Adjust the strap in back to tighten or
loosen. If it’s a half back vest (mostly used for boys), adjust length and waist and buckle in the
8. Put on jacket to ensure a good fit (ten point frump – see below), ensure that the garment is
sitting properly before looking for problems. Make sure the shirt cuff does not show (in the past,
1/2” was the standard, but this is no longer the case, partially due to the difficulty of matching
each member of a bridal party to the same cuff length). If sleeves are too long or too short,
chalk for alterations.
9. Fold and pin the pocket square. Give a quick explanation on how to fold the pocket square, in
case it falls out. The standard formal fold for Derks is corner to corner (in a triangle) four times,
place in pocket and pull apart the pleats. If the pocket square falls too deep in the pocket,
suggest the customer put a tissue underneath or pin it to the jacket.
10. Have customers stand in front of a mirror to look over their tuxedo. Hope for a smile, not a
frown. If alterations are needed, explain to the customer what you are going to do.
12. If something does not fit right, perform any possible alterations. If no alterations can be
done, than finish the final fittings for the rest of the party and phone Derks as soon as possible
to order the necessary replacements.
13. Take the jacket off, unbutton or unclip accessories, remove links and studs, unbutton top
button and slip suspenders over shoulders, leaving them attached to their pants. Have
customer change. Hang everything up. Mark the Derks tag with any alterations or exchanges
being done to the garment. Alterations are to be hung on a separate hanger and tagged with an
alterations tag. Keep the rest of the garment in the store and take the alteration to the tailor, or
complete in your store.
The Ten Point Frump
These are ten points you should check for in the fit of a garment. If you follow these steps, the
customer will perceive you as an expert, and it will cause the jacket to drape straight and
proper. If you notice something that has to be altered, let the customer know before he lets you
1. Slip the jacket on the customer
2. Tug down the bottom of the jacket
3. Smooth the shoulders in the back
4. Move to the front and pull the lapels down toward the middle of the chest
5. Button the jacket (Always leave the bottom button undone. It is also acceptable to wear the
jacket open. Make sure the vest though is always fully buttoned.)
6. Adjust the upper lapel
7. Smooth the shoulders in the front
8. Pull the ends of both shirtsleeves down, check sleeve length
9. Tug at the bottom sides of the jacket
10. Adjust the tie
Last Minute Changes
As the day of a customer’s special event nears, sometimes last minute changes need to be
made. In these cases, it is important for staff to follow procedures in order to notify Derks
production. Following procedures will help to ensure customer satisfaction, and will help make
the process of getting the correct product to the customer run smoothly.
All changes within 30 days of the pickup day of a wedding are subject to a $10.00 fee per
tuxedo. They can make as many changes as they like before the one month deadline at no cost.
Remember though, if the garment they change has a different cost the price will change
accordingly as well, make sure to do a new costing sheet to keep track. There can be additional
costs for express shipping or different couriers make sure to charge your customer.
Please contact Derks as soon as you are aware a change is necessary. DO NOT put it off until
the end of the day, because the delivery of the changed item will depend on availability of the
item, the schedule of the courier and availability of a Derks staff member to process the order.
Nothing will be shipped out on Saturdays, Sundays or Statutory Holidays so please place
your orders as soon as possible, unless it is an emergency.
Occasionally we will not have the requested size or style of an item. In these events it is
important to have a “Plan B.” Have the customer pick out two or three styles of jackets if they
require a unique size or style. We at Derks will do our best to try and find a style that is similar in
appearance as well as cost that would be suitable, but the customer must always have the final
There is nothing worse for a customer than coming to pick up his tuxedo to find out, at the last
minute, that there is a problem. For this reason, it is also important to measure the customer
properly the first time. Double-check all measurements that you’re unsure of. If the customer is
irritated while you measure, or if you need to measure a child that is misbehaved, just take your
time. It’s better for the customer to be a little irritated during the first fitting than during final
fittings when their outfit needs replacements. If the measurements are supplied, try and work
out a time for the customer to come in a double check, just to make sure.
Garment Delivery
Once you have completed the final fitting process you must deliver the garment to the customer.
This is the final opportunity that you have to ensure that the garment the customer is receiving is
in perfect condition.
Once the final fit is complete and alterations are retrieved, call the customer to the front till
Here you will check off with the customer by showing him that each item he has ordered is in
his packaged tuxedo and have him sign for it.
Make sure the garment is put in a Derks garment bag in the same condition that it was
received from the Service Centre.
Add a replacement button to the inside pocket of the jacket and let the customer know that
the warehouse has checked that the buttons are tight, but a spare pin on button has been
included for emergency.
Inform the customer that he may phone us during store hours on the wedding day if he has
any questions or concerns. We may be able to help.
Collect final payment.
Be quite strict in a polite way. Tell the customer when his tuxedo is due back and that it is
important it is returned in the same condition it was received. Inform him that he WILL be
charged $20 per day if he does not return his tuxedo by noon the day after the event!
Have the customer sign one copy of the delivery and give him the one with the return time
clearly written on it.
Give the customer his tuxedo, congratulate him, and tell him to have an AWESOME TIME!
It’s that easy!
Garment Returns
Follow these steps on taking back a return:
Greet the customer as soon as he walks into the store.
Ask how the customer’s function went (Wedding, grad, cruise).
Take the garment from the customer (Don’t let him stand there holding it).
Check to ensure that all items rented are received back in the bag complete and not
damaged (Jacket, pant, shirt, vest, tie, cufflinks, pocket square, suspenders and shoes).
Check all pockets thoroughly to make sure the customer has not left any valuables behind.
Have the customer sign for it.
If an item is missing, charge the customer for that item using the “missing items” price list
found on page ___
Thank the customer for his business and remind him that his sizes are kept on file for future
reference (As long as it is your store’s policy to do so). Also remind him that he could order
his next rental by phone if he does so through your store. If he does rent another tuxedo
please include the measurements upon placing the order, as the only way Derks can find
previous measurements is by the reservation number of the last rental.
Pack up the garment in the same boxes they came in. Please consolidate boxes if possible
to reduce shipping costs
Please make sure all garments are on hangers and in the garment bags.
Schedule a pick up for your boxes
You can call Purolator toll free at 1-888-SHIP-123
Or Greyhound at 1-877-463-6446. You can also schedule online.
Use the preprinted waybill that was sent to you with your garments. Make sure that it is
shipped back to us collect by ground.
If for any reason Purolator does not pick up your boxes, please call our order desk to let
Derks know that they will be late to avoid any additional charges.
Any late returns MUST be charged a $20.00 per day late fee. A Derks Wholesale Manager
must authorize all exceptions.
Tuxedos are due back in the store on the first business day after the event, or on the first day
available if you are shipping from a location two business days away. From there, the orders are
to be picked up by our courier and delivered back to the warehouse. Please be aware of how
long the courier takes to get your orders back to Edmonton. All tuxedos must be returned to the
Derks warehouse by noon the Tuesday following the customer’s event. All orders must be
shipped from your location on Monday if it is shipped later than that the customer must pay for
this or you must notify us why. This is up to our manager discretion. All tuxedos must be in their
garment bags. The replacement cost on a garment bag is $10.00.
Last Minute Orders and Cancellations
Any tuxedoes that have been ordered fewer than seven shipping days before the event are
subject to a $15.00 last minute fee per order. Also, any tuxedo that is cancelled ten days prior to
the event date will be charged a $35.00 administration fee and the remaining balance will be
credited to the invoice it pertains to. No accessories can be refunded after being shipped. These
charges are in place because there are large costs involved in bringing a garment to this point in
the procedure. Whether special attention, rushed cleaning, pressing and alterations, or paid
shipping, a cancelled or last minute order takes a lot of work to handle.
Customer Complaints
Whether it’s bad service, problems with the product, measurement mistakes, wrong style codes,
warehouse mistakes, or just grouchy customers, inevitably not every customer we assist is
going to be satisfied with what they’ve paid for. This is why we must do everything we can to
prevent problems through following procedures, understanding technique, proper
communication and quality control.
Derks and our agents believe in getting our customers to leave happy so that they will become
returning customers, and word spreaders. So together, we will do whatever we can to work out
issues, but we must also be strict to prevent major losses on either part.
By making last minute exchanges to problem garments, we should be able to solve most
problems before they become an issue, and you should assure the customer of this.
The Big Cost
By the time we deliver a garment to a customer, together we have already spent a very large
sum. We’ve paid for shipping (Sometimes twice if exchanges are necessary), spent time
cleaning and tailoring (which we must do again next time), lost the ability to rent the garment to
anyone else that weekend, and spent YOUR employee time booking, fitting and making
adjustments. If we end up returning money to a customer, we haven’t just lost profit; we’ve got
to eat a huge amount of costs. That’s why it’s important to explain this to your customers and
not allow them to push you around. Discounts will not be given unless there was a grave error
on Derks part. We will try our best to help you out but sometimes there is not much we can do.
How to Handle a Complaint
In the event that a customer returns a garment and is unhappy with how things turned out, ask
the customer to explain the situation while you write down their comments and information on
the standard Derks “Agent Multi Form.” Apologize that they were not happy and try to explain
why things may have happened how they did. For example: “I’m sorry that the button popped off
on your jacket. We always check to make sure it’s tight, but sometimes that happens and it’s
impossible to prevent these things all the time,” or: “I know that the shirt seemed baggy on you,
but when we measured you we asked if you wanted to go up a size to have extra room for your
neck.” Once you explain the way the business works and treat them with respect, most
customers will calm down and let it go.
If a customer will not back down, or you find out that it was the fault of your store which caused
the mistake, try offering the customer a gift certificate for your store. A gesture of good faith
such as this will keep the customer viewing you and Derks in a positive light, and will get them
to come back in for more business!
Remember this rule: If the customer gets what they ask for, they have no reason to get their
money back. Many customers may complain that we didn’t get everything exactly right the first
time (they couldn’t pick everything up when they came in on Wednesday for example), but all
that we can guarantee is that we will get them the garments they ask for in time for their event.
When two companies exist between the garment and the customer, it requires a fine balance to
find where fault lies. If a customer returns unhappy and you believe that Derks is responsible,
you must submit the issue in writing using our Agent Multi Form (below). Please fill it out in full,
and then attach it to the garment. Explain to the customer that refunds must be approved
through head office, and that you will contact them when you receive a response. Do not
PROMISE anything! Once we receive the tuxedo back at our head office, and it is found that the
problem was the fault of Derks, a credit will be added to your account. You must follow up to
ensure that a credit has been approved by Derks head office before you decide to give a refund,
otherwise you may end up stuck with the whole cost!
Agent Multi Form
This form is designed for cancelled orders, credit
requests and un-used items.
When returning cancelled orders, they must be
clearly tagged with the Agent Multi Form and credit
memo number. This information is required for you
to receive your credit.
If you are requesting credit for any error or oversight
on the part of Derks you MUST clearly record what
the issue was on the Agent Multi Form. You must
also include the credit confirmation number in order
to receive your credit.
To get your Credit memo Number, Please email
[email protected] Briefly explain why a credit
should be issued. The person on the order desk will
need the number that is imprinted on the top right
hand corner of the multi form. Then they will give you
the credit confirmation number for the multi form
Each credit request needs to go through a review
process before it can be approved and issued. This
can take up to a week after the credit request has
been submitted.
If you have extra, or un-used items, clearly record
what it is on the Agent Multi Form and attach it to the
item when returning it. Mark the garment as ‘CLEAN’
on a hang tag attached to the item, so we know it’s
ready to be immediately given out again. Please note
that there will be no credit for unworn shoes.
New Account Set Up Policy Charge Accounts
You are invited to open an account on approved credit. Everything you need is included herein.
Please allow one (1) week to process your applications. Until your account is approved all orders will
require a credit card on file and orders will be charged to the card.
Minimum Account Requirements
If your requirements do not average $300.00 or more monthly, payment is required before shipment
of orders by either credit card, cheques or e-transfer otherwise orders will be sent COD.
Account Payment
All accounts should forward account payments to
Derks Formals
Corporate Office
8109-102 St., Edmonton Alberta
T6E 4A4
Call: 780-433-4600
Fax credit card payments to 780-433-7702
Email: [email protected]
All payments must be in the Corporate Office by due date to avoid interest charges. All payments
must be made payable to Derks Formals Ltd.
Credit Limits
To increase your credit limit a new credit application must be completed. You must be in good standing
for 180 days before an increase. All accounts exceeding their credit limit will have their orders sent
out COD Plus basis. We also require a credit card on file as a backup.
*First year terms: credit card on file is charged when your order is shipped
Terms & Billing Once Credit is established
Terms: Net due 30 Days from "date of invoice."
All invoices are emailed out to your provided email. Payment date is deemed to be the
date payment is received at Derks Corporate Office. Service charge of 1.5% will be
added per month (18% per year) on all invoices. A minimum charge of $0.75 per month
on past due accounts.
As a convenience, we suggest you send a cheque along with your return rental garment as per your
invoice amount (Or a postdated cheque for the due date). A Service Charge of $75.00 will be applied
to all NSF cheques
After one (1) NSF cheque, agents will be placed on COD Plus basis until their account balance is
zero or the agent must have a credit card to pay before the garments leave the warehouse
Overdue Accounts
We reserve the right to refuse shipment to any account that is delinquent in returning tuxedos, or in
keeping their account paid to date. They will remain that way for 30 days until good credit is
A past due account over 30 days will be placed on COD basis until credit has been
established. Accounts over 60 days will be placed on COD Plus basis.
All payments must indicate invoice number being paid; otherwise any payment received will be
applied to the oldest outstanding invoice or interest amount, unless otherwise specified on the
Acceptance of Responsibilities
The agent will be responsible for all costs that Derks charges as a result of not following the guidelines
It is the agent’s responsibility then to seek compensation from the customer for all extra charges due to
the customer’s disrespect of the rental garment or the guidelines set out by Derks.
Listed Rental Prices
All wholesale rental prices are for complete outfits. (Excluded our New Diamond Collection Shirts)
Individual rental pieces are available and will be charged for individually (See price list).
All confirmations are sent automatically by email. If we do not have an email on file for you, we
will fax them.
Insurance Waiver Fee
The insurance waiver fee covers cleaning and all minor tears, rips, stains, burns, etc. Malicious
damage, ruined garments, or theft will not be covered. The insurance waiver fee of $8.00 will be
added to EVERY order, including orders for individual pieces or boys rentals.
1. Orders will be shipped by Purolator Courier (ground) prepaid
2. Orders will be shipped out no later than 72 hours prior to pick up date
3. Shipping charges will be billed to you for rush orders that require another carrier other than
Purolator Courier
4. Individual order shipments under $75.00 will have a shipping and handling of $15.00 or the shipping
rate, whichever is higher, added to the order that goes out.
5. Purolator Shipping Deadlines must be adhered to, cut off time for shipments is 3:00PM unless there
is an emergency.
If an error is made by Derks Formals, the replacement item will be shipped PREPAID. The
replacement items due to agent error will be billed for shipping. The shipping charge will vary
based on your location. Derks Formals has added $10 to your margin in order to cover the cost of
sleeve or pant hem alterations should you need to have them done by a local tailor. If you still
wish to have a replacement item, there will be a charge.
Pick tickets with confirmation numbers are attached to the shipment.
Packing Slips are sent with shipments.
Returns & Late Returns
"When you're late... we're late too."
 Late returns must be sent back by the fastest means possible, at YOUR expense.
 Garments must be shipped out to us on Monday following the use date, or will be subject to a
rebilling charge of $10.00 per day, per tuxedo, up to the full replacement cost. Please return
all suits in the same manner in which they were delivered. Suits, as well as shoes, should be
in original garment bags, hanging on a hanger.
Rush Fee
A $15.00 rush order charge will be applied to every order (exlcuding funerals) received in our office
seven (7) days prior to the date of use. Please note there may be additional shipping costs on orders
that need to be shipped express or through a courier other than Purolator
Damaged & Lost Merchandise
Damaged or lost merchandise will be billed to your account at replacement or repair cost. See “Lost
Merchandise Price List.”
Fashion Show Policies
Derks Formals Ltd. must have one (1) week notice for all fashion shows. This notice must
include all measurements of the models.
Because we would like to show as much of our stock as possible at one show, we will ask for
the colour scheme of the show, and Derks will provide all different jacket styles accordingly.
We will be happy to supply additional tuxedos for other shows, at a cost of $35.00 per tuxedo, to
cover dry cleaning and alterations.
The agent will be responsible for the freight charges both ways, invoiced when sent by Derks.
Derks will not be able to supply for fashion shows between the months of May through
Agents Exclusive with Derks Formals
Agents exclusive with Derks Formals Ltd. will be able to get tuxedos for two (2) fashion shows per year
with shipping being the only expense. The number of free tuxedos will be determined by 10% of your
previous year's tuxedo rentals up to a maximum of 20 tuxedos.
Agents Not Exclusive with Derks Formals
Agents not exclusive with Derks Formals Ltd. will be able to get tuxedos for one (1) fashion show per
year with shipping being the only expense. The number of free tuxedos will be determined by 5% of
your previous year's tuxedo rentals up to a maximum of 10 tuxedos.
Co-op Advertising
If requested, Derks will provide graphic advertising.
Advertising credits are calculated using the total net orders (Less all credits, returns, and late fees)
from the previous calendar year. Derks Formals Ltd. will credit up to 2% of this total for advertising
cost, but not more than 50% of the eligible space/time cost for any one advertisement. This excludes
ads including any other Formalwear suppliers or Yellow Page Advertising.
To qualify for this credit, you must submit the following within 30 days: Copy of the advertisement,
Copy of the invoice, and the Advertising Credit Form filled out in full.
All credits will be applied to your account.
Send attention to:
[email protected]
All cancellations must receive a CREDIT MEMO NUMBER to receive credit. The credit memo
number is received by email: [email protected]
No charge for orders cancelled ten (10) days prior to shipment. Orders cancelled later than ten (10) days
prior to shipment or delivery are subject to a $35.00 service charge, plus shipping and handling, for single
orders not going out with other orders.
When returning cancelled and unused orders they must be clearly marked with an "AGENT
MULTIFORM" attached with the credit confirmation number in order to receive your credit.
If you don’t do this and ask for a credit later it will not be credited.
Shoes and other accessories may not be cancelled once they have been shipped. If a customer
orders them, they will be charged for them (No credit allowed).
Credit Note Request
A request for credit must be accompanied by the invoice number, a credit memo number and an
"AGENT MULTIFORM" addressed to the attention of the Accounts Receivable Department, attached to
the garment. Approvals will only be granted after requests are reviewed and inspected by Derks
"AGENTS MULTIFORMS" must be used to receive proper credit. This is required by the office to
properly credit your account.
Retail Purchases
Retail merchandise stocked by Derks Formals Ltd. is available to agents at the full retail price less
30%. New and used rental or retail formalwear merchandise is cost plus 30%.
Retail items will be shipped collect by Purolator according to the area, including shipping fees. Any
retail merchandise returned will be subject to a 15% restocking fee.
There will be extra discounts given for bulk orders. Ask for discounts on large orders.
Vendor Responsibility Clause
The Vendor shall not be responsible for damages (whether direct or indirect) in respect of lost profits
and/or any other losses resulting from the partial or entire inexecution of the present contract for
reasons beyond its control.
Promotions Policy
In order for Derks Formals to be competitive in our own market place we need to promote our retail
store locations.
Derks gives out authorized promotional pieces to all brides at bridal shows, and also mails them out to
all brides on our mailing lists, supplied from participating bridal shows.
Both have an expiry date and must be used before this time. Should you receive any of these
promotional offers you will have the option to participate should you so desire. If you decide to
participate, you must handle them in the following manner:
Authorized promotion coupons will not be deducted from your invoice until the customer’s wedding or
event takes place. All promotions are considered partnership promotions between Derks and our
agents. This means that the discount follows the relationship pattern of 70% discount from the Agent
and 30% from Derks. Derks Formals will credit your account for the value of the promotion when all of
the stipulations below are met:
The customer must book before the expiry date on the coupon, and the coupon must be faxed then
mailed into Derks upon booking. Booking of the rental (Or in the case of a wedding party, only the
groom) must be prior to coupon expiry. The coupon qualifications must be adhered to.
The confirmation number of the person receiving the discount must be written on the authorized
promotion coupons.
The name of the person receiving the discount must be written on the authorized promotion coupons.
The Date of the wedding must be recorded.
The credit is issued on your account when the wedding has taken place and the rentals are shipped
and confirmed.
All promotions have a promotion code on them. They are the only ones that are valid.
• Please note: No credits will be processed if the above criteria is not met.
Lost and Damaged Price List 2016
 Basic
 Super 100 Fabric Jackets
 Super 120 Fabric Jackets
 Designer Jackets (Super 130)
 Flat Front (Any Style other than Designer)
 Designer Pants (Super 130)
 Full and Half Back
 Basic Solid
 Fanny
(Dot Matrix)
 Any style of shoe
 Any style of tie
Bow Tie
 Any style of bow tie
Pocket Squares
 Any style of pocket square
 Any style of shirt
 Suspenders
 Garment Bag
 Basic Cuff Links
Please note that our prices to replace damaged or lost items are lower the purchase
prices on items as we are trying to be fair with you and your customer. We value you and
your customer and are just trying to cover our costs to replace items and not make a
Swatch Cards

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