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2 Belleville • Community Profile
New York
The Belleville Advantage
Belleville is centrally located within the heart of North America, within 500 miles of
Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa, Chicago and New York City.
Belleville is the ideal setting to locate businesses requiring access to Canadian, U.S.
and International markets.
1. Location: Highway 401 corridor links the City to major markets in Canada and
the U.S;
2. Labour & Wages: Competitive wages, skilled workforce available that is
well-educated, motivated and efficient; weak union presence;
Belleville was
rated the
second most
community in
3. Transportation: Competitive Costs & Comprehensive service – both Canadian
Pacific Railway (CPR) and Canadian National Railway (CNR) run directly through
the City and access the City’s industrial park. Airport services provided at CFB
Trenton (15 km from Belleville) which has a 10,000 foot paved runway capable of
handling the world’s largest aircraft;
4. Available Land & Buildings: Municipal and private land and buildings available
for immediate development at competitive prices;
5. Training: Post-Secondary Education in the City delivers sector-specific training,
customized employee training and wage subsidies available, training
internships available;
6. Infrastructure: Competitively priced, reliable and available;
7. Diverse Economy: The City’s strong, diverse industrial base produces
everything from plastics and packaging to auto parts, research &
development, distribution, food processing and customer contact centres;
8. Communication: State-of-the-art infrastructure consisting of digital switching
and fibre optic cabling;
9. Centre of it all: Belleville is the commercial, employment, institutional,
entertainment and cultural centre of the region;
10. Quality of Life: An inviting blend of urban and rural landscapes with all the
amenities to keep you healthy, happy and active;
Belleville • Community Profile 3
Belleville’s History
The earliest known settlement was an Indian village, “Asaukhknosk,” replaced by a
French Mission “Kente,” and thereafter named for prominent citizens, “Thurlow
Village,” “Singleton’s Creek” and “Meyers Creek.”
In 1789 some fifty United Empire Loyalists settled here. The most notable was Captain
John Walden Meyers, a true renaissance man. Hardworking and resourceful, he built
a dam on the Moira River and erected a sawmill, a gristmill and a distillery. He operated
a trading post and a brick kiln. He is credited with building the first brick house in Upper
Canada in 1794. Meyers’ gristmill drew settlers from Napanee to Port Hope to have their
grinding done and the community soon became known as Meyers’ Creek.
The Moira River, which meanders its way through the city, played an important role in
the early stages of the community’s development. A strong demand for timber in England
led to Belleville’s development as a bustling lumber town. Rich forests nearby were
easily accessible by the river and French Canadian loggers were a familiar sight in the
community. The logs were cut into timber at several local mills and loaded on schooners
or were rafted and taken down the St. Lawrence to Quebec. With its export trade in
lumber and flour Belleville’s harbour was alive with vessels of every description.
Belleville soon gained the reputation as the most prosperous town in Upper Canada.
A visit in the spring of 1816, by Sir Francis Gore, Lieutenant-Governor of Upper Canada
and his wife, Lady Arabella, inspired the residents to change the name of their
settlement to Belleville in honour of the fair lady.
The lumber boom peaked and the arrival of the Grand Trunk Railway in 1856 gave Belleville
a link with Montreal and Toronto. For many years the railway was Belleville’s largest
employer. In 1866 discovery of gold near Madoc earned Belleville the name “Gateway to
the Golden North” as miners stopped for supplies on their way north of the city.
While the lumber trade declined towards the end of the nineteenth century industries
were expanding. Handcrafted, pioneered items gave way to factory made goods. Iron
foundries, furniture manufacturers, plants producing wagons, carriages, candles and
soap abounded. Situated in the centre of a cheese-producing district Belleville became
renowned for its world-class cheddar.
From the pioneering past to the present vibrant community, Belleville continues to enjoy
a diverse industrial base along with strong links to agriculture and its waterfront.
4 Belleville • Community Profile
The population in the City of Belleville traditionally experiences steady growth in all
ranges. There have been above average increases in the 50+ category and this
reflects the City’s success attracting seniors to this beautiful community.
The projected growth for this region is 1% per year.
Regional Population Demographics
(2011 Census)
Age Groups
Quick Facts
Regional Population Projections
49,454 (2011 census)
Estimated Average
Household Income
Estimated Disposable
Income per Household
2012 Estimate
2014 Projected
2017 Projected
Source: FP Markets - Census Agglomeration
Census Agglomeration includes the City of Belleville and the City of Quinte West.
Belleville • Community Profile 5
Labour Force
Belleville’s skilled labour force is one of the greatest benefits of
doing business here. Labour is generally drawn from a 40 – 50km
radius around the City of Belleville, representing a population
base of more than 200,000 skilled and unskilled, motivated
people. The Greater Quinte Area’s labour force is 100,000 strong.
Other highlights of our labour force include a strong work ethic,
weak union presence and competitive wage rates.
Belleville has a very diverse industrial base that includes food
processing, automotive parts, plastics & packaging, bio-tech,
transportation, metals, warehousing, and pharmaceuticals.
Canada has the second lowest manufacturing wages in the G7,
and Belleville offers some of the most competitive wages
ranging from just over $10.25/hour to $22.00/hour and up for
skilled labour.
The City of Belleville provides an affordable life style with a very
high quality of life. This combination has made the Quinte region
an attraction for those searching for an alternative to large urban
centres. This has allowed the City of Belleville to attract and
retain skilled labour at lower costs, which translates into an
economical advantage for local industry. A highly skilled labour
force with a commitment to its community and its employer is a
proven combination that is hard to beat.
Industry Sectors
Total experience labour force 15 years and over 25,000
Other Services
Wholesale Trade
Business Services
Retail Trade
Educational Services
Finding Available Labour
Agriculture and
other resourcebased industries
Health Care and
Social Services
Finance and Real Estate
*2006 Census
Only in Belleville will you find the innovative ‘Work in Belleville’
Program! Staff collect and organize resumes from people who
want to work – they’re categorized according to skill set and made
available to any local employer looking to hire! It’s convenient,
free, fast and designed to save employers time and money.
6 Belleville • Community Profile
Belleville offers elegant living in rural and urban settings, only moments from
work and at affordable prices. Housing options include Victorian homes,
apartments and condominiums, retirement living, skillfully planned subdivisions
and waterfront properties. Every option for housing is available in Belleville at
prices that are less than half what you would pay in larger urban centres. In
Belleville you can enjoy all the options, services and features of a big city in a
close knit, affordable and safe community.
Indicators of Economic Growth
New Dwelling Units (2002 - 2012) City of Belleville
Single Dwellings
Multi Dwelling
Total New Dwellings
City of Belleville Building Permit Value
“ The Friendly City;
A Beautiful
Place to Live”
Belleville • Community Profile 7
19 Elementary Schools
1 Special Education School
6 High Schools
2 Provincial Demonstration Schools
5 Private Schools
3 Career Colleges
1 College
Belleville offers a number of
educational opportunities at the
elementary, secondary and postsecondary levels. The City’s two
public school boards, Hastings &
Prince Edward District School
Board and the Algonquin &
Lakeshore Catholic District
School Board operate well-respected
educational facilities. Within the school board
system, French immersion is available as well as educational
support and assessment programs for children who face learning challenges.
Several private schools catering to every range are also available in Belleville.
Loyalist College offers over 60 career-focused post-secondary programs in the
areas of architecture and building sciences, biosciences, business and
management studies, health and human studies, justice studies, media studies
and skills training. Programs vary in length and include one-year post-graduate
and certificate programs, two and three year diplomas and a Collaborative
Nursing Degree program with Brock University.
Loyalist Training and Knowledge Centre specializes in workplace learning and
performance for organizations and individuals. Programs are customized to meet
specific training needs – ranging from management development to new skills
for workers.
The Sustainable Skills, Technology, and Life Sciences Centre is a new multi-use
facility for technology and trades training that combines renewed “green” space
and new space and showcases the integration of green design and technologies
into a learning environment. This state-of-the-art facility is dedicated to a wide
range of skills training including leading edge programs in manufacturing, skilled
trades, biotechnology and environmental sciences.
For information visit: or call 1-888-569-2547.
8 Belleville • Community Profile
Albert College programs a renowned independent school offering PreKindergarten to Grade 12/Postgraduate and provides high quality education to
boarding and day students from Canada and around the world.
For information visit: or call 613-968-5726, toll free at
Sir James Whitney School is an educational campus with residential and day
programs serving elementary and secondary deaf and hard-of-hearing students.
Rich in history and tradition this specialized school offers unique and challenging
curriculum for all their students.
For information visit: or call 613-967-2823, toll free at 1-800-501-6240.
Maxwell College of Advanced Technology is a private college offering diploma
programs in specialized health and business forums.
For information visit: or call 613-962-7846.
Academy of Learning is a private college that offers over 30 diploma and
certificate programs.
For information visit: or call 613-967-8973.
There are two universities within close proximity to Belleville; Queen’s University
in Kingston and Trent University in Peterborough.
Belleville • Community Profile 9
Parks & Recreation Opportunities
The Bay of Quinte is your
Eastern Ontario travel and
vacation destination!!
For more travel
information visit:
The City maintains over 500 acres of parkland at 55 locations throughout the community.
Children will enjoy playing at Zwick’s Park along the Bayshore Trail or at the Pirate Ship
Park. Active living for all ages is a priority for Belleville Council and the variety and
proliferation of active parkland in Belleville proves it!
More than 26km of hiking/cycling trails that meander along the Bay of Quinte or Moira
River are available for your enjoyment year round.
There are more than 15 regional golf courses to choose from offering a variety of golf
experiences. Our courses have hosted some of Ontario’s premiere golfing events, and
yet still offer challenges for everyone from the beginner to the champion.
Our beautiful waterfront is always bustling with
activity with boats coming in to dock
for the season. We have two
excellent harbour facilities with
approximately 120 slips available at
Victoria Harbour and Meyers’ Pier.
Belleville plays host to numerous
festivals and special events and
several fishing tournaments that take
place throughout the year. Winter offers
an array of wonderland opportunities
with hockey, ice-skating, ice-sailing, icefishing, tobogganing and much more.
Belleville is also home to the Quinte
Curling Club, boating/rowing clubs and
associations, YMCA and our very own junior
ice hockey team, the OHL Champion Belleville
Bulls. For more information about the Bulls visit:
10 Belleville • Community Profile
City’s Recreation, Culture
and Community Service’s Department runs a
full roster of recreational programming throughout the City yearround. MA Sills Park is one of Ontario’s best track and field facilities and has hosted
a number of premiere track-and-field events. The new Quinte Sports & Wellness
Centre provides an array of services.
The new facility includes:
• Two new NHL sized ice pads and all amenities (including warm viewing)
in addition to the Wally Dever & Yardmen Arenas
• An Aquatic Facility with an 8 lane 25 metre pool, along with a pre-school pool
and a therapeutic pool
• A social gathering place in the new Public Atrium
• Customer Service Counter with public and tourist information
• Community recreation, leisure, social and cultural spaces
• A Seniors Centre, Youth Drop in Room and 3 Fitness Areas
• Large double Multi-Use Gymnasium Space which can be a performance or event
venue for up to 500 people
• Indoor rubberized and heated walking and running track
• Retail space including food services & proshop
• Expanded parking
• Improved and enhanced entrances
• New City Transit stop
For more information please contact our Recreation, Culture and Community
Services Department at 613-966-4632 or visit
Belleville • Community Profile 11
Arts & Culture
“There is something for
everyone’s cultural
taste in Belleville”
Belleville offers a thriving arts and cultural community with something for
everyone. Symphony, ballet, theatre and concert events are just a sample of the
culture in Belleville.
As well as scheduled events, the city has a number of permanent year round
attractions to entice visitors. Explore the galleries, enjoy live theatre productions
or take a tour of one of our museums.
Glanmore National Historical Site
Belleville Scout Guide Museum
The Regimental Museum
Hastings Heritage Centre
The Quinte Symphony
The Quinte Ballet School of Canada
Pinnacle Playhouse
The Empire Theatre
The Empire Square Live
Galaxy Cinemas
Quinte Film Alternative
Quinte Arts Council
Gallery 121
John M. Parrott Art Gallery
Belleville Art Association
Waterfront Fine Art Gallery
12 Belleville • Community Profile
Savour the Chill (February)
Maple Syrup Festival (March)
Quinte Sportsman Boat & RV Show (March)
Quinte Home & Renovation Show (March)
Walleye World Live Release Fishing Tournament (May)
Victoria Day Celebrations (May)
Big Music Fest (June)
Quinte Garden Tour (June)
Belleville Idol (July)
Canada Day Celebrations (July)
Waterfront & Ethnic Festival (July)
Rotary Loves Kids Event (July)
Big Brothers Big Sisters Quinte Ribfest (August)
Regional Farm Show & Plowing Match (August)
Quinte Exhibition (September)
Downtown Art Walk (September)
Country Harvest Fall Family Festival (October)
Santa Claus Parade (November)
Empire Square Live (Seasonal)
Farmer’s Market
(Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, throughout the year)
Quinte Ballet School Concerts (Seasonal)
Belleville Lions Concert in the Park (Seasonal)
Quinte Symphony Series (Year-round)
Pinnacle Playhouse Series (Year-round)
Health Care
Belleville is the core of the Quinte Health Care Corporation, consisting of four fullyaccredited hospitals throughout the region. Its main facility, Belleville General
Hospital (BGH), and corporate headquarters are located within the City of Belleville.
Quinte Health Care Belleville General Hospital currently provides primary and
secondary care with a total of 192 beds, and offers a full range of clinics, diagnostic
services, support services and outreach programs.
In February of 2010, QHC opened the new Charlotte Sills Wing which features:
• Spacious and bright patient rooms
• Outdoor patios for fresh air and therapy
• Large combined dining/recreation area for Complex Continuing Care
• Children’s Treatment Centre with numerous rooms for assessment and treatment
• New facilities for the Pre-School Speech and Language Program
• A family resource centre
• A fully equipped kitchen for assessment of meal preparation
• A mobility clinic room; and group treatment rooms
QHC is currently renovating the emergency department, hospital laboratory, surgical
suites and medical and mental health units at QHC Belleville General Hospital.
QHC Belleville General Hospital is located at:
265 Dundas St. E,
Belleville, ON K8N 5A9
613-969-5511 or visit:
After-hours clinics and medical service clinics are located throughout the City,
including a wide range of holistic health care providers. The provincial government
offers a 24-hour/day, 7 day/week toll-free hotline (1-866-797-0000) staffed by
registered nurses to answer any non-emergency health-related questions.
Hastings and Prince Edward Health Unit is headquartered in Belleville, providing
dozens of programs and services, along with reliable health information, to local
residents. For more information contact: 613-966-5500.
As a result of an innovative and successful Doctor Recruitment Program in
Belleville many family doctors are currently accepting new patients. To register
for a family doctor call Health Care Connect at 1-800-445-1822 or visit their website
Belleville • Community Profile 13
“In Belleville you
are never more
than 10 minutes
from home, work,
or play!”
Historic Belleville is the community’s
financial centre and also provides a
wide range of services and
specialty stores. The downtown is
located in the City’s centre on the
shores of the beautiful Bay of
Quinte and Moira River. Explore
the local stores and galleries, or
relax at one of the spas or
salons and tempt your taste
buds at one of the many
restaurants. Take some time
to visit the Farmers Market
on Tuesdays, Thursdays
and Saturdays at Market
Square. There are many fine
restaurants and bistros to choose from and
afterwards, catch a play or a concert at one of the theatres.
Downtown hosts many special events throughout the year with everything
from art walks to music festivals to sidewalk sales. Discover downtown Belleville
today. For more information on our downtown visit:
or call 613-968-2242.
The Quinte Mall offers over 125 stores and services, including Sears, Staples,
Chapters and Toys R Us as well as entertainment services such as Galaxy
Cinemas Multiplex Theatre. For more information visit:
In addition to these fine shopping options, the City also offers stores and
services from recognizable retail names such as Lowes, Walmart, Home Depot,
Canadian Tire, The Gap, Oshkosh, Bed, Bath & Beyond, Future Shop, Best Buy,
Michaels and many others.
14 Belleville • Community Profile
Belleville Public Library & John M. Parrott Art Gallery
The Belleville Public Library is committed to providing the highest possible quality
service. The library actively engages the community and works collaboratively
with other community service providers to implement a positive and important
contribution to the quality of life in the community. The library develops and
delivers an innovative and diverse menu of quality, up-to-date resources that
respond to the ever-evolving needs in our city.
For more
information visit:
The Belleville Public Library and John M. Parrott Art Gallery is your accessible
link with the world, providing opportunities for personal inspiration, enrichment,
and recreation in a welcoming environment.
Belleville • Community Profile 15
We’re not just a great place to live and visit - we’re also a great place to build a
business. Whether it’s retail, commercial, industrial or a service sector business,
Belleville has the most efficient environment for you! Low land costs and labour
rates, combined with a great location and access to a huge market help our
businesses grow and remain competitive.
Commercial Areas
Downtown Belleville
Belleville’s historic city centre offers a nostalgic shopping experience and boutique
retail environment for business. Old brick buildings and modern architecture offer
up the ideal location for any business. The Moira River winds its way through the
downtown, adjacent to the main strip, with the Riverfront Trail alongside. The
downtown hosts small retail shops, fine dining experiences, cafes, theatres and
administrative services such as banks, law offices and medical clinics. The
Belleville Downtown Improvement Area supports the businesses within the
downtown core. For more information visit:
Bell Boulevard
Strategically located just off Highway 401, this commercial district is characterized
by a large regional shopping centre, the Quinte Mall, and several big-box retailers,
mini plazas, department stores, automotive service centres and supermarkets.
Considerable development potential remains in this growing commercial district.
North Front Street/Highway 62
Belleville’s growth and expansion can be tracked along this corridor, now
extending north of Highway 401. Fast food outlets, automotive dealerships, bigbox retailers and many retail and service outlets have established here. There is
great development and re-development potential that exists along this central
Dundas Street East
This area is characterized by its medical and health services, Belleville General
Hospital, commercial plazas, grocery stores and other services established to
meet the demands of this growing community. Located on Belleville’s bayshore, it
is sure to be favoured for future development.
16 Belleville • Community Profile
Industrial Areas
With a variety of industrial areas,
Belleville has strategically positioned
itself to accommodate new growth and
development. The current expansion of
the North-East Industrial Park combined
with the existing Bell Blvd. Business Park,
positions Belleville to attract and
maintain new investment.
For more information on available private
and public properties please visit
Taxes & Assessment
The City collects property taxes on behalf of the City of Belleville and the Province
of Ontario (Education). Each level of Government is responsible for its own tax rates.
The City of Belleville provides the following services to local residents through
the collection of the municipal portion of these taxes:
• Emergency & Protective
Safety Services
(fire protection, police,
by-law enforcement,
animal control)
• Public Works (roads,
transit, waste services)
• Development Services
(planning, economic
development, approvals,
building services)
• Recreation & Cultural
Services (parks, arena,
community centres,
libraries, recreation
• Municipal Government
2012 Tax Rates (rates shown for urban area)
Commercial (Excess Land)
Commercial (Vacant Land)
Industrial (Excess Land)
Industrial (Vacant Land)
Farmlands/Managed Forests
Belleville • Community Profile 17
For incentives and
program details
please visit:
Due to low labour costs, no development charges on industrial development, low
land costs, low utility costs and low property taxes, Belleville is one of the best,
most affordable locations in Ontario for business. In addition Belleville offers
lower start up and operating costs and to make the region even more attractive
to business, there are several Provincial incentive programs available.
The municipality has also established and implemented incentive programs to
achieve, promote and encourage improvements in the downtown core.
Through the designation of this important area of our community as a
“Community Improvement Plan (CIP)” several different incentives are in place
to encourage new development and the re-development of buildings in this
historic area of our City.
The façade improvement program was designed to encourage preservation of
the architectural traditions upon which the character of the downtown of the
City of Belleville is based; to encourage restoration and rehabilitation of the older
downtown buildings and maintaining consistency in design of these buildings;
and to preserve downtown Belleville’s unique historic character.
This program provides up to $7,500 for a single wall (façade); and $10,000 for two
(2) façades (front and side, or front and rear).
For more information on these programs, please visit our website at
18 Belleville • Community Profile
The tax rebate program is designed to encourage the upgrading and/or restoration
of existing buildings by providing an incentive for those who undertake such work
to benefit from gradual tax increases through a tax rebate program.
The downtown also benefits from reduced development charge fees and other
financial incentives. The provincial and federal governments may also offer
programming and incentives that support:
Community Development
Digital Media
Human Resources & Training
Belleville • Community Profile 19
Competitive development charge fees for the City of Belleville are imposed against
residential and commercial development in the municipality. There are no
development charges for industrial development in Belleville and we offer reduced
charges for the downtown core of the City. Other development charge amounts vary
depending on the type of unit that is being constructed. The planning application
fee and development charge information is available on the City’s website at:
Business Recognition
In Belleville, your business investment is appreciated!! This is
true when you make the decision to locate here, but
also as you grow and expand in the community. The
City participates in several local, regional, and
provincial events that highlight and reward the
accomplishments of local businesses.
The Quinte Business Achievement Awards are presented
annually as a commemoration of business excellence across the Bay
of Quinte region.
20 Belleville • Community Profile
Business Retention &
The City of Belleville is an international leader in the implementation of the Business
Retention & Expansion (BR&E) program. An annual ongoing program involving regular
interviews with local business has helped Belleville to perfect the process of
quantifying, understanding and responding to the needs and concerns of business.
As a result of comments from local businesses, the City of Belleville has been able
to respond to their needs by:
• Reducing business tax rates
• Completing specific infrastructure improvements
• Implementing several labour attraction initiatives
• Attracting 19 new family doctors to Belleville
• Adjusting the transit system to meet business needs
• Lobbying other levels of government for business friendly policies
• Many other site specific improvements and adjustments to help local business
Available Industrial &
Commercial Space and Land
Information on industrial lands and buildings is available on the City’s website at:
Economic & Strategic Initiatives will be pleased to assist businesses with exploring
the sites available in the City. Several existing buildings are available as well and
Belleville can offer some prime building sites, high quality, experienced design
builders and several progressive build-to-lease companies.
Belleville • Community Profile 21
“Our strategic
location provides
superior access
to markets
through various
modes of
The highway 401 corridor provides access to all large markets and Belleville has
three interchanges to the highway for your convenience. Provincial Highways 37
and 62 also provide direct access to northern regions within the province. Over
120,000,000 people are within a days drive of Belleville.
CN Rail owns and operates the largest fleet of equipment in Canada and is the only
transcontinental network in North America. This Class 1 railroad can cross the
continent east-west and north-south linking the Atlantic, Pacific and Gulf Coasts.
CP Rail owns and operates a transcontinental railway in Canada and the U.S. with
direct links to eight major ports, allowing access to markets in every corner of the
Belleville has ready access to miles of track as both rail mainlines run right through
the heart of the city making your shipping needs fast, efficient and accessible.
Canada’s largest Air Force Base, 8 Wing Trenton, is located just 10 minutes away
and is a convenient airport that can accommodate any size aircraft and is
available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week.
Toronto’s Pearson International Airport is a short drive from Belleville and provides
cargo flights to many U.S. and international destinations. Other convenient
international airports within Belleville’s vicinity are Ottawa and Montreal.
22 Belleville • Community Profile
Offered through the Picton Harbour, just 30km south of Belleville where large
boats can be easily accommodated.
Our city has several local and national courier services that offer convenient and
affordable standard and custom shipping options. In addition, more than 15 large
transportation companies, including custom transporters, are located in the area
and can accommodate any standard or custom shipping needs.
Travel Time to Major Cities
Montréal 3.5
New York 6.5
VIA Rail passenger service provides convenient, affordable connections to all
major cities including Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa. To further enhance this
service, a new VIA passenger station has been built in Belleville. This new station
will complement increased high speed rail service expected between Belleville
and several large urban centres.
As a way to support residents and businesses, Belleville operates a transit service
that runs 7 days per week and travels to most urban areas in the community.
Convenient bus stops and times have been carefully planned to ensure the most
efficient and user friendly service possible.
For more information visit:
A mobility bus service is also provided to ensure those with physical challenges
can readily travel throughout the community.
Beyond the city limits, passengers can travel aboard highway coaches offering
regular service to major cities.
Belleville • Community Profile 23
Belleville offers a reliable and economical
infrastructure of electricity, water, sanitary sewer,
high speed – large band width internet service,
natural gas and waste management services.
Belleville is serviced by two electricity providers,
Veridian Energy and Hydro One. Detailed information
can be obtained on rates and services available by
visiting their websites: and
Natural Gas
Belleville’s local natural gas provider is Union Gas which is a major Canadian
natural gas storage, transmission and distribution company based in Ontario with
over 100 years of experience and service to customers.
For further information visit:
Waste and Waste Reduction
The City of Belleville has implemented a User Pay Garbage System and several
innovative waste-reduction programs for its residents. Implementing several new
“green” initiatives around waste reduction and energy efficiency are a priority
for council and the benefits of these programs can be seen throughout the
community. For more information visit:
Through a partnership with Quinte Waste Solutions, Belleville and the
surrounding communities work with this organization to provide efficient and
effective curbside recycling, commercial recycling, household hazardous waste
collection and waste electronics collection. For more information visit:
24 Belleville • Community Profile
Business Support Services
Quinte Economic Development Commission (QEDC) provides regional marketing
programs that attract new manufacturing as well as strategic support that helps
local industries grow more competitive and profitable. For further information visit:
Trenval Business Development Corporation has been supporting small business in
the region since 1987, investing more than $20 million in small businesses generating
more than 4,000 jobs through loans, advisory services and the Self-Employment
Benefit Program in coordination with Employment Ontario.
Small Business Centre of Quinte facilitates both start-up and existing business and
focuses on providing a variety of products and services that will empower
entrepreneurs to seek positive resolutions to their business needs.
The Business Development Bank of Canada promotes entrepreneurship by
providing highly tailored financing, venture capital and consulting services to
Loyalist Training and Knowledge Centre offers a wide range of human resource
consulting, information technology, and training services to Federal and Provincial
government agencies, municipalities, businesses, manufacturers, retailers and
Manufacturing Resource Centre (MRC) has a primary mission to help local
manufacturing leaders in the Quinte region improve their capabilities,
competitiveness and sustainability.
Human Resources and Skills Development Canada administers federal government
employment programs and operates local employment centres. The HRSDC provides
employment services, labour market information, grants and contribution programs
for employers and unemployment benefit services.
Belleville and District Chamber of Commerce is an organization of local businesses
working together to support the business community and the community at large.
As “the voice of business” for Belleville this organization focuses on improving the
business climate in the community.
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Buy Locally Owned Group was started by a group of business owners who wanted
to establish a proactive and positive program to promote & recognize the role of the
locally owned businesses in the community. This organization places a strong
emphasis on supporting our local community and are actively involved in sponsoring
dozens of minor sports teams and community events such as Belleville's Canada
Day celebrations.
Loyalist College Community Employment Services provides employment programs
and services to help individuals attain their employment goals. Loyalist College
Community Employment Services also registers job vacancies and aides employers
to find the right person for the job.
Meta Employment Services is an Employment Ontario funded program and part of
the Employment Ontario network of organizations that provides one-stop shopping
for all your job search needs.
Quinte Home Builders Association is the voice of the residential construction
industry and consists of builders, land developers, trade contractors, manufacturers,
suppliers, utility representatives, professional people and others engaged in the
residential construction industry.
Quinte Construction Association is a non-profit organization that serves the needs
of the construction industry in the Quinte and surrounding area. The Association
serves as a spokesman for its member companies who compete annually in
approximately a hundred million dollars worth of industrial, commercial and
institutional construction.
Belleville Downtown Improvement Area has what is called a two-fold mandate:
• to improve, beautify and maintain public lands and buildings within the BIA,
beyond that which is provided by the municipality at large, and
• to promote the area as a business and shopping area
In carrying out these responsibilities, the BDIA has become involved in numerous
activities such as: Marketing, Business Recruitment, Streetscape Improvement, and
Seasonal Decorations. The BDIA offers many benefits to business operators,
property owners and even non-retailers and they work hard to improve the
downtown’s local atmosphere, increase economic activity and encourage more
local businesses to take part in local events.
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Glanmore National Historical Site
Glanmore National Historic Site
was designated a National
Historic Site of Canada in 1969 in
recognition of its exceptional
2nd Empire architecture.
Glanmore was built in 18821883 for wealthy banker J.P.C.
Phillips (1842-1912) and his
wife Harriet Dougall Phillips
(1839-1915). The grand interior
features beautiful hand-painted ceilings and
ornate woodwork. Many of Glanmore's rooms have been
restored to the 1890s and feature period room displays containing some
original furnishings as well as beautiful objects from the Couldery Collection.
The museum cares for an extensive collection of antique furniture, paintings and
ceramics. Local history is highlighted in Glanmore's lower level and includes the
Pre-Confederation Homestead exhibit and Maid of All Work: Domestic Service
at Glanmore. The Museum is open to the public six days a week and offers a
wide variety of programs and activities for schools and the general public.
Guided and self-guided tours are available year-round.
Glanmore National Historic Site opened as a museum in 1973. Glanmore is owned
by the City of Belleville and operated by the Recreation Culture and Community
Services Department.
For further information visit:
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Quick Facts
Location: Centrally located within the heart of North America and intersected by
Highway 401, Canada’s most travelled highway.
Population: 49,454 (2011 Census)
Market: More than 120 million people within a days drive
Total Private Dwellings: 22,153 (2011 Census)
Regional Labour Force: 92,000 (2006 Census)
Belleville’s Industrial Community
… name a few:
Kennametal Stellite
Avaya Inc.
Mapledale Cheese
Maxwell Paper
Berry Plastics
N2 Towers
Bioniche Life Sciences
Decoma Autosystems
Parmalat –
Donini Chocolate
Halla Climate Control
Black Diamond Cheese
The Kellogg Company
Time Zone:
Sister Cities:
(44˚9’N, 77˚24’W)
Zhucheng City (China)
Gunpo City (South Korea)
Lahr (Germany)
Winter: December to March
Average Temperature: -4˚C
Spring: April to June
Average Temperature: 13˚C
Summer: July to August
Average Temperature: 21˚C
Fall/Autumn: September to November
Average Temperature: 9˚C
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Procter & Gamble
Reids Dairy
Santa Maria Foods
Sears Canada
Sigma Stretch Film
Streamline Foods
Vantage Foods
Vision Transportation
For more information on investing in the beautiful City of Belleville please contact:
Economic and Strategic Initiatives
Belleville City Hall 169 Front St. Belleville, Ontario, Canada K8N 2Y8
Phone: 613-967-3238 • Fax: 613-968-7969
[email protected]