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1 Go for the bronzed, sun kissed look and look like EastEnders Kara Tointon by loading your Blush with both shades of Clinique Almost Bronzer SPF15 and sweeping it over your face. To illuminate your cheeks use YSL Touche blush in coral‐ the ultra fine powder gives a natural flush. 2 Get sparkling peepers (eyes) by dabbingBenefit Lust Duster Single Eye shadow In Nugget to the inner corners of your eyes. Imitate Kara’s thick lashes with Wet N Wild Mega XXL Lash in carbon black. 3 Revlon ColourStay Ultimate Lipcolour in prized pink gives a thick coating of Kara like colour that won’t budge all night
Style Snatcher: Rihanna
See where you can get Rihanna's look and at less than half
the price!
Rihanna looks urban chic
at the Rockawear 2009
10th Anniversary Party
held in New York City
These Boots = £25 in New Look
The dark wash of these cut-off shorts are
perfect for nightwear without being too
Oversized square sunglasses are
flashy and bold.
River Island= £12.99
Matalan = £7.99
Tie this skinny boyfriend belt around
your waist and pair it with an oversized T-shirt or flannel to make a
Gap =£15.99
This fitted blue flannel is
a funky twist on your
usual shirt, without being
Bay Trading = £12.99
A necklace that does the layering
for you — no mess no fuss!
Claire’s accessories= £4.99
By:Kristina Terech
Most teenagers come across a problem that comes along with a
“lovely” stage of growth called adolescence. For some people,
adolescence can be a wonderful time, yet for others it can pretty
much be H-E-double hockey sticks. Most teens, me included,
experience a painful side effect of teenagehood — acne!
I think acne, better known as spots, is one of the most annoying things
ever. It comes without notice, it overstays its welcome and it refuses to
leave. It is of course true that everyone’s skin is different and adapts to
different treatments, so I can only tell you so much. I’d like to share
what works for me, because maybe it will work for someone else. I
bring you tips and products from personal experience that have and
do work for me.
Interested? Read on!
I’ve tried many brands of skincare products, but many of them did not
work as well as they say. At last I found brands that keep their promise
for the most part. Buying the right products of course is only a part of
the how-to.
You have to know HOW to use them, WHEN to use them and HOW
MUCH to use them in order to achieve maximum satisfaction.
You can of course ignore this article, but there’s only so much you learn
from commercials. Your only other option is consulting a professional.
So, do you want to see if my guide to better skin care can help you?
Lets see...
The Products
1)Clean & Clear Advantage Quick Clear Daily Treatment Wash
How it works:
Unclogs pores to help clear
spots – day after day. It’s a good start to my skincare
2) Garnier Pure 3-in-1
How it works:
This includes 3 actions in one convenient productCleanser to purify, scrub to help protect against blackheads and mask to help purify. This stuff really gets in
there to fight the dirt and oils in your skin. I found using
this regularly, over time helped my skin improve. If you
choose to get only one of these products, this is the
BEST investment.
3) Clean & Clear Cleansing Lotion Sensitive
How it works:
It cleanses effectively removing oil, dirt, grease, and
helps prevent spots. It delivers that essential finishing
*Note: This is NOT a commercial for these products
The Tips:
The main how-to: how I wash my face;
This is pretty much basic regime when using any sort of scrub or
1) Wash with warm water, 2)Cleanse your skin, 3)Wash off with cold water.
This is how I include the above 3 products into this process...First, I put on the Clean
& Clear Advantage Quick Clear Daily Treatment Wash and cleanse my face with it
for a bit. Then I wash it off with warm water. Warm water causes pores to open up.
Next, I put on the Garnier Pure 3-in-1 and rub it into my skin so that it cleans deep
into my pores. After that, I wash it off with very cold water. The cold water closes the
pores. Finally, I apply the Clean & Clear Cleansing Lotion Sensitive with a cotton
pad to clear off any new oils or dirt forming. Or at least I think that’s what it does...
In any case... Whatever it does, it works for me.
Drink plenty of water:
Water clears wastes and toxins out of your system. It also reduces fats in your skin.
Try drinking about a litre a day for a month and you will probably be pleasantly
surprised. Plus, if you don’t, your skin can look dry. Yes, even your skin can be
Keep cool:
Literally, try staying somewhere cool instead of somewhere hot and stuffy, especially
during the summer. Heat makes your face produce oils faster. I’m not saying go
freeze yourself, but try to keep cool in a rational way.
Always remember to wash your hands:
Dirt and germs can easily be transferred by contact of the hands and face. As soon as
you touch your face with dirty hands– the dirt gets straight into your pores.
Try to control your stress:
Stress can cause breakouts. If it happens, you can get into a really nasty cycle: you
stress and then you get breakouts, which causes even more stress and even more
breakouts. Scary stuff!
So, let’s conclude. Think my system is for you? Try it for yourself. Use the products. Follow the tips. I wish you success and satisfaction. Good luck! 8
Game Reviews
NBA 2K10 Review
Although EA Sports has held the crown for most sports games, the NBA 2K series has still
been the gold standard when it comes to basketball simulation. With excellent
presentation values, solid on and off court play (thanks to its franchise mode) and an
incredibly rich amount of features, 2K has frequently held off its competitors, who have
lagged behind with disappointing installments in the past. With the ten year anniversary
of the franchise slated for this year, 2K sports had more of a reason to maintain their
dominance. Plus, with Sony's first party game taking a year off in the development
leagues and NBA Live raising the level of its game, the burden was on them to prove
why their game was the best around.
Grand Slam Tennis Review
After a couple of years of growing accustomed to the timing-based way of doing things,
as seen in every single tennis game since Wii Sports, it’s quite remarkable. It took a
while to lose the bad old habit of just flicking the remote nonchalantly from the wrist,
but by the time we felt comfortable enough to really let rip, we probably had an 80%
success rate putting the ball where we wanted it. Finally, the Wii remote works like we
always wanted it to in a tennis game. Without that insubstantial widget plugged into
the bottom of the remote, it plays much like any other Wii tennis game, with the
direction of the shots based entirely on how early or late you took a swing. You can
switch between control methods on the fly, by plugging in combinations of Motion Plus
and a Nunchuk during play.
NHL 2K10 Review
We’ve already taken a close look at EA’s hockey effort this year, and we came away
suitably impressed. And now, we’ve had a few days to get accustomed to the very different NHL 2K10 and while they wish to cater to the social gaming crowd, it falls short in a
direct comparison with the competition. Perhaps the biggest problem centers on the lack of
control, a poor sense of speed and intensity, and a few drawbacks that should’ve been left
behind years ago. The game isn’t bad; it just doesn’t excel in the areas 10 excelled in, and
it becomes more obvious as you dive into the intricacies of the game play. The good news
is that everything looks great, the online multiplayer really works extremely well, and I will
always prefer the use of face button over reliance on the analog sticks. The control still
doesn’t gel as well as I would’ve liked but for the most part, it’s not difficult to pick
up NHL 2K10 and start playing. Just don’t expect anything too spectacular.
Group/Singer of the Month:
Beyonce Knowles
Name: Beyonce Giselle Knowles
Birth: 4/09/81 (a Virgo heh?), U.S.A Houston
As well as R&B, POP and Soul singer Beyonce is songwriter,
record producer, music video director, actress, dancer,
choreographer, fashion designer and model.
I guess someone likes to keep themselves busy!
Knowles was schooled at St. Mary's School in Texas, where she
enrolled in dance classes, including ballet and Jazz.
Her talent was discovered when her Dance Instructor began humming a song and she finished it,
hitting the high-pitched notes. Although Beyonce was a shy girl, her interest in music began unexpectedly after joining in a school talent show. Once she had a moment on the stage, she overcame
her shyness and wanted to become a singer and performer.
What an inspiration for us …
She enrolled in various other performing arts school, Knowles then rose to fame in the late
1990s as the leader of R&B girl group Destiny’s Child.
In June 2003, after numerous series of commercial
success with Destiny’s Child, Beyonce made her first
solo Album, Dangerously in Love. The Album became
one of the most successful albums of that year spading
out “Crazy in Love” and “Baby Boy”, and earned five
Grammy Awards in a single night in 2004.
Girl, you were on fire, how dangerous!
Destiny’s Child 1st Album
Beyonce’s 1st Album– Dangerously in Love
The formal disbandment of Destiny’s Child in 2005 facilitated her continued success as a
solo artist. She released her second album, B’Day (it was called B'Day because it was released on
her 25th birthday) in 2006, which spawned the UK number-one singles “Déjà Vu” and “Beautiful
Liar”, as well as worldwide hit, “Irreplaceable”.
Knowles became the first Female to ever be awarded the International Artist Award
at the American Music Awards
(Beyonce-B'Day Album)
Beyonce Knowles latest work released in
18th of November 2008
“I am...Sasha Fierce”.
Each of the discs on Beyonce's new double album reveals a
distinctly different side of her personality, character and sensibility,
forum for the yin-and-yang of her developing artistry.
(Beyonce-I am...Sasha Fierce Album)
One of the discs, titled I AM…, provides Beyonce’s with a musical showcase for a group of intimate
heartfelt ballads while the SASHA FIERCE disc gives voice to Beyonce’s up-tempo dance-oriented
other side.
"SASHA FIERCE is my alter ego," says Beyonce, "and now she has a
last name. I have someone else that takes over when it's time for me
to work and when I'm on stage, this alter ego that I've created that
kind of protects me and who I really am.”
Beyonce has already won Video Of The Year and Best
Choreography with the video “Single Ladies” at the MTV VMA’s on
13th of September 2009.
She was also awarded Woman of the Year on Billboard
Woman Music Event.
Beyonce has also triumphed in the Europe Music Awards
*Best Song with “Halo”
*Best Female
*Best Video with Single Ladies.
She is clearly an inspiration to us all!
...Victory’s within the
Would you like to see your favourite Band/Singer’s
Almost there, don’t
give up now
Simply email your favourite Band/Singer with your
name on it and the Band/Singer with most
Only thing that on my
requests will be printed in the Music section!
So email to: [email protected]
Is who’s gonna...
Good Luck!
Guess the Lyrics from the Song!
December concerts at
the O2 Arena:
Jingle bell balls (5-6)
Pink (8-10)
Placebo (9)
Miley Cyrus
Depeche Mode (15-16)
Pet Shop Boys (21)
Sir Paul McCartney (22)
Not Hot Picture of the Month
Kelly Clarkson
Livin’ Large in the big Apple
Recent picture
Albums Releases in
What happened?
30 Seconds to Mars– This is War
Danny Gokey– Unknown
Esmee Denters– Outta Here
Guess the Singer!
Apparently he brings the sexy
back in 4 minutes....
And much more
Lyrics of the month:
It's getting crowded over here
But babe, the wait is ova
Sometimes it takes a thousand tries
To win, the wait is ova
Fumble don't you fumble that's a flag on the play
Rihanna– Wait your Turn
Babe if you don't wanna then you don't have to wait
But together we gon' be taking over
Its just the way the game is played
Its the best if you just wait your turn
Its just the way the game is played
Its the best if you just wait your turn
The wait is ova (x8)
Baby put the work in like a champion
But the crows is screaming with their hands way up
Couldn't be with no one else
You're the only way I win
Baby got the whole world standing up
Damn I bet a pitcher
Took a chance on love
Baby Love, the time Is now
And now the wait is ova
I pitch with a grenade
Swing away if you're feelin brave
There's so much power in my name
If you pop off in your seat steady
I'm gonna do the wave
I'm such a such a lady
You don't have to be so afraid
cos I got room up on my team
You can play but hold up
Its just the way the game is played
Its the best if you just
Wait your turn
The Wait Is Ova (x8)
Just wait your turn
It's getting crowded over here
But babe, the wait is ova
Sometimes it takes a thousand tries
To win, The Wait Is Ova
Fumble don't you fumble
That's a flag on the play
Babe if you don't wanna
Then you don't have to wait
But together we gon' be taking over
It's getting crowded over here
But babe, the wait is ova
Sometimes it takes a thousand tries to win
The wait is ova
Fumble don't you fumble that's a flag on the play
Babe if you don't wanna then you don't have to wait
But together we gon be taking over
Its just the way the game is played
Its the best if you just wait your turn
Its just the way the game is played
Its the best if you just wait your turn
So you don't wanna wait
I hate to hear that's such a shame
Cos if you playing tight wears
And no diamond in my ears
Just wait your turn
The wait is over, the wait is over
Then you already under way
Would you like to see a lyric of a song that you really like and even dedicate it to I know you want to win
And you wish I would let you in
Get in line over here
You can play but hold up
someone? Simply email the song and Band/Singer with your name and year group on it and perhaps also the person that you want dedicate it to. Its just the way the game is played
Its the best if you just
Wait your turn
Email to: [email protected] It's getting crowded over here
But babe, the wait is ova
Sometimes it takes a thousand tries
To win, the wait is ova
Fumble don't you fumble that's a flag on the play
Babe if you don't wanna then you don't have to wait
Can you guess which song this is, by reading the following lines:
When you’re at the end of the road and you lost that
sense of control and you thoughts have taken their toll
You changed up your makeup your DNA
I can’t recognize you’re a stranger to me
If you walk out baby I'll understand
Cos all I'll do is hurt you again
Ayo I’ve been there, right here on them Bow streets
Late nights tryna write, Mum saying go sleep
Tattoo your name across my heart so it will remain
Not even death can make us part
Have you got any comments on
this section (Music) or ideas for the
next magazine?
Great! Just email to
[email protected]
Thank you.
4)Never Leave You-Tinchy Stryder 5)Sweet Dreams-Beyonce
1)21 Guns– Green Day 2)Get Me Outta Here- Esmee Demters 3)Oopsy Daisy-Chipmunk
What On Earth Is Going On?!
For the last few decades, Britain has proved to
have one of the world’s best governments.
Parliament has been the voice of the British
people for hundreds of years, making decisions and forming laws that makes life better
for the inhabitants of this nation, putting the
‘Great’ in front of ‘Britain’.
However, ever since Gordon Brown took over
Number 10 Downing Street, the media has forever been inquiring upon the doings of Parliament. The former Labour Prime Minister,
Tony Blair, lasted a good 10 years before having to pass on the job to the Chancellor of Exchequers, Gordon Brown. Becoming Prime
Minister for the United Kingdom was a dream
come true for the 58 year old. He was the longest reigning Chancellor in modern history setting the record at 10 years and 2 months, but
does that mean he’s ready to meet the demands of this nation?
Being Prime Minister requires patience, confidence, honesty, intellect and co-operation. The
current Economic Recession is the perfect test
to see how well Mr. Brown responds as Prime
Minister and what he can do to restore the
rapidly falling economy. After the Banks
failed, by loaning money to those who cannot
afford to pay it back, Mr. Brown had no choice
but to bail them out with billions of pounds
worth of tax-payers money because the Banks
play a crucial role in modern day society. The
bail-outs slowly increased in amounts starting
from around £37 Billion leading to approximately £200 Billion. By next year, the country’s
Annual Deficit would be a staggering £170
So what’s going on now?!
So far the finger has been pointed towards the Bankers and their lack of
common sense. Britain now faces a crisis of how to pay the bail-out money
back. David Cameron the Leader of the
Conservative Party said “Option one:
we can just default on the debt. Not pay it.
Other countries have done that in the past.
But I don't think anyone in this country
wants to go down that road.
Option two: we could encourage inflation,
which would wipe out the value of the debt,
making it easier to pay off. But that's not
just an economic disaster - it's a social disaster too. It doesn't just wipe out debts, it
wipes out people's hard-earned savings.
So we have the third option - for me the only option. We must pay down this deficit. The longer
we leave it, the worse it will be for all of us.”
Gordon Brown was forced to take action, so he introduced a 50p tax law that targets
people earning over £40,000 a year.
This drives away most of the highest paid earners as they would probably earn more
money abroad. They may choose to live in the UK, but work in France, which then also
has an impact on CO2 levels increasing as people will tend to commute to foreign countries to work. However, this will help to get rid of the countries debt. More plans are underway to target people earning unnecessary amounts of money such as Footballers and
Bankers with their huge bonuses.
Conservative leader David Cameron used the Prime Ministers failings to his own advantage, to win over people from Labour. The Tories (Conservatives) were known for
their favour of the Middle and Upper classes; Mr Cameron has now changed their policies which now are supporting everyone “whether they’re rich or poor”. The Tory Leader
has gone all over the country holding conferences that people can come to and ask questions about his policies and promises.
Both Leaders are now battling for support before the next elections, they are now promising change but only if they are elected as Prime minister in the Elections.
Gordon Brown
David Cameron
Pass a new law that can allow Parliament to
intervene if Bankers bonuses could ever
put the economy at risk; any Director of
any Bank that is negligent of this will be
immediately disqualified from holding
any such post.
Going to get the banks to pay back the British people for all the money needed to
bail them out.
If parenting and work get too stressful then,
by the end of the next Parliament,
250,000 children under 2 years of age
will be able to get free child care.
16 and 17 year old parents will be placed in
a network of supervised homes which
can offer support and education in learning how to look after their children.
Cancer patients will get a diagnosis, examined and test results within one week of
seeing their General Practitioner.
Sending more soldiers to train Afghanistan
government soldiers so that we can
bring our troops home.
Cutting minister’s pay and freeze public sector pay for all but the one million lowest
paid public sector workers, for one year
to help protect jobs.
He will also raise the pension age but the
money will go to help look after the elderly community.
Mr Cameron will team together with ken
Clarke and his business team to give
help to entrepreneurs during this time
of crisis. It is a plan to boost science,
skills, self-employment a plan to improve
training, technology, tax incentives for
Money will go directly to the head teachers
of the school, so they can spend it on
whatever they deem is necessary without having to go through the usual process and wasting time.
Ultimately, it is the people of Britain’s choice as to which Party should be in power.
Think about what you’ve just read and urge those around you that can vote to make
an honest and informed decision. So that in the end, Britain can be a better place.
Top 10 Steps To Confidence
1)Accept compliments gracefully
Don't roll your eyes and say "Yeah, right", or shrug it off.
Take it to heart and respond positively "Thank you" and a smile works well.
2)Take care of yourself. Eat a healthy diet. (work out)
DON’T abuse your body. DON’T overload it and DON’T deny it of the things it the same time DON’T obsess. Getting enough exercise can boost
our confidence amazingly. You get more energy throughout the day.
For real confidence? you have got to understand that wellbeing is important
and you must value yourself.
3) Know that you have important things to say and do
When you feel strongly about something speak loudly and clearly and make
eye contact with people. BE YOURSELF!
4) Stick up for yourself
Don't put yourself down. When someone says something to you that's not in a
joking manner, that's not good-natured which leaves you feeling hurt. Speak
up.. let them know that not everyone holds their opinion. That they cant judge
you when they don't know you.
5) Make a conscious effort to smile often. Make eye contact with
Smiling often, tricks your mind and instantly you adopt a positive attitude!
6) Act confident, even if you don't truly feel it!
After a while, it will come naturally, and you will feel confident in yourself! Also
learn not to care what others think of you.
7) Don't compare yourself with other people
Its a complete waste of time. Everyone is unique. Spend your time and energy
on something more worthwhile.. ( see 10 )
8) Speak positively at all times
When you hear yourself saying something negative about yourself, instantly replace it with a positive comment!
9) Control your hand motions. Improve your posture
You can use hand gestures to draw emphasis to what you are saying. Avoid
wringing your hands or touching your sleeves, this makes you look nervous and
10) Find your passion
Do something you enjoy. This way, you will appreciate the progress you make
whether its dancing, painting or martial arts.
A group of year 8 students had the pleasure of spending a session
with the Happy Puzzle Company, who brought lots of mind wriggling
puzzles along, which provided us with hours of confusion and fun.
Balancing a couple of penguins
onto an ice cube mould, all at one
time- sound easy?
Trust me, it’s not, especially
when there are 4 other people
trying to help you- when they are
simply getting in your way!
This crew are clearly looking impressed with themselves for managing to
solve the puzzle in record time!
Sorry Brandon- you are caught on
camera- you actually enjoyed this task,
and felt good about completing it!
This was really funny. We had to focus on a spinning wheel and were told when we
look up, we will see distorted faces and faces on fire – hard to believe…..
Everyone was left in shock. Michael is so shocked, he simply
can’t move!
Vlad cannot open his mouth! Lagshan and Humayrah are left
screaming when they look at
what’s in front of them!
This was a truly enjoyable day. Team building, weird and wonderful puzzles and can you believe it, although we thought we were simply having fun, in actual fact, we were actually
practising MATHS!
Cristiano Ronaldo
Nickname: C-Ron
Team: Portugal
DOB: February 5th, 1985 (24 years old)
Position: Winger/ Attacking Mid /Forward
Club Team: Real Madrid
Cristiano has accomplished a lot, scoring a total of 132 goals in his career to
What makes Cristiano Ronaldo so good:
He’s quick
His feet are quick
He turns quickly
He’s got a big bag of tricks
He can do them quickly
He’s tall and strong
(Which is rare for a winger)
He’s good in the air
He’s a reliable finisher
He packs a mean free kick
He’s two footed
Why quite a lot of people hate him:
He’s very much aware of all of the above!
Basically he’s good and he knows it.
Yes he dives now and again, but if you got tackled –
hard – as often as Ronaldo does then you’d probably take the occasional tumble too-especially if you
knew you were going to get paid £140 000
a week!!!!
David Haye: New Boxing Champion
Third favourite for BBC award
David Haye has just become the WBA heavyweight champion.
Haye's victory over Nikolai Valuev has meant that the new WBA
heavyweight champion has been made third favourite to be named
BBC Sports Personality of the Year next month.
"Having become Britain's first heavyweight champion since Lennox
Lewis, David Haye is now likely to challenge fellow world
champions Jenson Button and Jessica Ennis for the traditional endof-year sports personality award," said David Stevens, of betting
firm Coral.
Sporting predictions for 2009
Who will win . . .
The Premiership? Manchester United
The FA Cup? Manchester United
Champions League? Barcelona
The Six Nations? England
The Three Test series between the Lions and South Africa?
The Lions
The F1 Driver’s Championship? Lewis Hamilton
The World Snooker Championship? Ronnie O’Sullivan
Ricky Hatton v Manny Pacquiao? Manny Pacquiao
The Aspire Team
1: What can run but never walks, has a mouth but never talks, has a head but never weeps, has a bed but never sleeps? 2: What falls but doesn’t break, and what breaks but doesn’t fall? 3: I travel all around the world but never leave the corner. What am I? If you know the answers to these riddles, please send them to
[email protected]
The first person to send as many accurate answers will receive a
chocolate bar of their choice from Ms Bains!
Upcoming Trip: Interested in Astronomy?
I will be taking a group of students to see the new show:
‘We are Astronomers’ at the Royal Observatory Greenwich, Planetarium. If you are interested and want more details, please come to G5.
Ms Bains
If you would like to join the Aspire team or send in any of your ideas of what
you would like to see in the next issue, please email us.