The Jonathon Lipnicki Theory



The Jonathon Lipnicki Theory
The Jonathon Lipnicki Theory ☆
Before I start I just want to say… Jonathon Lipnicki is probably a great guy. Anyway, Just watched a TED talk on digital tattoos that a friend sent me to watch; so that’s probably why this is fresh in my mind-­‐ whilst also receiving this email off Hyperallergic within 15 minutes of each other : Art Historian Spots Lost Avant-Garde Painting in Background of Kids Movie When I saw this image – I had a nostalgic flashback to times I used to watch films and almost relate to the kid on screen. This image is still bouncing round and so I quickly just googled the film and received the name of the main role -­‐ Jonathon Lipnicki. (Born October 22, 1990) Now aged 24. Google suggests he now looks more like this… Always confused by how celebrity kids growing up in a hyperconnected world might turn out – I decided this might be worth a LOLE so started scrolling through googles image search of Jonathon -­‐ It appears he’s taken up some form of brand sculpting – Besides the two suggested searches ‘Stuart Little’ + ‘Family Guy*’ most of the images are of him training or flexin’. Jack Fisher, 2014
* I wasn’t sure of the reference so I youtube’d him and found this vid: He’s basically slatted for growing up and looking butt-­‐ugly for a few years; losing control of your brand management can have serious humiliating consiquences. So reaching the age when its time to shape up; trim the fat – get working effectively and start making people see Jack Fisher, 2014
☆ Jack Fisher, 2014
☆ I mean if I had images of myself on as a child; I’d probably be working as hard as possible to get them replaced with hot new versions of the new upgraded me. The digital footprint of anything you post – or be reposted will always be there -­‐ The Fear of Missing out might become ‘Thank Fuck I dodged that bullet’ – only,… you didn’t. Do you wanna be a Jonathan Lipnicki? Basically what im saying is -­‐ Whose entire history of ever changing baby face profile is constantly monitored and archived whilst you grow up on the internet? Maybe one day they’lll just clone him or reproduce him for adverts as a kid selling holographic pets? Maybe they’ll just sell his DNA to wealthy infertile couples who own houses like this one? BE CAREFUL [email protected] YOU POST FOR ☆
Jack Fisher, 2014

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