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news members activities socially responsible company success of
EDITORIAL: Marko Karadzic, Commissioner for human rights, LDP
Young people should know their tradition
Work and activities of Ethno Network are of exceptional importance
for all of us, but especially for young people who should really know
their tradition and cultural heritage. Unfortunately, traditional values
and cultural heritage are often misused in our country for political
purpose, and then the most important thing, that Ethno network does,
remains somewhere behind.
I think we should all together, in our society, pay more attention to
everything that makes our culture and what is the most beautiful part of our history, heritage and tradition. Exactly
because of this, I absolutely support the activities of Ethno Network and especially the way you do your job.
Ethno gallery, which you have recently opened in Brankova street, is one of the few places in Belgrade where people
can find traditional handicrafts, and in fact is the perfect place, because in addition to exhibited products people can be
educated in the techniques of traditional crafts, and there are not many similar opportunities. I consider this another
touristic pearl in our capital.
Delivered awards "Guardian of tradition"
Five years of work of the Ethno Network was marked on April 10, in the Residence of Princess Ljubica. Achievements of association, results, implemented projects and established partnerships were
presented on this occasion, as well as Five-year-report that summarizes in (more)
Public Works
Ethno Network will implement this year, too, in cooperation with the National Employment Service
(NSZ), a project of Public Works. (more)
“Niti” by Dusanka Botunjac
Exhibition of tapestries of author Dusanka Botunjac, entitled “Niti” (“Strings”), was officially
opened on April 19, in the Ethnographic museum in Belgrade (more)
Ethno Network in the media
Ethno Network was present in media in April through news and reports about jubilee and awards “Guardians of tradition”. Daily newspapers “Politika”, “Blic”, “Danas”, as well as monthly Magazine Business and web portals E kapija
and Vesti Online, were writing about this event and manager of Executive Office of Ethno Network and representative
of German organization GIZ were guests in Radio Belgrade 1 show named “Talasanje” (“Waving”). On the occasion
of opening of Ethno Gallery in Brankova street No.10, members of Ethno Network were guests in morning programme of TV Pink, and TV Avala made a TV piece about this educational center and broadcasted it in the show
“Otvoreni studio” (“Open studio”). Ethno Network was also present in TV show of Serbian Broadcasting Company
(RTS) – “Srbija na vezi” (“Serbia on-line”).(more)
Aktiv zena Nisa, Nis
Members of association exhibited their products at the International exhibition of handicrafts and collectibles in Stara Moravica, from April 9 to 14. (more)
Association „Panonkе“, Pancevo
In early April, fair of traditional food and handicrafts was held, initiated by the “JKP Zelenilo” from Pancevo, where
“Panonke” participated with their products. (more)
Association “Dove of the Danube”, Golubac
Members of the association have participated at the Easter Bazaar in Veliko Gradiste, organized by ”Youth movement”,
Association “Gorocvet”, Indjija
The association held a meeting with the Mayor of Indjija, where the local authorities have promised equipment for the
premises and for the showroom of “Gorocvet”, (more)
Association “Iskon“, Boljevac
Fair of herbs, honey and rural tourism named “Feel the nature” was held in Bor on April 21 and 22 .(more)
Association “Misija Kreativa”, Kladovo
The local government has approved the location for construction of souvenir shop, that is necessary for selling the handicrafts, as well as for the status of Kladovo as a tourist town. (more)
Association “Lenka”, Odzaci
Members of the association have participated at the Easter Fair in Sombor on April 10, and at the Fair of education and
employment in the same city on April 25. (more)
Association “Etno Rasina”, Krusevac
Members of the association have participated at the Easter Bazaar of Princess Catherine in Belgrade, as well as at the first
International Wine Fair in Aleksandrovac – “Zupa 2012”, held on April 20 and 21. (more)
Cooperation with Telekom Srbija
Ethno Network has established cooperation with the company Telekom Srbija during April. Woven bags for mobile
phones, laptop bags, markers and felted balls decorated with colors of Telekom Srbija became a part of promotional
material of this company and will be available all over Serbia. (more)
Gloves with two thumbs
Gloves were an important piece of clothes in Serbian tradition. Most often they were made by technique of knitting,
out of twisted wool. Their main function was to protect hands and fingers from coldness, dirtiness, sharp objects, humidity... Number of fingers was depending on these functions, so they had – one, two or five fingers.
Ethno Network’s “Five-year report”
On the occasion of jubilee – five years of work, Five-year report that summarizes in one place all the activities since
founding of Ethno Network, was presented to public.
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