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First Quarter, 2014
Sales Kickoff 2014
Bosch Security Systems
Strategy and Focus in 2014
Security Systems Asia Pacific Newsletter
The Edge of
Fire Detection and
Voice Alarm
Providing the Right
Combination for the
Ultimate in Protection
9000 MP Camera
Clear, Usable Images in
Complete Darkness
ProSound Speakers
in Restaurants
Creating the Perfect Dining
Experience with Sound
New Tools
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Min Sheng Bank
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Integrated Solutions
Issue 11
Dear Readers,
News Flash
6 Special Report
Integrated Fire Detection and Voice Alarm:
Providing the Right Combination for the Ultimate in Protection
8 Featured Product
Cost-saving & Usability:
The Core Attributes of Bosch’s Conventional Fire Panel Go Hand-in-Hand
9 Keen Observation:
FLEXIDOME IP corner 9000 MP Camera Suitable for Critical Areas
11 ETX Powered Loudspeakers:
Featuring FIR-Drive DSPs 12 On Spotlight
Creating the Perfect Dining Experience with Electro-Voice
14 Star Products
The New DINION IP 4000 and IP 5000 HD Cameras
LC5-WC06E4 Ceiling Loudspeaker
DCN multimedia Sales Configurator
Video System Builder
Video Systems Product Selector
BOSCH’s Integrated Security and Communication Solutions Safeguard
China Min Sheng Bank’s Headquarters
17 North-South Expressway, Malaysia Secured by Bosch
18 Wireless DCN Conference Systems by Bosch at the Metropolitan Chamber
of Commerce and Industry, Dhaka, Bangladesh
The 2014 outlook for Bosch Security Systems…
Bosch Security Systems is upbeat about its sales prospects in the
Asia-Pacific in 2014 and will therefore continue to invest in innovative
products as well as empower our channel partners in their expansion.
Steeman expressed confidence that Bosch will see double-digit growth
this year. This is largely attributed to the rapid market expansion in
emerging markets as well as a growing demand for first-class systems
from increasingly sophisticated customers. Elaborating, he said,
“We were very pleased with our sales development in key growing
markets like Indonesia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Our revenues from
the exciting frontier market of Myanmar grew five-fold!”
NEST Newsletter
Issue 11 - Q1/2014
Market trends…
Steeman predicted acceleration in the switch to IP from traditional
analog systems in all business segments. “In video systems, network
camera sales are set to outstrip analog camera sales by this year. In
communications systems, we delivered the world’s largest IP intercom
to a leading broadcaster based on our groundbreaking OMNEO IP
standards. The move to IP is also picking up noticeably in the rest of
our business units. This is a clear sign that we have picked the right
strategy by investing heavily in IP-based technologies and will continue
to do so going forward.” He revealed that the region is already seeing a
growing number of high-profile customers who have expressed interest
in using the new innovative solutions developed by Bosch in upcoming
iconic projects.
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15 New Tools
16 Success Stories
Welcome to 2014! To start the year, we share Bosch Security System’s
development plan for the year with insights from Vice-President of AsiaPacific Wilfred Steeman at the annual Sales Kickoff that was held in
Pattaya, Thailand.
19 Training Calendar and Upcoming Events
Coming up in 2014…
Reaffirming the company’s commitment to its channel partners,
Steeman pledged to push ahead with key initiatives that would enable
them to spearhead the division’s ambitious plans. Firstly, Bosch will
devote more resources to business development in order to fully
understand and deliver solutions that can meet the challenges of
the increasingly complex security environment. Secondly, Bosch will
invest in key account management to render better service to its most
important customers. “We will also continue to expand our services to
other major cities in promising markets” Steeman added. Bosch will also
forge ahead with engaging key technology partners in the Integration
Partner Program. “This will ensure interoperability among key vendors,
affording our partners the ability to build best-in-class solutions to suit
their customers’ needs” he explained.
Rounding up, Bosch Security Systems will continue to seek ways to
delight our customers and look forward to an exciting 2014.
Robert Bosch (SEA) Pte Ltd
Security Systems, Asia Pacific
11 Bishan Street 21
Singapore 573943
Email: [email protected]
Event Highlights
[Dec 2013 - Jan 2014]
Feb 10, 2014 | Khon Kaen, Thailand
Security and Communication
Solutions for the Future with Bosch
Dec 12, 2013 | Kuala Lumpur
Feb 6, 2014 | Chiang Mai, Thailand
Supporting Local Talent EV Endorsed Artiste,
Virus Wu
The Asia Pacific Sales Kickoff 2014 : Fit4Growth - Faster,
Simpler, Stronger marked the close of 2013 which was
an important year for Bosch Security Systems (ST) and
a beginning of a brand new year of growth in 2014. Over
the 3 days in Pattaya, Thailand, attendees were engaged
in in-depth discussions and the various business units
shared their strategy and plans for 2014. The ST Board
also shared their strategic plans and vision. On that
note, Bosch Asia Pacific will continue to achieve sales
growth, place greater focus various key markets in the
year ahead.
Moving on to the North-eastern part of Thailand, Bosch
Security Systems together with our partner, Starcast
Corporation Co., Ltd. presented product solutions for
security and communications systems. Attendees from
various industries including the education, government
and industrial sector attended the event, along with
system integrators. Hands-on demonstrations were
done to give customer a better understanding of how
our latest products work.
The first in a series of events held across Thailand to
introduce new products from Bosch Security Systems,
held in Chiang Mai. The event was held jointly with our
partner, Denchai Trading Co., Ltd. Attendees from the
government, education, lodging sectors and system
integrators were presented with in-depth introductions
were given to new products like the DCN multimedia
conference system, PLENA matrix digital sound
system, Starlight cameras and intelligent video
analysis solution to the customers.
Feb 11, 2014 | Indonesia
Chinese New Year Partners
Lunch Gathering 2014
Feb 20, 2014 | Pattaya, Thailand
Security and Communication
Solutions for the Future with Bosch
Jan 20, 2014 | Korea
Bosch Security Partner Day 2014
Bosch Security Systems Korea invited 30 of its certified
partners to attend this annual event where the 2014
vision and strategy of Bosch was shared. Partners
were also given various awards during the event in
appriecation of their contributions in 2013. To get
everyone excited about the latest products from Bosch,
the DCN multimedia conference system, Divar IP 3000
video management solution and Starlight camera were
displayed and introduced to all attendees.
Bosch Security Systems (ST), Indonesia gathered all its
partners in Jakarta to usher in the Lunar New Year with
luck, hope and prosperity. The gathering was hosted by
ASEAN Sales Vice President Chan Yit Ming, the General
Manager of ST Indonesia, Mr Ong Kah Seong and the
whole team of ST Indonesia. All of Bosch ST’s valued
partners were given a recap on what was achieved in
2013 and the goals for 2014. ST Indonesia also took
the opportunity to introduce the new ETX powered
loudspeakers and the revamped local Bosch ST website.
Jan 17-20, 2014 | Myanmar
The Yangon Mega Expo 2014
Bosch Security Systems Myanmar and our certified
partner, Nuang Yoe Technologies Co. Ltd. participated
in this consumer trade exhibition to showcase and
promote the full range of Bosch products from video,
public address and fire alarm systems. Through this
event we got the opportunity to engage with dealers,
distributors, installers and end-users from various
The final in the series of product introductions across
Thailand was held jointly with Frigate Technology
Co., Ltd. Where workshops for 3 focused vertical
markets were held. Attendees were divided into three
breakout groups and presented with solutions that are
best applied to their industry. Dell was also present to
introduce new enterprise storage solutions that can be
integrated with the video systems products from Bosch.
Feb 23-24, 2014 | Bangladesh
International Trade Expo For
Building and Fire Safety
Jan 24, 2014 | Thailand
Annual Dealer Conference 2014
Jan 24, 2014 | Thailand
Advantage Line Distributor
Meeting 2014
Starting off 2014 on a high note, 31 dealers from around
the country were invited to be updated on the business
direction and overview from Bosch Security Systems.
In addition, the dealers were introduced to the latest
products, marketing tools and training sessions planned
for the year. Seven dealers were also given awards for
their excellent performance in 2013.
Recognising the importance of fire safety in factories
across Bangledesh, our partner, Genesis Technologies
Ltd organised an event to showcase Bosch fire alarm
systems. The products that were exhibited include the
Bosch fire panel, detectors, manual call points and
signaling devices. We took the opportunity to share
important fire safety knowledge with the end-users to
create a safer working environments.
Six of our key Advantage Line by Bosch distributors
gathered to discuss the business direction, overview and
strategies for 2014. This session provided the attendees
a platform to dicuss various business opportunities
available in the market and be updated with the latest
video system products.
Event Highlights
Feb 20-23, 2014 | Laos
ALACE Exhibition 2014
The Association of Laos Architects and Civil Engineers
Expo 2014 (ALACE), is a prestigious, annual event
organised by the association to provide a marketing and
business opportunity platform for business operators in
the architecture and engineering sector. Bosch Security
Systems featured products and demonstrated solutions
from Video, Public Address and Fire Alarm Systems. This
expo attracted visitors including Government officers,
project owners, contractors and home-users which gave
us the opportunity to introduce our brand.
[Feb 2014]
For more information on any of the events or products, email us at [email protected] or visit our website:
Jan 14-16, 2014 | Thailand
AP Sales Kickoff Meeting 2014
Virus Wu’s appointment as Bosch Malaysia’s first local
celebrity ambassador of its Electro-Voice (EV) sound
system, was announced at a press conference to more
than 30 press and media contacts. Virus Wu’s amazing
vocals were showcased, impressing the crowd. She was
presented with the RE320 microphone which is a worldclass performance microphone, that produces excellent
sound quality in studio recording and live performances.
This endorsement reinforces EV’s longstanding intiative
to support local young talents and enrich the local music
scene by providing the best sound and voice technology
and innovation.
Security and Communication
Solutions for the Future with Bosch
Integrated Fire Detection
and Voice Alarm:
Providing the Right Combination
for the Ultimate in Protection
Safety chain
1 Fire Detector detecting fire hazard
1 Modular Fire Panel
5000 Series
3 Voice Alarm System
2 a) Fire Panel
b) Remote Keypad
2 Fire Panel 1200 Series
4 Loudspeaker zones with
pre-recorded alarm messages
5 Security Room (example setup)
Remote Key Pad
Call station for live messages
Building Management System
3 Plena Voice
Evacuation System
4 Praesideo Public address
and Voice Evacuation
5 Building
Detector signals to Fire Panel
Fire Panel signals to Voice
Alarm system
Voice Alarm messages to
supervised loudspeaker zones
All-in-one Protection
Integrated Fire Detection and Voice Alarm
Effective Fire Safety
Bringing it All Together
Advanced Voice Evacuation
The system is designed for expandability, and
gives everyone peace of mind – from property
high-quality panels and peripherals, designed for
all the devices and peripherals work seamlessly
owners and security personnel to employees
earliest detection. Advanced detectors, interface
messages have excellent speech intelligibility, and
together. In smaller applications the PLENA voice
and visitors. When safety is at stake, the system
modules, manual call points, sounders and other
signals are clear and easy to understand. The
alarm system can be integrated in the Modular
peripherals add flexibility and support special
system can route pre-recorded messages and
Fire Panel 1200 or 5000 series by using an RS-232
reliable performance, and with clear messages
signals, and can provide background music and
interface. In mid- to large-sized applications, an
that keep everyone calm, no matter what. Bosch
permanent supervision of all system functions and
intelligent IP interface interconnects our fire panel
peripherals for added reliability.
protection, offering a combination of proven
systems that delivers the ultimate in performance.
From reliable fire detection to advanced voice
supports smaller applications, while Praesideo is
management system via OPC or using a software
evacuation, Bosch delivers a safe, future-proof
a leading choice for larger venues.
development kit (SDK).
investment for every kind of venue.
and emergency sound system. Both systems can
& Usability
The Core Attributes of Bosch’s
Conventional Fire Panel Go Hand in Hand
FLEXIDOME IP corner 9000 MP
camera suitable for critical areas
The FPC-500 has been designed with an aim
With an average proportion of 1/5 of the total investment for
to minimize complexity and achieve a natural
a fire system, installation is a relevant factor when making
affection with the panel. The need for expert
purchasing decisions. Therefore, enhancing simplicity in order
knowledge disappears and is replaced by
to make installations easier can save the customer significant
intuition and the self-explanation of the panel.
amounts of money. With a proven advantage over existing
Independent installers, who have tested it, reviewed the panel
panels of more than one hour in time saved for installation, the
as ‘very intuitive’ and ‘easy to configure.’
Conventional Fire Panel 500 Series materializes as the prime
Clear, usable images in complete darkness
Vandal-proof and tamper-resistant
50 percent reduction in bandwidth consumption and storage cost possible
cost-saver among conventional fire panels while incorporating
The yields of increased simplicity are twofold: Firstly, installers
the familiar Bosch quality.
Modern video safety surveillance has to be
now require minimum training effort in order to correctly install
The FPC-500 offers valuable advantages to the present panel
conditions which are prone to vandalism.
Secondly, the straightforward steps to establish a working
market portfolio in terms of its usability. This has been proven
The new FLEXIDOME IP corner 9000 MP
fire system demands far less time, reducing the budget for
by a set of test scenarios, commissioned by Bosch Security
camera from Bosch specifically addresses
Systems with a group of installers. In all 450 test cases the total
these requirements, making it particularly suitable for such
installation time of the FPC-500 in comparison with products
critical areas as bus stations, care facilities, and hospitals. By
from other manufacturers was the lowest. Several features
supplying usable, clear video images even in completely dark
have been included to achieve high usability: The LCD screen,
surroundings, the camera enables video surveillance to act
uncommon in this segment, facilitates all operations on the
as a truly preventive component in the safety of public traffic
panel. The menu structure with its auto-scrolling and default
users and patients. Safety personnel will gain a much higher
indication organizes actions intuitively. Furthermore, the modern
situational awareness and thus will be able to intervene at an
color coding coherently links labels and buttons to achieve a
early stage.
With the FPC-500, installation is now
so straightforward. While installation
of other brands frequently requires two
installers, for the FPC-500, one installer
is sufficient as long as laws permit,
consequently halving the labor costs.
able to observe locations with poor lighting
a conventional fire panel, saving time and money for training.
Fernando Ramirez
Professional installer for FM&Vargas
quick comprehension of the interface.
Critical areas, such as waiting rooms, are prone to vandalism,
By smartly combining great usability and cost-savings within
which is often aimed at the surveillance equipment itself. While
the Conventional Fire Panel 500 Series, Bosch has successfully
the fundamental problem may be poor lighting conditions or
overcome the traditional trade-off between ease of use and cost.
even complete darkness, it is still necessary to cover the entire
“Providing better security in single-room
surroundings or areas with critical light
conditions is an increasingly important
requirement for video surveillance,” explains
Arnaud Lannes, Product Marketing Manager
Video Systems at Bosch Security Systems.
“The new FLEXIDOME IP corner 9000
MP camera represents a solution not only
for care facilities, but also for industrial
environments that need extra protection.”
area with a minimum number of cameras, while providing extra
illumination as well as resistance to vandalism or tampering.
Addressing these needs, the FLEXIDOME IP corner 9000 MP
The FLEXIDOME IP corner 9000 MP camera seamlessly integrates
camera features high-resolution, wide-angle optics for maximum
with a wide range of security software and recording solutions
detail and image usability, as well as a wide-angle fisheye lens
from Bosch, such as the Video Management System BVMS and
for covering every corner. Furthermore, in order to supply
DIVAR IP recorders, as well as those of third-party suppliers,
additional illumination as needed, integrated active infrared
as it is ONVIF compliant. The camera is also supported by the
LEDs maintain video clarity even in complete darkness. Thanks
Integration Partner Program, which gives partners immediate
to its rugged and non-grip design, the camera is extremely
access to online tools for easy integration.
difficult to tamper with. Finally, it is equipped with the latest
Content Based Imaging Technology, which lowers bandwidth
consumption and thus storage costs by up to 50 percent by
way of intelligent Dynamic Image Noise Reduction (iDNR). This
innovative feature suppresses all irrelevant image noise artifacts,
therefore substantially reducing the bandwidth required.
ETX Powered Loudspeakers
The ETX Powered Loudspeaker family builds upon the industry-leading innovation and 85-year heritage of Electro-Voice audio
engineering to offer the most advanced professional-grade products for an array of applications.
ETX Powered Loudspeakers:
Featuring FIR-Drive DSP
With amplifiers being as powerful as they are, more than
• State-of-the-art components deliver the legendary EV sound quality and reliability the pros trust: 1800 W (subs) &
2000 W (full-range) Class-D power amplifiers with integrated DSP produce high SPLs utilizing high-sensitivity, lowdistortion transducers (including DVX & SMX series woofers and precision DH3-B HF titanium compression drivers).
The next generation of professional portable powered loudspeakers from EV.
one protection system needs to be deployed to protect the
• Lightweight, ergonomic, durable and compact 18-mm, 13-ply birch plywood enclosures finished with EVCoat. Eight
mounting points for permanent installations (full-range models). Custom die-cast aluminum pole cups, handles and
Intelligent technology, innovative design, superior power and performance.
prevent damage to the system from user error and external events
Unique features include a single-knob DSP interface with LCD, FIR-Drive performance optimization and Signal Synchronized
Transducers (SST) waveguide design.
components from different type of failure occurring for different
reasons. The protection system needs to be intelligent enough to
that can accidentally happen. There are two types of damage that
can happen to a component; Mechanical and Thermal damage.
Electro-Voice includes two types of limiters in its FIR-Drive to
protect transducers from both Mechanical and Thermal damages.
The limiter responsible for protecting against mechanical damages
is what’s known as the Peak Limiter. Thermal damages are caused
by excess heat building at the voice coil and are much harder
to protect against. Peak Limiters in these cases would not be
Performance beyond the
reach of the competition.
able to prevent the damage. The Peak Anticipation (PA) Limiter
The new ETX Powered Loudspeaker family is a versatile, high-
was designed to control and prevent excursion related failures
end choice for live entertainment venues, rental companies,
(mechanical). Limiters in general are time-variant and non-linear.
pro musicians, DJs, and installed sound. The ETX Powered
Their behavior, which depends on input signal, often causes
Loudspeaker family features three two-way models (10-inch, 12-
audible “pumping” effects and distortion. During development of
inch and 15-inch, all with a precision HF titanium compression
the PA limiter, the goals were to improve protection and make its
driver), a three-way model (15-inch with a 6.5-inch MF driver and
behavior more transparent sounding, so even when a system is
a precision HF titanium compression driver) and two subs (15-
driven hard, it stays linear sounding.
inch and 18-inch drivers) that employ DVX woofers which are
found the premium range of EV speakers.
To improve protection, a look-ahead system was developed. A
Inside each ruggedized wood enclosure are a range of unique
monitoring the incoming signal and informing the limiter of
new features that set ETX Powered Loudspeakers apart,
threatening peaks in advance. By the time a peak reaches the
buffer which is located 15 samples before the actual limiter is
Intelligent technology,
innovative design.
combining intelligent technology and innovative industrial design
input of the limiter, the reduction value in already in place to
for spectacular results across all applications. EV-engineered
eliminate the peak from going through. A lot of work was also
high-efficiency transducers and high-powered Class-D amplifiers,
done to fine-tune the behavior of the PA limiter to eliminate
Signal Synchronized Transducers (SST) waveguide design and
distortion as much as possible.
smart FIR-Drive DSP all work together to provide peerless EV
• EV’s FIR-Drive utilizes the latest Finite Impulse Response (FIR) filter technology to optimize transducer linearity.
Advanced limiter algorithms for independent peak and thermal transducer protection.
• Complete full-function DSP control via a single-knob interface. LCD screen for easy system set-up and monitoring:
location/application EQ presets (e.g. tripod, mounted, suspended, live, music, speech), limiter status, input level
controls/meters and master volume control to ensure optimal gain structure. Parametric EQ allows for more precise
configuration. Subs feature a preset for true cardioid performance.
• EV-patented Signal Synchronized Transducers (SST) waveguide design provides precise and consistent coverage across
all system configurations. Waveguides are custom-designed and optimized per model.
sound quality and precise coverage at the highest sound pressure
The ETX Powered Loudspeaker family is designed, engineered,
tested and assembled for ultimate reliability by Electro-Voice in
the USA. For more information, visit
The FIR-Drive is a combination of DSP and other Electro-Voice
technologies that come together to create a sophisticated
loudspeaker correction and protection system and this technology
is the highlight of the new ETX Powered Loudspeakers. The FIRDrive technology is modular and modules can be added to the
package for further functionality. It requires both software and
hardware components to work at its maximum potential and
it is proprietary to Electro-Voice. Electro-Voice has a number
of loudspeaker management controllers that support the
implementation at a variety of price points. Different styles of
processors are available to meet the needs of any company or
10 • 12 • 15 • 15 3-way • 15 sub • 18 sub It is important that FIR-Drive presets are created in an anechoic
environment. FIR-Drive modules are divided in two categories.
Designed, engineered, tested and assembled for
ultimate reliability by Electro-Voice in the USA.
Some modules are responsible for component correction (what
makes a speaker sound good) and the component protection
©2014 Bosch Security Systems, Inc.
(what prevents the speaker from blowing up).
Some tips on how to achieve even greater sound…
After the general configuration for speakers
Ceiling Mount Speakers
(EVID C8.2)
Great for high ceilings
Concealed to blend in with
design/decor of the venue
is done, it is good to consider adding ceiling
subwoofers by employing a 2:1, 3:1, 4:1 ceiling :
subwoofer ratio. A subwoofer of choice would be
the EV EVID C10.1. A dedicated subwoofer line
separated from the looped ceiling speakers allows variable
adjustment of the low frequency energy of the entire system
Surface Mount Speakers
(EVID 6.2T)
Complements ceiling mount
Suited for irregular heights or
angled ceilings
Able to project louder sound
for added bass response which is ideal for venues like discos.
For complex installs like in restaurants, the EV
CPS multichannel amplifiers provide power and
superb sound quality as each individual output
can be used to drive low or high impedance ceiling
or conventional speaker systems. This provides unparalleled
flexibility to the system integrator as this removes the need to
Standing Speakers
(ETX 35P, ETX 18SP)
Can be stored after use
buy additional amps for either low or high impedance speaker
systems. For the end user, this means less amplifiers are
needed, reducing overall power consumption at the same time.
As each zone or area in a restaurant may need
different audio levels, an external signal processor
A professional sound solution comprising ceiling mount, standing, and surface mount
is needed to make adjustments in level or tonal
speakers was proposed to produce the best sound within a resto-bar concept venue.
balance for consistency. For large multiple zones,
the N8000 provides sophisticated routing and configurations
for analog/digital audio inputs. It also allows the addition of
digital network audio cards for a decentralized system working
in conjunction with the CPS multichannel amplifiers with
Creating the Perfect Dining
Experience with
RCM for complete remote supervision of the entire system via
For stage sound reinforcements, the ETX powered
loudspeaker family for example the ETX 35P and
ETX 18SP, with their portable design gives an
immediate sound boost when required for live
band performances or to pump up the beat on a dance floor.
With the food and beverage industry becoming increasingly
Ceiling speakers marked by blue dots in the
competitive, restaurants are upping their game to create
perfect, Instagram-worthy restaurant settings with music to
Requirements Gathering
diagram show the recommended placement of
set the mood for diners. Most restaurants now have installed
Finding out what the sound system will mostly be used for.
speakers for optimal sound distribution.
sound systems for background music. For establishments
Through this assessment, the installers would be able to
that have live performances, the investment on professional
propose the ideal solution for the space. For example, installing
sound systems is usually even higher. Since restaurants often
a distributed speaker system on the ceiling. Ceiling speakers
Hence larger format installed speakers are needed.
have different layouts, size and sound requirements, tailored
are the most economical way to have good sound coverage; this
usage and layout of the venue, the EASE
Large format installed speakers are louder and come in a variety
solutions are usually required. There are no standard or fixed
is of course dependent on the ceiling height and the quantity
address software proposed an installation
of horn patterns for more precise coverage, which can turn a
guidelines in designing a sound reinforcement for a restaurant.
needed to provide decent spread in a given area. Fortunately,
of 30 ceiling speakers. Based on this
restaurant from a dining space in the day to a dance floor with
The performance is highly dependent on the acoustics of the
there are some audio tools in the market that aid designers in
recommendation, the sound pressure level
strong beats at night. Distributed EVF 1122/1152D series or
room and location of the speakers.
planning ceiling speaker coverage with some basic floor plans.
distribution corresponding to the quantity of
EVA-2082S 1220 large format installed speakers are some of
ceiling speakers shows optimal distribution
the recommended options. Refer to the EV Innovation series
for flown and stacked subwoofer configurations.
For more demanding music and sound pressure
levels like in clubs, ceiling speakers are not able
to produce sound that is loud or dynamic enough.
To design the perfect solution for each establishment there are
Planning Using the EASE Address Software
of sound with only a slight change in sound
a few essential steps to guide the process.
For basic installs, the EASE address software is an acoustic
levels between speakers; which is ideal for
simulation software program that provides sound system
background music that plays during meal
Site Survey
designers an invaluable tool for predicting the performance
service times.
This is when the venue is surveyed, taking note of the uniqueness
of a sound system in a given venue. With this tool, the sound
of each space e.g. high ceilings, confined spaces and event the
consultant and installer will then plan and configure the ceiling
planned decor of the venue so the speakers can blend in nicely
speakers needed for the space for optimal distribution of sound.
with the aesthetics of the whole place.
For basic installs with up to 6 zone speaker
processing, the EV-DC-One provides loudspeaker
Photograph and simulated restaurant layout:
Publico Bar and Bistro by RYST Group, Indonesia
processing as well as the ability for users to store
and recall presets. External interface from the rear
panel allows dry contact interface of up to 9 presets so it can
include fire alarm or PA evacuation systems.
DCN multimedia Sales Configurator
The New DINION IP 4000
and IP 5000 HD Cameras
The DINION IP 4000 and 5000 cameras from Bosch Security
Systems combine the latest technology with outstanding
aesthetic design. Both cameras offer an attractive range of
features with regard to the highest image quality, management
of bit rate, lowest storage requirements, audio capabilities plus
easy and cost-effective installation. These features make the
cameras especially suitable in such applications such as offices,
hospitality or retail stores.
The cameras are available in two resolution versions: the DINION
IP 4000 HD with 720p and the DINION IP 5000 HD with 1080p.
The desired amount of detail can be selected according to the
intended application, while intelligent Dynamic Image Noise
Reduction (iDNR) automatically adjusts the level of noise
reduction based on movement in the scene. This ensures crisp
images and saves up to 50 percent on bit rate and thus memory
monitor output, enabling a confrontation monitor to be directly
connected to the camera. It is therefore ideal for entrances and
other situations where people need to be made aware of the
presence of video surveillance.
The Bosch Dynamic Transcoding technology which enables
smooth, instant access to HD video from any location can be
fully exploited in combination with the new DINION IP 4000
and 5000 cameras by simply adding one of the Bosch DIVAR IP
recording solutions or a Bosch VIDEOJET to the total Bosch video
surveillance solution
Get a taste of DCN multimedia now!
Download the FREE App and explore the videos and in-depth
system descriptions and let this interactive tool inspire you to
take a closer look at DCN multimedia.
Get informed: learn about applications and watch testimonial movie clips.
Be impressed: read about the innovations and technologies used.
DCN multimedia is a revolutionary conference system based on new
technologies like IP (OMNEO) architecture. The multimedia delegate units are
designed with touch screens for different purposes, e.g. document retrieval,
media presentation, internet access and more.
Download this App with up-to-date product offerings and easily generate a
bill of materials (BOM) for your projects. The generated in-app mail sends
the material lists at the push of a button to your customers. Quickly get more
information about products by clicking the links to datasheets.
Video System Builder
For its audio capabilities, the built-in microphone and two-way
audio functionality turn these DINION IP cameras into even
more effective security tools. Easy installation and configuration
are guaranteed by the cameras’ Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)
functionality, as well as due to the preconfigured user modes. For
retail applications in particular, the cameras come with a direct
Just a few clicks helps you find the best cameras, accessories,
recording and storage devices for your security projects. Get
high-quality solutions for your projects at a price that satisfies
both you and your customers.
The Video System Builder App from Bosch helps you find the best cameras,
accessories, recording and storage devices for video surveillance projects
of any size. Build your customized solution, get a shopping list, and find out
where to buy.
LC5-WC06E4 Ceiling
The new LC5-WC06E4 is an extremely compact, 6W ceiling
speaker suitable for both speech and background music
reproduction. The loudspeaker offers wide sound coverage
that results in a reduction in the number of loudspeakers
needed to cover a given area. The noticeable “fading” of sound
is also eliminated as a listener walks from one loudspeaker to
another area. It is an ideal solution for spaces with low ceilings
and low noise levels.
The loudspeaker has built‑in protection to ensure that, in the
event of a fire, damage to the loudspeaker does not result in
failure of the circuit to which it is connected. The optional backbox LC5-CBB fully protects the rear of the speaker from dust
and moisture, ensuring a protection level of IP44 which makes
it suitable for use in humid, chlorinated and salty environments.
The LC5-WC06E4 is easy to install - reducing time and labour
cost. It can be ordered in sets of 6 units.
The latest version of the System Builder has been expanded to even more
products and solutions, including:
76 new cameras, including models from the DINION, FLEXIDOME,
and AUTODOME families.
New DIVAR and DIVAR IP recorders.
Full HD flat panel monitors.
Video Systems Product Selector
Easily select, compare and find the ideal cameras to build your
video surveillance solution.
Instant and up-to-date overview of all the available IP cameras from Bosch.
Select the right camera from a broad set of features.
Instantly shows the products which are applicable when a feature is selected.
Select up to 5 cameras to compare them based on the features.
Create a PDF from your comparison for your own reference.
Easy access to product Datasheets, User Manuals and Installation manuals.
BOSCH’s Integrated Security and
Communication Solutions Safeguard
China Min Sheng Bank’s Headquarters
Installed by:
1,500 cameras installed at more than 1,000 points within the compound with anti-theft
alarm systems centrally managed via the Bosch Building Integration System (BIS).
Turbine Technique (M) Sdn Bhd
No. 21, Jalan Uranus AJ,
U5/AJ Seksyen U5,
40150 Shah Alam, Selangor.
Integrated public address, emergency voice evacuation and conference systems
combined together to provide a best-in-class communication solution for Min Sheng Bank.
monitoring control room and vice versa.”
bank’s headquarter also required a
strict access control system. Bosch
integrated more than 100 access control
systems, including card readers, into
North-South Expressway, Malaysia
Secured by Bosch
the BIS management platform with
preset authority settings. Other integral
components of the security system
address and emergency voice evacuation
Bosch’s anti-theft alarm systems are
A video system that can monitor the traffic condition on
expressways in low light conditions
An integrated solution that increased the safety on the
expressways, plaza toll and rest and relax centers
Reduction in human error and increased efficiency in
traffic monitoring
highly stable and sensitive with low
false alarm rates. It can be linked with
Established in 1996, the China Min
address and conference systems.
the video surveillance system through
Every day, approximately 1.5 million vehicles ply the PLUS
the BIS. Five alarm hosts cover more
than three hundred alarm zones, greatly
Expressway (NSE) is the longest expressway in Malaysia with
safeguarding the security of the bank’s
a total length of 772 kilometers running from Bukit Kayu Hitam
joint-stock commercial bank with non-
The Bosch BIS which is scalable and
in Kedah near the Malaysia-Thai border to Johor Bahru at the
public enterprises as its shareholders.
series was also installed, it is used for
As its business continues to grow, Min
systems is the star of security solution
Sheng Bank established its headquarters
proposed to Min Sheng Bank. The BIS
entire office area and can be used for
PLUS’ main objective is to provide a safe, smooth and
in Shunyi New Town, Beijing - covering
played an important role in centralizing
quick response and message conveyance
comfortable journey for its users and the PLUS Traffic Monitoring
approximately 200 acres of space with
the installed security system. In its five
during emergencies.
Centre (TMC) plays a vital role as the traffic management hub
a built-up area of 133 thousand square
towers, a total of 1,500 Bosch’s analog
meters. The bank’s headquarter has five
and high definition video cameras are
towers; though physically independent,
installed. Among them, 2 office blocks
solution from Bosch, a DCN conference
To ensure that the highest level of safety is provided to all
a centralized security control centre was
use analog cameras which are linked to
system was installed across various
motorists, PLUS embarked on the replacement of their existing
required to manage the security of the
one network, while the other three blocks
meeting rooms in the Min Sheng Bank
security system to ensure they are able to monitor traffic
The proposed solution included the Bosch Video Management
five towers.
use IP cameras which are integrated into
headquarter. As a venue where many
conditions and any criminal activity on the expressways under
System (BVMS) – installed in the Traffic Monitoring Centre;
the Bosch Video Management System.
important meetings are held and deals
low light conditions.
MIC550 Series – installed along the NSE; the NBN498 – installed
Sheng Bank is China’s first nation-wide,
southern portion of Peninsular Malaysia.
for the PLUS expressways.
closed, a state of the art conference
team at Min Sheng Bank, a security
So the problem arose: “How to link the
IP and analog CCTV footage?” Project
and Service areas where travelers took breaks during their long
This Bosch solution enabled PLUS to provide users with real
Technical Support Wang Yufu says as he
voting function and infrared wireless
distance journeys. These facilities had to be well maintained to
time traffic condition updates and reduced manual monitoring
the installation of high definition and
recalls the project. “This is where the BIS
ensure every highway user is made to feel as comfortable as
and human error. Efficiency was increased tremendously when
analog CCTV cameras, Bosch Video
showed its advantage. Through system
equipment was definitely the solution of
possible to enjoy their journey.
it came to traffic monitoring.
Management System (BVMS), Bosch
design and integration, we were finally
Building Integration System (BIS), access
able to call out the real-time monitoring
control systems, anti-theft alarms, public
screen of the IP system in the analog
at the toll plaza; The NDN455 – installed at the RSA.
In addition, PLUS also wanted to beef up the security in the Rest
recommended. The solution included
Training Calendar & Upcoming Events
MAY 2014
Wireless DCN Conference Systems by
Bosch at the Metropolitan Chamber
of Commerce and Industry, Dhaka,
5th May | Advantage Line Chain Enhancement | Medan, Indonesia
8th May | Vertical Application for Traffic & City Surveillances | Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
9th May | Advantage Line Chain Enhancement | Palembang, Indonesia
12th May | Advantage Line Chain Enhancement | Semarang, Indonesia
14th May | Advantage Line Chain Enhancement | Tegal, Indonesia
20th–23rd May | KOBA 2014 | Seoul, Korea
21st–23rd May | Milestone Partner Open Platform Days | Chiangmai, Thailand
21st–23rd May | Yangon BuildTec 2014 | Yangon, Myanmar
22nd May | Advantage Line Chain Enhancement | Makasar, Indonesia
22nd May | Phuket Product Introduction Day | Phuket, Thailand
22nd May | TX Pro Product Introduction Day | Seoul, Korea
The DCN conference system enriches every meeting experience
23rd May | NCS TechConnect 2014 | Singapore
Wireless System that is portable and can conveniently be set up in different meeting rooms
23rd May | ProSound Launch | Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Reliable pre and post installation technical support
23rd May | Overall Product Event | Jakarta, Indonesia
29th–31st May | Palm Expo | Mumbai, India
6 –7th May | Intelligent Video Analysis - Basics
7th–8th May | EV Innovation Academy
12th May | Plena Voice Alarm v3.0
13th May | Plena Matrix Basics
14th–15th May | DCN multimedia Technical Certification
15th May | Video SDK Training – Basics
16th May | Video SDK Training – Advance
20th–21st May | FPA-1000-v2 System & Detection Concept
22nd–23rd May | FPA-1000-v2 Web-based Programming Software
JUNE 2014
The end results were evident; the Wireless DCN Conference
(MCCI), Dhaka is one of the oldest and most established
System not only created convenience for MCCI but also
trade organizations in Bangladesh. Meetings with various
improved the meeting experience there.
The high quality of Bosch products, superior performance and
4th–6th Jun | Security Exhibition & Conference | Melbourne, Australia
multinational corporations are an integral part of the day-to-day
operations at the MCCI.
their choice.
wireless conferencing system that is portable and complements
the professional design of their meeting rooms.
This wireless solution not only met the requirements of the
MCCI for portability, it also helped reduce cost. The DCN units
could be easily setup in various meeting rooms on demand and
also made their meeting rooms look more presentable without
messy cables all over the room.
12th Jun | Security Solutions Seminar | Rayong, Thailand
20th Jun | TEMCA Sport Activity | Bangkok, Thailand
20th Jun | Video Systems Product Introduction Day & Integration Partner Program
Wireless DCN Conference System, which includes 1 DCN-CCU2
Delegate Units and 1 DCN-WAP.
12th Jun | Overall Product Introduction Day | Jakarta, Indonesia
18th Jun | Video Systems Product Introduction Day | Seoul, Korea
Bosch and Litme Enterprise proposed the installation of the
Control Unit, 1 DCN Wireless Chairman Unit, 22 DCN Wireless
5th Jun | Secure the Future with Bosch IP Solutions for Retail Market | Bangkok, Thailand
5th–6th Jun | Key Account Meeting | Singapore
proven track record, has ensured that the MCCI is satisfied with
To ensure that discussions run smoothly, they required a
4 Jun | Dell Solution Day | Jakarta, Indonesia
Seminar | Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
Installed by:
25th–26th Jun | Sound Fiesta 2014 | Osaka, Japan
Litme Enterprise
House #338, Apt. #A-2, Road #5,
DOHS Baridhara, 1206 Dhaka Bangaldesh
Tel: +880 2 8416710
2 –7th Jun | BVMS Certification
3rd–4th Jun | Basic PA, Plena Product Family & Praesideo
24th–26th Jun | Technical Training - Intercom
for more event
DCN multimedia
Conference System
Inform. Impress. Inspire.
Building on its world-class expertise in meeting and
conferencing applications.
Bosch extends its successful portfolio with the introduction of the
DCN multimedia conference system. It perfectly combines audio,
video, meeting content and touch-screen technology in elegantly
and ergonomically designed conference devices. The highresolution, capacitive touch-screens allows participants to share
documents, retrieve and display presentations, as well as access
the internet. It is the first ever IP-based conference system built on the OMNEO
media networking architecture and operates on standard Ethernet networks. The
system is extremely scalable and flexible, and at the same time ensures costeffective installation and maintenance.
The DCN multimedia conference system is the distinctive artpiece of digital
conference management. It fits perfectly in any meeting venue and is key to every
success meeting.

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