Flight of the Conchords



Flight of the Conchords
Flight of the Conchords
2009 Nominees for 6 Emmy Awards
2008 Nominees for 4 Emmy Awards
2008 Grammy Winner Best Comedy Album
2006 Sony Award Nominees Best Alternative Act, HBO Comedy and Arts Festival
2005 Aspen Perrier Award Nominees
2003 Barry Award nominees, Melbourne Comedy Festival
2003 Best Newcomers, Melbourne Comedy Festival
After two massively successful series of their critically acclaimed self-titled HBO show, Flight of the Conchords have acquired
a devoted international following. Having released a second album following their Grammy award-winning debut, this guitarplaying comedy folk duo, New Zealanders Bret Mckenzie and Jemaine Clement, are one of the hottest and most creative acts
The buzz around the Conchords began at the Edinburgh Fringe Festivals where their brilliant brand of spoof folk music
achieved total sell-out runs in 2002-2004, securing a Perrier nomination in 2003 for their show, ‘Folk the World.’ A hit radio
series broadcast on BBC Radio 2 quickly followed, charting the band’s attempt to break into the UK music scene, led by their
utterly inept band manager. Written in a documentary style by Bret and Jemaine and featuring hilarious original songs, the
series received great reviews and is available to buy and download now.
Following a successful pilot, the prestigious HBO network commissioned an 11-episode series entitled Flight of the Conchords
which proceeded to take the states by storm and acquired a cult following when it was shown in the UK on BBC4. The show
offers a fictional version of the lives of its stars, beautifully ludicrous songs and deadpan dialogue and has catapulted Bret
and Jemaine into the big time. In 2009 the second series aired and cemented the duo’s status as a major comedic force,
delighting fans with further tales of the Conchords shambolic assault on musical stardom and a brand new batch of hilarious
songs. The 10-episode series went on to garner another raft of Emmy nominations and the songs from the series were
compiled on a second hit album, entitled I Told You I Was Freaky.
With the US well and truly conquered, the Conchords returned to the UK in May 2010 after a 5 year gap with a triumphant
national tour. Selling out in minutes and earning rave reviews along the way, Bret and Jemaine proved that their lo-fi charm
could light up the country’s largest venues, leaving all who saw them hoping they won’t stay away so long next time. In the
meantime UK fans will have to make do with their Radio Series (available in shops now) and the DVDs of the TV series,
which are also available to buy. After completing their European tour the Conchords return to the US to play two huge shows
in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.
For more information on Bret and Jemaine, go to www.conchords.co.nz.
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