Distiller Instruction Booklet pdf.pub



Distiller Instruction Booklet pdf.pub
"SoSo Pure" Water Distiller
1. Read the instructions carefully before use.
2. Choose a dry well ventilated place to use the machine. We suggest using
the distiller on a ventilated kitchen bench top.
3. Avoid using a power board to prevent power overload.
4. Do not use if power cable is damaged (call an electrician).
5. Do not immerse any part of the distiller into water.
6. Keep out of the reach of children.
7. Do not remove the distillation pot when the distiller is in use.
8. When the cycle finishes, remove distillation pot only after allowing it to
cool for at least 10 minutes to avoid scalding.
9. Do not use a steel brush or other hard material to wash the distillation pot
to avoid damaging the surface.
1. Unpack the unit.
2. Remove the power cord from the bottom of the distiller and
connect the power.
3. Remove the distillation pot, and place the 2 small O –
rings over outlet pipe. Open the cover at the top of the
4. Insert water to no more than 25mm below the bottom of the
red tagged MAX line. (About 3 Litres).
5. Push the distillation pot back into position.
6. Turn on the mains power.
7. Turn on the power switch at the bottom the
distillation pot. If all is correct a blue light will
indicate the power is on.
8. If a final filter is desired, place the small piece of mesh (supplied) in the
bottom of the basket at the top of the collection container and a little of the
activated carbon (supplied) on top of the mesh about 1 teaspoonful is
plenty. Replace carbon after about 6 months.
9. Place the lid with holes, on collection container and screw down loosely.
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10. Place the collection container into position.
11. Unscrew lid until the lid meets the main body of the unit.
12. Wait until the unit stops working.
13. Remove the collection container.
14. Remove the distillation pot.
15. Wipe any excess water from the bottom and upper inside of the unit.
16. Rinse the distillation pot and allow to dry upside down.
17. Enjoy drinking your 99.8% pure water.
1. Do not use the initial distilled water.
2. Keep the unit clean.
3. Rinse the boiling unit after each use. If boiled on sediment clean the boiler
as follows. Cleaning method: Fill the boiler with citric acid or white vinegar
to soften the sediment dirt about 3 hours, then pouring the vinegar, use tap
water to clean the boiler, wipe the boiler with soft cloth or sponge.
4. The expiration date of distilled water for human consumption (as
indicated) and using in sterilization is 15 days from the date of distillation.·
5. Do not block the exhaust outlet at the top of the unit.
6. The distilled water should be stored in the collection jar or other clean
7. Keep the unit in a dry, cool and ventilated area. The Environmental
temperature should be in - 5 °C to 40°C range.
8. To prevent electric shock, do not dismantle the unit.
9. Always use the unit at the correct voltage.
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