2013 Annual Report - Little Tokyo Service Center



2013 Annual Report - Little Tokyo Service Center
Annual Report
2013 Annual Report
As I celebrate my 30th year as a member
of the Board of Directors of LTSC, I consider my
service as one of the highlights of my life. While LTSC has distinguished itself
as one of the premier social service and community development organizations
in Los Angeles it has maintained its spirit and commitment to serving people.
The aesthetic design for LTSC’s 2013
Annual Report cover is inspired by the
artistic manhole covers of Japan. The
content and images selected share a
common theme of “bridging generations.”
The backdrop is a section of sidewalk along the Historic Little Tokyo District. This particular
Two recent initiatives, Far East Lounge and Sustainable Little Tokyo, demonstrate
this commitment. In addition, a new design for Budokan of Los Angeles “BoLA”
has been developed that will provide a multipurpose center serving a variety
of recreational, cultural, and educational needs. Significant funds for BoLA
were raised in 2013 and we are preparing to launch a major community capital
campaign to complete the project. On behalf of the Board and Staff of LTSC,
we thank you for your continued support of our efforts.
Alan Nishio
President, Board of Directors
LTSC has made great strides forward this year
including becoming a NeighborWorks Charter Member, opening the Far East
Lounge and building new affordable housing. We especially made great progress
toward realizing the community dream of a recreation center. We’ve raised almost
half of the $23 million we need for the project. By 2017, Budokan of Los Angeles
“BoLA” the ‘home court for all’ will be an important part of a new and vibrant
Little Tokyo. To get a sneak peak, see the renderings on pages 6-7. I look forward
to the basketball games, the martial arts tournaments, the special events on the
rooftop garden and the after-school activities. I hope you will join us in the capital
campaign phase of this great project.
Thank you for your support of LTSC.
section was photographed to recognize LTSC’s commitment to “helping people and building
communities.” The manhole outline is an actual plate in Little Tokyo – the interior of which
has been replaced with pictures highlighting LTSC’s range of programs and services.
Little Tokyo Service Center
Helping People, Building Community
Dean Matsubayashi
Executive Director
2013 Annual Report
A Community Development Corporation:
Little Tokyo Service Center
Focusing our work in:
“Helping People,
Building Community”
Improving the lives of individuals and families
through culturally sensitive social services
Strengthening neighborhoods through
housing and community development
Promoting the rich heritage of the
ethnic community
Little Tokyo
Where we strive for a vibrant and healthy
multi-ethnic community that preserves and
celebrates its Japanese America heritage
and culture.
Nikkei Community
Where we serve as a key Japanese-speaking
social services provider, especially for seniors,
and where we help connect Nikkei youth
to community.
Asian American and Pacific Islander
and Low-Income Communities
Where we collaborate with communitybased organizations to address the needs
in low-income communities.
Units of
1. Little Tokyo
• LTSC Administrative Offices,
located at Casa Heiwa
• Grace Iino Child Care Center
• Union Center for the Arts,
cultural & historic preservation
• Far East Building, mixed- use development project
• San Pedro Firm Building, affordable housing project
2. South Los Angeles
• Epworth Apartments
• 36th & Broadway Apartments
3. Chinatown
• Cesar Chavez Gardens
4. Temple Beaudry
• Angelina Apartments
• Angelina Preschool
5. Historic Filipinotown
• Larry Itliong Village
6. Koreatown
• Menlo Family Apartments
• Casa Yonde
• Professional Housing & Development Apartments
• Sammy Davis Jr. Manor
Little Tokyo Service Center
Helping People, Building Community
sq ft of
7. San Gabriel Valley
• Pacific Housing Development
• Pacific Bridge Adult Residential Family
8. Van Nuys
• HFL Sequoia Apartments
9. Sun Valley
• Palm Village Senior Apartments
Volunteer Spotlight
Marsha Watanabe:
Always Thinking About Kosumosu
“Ten years ago when my son went off to
college I had extra time and I wanted to help
out in the community,” Marsha Watanabe
remembers. “On LTSC’s website I saw a
new program called Kosumosu.” Kosumosu
Transitional Housing for Survivors of Domestic
Violence provides housing and services to
women and their children. “I work in the
mental health field, and this program caught
my attention,” Marsha explains.
LTSC does so much
for the community,
I want to give back
and help out
Since then Marsha has done so much for
Kosumosu. She has made in-kind donations
for residents including kitchen items, school
supplies and toiletries. “The moms have been
in a difficult situation and are putting their lives
back together. I want to help them in any way
I can, including providing things they need.
I wish I could do more,” says Marsha.
Marsha provides Thanksgiving gift baskets for
families and shops for Christmas presents for
the children. “It is fun to go shopping during
the holidays for the children,” she said. Marsha
has helped organize two garage sales and last
year she and her sister planted a vegetable
garden at Kosumosu.
From left: Vivian Lee of LTSC, Gary and Marsha Watanabe and Linda Yokoyama (seated) at a garage
sale fundraiser for Kosumosu.
“I want to help the LTSC staff as much as I
can,” explains Marsha. “LTSC does so much
for the community, I want to give back and
help out. I have a note on my desk that says
‘Kosumosu’ so I am always thinking about
Kosumosu,” Marsha says.
Undisclosed Location
• Kosumosu Transitional Housing
2013 Annual Report
353 East 1st St., Little Tokyo:
Far East Lounge
A new space for seniors, the Far East Lounge,
on historic First Street in the heart of Little
Tokyo, was supported with renovation and
planning funds from Enterprise Community
This new gathering place for Little Tokyo seniors
of all ethnicities and for Japanese American
seniors from neighboring communities is a place
to get together, socialize and have a good time.
Participating in programs and services that
encourage creative expression, social interaction
and physical fitness enable seniors to continue
living at home, remaining independent as long
as possible.
A new space
for seniors
Programs, services and activities include:
computer classes, cultural arts/crafts, yoga/
chair yoga, dance, balance exercise as well as
support groups and referral services. We’ll
see you there.
Little Tokyo
Little Tokyo is where LTSC started as an organization. We
remain committed to preserving its historic and cultural identity
and to rebuilding a complete neighborhood that is multicultural
and multigenerational.
Little Tokyo stakeholders participate
in community visioning sessions,
September 26-28, 2013.
A community vision for
sustainable development
Sustainable Little Tokyo
Partnering with the Little Tokyo Community Council, LTSC
initiated Sustainable Little Tokyo. Formed in response to the
dramatic impact to the community that came with the building
of the Little Tokyo/Arts District Regional Connector light rail
project, the goal of Sustainable Little Tokyo is to establish and
implement a community vision for sustainable development,
focusing on remaining open land parcels around the transit station.
Little Tokyo Service Center
Helping People, Building Community
2013 Annual Report
Update for 2013:
Capital Campaign
grants received from
City of Los Angeles,
Prop K Funds
Total fundraising goal:
Backboards and
championship Floor Donated
by the Los Angeles Lakers
Total Funds
raised to date
Little Tokyo Service Center
Helping People, Building Community
Budokan of Los Angeles
A home court for all!
Premier center for sports activities
One-of-a-kind recreation facility in
Little Tokyo
Gathering place for the community
Unique facility with “green” features
2013 Annual Report
Working with architect,
Gruen & Associates,
BoLA will include:
89,000 sq ft multipurpose facility
2 basketball courts, with championship
center court rooftop garden
Event space
Commercial kitchen
Community rooms
Children’s play area
Broader Nikkei Community
Little Tokyo and the Nikkei community
(inclusive of Japanese Americans and
Japanese immigrants) are historically
connected. LTSC is committed to addressing
the pressing and unmet needs of Nikkei in
the Greater Los Angeles area.
Helping People
“Avoid Scams and Plan Wisely”
A kind and selfless woman, Yoshi Kida, an
88-year old Japanese woman, was always
willing to help others. She lived in a modest
apartment in Beverly Hills, where her neighbors
saw her as the matriarch of the complex. A
former housekeeper, Yoshi worked for people
like Frank Sinatra.
Did you know that 12.6 million people were
victims of identity fraud in the U.S. last year,
totaling $20.9 billion in financial losses? And
that Asian Americans are the most likely group
to experience identity theft? In October 2013,
200 people gathered in Torrance to learn how
to avoid being a victim of a scam and also how
to plan their financial future. With a generous
grant from Citi Community Development, LTSC
presented “Avoid Scams and Plan Wisely, A
Financial Seminar for Asian American Seniors
and Caregivers.” LTSC was very proud to have
Congresswoman Maxine Waters give the
keynote address.
Unfortunately, Yoshi’s generous nature was
taken advantage of by a friend who borrowed
money but never repaid it. Unable to pay her
rent Yoshi was threatened with eviction. Jewish
Family Services referred her to LTSC for help.
“All she had was her Japanese passport,”
explains Jessica Kanai, Yoshi’s social worker
at LTSC.
Thankfully, Yoshi’s acquaintance from church
paid her rent. Then Yoshi decided that it was
time to go back to Japan. LTSC contacted an
organization that assists homeless people in
Japan and together they arranged for Yoshi to
go home. Through the generosity of Kansha
Fund, Jewish Family Services, and the City
of Beverly Hills, Yoshi received spending money
and airfare. “She was lucky to be surrounded by
good people,” says Kanai.
Little Tokyo Service Center
Helping People, Building Community
LTSC would like to thank Citi Community
Development for helping us present this
valuable information to seniors and caregivers.
LTSC provided on-site social services to over 580 senior
housing residents living in Little Tokyo and the South Bay
LTSC’s senior club met 40 times for socialization,
craft projects and friendship
2013 Annual Report
Larry Itliong Village
The Pilipino Worker’s Center and LTSC
celebrated the grand opening of the Larry Itliong
Village, Pilipino Worker’s Center (PWC) Family
Housing project in December 2013. Larry Itliong
Village, named after the Filipino American labor
organizer, will provide 45 units of affordable
family housing and community, social service
and retail space.
AAPI and Low-Income
LTSC was proud to
complete this project
with its community
partner PWC
Trayveon, a transitional
age youth, was ecstatic
about moving into a unit at Larry Itliong Village. He said, “This is
beautiful. It will be the
first time that I will have
my own place to stay.”
LTSC believes in addressing social and
economic inequality facing all ethnicities
and backgrounds, and in the power of local
community-based organizations to deliver
direct services in their community
11 women and their 15 children escaped
domestic violence situations by moving
into Kosumosu, LTSC’s transitional housing
for survivors of domestic violence.
50 infants and toddlers received high
quality care at Grace Iino Child Care Center
67 3-5 years olds attended Angelina
62 children were cared for in licensed
Family Child Care providers’ homes
Little Tokyo Service Center
The project is near one of the entrances to
Historic Filipinotown and the exterior design
integrates the unique and various Pilipino architectural styles to distinctly mark the gateway.
Family/Parent Engagement Services
60 families received health screenings,
referrals and case management through
Head Start/State Preschool
23 parents and 30 children participated in
Family Literacy programs including ESL
and early childhood education
115 parents engaged in 152 Prevention
and Early Intervention “Make Parenting
a Pleasure” classes and workshops
Child Development
“LTSC was proud to complete this project with
its long-standing community partner PWC,”
said Dean Matsubayshi, Executive Director for
LTSC. “It provides a new community facility
and will enable PWC to continue to deliver its
important services,” he concluded.
Real Estate Development
LTSC and its community partners completed
105 units of new affordable housing
LTSC and its community partners broke
ground on 96 new affordable housing units
Helping People, Building Community
Earlier this year, LTSC became a chartered
member of NeighborWorks®, a nationwide
network of more than 240 trained and certified
community development organizations at
work in nearly 4,000 communities across
America. Working in partnership with others,
NeighborWorks organizations are leaders in
revitalizing communities and creating affordable
housing opportunities for low-and moderateincome families.
2013 Annual Report
LTSC is proud to be a member
of the NeighborWorks network.
Our link to this powerful and
unique nationwide network of
community development organizations
adds great value to what we do here locally
in Los Angeles.
Staff Profile: Tom Sogi
Director of Tenant Services, Tom has been
working with LTSC’s affordable housing
residents for 17 years
All the parents, youth, adults and senior
residents know he is there to help them any
way he can. Instead of us telling you how
great he is, we thought we would let the
residents tell you about him:
“Tom is very supportive, compassionate,
caring for people, consistent… does what he
says, always on board. He asks the tenants
what they want to do and helps set-up events.
He cares for the kids and is compassionate
with everyone.” — Bessie Lewis
“One of the mentors that really cared for the
people around him.” — Miguel Hernandez
“An excellent person with the tenants.
Humanitarian, very respectful, very sensitive
to everyone’s needs; a person that remained
neutral and humble despite his position. He
always treated everyone the same, with respect
and fairness. Good character and always smiling
at everyone… I appreciate all the support
and guidance he provided to my daughter.
— Maria Green
“Tom is a person with a
big wonderful heart. My
children and I are grateful to
him because he has always
been with us. Since they
(children) were little he would give them
advice and has helped everyone. I am very
grateful to him and I know other tenants feel the
same way. — Angelina Tenant
“Tom Sogi’s generosity and kind heart embody
LTSC’s values and mission.” — Meliza Arreola
LTSC’s Partners:
A3M has been a recruitment center for Be The Match, operated
by the National Marrow Donor Program since 1991. Each year
we conduct over 500 donor recruitment drives to increase and
diversify the national marrow registry. More than 400 people who
registered at our recruitment drives have donated their marrow or
blood stem cells to patients with blood cancers.
Japanese Speaking Parents Association of Children with
Challenges (JSPACC) was started by a small group of parents
in 1994 to assist the parents and families of children with special
needs. Parents share information regarding available services and
programs. The association has more than 200 families and professionals enrolled, and has approximately 100 active members.
MiracleKids Festival
Asian Pacific Islander Small Business Program (APT SBP)
Formed in 1999, API SBP is a collaborative of 5 community
organizations: Chinatown Service Center, Koreatown Youth &
Community Center, LTSC, Search to Involve Pilipino Americans
and Thai Community Development Center. API SBP provides
free business counseling and business workshops regarding
business plans, loan applications, access to capital, basic business
preparation and franchise acquisition. In 2013 API SBP served
2,500 people.
The Nikkei Helpline (NHL-Inochi no Denwa) is a crisis hotline.
Since 1984 over 40,000 people have called for help with immigration, education, traffic accidents, illness, drug abuse, relationship
crises and other emergencies. NHL serves the Japanese, English,
and Korean-speaking community. Inochi No Denwa Tomo no Kai was
established in 2005 and has raised over $60,000 to support NHL.
Ron Fong, API SBP Director and Jerome Horton, Chairman of CA Board of Equalization at the 14th Annual Asian Small Business Expo.
Ryugakusei Hotline (RHL) “Ryugakusei” is the Japanese word for
students living abroad. RHL provides information and referrals to the
thousands of Japanese students living in the U.S. Since 1991 RHL’s
volunteers have helped 15,000 students with an array of problems
including mental health issues, landlord-tenant questions, relationship
problems, auto accidents, and visa regulations.
Volunteers of the Nikkei Helpline
Ryugakusei Hotline volunteers at the Oshogatsu New Year’s Celebration in Little Tokyo
Little Tokyo Service Center
Helping People, Building Community
2013 Annual Report
Giving Tuesday
2013’s Giving Tuesday was a huge success.
LTSC’s generous donors joined the movement
and donated enough money for the Grace Iino
Child Care Center to purchase a professional
food warmer. Thanks to our donors, we
were able to continue to provide healthy and
nutritious breakfast, lunch and snacks to our
little ones with first-rate equipment.
Partners in Progress
Citi Foundation and the Low Income
Investment Fund (LIIF) awarded LTSC
a grant to continue its work developing
a Sustainable Little Tokyo
The Partners in Progress (PIP) initiative will
allow Little Tokyo to work on developing a
sustainability plan that will reduce greenhouse
gas emissions, promote the local economy,
address social equity for all people, and preserve
Little Tokyo’s rich history.
In 2012, LIIF co-published a book with the
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco called
Investing in What Works for America’s Communities, which found that flexible and dynamic
community “quarterbacks” could change local
community development efforts that are often
disjointed and repetitive. “LTSC is a tremendous
example of an important well-established
community development organization that has
the key factors of a community quarterback
such as local trust, multiple community/social
service offerings, and authentic community
voice,” said John Moon District Manager,
Community Development Federal Reserve
Bank of San Francisco. “LTSC and many other
effective CDCs around the country are wellpositioned to play this important hub and
leadership role in their communities at an even
more enhanced level,” Moon concluded.
The Citi Foundation supported LIIF’s work on
the book and continues to support this model
in 10 regions across the nation, including LA.
LTSC would like to thank Citi Foundation
and LIIF for this opportunity to work with
the community.
Grace Iino Child Care Center in Little Tokyo,
Downtown L.A. provides loving and guided care
for infants and toddlers.
Legacy Partners:
Fujioka Family
LTSC received a
generous gift from
the Dick H. and Lily
M. Fujioka Family
Trust. Mr. and Mrs.
Fujioka, residents of
the Bay Area, left a portion of their estate to
charity as a way to give back to the community.
They had two children, Sayo and Gen.
“Our parents grew up valuing community and
wanted to express their gratitude after they
passed away,” Sayo Fujioka stated. “In addition
to being involved in the redress movement
and other activities, they wanted to help in
other ways.”
“LTSC is a very special organization and my
parents were happy to support the work they
are doing in Los Angeles,” Gen Fujioka said.
“Leaving a gift in a will or trust isn’t complicated.
Little Tokyo Service Center
Helping People, Building Community
2013 Annual Report
Our parents grew up
valuing community
and wanted to express
their gratitude
The way my parents chose to give to charity
involved my sister and I and their grandchildren
as well. They set a very positive example for
each of us.” Gen explains. The Family’s Trust
also provided support for the Buddhist church
and two other nonprofits in the Bay Area.
With this gift Mr. and Mrs. Fujioka joined LTSC’s
Legacy Partners. Legacy Partners recognize
donors who support the future of LTSC through
planned giving. LTSC would like to thank the
Fujioka family for their generosity.
Thank you to our:
2013 Mission Sake Sponsors
VIP Reception
US Bank
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Mutual Trading Co., Inc.
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Helping People, Building Community
Sake Cups donated by
Karyn Yamate & Steven
Special thanks to our donors for
your support, grants and donations
received from July 1, 2012 through
December 2013
Honor Grove Annual Pledges
Bonsai level:
26+ Years of Giving
Bamboo Level:
16 – 25 Years of Giving
Pine Level:
11-15 Years of Giving
Maple Level:
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Cherry Level:
1-5 Years of Giving
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Senior Foundation Charitable
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The Bandai Foundation
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Cathay Bank Foundation
Judy Ota Memorial Fund
Kansha Fund:
- Janice & Richard Edesa
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2013 Annual Report
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Frances & Bruce Kaji
Mary Oda
Lynne Abe
Lily Ann Inouye
Kaye Ishida
Kuwashi Iwataki
May Kambara
Tayoko Kawato
Shirley & Steven Ogata
Shirley Oka
Frank Soyejima
Marlene Berry
Glenn Hamanaka
Sachi Imori
May & Kenneth Inouye
Harry Mitsuuchi
Masako & Richard Murakami
Tad Nakashima
Bruce Uyemura
Mary Karatsu
Natalie Nakatani
Paul Yokoyama
Yosh Fukumoto
Fumy Machida
Karen & Edward Toguchi
Douglas Wada
Akiko & Amir Aghajani
Toshie & Syed Ahmed
Toshiko Aiboshi
Henry Arakaki
Asian Americans Advancing
Justice Los Angeles
Elena & Jim Azama
David Beerman
Jane Boltz
Naoko & Scott Brittin
Miyoko & Carleton Burch
Buzy Q’s Quilts for Charity
Maria Cabildo
Chiyoko Campbell
Jamie Cha-McGrath
Sam Sit Chan
Yi Bing Chen
Ngan Cheng
Kwan Mui Cheung
Wai Chiu
Grace & Kam Chu
Mei-Ling Chung
Shotaro Dofuku
Beverly Ekimoto
Keiko Facklam
Hope Fang
Henry Fuhrmann
Kathleen & Dan Fujimoto
Katsuko & Mitsugi Fujimoto
Michiko Fujisaka
Misako & Hiroshi Fujisaki
Donald Fujitani
Michael Fukushima
Paul Jay Fukushima
Jean Furutani
Myron Gee & Ann Ogawa Gee
Susan Gin-Shaw
Nancy & Yasunori Gohata
Polly & Michael Green
Faye Griffith
Tomihiko Haruta
Emi Hashimoto
Ruth & Ike Hatchimonji
Susumu & Sam Hayakawa
Akiko & Ken Hiji
Linda Hiji
Miyo Himeno
Tomiye Hirashima
Mimi Ho
Kathryn & Bryan Hori
Miwako Hoshi
Eleanor & Thomas Huang
Yosie & Harry Iida
Nobuko Ike
Edna Ikeda Horiuchi
Shigeko & Ken Inaba
Joe Inouye
Colette & John Isawa
Chie Iseri
Setsuko & Henry Itow
Carol & Harold Iwata
Akiko Iwohara
Chieko & Akira Izushima
Lily Jew
Miyako Kadogawa
Alice Kaku
Junko Kameyama
Kunie Kanazawa
Gary Kanemoto
Jean Kato
Masaru Kawai
Virginia & Paul Kawakami
Emiko Kawamura
Yukio Kawaratani
Chikako Khan
Sumiko Kirk
Maciek Kolodziejczak
Reiko Koyama
Yueh Po Kuan
Kathleen Kubota
Jenni Kuida & Tony Osumi
Machi & Walt Kuida
Fumiko Kumoda
Glorian Kunioka
Haru Kuromiya
Little Tokyo Historical Society
Phuong Tang & Jeff Liu
Toshiko Lundry
Miyo Maemura
Kimberley & Asao Masumiya
Tad Matoi
Elaine & Masao Matsumoto
Dana & Masami Matsuno
Eiko Mitoma
Amy Miyakawa
Mitsuko Miyamoto
Meriko & Victor Miyamoto
Gail & Mitsuo Momohara
Kyoko Motoyama
Otoe & Masaharu Motoyama
Eugene Moy
Julia & Robert Murakawa
Mike Murase & June Hibino
Grace & Tak Murase
Florence & Paul Nagano
Yoko Naka
Miye Nakamura
Richard Nakamura
Grace & Yoshio Nakamura
Lily & David Nakatani
Daryl Narimatsu
Cyril Nishimoto
Stephanie Nitahara
Sumiko O’Hara
Suzuko & Takashi Oda
Michael, Margie & Katherine
Mike Okamura
Shirley Okayama
Yumiko & Fred Ong
Charlene & Mo Ono
Yoko & Ted Pagador
Jung Hee Park
Shu-Shu Perugino
Amy Phillips & Scott
Miyako Phillips
Kazuko & Gene Pinkerton
Yoneko Ross
Louise Sakamoto
Sachiko & Shigemitsu
Sanuki No Sato
Catherine & Eugene Sato
Kaoruko Sato
Wilbur Sato
Whitney & Howard Schwartz
Chan Hwa Shang
Sharon & Raymond Shibata
Shigeko Shimokubo
Jane & Stanley Shimotsu
Patsy Shintani
Roberta & Tak Shiroma
Louise Simon & Larry Lim
Donald Spivack
Lily & Ken Sugino
Noriko & Richard Suzuki
Derick Tagawa
Yoshiko Takai
2013 Annual Report
Patricia Takakawa
Ayako Takano
Sachiko Takasaki
Sumiko & Hayahiko Takase
Ryoko Takata
Julia Takeda
Chiyoko Takemoto
Carol Takeshita
Mieko Tamamoto
Diane Tan
Lilian & James Tanaka
Lee Tanaka
Miho & Ben Tang
Kirk Tanioka
Frank Tanji
Isami Tsuji
Eri Tsujii
Jeanne & Ernie Tsujimoto
Matsuko Uyeno
Ngoc Vuong
Momoyo & Edward Wada
Ken Wada
Alex Wai
Susie Wang
Tamiko & Ken Watanabe
Allyne Winderman
Poy Lan Woo
John Wright
Chizuko & Joe Yamagawa
Midori Yamaguchi
Carol Yamamoto
Yukiko Yamamoto
Jane Yamashita
Sally Yamashita
Junko Yasuda
Chao Ming Yen
Janice Yen
Frances Yip
Linda Yokoyama
Atsuko Yomogida
Mark Yoshida
Rieko Yoshikawa
Ruth Yoshimizu
Reiko Yoshinaga
Etsuko Yoshioka
Kuan Yueh Po
George Aratani
J. & Mariko Kobata
Bill Chomori
Margaret Chomori
Robert Hayamizu
Sumiko Hayamizu
Harry K. Honda
Misako Honda
Kaye Ishida
John Witscher & Patricia
Yoko Itabashi
Sadae Iwataki
Kuwashi Iwataki
Fusao Kawato
Tay Kawato
Yoshi Teresa Kojima
Masao & Shizuye Kondo
Reiko Kondo
Juan Lee
Sakura Lee
David Miyashita
Marivic Miyashita
James Shimpei Oda
Mary Oda
Miye Oku
Steve Ogasa & Carol
Matsunaga, Yuri &
Hideo Matsunaga
Hirotaka Okubo
Yukino Harada
Mrs. Mieko Osada
Atsuko Yomogida
Judy Nishimoto Aguilara Ota
Ruth & Paul Kadota
Kaz Ota
George K. Sato
Carol Sato
Jiro Takata
Karen & Eddie Takata
Shizuko “Sue” Takata
Joe Garber & Jan Reicher
Gerry Goffin, Donna Schick
Arthur Takeda
May Kambara
Reverend Howard Toriumi
Roger Stephens & Laura
Toriumi Stephens
Mary & Masuo Yamada
Kathryn Higa
Yoshiyuki “Yama” Yamahira
Taeko & Neal Hayashida
Janice Yen
Bobby Yoshihiro
Suzy Katsuda
Kimiko Hasegawa
Sheri Kamimura & Evelyn
Tadao Gee
Dennis S. Kobata
J. & Mariko Kobata
Mike Murase
J. & Mariko Kobata
Debra Nakatomi
George Nakashima
Alice Nishimoto
Kathy & Mark Masaoka
Mari Wada’s 88th birthday
Bill Watanabe
Miyo Himeno
Shige Kabashima
Melodee Smith
Terry & Sam Uyehara
Gayle Wong
Grace & James Yamakawa
Kay & Rich Yang’s 40th
Wedding Anniversary
Elaine & Cooke Sunoo
William Alvarez
Bernice Chu
Hope Fang
Ana Guevara
Dee Ann Hayashi
Janet Hori
Sabrina & Darin Ishimatsu
Leslie Ito & Steve Wong
Lloyd Kajikawa
Alice Kaku
Richard Katsuda
Iku Kiriyama
Kathleen Kubota
Machi & Walt Kuida
Akiko & Michael Lazare
Disa Lindgren
Kimi Maru & David Monkawa
Nobuko Miyamoto
Carrie & Walter Morita
Joyce Nakashima
Yvonne & Alan Nishio
Mary & David Noguchi
Kay Ochi
Michael, Margie & Katherine
Lisa Okamoto
Cherie Okazaki Larice
Hiroko Okazaki
Betty Olson
Bill Osumi
Rebecca Roe
Meghan Sahli-Wells
Louise Sakamoto
Minako & Robert Ferrante
Lisa Sugino & Jay Rosenthal
Letty Vera
Michelle Weiner
Sari Yoshioka & Jacob Wexler
Gerald Yoshitomi
Grace Andow
Lorraine & Jeffrey Dohzen
Walter Douglas, III
Elsie Dozen
Dick H. and Lily M. Fujioka
Herbert Hamako
Irene & Fred Hoshiyama
Sho Iino
May Kambara
Midori Kamei
Steve & Akemi Kayleng Knight
Kinuyo “Kay” Mori
Norie Morita
Kayoko Morrey
Jean & Richard Nishimoto
Yvonne & Alan Nishio
Yone Nobe
Lilly Nomura
Daniel & Jeri Okamoto Floyd
Kuniko & Sam Shimoguchi
Wallace Takata
Jonathan Tanaka
Ken Toma
David & Donna Uyehara
Kazuto Yamamoto
Kathryn Bannai
Michael Carroll
Takao Chikudate
Jason Doctor
Atsushi Fujiyoshi
Toshio “Terry” Handa
Nugn He
Lisa & Joel Hofilena
Henry Ishitani
Leslie Ito & Steve Wong
Toshi Ito
Debbie & Richard Kato
Craig Kawamoto
Hiro Kawamura
Kevin Lam
James Lee
Jiro Matsuki
Hidetomo Morimoto
Toshiaki Ono
Davis Park & Allison Yoh
Leland Saito
Cody Sakurao
Laura Shiozaki Lee
Arturo Tababa
Mark Tajima
Walter Takeshita
Joyce & David Tanimoto
Teruko Toriyama
Umeya Company / Fortune
Product Inc.
Ruth & Bill Watanabe
Little Tokyo Service Center
B & B Toy Maker Inc.
Brea Improv
Sara Chan
Stella Chong
Kim Clark
Traci & Mark
John & Atsuko Donley
Epsilon Pi Tau - Alpha Field
Howard Esaki
Tamami Fujiwara
Jean Furuya
Toshio “Terry” Handa
Janet Hasegawa & Cliff Chu
Janet Hiroshima
Mimi Ho
Jasper Hu
Janine & Steve Hunt
Kaz Igawa & Chris Fong
Kelsey Iino
David Inouye
Leslie Ito & Steve Wong
Paul Iwahashi
Cindy Ng
Lloyd Kajikawa
David Kato
Jan Kayatani
Jenni Kuida & Tony Osumi
Mikako Mashimo Amini
Mike Murase & June Hibino
Nishi Child Development
Tomo Padilla
Lily Pan
Par Seekers Golf Club
Prudential Lighting Products
Maki Repreza
Allyson & Bradley Sakai
Colleen Seto-Gee &
Douglas Gee
Toshi Shapiro
Shelter Partnership
Sugar Fix
Scarlet Sy & Eric Olson
Tanaka Farms
Iris Tang
Marsha & Gary Watanabe
Richard Weinberg
Yakult USA
Linda Yokoyama
Every effort is made to
include gifts received
between July 2012 and
December 2013, but if
a name has been inadvertently omitted, please let
us know at 213-473-1608
or [email protected]
2013 Annual Report
Executive Board
Alan Nishio, President
Debra Nakatomi,
Lloyd Kajikawa,
Vice President
Kathy Masaoka,
Vice President
David Mitani,
Vice President
Edwin Takahashi, Treasurer
Linda Yamauchi, Secretary
Dick Kaku
Trisha Murakawa
Jean Nishimoto
Board Members
Akemi Arakaki
Dennis Arguelles
Shashi Hanuman
Josh Ishimatsu
Miyako Iwai
Dennis Kobata
Vivienne Lee
Jeri Okamoto Floyd
Miguel Nunez
George Tanaka
Dean Toji
Mark Usui
David Uyehara
Sandra Yamane
David Yoo
Board of Governors
Sakaye Aratani
Jerry Fukui
Warren Furutani
Steve Heimberg
Tomio Ito
Jon Kaji
Marcella Low
Antonio Manning
Nancy Matsui
Albert Muratsuchi
Andy Nakano
Gilbert Nishimura
Stephen Suzuki
Chor Chai & Marie Tan
Janet Yamamoto
July 1, 2012 – December 31, 2013:
Statement of Activities
Revenue and Support $14,844,126
Misc. INcome
Real Estate
Tel. 213-473-3030
Fax 213-473-3031
Fees for Service
In Kind
231 E. 3rd St. Suite G106
Los Angeles, CA 90013
$310,753 2.1%
$1,139,269 7.7%
Expenses $14,365,109
$5,098,776 35.5%
Social Services
Children &
Family Services
$3,470,494 24.2%
LTSC is an affiliate agency of:
Change in Net Assets $479,017
2013 Annual Report

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